Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 5, 1895 · Page 4
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 4

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 5, 1895
Page 4
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T mi n Loses Hie mice, i AFTER A PLUCKY ATTEMPT TO WIN. , r c tbm. U ;u FOR SALE BY MAHO COOPER. Rock Creek Herd norir belter. HL --lied Cross MO it. S ^Union's. ---Mrs K. Quackenb'isli is reported lo be improving sKmli- --A complete erocerv stock a.wv.js on hand ai P.ngt-'s ndicUe lilock store ! --The )»! .,·?: L get. tlieir sweet 1 Newcornb's. '"lie tool r A n / inj, w lio exhibition in drum, ot ^"u nas been in dajs at \\ateilon uitflit a i d tt-SLilit 1 b\ r' between Jones, of tely ea^e mi ithletir « 1'orl--, and Enple tieud, lu lianii. nhich s- lor t h t p.^st three «,is tinished Idal n ;i \iciory for C H I N K S SANDERS CHIP. NO. Z7AAS beads the berd JIlJ sire took hr-it in hl» flasn. iiud sweeiramtses it (he World a Fair. HU service can b«U»l to » limited number or registered filaad CWna sows. ;it K 00, payable strictly In idTinee. Am now booking orders ror 6r«J *3W3. Barred Plymouth Hock and Brown leghorn chickens tor sale. BEN. MANWELL, Prop. Farm 3 miles S E. or l.a Porte, ' H E A K S I SKATES .jgj jg- EWING MACHINES etc., put 'n working order at Ward Cooper's, iOl Main Street. --Skating continues good. --New York apples at 1'dige's. --Potatoes and onions at Paige's. --All kinds of can goodi at Prtige's. --Polar Stdr Hour, the best on earth at Paige's. --Only 12.00 a dozen for cabinets at Nevreomb's. --We pay the highest market price for butter and eggs at Paige's. --Miss Mae McQuilkm ,via on the sick list fora lew days this week --Newcnmb says: "Ves. I'll make your picture as cheap as anybody in La Porte." --La Porte and vicinity waa visited by a light snow storm early Thursday morning. --Forest City, has j u a t completed a 0917 electric light plant at A cost of nearly 810,000. --Don't toruet t h a t Hlanchaine A McDaheran have an expert jeweler in charge of their jewelry department. --Mr. John Xichols, who is recovering uiowly from his late illness, nou hud two of his boys sick with the grip. --Anti-Rust tin ware is warranted not to rust. If it does, you get your money back. Have a look at it at li. nciii, MIII can made nta at n h o lta ' · ;wo ai.lcs auc M V ' ·" WAs for M.~n u side ,.) c e n t 01 tl.e f i f e reueipis three- h o u r .1 da) rate for I' 1 '- ruiv tind i" per Ji w j s a lliree l.ijs --Wood w i l l be taken on suUscnp-1 f no was commenced New i'ears nigli'. tion at th- l'i:ut:i:t--lii..MKiv oihee. Bring n now. --Clocks, watc-hes and jewelry repaired by an expert jeweler at liiun- c-hai IB Mr(: Du.-ini; the lust main's nicini: Join w l u » bdd been w o r k i n g hard all da}, getting thiuirs in it-.ulin ».-, i i a i y K r n .sick aud was obliged to lo~ t - considerable time, which en auled t h e Indian., fhauipiiiu to o b t a i n a lead of ne.irlj --Cliarlea» earinjfeii. wlm was, q u i t e ) three miles ou lniu. Dining the suc- --If Uew Years night should occur Oltener than once a 3 ear, It is very probable that someone would kill "Andy the Bell Kinger." --We were pleased to notice Fred Struble ou the street this week. Frtd baa had a long, tough light and everybody \a glad that hit has won it. --Headache ia the direct r e s u l t o t iodigestion and stomach disor dus Remedy these by using Ue Witt's J.-!£t!s Er.rlj lliaeis dUcl your headache j disappears. The favorite Little Pill [ Mery where, --District tiliperiiident Towiend of 'be Childrens Home Society of Davenport, spoke In the interest of, his organization at the M. E, and 1-res. Menan churches last Sunday. -"There is a salve for every wound." Wereter to Ue Witt's Witch Hazel iwlfe, cures burns, bruises, cuts, indolent sores, as a local application in the nostrils it cures catarrh, and always cures piles. Blanchaine Mc- Gaheran. -Mr. and Mrs. J o h n Watterson and Fred and Uertie are now all at the todsWe of James Watterson, who is ill with typhoid fever at the home of his sister in Flcyd county. The latest reports are that Jim is improving and 'be family are much encouraged at tb* outlook. --English Spavin Liniment removes TM bird, soft or calloused lumps and blemishes from horses, blood spavins, curbs, splints, a*eeney, ring-bone, 'tifles, all swollen throats, coughs, etc. Save 350 by nse of one bottle. Warranted the moat wonderful blemish Sold by P. S. Uoyn- ill early in t h e u e e k , is able to b«i about and attend lo business dtrain. -- Have your watches, clocks ana jewelry repaired ut iilanchaine 4 Mc- Gaheran's Sdtistsicli MI guaranteed. --Xo Griping, no Nausea, no p:nu. when De \\ ill's Little Early Misers are taken. Small i m. (i. t | e p^i u esl Pill --A good second-hand Winchester Repeating Shot-gun tor sale cheat., call and see it. Ward Cooptri. 101 Main Street. --Llind desirable residence property for sale. Conveuieut. r« business poi- tum ot ihe city. E n q u i r e of Fred U. Walts, or write Marvin Walts li;i)l. Illinois, St., Des Monies. Iowa. --Tlie following letters remain in La Porie City Post Olliec nut innued, week ending J a n u a r j Hli, ISiiu: J i m Mack, John O'Connors, F. (j. Pieice, F, L. Trainer, Dr. A. C. Vermeil-. C. W. U a v l i n , P. M. -- Word wiis received yesterdaj af- ter;;..oti ui" Liit deatn ol Mrs. il H Walhs, ut Yinlon, the eldest iliiiighler of W. C. Connell, ol that place. Mr. J II. Connell, ol this city, left for A'mton last night to attend the funeral. 'Alnch will occur today. --Carltou Cornwell. torermiii of the Gazette, .Middletown, X. J , believe-- tli^t Chamberlain's Cough Kemeily should be in every home, lie used it lor a cold mid it cftectula speedy cure. He sai s; "It, ia indeed a grand remedy. I can recommend to ail. 1 have .ilso seen i t u j e d f o r whooping cough, w i t h the best results." 2~ and .lOc hoVtles for sale by BUmchuine McGaheran. As 8 result ol e cleiical eiror in the election ballot, Iowa will, lor the brst time in ita history have a female justice ot the peace, Mrs. L. E Casll«j, of Cullender, being sworn in Saturday. The i n t e n t i o n w«s to nominate her husband, but by a. mistake. Ins wife's initials were used and she was elected. As there was no legal obstacle to her Idling the plac-e she. was aworn ill -- Cttiur ffalii (Jlobt --There is go d reason for the 1'op- ulanty ol Chamberlain's Cough Kemedy. Davis Ijuv.nrd, of^ West Mont '», CUriou Co, Pa , f-isy: "!L hap i ur- eil people U i a l o u r physicians could du nothing for. We persuaued t l i u i n l ) try a l-ottle ol Chamberlain's Cough Ilemedy :ind ilify now n-comtnend it with the rest, ol us." 25 and 50c bottles for sale by druggists. --Smoke from the ctediug nigliL-- of the i a i r Jones l:i- uorn! hard tu reduce Ihl-. lead, b u t only succeeded m imlliiif ull a few aps. ll:id Jono6 been IL p n i n u cou ditioii all t l u o u g h the r;icf the r e s u l t might drive been dillemit. The lirsv n i i h t . i teore stooa, K n g l i t l r u m , i 1 ) mi les, Junes -'' lulles und 2o liips. At lieenil of ihe second dii)'-- r'tcing. the core sitooil diirlrdrum, IJ4 mile. 1 ! and IS lapb, -ind . l u i i f - .jl niilL's and 14 Ixps. It will thus be M-UII t h a i Kngledruin incriMsed In 0 , leju on Ihe -lecond day by a few lap.--. At, tlie euiicliiMon 01 the race 'llmradiiy 111^)11, Engledruui had I'll miles ;ni(l IS laps lo Ins credit, w i n k IOIH-S bad but i7 miles and l.ijib Jiiiiub made a p i u u k y eftort dur- 1111; the last do.} to decre.i-e _Ei\^le drum's lead, but as the result shows has --Many stubborn and aggravating ^Ws of rheumatism that were believed ItlMichaine A Mc was discovered issuing brt3fiilenL ol MiCliane's Opera House about 4 o'clock Tuesday mornirig, by Marshall ( j i l l f i i . IU 1 im- raediately gavp the alarm to which the lire company and a n u m b e r ol citizens responded. The lire w.i.s til little con sequence, and was caused Liy ashes from a imie, or a Hghled cigar being t h r o w n ou the floor, anil had been b u r n i n g lor aornu time. Jl WUH extinguished without a»J dmnage to ilie bulldog. Mr. Median e desires to thank the lire compiny and all otli.jrd for their kind IIL'TM:it PKl'MJ. w witn n i h \vir« «t tun. i g r e k b m a u V.'alt liutler ·i .it i jut, and is ji'j'.v :it ^ Ins w i t e Ik- uas brought turni-il u ton u i t h biicic l i o m li.Uianapohs, Ind., by his biother. and iirnved at Vi'itou Tlinrs- (l,ly «\eiiing. The rx-ConnrtJbniiui sa)s hu remrmbters n o t h i n g conneLUd w i t h his Icuvilill O l r w i n e -Xi-rpt that he urnved ut, Indiaiii'polis Saturday inorniiii,', Nov. 24, in i|i|jareul poud h-alth and in po.ssessiiin ol all his tac- ulLiea. He sais he dons, not know lion h H L i ' m e to le«\e O l c u t i n and m u s t have b'-ea suirering I r o i u h-mporary aliei ration or iiipse ol uir-mory dining tin: jotiniH}. He s;iyb hi' Iiud a pain in his head n l i e u h*- arrived ,it liidi;in;i|i- olis, bin dues not t h i n k ' it was caused by being s t r u c k on thi- head by anyone, the theory upon which Ins brothei is w o r k i n g . Id- says h e n role a letter to tin wiCe at West ('moil and 111- structcil hi r not to answer it, as be did not w a n t pi'ople lo tuioir where he was l i e obtained i-iiijilnyini-iil ^ i l h . i book h r m and nidile t w o o 1 - llnct 1 towns lor them, C i i i i v M s i i n g foi t h e i r books and -- The new safety IJepoait Systfm, which has just been completed by ihe First National Bank, is attracting cou- siderablB ailentior,. The Safely da- posit boxes are contained la a lire proof vault, and are so constructed as to require the use ot a master key before they Cdti be opened, thus making them perfectly §afe agdinst intrusion. We have examined the outljt made by the Mosler bale Company, and it is certainly a beautiful and substantial , . . to » BBI1 d accepted aBliftf leg- J"»- The boxes weigh two thousand «l«,have yielded to Chamberlain's P"""^, but are delic aely A ^°^' } "·In, mucli to ihe surprise and of the sufferers. One ap- will relieve the pain and suf- *^ la * ^d its continued use insures an cure. For sale by Illan- kidney and bladder dia- relieved In six hsurs by the South American Kidney J^*-" Jhia new remedy is a great ·prlBe, on account of Its exceeding ew la relieving pain In the kidneys, back and every part orinary passages in male or fe- - Itreluve* letention of water 2" Wn In pasting it almost immed- TM U you want qaick relief and la your IB ffledy. rjold by F. ··Wfuton, drofftot, in silver bronze with gold ornamerHK- tion and raised enamelled numbers. Those who hive not yet impeded me outfit should do so, as they w i l l repay the trouble. Many of them JIK rented »ir?ady, so *·· »'» infnrni"! ·" fl ftx-rn is no doubt but that their worth will be appreciated by those who have valuable naprrs which are uablo to be burnt up or stolen at any time. Xollce For lifteen days only I will make one dozen best Cabinet Photographs for S2.00. These photographs are made by me, with th* celebrated Ivory Finish, the latest thing out. Come and exam- doing f:urly well, mnl hually saiv a dispatch in a Chicago mpiT nlTering iv ri- wiird tor hia recovery. « lien he i m r m Oliilfly telegraphed his w i l e . i n f o r i n i ug IHT as to Ins whereabouts. "rinll A L o u r l i u U r r Tlmii N o l l r c i i d Tht' petition n i n t h w a s sent, to Chi' I Clerk U n n l i a i n , of tin- l i . M. S.,liy the Pi:ofil:Es.vlfEVitw. askiiip a rtatoia- tion ol t h e serucc on l i a i n s No. 3 and ·J, IMS been r u i - n n d i I'ostmasti r R.ivlin. \ \ i l h letle. Ir.'... hup*,. 'I rtj. ol Chiciigo. and Chi. "·' i J u i i h a r n . T^iK .Supt. hays t h a t i t s.m oe Impossible to ]ul back ,t ijicsseriBer on the trains mentioned, n i l h i - expense would bit loo grt-iit to the dt-partrnent for Ihe a m o u n t of good acvompliHlied. l i e advises Poslnid-stc-r K i i v l i : i , however, t h a t il an f x c h a u g b ol iioucht-H will be of anv beneLl. t o o n r jienple, they can be arranged for. It sneins t o n s lliat snr;h an exchange w o u l d be of jfrcdt benelit to HIB buaines-i men of La Porte, If we could have a Cedar Kap- ids w n d IV'iilerloo pouch on these trains DMil sent from here dL B:SU a. in.. would reach Ctdar B'-ipitls at 10:10, t h n B giving amplfc tinit: for an angivei, which would then reach thin place on the night train and be delivered at 8 o'clock the following morning, whereas under ihe present arrangements Cedar Hapidf, mall leaves here. -it '.32 p. m., and cannot be delivered in time for an ai,sner on Xo. 1 the following m o r n i n g , which leaves Cedar ;HS:50and arrives here at 10-.W). pouch mail between here and Waterloo would make it possible to send mail on No, 3 and receives an answer on No. 2 the same cieujng or ai 8-32 the following morning, making a pos siole saving in time between here ari; Waterloo of four and a half hours, and between here and Cedar Rapids of 24 h o u i a . If the business men of La PorLe desire this accommodation, Irt ine my work, The new Gallery. U. J. JOHNSON. photographer at Ward's Papely Personal --Hev C. K«her transacted business in Waterloo Mind:iv. --J, A. BOVMI. of \V tterloo. was a La Porte vsiior M. nday. --,1o,-fph MrC.riheran is spending a !«*«· day at D.ivpnpurt. -- Wm. Cnappel wiLS a business vis itorat Viuton Monday. --Fred Moore usited at Waterloo w i t h friends, oier Sunday. -- Deputy Sheriff IIo\u was in La Portion tuisiiieS5 Mund-ty. --Pett-r Frisby r'jiuraed from Ins i s a u i t L I « i s l t iUSt ^ i l L l i r i l l l V . --Dr. F. C. Leslie r e t u r n e d from lowj C i t y Monday moniiiiK. --Miss M.iy Under, of Viritou. is a i-sl ol Miss Ka e M c Q i u l k i n . --J. H G irdiii-r ot H i i i r r n t l is vt-^it inp relativ, H in and about Li Porte. -Mr. mil Mrs U X Myers .spent Sunday :it tli"ir old home in lieinbot't. - Miss Nellie Stauton, -vho spent ihe "io!id.ijs ·' home, relumed ti CuiiMKo K n d a y n i g h t --Mr:,. Geo. N;huck who lias been visiiiui; at Ackley returned home Friday morning. -Mr -niil Mrs .lacob HHUSOII, now of Cedar Fall.-., spent Sunda\ with iKiuU in Lu l j «irte -- Mr». \V. J l-loyle M i n i daughter arc visiting at X i i r t h u o o d , the guests of Mrs. HoyliM 1 piirt'iits. --Mr.-.. A. L', K\;uls, u l i t i lius been spfiidinn tliu lliilulnys ui ChiviiK", re- m i n e d home IVednesdaj. --Mrs .1 II EirTMiieyer and son, ul Miiscatuir. an \isnini; uld rneiitl-- In Lit Porte, t h e i r lormt-r liiime -- Deputy Internal KI.\VIIIU- Collect or W y L h . ot Ci' Falls u us in Lrt I'orte on »)i\mni-,s Monday. --Jir-. F. Caiuji. who has been :il sent in N. V. lor the pnsl week or so, r e t u r n e d to La Porte Moudti). -- lion. C.ito Sells and w i l e und biiby Dorelliea, ol Vinlon, were- visiting l i i n i d s in tht- city \Vednesday. -- Mrs. 5-. Shinier and daughter Anna, ot Waterloo, visited w i t h friends and relatives in iheciiy this week. --Louis Killer If It for I'.-s old home at Davis, 111 . Moiidny n i g h t . He expects lo be .ilwenl about two weeks -- Win. MnrslKill and w i l u , of W u l e r i.m, V.ITI' K'lehl 1 ! ac liie nomc ol Mr. and Mrs, Henry Marshall llns week. --Miss L)d:i Gniliarn leit New N'i'ars tla\ lo ri-sume hrr studies at U r i n n t i i Lo.'li-ge, ol ivluch instiitilion she is a student -- Dr l.S. Muh.ui returned to [own City Saturday n i K h t . He expects to return to L^ I'orlf in March lo n- mam lor (jood. -II. M Harmon why hits bemi vis- llintf w i t h his brother at Fostona, l v . i i i s . i i i r the |) isl three weeks, ret i i r i i n d home Wednesday, - Mr, and Mrs. ( i r a u l Tlit)inp'jon, ol 1'iills. apt-lit jN'ew Years day in La Porte. Hie gncHls ol Mrs. Thoinii- sou's parents. Mr. mid Mrs. F. M. rrnxii'igt-r. --Dr, W i l l U l a r k und wife and Mr. Albert W a t s o n , wiC« and I'hilil, all of Ci'dar Rapids, were guests al i h u h o m e ol Ur. und Mrs. I! II. C h i r k , on New- Year's ix\. --Mrs. lames McPhail, Miss Maud and Hoy MuPhail, who lutve uet-n vm- i l n i K ui Lii Porte fur the patu, len days, r e ' u r n e d lo l l i t i v home ut lllue Iiland, 111., Friday rnghi. -- A. licllinger, n f u r m u r r i l i K c n ol La Porto, who Irftlivri 1 some veors ago lor (Ycighlon, Nebraekn. IMS now Nelirnslia and gone Ui Itetluiny l l a r - rison f o u n t } , Missouri. --Miss Anna I'el/ii'r, w h o is leaching ;tt Wiiicilou, spent the l i u l i d n y s ,'it her home in UI|H city, 'she was ae- '·oiri|i,'iiiied by her friend Miss Jeusn M c i J o n a l d , ot \ l - u e r l a o . -- A . . J . Liicah. Ceo. Kahlcr, und A n t h e r M u l l i g o l d . atli'lirled the l-'m-ii.iiin I'all at Ci'dar l''alls N e w 1'curs meht us fepreHi'iiinlives of the La J J «-Ue lire ilej.iirtrnenl. -- M ss lielle (Ltyes, wli'i spent ttir, Cnnslmss l l o l i d n j s w i t h h e r parents In ibis clt,y, lius returned to Cfdur Falli, wlicrr- sh'- will l o a u i n c her njius Hi tin- Slate formal. --Pro I. W i; H u n g e r will lecture at Odnr Fall- Fridiiv e v e n i n g next Uider i h e riu i i|iii.''S of the (Jood Tem- [ilar Lodge ol t h a t p l H i c . Ilia subject will be the 'Hi auly ot Ittnson." --J. Fmli /':nnp, Morton I'etk, Jiicob Knoll" and the Misses Kll;i and Liuhie Knoll, have all returned to resume, ihiiir Niudi';.s ,ii Cornell Ojllege, alter liaviitg spent Hie holidays a 1 home. Supervisor Sloan and BOD Archie, of Uruce township, were n town Monday. Mr. ·'loan w i l l prove a s a f e and coiisei vative man for the ollic* to w h i c h he wan elecled linn (all.-- Viti- o/j :or. in Mi. AutntTii Kltir. --Mip'l liueclu-le wns a La Portt: viHilor Mond.ij. Ills erand was on The past wees has beeu one of jirei: social activity it La Porte aud ma! v jilea-iiirt g-itherinir-s have be«-H the i sul(. Ou Nriv Year's night an iinoiiu I Bothering oi young people emigres;*.!! at me li uue of Miss Anu;l Camp .U made m e n y over the dentil ol tlie OA! vir and t h e b i r l h ol the new. * On Thursday night Mr. and Mrs. J). F. Hrtinlm luvited n number ol iheir r^il.'^u., tv p n i r i l i f a t r - Ml H ~ l a U ' p U M at their hospit.ible home. In addition old utshiouoii gnuies were indulged in und a v e i y pleasant time WAS had by all present. . * * " On New Yenrs Eve Miss Mntlie K-tiuilkii' invited her friends lo the iiiunber of two dozen, to "watch I h e Old Vetir mt." Ciniilis mid music n e r e the order ol ihe evening. He- Ireslimeiits were served and w h e n the hell:. chimiHl ini' ihe du.ith ot the Old Year, t'verj body W.H "in ut the denth." with a "Happy ,\e« Year' and ninny of them. On Saturday n\ p i l i n g L. Mnud Wagoner mvitcil a n u m b e r of her trU'iids to meet Misa M.tud MuPliuil. \Vlust, crockni'ilu aud gobang were Liiuong the diiMaions ol the even,ug. An ulegimt rtpital w,u served a u d music, both vocal und instrumental, and A leadii'^ by Miss Clover Pauline Malmn u d d i ' l largely to the e n j o y m e n t of the guusl* The party one of ihe pleusaiilCut ol the season. On Friday veiling oi livat wuek Mia. P. 1. l l n y y l b t l eiilvrt.iiudd in honor of hf r guests, Mrs James Mcl'lmll, MIsH Maud i'Ji' lluy Mcl'huil. A uniquu leatuio t l the evening was the progressive giimus made up of ciockinole, duiniuos,lidiJlL- 1 -\yHikd and oilier Kdiiics. P r u t s were, awarded to tho ludy und ci i HCiueii w i n n i n g the most games; ·ai4 Miss Maye M c t j m l k l n und !:. U u U u X.iven succe-'ded in currying the i oil. L f L K l i t f i i t music uddud gieally to the pleiisurc of Hit)"evening, iittur which lel'iushmcnta were aervcd. ' i ' h e p u i t y broke u p u b o n t m l d n i i f l i l and it was pronoiincetl by [ill lo,lmve In cu a must dellgbllul socml galher- ing t » m Mis 1C D u k e is'uvcn untertiiinuil a unnill parly ul he.r liomn Weduusduy evening in honor of hur sistur Miss Xellii; S t i i u t u u , mid her Irlend, Miss Miuide .Mcl'huil. A light luncheon was nerved and a novel ui"thnd of uu- lerUiniiient inlroduced Cuts Hint appear In w e l l - k n o w n udve.illaeuienis In Hit: maga/im-H and iiuws[i,ipitrA pusled on curd board anil tho guests asked lo a.iine the advertisement from t v h i C h tin 1 } we.n; taken. A pn/.e wat given lo thu one iiiimlng Lhu most cor- ieeLly,aiid a booby pn/.e lo the onu ^eLling tliu least. Mr. 1' li Weltslein Heeuretl thu l i r n t and Mr. Harry Ihe second. school NOIBH. HI' t'lior. II. II. l.l'/.KK. was Tin- .Ni;w Vmrb day vjcutlon vury mnc'i enjoyed by puuilH uuU teachers The o p g i o i t u n l t y lor »kul- iiiK Wiia iinpnivcd by inual ol them. »,* Hon. Cuto ScllH luukcil t l i r o i i K l i the ucw Boliool b u i l d i n g one iliiy UHH wccK. He pruiiuiiiieed it u inod^l in u s u r y .1', business connected w i t h the text books lo \,t used by Hie county schools in teaching the effects of Hicohnl and stimi'lantH upon the huuiMi .ty.stein, --laiiits W. Piii^e and Will l l u m me,l l e f t New Years [Jay for Jennings in South viesl Louisiana. They g'j over tho I l l i n o i s Central to New Or- lenns and "HI stop at other points on the way down. They expect to be ab seat nbout three montlm and will enjoy themselves h u n t i n g , usliiug and sight seeinc- it is possible that later on they ma be joined Ijv Prof. Hanger. richest Honors--World'* Fair. JVC* * CREAM BASING POWDffi MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Crsim of Tartar Powder. Fre« torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant. JO YEARS THE STANDARD. Mrs. L. (x Pitrauns oL \Villurloo, wlule uu UBC \viiy to choir praetlcB last Siiluriliiy evening, « tu tuKou sud- deuiy ill and uietl w u u i u u lew uiiuu- Lca. SUB vas uppuLtfUlly lu ilia uusl oL Uealili. iv lieu nccouipauiod u Mr. Paul JJ.ivib sud started 101 lUo Congregational church; when luey ruucacd the neat eud oi the bridge M.C3. i'ftr- 3 0 H » C O l U p l ! l l l i e U U l L t ! a I m | ; 111,1111.1 levied ..gainst. nui companion, whilu sun gasped lur urcmu. All. LdiVIS Lnj^umu t.jjruaeq rtud Helping iMis. I'mauns Lu a sum went lui iiislatauco. Apnjsluiim, Jill' Pikiauus an I ULuui tl'luiiub lu'tivoii tUlhln n tcW mouleucs HUU Ml'a. Pm sons Has illluu into u hucK uuu duveil lu Hie olllce ul lies. Ulmsu iSi Muuger. IJul iiuiuii; LIIU uilice was LcutiiuU slat) I.-U bruiiliieil Her mat. .Mia. I'liisoua vui Ue w i t u 01 tlio well known Wiilerluo music dfiikir, ,nM she ulimbuitid inuny luunds in 1..U I ' U H H t l U j V l V U ) On \Vudiiusduy 11 1 Kill. u'. ii u'uluck, luulli uiilriud Clio liumu ol Ml. tuU ilia W. L. scunu., mid Luuk LVDIU hum tlicir nillo uauKlilvr. aged ;niou iiunilia. Tuu liule uuu liuu a told tor t diiy ur lw» but. 11 w.ia Uiuunlit lliul »lib WILD aL'iiuual^ ill u n t i l u win buiiiiiuiiud vvhu uru- il)« clnlU lu bn s u H u n n y vritli 1'uvtif. Mi'a. Sulmt/. tvliu Una buuu rsull lur 11 I'.iiinijur ul dnyo la ;ne.l .ilncken over tliu ,|UHH ul Imr ilur. cluld. 1'u IILT jud M,r. Scliuu iliu uitund tliuir lieurtl'elt The I'lintrjl uucurud yes- ,trdny iidmiiuuii Irum ilib rualilBiicu I lie iMi'uiita. ht-ivlceu were conducted by tin: Uuv, It. W. CuiUea uiid tkie inHirineia luok pinci; in Weal UuuieLury. r.i'ii.i Slin'uerl und Misa Mny IliiniLT l.iive enrulled in the icli'iol Lhla week. 'I'liey arc botli I n k li(? work w l t l i Lhe review cl;wa. i * \ Tin; 12th gr»du luivc linislied Civil [joveroment and h.iv« taken up G' j n«r ill History. Thin Htnily will cultivate [l love for general re.ulnitf tia w(:ll ,IH bronder 1'rof. W. E, KHUKer, J. \V. J'alge, Jaco'j Knoll, .V-«4 Anna U t-lzer, Mian Mcloiiild, Mi3. (jarwuod and Mrs. Ony hiive viBit';c, tlie diireri-nl dep,nt- meiiLn o( our srlmol tlna w«ek. In order t« morn fully c'im|ily with tliu state Idvr rcjfdrdin^ tbe text of uhysiology in the public scho l i u o k s l r ' / e beeu introduced in and K h grades. Thia system aUc inslruLti m in uec.t99rf.ry in order that the nclio \ may dr.nv its appart- lomaento! f j u b i i o money. Her lunurut ou- I'IIOSB Hum lilt wui'c .ilr. uuU , iili, uuu iVim.J^. L'u'Kuuli, .si 13. Ai. uuy, .Misa (Juitio Mr. ij. o. liiiniiiHCtiL. Ali'a. K. .Ml. uu t Mtn. U. lv. Aalilby uud vir. ,|. K. Uruli, aun uuu Uuii|jlilfi. roi'loiind viuiniiy. umed lust vlondiiy, t'lHlu WHO \ u i u vV. L. \YnKuii u, Mrs. \ V . i ' \lyera, ili.i. Cliuu V JoUou, r ollcu. .Notice la hereby girmi thut the Bri- i uu I meeting u! thuutoukholderc ol thu La I'orln 'Jo-yyciitlvs Urc::inury Co, .vlll uv held m the City Hall, L'-i. I'octc .Jlty, lown, on h!iluruiy, Sij, 1S9S, at oin; o'clock p. ui,, lor thu purpose ol threi: directors lor two yuurv a i j rcsident und ."iecrf tarr tor one , und the traunuutlou ol auch other jiialiR'ss H3 may properly cuuie belora it. \Viai, EV I' HULKS, tiec'y. Dated J a n . 1, IH'J'j. A J I U U U ! M Nol ice IH hereby given Lo tliu stock ildurH of thu J^a Porte iuiprovomeiiC Company thai tliu annuEil meetiog of said l!ompi»uy will be lu;ld a l i i S. ritunton's hardware store ou Monday, January 7th. lH'jj, at 8 o'clock p. m. Respectfully, A. VAN VALKKMJUKO, hecratary. La Porte City, Ia,, Dec. 28,1HG1, Aufinal Maetlnif. Notice is hereby iriven to the share holders of the LH Porte liulldluy, Loan it Savings Aesociatioa that the uunual meeting ul aaid Aflsociatiou will be held at the law ofUue of P. L. Uayzlelt on Tuesday. January 8th. 18'JIj. at 8 o'clock p. m. Iteapeetfully, A. VAN VALKBNBLTIIO, Secretary. La Porte City, la., l»ec. 28,1894. tion for this additional service if vvAnt- ed by our people. i H l h o l l c M l a n l o i l C-IIIK on Sunday next a four days mission w i l l commence at the CrUholn: churrh It will le g\ the Uiv. Jos \. N i e r m a n n , of tst them speaK lo Postmaster Ravlin,wlioi'"'is, one of the musionary priests has beeu instructed to make applied- cocnected with the Kedemptoriat order. Father Nierm^nii Is spoken of as a very eloquent, and successful mis sionary. Sunday services will be at 10:30 a. m, and 7:30 p. m. A special invitation is extended to non-Catholics. Tbe miMioQ will close on Wednesday evening. Aid for KanKt* Snfleren. Tbe Ladles' Home Missionary Society, of tbe M. E. cuarcb, have donated a large amount of cloihlng »ud OO in «*b. to tbe relief of th* " 1,0 nt; On January 1st, 183j, in towo oron the road to my residence, twi and u half miles northwest of town, a milt sheet containing tbe weigQis of a!l milk delivered at the La Porte Creamery tbe last 'two weeks in December '»4. and the 31st day. A liberal reward la uttered If returned to the creamery. WE*LKI , Secretary I t A V r.l.IAftV J.N J^A J'UIITK Mr. -iu:I Mrs. Ellioit, ol ccnmL.iii'id by their much MIOU, liny Elliott,--Muske.ll -:, vrnro in Li i'orw lor H riuort n;i New Years day, and many La I'orLn people, who wen: familiar with the looks of the Meakell child, Tbo lived In Lit Porte with Mrs. Dave Lur ji, a few years ago, had an oppor- tui:.LT to hav« a look at the alleged Hay Elliott. The opinions of these ]-veople are about aa conflicting as it is possible for opinions to be. The caae for tbe possession of tbucfJildctimaa up on Janaur; 8tb, and Attorney Meafi occupied, all day Tbanday Uk- l* Porte wil- »f the The State Com. writes from Linco la Neh., as follows: "After trying other medicines for an obstinate cough in crar two children we tried Dr. Kiiig's New Discovery, in two days left them entire!?. We will not be without It, as our expepieni:u proves that it cure* when all other remedies fail. Signed T. W. Sterens, State Com. Why not give this medicine a trial, as it la guar anteed and trial bottles are free at Bluncbaine McOaherans. Woelt oJ Prayer. Tbe annual week of prayer will he observed by the Englsh «pe»k1ng churches of the city next wank And will comincBce at the M. K. ubureh Sunday evening, with a sermna bj (te Mev, S.E Koorw, ''f. Dr. PrtM'iC « MIN (EWSPAPKKI

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