Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 5, 1895 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 5, 1895
Page 3
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Progress-Review E. DUKE~KAV£K Pub. LAPORTE CITY, : IOWA HISTOEY OF A "VYEEK. K - W O R L D ' S NEV/S SHELL. IN A NUT FOREIGN. A n o t h e r rebellion is threatened )n Jirazi!. Tlie army, which is devoted to I'cixoto, refuses to ol«cy President iloracs' orders, and ^00 oflicer» bavc been imprisoned. Six thousand Tongliaks v.-crc defeated by the Japanese in a four hours flglitjit Lui-Jurin. The rebellion it -- ICcIlKlouii, I'olltPial. Coiiiim-rrlril ,S|Mjrtlnir. Olillu.iry. Criminal urlil ."'Js- fIluncuas CufidciiHalloiii. I'lorciicc ( i i l i n h n of I'eoria and Xel- J i c .lames of J'l-ltin olopcd w i t h t«» .facltsoiii-illc y o u i i f j iri'-n to liluoiiilni,'- ton, ivhere they \vcre ariestcd by ilie police- and returned lo their hotncK. Xurses and nutroiis are DM a s t i i l s e n t the C l e v f l i i n d hospital fm 1 women and cliildreii breaiisi- of un a l i n s i i c physician. J o h n II. Hall of Laporle, I n i l . , who rlii appeared from h'ontli Cliic:ir;i»M the -1st. has returned home. lie luid visited Siilt I.jilfii 'ily. Hx-perl r'"-e".'ilaiils hai p e iliscoi-eiei that, Lexington, Ky . iv:is i-oblx'd SM,T.'IH d u r i n g ·'. J l Davidson's term as city collector. llnrplars e n t e i e d the prjslofflec a Ciirran, 111., and in l o o k i n g for tln-n Spriiif,'licld tilliciTH had a despcT'iil li^lit with e i g h t e e n tramps. Dr. Curios .Martyu and A. M. Jla. 1 well, of C'hieaffo, addressed roiisint meetings ut itiicine in behalf of bettei in mi icipal govern men t. Aline operators of Ihc M a s s i l l o n dis tricl arc preparing to i m p o r t men U tnke the plaee.s of Ihose who r e f u s e t work, "Uoinbardiiiff Hell ' AVMS tin: snbjeel of Citizen Jicv. (.ieoi^u rinn;js 'J'l mil's bcriiion in J\Viv Yorlc. llu n a m e d his church "Uic CoriKi'et'atloii of Ihc Jloly .lacltJss. The I l l i n o i s lioaid of charities h a s appealed to legislators 'ami o t l i c i s ti aid in securing l,i\vs for the p r e v e n t i o n of Llinducss. Eiliior.s J. A. Mchlliop of H a v a n a , 111., was. iii-iesled for contempt in p u b - lishing- an article ci itieisiu*,' . I m l ^ e Orr. U'alL II. HuLler, wliu disappriired from O c l w c i n , J o w u , severul weeks ago, and wu.s f o u n d in I n d i a n a p o l i s , declares he has no l u e u J l e r t i o n of Imu- IKS reiichi'd the latter ciL\-. 1'eoplc in uesLern Nebraska lire s u f - fering f r u j n scurvy o w i n g to laelt ' wholesome food. A cloni-ii deiilh.s f r o m w a n t are reported. J. ~\\. .Sc|iiiie alcaiJinj,' business man of Council Jllull'N, has been sued for Slfi.OOlJ (iama^ch by Mrs. Mam n,- Kol- lius, wlio maintains that he nri,.,.(| t,, Lupporl hei. J.eLterb sent to missionaries in Arn i e n i u f r o m Ihc headquarters of t h e Anierieun board arc opened and CMUII- iucd by T u i k i s l i ollieiuls. Iji K u i i Vi has been appointed commander of the Cliim su Inlet's, superseding hi J i n n y Clung- and I'rinee Kuiilf. .ludicial ini|iilry into the c o n d i i L l o f directoi'H of tlic Kicncli .Soiiilieui railway has i c t c a l c d iinotlier f i n . i n c i i i l bcantlal. Tlic sLenmer Vox ford ,siuil; the t'lunch hurl; M n n c Louise. r i \ c of the bark';) crew w c - i e d i o n n c d . The bin It Ossi-o WILS w i c e k e d on Itolyhcnd b i v a l t t i u l c r itnd the t w c n t v - f o u r pei.sini.H on board were drinuied. ' Congressman MelCttrie][declur»uhiit, lie will press his b i l l JVir Mm crcs-ition of a dciiurtineiit of eoimncn-i'. Treasury oIllrinK believe rncclpts will equal espenditures when the collections from Hiigar become iiormal. 1'latcs for the printlne; of fiiesimiles of foreign poslupe, stiimp.s v.ill ht- hcized liy Ihc seui-ct service If not sin-' rendered. KubrjKslui Icglsluloi-N ,-iro p;aLlirrign lit Liniioln. A iviirin U g l n for t],e h\ I'llkei-sliip is in in-offiess among I lie republicans, A b a r b e r s h o p at Klwood, Iml.. \va* wrecked by a n a t u r a l j;iis explosiou cnil its i-ijfhl, neciipiiiils H e r e i n j u i e i l . John Sinilh iintl his bride of ;i n e c k wore n s p l i y x i a l e d by gus in a ,s ;ill Kruucisi-o hotel. V. !·'. llossimm, J r . . bookltep|)er of the Hudson Jiivc-r Niilloiial b u n k . H u d son, N. Y., lias Ijecn m tested, charge.! with practically nt an end. Lord Ruudolpli Chhurcill'-i physiciann wiy l i i s case is hopeless-. J l i s weakness is increasing slowly. The IJritisb steamer Abydos is bc- iicved it) have ioundereii nil wv of t h e Isle of Man,- carrying all on board down with her. 1'ope Leo praised tho progrras, a c t i v i t y and liberty of l l n - I niled States in an address to the officers rf the Detroit, who reliirncd the Vatican relies exhibited at the IVorld's I'air, trooj^s burned a house at San f^abric-l used as a hospital and ]-0 i cbcK pel islicd, inclito, rnl., were beiilen to death with tin ax mid t l i c i r home plundered. Sirs. I). C. HlouiiiiM', the well k n o w n udvoeate of dress rcforni for xvomeii. W A S H I N G T O N . To ,L ^ vi I ii tariff ioiv ^ i t i i Uic. "uHet! .states, Spain is considering the g r u n t - ing of partial home r u l e lo Cuba. The fierman government has nindi- lied its prohibitory decree against American meats so as to a d m i t canned ments. A u s t r i a , it is said, proposes to join f l e r m a n y in r e t a l i a t i n g on the U n i t e d Stales if the sugar duties- are notraodi- f i r d , Sperctary Carlisle has issued a call for Ft.sni.WiQ bonds issued to the Central J*aeih'c, commonly known as ciir- runey fiq, lOv-SciTclnry of Stale John W. Toiler has consented to go to Japan to SPORTING NOTES. Pat Jfurpliy won the L'ndinc fo.- 2-yoiir-olds, at San Francisco. Mainstay, the f.ivnrite, was second, "Napoleon'' Ivcs offers to play "\Vi/jird" Kchaefcr cushion carom bil- Harilb for from $3,000 to 510,000 a side. At Xciv Orleans the cases against r.avi};iie and others connected with t h e content in which Lowcn v,as killed were dismissed. The IJrooklyn Jockey club announce: t h a t it will d i v i d e a n y overplus in it 1 guaranteed .stakes umoog the owner jjf +i,~ *.. * · i- . i ... lleprcsciilativcs of Yale, Ilarrard ant Prinecion won in t l i e intcrcollcgiati chess contest in Sen Yor!:. Alis failed in tlic- cfTort to lower liei record at J,os Angeles, trotting a m i l l in i.-O.lj;. The -'-year-old Directlj paced a mile in 2:OS. M I S C E L L A N E O U S . The Illinois board oi commissioner- of p u b l i c charities suffjjests the cm ployincnt of internes in insane hos H i e n n i a l meeting of the .slate camp Of the Modern Woodmen of America was held at Hpriuflield. 1J1., Thurst'aj- Iowa attorneys met in Ue.s .Moine and orpani/.cd u state bar association. A ,1. McCicary of K'eokuk was cleutct president. M i c h i f j a n K n i g h t s of the Grip voted down the accident insurance plan ant! proposition to a d m i t other than violvermcs to membership. Mrs. Naner Trimble of Grccnsburg- I n d . , has b r o n j f l i t . s u i t apainsl (Jcorjjc and Edward Trimble, relatives, for Ihe recovery of SO.0.10. u l i i e h she claims lo have parted w i t h w i t h o u t security. SURPRISING AN VILLAGE aid the Chinese reprcsen1;itives bringing about peace, The [ f o v c i n i u c n t bond syndicate has dissolved a f t e r disposing- of but .'!.", per nt of Hie issue, The new currency [iliin is alleged Lo have caused l i q u i d a - tion by holders. Congressman Gear, who sufl'eu-d a stroke of apoplexy, is {fit-ally improved ami his speedy lueovery is cx- pocled. President Cleveland is considering- till! issuiii),' of a piocliimalion imposine; ' · t l i v r i m i i i i L l i n f r j| ; ,g duties" on imports from Spain. .Secretary Carlisle is said to be on- l O f f f d al the probable f a i l u r e of his enrrt'iicy plnii, and claims n l b e r ineiu- ners nf Ihc cabinet h.ui- n o t /;i\i!n liim iropri suppt)rt, Henor Itomero, the Mexican minii-li-r o t h e I ' n i U - t l Stales, has been selected o l i l l Ihe vacancy on the V c n c y n e l a t i chiims cuinmission. C RIM C. J'un/lai.s broke i n t o Ihe home n[ Ut-iiry I'Vulct-r. nt I'lqiiii, Ohio, and car- ·it-il oil" his savings, n m n i i i i l i i i f r l o S i , 7 . ~ n . Chare;es t h a t C h i e f of Police Ehnerd if Kse.inaba, Mich., shields d i s o r d e r l y louses have been lilcd H l i b the ciiv e l t - i l t . 1 a r n i e r s n n d robbeis rn^.i^er in a lesperatu llg-bi, near H n l e m , Ohid. Two 'f the former were shoL and one- of the alter. The bank nt Somoimik. I I I . , was r.n- lercd by l i i i r g h i i s , \vho robbed Ihe safe "W, 100 and a larjje a i n o i i n l of valua- The body of Stephen CJnss, htolcn. from Lhe oi-inolciy at(.'recrnvood, 1ml.. W H S found in the disscelin;,' room of n'liulni ^iL-tlie:il coil(ig-o, ^Ir.s. Uietla. 1'iko, aireslc;! in Deliver. I'olii., charged w i t h iimvlnry, has i.tde a confession of her (fiiill. r:dw:ird II. Cartel-, a clerk in Ihe died at Council HhilTn, aged 7i years, | -Nat onal Manic of Commerce of New J o h n PilzsevnW. cx-piesidenl, of t h e I V f '"' l r i confessed to omlitv./linfr S:»l,ono. Irish Nntionoi licn;;ui of .\meriea.dicMi nt Liucoln, Nub. lie iv l l N (·« v,..,.,- ' ohl. Christina Ceorglna liosselli. t h e put'.css, n sister ot Daniel ; u l,nc|],. Kossctli, is dead at the aye of of i l l . Tlie first l i a p t i s t chinch al Cliattn- noopy, Tenn., the in tlie south, w a s d a m n g c d to the t'Menl of i4n,upn. The Dclavnii house al A l b a n y , .V. V., was (jutted by fire. l-'oiir of t h e Hid guests M'eiC i n j u r e d , as wiuUhc porl ( -i. | .An inccndiin-y lire deployed two ] Vams antl seierable valuable horses nl ' lUbia. t o w n , and caused a panic in a , ilear by elmrcli. I A lighted cigar stump started a. lire [ which destroyctl l l i c cily hnll. posl- ! ollicc, p u b l i c library nnd opera hou-o ' at Uiiidcfonl, Maine. I Y o r k , confessed lo embe/.^ling S.'lll.flflO. ^ V i l l i a m S. W h i t m a n of \Vinooslii, V I , , shol a n d k i l l e d liis w i r » . and two 1 »}.-, :;-,,! llicn coiniuitled suicide. AV. li. Jordan* a mnsleal inereliiin- dise :igcnt at C l i n t o n , low.i, ]i;is disnp- P'j-iri'il. He in · .-Id to l m \ e einbcx/.leti iH.OdO or g'.UHlO W i l l i a m August l,i|)p|. r ( i w | 10 i^ri, Clipe Town. South A f i l e a . in !»'«), w i t h o u t n n l l f y i n g h i s credilorfi, aim a f l e r forging papers for tC.Od.OOO. was t-anturcd in C i u t ' i n n n l i . rihcrilT-clect J l o n r y Trell oi St. r , o i i i M n n d his son Clnirlcu hnvo been indicted for bribery by t]| U gnintl Jury. CASUALTIES. Eighteen persons u-cro KcrinuMy injured In a collision hetivecn pnwwnger trains at \Vii.\aliachle. Texuv A bim containing elghlecn ini-rry makers uns Btnicic ( i t u grade I.TOW*- In Green Jiny. \Vi«, All the occii United Slates oflice« have arrested the lenders of n dcsporato gang- of · fonntcrfeitvTK in Oklnhoinn. Ctoo ughinst Dr, Pickin of Ea« Clnirc, j l )onts ^' cro Injured, four seriously. 'Wis.,''Clmrged with hypnotizing i.nd | A passenger train on tho Louisville abdnclJnp two young girls, has been I (lloivcc! t o Ip.nsc. . . . / 1 ^ i" Knthvillc llr^ntwootl, Tenn. trainmen were hurt. win wrccltcd nt Threo of llio A n t h o n y Comstoek, agent for the Society for Ihc 1'riivunlion of Vice, was accused by a Lcxow c o m m i t t e e witness of aecepling a bribe. A n n u a l mruling.s of t h e Associated 111st on an b of America, the American Folk Loie society, the American Society of Church History nnd Ihc ·Icivish Historical society w a s held in Washinglon. .Si.v and two mules were K i l l e d in Philadelphia, by coming in contact w i t h electric l i g h t wires blown down by the storm. If a cmiru.s can bo. prevented, r e p u b - lican opponents of Senator Wnshburn of M i n n e s o t a , hope to defeat his reelection, I'oliee Inspector W i l l i a m s of X u w York appealed before tlie LC.MJW coin- iiiiLlee. lie explained his real estate- tit-els and denounced UIG-.C v,-ho had testified against him as liars. A n n i e l-'iee/c. a 13-year-old girl, w:n abducted from 1 he home of her falhur, near llick.svillc, Ohio, by UB- k n o w n persons. ·State teacher's associations of Wisconsin. Iowa, Mulligan, I n d i a n a , Nebraska, Soulli Dakota and Kansas holil l l i c i r a n n u a l meetings. A houvy snow .storm raged from Nebraska lo t h e A t l a n t i c coast \\Vdncs. d.iy. I n Chicago :it m i d n i g h t Hit; ground w a s covered lo t h e d e p t h of f o u r inches. Milwaukee's chamber at commrrcs ndopted u nih; intended to regulate, e l e v a t o i s and the shipment of grain. LATEbT MARKET REPORTS. CHICAGO. CATTf.F-- Common l o p r l i n r . b U L K f -- Pcilr lui-liu WIIHAT-- No. irril Cons-- Xo. !! .......... UVTH-- .No. i .............. ll\K--.\a.: IIUTTKn-- C'lmli-u crcaujory r.cca-Krtili l'OT*loi,s-- 1'cr LJ THE CL'BBE-S'CY PLAN. WM. M. SPRINGER O? ILLINOIS GIVES HIS VIEWS. Ilie Cliaiiccn 11 hlcli Hi!- Cnrllili 1 H i l l Tropotct f u l l y Kiiiliilnrd--Yield »' ColiJ La it Very I.urEC--Moorj'i. Income Till suit. T A L K OF A PLATFCnF/I. · 1'onnlli: Cunfrrcice Dili A JSOBLE jinny Vroff Sr. T.tu'is. Mo., lice. P9--Tlic opnn- ing sessiiii of the national committee of ihe peopiL-'h jartv occurred ycstcr- tlay nt. t h e L i u d e l l , w i t h L'OO persons ] present. IDxcepVthc appointment of a ' committee on C i e d c n t i i i ' s no business doiitj al the m o r n i n g session, At WASHINGTON, Doc. 2fi.--representa- t i v e Springer pave to n n Associated intended as » popular explanation of Ihc currency bill, us modified by the late Carlisle a m r n d i n c n t s : ·'In the place." said Mr. Springer. ' Uie Carlisle bill proposes a radical change in the m a n n e r " of securing Uic banknote circulation. Tl-c rapid payment of tlic public debt, the lim- itetl number of bonds now- out*-tand- injr, and list- fui-tlicr fact t h a t many of t h e m arc held in trust eapac" ties in I b i s g a u n t l y and as p e r m a n e n t investments by persons rusiilin^' abroad, have rendered the k i n d of sriMirity now ic- (juired irnpracticabk 1 . The Carlisle bill proposed for the .security of the c i r c u l a t i n g notes of the national banks: instead of United M.ites bomls, a g-uuruuty fund consisting of legal lender rotes or tin-reney certihcates to the a m o u n t of TIC- per cent of tnc circulation applied for: also a safety fund to be raised by a tax of one half of I per cent per a n n u m upon the circulating notes u n t i l it reaches r i per cent of the vi hole circulation, and, as a furUiei- Scciiritj-, a h'rst lien upon all the assets of the bunk, and upon the amount u l u e h may be realized by the double l i a b i l i t y feature of tlie national banking- lilW. 1 'The guaranty f u n d of 30 per centum, the assets of the b:i.nlc and the personal Hit ; i h .cniyoji session, the n a t i o n a l cs- t c u i i i c co:nmitlcu l i a v i n g - r e t i r e d for the purpose of consullaliou, t h e cou- fi-rence proceeded a f t e r naming a com- rnilli 1 '* mi onU'rrif l i n w i n i ' s c i n f c i r m a l l v to Ji.slcn to addresses by ,1. K. Co\ey upon his uon-iutercst bearing bond p l a n , Delegate 1 ! Iloivard, M a i m i n f f and A d a m s upon the recent election in A l a b a m a , and ethers upon the general purposes of tlic eonfeicncc. JX'icfratc Adams in his closing sentences created i-onsidtrablc excitement bv saying though the populists of Ala- b a m a were lone suffering in their refusal to icsort, to revolution, but patience ini^'lit soon cease to be a virtue, they would not .stand by much longer ipr^ smj their !'i^ r !*.ts ta}:c" ^v.'«y. Clen. J. G. ^^'eavcl· was made temporary presiding olhccr of the conference, with W. U. Vincent of Kansas and M i l Urn Park of Texas as secretary and assistant secretary. JJy A l a b a m a (Delegate Adams), introduced a resolution j-equesting" the U n i t e d .States senate to adopt Senator W. V. Alleii'.s resolution of Dec. IB, for the a p p o i n t m e n t of a committee to as- c e r t a i n whether Alabama's people are l i v i n g under a republican form of gov- e r n m e n t Iliilcs suspended and the resolution adopted unanimously. llniiois' spokesman, Mr. Lloyd of Chicago, in a d d i t i o n to an insistancc upon the principles oi the Omaha platform, presented resolutions adopted by the populist city central committee of AN E M I N E N T S O U T H E R N i Au, YER'S L O N G CONFLICT W I T H DISEASE. Tirrnty-DiB Years ot Prosperity. Aflr.,, slly anil SuQ- t -rlu ff .--The Crtit vie- ' Lory Won Ijy Science Qter a Stubbora Disease. [From tlic Aiiaiiu, Gd., Constitution.-. "GIVE ME 325.000. JOHN POWER-, every one in "Pit knows Mr. S.'s history, perhaps ail d 0 "n'"know uf lib rvtnni to business a'-am a'tf- an illness of sixteen years. X 0 man hi gone tbroufih more than he and Ihcd T. was u case of the entire breaking down r,' the uervoik system, alluded by cicrueia"" iiiK, a^piiizijip, unendumble pam. Ouhtis iind stimulants only quieted temporari!- and all treatments failed him. Onlj his lo-c itl family and friends prevented" suicijn Ho 1o!i a reporter the follon-inr- :»i~~--- "1 kept al my work as long as I coll i,i but nature piiye way at last and I aul- cnmbcd 10 the inevitable. M y entire D - OU9 system had been shatiered by and it scorned to CTcrybody,thiit the eml to hour. 1 had made my will, settled mi business aud waited f or t He last strand of life to soap. ·'It was at tliis time that a some^fct similar case as my own was brought to mv notice. This man had suffered vcrv much as I hud, his life had been despaired or as mine had. and yet he had been cured Think what that Little word meant to Kir-' CURED. The rcjicrt stated that tho work had been accomplished by a medic'nt known as Dr. 'Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. 1 investigated the reroit tho;. ougbly and found that it was true in detail Then I procured some oi Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and began taking them and bcnan to net better, I began to sleep like a health fill chiUl, soujd. calm and peaceful il; appetite came back and my nerves weir soothed and restored lo their normal coudi tiou and I felt like a new man. But tin- greatest blessing was the mental improvement. I he-ran to read anil digest, to formulate new iiluns. tn take an interest m nn law practice. \\ hich began to come back Ui mo as soon us my clients realised iliac 1 ·was ;i;r.iiu nuself. After a lapse of ten years I ndc horseback every day without fathrue. · "That Dr. Williams' Pink Pills saved ni\ life is beyond douoc, and I am spreading: their praises far and Tvidc." Inquiry about the town of Greenville substantiated the above farts of Col. Supt'- case, and that many others :ire being benefited by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Dr, Williams' Pink-Pillb are fur sale by nil di-ugfrists. or may be had by mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine company, Scheucc- tady. N. Y., for 50 cents per box', or six boxes " i a b i l i l y of the stockholders can only ;o to t h e payment oi the circulating iot( s of the bank which issues them, nil, the ~ percent guaranty fund raised iy a 1:ix upon all the c i r r u l a t i o n of the ouiilry is a common f u n d , out of vliich the notes of any failed p a n k limy be p.iid, if the guar- nty f u n d , the assets and personal l a b i l i t i e s of the stockholders arc Ot sullicienl. Thus, on rv circulation f ?20(i iiOO.OOO the present national ','inl: circulation, the. .safety f u n d vonltl a i u o n n t to Slu.OGO, and this vhole f u n d could be. drawn upon to iay ihe i.otcs of a n y bank t h a t Jailed. Vi'll.I.IAM M. his security is considered iiniplc by lie --iifesL linanciers and hankers of lie ronntry. "Tho eurrcncv bill as amended docs ot compel n a t i o n a l banks lo e n t e r the system. They may continue n d e r the old law. but it is thought that b a n k i n g ollieials will soon sec llm fri 1 of (lie new plan and adopt Vi'njMT-- SV ; t.' ::j-clio\T. . OATH-- No. I while CATTI.B ............ 1'KOHIA. JlTB-jJo.2 ............ Lous-- No. .l ...... ... . IM-ib-- No. S irlilic ........ '.'".'. ST. LOK15. OATTI.T! .......... l l O G S ' ' ' " W l l L ' A T -- No. K JiLrt C o l l S -- No. ".. W h K A T -- N'9.5, COILS-- No. =., UATN-XiI. X W h l l O llAin.ev-- No. L 11VK-- .NO. 1 CJITTI.I liuun NEW YORK. WHEAT-- Na = Ilca ............ L'nliK-- No. : iwitt-- Whllo Wcnlcrn. liLnru ' " . ' TOLEDO WH*AT-No. filed- ......... ,.., f O l l S -- No. 2 JWIjcca ........... OATS-- NIC I! Mixed ....... ...,,. Hnt-XtiS,..!. IN -VIOOItH'S SL'IT'. I t f l l r i n ( l i n Incnine Tux Injiiiiclln: \VII1 Not S l n i l l l . IM-.-ION, Dee. Jfl.--Assistant At- Whitney lias filed iv thej District Supreme court a demurrer to (t'.io eoinplaiut of .lohn G. Moore ng/ilnsl Commissioner Jlillcr of the hi- lei'nal rcveniH! bureau in which he n^i:. fin- an iiijimctioa reslrainiii;' the hitter from collecting the income t:ic J i n t h o r i x e d by the nc\v U-irifT, The ijcmurrcr is brief and gcncrul in iLs erms. .Betting forLU the eouiplainant iai not made such a caic as entitles iiin :u a court of e q u i t y to the ivlief At Ihcrcrjiiest of Mr. Wliit- ney tho case is set for hearing .Ian. 8. The caw i.sattracting- l i l i l e a t t e n t i o n a m o n g Rovernnicnt ollieials, most of whom express.the opinion the complainant l:a^ nbsolutcly no ease. A ^ o m c w h n t similar attempt was male "iy t'no stnte of Mississippi in ISO: to President Johnson from cxccu tling ihuroeouslrnctioii nets: but tho Svpren-.e court held a court could not interfere in this wuy to prevent the execution of nets claimed to be unecu l.nnl Clinri'ldll In I!-»l!f... Lo\ios. Doer 211.--Lord Kandolpli I Churehill pnsicd a icstlc.vs night. Ilia V c o n d i t i o n this morning docs not show Viny laavcrial chnnfru from that at the tiinu yestcn'.nj-- Chicago denouncing the recent imprisonment of E. V. Debs and others in Chicago as an invasion of the rig-lit of trial by jury; also a, series of resolutions prepared by Lyman Trumbull of Chicago denouncing the use of regular troops in the Chicago labor disturbances Inst summer as a military invasion, declaring the use of regular troops a forcing- of free men to oppress otlicis in behalf of monopoly, denouncing the issue of interest bearing bonds in time of peace, demanding- the free coinage of silver at the j»!tiij of 1C to 1. and insisting that monopolies bearing upon puWic lights should be owned and operated by the government. At the conclusion of the session .T. C. Manning of Alabama announced that he had, upon advice, issued a call for a meeting for the ballot reformers of tht: south ut Mew Orleans Jan. 13 and 3fi to perfect n permanent organization and plan of «ork. I h c session continues this mornin"-. Klllrd While flnylng Intllltn. The 11-year-old son of Joe .Smith of Columbus Grove, Ohio, v.'hile playing Indian w i t h a, shotgun, shot and blew the entire head off his little 5-year-old sister. The girl, while nursing lie- D-months-old brother, noticed her elder brother advancing toward her ! with gun cocked, and ciclaimed. j "Charley, drop that gun,' 1 whereupon | the boy dropped the gun, the trigger striking a chair and discharging the load, tearing the girl's head horribly. Some of the shot graced the little baby's head, which will recover, but. the girl died instantly. The mother was near by when the horrible act occurred. 8100 Kcwuril 81OO. The rcndcra of this pnpcr -will boplenscd to lenrn that thoro is nt len-st ono dreaded JiBCOAe that science bos been able to ci:ro In ell Its istngG9, and that is CntarrU. Hnll'-. Cntnrrh Cure is tlie only positive cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh a constitutional disease, requires a " G I V E ME $25,000." ''Ami I'll lliij-Tno Tlilnh of llio Chi- cnRo Clly Counrll." LSlllljcuL or llluslmlion 1 Alderman John Powers of Chicago has been eanght in the vortex of tho rcforni wave which is sweeping over the country t h i s w i n t e r . His doings as a l d e r m a n of the ^Nineteenth ward, Chicago, rcflt-ct the temptations which either beset or are courted by the .ner.-ijrc alderman. When he entered the council, three years ago, he was worth a b o u t 51,000. Nov.- he is worth S.ViO.000. A Chicago Herald reporter claims Lo h a v e developed the source of t h e alderman's sudden wcn'th. _\:i anti-cigarette ordinance recently pending in the council promised to work destruction to the business of the American Tobacco company of New York. The company sent on one M.;Coul to sec w l i a l could be done. The Herald icportc.- met Mcl'on! on h U arrival and followed him to his hotel, where he lie had an appointment w i t h A l d e r m a n 1'owc-r-., who was to act as spokesman of the council. The reporter secreted himself in nn adjoining room in t h e hotel, where he could hear theconvcr- "iition. Towers c o n t e n d e d thai he could defeat the oidinance for SKS-TOO cnxh. although liftylhe of llic si.xty- cighl aldermen of the council w e r e t h e n against it. "(live, ins ?i,"i,0(iO," Siiid I'o'.vcrs,' 1 and I'll turn that ma- jorily ngainst you to one for you." The next day the conversation xvp.s n r i n t c d in the I l c r n l d verbatim. Me- Coul has not been seen since. I*ou\r4 stands Ins ground. The grnud jury will indict him. but this is what he says in reply to nil Ihcchui'gcs: ' - ( e n - tlcinfin, yous lire troiii' 'gin tic pusii; look hout, ferwe'r' lo.idi:l."' JCctnl.nEc .Icnlti , Dec. j ' j -- I t is given out thai the 1'rcsident and Secretary CircsJinm arc in earnest about retaliation against Spain's ntlitudc on the (Bi-iff ijuestfon. The point is insisted on that the rtl-rviprocity armnp-ciccnts Wrc not in niiy sense treaties, and hence that tacyj were'subject to mod Qcutton or repeal Ty net of J constitutional treatment, Hull's Cotarrh Cure is token iutornnlly, acting directly ! upon the blood and mucous unrfnces of tbo ! system, thereby destroying tbe founJation of the diheflno. nnd giving the patient Etrcngth by building up tho conttitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietor!; have so much f nith in its curative powcru, that they offer One Hundred Dollnrfi for any case fbat it fails to euro. Send for list o"f testimonials. Address. F. J. UHESEY CO., Toledo, O. E3£~Sokl bv Druggist*:, 75c. Uall'H Family fills 23c. j Forme Her SncU. I Teacher--Johnny, you your ! knife with you'.' Johnnv--Vcs'm. "Then I wish you would sharpen my pencil for me." "I'lcasc, I'd rather not." "Why?" "Cause while I was shnrpcnin' it I m i g h t drop the knife on the floor ant! then you'd £' vc ' me a bad mark for m a k i n ' a noise." Going; to California? I The Kurlin^ton route is the only j rnilv,ay running "personally con- 1 ducted" excursions vi,i Denver to Colo- I mdo Sprintrs. Salt Lake. Offdcn, Sacrn- I memo. San Francisco, Stockton, Jlcr- ! ceil. Fresno. Uakcr.sficld and Los ! Angeles at the lowest rates. Pullman ! tourist sleeping car through w i t h o u t 1 chnnpe, j Leave CTiicnpo every Wcdnesdp.y. I Write or call on T. A. tirady, excursion 1 manager, £11 Clark street. Chicago. T.IIcrly to Kccncniber. I-'ricnd--I notii-e you have n strini: | around your Mnjfcr and a knot in your handkerchief, loo. Old Lntlv--Yes. the string aro::nd in}' linger is to remind me that 1 havt: u Itnot ill my handkerchief, and the knot in the liiindkorchicf is to remind me that the things 1 want to remember arc written on a piece of paper iu my purse. IJkclr to LAHt. He (after the acceptance)--Have yo.i never loved any one so much as vou dime? She (l!iou»liirn'Jy)--'ot in the ·winter. Meat Nol Good Tor rnlntrn. Raphael lived principally on dried fruits, sucli as fiys and raisins, catiac them w ith hrrad. He had a theory that a meat diet was not good for a painter. Every able Ixxlicd male in Sorway (has to serve in the army, Tlie first year Tie serves fifty-four days, the second twenty-fonr.and the third year twenty four. He gcts^nly his board. EWSPAPERl

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