The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 10, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, August 10, 1818
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0 . 'I .'."". ' alPlrt XV - ' - ' WW - 'W - V DUMBER 5040 MONDAY, AUGUST 10, 131 C." 1LJ12A , " ... for.BlckeUy and Mobile, . . ' t: ' - . (f tha Una of packeta,) - . . - Tiuwell kitoira, tkt nuliug (chuoaer ' jjiiU3Kiri Cpt. Wek, baviag two thirdi liar lrij"i tc6icut wl" wiui u ' Taiuit dipich. For th rmainJr, or pa - ' hTUir toptrior accommoJsiioni, apply to . PETERS k HERR1CK, ',. Jy g7 j - 89 CVeutiw - tlip. rmr CHARTER. tf A BritisU BRIG, buril.en 213 ton : VjiBritwh, or. 8100 brreU ; now t I'hi - Weiulita i will proceed to this, or ituuUiern port, to load for England, or the West Indies, tice. - Apply to. H POST, HJ5 r ... 31 goutli.treet A Britbh BRIG, that ill carry a - .bout 700 bale't Bens&l Coltou, to load r Liverpool. Apply to - J5 ARCH'UORAClEftSOS, i Bar UCKHtOOln (Oml cf the line of packets,) '226 Thacoppcred, New, York buUt hip jfZuTiC,' Johu Williaow, maUr j ha elegant ' cetwioudatiooi for patjcngen, and U iuteuded Vtoil, according to a fixed arrangement, oa the lOih of neat muuih. For freight or passage, ap - to captain Wdliami, on board, at Pultoa - it. wkMtl. lO ISAAC WRIGHT Si SON; or, ' ' FRANCIS THOMPSON. - P. 9. JJeJi an J bodding are lound V the thip'a far A'M'GAJ'iJ... Jjmuica. The fine coppered ctar. VLAIlEJf - ZuJV, John O. Frith, maiter, it now kuulau'. and wilt bo duL&tched without ueiar . for pawage only, apply on board, at pier No. 9, Eait - KiPiir, or to . '1 UCh.tll tl l.aukie.s, , , uly 84 - . ; . 29 South - it Wanted to Charttr, A vessel ol about 140 tons, tor a vor - ' jalr 23 J, .' 67&oulb - ct. . tor tieiekt or Charter, .The 8chr. ALBATUOSH, Collin maiUr. 100 tons builheu a firtltal Apply to ju!yM 67 goulh - tt. ttr Hale,' freight r Charier, Tti .titunrh ml lliln MllllUtH. ' j3Utoasbarthu,is iaootnulete order to mwv cargo, and any ba tent tn tea with lit tltupenca. Apply on board, wast side Bur liarilip, or to' ' " ' N. L. G. GRIiWOLD, Jyfp - 86 Southt TI tf.iXl'KlJ TO CU.i HltH, Aif . A good TutiaiUog VESSEL, of 1500 l'?hlta t000 barrels burthen. ' Apply al 67 U uuingtotfiircet, to . Jt O. G. & S. TfOWLAND. J fC Pua.heoiu tugu'prajoC&t. V'ioceol Rum, do fioaiPavoured Jamaica do. 9 BmtbIs Jautaica Gtafer, iutt rereieed and far ala by ? TUCKER 4 LAURIE3, ' . iuUtU v . ' w S3 ttoutht. 1) UMIOlMocheons fintunahty S. E Ram, liforaaleby JAd. PVVOl.K, Jmo,: i 4 . v.. - - . . : - . 64 South - ntrret. - JEAe, - wu.tiKJO.UfcA yiT KK(LATar.fcAIIS AtlMIMM ) f J ujrilx;r haa coraUBUy oo band a gtf n - J. ual - auwtieeot of tlie liliowiiii( articltx, Wlif h will be dupowd of at a moderate advance. " Tea ol first Quality ttgr do do v Owiiiine old Cognac Brandy .' '' BoilaudsGia - " Jamaica ond otlier Spirit : Wioei ol tlie arioK kiudt - Pine Apple Shrub temou, Lime and Orange Juice - , ; Sallad Oil in bctlitf aud bottle L. Brown Stout . , Bottled Ale and Cider " ' IJouble Gloucester ' " Hollnnd and American Cheese Cordial Spices, Easvoce bpena ana 1 allow Candles Do. Oil for Lamp Coffee, Rice, Barley and Mustard i A lew boxes Sicily iemoon, in uneoiuer Rutins, Aluionda, Prunes, Figs . Buket Salt, ;c. nrsiUby JAMES P. ANDOE. ' Wasted to purchnie, a quantity of secoud hkad i and porter brttkt. 'J I KENTUCKY - TOBACCO. 74 bluli. Driuse Kvntockr Tobacco, landinertlitsdaf (ruoiship Grand Seijrnor, from Otkans, fur fct CIIA8. L. OGDKN, and JJ3 . . . ABRAHAM OGUEN. WHITE LEAD, BLUtt VITRIOL, Al LU M.Ac. Received uer Chauncevand Cotuotbia, from Bristol, (Kng ) and Tor sale by tfuhscriber, oo advantageous terms, vix. ,:su sens genuine ground wnue i.eau in zaiit. "kegs , , 10 casks best dry White Lead ta caek 5 to 6 cwt. each 30 do Red Lead in cask from 1 to 3 cwt each . 1! do (Spanish Brown from 3 to 4cwt..h JO do trory Black from t toScwt each It do Roman Vitriol iromSto 8 cwt each tS do Venetian Red from 2 to 3 cwt each It ticrres Allam from 7 to 10 cwt each 10 hhds. 5 tierces and 8 bbls Rctton alone French Green, Lamp Blnrk, Purple Brown 1 Colcothar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Bricks Apply to : . ir A.CKURCH, J 15 18 1 Bowrry. - (iKRMAM ii01)rf. reuel. J I DECEIVED by the ship Triton and the ship I I ll Elba, frum Mamhorr. and othrr late imntirN II 1 IM. an assortment of German Linens, such as luwias, wmte and brown Htagne,Creas, Dowlas, Brown Check and Shirting Linens ' Hempen Osnaburgs and Tic klen burgs, tiMiian, Burlap, Brown Rolls, g. Tape, fioperflno Broad Chitti ' Airfcios Silk Galloon and Poucd Ribbon Cofee Mil), glut I'tncU 'Wokiig Glass Plate ;ket and Sutia Glasses ' d Peorii, sdao assortment of Card wire. r . Also oo hand, ' ' fctoSt PeUraiiarg Hemp , trst quihty Holland Sad Cloth, and aty boxes Pategras Cbeese, entitled to de - . f uje o,, reaioaable terms, by ... UtO. S I lltiO. METtK, Z 'm 129 Washinetno trert. Tfo 1 1 U.Y mtOLK MA LU I A & C.i HUH. HOU WHU'TEMORE ha constantly oo land at bit manufactory, No. 5ft Ferry - JJt next to the corner of Pearl street, a laree K - lestral assortment of cards of every descrip - m: . - j Card of 7, 8,9, 10 M do 5 and 6 cWte do . j - .... , V i,ll,,er,' Hat'er.' Ruling Card i"ofsiiperinr oualilr, wbtcb he will eTl oa Z? terms. " J t4 lm 1 foekat Book Maker, one who oodersUnds tootia , "" win. nave ;ooo wat;rs aoi strt,L ""Wit &y appJuig at io. la wan - ' ' '"ao 3 JCLlSTu; io UiaFatis, WuUkng and for an 7 Kin. C.L.U, 1 132 Fnrt itrett 11.AnET.40doxen very snperiour Claret, V Tor sale at $ IS the dozen, by ' - " GEOUGK JOHNSTON, ' je30 tf ' ' - No. 1 gloat - lane C CHEMICALS, COLOKi, Ac Epsom SalU, in cask of 2cwt Lump Maeoesii, in cans Do do email squares Calcined do in fhials RocbelleSalt. Acid Tartar Citrie Acid, Blufl Verditerin firkin Patat .rellotr, Kings Yellow Retrulas of Antimony GUNS, BUTTONS, tic. Fowlii c Pieces, assorted, well finished Do do ia waiascoat casts, finely finished wnnopparatus complete ' Duelling Pistols, in cute : Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Belt Gilt Coat and Vest Button Copperplate for engraver Matiiemntical Instruments ' Rolling Paralel Ruler , Mariners compassei, telescopes Opera glasses, microscopes 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale by J. - LAMBEUT, je 18 J Cuurtlandl - ktrecK WET A'UHSE WANTED. VXE with a cood suppf' of milk, and who J can produce aatwfactoi y tebtimoiiuls of cliaracter, &c. will meet with encouragement, by applying at WHS. 5AIULKRS, J 10 if - . No. 56 Broadway, I EG HORN STRAWS. J cases Leghorn lJ r lais ana crowns, principally, just re ceit ed and for said by KURD k SF. WALL, .' atisr 4' 65 South street. t I sjiiiiin. A lew bales olUur - KJ rah and B&fta,for ale by JOS. OSBORN, J 31 28 South - Ktreet. BAH. IKON, c.. - j toot Bar Iron . 5 tontfcheet Iron ' VU drien Fri lnR Pnne Patent CliafTaml Orawins Knivc r". Iron hd(1 ittel bliovilt uerinnn and cast ileel mill, pit Si hand saws .oacn opnng tt - el ror sale by ANUERs - ON c SUKAIIER, Jt . At lrlt Water lr. - f. SHr - .Ftlk.Ll tc JSHMLYUII.1M OUOiJS. C Cwks neatly assorted table Knives Si Foik., J I do, do. do. Small Cutlery, a a i. '.t. Talle Knives tc Forks, 4 do. do. do. jwil,l,malUulUry. 1 do. do. do. Saws, 1 do. do. do. Files, 1 do. - do. do. Eedge Tools, 1 do.' do. do. Britannia. Te - pot, A few casks Candlesticks, Butt Hinge, Wood Screw, Cotumode Koubt, ani 1 raw Liii'tmiH, Forsale, varylow, by JNO. M'CilACKAN, July 2 . m r ? ari - si. L Xttii'GaOOd, &e. tJ Boxes muslio 10 do. 4 - 4 & 7 - 3 Irish liuens I do. pink gingham . 1 do. shawls - 4 do. brown platdUs , i . A do. Scotch oaoaburc ' . 7 bale linitaiioo abetting ' ' ' ' 4 do. brown linen - - '. " t da. linen bod trek " , T "1 do. 5 - 4 cotton check ' 1. - '. - ,J do wetitis. . - m., - ,.( - f also, ':".: - saiiioth, Cotton bagine; Twilled sacking Seine twine For sal by GEOIUiE JOHNSTON, Julv 2 No. I SloM - lane. Jd.lUs.ltiA .,. PIPES t 6 1 . Or rk Malmvf i'n iln f Scott, Ijooghnan, Penf .lJ 1 - Co1, brand, and offered for sale by W. tl S. CRAIG, angl lia" No. Q4 r ront - st. jVJ AESTBtrV'ELV'RTS, Assorted eo - 1V.I lour and very suiierior auaritv, for sale low, by tih.0.1. NKWllKUY, J at 13V I'earl street. OILS. tic. OnfaGallo,' B - iTined Sep Elephant O'd JUUU liOO do. Summer Hr'd sperm. Oil 100 do Nut O.l for Portrait Painters 5 Oil Presses, itt screws, runnine; in copper lyes, suitable I r tobacco, oil, or tlotluera. To be sold hy . SAMUEL JUDD, ai no. :z uroaaway or iii t r ly - maraei. Jy3l Hit J. W. r o K II E a, MAsrcrACTCHEit or silver ware, No. VO Broadway. INFORMS his friends and the public, that he continues to manufacture ol sterling silterex - clusit ely, and of superior workmanship, silver Tea and Table I Ladles, Urns, 'Setts, I Waiter, Syphon Church Plate, I Fidi Knives SKons, Forks, Cake Baskets, &c. kc. ol the; latest and most eiegant paf.erus, and at uie loiresi prices. All orders executed in a masterly manner. It.1 B. FAMILIES i.hin to be supplied with tlie first rate articles ol Silver, are invited to inseclhis work, a all article ol bis manufacture are sold only by bioisell. j 3U isn BREWF.UY For side, a bargain, a Brew ery tc Malt Hou.a connected, in tha city f Huilson. The buil.lirri are atone, and par ticularly well calculated for the business. It is sit Hated ia th midt of a barley country, and has many other adv . ;ta;cs. It is certainly an object for thiita wisung to engage ju ths business. It is the only brewery in the couplry. Thi property will ba old cheap. Term liberal; titlogond. For further particular apply to M. MULDF..N, No. 73 Maiden - lane, New - York; or J. MaO.V, Jr. near tha premises. June 13 tf TO BUILDERS. Or thoie who mny wish to erect three e!g"in( buildings or lactorsr. LOTS, 77 feet by 80, more or less, with tlie buildings thereon, in the centre of Vcey - st. can be purchased separate or together; An eleeant LOT. with the Boildinss thereon, 11 Bower. 42 by 125. more or hss, uearCliaW ham - 'reet tlie whole on accommodating tcrtus Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Brekman - st The advertiser ha three small niorleare to dirptof, one of i.U00, one of jlOUO, rue of f 1 200, all ia this city. Je 9 EDUCATION. TOUNO LADIES' S.LECT SCHOOL, No. 1 1 Cr.DAR - trnET. TR. MEAUrcuoclfully :ies notice, thai .VI his Sohiol will Le again open on Tuesday the e 1st ol September. a courae of. Erfstaian ; embracing all tlie im . I. n - ).... fMu, Rb.,1, n. ami P.nm. ship, to Rhetoric and Natural Philosophy. r rcQ4 n Dy wiw: ui inn ui 'v rji'iiibii .v. . . bfliiiri"ln''." - 'j - " - m - ctiaratter of thi School, by ralrirg upon any of UK ITIIIOWIII Krrifciacu, uiu. u. nuvui DKMig It fMI'MOS.' Ri. - hard Varick. Thoma S. Clark son, Anth'tiv Iy, Anvu Jcktr, ' James Reowick, qr. CalebS; Riess, n.,m GhiiA. ' John t - aydam, and J 3 - J lm - LI f ENS, VELVETS, tie. AVERY hamhoBiO assortment of Selessia 'Linens, consisting of Platillas, Royaler, Bretagncs, Estopillas. Dcwlas, Crea and Cbo letu , - , 2 case silk relveU ' ' 5000 muskets boxes fowling pieces 2 casks Steuerarkscyther, doable sword . 150 kep Dutch herrings 4 boxes assorted glassware The a bare ar ticles eutitled to debenture. Z ceroon indieo, 1 box toy and a few pie oe Dutch cloth For tale by C. ZIMMERMAN, July If I m 77 Washington - st. TEAS. VINESttL,GROCERIES. No. 7 park (late Ladies Auction Room.) '1 Ml E subscriber keeps constantly forsulea X general assortment of first rate Groceries toriamiiy use, amongst wuich are - ' uimtfuwucr Imperial Mysoo, Young Hyson . HysnnSUin Souchong Si TEAS f of first quality ond latest i ... importation. roue Hons Loaf, Lump, l cur rid Havana white and browni SUUAK3, Double Gloucester, ) rnprcr Holland At American lltt5l" leiuon Juice . - Sicily Leuious in good order 4tli proof Cognac Brandy (genuine) . Holland Gin and Jamaica Spirit Madeira, Port, Clnn.t, L. P. Teneriffe, cnerry and otln r lviiie Sweet Oil in Bettits and Bottles fnices, VV. I. Pepper Hibbert's Broirn Stout Sperm Oil and Candle ; with many other articles too numerous to specify, which will be soiu at a moderate advance, uy . an? 3 JAMES P. A DOE, I U.M, Mol.AsaES Si &LGAH. 95 pun xv cneon Antigua leum 6H do Molasses, and 12 bbls. Sugar, received by the British brig Awtelit, from Antigua, and tor sale Dy K.UU1. ir., bur 4 . 112 Front - street. AM EK LOAN Cl.Ol'iia. . . lOSErmill OMBkCO No. 162 Pearj. J street, have iut received 10 nieces Ameri - cau Suer(iue I'liie Cloths, which will be told tlieap, lor cash only. Also on hand, an extensive assortment of Do ineslic, Woollen, and Cotton Goodsjof every dis cription, at low prices. J 29 CLOril:5 4iCASSIMERES. A tew cases extrn fine London Cloths and Cassimeres, jut received, and (or sale by liURl k SEWALL, nMg4 65 South - street. ROBERT OlLI.EsPIK, NO 1 12 r root street, offers for sale the car goof the British brig Amelia, from Anti - un, cutnisting of y punctieous ilum fcti do Muiasst . . I t barrels Sugar. f In spore, . . 81 hhds. Kentucky Tobacco ' 12 do uiu Kicuioonc do 60 groce Wine nnd Porter Bottle 12 hale prime Upland Cotton A chain Cable 6t far a ship of 400 tons White Port Wine in bhd. ' Roris Red Port Wine incase of 3 dos. . . Gnu half Pipe M adeir imported from J amai - ca, price j8 pr gallon. , aug 4 :.. 1 MM tliTHJ. LttL. - ' ' JOSKhl T1TCOMB k CO. J6t Pearl street, have just received 6 case, containing , 6 - 4, 4 - 4, 7 - 8, and 3 - 4 bleach'd cihecbng and .Bluruixs Brown Shining ; Gingham Hiripes; Checks; Chair, brays Bud - Ticking and Cassimercs. A Iro oo hanil, an extensive assortment of I liimestic VVoollvo and Cotton Goods Wk k arn ; Boots and Shoe Cut Tack and Brads, assorted An invoice of Straw Braid, Sc. . All of which will be told atlow price for cash or short credit. Wool, Cotton or Bale Goods received for sale or on stnrnge. nog j Nh. RUM i blidt N. E. Rum, Ittudiug at Cmne - wharf, from slncD Cnthai ine. and for sue oy u "uut'un. i , i ... ituirm L aue a 54 South street. 'IMJRPE.N PINE ai TAR. d'iO btilssoit I ur L pentinc, and 50 do Tar, afloat, hy R. C. W. DAVENPORr It CO. iii5 . s VIEW KICPIAIOAD FLOUR. fl barrels i. v superfine Flour from new wheat 100 du do do from new rn l old do, landing and lor sale by W. k S CRAIG, aug5lw f4 Front - street. ClOTTON. - 4 hales Upland Cotton, forsale by R. it C. W. DAVENPORT ii CO. augS WHITE LEAD. 5o0 kegs best English White Lend, ground in oil, lately import ed from LiveriKHjl, and for sale by IUCKER4LAURIES, aug o t J coutn street. ' I EA, Mc. 50 chess Hyson Skin Tea X KM) bbls first and 2d quality Loaf Sugarin handsome shipping o'der. For sile l.y JACKSON tl WOOLLEY, nng 6 75 Wall - street. FREfH ZANDT CURRENTS. IT7 F. PELL CO. will sell to - morrow, in V . front of their store 25 (mall barrel of very fine freh Current just imported and wor thy the attention of grocer and fruiter. "g 5 KEN UAL COTTONS AC Wt.LSH PLAINS. 40 bale of Kendal Cottons) Of superior 30 do Welsh Plains, ) fabric. Just received per Importer, and for sale at 71 Pine street, by aug 4 Iw PROCTOR & MATHERS. LODGINGS wanted in the country, for a gentleman, with his wile, Burn and child, in a pleasant, healthy situation on thi island. Apply at 6 South street. aug 4 ADVERTISEMENT. I PROPOSALS will be received at the Navy Agent's office, .New York, for one week from Ibis date, to supply a quantity of Jercey Oak Plan k average lengih 4a feet, 10 to 16 broad, tl to 4 1 - 2 thick pith ol bait must he out, and clear of sap. Also, a number Cf Jersey Oak Logs, Irorn 35 to 55 feet lone. 18 to 20 inches square, and a number of White Oak Knees, to side from 8 1 - 2 to I i inches, arm 4 I 2 to 5 feet long, bodies 6 lo 6 I 2 long. The hole to be first quality, ond subject to liie inipectioa at the Nary l ard, and delivered there. The proposal a r required not to exceed 5C00 tret of I'lank ; not more than 10 Log, aor more than 50 Koer a no contract will be given to a - , ny individual to exceed one of the above named quuntitie ; tlie shortest time, not exceeding 6 weeks, must be mentioned. Money to bo paid on Delivery. Any explanation that msy be re - quired, will he obtained at the Navy Yard, where a bill will be giveo each individual alter ba has contracted, and by which he is to be governed. - J 22 OiClf CAUTION. A LL person ara forbid harboring or tnxjirg V. an ladeatrd aiHirenOce to the tabarriber. hy tl aarne of Augustus Declare, a frcacb boy, aged sd - juI zu years, aoder r - aaalty ol Ui law. au7 Iw .. G.MORGAN. . TO gPORTMEN. - - - . L'OR SALE - a fuUblooda - l POINTER DOG, V h very rare'y flushes a bird, is very slauqcfe, at ol tteau remark amy wpm. . rusrs oi i JAMES F.U. - sOVFP, tB5 7 1w I61Pi"ri - itrctt. a - FOR SALE OR TO LEA HE, Lots in the 5, 6, 8, aad 10 Wards; many b are on regulated and paved streets. No money will be required under te n years, if sold, mtbrest excepted. - HOUSES. Several two and three story houses, on which a great part of the money remain oo mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent stand for business, with ten acres of land, - pleasantly situated, with a wharf, store - l ouse aad barn. COl'l ON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40acresof land, and a never facing stream, upon wbicb 20 mill may be erected, with a sufficiency of water for ear b. Apply at No. 2 Grteuwieb street, j an 13 tf iff"! t'UH SALE, Sifill A FARM, conUining 310 acres, on the banks of the North River, a mile south from the village of Hyde Park, and eighty - six from New. York. The land is enuU in quality to the best ia Duchess county, and is in high order and good leuce. Un trie premises is a good plain farm hou.e, a good barn and other appendages necessary to conducting a large farm. Also, a build ing spot commanding an extensive and beautiful view of the North River. Within half a mile of the farm house is an eminent Academy, and wiUun two miles an Episcopal and a riesbyt rian Church, in each of which there is regular service phydcians two landing?, one of which the Steam - boat advertise as a landing place, ttoret, ire aVc. The whole will be sold together or divided to suit purchaser. The terms ol payment will be made easy, and an indisputable title given by Uie subscriber. WILLIAM BARD. ITyJo Park, July 24 tf Jr'.WKI.I.KRV. W A ICHl S. Air. 4 CASE of sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, A uj.... u...i:u ..j ULi. ur.i.i... 4. A. r - iivcr ijiimuTg oin i lain iiiiuta. Dressing Coses and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 cases Ladies Corsets assorted. Fnrsaleby J LAMBERT, Je4 - 3 Cniirtlnnd street. Ni.IV ML SIC. JUST published by W. DUilOl?, at hi Pianc Forte and Music Store, No. U6 Broadway, William I ell . , Her Smiling Eye Farjny Dearest Thine am I my FaiUiful Fair . 'I ha Soldier's Bride Eveleto1! Bow'r, with variation hyLosier. Also, all the Sons, c. that are now singing at the Concert's ny Mrs. Burke, Ilolman, Mesrs. luckuci "i'd Phillips, tic. with n great variety of i:e Music lor Uie Piano Forte nnd the Flute Jy J' NEvV PATENT PIANO FOItlKS. GEO I NEWBEUY respectfully and er.nfi. denllv assures his friends and the public, that st bisolHee, Mil Peail street, may be pur - el ased the above instrument - , lower than any o - thcr plsce in the city; uhere may also be had Mael els patent Metronomes. J 31 ONE lll'.YDRElt DOLUiltS REWARD. RUNAWAY fiomthe Uritish brig Franc in, capt 'Pennant,1 lying at the quarantine gniund, on the 30th inst. a nerjro boy named ISAAC, about 16 years of age, very dark, ban a scar on his, breast occasioned by gunpowder ; he landed at r near Beruen. Whoever will deliver said'Jsaac to capL. Tennant, on board brig1 Francis, at quarantine ground, or at o 44 South - straet, shall receive tlie above re ward, ..J.....r.. - , - R - r.i, - r.4 - .T. . Aory WgrsU's VJiie, rfVew - J LOCUST TIMBER. WANTED. brie. . lTANTED, a quantity of locust timber and f T tree - nails. Apply to th Navy Agent, at ol ajnmgtou - sireet. U" Iba publishers, of toe .e w - rrunswick I loies, , Aewark tJentincI, Long - ulanJ Atar, ew - Haveu Journal, and .New - Loudon Uazette, will please publish this adrertifemoot one month, and send their bill to the Piaty Ageul's (Juice, Jy 18 liu ST. JOHA'S HALL ORDINARY '. 1 he contiguity of thi building to tha seat of bu siness, induce the subscriber to open, for the accommodation of gentlemen connected with public business at the City Hall and oihors, a public Ordinary. Dinner will be served up pre - cisely at half pant two o'clock, and turtle soups, relishes, with the most suitable refreshments ol tha season, at all hours of the day. ' An elegant Ball - Room, decorated iri a per fectly national ttj le, is also at the service of parlies for dancing, society meetings, or for purpo ses of our justly deserving and admirable milita ry volunteer corps, for their various exercises. I he subscriber bus spared no pain to render the buildiug as plcaraiit as its situation would per mit, and, by assiduity and tha ttrictest attention, will endeavour to deserve tbnt patronage which :in enlightened aud discerning public ara at all times ready to bestow. ' au J lm JAMES I.. Iir.Dr.NBr.RG. A KEYED HARP. T A. GUTTWALOT respectfully invite tf . theamateura of music to inspect at his Piano - Forte Manufactory. No. 75 Maiden lane. a musical instrument that perfectly equal the barn in sound and far surpasses it in point ofea sy treatmnt, as it is played like tho piano hy uieans oi Keys, ana consequently - hat all trie advantages uf brilliant modulation : the onlv oneio the United State. Also, an elegant Piano Forte of fiue tone, musical variety and workmanship, with an assortment of different kinds, whusu good qualities have heon testified by Uie undersigned eminent professors : " We the subscribers, professors of music, do certify, that we have carefully examined Mr. J. a. uuuwaiur piano - iories, wntcn, lor ingenuity and excellence cf workmanship and uniform brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recommend to public patrooage. Messrs. Gilles, Eticnae, Kd. Meets, C. Thibault, Charles Gil.'crL" J 7 "I I. NEWBERY. 132 Pearl - street, respect UI. fully ioforms the public and tho e ladies and gentlemen who lately ar t'hed lor DF.TT - MER'S SUPER. PATENT PIANO r'ORTES, that he has just received a new iuiu!v Der Ra dius, precisely tha earn a the last, and oficrs them lor saje oo - very accommodating terms. A Piano Forte of thi excellent maker have but lately beea introduced into tins country, for want of a correspondent, G. N. leel it incum - beut to add, that their tone f bv those who are acquainted with them) are allowed to be full andi expressive, and have hitherto given universal saiiniariiua. MaeUel' Patent Metronome for ale. Aio, Loudon (elected collection and tneci - men of Mineralogy, So i n HACKNEY COACHES. FOR Select farlies, frMB Hiiabeth Town Point, for Philadelphia, and the Steam Boats at f renioa and iirisloi, and the Almerul Springs at Schooley's Mountair. notice scut to Ao. 53 White - Hall slrect,.vew York, or IIALfct i olILKS, Klirahetb Town, by nail, or by tha Steam - Boat A talon la, will be inBsnediately attended to. - J 14 70 THE rUULlCK. . A GENTLEMAN fro Franca would wish to draw the attention of th citrzeo of Na w - Yorktoiu newly established Labor - alary cf Co lour for wall, prepared lor immediate osa,' and accompanied with direction for laying Ciaai oa. The colours are of th brightest tints, nd nra pared so that ao disappointment can Uike ptaca. et. John's Uail, I rauklorl - Bt. ' . N. B. A very superior quality of RecorJiog Ink manuaictured by the;) pr;,i. JntyTT tf iau regulating the Guagmg anj Inspecting tf. t uh Oito. I'sssed MarcnSl, 1UIB. . Tr" lie it enacted y Uie peoule of the elate tl New - York, rrpretenttd in tenalt and atitmhty, That the person administering the government of this stale, by and with lh advica aad const nt of the councd of appoiutmeut, shall from time ta time appoint one person lor lh city or New York, whose power shall extend to, and include the village of Brooklyn ; one person for tha city ol Albany; and one persou lor the cityol Iroy, wbota power shall extend to, and iutluds Lau - siugburgh and Waterlord, to ba tuarcr and iu - spectorsof fiiboil. , ' And beit further enacted. That it shall b the duty of each parson appointed by virtue of this act, to provide himself with proper instrument for gungiug and iuspectiug oil, and whenever cal led on to guage and insper t any parcel of fi.h oil, withiu tho place for which be was appointed, it shall also be his duty to inquire diligently and seelc out any paicc - ls ol fih oil within b.s Uutrict, and guaga aud inspect the tame,Hiid branil legibly on the head of eah (ark he may so guage aud inspect, his own nam awl the nam cf the place for which he was appointed ; alto the whole number ol gallons the same shall guage, and separately from each other tha quautity of water, the quantity of sediment, as well as the quantity of pur oil ha shall find therein, and j - hall make, subscribe and deliver to tha owner or holder of such parcel of oil so guaged and in spected, a certificate, exhibit wg in separata column the quautity of each of the aforesaid enumerated ingredient the whole paiccl thail contain ; for all of whirb guagiog, inspecting, brand ing and certifying aforesni J, lie thall receive from the owner or bolder of the oil so guaged and in spected, twenty cents for each cask, be the same small or large, the one half of which shall always thereafter be ihargcable upon the purchaser ol the same. And be it further tnacteif. That it shall be i duty of all persons owning or holding fidi oil, to put the same in a convenient position for guaging and inspecting whenever thereto jrequiieu by an authorised guagcr aud inspector, .ri be it furlier enacted, That any psrton or perrons who shall countcrlt it, alter or change. any of the brands or murks aforesaid, on an cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shiilt mix or in auy manner adulterate any cak nf od so branded or marked, or who shall buy, tell or barter any oil williiu the di. - tncts or places alnre - said, excrpt the arne shhll have horn guaged, inspected aud branded according to law, or who shall ship, export, or olhi rTvie convey or r au. e to be r - ouveitd auy eil out or, or from the dis tricts or place aforesaid, excrpt (he same shall have beea guaged, imported and lranded ac cording to law, such pencil or persons so ollend - iug, shall forfeit and pay tho sum of twenty - five Jullars for eaeh cask, the Inands or mark ol which shall be so counterfeited, altered or chan ging or which shall be so bought, sold or bartered, or which shall be so shipped, exported or otherwise conveyed contrary to the true u.tnit and mi ani tig of this net : Provided, nncrllutut, that nothing bercm contained shall be construed to prev'nt auy penoo or persons from buying or selling ml by measures legally sealed. A nd be tl further enac'.rd, That It shall be the ,ty of anpersou or per,n. who .hail ,or duty otherwise empty tha conteuta of any ca?k ol Uth oil, immediately to efface tho guager's and in spector's marks or brands trorn tha same, under tbrpeamity of twenty - fit dollars." n' ' And be it further rnrtrleTbat any forfeitures arising by virtue of this act, may be turd for and recovered by action of debt, with costs of suit. in any court having coguizance of the same, , to tha sole osa and behoof of anv oerson who shall ' sue therefor. . , NOTICE is hereby given, that tha subscriber has beru apjiointed by the honoorabbr the Council of ApjHiiutmeut, Ciuagcr and oijiector ol all r ith Oils in the City ol .vew - l oi k sod Brooklyn, and has opened his office tit No. 37, Water - t. where be will receive orders Iro in 7 A. 1. to 8 P. M. every day, Sundays excepted. JAMES MAURICE. N. B. Dealers in Fi - h Oil are hereby notified, that any infringement of the atiove law Will be pioecutcd. July 20 Im l uit A.U.t., A farm on thu Hudson, about a mile l r oiu if tvhurgti. cnntiiining I3J acies, JJ ot which are Woudlhiid, tie rttt is divided by good fence into .a due pmpoi tiun - of meadow, urable ana pasture land, i ne nuuuiiigs aie paruy new ; the house convenient for a small family : its situation is equalled in beauty by lew ontr.e river; the advantages, lrom the vicinity ol a noufiih - ine village, of public worehic, society ond good market, with the facility ol communication will) Mew iorK,rendcrii a uitirame resiuenie for a gentleman. 4000 dollars of the purchase nmnev may remain on mortgage ; the payment of the rest will be made easy to the purchaser. Apply on the premises, to Je 23 if I. VF.RPI.ANCK S1A1H AVIlMjE, and C'Alt.vil.E - S 1 REET AO ! ICE. TOTICE is hereby given to all persons inter - Jl esled. inai me coniiniiiioneis oretiiiuaie und nsnessiueiit appointed by the Supreme Court of Judicature of Uie state nf New - York, toper - form certain duties relative to the extendiug of tne cixtn Avence irom oreinwicn - iane wesr mine - street, andfortnlarinisand uiiorovinii Car mine stree.l to Varick - street, in the eighth ward of the said city, have completed fheii estimate and assessment a well ol the loss and Carnage sus lau.ed over and above tlie benebt and ad van tare received bv the owneis and parlies in tens ted in the lands and premises required tor the tail! improvement, as also, ol the beneht and advaii luge received by the owners and parties intcrcs ted of and in certain lands and premise not re quired for the said improveroeul ; and that we the said commissioners have deposited a true ropy of such estimate and assessment in the clerk office, of tbecity of Aew - Ynrk, tor the inspection ol whomsoever it may concern; nod notice it hereby further given that the report of the saw: coBOiissiontr of ettimat aarj asreit wilt be presented to theSupremeCourt&l Judtcature, of the state uf New - York, at the cns.itnl in the Citv of Albany, on rriday the tourleenin riay o; Au'guttnext, at the opening f the court on that day, or assoofi thercalleras couusel cau be liearc Usrreon. New York, 30th July, 1118. . HENRY MEIGS, - WM. Ti RREY.and Commisuocer. PE'l'ER STaGG, N Jy SO Hit v if I to, Hmk SJ UhE. BLAKE'S CHANCERY PRACTICE. Contaiiiine all the pro. eeding of a suit, : .i - ,..,! ,.rrii,n,.r m the court loi vril iu .lie lvhi u - - - J - . the trial of impeachments, and correction ofer . ...i. r w - .Vnrk. Thi book contain about 700 pegi ot tavo, and is said by proressiooal etniiemen to ue mi iu:whh " ... . : . . . ,1... urai.iiii'iri .in . n - j rirari productitn on thi uhjct : ami to th stu dent it is invaluable, a it exhibit in a very clear hr.d lucid manner, step by step, the pro .1. , ... iim miniiliii. froi 11 tlOHS - glVM VI ' - - - , inencement to the final termioaHoo of it Accompanied with ao appendix, containing - ece - A.l.itr lh, a.n,t Mnfint fi.Saiff. auilkb)a Ir ihpi. mi ,ij - r i - - trery case that can possibly occur in the coarse of a suit. Just published aud for sale hy . V. ll AarvJ, : Opposite City Hall. . Corner of Kassau and Spruce ilreel. . aug 4 Ira f A M A IC A KU M 3.0 T uuch - oc ne il loaded thi day at the foot of KectorxTreet, North River, from oa. board tho ship Patiiif. I or nie ty aug 3 U03ERT I.F.OX, i ; . - " " ' ' ' . ... - .,: - - : . ...... . - v - y - ;v.V'." TO ALABAMA ME H CHANTS. PETERS U 6TEBBINS, . . Commission Mcrxhabts, , bLAKt.LLY. ftli.baV - IUT. HAVE exlonsivu toie libusesaud irecive ai d forward good, - cotton, kc. Ire til certnge and wharlage. Verirl and baieis lay alonst side ol their stores. Shipper will pleas oi ply to SJALVIN SPEAR, Boston. PETERS ii HE K RICK,' iV. YcrW. EMLEN k HO WELL, Philadelphia. JyJ5tf '. . - ' - r JA lo U. S I OCT, RngTaver and teal Cntier, removed to 90 Liberty - street, 1 near Greenwich - atrcet. . ! .Jy8 3m . t or t.i gtand, rta llalijox, N. S. Itt - LET't r.RS lor Hi BnUiinic lAlaiesty's Packet tiH erisberry, will ta lectivcd at the Post Office (ill Wednesday afternoon, the 5th dny of August.' . - ' 4X1 . l . w. aijjn.r., yigem. ry Wanted, u Jd clhcer lor a ship to lit - di. Ai ply to J. G. BfXiERT, Esq. Jv 23 Nov 1J3 Water slrret. .titCHAICia' BANK. GZr The Stocklmldei ere iDlornied that a dividend of louiptr cent. utoflbe prchts for the last six uioDiiis, will it paid on the 1st i Augusi ntxt. - - v. By order of th Presideut and Director. J27 lm ' W. FISH, Cashier.' OCT The new FERK Y bOA'l S iroiu tlie foot of Wnlnut street, New York, to the foot of Lit - tie street, Brooklyn, atat the Navy Yatd, will conioienct willing on Sucday, tha l7tbinst. Perrons crossing to Brookl)k from the epper paitof the city, will find tha distance wiuch shortened t umig this fcrry. my 14 NOJ1CE. . frt - The Rising Sun ' Sail Boat, Noapriel, andlr.dustry, Iroui tlie Elisabeth town Point, for New - York, sails frcniM ark t tlie Id - street, (where the Steam - boat Atalauta foio.erly eauie to,) at 10 o'clock, ol ench nay. Passage 12 1 - t eeiil. Kncune attte Steani be - at Hottll, of - ' VANDElUOOLat PHILLIPS, my CI tf ' fXT Jul IN FiiOCTuK, Jsa. J Ob Liberty - t. ofler liberal anticipation on property consign, ed to his friei.U in the Mediterranean. . Fur further particulars, apply as above, or t6 ABRAHAM BELL, Je6tf corner of Clifl U Fulton - st. . l.ANDb. , OT STEPHEN B. WUNN, No.' JC6 Tfail. stun I, New - Yoik, purchases Lead is the IUio - - us Territory, whieii ha beea set. apart for tho IhtnArniy. l etlkrs froui'tl.e country th ii g a i!ti ripticii of the patent and the prite aaktd lot ' run tor, wi.i tie aiiehueu 10, u rosi piio. ; in V Ij II BED BUGS. . To the Ladiit and (Jtntlewen, tftheoity of New - I ork. i . " BENJAMIN TIFFIN, bug destroyer, (from Londoo,) brti leave to cthr bis sertii es to all those who are trcub ed with4hose nnrturnal invaders of their rest. Iiirice will below, and method effuctual, liuvmg hern 40 years in constant practice; has had the commands of uioit cl the gentry and borwfy ot r ntuds, iu London, now resides at No. 380 Unwary. i - " Orders lilt al Mr. Wilsim's, fanor, ro. Sft John - .treet, wil be thatkfully received an KWe.ocfcctefcin bibud ana aug 4 6i B0ARblN0J r 7GHT or (en geiitfemtb, who sir detsreas'vr MJ obtaining board in a pteesaat ana retired iutofthe cily.eante acrommodnted it a private family, at No. 4i Cliff slreetr 1 he improvements which have lately beeu made in this street, ami it retired situation, it is presumed will rcu - cfor ft a desirable retreat from Uie noise and bus - lie of business. aug 3 IOC Nt:W AMt.MCAN ATLAS. SUBSCRIBERS to Tur ner, Vallancc, hear - , ne y Ac Co. new American Atlas, are inform ed that the first number has turn coropli led ant! is now ready for delivering al Frror A - Jamming's, Ao. llMVater - slreet. augUlw MONT - ALTA For SALEorto LET, an i iiriinediate possession eiveu, tho Ixautilut place called Munt - Alla, seven mile lrom tha City - Hall, on the North River, adjoining Lord Courtenay'. II contains 20 acres of land under imptoveniciit, with a laign garden well stocked with vegetables a vJnety ol fruit, with every convenience for n family, rcr term, wnieli are very reasonable, and if sold a long credit gi - sen ir wanted. nply to X. ti DTALCOTP. 64 bruth - slreet. Je 12 DR. DE AN (jELIS, formerly piactitioner of Medieiue in the Mtlitarv Hosniuls nf Na ples, and admitted a member ol the Medical So.' eictyof New York, where he has resided since the year I79i, and his reputation and success in practice b now established in the knowledge cf uc piiune uy orir iweniy year experieiiee, eou - inues to be consulted at hi cfike, No. 2tl ti ler street, opposite Crane whsrf. In Rheumatic snd Venereal ease, Dr. De An gelis has been wonderfully successful; and the most terrible effects of those disorders ha - e frequently been cured by him in a short ipsee of time without iueouveuit nee to the pslieul. Obstruciioii, ulcers in the throat and palate, ' Itifines in thejoinis, pains in the limbs, eruption of tb, - iogetlicr with a numerous train ( o vils arising from neglect or improperly treating uf the most Insidious of maladies, have riven y to bis mode of treatment in almost an inwredible manner. His cxtrsoidinary suecess is, in a great measure attributable to hi well known Antirheumatic and Ann svphilia Syrups, s hier, hilt they eradicate every form of disease, restore lb emaciated patient to vigor and kealm. N. U. All lettets from the country (post paid) will be attended to, tod the necessary advice aud medicine will b given and tent to tay part of the uiuon. J 25 Jo .Verchanli, tvrt ketfii.n, ir. WANTS a situation as Clerk, a Young Man whose character can undergo th strictest investigation, and who ha no iljxt.ou to go 'o any part of the United Stales. Employment being his chief object, will engage for a short period, on moderate terms, to any rueichaut or store keeper. A line aJdressed lo J. B. acd left at this office, shall meet immediate altetitioo. Jy 30 2w Is - 2 And nossession givea immediately, a nue two story bousi in the first ward, well cal culated for a boarding house or large family. I he bouse contains aine room vtitfi a goM kitchen on the first lioct ; a laree cellar, with the uianimirnu waier. 11 s coou renani veal will lie moderate. Inquire at 114 Greenwich - ' street. . aa 4 lw L'OR SALE, at U I Maiden - rnne. cppoito V Goll - st eet, a span of grey carsig f iOR - . :ES, well vnati bed k centle in barnes. W ii be 'ld low, the owner having no uie for ttsni. aag a . - , I V l'1 M ill K ' IOSEPH D. 'OGRADY respeoCul y inR.rma si tb public, that be ba r,jii, d art luteili - grore oirue ain iioac, ui riy - .warker, r,e - iwren reart auu svairr - iirseu. lamihrs may be accommodated with servani. house kn prrs, 4IC. :c. - Servants etc. with sa'.isfactory recum - ' meadatioos, snpplied with gnod si aaisooa. Vt - der irrm the country prompuy aJituutu ur. awg i m" TTOR SALE, a bright ra HOUSE, years old; sound, and i " " leat under the rsdJIe.5 Ha tt sold k no ys,if. k.... I ..... tha mmaxr SRIS SK U SST blBS. ' JVicc, out kuadrtJ and naty doUai - t - d U h - w'ssuitle Its i.irtj - - t. sf Braadwsj. a 4 lv J4" cU fe. i i ' : i I , ! s K ' 'I - i i . .

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