Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 25, 1943 · Page 6
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 6

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1943
Page 6
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Page Four ', LA PORTE CtlT. IOWA Thursday, Published in La Porte City, Iowa, every Thursday afternoon EVERETT H. SMITH Editor and Publisher SUBSCRIPTION PRICES Black Hank county and adjoining townships in Benton, Tama and Buchanan counties, per year $1 BO Elsewhere in Iowa $200 Elsewhere in United States J2 50 Strict!) Cash in Achance Entered as second class matter at the post office at La Porte City, la under Act of Mar 3, 1879 «I EDITORIALS We hope that the state legislature, when it thious out the teachers' pension and state tax subsidy section of the proposed school code, doesn't go the rest of the way and toss out New School Laws the important part of Are Essential the neu code as well The proposed revision of general school statutes has some faults which need to be investigated and corrected beioie the plan is adopted--but it is really important that our state school laws should be bi ought up to date, simplified and be better organized. We need legislation clarifying the duties, rebponsibihties and authority of the various school officials throughout the state. We need more specific instructions on handling and accounting for school finances No two school men or board membeis today agree on just what their rights and duties really are. No two distucts have exactly the same way of handling financial problems. The present school laws are so vague that misin terpretations are altogether too common An example is the status of school activity funds The proposed new code sets up definite accounting practices for these funds, and orders an annual public accounting of them. This is something which has long been needed. This school activity fund matter has long been a problem in the local schools, and ha's been an aggravating and vexatious issue time after time during the past couple of years, after a burglar removed a large sum from the school safe and virtually wiped out any chance of really getting an exact balance in the funds thereafter. Due to loose accounting methods, it has never been possible to determine just how much really was stolen when the safe was robbed There was no definite record of how much was in it at the time. The public was informed afterward that the loss was something over $100. We understand that the board was told at the same time that the loss ran higher. Then, too, some school organizations had been permitted to spend more money than had been credited to their accounts, with the final result that when the new superintendent took charge less than two years ago, the fund was far short of having enough money to pay off balances still credited to other organizations An attempt has been made to straighten out the matter, and the state deparment of education has been requested to give legal advice as to what the board can legally do about leplacing the shortages so as to give the activities fund a new start, but so far nothing definite has been determined Then there has been the question of mixing tax money in with the activity money. The board has made a practice of lending money to the fund each year to keep a working balance in the bank, but this has added other serious problems A year ago, for example, there was a discussion of leaving money advanced by the board in the fund; but this would have left the -school general fund a thousand dollars or so short of actually accounting properly for tax receipts, and would probably have resulted in levying of an added thousand dollars of local property taxes. It was finally decided that the money had to be returned to the school treasurer, and accounted for in the annual financial report and school budget. Then there is the question of how much, if anything, the school board can pay toward the cost of operating athletic teams. There had been a practice of calling a wide variety of athletic expenses "transportation" on the theory that the board can pay for transporting teams, but this practice has been halted. On the other hand, the board two years ago advanced a sum of money to the baseball been repaid, since the baseball receipts have failed to provide enough money for the purpose. There is need for a complete new system of handling these special funds, to keep them from getting mixed up with tax receipts, and to make sure that there is a uniform and public accounting of them each year. This is something which would be accomplished by the new school code. It cannot be done satisfactorily by local boards and superintendents under the present vague set-up We hope that the legislature considers problems of this kind when it takes up discussion of the new school laws. We are to have another practice black-out one of these days, without the preliminary stage-setting which made pretty much of a farce out of the first one Readers of this paper know what we think of black-outs in this area, and indications are that most of them agree with us That, though, doesn't alter the fact that it is up to all of us to co-operate to the fullest possible extent in making the coming practice a complete success We may think it is silly--and it probably is--but nothing -would be gained by refusal to co-operate In fact, maybe if we prove that we can black out our cities on short notice and do a good job of it, the boys will let us alone and get on with other more important war business somewhere else PROCEEDINGS OF COUNTY BOARD Waterloo Iowa February lot 1943 Tbe board of supervisors of the county of Black Hawk In the elate of lona met In regular adjourned to law to the rules of said board and| Henry H Slahlhut dep called d: io U1 orier t and on roircaU there! Richard E Wagner, dep w«re nresent Chairman C V Kline assess . . . Frank W Beck John P Blller Geo L. H. Hughes P. M, postage B M I l l e r Edw Hefshauge. Val J H FiUgerald. P M.. post- Schmlt. and Stanley Taylor _ a E « _ Absent None Mo that ed by Taylor seconded by Blller ~, * vna MCL H. ,^ A ««u aujvu-uvu viubi. the semi annual report of Anna meeting at lie court house In Waler-|M Decker counly treasurer be recelv- loo county seat of said county at 1 ed placed on file and spread upon nine o clock (9 00) a. m. pursuant the minutes Motion carried SEMI ANNUAL REPORT OF ANNA M DECKER TREASURER OP BLACK HAWK COUNTY IOWA FOR THE PERIOD FROM MAY 31 1942 TO DDCMBER 31 1343 IMJ1AISIVE STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS BY FUNDS Balance Totnl to be Disburse- Balance 8 31-42 Receipts Ace t for menls 12 31-42 It seems to us that Marshal Rommel is in a tight spot in Tunisia, despite his dramatic gams against one thinly del- poyed American division during the past week Of course, there is the possibility that he is toying with the idea of breaking out to the west and racing toward Spanish Morocco to encourage Franco to move against Gibraltar This, though, would be a dangerous gamble, since it would almost certainly mean that the Germans and Italians would be forced out of Tunis and Bizerte and would thus lose their supply lines until and unless they could reach the Gibraltar area and persuade Franco to jump in on the Axis side It's a touchy situation in North Africa-but the next couple of weeks should see matters clarified a whole lot FUNDS General Slate Revenue £237592 10 t Soldiers Bonus 41270 60 Jinenlle Court 61879 Memorial Hall Maintenance 943.15 General County 43522 78 rourt Expense 623442 Poor 100566 82 State Insane 14381 25 rounty Insane SOS7 34 Secondary Read Construction Secondary Road Main'enance 3725825 Trust Fund 1631 65 CJnapportioned Tax Old Age Pension 215 53 3ounly School (Tenporary) 16290 6S Principal of School 159028 Interest of School 2665 08 Soldiers Relief 8354 60 Bond Funds (County) 80252 16 Domestic Animal 7276 45 Bovine Tuberculosis 5015 S3 Teachers 1 Institute 206 21 Emergency 52347 76 Drainage Bonds Drainage Bonds \o 8 No 9 No 10 No 12 5767 44 "Ity Special Assessments 6487 52 Corporation Funds 7110 88 School District Funds 1M64 28 Construction Ditch No 5 8 9 10 12 4007 14 B H Co Food Stamp Reiohlng Fd 1500000 Township lunds 48049 Automobile License Fund 16222 17 Automobile Use Tax 64110 Primarj Road Boca Redemption 5613 75 District Library 1006 32 Fair Ground Ard 2403 61 "ount Hospital 5332 04 Homestead Credit Fund 1942 Bang s Eradication 5681 93 90724 67 $ 32831G 77 S 78307 23 $250009 54 1393940 2062573 923.18 8809526 17338 S5 7815964 1606225 6773 23 5=21890 21144 52 1B6633 131318 04 Z357J27 17872G 46 3044350 14S6059 349*394 2023268 89749 12331021 21131 97 6425969 27064 30 1U57G 85 2023496 . 911 84 988 84 800783 244130 11446677 337980 428374 42845 9S 51762 57 94603 93 38304 38 56304 67 53S4M1 444558 1831762 .247302 1274367 243928 854415 8228487 133004 6778 07 7694 37468 E4 16611 47 34S3o6S2 6S83S545 35437 S4429EO 2341 62 12731 25 496346 1847 82 790636 25159000 9110336 607723 18317 82 29(13436 159028 510436 16S9SK5 162S3703 S6U649 1179360 2 S3 3D 7981660 576744 2209899 335477 SO 60781973 400714 1500000 834 86 246655 67 298272 1834500 596978 4251 43 1323840 25169000 568195 81157 07 117 60 18317 82 248297 2S189B7 9946 29 595963 20640 284449 1690 28 14090 8273 29 4963 4 S « 862536 150810 36 11726 68 410990 246836 1200025 14318 17 345278 33 58724799 449659 932524 28315 6781635 576744 7780 U 10193 47 20571 74 206 21 3800 93 1500000 35546 105700 88 7362 47940 140954 79 290910 1456625 238253 400002 8S3772 25159000 133359 377875 358725 25141 4400 68 4348 36 51924650 81 $2101415 85 S948398 93 S 948998 93 S2873649 74 S 769233 69 1769233 89 S2873649 74 4 S287364974 RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS R*«lpl» deemed 31 1942 $ 348998 931 Interest on Primary Road Taxes 1941 Bonds One thing this new fruit and vegetable rationing is going to do--it is going to force the entire country into one of the biggest home garden and home canning programs we have ever seen. It as going to be a little rough on folks for the next two or three months until the garden season begins, especially on those who do not have large stocks of canned goods on hand, but the stores will all carry big stocks of fresh fruits and vegetables that should bridge the gap in a fairly satisfactory manner. For this coming summer, though, our motto is going to have to be "Throw away the can opener and buy a spade!" On Hand May From Current Tax List From Delinquent Taxes 194O and Prior Years Penally Iiteresl and Costs Vault Liens From City Special Assessment CPaving Sewer etc ) Delinquent Dog Tax Dog License from Auditor From Cigarette License From Beer License Molor Mileage Tax Molor Carrier Gas Tax to County Old Age Pension Tax Weed Culling | Gasoline Refund Interest of School Fund Teachers Examination and Irslltute Fees Delinquent Road Polls From Sale of Automobile Numbers and Licenses Use Tax (Motor Vehicle) Sale of Property Fines and Fees from Clerk Delinquent Tax Apportioned Trust Funds From Other Motor Vehicle Tax Refund From Highway Commission Payment of Prim Rd Bonds Int From Care of Patients In State Instllulions- County Hospllal Receipts Care--300 10 Mlsc --3 BO From Sale of Product at Co Homo -- 549B 41 Care -13117 83 Miscellaneous -28953 From Sale of Bridge and Road Material Const From Sale of School Books Fees from County Auditor. . Refund on Sales Till Fees from County Recorder Fees from County Recorder Fees from Clerk of the Din tr'ct Court S h e r i f f s fees from Sheriff 1941 Homestead Credit Fund Tax Deeds Road House . Dance Hall Permits Treasurer s Fees from Sale of Auto Licenses Tranofcrs from Funds 1259324 S3 City Specials (Pailng sewer E t c ) 13047 95 Orders on County Treasurer 7127 64 by Mayors of ClUcs 1627 65 Towns Orders on County Treasurer 16611 47 by Presidents of Sen Dial 109779 Township Clerks Receipts 232 251 Eight Drafts for Auto Li- 100000 135625 14313 67 34527833 E 872-11 W 478 45 Don't be too much surprised if the Alaskan front flares into fiery action within a very few weeks With the southern Pacific pretty well stabilized, but with a long job ahead if we try to defeat Japan by a continuation of island hopping warfare down there, the next logical spot for offensive action is in the northern sector It is at least an even bet that the offensive will go by way of Siberia, and that within a few weeks after it starts, Japan's main cities will be under as heavy aenal attack as those in Germany are now enduring We hope the legislature passes that bill to set our clocks back to standard time, even though it will complicate things to have some surrounding states on war time--and to have our railroads running on war time. In the long run, though, we believe Iowa will operate more efficiently if we go back to the natural hours set by the sun. This is especially true of our farming areas* As for our war industries, most of them work all the way around the clock anyway, so it won't make much difference to them one way or another. Blackouts in the middle-west, 1500 miles from the nearest possible enemy aircraft carrier--and wooden anti-aircraft guns and dummy soldiers on the roof of the national capitol building, with easy bomber range of the ocean! Ho-hum! We got spring fever and bought some ± ,- iu. ^.-_4. ,,* tfjjg week, but eather as this is m up in the shed 193760 102500 786 92 40443 67 247302 31235 16248 243928 76 94 153210 8442950 234162 14000 165000 18317 82 444658 5759 81 7334 U73125 390951 903 CO 1890282 651 49 lit B1 *to BS 375 58 7478 10 censes--138596 60 (3 pel -1191 14) (1 pet --397 05) Old A(,e FtnMon Payments to State Treasurer Old ABC Pension Pamenta refunded to Taxpayers Receipts for Use Tax Remitted for Treasurer Auto Licenses Treas Fees from Sale o! Transfer to Funds Refund Warrants Apportion-, ed 140184 79 247383 911 290910 77000 148731 76 32945 Delinquent Tax Apportioned 18317 82 1941 Homestead Credit Cancelled Trust Receipt Balance on Hand December 31 1S42 25159000 11760 76923389 Total Disbursements "Waterloo Iowa Anna M Decker S2813W9 74 Jan 28 1943 Matt Parrott Sons Company. off sup 7200 MOO 3.00 16493 399 00 Allen Printing Company prtg 7 91 Jenkins Fergenann Company off sup . 126 80 Waterloo Paper Company. trJsc 5 7 3 Allbee . Sons Company. blanks 95 90 The Tribune Press envelopes 3264 Dr E I Dunkelbtrg fees I W Blough fees CT ,, *""*?* HOSPM Dennis salary Margaret Eyestone i Lucille Hennlni sain, Harold J. andlllce T salary Big ·T" Grocerj pr o r Illinois Central Ran-. Benson CoOperstuc r The Fowler Compam Gamble pro\ Robinson Curtla 1000 Inc off sup 5 58 ] Hoxle Fruit ComB,n\. Adding Machine Sales Serv- C 1 Miller and ( Ice .maim Anna M Decker, cash adv Walerloo Office Supply Company off sup H T Wagner Sheriff bd * care pris Miner 9 Sport Repair Shop. lock A E Jewett sen visit Kllpto Loose Leaf Company. sch eup World Book Company tests The Service Printing Company em dopes Raymond L Stevenson mileage Paul L Kildee cash adv Dr E D Sml'h M D fees L'iccin Offie** Supply Com pany off SUD Northwestern Bell Telephone Co tele Ed Schmitt meelings Fred Adorns meetings W W Anderson meetings Chrji Voijnscn meetingi M H Watson meetings Herb Weber rent J R Kline meelings Glade E Miller, meetings Lloyd H Miller meelings James T Neablt eitate. meetings Albert Schmitt meetings W B Schnres meetings T S Weber meetings John R 'Weber meetings Hoirer S Flke bd rev Soence's Shell Service gas Mrs Mark Buttfirfleld soc wel bd Jamei Black Dry Goods Co mlse loua Public Service Company, elec. McFarlane C^al Company coal Bruner Salz Plumbing Company repr Chapman Lumber Company. lumber Hub Electric Company fuses R nearson Koch Inc mdac 7093 82.54 1190 40635 216 1030 1406 7993 1398 2980 1327 2420 632 800 1600 200 400 400 200 600 600 600 600 800 800 8.00 1000 400 209 1350 3,61 med sup Red Cross med sup Drug ( Robert Drue Compam mod sup Midland Chemical ( sup Wm H Qulbell um Smith Lichty 4 H ll r Waterloo Hardware i mlsc A. L Clhok gas Iowa Public Service ( elec misc Laundry ( Davlsons Waterloo laundry Standard Glaas P.D MEMORIAL Iowa Public elec Waterloo Water Work Waterloo Paper Comp HALL FUND Sen Ice ( W T Person salary B ERADICATI R J Dundas Dr C B Strain sail Edward R Sceman BANG'S DISEASE E Dr Floyd R. Erlcwmc si Paul Koontz sa\\ige Howard E Peek s-il Nick C Frost sali as, Lee Gutknecht Gro Mrs C Irwm sahae Ada Trautman e vage Dr A Dr L Dr R L McGrath i L EOKV.CH s,al J Dundas sal SOLDIERS RELIEF 172 37 FITND 7111 Reuben H Miller dis Leslie H Schrubbe tlon 879 468 206 408 Gamble mlsc Geo S Mlllord reg Chas M Young Ins PKney-Bowes Postage rent 2190 Black Hawk Electric Company Robinson Company vlt. sta. 182 00 Meter Addrcssograph Corp ribbons Addressograph Sales Multlgraph Agency repr Helen Gilbert mileage Illinois Central Railroad Company frt Frank W Beck reg sess John P Blller reg BBSS C V Kline reg sess Geo B Miller reg sess Diw Refshauge reg sess Val Schmlt reg sess Stanley Taylor reg aess Auditor of State slate audit Krlngel and Blakesley omit tax col La Porte City Propreas-Re- \iew pub bd proc Waterloo Dally Courier, pub bd proc Waterloo Proes assigned pub bd proc Walerloo Press assigned, pub bd proc Helen eleven help auditor Fred L Northey cash adv COURT FUND Henrj W Brandt cL rept 7797 26 BO 2665 12 20 2076 114 84 13565 16363 15690 127 BO 13825 16605 160 10 136467 1871 6695 23181 Roger C Bremcr di LIBRARY I F B Compton i ( books Central Book Store I The Clear-ins House I Iowa Pupil s books Heading Iowa State Teachers books Iowa Pupil s books Reading A W Moore books POOR FU Josephine Kcnnell Ralph Shade salary Dorothy Fry R N i Waterloo Cedar rails them Railway Co Cyrus B Myers care Herschel Gcraldine guth. salary Fred and Billie Millc Wilbur and Harriett salary Dolph and Mcta F salary Cleona, Saffell salary Martin C Mildred salary J H Fitzgerald P ! age Allan F Beck rent Treasurer o f , Hoy H Jenlen ct rept Black Hawk County Iowa do here!' j ' H FltigTrald P M ,,,,,! by certify that the report given above -~- -"'"Benua *· « post Is a correct summary of the business transacted by me as said Treasurer during the period of time therein specified ANNA M DECKER (9) County Treasurer Moved by Schmll seconded by Beck that the following official bond and the same Is hereby approved Harul'J Gutknecht and G "W Moms age Roy E Ashley justice fees Henry Kruse constable fees Anna AI Decker cash adv Laura Ewlng Jury comm Dr R W Gctchell analysis Dr R W Getchcl] analyses M M Buttcrfleld fees Brown and Son Funen 8102 Prof serv Boysen Shoe Company 59 79 Cedar Falls Medical 20 80 med aid 986 Mrs J B Dow-Jen r Standard Oil Companj 21000 Sartorl Memorial Hospl 14000i Towmmnd Merrill HMattie Ferry rent 1880'Dr R. A Buckmasur 10 fa med aid L L Fjonlne Eleiatoi 11260 1921 600 600 Homer S Fike quirnr [Motion carried Moved by Beck se:onded by Miller that the counly auditor be authorized and directed lo accept $40 00 In full 7478 10. seltlemcnl lor caru of Joseph B King the State Hospital at Independence bo Slromberg rlhhon Waterloo Office pariy off aup The Tribune Press checko 961173 89280 25169000 250 13350 77000 149731 76 Total Receipts $3873649 74 DKbargementa State Treasurer a Receipts General Re\emie (Sight Drafts--211758 85 ) (InnlUu- llona-66548 06) . t 7830891 State Treasurer a Receipts Soldiers Bonus Courty Auditor B Warranla County Bonds Redeemed . Interest on County Bonds 3498385 35800295 9200000 Primary Road Bonds Re- 1381000 Iowa Kollon carried Moved by RcfshauRe seconded by Beck thnt the resignation of Genevteve Coble effective February 14 1943 and Minnie Goss effective February accepted Motion carried Moved by Beck seconded by Schmlt that the report at H T Wagner 8 1943 be and the same are hereby Sheriff for the month of January 1943 be and the same Is hereby received and placed on file Motion carried Hlnutes were rcsd and opproved as read On motion and vote the meeting ·Spurned lo Monday February 8th 1943 at nine o'clock (9 00) a m BAILBT BARNES C V KLINE C ° Un ' y AUdll ° r Chairman, Board of Supervisors Waterloo. Iowa. February The board of supervisors 1943 of the county of Black Hawk In the gtate cf Iowa met In regular adjourned ·meeting at the court house in Wa terloo county seat of Bald county at nine o clock (9 00) a m pursuant to law to the rules of said board and (o adjournment The meeting was called lo order and on roll call there were present Chairman C V Kline Frank W Beck John P Blller. Geo B Miller Edw Refahugc, Val Schmlt and Stanley Taylor Absent None Moved by Miller seconded by Blller thai the chairman of the board of Bupervlsara of Black Hwk county Iowa and tho county auditor of said county be and are hereby authorized al taxes and directed to execute and deliver a release of lax lien or liens if any Black Hawk counly Iowa has upon the following described rca 1 properly or any and all fractional Intereil therein situated In Black Hawk coun Southeasterly 8 feet of the north weslerly one half of lot No 10 and the northwesterly 25 feel of the south easterly one half of lot No 10 In b 'o* 1*0 44 In Ihe original plat on Ihe east sMe of the Cedar river In Ihe city of Waterloo the right of Joint over and through ..., 67 feet of said lot No of Waterloo Iowa Iowa oloiig with sewer connectloni Ihe northwesterly 10 In tho city on account of the following person Year Edwin E Dlckman 303 Saxon Slroct East Waterloo City 1934 Edwin E Dlckman 303 Saxon Street East Waterloo City 1935 L L Delkman 1108V. Conger S*net East Waterloo City 1935 Edwin E Dlekman 303 Logan Avenue East Waterloo City 1936 E E Dlekman 303 Saxon Slreel East Waterloo City 1937 Elmer A. Dlckman 303 Saxon Stroet East Waterloo City 1939 E E Dlckman 1106W Conger Street Eaat Waterloo City 1940 Elmer A Dlekman 303 Saxon Street East Waterloo City 1940 Louis L Dlekman 1108% Conger Street East Waterloo City 1940 E E Dlekman 1106H N Parker St East Waterloo Clly 1939 Amount :(«. A p 6n Motion carried Moved by Beck seconded by Schmlt that the appointment of Everett West- colt as township trustee for Waterloo township for term beginning January 2nd 1943 be and the same la hereby approved Motion carried Moved by Beck seconded by R*I- shaugo that Ihe resignation of Eileen Bartholomew be and the same Is hereby accepted Motion carried Moved by Blller seconded by Rcf- shaugc that the State Examiners He- port for tho year 1041 be received and placed on file Motion carried Moved by Beck seconded by Schmil that the report of Lou Rogers Food Stamp Disbursing Officer for Ihe month of January 1943 be received and placed on file Motion carried Moved by Schmlt seconded by Miller that notice be served on tho following In accordance with section of the 193S Cede of low* ___ amended Merle HucKman Ruth Hellycr. Inez McKlnney Norbert and Grace Huber and Gerald Robert and Juanlta Nordurtt and children, Edward, Joyce Dixie Lee and La Donna; Iris Overmeyer Earnest and Dalay Lee Woems Bernlee Welgel R*y and AH« W*lg«l ""1 children Paul, Batty, and Merle, and Donald Weliel Motion carried Moved by Refshsuge ·eeended bjr Taylor that Ihe report of Clalr Baf- ley. mayor of Dunkerton. for year 1942 be received and placed on file Motion carried Moved by Miller seconded "iv Taylor that the domestls cnlmsJ clalTn of Leonard O MlHer. tor five (5) ewes llllod and on« (1) ewe Injured 500 BOO 500 Soo 500 EDO SOO G.OO 500 Time Corporation Supply Corn- Western Union Telegraph Company serv 3 75 Matt Parrott Sons Company olf sup 45 39 JUVENILE COURT FUND Claude McMlllen proi Shlmp Bi others Sana ,, ,, Black Hawk county 10 001 Stamp Revohlnc- Fund | Atlantic PjcifK prov 1 32 Allen Memorial Hospital Lola Bergen 4590 prob post Stella Bown, care Kate Bronnon care Josephine Kennetl hell J H Fitzeerald P age Mrs Mrs _ Bureau of Catholic Charities care Mrs Harvey Carter care Mrs Afla Gilley care Mrs Frank Hclser care Mrs. Robert E Hlleraan Mrs M J Horan care House of Good Shepherd care Mrs Ora rioward care D' L C Hemsworth dental care Anna Kyhl care Man, M Law mileage Mrs Roy Lichty, care Lutheran Children e Home. Mra Carl Petersen 4000 138 3000 1560 1000 IB 50 3100 19 5E care 1318 400 6000 IS 28 £00 ia a 3430 IE CO 90 7S 1200 Rlggs Optical Company glosses 8 4 0 Mrs Mrs Mrs C M Sherrlll care James Turner care .Georpe_ Delta care 1500 1600 1116 SECONDARY ROAD MADJTENANCE Berjnd Coal Company C M Berkley Hardwire Burner County Herman M Brown Comp Century Tool MeUI Com C W Chapman Lumber Company Construction Machinery Co Crystal Ice Fuel Company Fish Aulo Supply Lf L Fronlng G C^ P a"y enlnery " 4 aw" ft^La^C^P"*,, tcr Com- GB3olln! ^S Scrvi " thal Ihe county Auditor be authorized Ayes . - Beck Blller Miller R c : shaugo Schmlt Taylor and Kline None Motion carried Nays _ -* - ---··" wis arrcu Moved by Schmlt seconded by Beck that the appointment and bonds of the following as deputy sheriff, (o act In criminal matters onl/ wUhoul C n m n f i t i a n l l n n *--. · f » _ _ * " - M I U U I compensation be hereby approved llc and the" .same arc G W Morris and following P M er T J llllcn MoUon ««·'«» -solution and"*""" 1 ""* * fS?, 1 ^TM,.TMTM^ by the ol ^SLv fh.f ifc after """TM 30 TM of the county lhe 3lat S °t lOWl Ud 'V !d c)4lm3 "««' and ! ih.i o - . e allo »ed as read ?horlid »H e ^P Un . ty ""d'tor be authorized awj directed to Issue warrants against the various funds In sclUement s u c c l a l n , 7520 10 OP 75 20 7200 B Rlley aep RUSK, dep dep assess Frank C Tcrcho dep ass James A, Trimble dep uul Geo F Wood C F Harry O Barton, dep Leo E Darling, dep Esther L Foster, U«p Geo F Johnson, dep "a of' d e p o " HP 8600 72.00 2400 72.00 13800 7300 30000 1200 28 CO 6675 7200 "fa oo V) lardware Motor Eupr. 1 Foundries "Col iMorfT' -M^Nnery j. uaartln Roasa Tractor Equipment Co Municipal Ulilliles 3120 46! 670 3J 99 ir 4007 600 1314 3036 898 175 9660 15014 600 931 26472 4 8 6 2656 1695 3261 627 Company 06 23 c »m- and 779 1173 6761 610 3 4 5 78S 9660 3010 pan Compinv Lumb " Com- and Gliua Walerloo Cedar FalLj I them Railway Co Waterloo Construction pany Waterloo Com- Nor- Com- 2248 76239 2000 3656 738 6103 Lydla Walters Wm Weiden James Black Dry Good cloth Black Hawk County Society med iid Bartles Shepherd Oil Ct gas Gladys Bick. rent BarneU-Ramel Optical pany glares Genevleve B Coble ro City of Waterloo quar Nanna Colby nurslnjr Margaret Doherty mlse Department of Social blind pensions Ed B Place kero Adam Faust rent Kassandra Fr.lnrls rcr Lee B Furgerson M Faraway Grocery proi Minnie E Goss mllrr.g Food Stamp Office pr Gllchrisl Coal Company Fred Helde rent Iowa Public Service O Jake Bill Clothiers E F Klstner L E pn Dr J L Keatel M I aid . Anna Lamb rent Xaynard Grocery proi C J Miller Companj sup Laura Muldoon rent Mobile Street Grocery Mid-Continent Petrolcu National Tae Compnny John Novotny, care Dr J aid B Novak M I O'Keefe * Towne urn Polk County Medical Presbyterian Hospital, med aid Polk County med aVJ Medical Pfirrott A Wood Funera prof serv Pfc-N-Pay prov Mlnert Prulsner care Matt Parrott Sons Ct signs J C Penney Company Both Stannard rent Rlgcs Optical Company es Robert Drug Company aup Red Cross Drug Compan sup SI Francis Hospital ca Ira Shaulls kcro Opal Scolt rent J H Shanks renl Mrs Grace Sarver nur Norma Savola rent St Anthony s Home en Elizabeth Thomas rent TIck-Tock Super Markel Urbnna Public School Waoello County Tube Sanatorium, care W W While rent Lee E Wood care L A Watklns rent D R Webb M D met Walerloo Dally Courlei scrlptlon ·race White, renl Waterloo SVxd Market Margaret B Woll K t ing Waterloo Dental Society old Waterloo Office Suppl off aup The Fowler Company P anno Brown Shoe Company James Blact Dry Good !123 gi cloth Rod Cross D"jg Compan) sup 600 Sartorl Memorial Bespit" 6170 H K KHtrell Co *" Brener County * Fue ' 1 A. Burton and Son fees Thompson. , R J Guenther skela" 1TH Municipal UHllllcs elec 3 30 Young Coal Compny J 2S 00 Sclzer s Furnllure malt 137 60' Farmers CoOperallve Co Rath Packing Compan 11001 Waterloo Mills Company IH. Walner heifers J10! Walnut Grove Producti 900 t«m j^ li» (Continued on P*f

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