The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 8, 1931 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1931
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

12 MASON CIT* ULOBhMiAZKTTK MACNIDER GETS SECOND HOUSE IN "CANADJl CAPITAL Ctiliinel'i .Popularity in Ot,i : tawa Growing, Says ;':- : ' Correspondent ;. /The'fpllowing-'ltem appeared. ·'--iti the April 3 c'aitlon ol the ",:;· New York Time a: ,- OTTAWA, April 2.--The TJnited State^ Minister to CanBda.dpes not spend' all hia^tirije in/grave questions · of international' concern. Fat from it Regularly he ;goes house iterating in .Ottawa. Having-no official residence provided by his government he 'is at -the mercy of circumstances ' a n d the current lease. William Phillips, the first;American Minister to Canada, bccupie'd-two or three houses during his shor.t term. Col. Hanfo'rd MacNider, who suc^ ceeded him a year ago. already is in Us second place. He has signed a he\v ; lease for a.year, thus disposing of rumors that ihe intended!to'quit the;.diplomatfc service this summer to^undertake,- as'one report here-had iti" i the.. management of- President Hoover's campaign for re-election.' The United 'states government has its plans completed for the erection this year of a handsome office structure facing the parliament buildings which wilt house the Minister and his staff and all officials of the consular,., immigration arid trade departments. But. the problem of finding living quarters is left to .the Minister, arid it is a problem involving inconvenience and embarrassment to an extent which is known to have Influenced 7 Mr. Phillips in his decision to retire. The minister must have a large house suitable for formal entertainment. There are comparatively few such residences in Ottawa. and only by rare good fortune is 6ne of them to be had furnished on lease; Colonel MacNider hag been fortunate so far, and his new lease is on a commodious .place .In fashionable Rockcliffe' Park, near the residence ot the governor general, but no doubt he will be in the market again next spring.. . ,. Colonel MacNider has achieved great personal popularity during his brief residence here. He is the moat approachable 'of men; he delights in entertainment and his hospitality is becoming famous. The other day his luncheon geusts were members of the diplomatic set and of the par- piamentary press gallery. He brings to his home eminent fellow-Americans, shows them the Canadian capital and its official life from the inside. His relations with the Canadian government are known to be perfectly harmonious, based on mutual respect and confidence. Don't let a Cold Settle in your Bowels! KEEP your bowels open during a "cold. Only a doctor .knows the importance of this. Trust a doctor 'to know best-how it can be done. That's why Syrup Pepsin is such a marvelous help during colds. It is 'the prescription of - a . family ·doctor who specialized in' bowel ^roubles. The discomfort of colds Is ..always lessened, when it is used; j-, ^out-system, is kept free from the' rihlegm,'mucus and acid wastes. -The cold 'is "broken up" easily. Whenever' the- bowels 'need opening, Dr. Caldwell's Syrup .- Pepsin is sure to do the work. ·It does not gripe or sicken; but , ,'its action-is thorough. It'car- . ries off alt the souring waste arid poisons; helps your bowels . to help themselves. ^ a spoonful as soon as a cold starts, or the next time coaled -·tongue, bad breath, or a bilious, ·headachy, gassy condition warns of constipation. Give it to the children during colds or whenever they're feverish, cross or upset. It is harmless;- contains only- laxative herbs,' pure pepsin and other helpful ingredients. ._,. The way it tastes and therway it ' ,actsj Jiave made Dr. : Caldwell's '· Syrup" Pepsin the largest selling . laxative in all drugstores! DR. W. B- CALDWELL'S' SYRUP PEPSIN A Doctor's Family Laxative THOMPSON GIVES BEST WISHES TO "MAYOR" CERMAK Political Curtain Is Rung Down on Long arid Full ' Career. , " . . By H. BE BURTOJV CHICAGO, April' 8. UP)--''Big Bill" Thompson rang down the political curtain, for a time at least, today. ,. , The last act in 12 years of dazzling political showmanship was over but up:tb the last he played the role.' It-was^mpre, however, as an understudy .would have sketched the cowboy hat, the expansive gestures that set Out Thompson and to a nation.symbolized Chicago. There was riot much he could say but to the last he said the surprising. He volunteered hearty congratulations 'for Cermak, who, only a day before, ..he had flayed from the- platform. He announced himself ready to "stop working for 3,500,000 people arid start looking for myself." . - . - . . ; ' t - . ; Helped Change Map. "Big BUI" helped change the physical map of Chicago. Under his ad-" ministration Michigan avenue was 'extended, straight as aa arrow, across the Chicago river to the. lake. Boulevards were extended. The park system waa. created out of nothing as land sprang up where there had been water. He preached "America first" and the' "principles of George Washington." He could point to his family background as a reason, for he was the descendant of a general in the Revolutionary war. He went Into politics 31 years ago, a young man of ample means, fresh from the ranges of the west, where success rode with him. He was a go-getter arid he won a place in the city 'council. ·'-' Won .by-140,000. : He was l popular but no one thot of him as a candidate for mayor until one night during the 1914-15 holidays he rented a theater, raised the curtain and disclosed huge bundles of pledge cards--140,000 of them guaranteeing votes for him. They had laughed at him, the older political heads, but he won elec- ion by that figure Of 140,000. Until yesterday it was the greatest plur- ility of a Chicago mayor. His plat- orm planks were "drive, the crpbks but of town," and "Improve the treet car service." In 1919 they laughed at him again vhen he ran on a "freedom for Ire- and" pledge. It.brot him votes. · ' Attacked King George. He stepped .to one side then and Chicago thot "Big Bill" waa thru as .William B. Dever, a reform democrat, took off ice..Things' proved different in 1927; four years-later. He trounced white-haired Mayor Dever,' but the real news Was his attack on King George. It brot him International notice. , "Bust King George on the snoot!" was one of his rallying cries. It was based on the charge that British propaganda filled Chicago school history hooka. APRIL 8 1931 CUPID CHASING DOROTHY been reproduced witli surprising fidelity, it is claimed. Friends of Dorothy Mackaill, .well known motion picture actress and Arthur Byron, her leading man, promise-that the couple's engagement will be announced hi the near future. Neither Miss Mackaill, shown In-two delightful photos above, nor Byron have made any direct a omissions concerning the- romance. . · . . ' . . Drive a n r ^ T / ^ T T H T » R EIG H T .,' " " *., ' · ' t ' . ·- : ·' - ,' ' ' ' Learn about Dual High Performance As durinaive. as the Chrysler Eights are in design, they are even 'mow distinguished' in the field of performance. It is safe tossy chat you wffl enjoy a. ChtysJer Eight more, and be prouder, and drive it oftener--and Von^er--than .-any other motor car .you'have ever owned.. · : ' .Vou'IIlikeitmore,simpIybecausetheChrysler , : Egnc ; " « sweepingly different from othercars. -Not mere surface differences, but differences in basic engineering and construction. : ·.. Jjte nothing else in its results is th'e exclusive Multi-Range 4-speed transmission with Dua! High gears and a quick, silent gear shift. One high gear is desigred for hair-trigger pick-up and sprinting in city driving--the other is for the open road, giving higher cat speeds with a marvelous smoothness due'to .reduced engine speeds. This Multi-Range transmission with Dual High gears was one of the important factors that enabled the Chrysler Imperial Eight to win, within a few days, tvelve AA.A. Contest Board stock car speed records for one to five miles. For . a real treat, drive a Chrysler -- any . Chrysler.Afterall.perfonnanceisthetestofauto- mobile value--and Chrysler has the performance. CHRYSLER SIX . '.'·,·. . JMS'to *93J CHRYSLER "70- *12« L CHRYSLER BIGHT f 149} mf 16n CHRYSLER IMPERIAL EIGHT 12745 to *3I« Allpricaf. o. b. factory ' E, W. LARSON CO. 116 S. DELAWARE PHONE 766 : ir- At Mason City's THEATERS Next to religion, health is the most universal topic of conversation. It concerns both old and young, embraces the latest findings of science and the age old remedies of the race, and includes' spiritual as well as physical and mental sicknesses. Therein lies the wide appeal ofc "Doctors' Wives," Fox drama of misunderstood marriage in the medical profession which is playing Wednesday and Thursday at the Palace theater,, with " Warner Baxter r.and Joan' Bennett "So-featured. '"Never have .1 portrayed a role,"' Warner Baxter declared, "with more potential appeal to audiences,; nor one from which I derived more personal satisfaction. This is due to the universality of the subject, and from the fact that 'Dr. Judson Penning' is a character strong enough in ideals and purposes to appeal to everyone." The drama of ''Doctors' Wives" is brot about when the most promising young surgeon in New York 'marries the daughter of a doctor,-a girl whom he thot would instinctively understand his desire to devote his time, ^energy and talents to the relief of suffering.. .- --o-- ' ' .- · Charlie Murray and Georgo Sidney are starred in "The Cohens and Kellys in Africa," which opened a three day engagement Wednesday at the Cecil theater. As the fifth of the series of Universal picture plays in-which Murray and Sidney with vera Gordon and Kate Price have been featured, "The Cohens and Kellys In Africa" is by far the finest entertainment and most original of- the' group, according to critics: The riotous comedy introduces Cohen and. Kelly as piano manufacturers whose business is at the point at ruin because of a shortage of real ivory for their piano keys. Meeting a pseudo-explorer who paints a glowing picture of veritable mountains of ivory in Africa, Cohen and Kelly decide to finance an expedition to the "Dark Continent" with the explorer "Windjammer Thorn" as leader. The inimitable comedians become Involved in almost every conceivable tangle on their memorable expedition including the loss of their wives. The screen play follows their escapades from the time they leave the boat at Mombasa, over tie veldt i and thru jungles until their departure from a sheik's harem for the United States; The , jungle atmosphere and harem scenes have RAYMGNB HACKHT NEIL HAMILTON ULYAN TASHMAK JEAN HUUHOLT I Thursday Only PAUL WHITEMAN And His Band In 'KING OF JAZZ' tATJKA L.A PIANTE JOEtN BOLES JEANETTE LOFF Now Playing TDANB you love romance that .is genuinely beautiful-^-and the inspiring music that made Victor Herbert's name immortal--if you like clean, wholesome comedy and, in a word--better entertainment^KISS ME AGAIN WILL GIVE YOU SOUR BIGGEST THEATRICAL ENJOYMENT ALL SCENES IN NATURAL COLORS --COME NOW. FEATirRE STARTS AT l:4fr--3:35--5:30--7:25--9:20 Bemlce Claire Walter Pldgeon Edward Ei-erett Uortoii Claude GUUng^-nter June Collyer Thd Screen's Newest VetSion of Love's Oldest and Sweetest Song! Me Again" will continue at 'the Strand theater thru Friday. The background -of the story is to 'itself glamorous, for the pellmell action takes place in Italy, in Algeria and in tgay. Paree. "Kiss Me 'Again"' is thronged with gorgeous girls in gorgeous f olderols of the latest mode. There are scads of soldiers and officers in gold lace and brilliant reds and blues^and all is taken in natural colors. "Kiss Me Again" begins in the Maison Cecile, a swart fas Won salon of Paris, ·patronized by ladies of fashion and gay bouleyardiers, and presided over by,.thfe magnificent 'Madame Cecile herself. The rendezvous is most interesting because of Fifi -- a. fluttering and radiant butterfly of Paris, who .sews for the Madame and makes love on the side -- clandestinely to .Paul de St. Cyr-- fierce and mustachioed ancient general-who has arranged for Paul's marriage to his daughter Marie. "King of Jazz," super-musical extravaganza starring Paul Whiteman and nis internationally famous orchestra \yill be the extraordinary offering of the towa theater Thurs-' day CKnly. "King of Jazz" brings to the,, all-talking, all-staging:, all- daricjng and all-Technicolor screen an extremely colorful sound production. Besides Paul Wblteman and his band, who appear in person in a variety of numbers as well /as pro- viding the music all-thru the picture, "King of .Jazz" presents a notable cast. Laura La Plante, John Boles, the sensation, of the singing screen; Jeanette Loff, Stanley Smith, the famous Russell Afarkert dancers, Grace Russell, Billy Kent, Charles Irwln, Paul Howard, · Al Norman, Tommy Atkins' Sextet and 'Nell O'Day, all headUners of the vaudeville stage; the celebrated Sisters "G," the dancing rage of Europe brot especially from Berlin; Rose Statler, Jeanie Lang, and countless others from all spheres of entertainment world appear in their choicest numbers. Oil Truck Turns Over. . RTJDD, April 8.---The oil truck driven by Walter Phillips overturned near Floyd Tuesday morning. The tank was-somewhat damaged but Mr. Phillips waa unhurt. KELLY'S HARP ORCHESTRA OF OSAGE Will Play for the AMERICAN LEGION OLDTIME DANCE Saturday Nlghtv April 11 AT THE ARMORY * Admission Always Z6o New ventilating system now In operation Well Drilled at Allison. AMJSQN, April 7.--A new cttj"T well is being drilled. A depth of 17 } feet has been.reached and men ari now drilling in rock. A Peerlesj turbine automatic pump in.» stalled by a company of DesMoinesi BARGAIN RATE «o CHICAGO f MBK-Tick«ti wfll b. honored on till trwns April 17 »nd 18. . | -- Ticktti will b* llmlud fb«' r»Uim to April 20. . e »J % MILWAUKEE CECI Mason City's Finest Theater iGhased by; Lipns! Captured by Cannibals! Lost In a Harem! Oi Oi -- It's Funny! NOW PLAYING --THRU FRIDAY-J They Went To The Jungle For Ivory And Came Back With a Million Laughs! IT'S a hot time in Africa w'hen Cohen and Kelly get loose in the jungle. You'll scream with laughter at the funniest show of their career! COHEN* , KE LLYS IN AFRICA George Sidney -- Charlie Murray "*"""" VerarGorfloii'· -- nD '-*-"··-·-^ '--"' Kg: Supporting Fun Show ' COMING SATURDAY O - Q - O - QH! THRILLS -- CHILLS -- IN THE WEIRDEST-STRANGEST PASSION EVER KNOWN! D R A C U L A MIGHTIEST OF MYSTERY PICTURES! Starts Thursday ROMANTIC MEDICINE WITH A REAL KICK .', ·".-, TM ^at- WARNER BAXTER NO. 6 ON OUR GREATER SHOW SEASON · · The Finest Pictures of the season Starting SATURDAY JOAN -BENNETT H E L D O V E R W E D N E S D A Y fOE THE "MOOIT Jbfjbf DANIELS Three Years in the making for your two hours of -fun. Charlie,n't hig most Chaplin- csque! XITY . LIGHTS" A Four Star Picture

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