Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 5, 1936 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1936
Page 11
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MAY 5 1936 ELEVEN Vimvuud l Held- - RJDGEWAY -- Funeral services for Charles Yarwood, who died at his home in Madison township Tuesday, were held at the Methodist church Sundav afternoon with the Rev. Herman Nedtwig officiating-. Pallbearers were Ivan Hovden, A. Whcatman, Albert Nelson, Knute Knuteson, Ben Vine and Gordon Baker. The funeral was largely attended. N O T I C E ! MR, FRANK CASPER of General Scientific Corporation, Chicago AN EXPERT ON NEON TUBES is now connected with the H.B.FARRER SYSTEM W. H. POTTS, Jeweler announces a Divided Payment Plan You may now have Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Silverware of W. H. Potts, Jeweler, and pay for your purchase in Divided Payments. W e BELIEVE that this will be appreciated by a large number of persons who wish to buy from a reliable house like ours, without the necessity of paying the full amount at on c time. Our Divided Payment Plan is available to every honest person, to employed men and women as well as. to those of large incomes. Nearly every one in Mason City and vicinity knows that our store is a reliable institution, one of the foremost establishments in the city, and that our goods are fashionable and of best quality, our prices always moderate. We have some wares which are sold exclusively by us; we stock nearly all the nationally known branas of watches, silverware, etc., including many lines which are to be found only in a few of the very best shops. There will be positively no advance in prices*, no lowering of quality, .no less variety than heretofore. The Divided Payment Plan calls for a reasonable deposit, and the settlement of the balance in monthly payments, over a period 'arranged to meet your convenience. You have the use of the article while you are making these payments. *A small carrying charge will be made, only when the payment schedule is extended beyond three months. You are cordially invited to visit our store, examine our merchandise and make inquiries for further details regarding our DIVIDED PAYMENT PLAN W. H. POTTS, Jeweler 12 last State ESTABLISHED 1895 $1,201 RECEIVED N FORFEITURES, FINES BY POLICE otal of 252 Offenses Made Known to Department During Month. A total of $1,201.60 was collected n fines and forfeitures in police ourt during April, according to the monthly report submitted by Chief larold Wolfe. The month was one }f the busiest in many months for he police department, with 252 of- enses known or reported to police. Of this number 31 were major of- enses. Of the total 227 offenses vere cleared by arrests. A total of $1,559.85 was reported stolen and Ifl/iTO recovered, leaving iS9.S5 pending. Lost property recovered amounted to $300 and four ·stolen autos were recovered and two lost persons found. During the month S7S reports were disposed of. Two Persons Injured. One person was injured by an automobile and one burned by fire. Dne person was taken to a hospital and 23 collisions were reported. A :otal of 218 persons took lodgings in the county jail during the month. Seven buildings were searched for evidence of liquor traffic and evidence was found in three. Of the total arrests, three were for burglary; 24. for larceny under 550; four for auto theft; two for assault; one for forgery; five, driving while intoxicated; six, violations of liquor laws; 64, intoxication; 15, disorderly conduct; five, gambling; 54. traffic violations; 16, suspicious investigation; 55, all other offenses. 39 Given Fines. Dispositions of arrests were: Straight fine or jail, 39; bail forfeited, 99; held to the grand jury, 9; dismissed, 20; sentence suspended, 1; released to others, 2; police probation, 61; county jail 13; city jail. 35. Fifty-seven fingerprint records were taken and 32 received from outside Mason City. And 57 suspects were photographed and their photographs were filed. During the month 120 doors and windows were found open; 69 night lights were AFTER THE SHOW Like a pleasing play, your party should have a happy ending. Make the last act of a large evening Miller High Life, the best Milwaukee beer. On tap, in bottles, by the case. not burning; and 175 street lights were reported out. Twenty-five dogs were picked up--17 of which were killed and eight held. Reports of Baptist Church Will Be Made At Wednesday Meet Being able u show considerable progress is the pleasing report that will be made in several departments of the First Baptist church Wednesday night at their annual church family dinner and business meeting. The planned dinner is in charge of Mrs. Roy Felt, Mrs. E. V. Loring and Mrs. August Johnson and 150 are expected. With a guest speaker and special music it promises to be one of the best and happiest occasions of the year. The report of the finance commission will record gains in its side, while the church school has an excellent report. The Ladies' Aid society members will also give an excellent -account of themselves. The regular officers will be elected at this annual business meeting and four amendments of the by-laws will be considered. "All members are asked to consider their duty this year as members of the corporation and be pres ent at this annual meeting, "an nounced the pastor, the Rev. J. Lee Lewis Tuesday. A 6:30 o'clock dinner will be served. MINISTlRSlLD SPRING MEETING Hear Report on Forum anc Make Plans for Rally on May 31. The Mason City Ministerial asso ciation held its final spring meeting at the Y. M. C. A. Tuesdaj morning-, adjourning the session to the first Tuesday in September. Business transacted included the report of the Rev. D. L. Kratz on the emergency peace council meet ing and plans for a forum to ge under way in June and in full swing by fall. The Rev. William Galbreth, th Rev. George K. Davics and the Rev J. Lee Lewis were placed in charg- of the summer park meetings. The association voted its supper of the county council program fo Friday. The ministers met with the Rev F. A. High, secretary of the low Anti-Saloon league, in preparatio: for a prohibition rally Sunday, Ma 3: in the afternoon and a play "Death Takes the Steering Wheel in the evening. I Reserve Officers to Make Plans for Target Practice in Mason Citj BEER City Beverage Co. DISTRIBUTOR 302 S. Monroe .Phone 1606 IT'S WHAT'S INSIDE THE COILS THAT COUNTS a NEW 1936 \j}uin#w jj WITH SUPER-SAFE CARRENE NEW TYPE OF ROAD DEVELOPED 'Self Sprinkling" Gravel Provided for Firmness, Dustlessness. MIDLAND, Mich.--"Self-sprink- ing" gravel roads, which automati- ally draw .enough moisture from IB air to keep their surfaces firm nd dustless, constitute the latest answer of American highway engi- eers to the problems imposed by he fast-moving traffic of today. Resistance to wear, elimination of ust and low maintenance costs arc mong tbc advantages claimed foi new type of road which is rap- dly gaining in favor among the lore progressive communities. The original method of treatment nvolvecl merely a, surface applica- ion of calcium chloride which has o a high degree the property of Itracting moisture. However, a far nore satisfactory technic has been leveloped by the road engineers, f the Dow Chemical company, Mid- and, Mich. Through extensive tests ond'ucted upon a private experimental road these engineers have worked out inexpensive methods which develop a gravel road sur- ace closely approaching t h e smoothness and durability ~ of concrete. Instead of treating only the sur- ace of the road with calcium chlpr- de, they prepare a "mix" in which he calcium chloride is thoroughly distributed throughout the gravel, clay or other available road build- r.g materials. This "mix" is spread and then packed and smoothed by traffic. The calcium chloride then attracts moisture down through the entire depth of be road surface. Much of this action takes place at night when the air is at its maximum point of humidity. It has been likened to an artificially produced sprinkling of heavy clew. Different "mixes" arc required, of course, to meet varying conditions of climate, humidity and road materials. Technical assistance in building the new "self-sprinkling" roads is supplied gratis by the company to county or state road engineers who may call upon a corps of trained experts stationed throughout the United States. Demonstrations With Poisonous Reptiles Banned After Death BAKTOW. Fla., .!')-Demonstrations with poisonous reptiles were banned here Tuesday following the death of Alfred D. Weaver, 30 year old faith cultist who was bitten by a large diamond back rattlesnake during- a revival meeting Sunday night. A coroner's jury decided Weaver died "by the bite of a rattlesnake through his own carelessness" but a fello%v member of his congregation said the dead man had beer, "ready to lay down his life for the Lord." .·cpublicans; supervisors for the .bird district, Rik-y Sloan, rcpubli- .·an and John Galley and Joseph A. Nciss, democrats. ,11 mill's Most C'»imiim. MIKORD. !.!';--Mumps is the most common disease among Milftml high school students, Supt. C. C. Buerkcns announced a health survey showed. Seventy-three per cent or 119 pupils have had the disease. Mayor Is In Hospital. DOVVS--Mayor F. H. Peterson was taken to the Iowa Methodist hospital at Des Moiues Saturday suffering with bronchial pneumonia. His son, F. G. Peterson, accompanied him and returned Siinday. If yriu t h i n k fame worth the struggle, look through the headlines and soe if you can rind thn name of Babe Ruth.--Council Uluffs NoMimroil. Stop BUNION Pain! These Boothing, hcalinc pada give you in- vtant relief from painful bunions; stop shoe pressure, cuuhion and shield the nore s Sold at all drua. shoe and dcpt. stores. DrScholls Zino-pads 17 File Candidacies for Mitchell Offices OSAGE · - Seventeen candidates I have filed for county offices in the coming June primaries. These include Waldo Pond, democrat and W. .1. Tyrcll. republican, and Carl F. Comvay. republican, for the office of county attorney; Herman A. Lesch, democrat, and A. T. Brookins, republican for county treasurer; Charles Kathan, democrat, and George A. Gulliver, republican, for sheriff; Mrs. Ernestine Sawyer Pennington, democrat, and Donald W. Tuttlc, republican for country clerk; Mclvin J- Wcinschenk, democrat, and Hazel S. Dickson for recorder; Clifford Moss, republican for county auditor. Candidates for supervisors for the first district are C. B. French and B. K. Mcllnay, Model 70R. Ample food storage space. Abundance of ice cubes. Provides 49 Super De Luxe convenience features including over half-gJloa dessert freezer! AND UP H OW can we do it? Here's the answer. The big Grunow factories are working day and night to supply demand. Mass production . . . lower costs! Grunow has everything yon want in an electric refrigerator . . . Carrene, the super -safe refrigerant . . . streamlined modern beauty.. . . spaciousness, economy, 156 ice cubes, and 49 convenience features . . . many not found on other refrigerators -such as flush, door that cuts down running cost. When you see these magnificent Grunow refrigerators you'll agree wfth us. Grunow is the biggest refrigerator buy of the year. Come in tomorrow. Ask your dealer to see the Grunow demonstration , . . the most interesting you've ever witnessed. Shows you instantly why Grunow is safer, more economical, quiet and smoother running. Lieut. R. H. Lock and Lieut. Pau Champlain were appointed at meeting of local reserve officers the federal building Monday nigh to, make arrangements for targe practice. The reserve officers voted t march in a body at the Memoria day parade. Lieut. Vem Mott wa chosen to make the necessary ar rangements. Capt. Charles F. Merton of Cha les City was in charge of a confe ence study of a military problem in volving the movement of a body troops across the Winnebago rive at the claybanks. The next meeting of the organiza- | lion will be held May 20, at which plans will be announced for attending the reserve officers contact camp at Des Moines May 23 and 24. National Clay Sold by Sheriff to Clear Title to Property The National Clay Products company was sold "under special execution Tuesday by Sheriff J. M. Robertson for 577,173.30 to W. E. Millington, trustee of the company. The sale was held in accordance with a court order of foreclosure in an action brought by Albert F. Trettin and participating stockholders of the "old National Clay works, who; were represented by F. A. Ontjes, local attorney. The sale was held for the purpose of clearing title to the property obtained in the stipulation of settlement, attorneys pointed out. Allied^DeaSrTAttend ' Conference at Hanford Sixty agents from several North Iowa 'counties attended a sales meeting of the Allied Mutual Automobile insurance, association .at the Hotel Hanford Tuesday afternoon, j Four representatives from . the I company office at DCS Moines. Harold S. Evans, secretary; Robert Goodc assistant secretary: Lester Smith claim agent, and Keith Murry, field supervisor, gave short talks on their respective phase of the business. The speakers pointed out the company has undergone a 35 per cent" gain thus far in 1936 over the corresponding period in 1935. The meeting opened with a luncheon at noon. Velder Arndt Fined for Speeding Here Velder Arndt, 822 Sixth street southwest, was iincd $S and costs Monday by Police Judge Morris Laird on a charge of speeding. Arndt was arrested for speeding between Kentucky and Connecticut avenues on East State street. He was sentenced to attend traffic school. Mrs. T. B. Gerguson, 1508 Delaware avenue southeast, was sentenced to attend traffic school for double parking and L,. E. Christianson, 1018 Harrison avenue northwest, for improper parking. P. L. Turk, 1519 Carolina avenue northeast, forfeited a .$1 bond posted when arrested on a charge of passing a stop sign. Americanism: Dictating a letter in order to save time; making it four times as long, as you would make a hand-written letter.--Ot- tumxva Courier. BURNING FEET! End the Distress This New Easy Way The general cause of most foot troubles is harmful acids and fatty poisonous deposits which accumulate in the thousands of foot pores. You must remove this cause. To immediately rid your pores of these irritants and poisons, you simply soak your feet for fifteen minutes in a wonderfully soothing revitalizing Radox Foot Bath--3 tablespoonfuls of Radox in a gallon of hot water for just 15 minutes. The burning- and itching goes instantly--feet feel cool and comfortable--you sleep soundly. You can get Radox at Huxtable Drug Co. and Michael Dnig: Co. or any first class drug store--satisfaction guaranteed or money back. MASON CITY GRUNOW GO. 105 EAST STATE STREET PHONE 525 WARD FURNITURE CO. KOHLHAAS SKILLES Clear Lake, Iowa Phone 8 Algona, Iowa ^ _ Kites Held at Woolstock. EAGLE GROVE--Albert L. Caquelin, 63, farmer, died at the home of his daughter. Mrs. Frank Champlin. at Holmes, Saturday. Death was due to cancer. Funeral services were i held at the M. I-:, church in Wool- slock. Tucsdny in charjrc of the Rev. William Baddcley. To honestl? nro' Ifcn deal value ol O L D M O H A W K INDIAN T O N I C tor rcltcvlDK slom- 3ch. ktclncy aim liver troubles, we rill sell until lur- I tlier n o t i c e the regular !1 UoUle i {12 ounces) for 49 cents upon presentation ot this ad. Limited 3 to a customer. We n 1 s o Etiaranteo that tbs t medicine Is worth I at least ten times I what you pay lor I it. Within 12 hours I Old Mohawk Indian [ T o n i c will drive [ poisons from sour ! ssstem as block as | any Ink that ever I cnme from a bottle. It causes a more natural action than any other racdiclno we know ot It Is a sood treatment for rheumatic and neuritis pains in arms, neck. back, hips and lees, ehrlnj speedy rcllel. Every person needs a thorousn cleaning out of their system « or 5 tlmts i rear. This mikes you less liable to rheumatism, appendicitis ind other d»n- cerotis diseases. Even onc do;e will htlj a s!cH stomach. Ens and bloatlns. Mailed -.nyn-l-.rrc. Send Kc for oojtasc.-- Adv. Huxtable Drug 1 Co. WHAT'S ihe grand champion of all breakfasts? A bowl of cool, crisp Kellogg's Corn Flakes -plenty of milk or cream -- and red, sun-ripened, luscious strawberries! Enjoy this treat often. And be sure the Corn Flakes are Kellogg's -- the original -always the best. Nothing fakes the place of CORN FLUKES Foot-aches take graceful erectness away from your figure! Restful "Natural Pocsers" assure an easy, young, smart carriagel Try them! AN IDEAL GIFT FOR MOTHER ON MOTHER'S DAY IK! Krd. Avc. -- Mason Ci'.Y, la. It's Not the First Cost.. IT'S THE OF THE NEW S f 09 Many people, in buying an electric refrigerator, make the mistake of looking only at the original cost. A more important consideration is the operating and maintenance cost over a period of ten years or more. A Westinghouse will PAY FOR ITSELF in the savings effected . . . come in and let us give you positive proof! Buy By Comparison . . . You'll Choose Westinghouse! Every Wcstinghouse Refrigerator is protected for five years, by o written warranty, against service expense on the sealed-in mechanism . . . Westinghouse gives you low first cost, low operating cost and beauty surpassed by none! UP TO 3 YEARS TO PAY WESTINGHOUSE CABINET MODELS Priced As Low As . DEALER FOR -- MASON CITY, CLEAR LAKE, MANLY, NORA SPRINGS

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