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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, August 10, 1818
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I t J i ( )' V - I : ; i !"'' i. 1 V. M05DAT, AUGUST 10, Tho f1jTuUtivL.Tif Rational InUUi - ' gtocur continue to contradict th report of lb cestloa of the floridas U the llnKed Stale. Th tbllowiiig Utter, however, from Havana, recei ved id this eity this morning, give kdiLlional weizht to the' tmt report The letter n dated 4 daytMer than oar former advices, andthewrv ' Ur oUtrrw thai UM nfflcvd account u recti 4 iuiif . '. . : ' ' ' 6 HAVAUA,' July SI, 1818. 1 hat eel t'uiM U sv to ton, that ws hart ... - ; - - . the official eccoutt this morsinf from Cadia o the ciott of the llorUai to Dm Uuittd States, aod hoe now to see realised the dranta;e to wy frieods." ' "' ',,.,', ;".' " V , . For & Jf. Y. Etming Pott. - ' " There are lw cirtieeud with tbo recent . . . . . . . military axcuiion fc fwub, whit have Mot "' ben nreteoted to tli public, Aa ingenious wri - tr w tt Democratic Pre jusllfis (lit fat of ' Arbuttioot and Amlwisti by. arguments draws front VaUoL' llo quote - thus ; .M'Tb city ofj Cetera, alter tWr aiiug tlx attempt of Uie famous ' JXlad ia ICO, hwog dp the Savoyard whom they had mad ftisoners at rubber, who bad - attacked tocos Wiihoet eats or declaration of war.' Bet quere t which of the partita it to ' ' it cooAlered it) tlio light oftae Savoyards in the favaJoa of Florida? Oo our part tho war was, " ii erery rerpect, mere'y a war it facto, witlioat any prevfcar declaration by the constitutional authority t whereas, oa the tide oft Indians, it ' was a war it jure, declared ia the customary way by Ume independent tribea j and ai it respects the Siaaiard, tUey were in their own Ur - rtlory, or Ibrti, and acted strictly oa the dtfen - Art. ' , Apifi.Tbt Fret Jntimatee that Arbulhnot wa execated at a epjr.. Oa Put charge the court ti . eipraMly acqoitted the prieooer. But what abaU we tay of the fato of Ambrit - tto t It appean from gaeral J ksoo'e own or - : der oa the aubject, that he was shot in direct opoaUion to the sen tenet of the court ! It i I Tie, that te corirt, ia the firit instance, entered no judgment of death araiost bim : bat iaaedi .JthHj therttilrfl, and before the proceedinp baJ beta laid before the taoeral, tbe court rescinded that Jadgtaeut, and tenttaced the prvoner to be docd aa fanprisoned. Central Jackson, bow - e ver, Vi the pltoitade of bis tovereignty, dashed . hit pen acroti this sentence, and ordered the wretched fictim to iartant execution!!! .' New, let it be conceded that a court - martial b.vlthe right to try Ibue men; aboat which vUtrt tt abuadaut rooa ' doubt and let it alto be supposed bat the court, instead; aad imjiri wmntat, bad senleoctd AmbrUtie to be thotr ttiQ the qnertiont Wiil recur, why this iodeteat harry Uiecomaaader ia chief? why W rt net the two cases roterred to the president L kit decision t Ey the tiith article ol war (act gf Cor.gre,10th Aprd, 180C) it Is erj - restly eo - acUd, that M no teuUuce of a general toiut - nttr - in tin afpuue, attending to the low of life, shall be carried iolo execution, oalU the whole Vrorcdiofi bJl bare bten laid before the president nl the Coiled Stales, for bit confirmation cr f praral, ainl orders' io the case. To this, lit nay, perhaps, be objected, that these men were cetttttd ia Umt of war but to satisfy the law above uoUd, the war atnit have beta declared by the congrett of the United Btates, and , tt by a general ia chief. General J. lothe order before referred to, ei - prealy jastifiet the eieculioot on this groatid. that Arbuliiutl and Ambtittic scert inljtctt ff a fieulroi peutr. To this it may be answered, that they were old residents among tho Spaniard and the Indians, with both of which people they had connexions, and in all probability bad been naturalised. by tbem, according to - their forms t and that gen. J. came to invade the country where they had their families and their pro perty. Out let this be thrown aside. Has any iiody read or heard of an execution ia modern tioits oa the ground assumed by gen. J. i ' The Swiss, tfte Hessians, &c. are knowa to hart , sorted ia many wars, in respect to which tbeir : couulriee were neutral ; aod every army lu Eu , rope and America, at the present day, contains ' many individuals wba serve at ftrngnen, nod , who never dream that they weula march to tat tie with haltcrt about their necks. But to take a caie directly In point. The gallant army that achieved our independence had ia it many fo reigner, at Germans Frenchmen, Ac. tome of whom fill into the hands of tbo British durin that glorious strogsle, who, as the history of the revolution will abundantly show, were full willing - to execute a bloody vengeance oo prisoner made, lit what they ooutidcred an illtgal war, waged agaicsfpai - aoiount authority. Was a singlo one of these foreigners executed by the British, on the grouod takrn by gen. J. ? If so let the pre cedent be cited for bis justification, anJ that of, the court whiJi sat Quder bit orders; I mean to - fr as it rrpecti of Arbulhnot, Car the .. t - vrl is guilllevt of the blood of A mbrutie. To the iregoing litis fact may be added : G nenl Jackson has left positive instructiofit will the oSEcer cvtumanJiog in llorida, not to yield the Spaoiih posts to any aa:bority whatever not erta to tl.e orders of the pretiJmt of the Uui: States, without ikio; him fj;tn. J.) dys prtv vviooooUce. A. 0. it would be difii - nlt to imagine a state" of which w&tW make those governmet edi ors who were at first u delighted with the seixurt of renc.laby 3 A Jarkson, feel more chagrin t' they must hive experienced on we appearance ot ine rrUenv's order fcr the - rtstoralioi of tliat rx,st, ai.d hi. censure of the connumlir; geoend. To be fmed ill Lie Aiiit. IW inielrace their stern. nA tn riil acirfiaeYhztl.iCr.Ue otl,.r.!.r.i.n,i . tbe Pcctient, was cruel ia the extreme, r.d! must have cost thtun eriany a pang There ia we paper, however, which appears deter pxia - 4 to mamtiM the ipwuad so ImpnuienUy at - caned, andwdjih, at aaeeejtearyeormquer.c to the at tha two and I utrortgly rfprobttet the ! mcaturrtcf the f rr&ident And thit paper, too, u the organ of acertasa oetcription of piople in th'utUW, wit frftH kt thtfxdutiverwnJ Jth 1.x - tmrrve. ; Row thit incongruity is to Le recon ciled, remains to be teen. - , The paper to which we allude, and another one at the aouth, hat fallen into an .error in treating upon the aubject, which it it the de sign of the following paragraph from the Rich mond Enquirer, to correct, Thia paragraph perfectly coincide with eur ideas cfthetnatter. - The Jfcnaetftn; There are two intelligent Rditora, who have been led into a mistake from the want of time to consider the subject. The National Advocate of N. Y. ca'.lt therroui'iiwn upon Spain to keep an adequate force in Florida, a prtvin to the restoration of Penaacola Toe Mortals; Herald styles it a nnatim inn it certainly not the liirlit in which we art to consider it The Spanish pottt r t0 De re - tored to Spain immtdiuUly, without any ontti - Hon at all. . The preaident would scarcely tay that the retention would be an act of war, which At had no right to make and in the next breath declare that he would take unon himse'.f to hold them, unlete pain complies with a certain specified provin or ctrulitian. We understand the President' course to be hit he rivet up the posts : at the same tune he calls upon Spain to comply with her trraiy ; ml for that purpose to maintain a suflicit - nt force to keep the Indians in awe. If Spain rennet to comply, it will then be for Congress, not for htm, to conclude what steps shall iuxt be taken whether, for instance, if the Seminole war continues, we may not take contingent possesion ol in e country. We go on the supposition that the article in the National Intelligencer tpeukt the sentiments of the President" European dattt.C the arrival yesterday ol the brig Tcra Hazard, from Liverpool, and the ship Rubicon, from Havre, we bave received London dates to the fist of June, tuid Taris to the litb of the same mouth. British Stocks 3 per cent, consols reduced 78 1 - 4, 18 ; do. for acct. 78 1 - 2. French stocks, Jane 22 - 5 pur cts. 74f. 63c 1 Bank actions 1675 80. Prices at Paris, June SO. St. Domingn CoflVr, it. 55c to f 87 ) Pepper, 1 7? a I 75 ; Rice W ; Upland Cotton 3f 80t to S 82 ; New Onesm, do. f 90 a 2 85. Neither the English nor French papers contain any intelligence of importance. The principal topic of speculation in the lattrr if the approaching congress of sovereigns to assemble at Aix - lu - Chapctl. An article fiom Vienna, hot ever, mentions that a tort of preliminary coo jro.s was be held at Carbbad, between the ministers ol allied sovereigns, Wore the latter aiseniblt. Aix - Ia - Cbapelle. The exccalioa of three of the criminals con cerned ia the assassination of M. rauUTcv, (Jaoj. tion, 6atide and CchrJ,) took place pubhcly on 3d June. ' C as tide was much dejected, but. suffered hi fato without a murmur. 1 he othor criminals shewed great Sgilalion aodNorrcr, died with leu auducity than lhiy had exhibited at tha tri d. Jaus'ion protested bis inno cence with his lat brtt!i. Anne Benoit has bsen etpostd oa the pillory aod branded with the letters T. V. She wept during the whole time. Back bating appealed for a pardou, Lit sen tence has been drf. md. A respite has been granted to the woman Can call further confessions are ei petted from her, accessary to the cause of justice and troth; but she tins rtsomcdbtr former reserve : fhedtclaret she will make 110 revelations to any one but her Confessor. It is thought, that if she persists iu this design, the will betsecuted on Saturday neat. The most perfect tranquility reigu? throughout the domiuions of the Courbou muuarcli, aiid indeed over Hi wlwle contiucnt. The ;aon in Krauce and Italy, a iu America, has been unu. - ually Una, aud a rich reward, in all probability, awaits the husLaodaian and vine dresser. . A Paris paper reports, t lint an earthquake had swallowed op tlie ancient city ( tkiiUvapoliM llornania, and destroyed 70,000 of its iuhabi - lanis. An eaniiq - iane 111 1 urut - y it not a rare piece of newt in a Paris paper. Russia, says the Courier, does not seem to have arranged all her affairs with the Pwrte. The la lest intelligence fixtm ConitanlinopU states, that on the 1 1th April, a new conference was held between barou Strogonoff, the Russian minister, aud the TurkUh minister, but the latter woubl luten to no definitivo termioarion, either with respect lo Servia, or the other indemnities claim ed by Russia. An article from Hamburgh mentions that a fleet is expected in the roads of Copenhagen from Cronstadt and Revel, which will proceed, it is thonzht, to (Mend and Calais, to receive on board the Rutsian troops forming part of ths army of occupation, io case it should be with drawn from France. M. Carubaccres has quitted Brussels, and intends going to Italy, where he will remain tome time. A Vienna paper states, that Geueral Sal vary, with bit brother - iii - law, Colonel Taudrat,' has quitted GraU, with the express consent of, and with paj'ports from, the French Court. They are both going to North America. MaJamo Jo seph Boonaparte it going, with her family, to the balbs at Ears. Ahe has formally contradicted the report that her eldest daughter is lo marry. the sou of .Madam t Murat. The differences bctweea the King of Bavaria and the Grand Duke of Baden, bave been aaii - cnbly settled, through the mediation of the Aus trian Court. . The heat ia France and Ireland bat been so excessive as to drive people from the streets, m the middle of the day, unless employeJ opon the most important business. Accotratr, dated Madrid, 2d June, slate, the departure of aa expedition from Cadis, consist iog of 13 transports, havit g on board 2000 troops, under convoy of a frigate. It iettinatiosi it said to l Urns. A Htl Odessa. 19lh Mar, deuitura of tfco Empetwr of Raw a frum that plnce on tha 17th, U coo'Jnoe his joerncy to lh lerrilory of Crime. Tbo Miioster of Marine Lavi;; frequently r peaM bit icitructi wis to the Govern' of Sen gal, to enforce in the most rieomst meaner the law rcUUrs to the Abolition of tha Slav Trade, a letter Las beca sddrtsittd U bim from the Cno - BVtadef of that Colony, dated. St Leuis, May ft, fttVMsaicstujg the capture of ths Postilion, of Bordtadx, CapL Canon, with s cargo of slaves, wrucn, win ue veseei asv orea conuecawa, mm the Csptaia hu bee deprived of Jut civil riffhts. It is remarked that this example win not tail to rrodnte tbo axon salutary rnecta. ' A Paris paper states, that a recent attempt had been made at Copenhagen to assassinate totting of Denmark, by a barber - turgton, wlto atttnd 4 oo of the kioc't snoroinj audience. The fellow appears to have been deranged. The whole realm of Great - Britain is plunged in confusion, violence aod seal, by the general election, which commenced a few days previous to our latest date. The opposition are straiuing very serve j riots are frcquont and the cities of Loudon, Westminster, Liverpool, aud other town, are experiencing all the blessings of demo cratic fury and turbulence. The London Courier is indignant that even the, opposition should thmk' of 'placing such men as V'ooler, Hunt, and Girtwnglit, in an assembly oitce adorn ed and dignified by the talents and character of a JSurJte, a Pill, a Fox, a Sheridan, Windham, &c.' We, however, anticipate that the opposi tion will be able to effsct but little. Indeed, from the teste of the papers aod the returns al - ready received, we think it not intphbable that the ministry will tua an accession of strength. Mr. Canning and Gen. Gatcoyne are the minis terial candidates at Liverpool. Lord Sefton is the rival candidate of Mr. C. The Liverpool Mrrrory, a strong opposition print, amiils Mr. ! Canning, " in prrwe aud vtrje," in the mot ma - 1 liguaot and violent manner. We have glanced over several columns of electioneering matter, which would have answered exceedingly well for U10 late election in Peonsylrauia. Lord tfefion was nouinbted at a public meeting in Liverpool, the chuirman of which was Mr. Charles Lawre nee. A subscription was 0 - pened to defray the expejwes of the election, and ws observe that tha celebrated Dr. Solomon put 'Iowa hit name tor - ne hundred pounds. " The Courier of June 17th atatr, that tf.e Duke ol Lcinter wss yesterday married by special lirensr to the yourgrst daughter of tha Earl ol Ihinrg'on. The 'Piince Regent attended in pcrwa t - j;ive away the bride. Betides the re - l tivsof tlie tworamilies, die Dukes of York and Cambridge a ee present at the ceremony, which was ifcrformed by the Arcbbisbup of Canterbo '3' The rumour of a clandestine vUil haviug been made by a sailor lo 3onaparte, is confirmed. No intercourse is allowed with the islaud of St. Helena. Trials continued in Loudon as late at the Slst of those concerned ia adulterating tea, and other Troceriet, aud articles of human food. A ver - lict was found for the crowo, upon two counts, tho one for manufacturing 100 Ibt. of imitation tea, and the other for having 100 ths. of such tea in his possession. The total amount of the penal ties upon these two convictions was ire thousand pounds iltrling. Another perioa was convicted at the tame silting', and a penalty for Hit crowo imposed of one hundred snd thirty - five pounds. The Spanish Court bat decreed, that every foreigner found in arms in tlie Spanish Domin ions io America shall be treated at a Rebel, ha ring regard to their rank. Aihtrtited i.i Corti Liverpool AJvert.ier, o June 10. For Huston Ship Sally, II vidly j Triton, Holcomb bri Aimwell, Bntich Strafford, lingers; ship 'i'homas - Wilion, Thompson 6. For Philadelphia llriff Isabella. Earle ship Camillus, (lowland 1 Superior. Hamilton 1 Fac tor, Hamilton s Lancaster, Vent Addison, UI1S.4, John - Watson, Gavin j l.itlle - Cherub, WKeever ; Telegraph, Coffin 9. For New - York Urig F.lixabcth, Sears; ship Andes, Merrehewi Sterling, Johnson ; James Mutiroe, Watkinon, lit July; Montgomery, Ward ;, Fosdick Tivergrecn, Raibbone 1 Mary. Douglass; brig Itrcover, Oweni Henrj', (Cendal ; snip Enulnus, Chace; Orient, tar - nard ; Dawn, Golfers brig Mary and Jane, I'hompiin 14. For Cliarleston Ship Friends. JefTery ; Ms - rv ii Henry, Geaton ; Sb l, Turner illy, Watson 4. . , For RJtimore Ship Cumberland, Odorn; Fra(kli!i, Graliam , Thomas Gibbons, Brewer 3. ri.r Citv Pobt Ship Virginir, Fiher 1. Kor Vxaiuliu .5liip America, Lucket, - bri( aii:y ti. Mary, Uarnicoai 2. ri.r Sjvi.anaii Slur. Mary - Ann, Stubbs ral - ias, Wilcox 2. For Xew - Orleans Dritiih ship Diana, Jack - soil ; American brig Columbia, Williams ; ship itliatn, l!:unard 3. , ; . Fr RiTinoiul Urig Diarchy, Web5 1. For PoiUniouth, (N. II) bnin Hantonia, Rollins I. I'i all 36 sail. Dne third of winch within a fraction are bound to the pitftufNew York For sale, freight or charter, the American ship Juson, Cox. Cleared for sea at Liverpool, June 16 Pbte nix, Low, for Maiacliuelts , I'edlar, Fvan, N Orleans ; Mary - June, 1 homp - non, N York. JTroin the ,1'uora rf latt Sulurdty. Florida. There is a rumor atout tho city, which we live as we received it, leaving to ths judgment of others to determine the measure of credit to which it it eauiled. It is to substance at Ibllowi That on th: receipt of information ol the capture of feccirola, the i.residut and heads of departments were called together, in what it called (uuxaown to our coritlitutina aud derogatory to th principles of representative government) the catrsrrr. Ft fur this body of untlerltd and irrejfmsiiU legislofnrt, a serial cf qur.nions are raid to hire bees propounded ; to the effect following we do not pretend to the precis) word, sj they readi ed us in a mod precludes every thiug but the signification and iutcniion of thtm. Central propoiitiim.ll appi ariu by authen tic evidence, Ut mjr - t;eaetrl Jacktoo has taken poscestba of the capital of Florida, and x pelled the roval nrruon from tlie Simuiah ( tress of Barauca that he removed the Spanish commandant ano hi? troop, aoder tlie capitula - tioo, from (he trrilry of Florida ; acd bis bound the United States to crrtaia present aud prospective coothlioas, which if the treaty be ratified by the pretidonl, kc may prove highly pernicious to the V. Mates : it hs become espa - dioot for ths esecalive of'e United State to decide upoa the rourw of near ares anJ polii - y which ought now to be pursnrd andsr this new poeture oi affair. For Uut and the foisowinr iwestioos are submitted e tVe beads of depart uant for their advice aod cTirr. - rl. QaetWM .The capital of FloriJa, thei i'.v and works rasacola, berng oecarieJ tv fi U. States' troops aaJ so SpaWi lurce in Piori - da ropabie id rettstJig the eoUre ocoo;i:ioa ; H is required to consider aod deivvenioe oa 'Lu ex - fuieary of holding aad publicly tsita - 'aing the fit Ibe torrKorr; stsndiiig for jtbliB Cta to world oa th disregard ef justice and ths feHh of treaties to long sauufttud by the court rt Madrid. - . - . . . , Should th first questioa b resolved ru the affirmative set oeloues to H. to examine aod aaea Mirw the probabilities and means of war If ia the nrrative. then it will be to be considered. ' Question f. In Csjseef demaad made by the Spaoith minister, will it bo expedient to recal major general Jackson, aod sutpsnd him from ths military service, anu mereoy saiisij cpaia or will it be preferable to placw Ibe general on dcr arrest, and disapprove of he atUck, aod an ml llA nitulotifin S In consulcnor tun qoesuoo, rue reconuuon aod ratification of lite capitulation dt tne extra live reouires to be considered, ia relation to the titles of lands csded to certain Spaniards, aod tlie difficulties which the capitulation may inter pose to the indemnification of those wim have iarrtr claims ttanuioc ajraiosi opam lor iwenry vesrs 1 and for which pavment is not to be obtain ed by any other means but if Jhi okof should be unapproved. . t Qua tion III Seem that Spain bat no mili tary or pecuniary resources, and that there is no nrobabiutr of her Being aoie 10 ssno a compe tent force to Florida, the two preceding qucs - lions beiue In the negative 1 will tt not be expe dient to avoid disavowing the act of the gene ral of the forces; but passing the act over, en - inn to restore Florida to Spain, whenever the shall tend a force competent to fulfil the obligations of the 5th article of the treaty with Spaia. As this Question leaves the only alternative, af ter the two first shall have been decided in the negatives, it mar be expedient before finally de ciding thereon to recousider the two first ques tions, with reference tuereto ; as a negative 01 tne third question also, would leave the government at large, without any rule of action. This is the substance of what has been communicated to Os: V make Bo pretensions to cite either the express terms or the form of the sentences, but barely the meaning and bearing of the propoitious. ' I It is said that the cabinet was divided, ana tne first question was supported In the affirmative, and with much vehemence, ry one ot the members particularly but the question was determi ned in the negative, upon the ground that the measure would lead to a war, which would in evitably lead to a change of adaiiuiatratioo im mediately. On the second question, the taer jiee of gene - mi J ar k via was as warmly opposed, and his whole conduct vindicated as cotilolmable In bi instruction, and ths duties which they involved ih' - it though bis instructions did not expressly authorize the storming of Pensacola, that it was not only the intention and wUh of the executive that Ptnncola should be taken, but that it wa, in the nature of things, impo - iiblo to execute 'he duties assigned to him, without so doirg; and (hat had he failed to complete the object of the expedition be would have incurred, and as a mi - 'ilary man, merited repression; that there were cases which probably would be made to appear on lhiocca;ioo, by which the determinaf tmi of tho ohject of the expedition might nave been hazarded ; that the army mibt have been 10 circumstanced by fatigue, or by waut of adequate provision, so as to render it absurd and impossible to attempt converting the seige iulo a blo:kad), without uiog force lo batter or lileuce the works : that such a situation, in tlie presence of an armed garrison, liable to surprise, to have their rupplies tr their retreat cut off, and the tutantc 10 immense Irom which orders couui Do received, rendered the conduct of general Jackson oot oulf undeserving otteenjiee lo pliru, but entitled him to public gratitude (or this new proof f his eMlautrr. luuzment, and ten devotion ; ;hit If a war with Spain was so full of dansrer to the administration, the saenbee or general Jaclr - on would be still more fatal i that the country would oot submit to an injustice so flagrant ard Ignoaiioinu to any government. The second question was, therefore, determined in the nega tive. 1 An effort was made before the rot upon tlrr third Question, to renew the consideration of the first t and in the event of any declaration of war oa the part of Spain, t!en to acknowledge the independence 01 the Boata AmenranMates, and nter into immediate measures for an a'ducco, offonsiv aod defensive, with th new states ; th expediency of this was, w are told, urged with more than common eoerzr: we nate ncarc nmewhat further of the arguments; but we prefer giving this much only, hcau'e w do oot place entire dependence on the information however remarkably it squares with facts that are notonou?. From Ihe SorwnaA Muitnm, J ' 31. There is a rumor in town, tluit th" ereat - eriiartcf the murders commuted on the frontier of Wayne and Carode.i counties, ft rag tlie last 12 months, were actuM'j perneiraiea uy a giveg of white desperadoes, who had assumed the dr'a and anoearaucD 01 Indians.. 11 isstuu, mat alio - either thcreare eight of these tiew - fcuuled sa - vsges, and Hint two 01 went nave neen atresreii and sent to .ailleitc - viMe. we nope, tor tne 110 nor of humanity, ttiat this ie ort is not Vrui. From llj Charbiton Timet, Autl. Cv the arrival vettcrdjv evenire of the schr. - nllv. Cant. Doihl, in 7 days from the Havana, we luve received trom our anenuvc cotrcipoo dent the following infomiation : " HAVANA, juit z.', mill The Spanish hria of war San FernandV came into this port on Ihe afternoon or the Ivtti irtt. aiter a cruise of several days on thn coast of Florida : she brought in with her a pMsr sloop with rvr armament ol 17 men, wnn a cargo 01 negroes. Itissthrroedhysoute that this sloop billed irooisoinc port in vugima, onunn 10 new Orleans, and that the nrgroesare American pro ptrty, and belong to a plantation in New Orleans, wticntc iney were uouuo, aiicr a icgai purcnase in Virsini bv othrrs it it said tbat tlie negroes have been plundered from some Guineaman. t he former story - is mnsl prohahle, as a large proportion of tlie m - groes vpeak broken Fnglish ; the affair will he investigated in a few days, and a d?ciiin had thereon io the course of 10 or I? years, agreeable to the (me Spanish brevity. j In the mean time they wiil starve the whiti men to death, and tell the blacks to pay arrears to marines ! Official letter fraa Don Simeon Ponce rle Leon. commander ol Ihe paniih brig of wr St. Fernando, to Hit l.xicilency IM Commandant General of the M.trine Departtnent, dated liri St. ttrnanilo, . 1 1'orl of h avan - t, J uly 7 tii, 1 8 1 3. Most exceileot Sir On the 24th, at 5 o'clock in tlie afternoon, 1 separated from the bri Chur - with the two schooner The bn; continued her coarse with the convoy. On the 26th we anchored opiMtitr the bar o! St. Aopuftine. At 4 o'clock of the roHewioe dar, the sch xmers entered the port , and we irrtrfdiatl v set sail. At 5 lb the anernooii 01 ire isi insr. me mana 01 Ahaco hearing S. S. W. distance 40 leagues, we were brouzht too by a schooner, which, on nesting hoisted the Ujf of Ven - teela. We hoisted ihat ol Uaeoos Ayrs, and when within speak - ng ditam.e, too down tlie Buenos Ayrean, iimsted the panih fijg, :u.d fi ed epon hisn, when he lowered hi ti' :, and hi H.r ple rre cipitated thcniselves into Uie bold. At tins crisis it bcinc ralm. and u.y vnrl not mai.tSJvriiiL with tlie rrdine thM I wrbed.I.e was enabled, owing lo tlx? light - less ol his vsrt, to escape beyond the rev hoi mv fire tefre I had rompiete - iw rrippled hi a., trj' I bad dora. rnach o:ont,e to ;iis TWb' ' w" w,fc"H outaiU'St.isyiiiig endesviers lo ritri mm, al day light te wfcsnot to be seen. Ws then stored our course ibt the Providence channel, where - the 91K 1 hrouetit to the sloap Genoral Aury, t Spt. Mi t. itas Patterson, near tlie Berr - Islanrls, entv An.eiicsncoljrs, nsd bound, r.ccnrdine to ;be p - jMn h nr - B te i. f rom the port of Charles - '.or, n st. 'i'rioa, oiie - of the hiUe Antilles. Whrewt evcrhaulrd was bearinc X. E. iuta the Oaak 01 Paban.a, a course far oat of his pr&per direciiusi. We fosnd oa board !h tioi.p sevtsty tw negroes (sla "s) not racatioa - sjsistr books, aod woa h Uj endeavored to conceal frost us. After soaie lesaonstrsnces, ths captain dei'rerei! uptis c smmistioafo rtnin euiut Sooiui. issued bf toe Govern meat ol stew no Avres. lie hadoa board iron aad'muiii - tions of war, the flats of Buenos Avres and Vene - taela io consequence of which the rwgroes are placed oo board bis vessel, .aad tho captain and cew made prisonrrs. During ll test of ous cruise, uothing.wortny or posree ocenrreu. God preserve yoi maay years. ' SIMEON PONCE DE LEOX 11 is Excellency Commandant General Marine Deportment. . , . The above vessel is believed to bf, upon good information, the sloop A imyra, Captain Peterson, which sailed from thia port tlie 8th June last, ostensiblv bound In St. Thomas', and off the Mole in the Wall, fell in with an American vessel fiom Norfolk, bound to New - Or leans, with negroes, and plundered ber of them and other property.. , - . , Frim Iht Cilv of Wathirtirln flair He. Awe. 7. Washington jai. Major Hubert Bailey made bis escape, last asght, by breaking throng)) the wall of the jail, where he was confined for debt. By threatening tlie bf of a fellow - prinoner, who was a stooe - cuttet, he .oMiird him to remove some stones out or ihe wail, through which tic pasted. - An active search bs already commenced, and $300 it said to be offered for Bailey's apprehension. A colored man is in custody on suspicion of being privy to his escape. - Maj. H. is said to have been io for 111,000 dollars, and was dn - pointcd io not getting his discharge, last Men - dav, under the insolvent act. We understand that the Marshal. Tench Rin - gold, esq. as well as Ihe late jailor, Mr Tippxtt. protestuu, at the last court against the inarm an ' incommodious state of the prison, for the sale keeping aod comfort of the prisoners. The Pre sident was also applied to, on the subject, who stated that he had no authority to order any alterations. From Ihe Philadtliihia DemotrotU, Pro, of Augusts. We lalflv noticed the arrests and imptison - menls in' Europe of Colonrl Pionotoashi on sus picion of havine; brought letu - rs from Jtopolten at tt. Helena to M ana Lcu.m, and that Ins last ar rest and imprisonment was in the nonunions ol the KiriK ol Sardinia. Since the imriliratioii of Ihe above advices, we have teamed that the Fm - neror of Au'ri i, the father of Maria Louisa, hnd claimed the UerationofCol. Pirnofouki, which had hrrn refused by tlio Kincofsaidmia; but upon the Emperor's second spulicstion the claim ia said to bave been admit ted. We expect the next accounts from the Continent of f.U'one will lulorui us of the liberation of this faithful officer. From the .Xational Intelligencer, .tiiitst 7. ., Stevenson Archer, fiirmerly a prominent member of the House of Representatives, from, the state of Maryland, having resigned the office of judge in the Alabama territoiyto which he was subsequently appointed, has returned to hi former residence, and is again a candidate tor a seat in Congress. t From Iht Connecticut Mirror, Aug. 10. Alisma ri.AsTAGo As frenntnt inquiries have been made, wbetlier the Alisma riantngo is tob found io this part of our country ; we answer these inquiries, by icformiig the public, that some cf 'lie above named plant has been gathered and led with at at tins office, by Doc tor COM3 1 OCK or tins city, and may be seen sod examined by sit who bave any doubts ol us bein the genuine plant. BOSTON, August 8. A late Halifax paper says, "while the Ameri cans are rntiuinethe Spaniards on tlie land, thty are plundering i'nsti'hnie n on the ocean. The infest the harbours in this Province, and the straits of Labrador, sod bave not only driven the liritish flslicrmrn from their fiAhtne. grounds, but we uo - di - ntand bave takro from them by forrc such ar ticles as ihcy thought proper ; and by accounts recently received from Louisburg it apprar, that upwards of eisht hundred sail of American vessels are bound an the Straits of Labrador. We ... . , . . ? ii trusc rnai srx:rny ann riticiuni menturrs wiu or adopted not only to protect thr trade, bet to punish these ieotle lc tiicir tmrfilv." Mr. Sarstier, tl.airrm.n of the Commiltre of Trade, has given public notice, m ord' r to pre - vent ill conrcquent e from the belief ot unfounded it ports, that the orders I'rnro England are : That Arrericsn vessels hoveripn tir - on the tast will he di. - tctd to d - psrl, and not returu. snd thut those of thr in v. hirh uie found in the harbor" will be brought to trial." Wt leara from 1'ortiar.d that on Thursday a Mr. Daniel Mnnlv was arrested on suspicion of brine; concerned in tle late rohbery of the B.iak, and bonds to the amount of 30.0tX) huvins be h (l.:iu mikd of hid., tvLirh he could not oi - tiit, he was romuiitfed to prison. A ceptr.ia no'l was likfwiso arrester!, end he:nc told that s'rongcir - runistai. - tittl evWe.tre existed tiainit him, and tflt.rH thecli' iro ridier to becommitted ti pris on for trial, or to disclose tlie place wr.e'e the mney was seerrted, rc eive a reward of 10,000 do'l - irs, (whirh sum had Uen puMicly offered by the Ulrci lore) and his urierry, cr - ost iue iaer On eoin to ti.e ulare were be said the money wss depoile1, wl irh was a litt'ewsy out of town, be wis unable to had it. lie then offered to JM the snrcie, a part i f which h found. 11 is liberty was then givfnmm, nnd ncsoon aur r ronimnreo midile l v shontir.s himself with a pitol. The di - Sit rate net it was thought was c a in - ed by mor - tifimtion st the part be had acted, aad disappointment at not receiving Ihe reward. The pa per money it wnt supposed nsu neen previous taSfn awsy hy Manly. Before committing suicide t'di - t. Kolf declared that no oilier beside tini'elf and Manly were concerned in entering the Banlt, but that a Drotner in law oi in. s oir. r. Delay, who h arrested, assisted io carrying it away and rtcreting it. Arrived, just as our paper was p;oinr to press, tlie British sch. Pitt, Cox, 23 days from Antigua, via Bermuda, with rum and molasses to Tucker & Lanrics, and R. Lenox. Passenger, T. B. Guest. July 20, lat. 28, 55. lone; 64 30, spoke hrijf Hero, Boice, from Baltimore bound to St. Croix. By the above arrival we have received a Bermuda r?r of July 29ih, from which the following b copied. HAMILTON, (Bermuda,) July 29. I have been informed that a ve;el arrived from Halifax in the course of tho last week, at Hamilton, that gave an account of the Ceres, tin American sch that left N York for thisisland about 60 days aga, and was generally supposed lo havs been lost. It appears that the Halifax vessel spoke the Ceres, and finding them in great distress for the want of water, gave her a supply. In a few days the foil in with lirr a - gain, and gave her fifteen gallons of water, and left her about 200 miles from the land. They report that the crew had been obliged to drink rant instead of water, and some of them were ia a stale ol tntotication when they left lheoe. ' 1 bave boon told th Ceres has been twice seen from the land, but either from the strong currents that run round the Island, or ih incapacity of the crew, were unable to get in. WimixoTOK, x. c. Aujr. 1 The schr. Bonite, which arrived here a few days ago, and stated to be detained by the Collector of this port, upon examination tui - ni wit to be the Exchange, John Austin master, and has been for some time cruizing under the Mexican flat;. She was fjirnerly the Med iter ran ean, of Baltimore. The vessel stated to be sunk nesr Cumberland Island, was a cmsort of the Lxchange, both bound to this port she was called the Commodore Parker, (n assumed name) and it is supposed John Austin was on board when capsixed she is represented as having on board a vaiubic cargo of dry goods. PROVIDENCE, (H. I) Aeg. 7. Caution. Two persons were yesterday apprehended in this town, aud taken for examuiy uua vciuin - e uiaruunwi suspicion afrw. ihg bills of a fictitious bul Thy bad hS. possession toit 1'J00 ia new aod finosM bills, purporting to be nf U,e Bak or JUsjaWs! f Bat, BlovnnngxilU, State cf Ohto, . vjbo will, a number of which they passed, are alrned A. Young, Cashier and A. fCansons, Pesid?t - The Jedxe drscharged tbem, although U it IstiUev - '1 ed tbat there is no such bask 1! . . .. : . ; ; - - St. Jon, n: a. Julyi4, Account from Fastpoit mention, tlitt tLV American Collector had seised all the Illitiwi manufactured goods on the island that Writ had been issued against him. but lie had: gooe over to lAibec that all was confusion anddis - satisfaction. A? Mr. Guay, Canadian1 gentle - man, has been a loser to a large amount.' - ' From Iht rrncasler (Perm.) JowTUtll RECEIPT TO MAKE A GENTLEMAN. 1. Gat a pyramidal haf, about 18 inches hj - b'. black, if possible. Ifyou rant get a good black' then substitute on of straw. , ; S. A pretty thick covering of hair, on a' bead that contains about as much brains at wonld oh. ' sic a swallow; IheringleUmujthaaggracefuUy over the empty forehead, and a few carl sltra ihe hinder part of the eoneo. 3. A shirt, if you can afford it. But if n, cant then a shirtee, with pretty broad raff etw - I'be rufll mut be in fine pleats, about 4 inches ' down,' taking the chiu for tlie place of brgiu ning. - . i 4. A waestcoat, pointed at the bottom, sonst resemble as nearly as possible - the spont f x pitcher j the back of the wa!rtcor(.t aaott It ' handsomely perforated ' with boles, thr! wbirb must be drawn a string, with which tlie ' waistcoat mut r - e Ti - mty laced, to as t mak the body resemble as nearly as possible a half pint decanter turned up side down, or a sorar.i loaf oa. its end. This wnlrtcoat, mark ye, nruit have nothing more than an apology for a collar ' stuck round the upper edge, like the rim of a " dutch - oven. , 6. A white cravat, nrettv well starch.!, int. ; led round a piece of pasteboard adapted to the' shape of the oocl: aud chiu, tied as tight as you ran coarcuieuuy vrnr u. 1 o pasTeboard SUA fenin; my b ni.peused withs if you can afford to purchase a patent pad or poultice, at sob call it. . 6. A pair of Coerce pantaloons, wide eooeeh' to hold three hn sbels of potatoes, shaped like a. butter - chura turned up side down, about a foo ' shorter than your legs, with a broad hem below.; Take rare to have them made a indecently narrow about the hips as your modesty will permit 7. A pair of rcvilees, about 18 laches loor. right ami left, and very tight aboat the socles. If you can cenveuieuUy trespass so much on your finances, yon mar Wear stockists Whsrh is very seldom done, particularly at this seaeoo of the year. 8. A blue cost, tha waist buttons as near iho shoulders as you can decently have them, pretty long skirts, a little bit or velvet round the 04CK, as an apolotrr for a cape. The coat must It very tight. The best way to be stir of this is to have it made to small that nobody would tbisk it your own. This coat,, however, may b dispensed with, provided you bar a Utll frsst coat commonly called a frocks tin by ail means, made like a surtout, but so short that, when the wind blows, it may shew yoor posteri or., to advantajr. 9. Have an elcrant watch - chain, and at th end of it a rreat number of watcb - oeala, abowt one pound in weight no matter whether you have a watch or nut. nouia yoo nuppen w ua ssked in company " what o'clock k is r you csn readily answer" pon boo oof ois'sra,, miss, or sir (as tlie case may be) I am the most , negligent creature m the world do yon know, I havn't wound op wy wawn r tne last vsw wfeks." IfTonshotiM'have po wstch, yoa know the cream of the joko will be in tht truth or your reply. 10. ljstlv, have every large waixmr kick the half of a brush - handle, loaded w.thlesd,, will do very well. In walkinsrtheatreeta, thia sirJx must be Kf - .d perpewdicalarly, and ia like manner ettlown. Wear whitt jrlom by all means. Strut about as otleo as a Ut si vour convenience, and generally alone, in order "to shew your shape to the most advantage. - , When von are in male company, always preface your discourse w ith " By G d, sir s" and when ; Vou are in company of Ladies, never aty any thing without the introductory elame pon honor, ma'am, or ris, (ax the case may he.) By carefully observinjr the flirections yoa will most assuredly be the pink of tht rash ion."' and as comnlcte a eentleman as th generality of those whom the comity of good natured people lias bonorea witn inai counw ous appellation, and quite as genteel a bunu.u num. Parisntxraia, Aotrust 8. TK. Ip(T mmi. rant, tirmr. of this DorL - - - r - - 1 i - - j. - i - - imrrit i - nln - ihv in 41 dav from CadlX CB - tain Gray (luring the whole passage, had net the least occasion to take in a single ssD - owing to light winds and very moderate sTt ther ! ny We will thank any gentleman for th lev of th psmphlet containing th trial of Arbuthntt aad AmbrisUe, and gen. Jackson's order for executioa. rrp A GENTLEMAN, who hu bn gaged several years in the business, withe to con nect himself with tome newspaper ooi abruhoieat, either daily or semi - weekly, as joint proprietor and editor, nr editor solely. If the paper be pnliUcsionltmustbeenVrwi. II wouW accept an advantageous situation either at Bostaa, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. Ample recomraew dations will b produced if required Lttto opon the subject, addrerted to th office ot New - York Evening Post, within U or 1 yi ;'l nr.lif. do attention. . anr 8 4X intit asU.wAml Cm k iKa aih it. Ml. M " roil Ellswcrt aged 63, relict of the laU Cos - Oliver biiiwonn. . un r nusr, irw oisi. i. r ir - n - - - i . .'.'iclm hi. z .1 rll ijd. sf vs. ma vwu nr ui ueai' ivin - i . l the city or vshinglos, cdim lern; w of Internal Revenee, ia the 30th year of hi iff gFKJflra POST MARIMB LIST. - ws wfr. ra, Mtio r ti F KYWll M rs txir U mr ' . .. . . a. Or. - HatVol MtfA 1 WW oemora, who ou w 7 . , 3 Hatnawsy, jun. ot " - . Sch Johi, LoveUnd, SJ days fNeW - ' leans, withtahacco, nuts, flour tn ? Kohmson st i rorids, spoke sliipCo.PaUersft Orican. for N York. Left NeWJOrtesoe M July. SjHike io tiitstref.TlJni gers, fi - om N York. I5tn, sen Un Norfolk , brig New - Pscket, 36 days T Ibiston, irth. spoke inside ibt oar, sm, - v. Shaw, 28 clays trom w ior, 7 j. Com. rei - rv, 15 days from Port au - mncci - - Experiment, Chase, imaj . ' o am4 PliiUd. Left at N Oileans. abtp Com Bogem fi.r Livernonl. in 4 da?J.' Tb .hip Tritory WF laying upon the bar. Lat. 85 48, V. 55, was boarded ov a Boat, armeM wiUi li mew, naving . - vtcsicm '" - vrr 1 inrornieo s xne ring niH "w" " 7 v. - isr haurunon iiwt wt 1 - ' 1, ! sprung alrak on her passsge from W' - VV - . ! to Ne vr - York, and that the master had ed a Be - rrovioence r - .cr, w cargo to Mr f hrrilN Inp I ICKnxKjil ICLkiM

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