Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on March 4, 1943 · Page 1
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 1

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1943
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JS IT READ 3.43? ok" at "the date after your ne at the top of your pa,,..: I f ' i t reads 3-43 your inscription expires this nonth according to our rec- rds. PROGRESS-REVIEW OFFICIAL Black Hawk County and La Porte City NEWSPAPER LA PORTE CITY, IOWA, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, MARCH 4 S2.0Q per year; S2.30 outside Iowa Service Men's: [ail Problem lls Described Post Office Department Clears Up Some Misunderstandings on the Subject of Overseas Mail Postmaster Glenn C. Teeter this ,-eek asked that patrons of the hocal post office be reminded that air mail letters addressed to A.P.O.'s require six cents postage for each half ounce or fraction Ithereof, rather than the six cents jfper ounce required for domestic . Expected Sign Up forgation BookTwo »TnrU/-iriv-vd ^r.^x»» , , . . . - . - " -- * · FIRST RADIOPHOTOS FROM CHIN Mr. Teeter also rclea.scd for publication of how mail for the armed is handled. This statement, frum the February 3 issue of the Postal Bulletin, is being reprinted here m full, since it is of interest jlo all in this community who cor. with men in the armed "D'jring recent months, com_ amts from the public of lost or e'uijcd mail addressed to members Ihe aimed forces indicate that here is T.ide misunderstanding of ow this mail is handled and of difficulties encountered in its Delivery. "These complaints, incidentally, are far fewer in volume than the number received during the First Kvorld War, although the volume mail is much larger, according Ito veteran postal officials .who [have directed postal activities in fboth wars. "Mail for members of the armed [forces is delivered by the postal I service to army and navy authori: ties at post offices convenient to ! camps or stations in I'nis country. · or to ports of embarkation when addressed to persons overseas. The postal service then has no further jurisdiction over the mail, and re_ sponsibility for its delivery from that point on lies entirely with the army and navy. Likewise, the army and navy handle mail from members of the armed forces until it is deli fices in this country, and the post. al service has no jurisdiction over mail until go received. "Army and navy post offices are, technically, prances of civilian post offices in this country, but I they are not under the jurisdiction | of the postal service, being maintained and operated by the war !»nd r.avy departments, and manned by military and navy personnel. "For instnce, A.P.O. 1234, c|o Postmaster, New York, would be ji branch of the New York post fffice, although it may be located frith troops in Africa or elsewhere. Mail deposited in that post iffice for delivery in this country '."ililrouM carry the return address o£ 'lk.P.0. 1234, New York, N. Y., although it came from abroad, and CHUNGKING--This radiophoto, one of the first in the new service from China, shows Allied air chiefs plotting aerial activities for their commands in the China-Burma-India theater. (Left to right): General Claire L. Chennault; General Caleb V. Haynes, and Col. Kobert L. Scott inspect a map and plan attacks on Jap strongholds. In another sector of the same Asiatic war field, General Sir Archibald P. Wavell has begun an offensive to reopen the Burma road to China. ity in transportation by the army and navy over ordinary mail, and, when possible, are sent by plane, "Some of the public are under the misapprehension that the post office department can provide the addresses and location of soldiers, sailors and marines aboard. The postal service has no such records. When it is necessry to ob_ tain such addresses of soldiers, they may be had from the office of the adjutant general, war department, Washington, D. C.; of sailors, from the bureau of naval personnel, navy department, Washington; and of the marines, from the marine corps headquar. ters, navy building, Washington." Next Draft Quota Mar. 17 Many Moves South of Town f Annual March Moving Day Finds Many Shifting Their Farms Bruce Center--Bruce township had more movers than usual this year, although mostly an exchangi of places. The Will Danker family of near Geneseo moving lo the old Hilr place now owned by Harry Green the Henry Peters family moving off onto the Walter Brandt farm formerly tenanted by John Wies. i enbcrgers, the latter moving into I the tenant house on the Brandl | farm in November, j The Wendell Taylor family I moved from the place formerly Eighteen and Nineteen i oc f P ied b v ntnc _, y-ki i i ci i »» 4.1 onto another Brandt farm vacated Year Olds to Supply Most by the Donald Burrows f ami i y of Needed Men who moved onto their new farm m home purchased lasl fall from the j Foss estate, the John Kerr family moving to the next place north the Mont F'iss farm, the Foss The Cedar Falls rural draft board is preparing this week to call men for a draft contingent to famUy m0vinB into their new the armed forces unui be sent away March 17. Exact home in La p orte City purchased ivered to civilian post of-1 number of men to be called has a l h Brown. number ot men to De canea nas frQm Ealph Brown not been revealed, but it is said Mf and Mrs Everett Brown the quota is approximately the mo ,, ed ovcr onto the Frank Kober same as the last two relatively I farm and ms pUcfi on the Narbcr small calls. (place was taken by the Harold The quota will be made up almost entirely of 18 and 19 year old youths this time, including a few from the La Porte City area. The board has not yet had to Burrows family who formerly lived in the George Fell tenant house. Tommy Taylor family moved over to near Geneseo from the drafl married men wilh children,^ ch. a s. Rupprich farm, the Glen but has a fairly large number of cards in a scpaiate file containing the names of those married be_ tween the time the draft law was adopted in September, 1940, and the unlimited emergency was pro., claimed in June, 1941. When time comes to take family men, these will be the first to go, regardless of whether or not they have since ,he postmark is placed thereon a f | j u n e had children. Those married since he overseas, location and not a 'Jew York. "Directory service, through vhich improperly addressed mail [is readdressed and forwarded, is provided by the army and navy. "Delays in th'e mail to the arm- fed forces may be caused by various [factors. Transportation of the nail sometimes must be postponed that more urgent needs for IE, fooo) or 'more military and ( val personnel may be filled fi-?t- Mtaough mails are dispatched at very opportunity, at times the 'vcrburdened facilities cannot ac. fomodate all the mail, and it must e held until shipping space is [available. Ships must travel in |convoys, in the interests of safety, and a convoy can start only navc been classified 1A from the first. Red Cross Drive Set Annual "War Fund" Solicitation to be Conducted Here Next Week The annual war fund drive for the American Red Cross will be held in La Porte City next week, with Mrs. C, A, Fultz as general chairman of the drive. With the war rapidly reaching · "j f aiiu ii tun vu y v«in Ji."« - - - i n » i - J i » - . T5/iJ [when the last ship is loaded and Ihe stage with demands on Red I travel only as fast as Ihe slowest" Cross services will be at a peaK 'ship in the group-all of v.hieh the need for war funds at the time Consumes mush tinuT Transfers of is said to be acute, and U Porte ·personnel from one point lo anoth. City residents are oeing urged to «r also add to the time required give generously to .his f^c with the It is especially urged that those not at home when solicitors call im-il to catch Censorship, which · cause some dela-". altliou, , ls ls held to a minimum. Thej *st of[| Ce department does not '"" "' " " over the censor. El , " S1 "P sinhines by the enemy! Herbert Halbfass is the new jcount for milch of the lost mail, manager of the La Porte City thousands of letters and state liquor store, with Ed Tib. geg have been on sh'ips lost belts as hig assistant. The two fy enemy action. I men replace Ray Johannsen, 1 A 'any postal pa'trons have won. ! manager for the past several CH Why there U more ra P' d! years, who resigned to go into " re £Ular mail services from the ; essential work industry- forces overseas than to| -- -This is because less maiU FOUND AND LOST verseas; ships andj Rozctta Mobley, Guthrie Center rn t r i s have more hih chool student, found a purse ·ira on return trips have more high school student, found a purse '«:e available; and the location belonging to Arthur R. Shoesmith. addresses . in this country is Later the same day, Rozetta had more ^stable than that of the over. I the misfortune of losing her own ""?!· purse. It was later found and re. «tt*rs are given prior.! turned to her. Burrows' from over near Mt. Auburn being tlic new tenants. The Henry Frcricks family moved from over west of town onto the George Leo farm, the Louis Vogt family having moved the first of February to their new home near Mr. and Mrs Robert Brandt and family who had lived the past year or two with the' former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Aruold Brandt, arc now settled in the tenant house on his father's farm, formerly the old Her.shcl Monroe house which they had purchased. Johnny Hermans will take the place vacated by the Bill Bottemas who moved back onto the Grovcr Miller place. The Roger Rickarts ore enjoy. ing their new home across from Nate Millers, having moved last fall from their former site further south. He plans on moving the rest of buildings up to the house as soon as fit. Following his sole Matt Will, werth left for California and his place was taken by the Sheldon Overton family from near Key_ stone. Herbert Studebaker has moved from La Porte City to their farm near Mt. Auburn, and the Ralph Browns have moved to the Studebaker house, which they purchased some time ago. George Elliott has moved to the place vacated by John Burrows, and the Burrows family to the farm purchased from John Clark. Don Boisens have moved to a farm near Dysart, and Glenn Burrows to the Rupprich place vacated by the Tom Taylors, who have moved to near Dysart. Bernard Boiscn has moved to the Heincman place near Mt. Aubum, and Robert Huppert to the Sal. mon farm. Farm Price Index Still Is Gaining ·-- i Up Four Points in Month --Farm Prices Now at 117 Per Cent of the Parity Level Prices received hv Iowa fnr_ mcrs for agricultural commodities ·!ontini:pd to rise dunng the m o n t h February 15. according | 0 Leslie M. Carl, director of the Iowa Crop and Livestock Report, ing service. The index of prices received February 15 rose 4 points 'o 102 per cent of the August 1909-.Ju!y 1914 base, .15 points above the same date last year and the highest since September 1920,' Group indexes for grains, dairy | products and meat animals were higher than a month earlier, while the poultry product index declined! seasonally. The February 15 index of prices | paid by Iowa farmers for commo_| dities used in family living and ] production at Id per cent of the | 1910-14 base period was unchanged from a month earlier but was 18 points higher than February 1942. The ratio of prices received to prices paid was 117 per cent, which reflected the most favor- FRENCH ZOUAVES IN AFRICA ORAN--A truckload of French Zouaves quarters here. They were on their \vi when they were captured by American s moving m. Livestock on Iowa Farms i Valued at Billion Dollars Total Livestock Numbers S m i l l i o n head or r7 inr cent in State January 1 Is H' a b ° v c "'e i«w point r,,ii,m, nB n,Per Cent Over the Year) ^ n ^l^Ut rTM Before ) inventories O r i nr'-i ·,, mules and sheep show Miull Total livestock numbers able exchange vaJufc felr Iowa J owa farrns as O r ,r anuttry l la , 3 farm products since 1919. arc n pcrcont abovc i ttst ' ye;,r All grain prices increased d u r . ' and the largest in thf history of ing the month ended Fcbruaiy 15 the stale according to Leslie M. advancing the group index 3 point;, Carl, director of the foiva Crop to 150 per cent of Lhe base period, and Livestock reporting service the highest since 1937 when the The estimate": on head numbers 193G drouth had sharply curtailed of Iowa livestock show that there T o t a l v a l u e o f a l l l i v f - t u c k m u l l p o u l l r y on lima f . i r i n s at the beg i n n i n g of HIP y e a r i , e s t i m a t e d ill $l,0(J7,2'i';,000. This f i g u r e rep. i 1 ' scnl.s a ne u h i g h in iht inven About Third Fail to Make Application o _ Only 18 10 Excess Cans Declared by 2271 Regis trants at Local School Last Week Only a'uoul Iwo.llurds of Ihe n t i c i f t i t e d n i u n b c r of people rep. tered for \v :M . llalion B c n k 2 nt '··! La P o r t e ' C i l y .-t-hools last ·nk. il w i ^ i ^.· : |^(! by Supt. 'i'0i^,. I I , J l . l r l i r i . i ' i i-)ii k ' t c a d . · M I . s ' r - i t m - Tin., l o ' a l u'gi.strntion as ^'271 Since Ih,. Ideal M h c o l had been ssigned all of I.a I'orte City, with population of about 1000, and Ihe runil lerrilory wilhui a seven nile radius, w i t h another cstimat. ed 1000 people, it had been thought hat about ;j^0() would register here. It is thought, however. timL "any residents of the adjacent firming aiea registered instead nt ^agle Ccnler, ( i i l b i ' r t v i l l e and Ju. liilee in Black Hawk county, and at the various rural schools in Bunion county just south of Ln Porte Cily. .Since registration of individuals took only a fraction of the time government figi res had forecast, the nlaff of local regislrars handled the woik comparative r^-x^r Ltr^d - b - sc^ v^; is Ihe first l i m e in ilu' 7fi years , i ' ,. , , ,' , , of recoid lhal the Mat,', J . n u a r v '" · c o n l l n u i l d . «*"* *TM first livestock a^els nave exceed .11^' l n l c B d ° f C '° S grain supplies. The meat animal were more than 21 million entile, ,, cr price index at 208 per cent at the hogs, sheep, hoiscs and mules o n L n , l h?,,',? ,.", Mlrheet Inlrul Lin" n A i , , - . . , » t f l - I A r ,, i L l _ ? ^ |.M1U "J;^ ^ 'I til one billiun dollars T)i; au'rngc value for bulh c.illlc ing nfteinoono As'-isling teachers wilh the , T .egislralion wnv i'\xhl volunteers: ul a HIM- ·January M ] h _ ,_ 0 highest level .since August 1810. furms at in egg prices. Iowa feeding ratios continui higher than usual on February 15. On thai date at Iowa farm prices; Lhe value of 100 pounds of live log was equal to 17.17 bushels ofj corn, a pound of 'bulterfat ivouldl uy 31.5 pounds of a balanced dairy ration, und a dozen eggi worth as much as 14.3 pounds of a standard poultry ration. All three ralios were above the 5-year (1937-41) February average and lighcr than a year ago. The hog- corn ratio was higher than a month earlier while the butlcrfal and egg ratios wci'e lower. E! Victory Garden Meeting To Be Held Here March 11 fj Women's Clubs Aid WAAC Recruit Drive "WAAC Days" are being sponsored throughout Iowa this month by the Iowa Federulion of Worn| an's clubs, it was announced today I ing the Paul Harder to Talk at Meeting ;t( High School A u d i t o r i u m by Mrs. David Lennox, jr., stale Mrs. Kinney Passes Away A _^^_^^^^ oi j /-i T» -j .! under 14, are eligible. Shady Grove Resident, An en ; o])nient leam Was Born in La Porte the Y, W. C. A. in Waterloo from y e a r to h d p mod l ) n i h r " . i t m " d of canned (foods, reported. Only ] 581 .stnnips were- detached from the 2271 books, and a total of 255 cans were cheeked up against I book 1 - for (Ictaclmienl from Inlcr oncn in cases where individual, 1 ; had loo miiny excels cans to be handled by Ihe No. X sUunp in Die No, 2 book. liiggevl n u m b e r of cms reported by r.ny individual Wd- ) I'J. I.xcr ,s cnffee slumps totaling , r i7'W were detached f n i m Rulinn liocilv One, but most uf these were ^iiicl to have been from books of ehildren under J I, not entitled to president. Enrollment teams are being sent out so that women interested in the corps may talk lo members meeting at of the women 1 . 1 ! army. ForLy_seven l o i i u m T h u i ' d a ; . "nlislmcnls is the c|uil:i ashipni'd 1 11. lo Black Hawk county. Women I n j C o u n t y A g - n i I'anl Bargcr ···/ill prr^(;;t n, ;-iv. a short talk and the garden of vegetables have l»"'n invited by Jlnyoi Hoy ]'. I l a n k m s J Lo alien] a "\ jr-lory ( j ' r i r d i n " li:^li "·· hool audi 'fiing. M a r c h good health, between the ag'-^ of 21 and 45, having no dependent* program in ;;· n 1 ^ .1], A l t h o u g h ^ e of fee I'eiv pi'ibon.s reported hav_ inij y n y L-XLI.I coffee as of lasl jN'ovr-nibtr. Three books of si'rvice men we're turned in at the re'gi.striilion hcud_ quarters. I t is believed rnos,l others have been lurried in to the lation board al Waterloo as soon as the men holding Iheiri ',v nl into .service. Then 1 i illegal US': a heavy penalty for of such books by families a f t e r the holders have City in 1888 | U:3 ° a - m - u n L i l ' J '- :i) P- m ' " n i garden ramp 0 (Wednesday of next week for the- ly, w i l h i h - i i i r n . i r i for r ach block, (purpose of giving out information | il ]·.- ,,,i planiml io f,,rm .such an Mrs. Jay Kenney, 54, died al aiu ] handling tome p r e l i m i n a r y j o r g a n i / H i i o n l n r « . Fms c o m m u n i t y ·rr.(: the viclory mlo s( , rvlw , i J L | ] ' r i n t e n t - j v e . icr home in Shady Grove at 3:30 a. m. Tuesday after a lingering llncss. She was born April 2!i, 1888, in -a Porte City, daughter of Robert I '. and Mary A. Taylor. She was married to -Jay Kenney Dec. Transportation will be those desiring further tcils al De.s is I ./, h*"!' ha.s alway 1 - ry-'-n n ' A e i l for i t s ex, given j t e n s i v e v n g e l n b l r t / n l m s , and it Moines. Sell Home 927, in La Porte City, She was To Keith GrBVenhorStj Mr. and Mr.H, L. D. Chester have! - r " ]=ist ° r oblairn'njf listings their residence and carpenter | vuca " 1 ' 6 ' s v 'h' cl1 may a member of the Methodist church and the Shady Grove Sunshine Friendly club. I s }, 0 p I h n f rationing of canned v^c'.vM" n ill lead lo a f u r t h e r '-·xria/i-i'vr. t h i s year v.ith. out any i n i i n - i v . ; or[;anizalion work. Principal · ..·ganizalion work will nf RATION CALENDAR TIHKS Class A Ration: in-ptclion deadline--March .'il. Cla.".s K Kiitmii Si-cmul inspection required Tor Tour monlh period M;irch 1 . J u r i u 30. CI.TH C Hallon: .Second inspection required for or bulk coupon:.: She is survived by her husband; I Keith Gravcnhorst. Commercial street t o f b ' tht '"-- "ho w a n t to raise gar 0 three month penod, March I _ May 31. but do not have ground avail. wo sisters, Mrs. Grnevicvc Ken.| Keith took possession of the :iljlL ' [ " r tn; Project. ley of La Port* City and lira, shop on March 1. He will continue 'earl E. Snydcr of Denver, Colo, to do blacksmith work and weld. Funeral services were at 2 p. m. ing. As soon as the Chester", can Thursday at the Parker f u n e r a l ; find a house the Gravcnhorsls will I icrne in Jesup, with burial in Cc_ move into their Boost Quotas of Canned Goods EXPERT PENMAN When Henry Blocker of Bancroft paid his pnbscriptior. to the Bancroft Register, he signed his name backward Thin was a 3Jr. prise to the editor and he asked Blocker if he could write his name forward with one hand, and buck- ward with the other, ind do both simultaneously. He did. Blocker can write forward or backward und do it with either hsai ar Crest cemetery. house. Feb. 25, 1943 Dear Everett and Staff: n c w l y _ a c q u i i e d I Civilian supplies of canned vegctab'cK from ncxl summer's oslimaLcd pack will be increased by approximately 10 million cases under new orders which provide changes in the amounls, of certain processed foods t h a t must be reserved for the government, accord. I ing to the Office of War fnfor. ; mation. j .Most of the increase will be in i they are all over the U. S. I un. ' canned lomnlrjes and snap bean-; iderstand Raymond Richards is. with no significant change in ' " ' juices. LETTERS From Men in Service It has been over a year since 1 over here in the Islands some.|fruils I have written you and thanked where, but I haven't been able to you for the "Progress." I havej-contact him as yet. Is Eddie Wesley Psrk6 received the paper regular since; Wagner back in La Porte City? rrtL ~hJw A I I landed here and I surely appre.jl understand he was working in LUC l^ro-Vy AIT ciate reading about the people at, Waterloo for awhile--if so I wish, Wesley Parker, son of Mr. and I you would tell him hello for me, Mrs. Burrcll Parker of this com. and alJ the fellows that I grad.j munily, has been accepted for uated with in the class of '41--| flight training in the navy's new and maybe we will all be back to.V.S aviation program for 17_year. home. The last issue I got from you it had about the new rules about sending the paper overseas. If the fellows in the navy has to pay for a subscription I want to put in my order early because I don't want to be left out. Since I left, there has been a lot of the fellows that I paled around with ilao have left--by the paper good old Iowa some day. Thanks again for the paper. Respectfully, C. D. Christopher--S C 3c Naval Air Station Pearl Harbor, T. H. Box 1324 it was announced today by the ariation naval cadet selection board at Minneapolis. Wesley will e from high Khool this rod will not be called to *hl« to 18 months train. Commercial vehicles. Every CO days ur every ij,000 miles, whichever occurs sooner. GASOLINE "A" book coupons No, 4 (4 gals, each) expire Maich 21, FUEL OIL Period 4 coupons (11 gala, each) expire Apr. 12. Period 5 coupons (10 gals, each) valid March 13; expire Sept. 30. COFFEE Coupon No. 25 (1 Ib.) expires March 21. SUGAR Coupon No. 11 (3 Ibs.) expires March 15. SHOES Coupon No. 17 in Wat Ration Book One expires June 15. POINT RATIONING A, B, and C stumps valid March 1 through March 31. Highland Club Meets With Mrs. Rothmeier Highland club met Wednesday with Mrs. George Rothmeier, with 12 members and one, yuegt, Mrs. Clyde Anton. Husbanda of the members were gnesu at * ccnmd di»h dinner, Hid EWSPAPER

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