The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 16, 1944 · Page 23
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 23

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1944
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

Dates for Use of More Ration Stamps Announced by OPA Washington, fP -- Dates when additional 10-point stamps will be good for buying rationed food wore announced by the office of price administration Thursday, as follows: Red stamps G8, H8 and J8 will bo valid from March 2B through June 18 for meats and fats. Blue stamps F8, G8. H8, J8 and K8 may be used for processed foods from April 1 through June '20. Blasts Boys' Prank Vallejo, Cal., ( homemade bomb fashioned of dynamite caps and fuses and placed in the cellar of a Vallejo home smashed windows and blew down the front door. Police arrested 2 boys who said the whole thing was a prank to frighten the 15 year old son of the houseowner. Deckers SNOW LARD is Point Free! NO POINTS REQUIRED Decker's SNOW LARD is Open Kettle Rendered REASONS USING · SNOW LARD 1. SNOW J.AKI) is an economical shortening 2. SNOW LARD is high in nutritive value 3. SNOW LAUD is 97% digestible ·I. SNOW LAKD is rich in energy 5. SNOW LARD makes more lender, flaky pie crust fi. SNOW LARD makes excellent cakes 7. SNOW LARD makes fine, tempting- light bread 8. SNOW LARD is good for deep frying 9. SNOW LARD imparts a flavor to other foods ·' 10. SNOW LARD is an all-around cooking fat Arizona: the Army Flying school near Chico, California; Camp Bealc, near Pilarysville, California; Fort Ord, near Monterey, Cal.: Camp Roberts, near Paso Robles, Cal; Santa Ana Naval Air Station, near Sanlu Ana, Cal.; industrial centers- of Vallejo, Cal., and Bremerton, Wash. IOWAN IS KILLED C'restou, (A')--Wynette Shade, Ifi, was killed Thursday in the collision oC automobiles driven by Robert Farlin, 18, and Robert Hai-pin, 17. at a Creston intersection. Miss Shade, riding with Farlin, was thrown out and crushed beneath the car. Neither vehicle was damaged badly. James V. Strayer Dies; Funeral to Be Friday Uecorah--Funeral services will be conducted Friday at 2 p. m. at the Brandt mortuary for .lames V. Strayer, 80, who died at the Decorah hospital Monday after a 2 weeks' illness. Mr. Strayer was born Feb. IB. 1864. in Decorah township, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Strayer. He is survived by one brother. Will, of Baker, Ore.; one nephew, Maurice Daubnoy, of Long Beach, Cal.; and one niece, Gertrude Slrayer Smick of Oshkosh, \Vis. Thursday. March 16. 13-14 23 MASON CITY' GLOBE-GAZETTE Long; May It Wave I'oi'itello. . I d a h o , IU.R1--T h e Pocatello army air base band played "The Star Spangled Banner" 424 times during the year ended Feb. 1, according to Director Crockett Baxter. SALAD DRESSING TROPHY --Drawing alongside a transport, coastguardsniuii and marines display a Japanese flag they seized after wiping out Jap defenders on Engebi atoll in the Marshalls. Cot Meat- Block Market Reported Lisbon, (/P)--The Munich newspaper Muenchner Neueste Nach- richten, reporting a fantastic black market in cat meat in Budapest, said Thursday that "calnapers" had stolen move than 100,030 household pets in recent months. The black market operators bribe children to deliver cats, sell the meat to butchers and dispose ot the hides through fur dealers, the newspaper said. ALL CUILDKEN VISIT Kudd--The Chris A n d e r s o n home was a happy place Sunday when all oC their children were home. Three of their 5 children ;ive in Uncle Sam's armed forces, WAVE Helen Anderson ot Washington, D. C., Aviation Machinist Mate Chester Anderson, who is in the naval school at Oltumwa, and Ptc. Myron Anderson, who will be stationed at Salt Lake City, Utah, a f t e r his furlough. Their other daughter, Marguret. works in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson have one son, Junior, at home. Red Cross Nurses Battle Disease in Crowded Camps Washington, D. C.--Answering the almost frantic plea of harassed doctors and health agencies in 26 strategic communities crowded with the young wives ot servicemen or industrial workers, a band o£ 52 nurses in the Red Cross Camp Emergency Community Nursing Services are fighting and winning* a dramatic home-front battle against disease and death. In u nation with thousands of. physicians and nurses drawn from civilian practice to serve the sick and wounded on global fronts, this compAratively smnll group of Hcd Cross nurses gives bedside care, and teaches hygiene at the same lime, in ^centers where hospitals are spilling over and the population is apportioned in terms of 10,000 to one doctor. Their service, given in traditional Red Cross manner, pays dividends to the communities they are helping. They have saved the lives of numerous premature and undernourished babies, and have taught young, inexperienced war mothers proper child earc and the SAVE at RAIZES! WE CLOTHE AND FEED THE ENTIRE FAMILY FOR LESS FRESH MEATS Wisconsin Longhorn CHEESE Ib. 35c Chipped BEEF, Dried Ib. 59c U. S. Good MUTTON -- Roast and Chops PIGS FEET, No Points Pint Jar 22e SLAB BACON, Only 1 Point Ib. 25c Meaty SPARE RIBS, Only 1 Point. . Ib. 19e OYSTERS -- HERRING -- CODFISH Rath's Luncheon Meat or Armour's TREET, Onlj- I pis. 33 BEEF ROAST Ib. 22c FRUITS $ VEC Calif. ORANGES 29c, 39c, 49c Texas GRAPEFRUIT iflfi 5 for 29c IDAHO Russet POTATOES. . 15-lb. Mesh Bag 59c APPLES 'Wu'.'SS 1 2 Ibs. 23c iceberg LETTUCE, Lge. Heads, 48 Size 12c Calif. CARROTS 2 Bunches for 17c PASCAL CELERY, Extra Large Stalks 25c PEACHES No. 10 Can 78c Jack Sprat 2'/2 Can Prunes.. 20c Libby's FRUIT COCKTAIL, 2'/ 2 Glass DIAMOND BROS. 30 EAST STATE STREET -- ACROSS FROM SEARS, ROEBUCK GARDEN SEEDS--ONION SETS NEW STOCK--DEPENDABLE SEEDS--SELECT YOURS EARLY Fancy, Small Sweet P. M. Brand PEAS 2 Cans 25. 2 POINTS PER CAN Vegetables . . Sweet Peas 3 Yellow Corn. . Navy - riulo - Northern Beans .NIL Ca 'can , 'Can" 18c 25c He 29c l i e 29c Tomatoes . . Prunes, Dried Sect! Tens 'Raisins £,. 25c Guillen While Raisins . . . 19c OCCIDENT Enriched F A M I L Y F L O U R BAKES BETTER BREAD DRY YEAST TSfK,:-? 1 '. . . . $249 Pkg. 3c Swonsdown FLOUR Bag $2.29 Fluftex PUDDING MIX, 3 for Ocean Sl»ray 25C PEANUT BUTTER, 2-lb. Jar 39c WHEATIES, New Giant Box. 15c Hardy's or Morton's SUGAR CURE SALT, 10-lb. Can. . Mother Hubbard PANCAKE FLOUR, 5-lb. B o x . . . . . . . . . 29c SALMON RED PINK IVORYSOAP LARGE for. 21c IVORY RAKES Large 23c Medium lOc Pillsbury FLOUR $1-45 SWEET PICKLES, Quart Jar 33c SALAD 4--lOe DRESSING, Jars 25c Heinz "57" SAUCE, Bottle Cranberry Sauce J.r25c Gr'f ruit Juice Blackberries N c»m Pears Italian Prunes Apple Sauce . Boysenberries YeltOH- CJinr Peaches CRACKER-JACK, 3 Boxes Del Monte COFFEE, Ib.. 29c Chocolate Cream Coffee ,,,. 29c BUY MORE WAR BONDS SAM RAIZES DEPT. STORE Phone 434 We Reserve Right to Limit South Federal FARMERS! WE PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR EGGS udiments of home nursins and lyuiene. In many instances, they have detected incipient epidemics in ime to help with the prevention of serious trouble, and they are of lestimuble aid to doctors in reporting symptoms when the physicians cannot make home visits There is, for example, the community adjoining Camp Shelby, iear,Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Each day, often from an early :iour until after sundown, Red "ross Nurses Mary Caldwcll and Esther Sidebotham go from one patient to another in the trailers and cabins or the surrounding neighborhood. They lighten the load or Capt. Mai-tie F. Parker, medical officer in charge of the Out-Patient Clinic on the Camp Shelby post, and help the overworked civilian doctors in Hattiesburg. Late one afternoon. Nurse Sidebotham reported to the tired doctor on duty :it the clinic. He had long since lost count of the number of patients he had seen that day--and more were waiting:. "Doctor,'' she sai'd, "I'm afraid t h a i Hildrcth baby's going blind. Everything has been going nicely until today, but a bad infection has set in." The baby's father was a soldier at the camp. Its mother had come to the auto court cabin only 4 days arter the birth of the child in a Hnttiesburg hospital. "Take a smear from each eye," the doctor directed. "We'll run a test in the morning." Once more the nurse drove buck to the highway cabin. She showed none of her concern to the young mother. Obtaining the smears she was off again for 3 more calls before her day was done. She reached the jiost laboratory after dark and it \vas later still when she arrived at the civilian barracks \vhcrc she lived. Through Miss Sidebotham's prompt attention the Hildrcth baby's eyesight was saved. Such incidents as this, multiplied by j the hundreds, f i l l the case records of the Hed Cross Emergency Camp Nursing Service. Quick action by a Ked Cross nurse serving families or servicemen a d j o i n i n g Camp Davis and Cam]) LeJeune in Onslow county, N. Car., averted \vhat might have resulted in scarlet lever epidemic. Mrs. Ellen Swift, the nurse, discovered scarlet fever symptoms in a child's throat while on a home visit. A few hour later another case came to light. She immediately called Capt. Donald S. Knowlton, camp surgeon, who with the sanitation officer and others met with hrr to map a course of action. Her quick work resulted in the closing of the first 4 grades of the camp school, and immediate inspection of all children in the school. Only fi cases of scarlet fever out or a possible hundred had to be quarantined. The Camp Nursing Service began nearly '2 years ago in the Ozak country of Missouri surrounding Fort Leonard' Wood. As the need increased, the Red Cross expanded i t s activities alter careful survey of local facilities. Several more services arc being con- si dcrtu.1. A fist of the communities nou being serviced by the Red Cross includes those adjoining Camp Chafee, near Fort Smith, Arkansas; Camp Crowder, near Neosho Missouri; Fort Leonard Wood near Wayncsville. Missouri; For Sill, n e a r Lawton, Oklahoma Camp Grubcr, near Muscogce Oklahoma: Camp Bowie, nea Brownwood, Texas; Camp Howze near Gainesville, Texas; Camp Hulen, near Palacios. Texas; thi Naval Navigation School nea Hondo, Texas: Camp Wolters near Mineral Wells. Texas; Camp LeJeune and Camp Davis, nea Jacksonville. Is'. Car.; Camp Bland ing. near Starke, Florida; Camp ! Claiborne. Bcauregard and Liv ingston. near Alexandria. Louis Sana: Camp Shelby, near Hattics burg. Mississippi: t'orl Benning near Columbus. Georgia: '2 army /lying schools near Tucson, SIR WALTER RALEIGH TOBACCO, Ib 75c QT. JAR GRANDMA'S Molasses. 39c 3 BARS TOILET SOAP PALMOLIVE 21c Caliornia Extra Fancy Asparagus No. 2 Can. . 10 POINTS 3 PKGS. MACARONI OR Spaghetti lOc Van Camp's Pre-Cooked BEANS, 2 boxes 25c 2 POINTS PER BOX 50 Lb. Bag Pillsbury's Best Vitamin Enriched Flour. $239 QT. JAR LUNCHEON Peanut Butter _ 39c STRIKAL1GHT MATCHES, 6 boxes 21c 3 PKGS. MINUTE MAN Soup Mix. 25c 5-lb. Bog Yellow 11 M CORN MEAL.. . .. *lv Fancy Garden QT. JAR Dills.... 25c Strictly Fresh EGGS doz. 32c Corn Country BUTTER Ib. 46c Fancy Golden Bantam Cream Style-Sandra Brand CORN 2 Cans 17. G POINTS PER CAN HERSHEY'S COCOA, !/ 2 Ib. can lOc Large Box SUPER SUDS.. LARGE BOX FLUFTEX PUDDING MIX lOc 2JC 4 BARS DEAL FAIRY Soap . . . . 20c EMBOSSED PAPER NAPKINS, pkg .......... 9c Water Softener and Cleaner SOFWASH 22c 49 Lb. Bag Hcpututioii Vitamin Enriched Flour. $1.75 Pillsbury's Cake Flour SNO-SHEEN, Box ........... DURKEE'S FAMOUS DRESSING, bottle 29c 25c VAN CAMP'S COMPLETE DINNER A Meal for (i for only ( meat points 2 Pkgs. Tenderoni, 1 Jar Chili Con Came 45c FANCY MIXED NUTS, Ib. ;)5c Pabst Blue Ribbon JAR Malt 55c Large Box Diamond's Best 19c CAKE FLOUR G POUND BOX CRACKERS 36c TAFFY SHORTIES LB Cookies . 19c S'.i-LB. BAG REPUTATION Pancake Flour Ilk 2 CANS CLEANSER BAB-O 21c THE NEW WAY TO DRINK YOUR VITAMINS AND LIKE 'EM Borden's Hemo 59c WHEATIES, 2 Pkgs Chocolate' Sundae SYRUP, Jar Crushed ROCK SALT, 100 Ibs WHEAT WHIFFS, P k 9 . . . . DARK SYRUP, 5-lb. Jor POPCORN, 2 Ibs 22C 17c 79c 8c 33c 25c Burry's Cocktail BOX Crackers. 25c 2 LB. PKG. BROWN SUGAR loc 2 Large Boxes Kellogg's BRAN FLAKES FANCY PICKLED PEPPERS, qt. jar 27c SEEDLESS RAISINS, 2 Ibs 25c NO POINTS SUNSWEET SMALL 3 LBS. Prunes.. 33c NO POINTS PILLSBURY'S Wheat Bran, box ...... 15c LARGE CAN MORTON'S SAUSAGE Seasoning 24c 2 GAL. CAN PENNSYLVANIA PURE MOTOR OIL ..... _ ..... $1.39 4 CANS D. B. Lye . , . . 27c SUGAR Two-Pound Jar Lady Corinne CITRUS Marmalade NO POINTS NEEDED COFFEE HIGH GRADE At Attractive Prices IN LE. PACKAGES Diamond's Best ... 30c Moca Bean 21c Brilliant 21c Diamond Bros. BRAN FLAKES, 4 Pkgs HERMOX BLEACH, Gallon SARDINES, in Pure Olive Oil. Can. . . . 25c 39c 20c -I POINTS Pound Pkg. Granulated LARGE BOTTLE HEINZ STEAK SAUCE 25c 3-lb. Can Diamond's Be»f SHORTENING 15 POINTS fl CANS RIDER'S TOMATO SOUP 25c 4 POINTS PER CAN GRAPEFRUIT Juice, 46-oz. can 2S)c 3 POINTS FANCY CUT BEETS, 2 No. 2 Vz tans 28c 4 POINTS PER CAN Large Oval Can Tomato Sardines. 12 POINTS 2 No. '-!'·· Cans California Spinach . 33c 10 POINTS PER CAN 3 LB. PKG. NAVY Beans . . 25c 2 POINTS PER T,B. "JUNKET"' BRAND Rennet Powder For Smooth Ice Cream and Custards. Vanilla. Chocolate, Lemon. Orange, Raspberry. Maple Flavors. Package 9c M U L B E R R Y SLICED LB. Bacon... 15c FANCY DRY LB. RAISINS, 4 Ibs. . .. Golden Valley CATSUP 18c 23 POINTS ORANGES California Novell, Dozen 29c 39c or 44c Large Solid HEAD LETTUCE, e«ch California CABBAGE, 6 Ibs... RUTABAGAS or TURNIPS, 5 Ibs.. 25c LEMONS Dozen Idaho RUSSETS, Peck . . . . 100-lb. Bag ...... S2.80 JONATHAN APPLES Salami.. 39c 2 LB. PACKAGE PURE LARD _ 33c Attention: Chicken Raisers -LIME CREST" Cakite Crystals Used instead of Oyster Shells. Supplies both Calcium and Grind Food. 100-lb. Bag- _ 98c Poundi 2}c Corn Country CHEESE, 2 Ibs MEN'S SOCKS, 4 Pairs Graham CRACKERS, 2 Pounds 78C 98c 30c

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