Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 5, 1895 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 5, 1895
Page 2
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TELL QUEER STOEIES. you have' Co* arSion?TM^ *"' ".. h .! r * . \ «"« -vour strong. THESE pure nature. llayo JOJTN CAST drew timself behind a pillar of the veranda and pulled his .slouch hat farther over his eyes, as he felt the gaze of a passer by the lit, country inn, rest curiously upon j t h e b n s v "orti i to t h e w i f c o f sogno.1 and t r u e a man." "Rose!" ejaculated the voun- fel- ? her hands, and lookin~ i n . f i e ,j d o u u ! . a n d dcllrrht " you do not mean it dear. You do not comprehend ,,], lt ,-ou are sav- 111?," TOMBS FOR MEN LIVI N G A N D DEAD. Va«t Sums ol MaacT Bdoj; Vnltl to 1'rescrio the Ailif* or C. I*. Huullnf;- Ion nnd Olhrrs --Will the Future Gin- vrntloa ^iow, The fresh spring morning had no ctun for him.for he felt that his life rosruined. lie looked over at the tarvine-trellised cottage, with a bit- Jj-rsicrh and a rebellious spirit, lie Vjjconic from the hospital to his old come, ant ^ ^ or a "whole week had been -.incar to Rose, his sweetheart, that I ·wenlv steps would have carried him j ' ' ·ohersiilc; and yet he had kept his ?"'.'.' U-a until the morning of his depart- i in1 u l toa~BflS»TMa fa *' Mo "ttd not yet Joau. VoTtoota wlh^hearl^oVrtc Become accustomed to being stared at. outward appearance, aad a ^ood vvi i _ - T....I ,, man's lore u a i j m to'God. learned long age. to lore the sweet, unselfish soul w i t h i n iou. And do you sup- po f that thi, -blemish' of the face change one iota of ihjt affec- th cli I S U ts fearing, by chance to meet he". He Lad sent coldly polite notes of ·.links for the many gifts oJ flowers : nj books which had come to him ·urn her kind hands; and though hU heart cried out in bittar protest, he ·csolveil that he would never sec her ^ lie would rather die: than sec jcrshrink from him in disgust. Moodily, he smoked his cigar, and -cTicwiitl the past--the loag ^cars ot iJ and study in college, his adinis- s'oa to the bar, his first speech before JJUIT--a spcetjli that h-id ivon the ,ndits and bright predictions of his leagues. IIow full of promise life :id seemed! But ev crything bright had come to an end on the day of the accident Tho CTiplosion of a gun in his own Ur.iis had robbed his right eye of its , and torn his cheek so ·fright- fillj that he started in. hoiror w h e n he first saw its reflection iu the -Diiror The publicity of the court ,'Onld be intolerable to him now He OTSt work at something away from Ice eves of men. Suddenly, a sncet young voice rang out in a merry song, behind the tall :hom hedge, and m an instant the nan was on his feet. It was Rose. The desire to s;a her once more ovcrpovrurcd him. His c!»ar and resolution vv crc alike for- He ran d o w n the .steps, and sprang through a gap i n t o a little floivtr garden, where a. slcndci, Iroivn-haircd girl, on her knees, was marching among the wet leaves for inlets. 'Good iTiormug, John," she said, "Sec! I have quite a nice ! bunch. Papa had his yesterday moraing; these arc for j on. Kneel (!or?n liore while I pin them on." And the young fellow knelt at her "dc, and shut his teclh lightly together, while with dew-wet lingers i she pinned Ihe fragrant cluster o.i I ias coat. | lloiv sweet she was'. How danger- j emsly kind and oblivious' ' lie must not slay; he could not trust himself any longer. They both rose, she. blushing ^ ' Vile at her nonsense. j i '·I have come to bid you gooil-by, "osc,' lie said, almost ciutly. "I have alBcicntly recovered, I Hunk, to go luck to work, and I l e a v e foi the city ha .Ib va John, how little \ ou under- a woman's h c a i t ! Vaif." she as he a t t e m p t e d to draw her his arms. am going to say something that h u r t yo-i. You were a vorr man, and you were very 3011 know- t h a t personal ty is oiiu of the weakest ol wc-ak gs in a man? I deplored it in for it was the oac Haw in j o u r acter. n e me, John. Your beauty t is gone forever, but j om- bejutj of charac'cr is nutouched.'and be enhanced if }0 u w i l l but bear ycfr allliction in a manlv. HAH EEI:X remarkable increase in the number of coolly and fine ionium in Woodlawa c e m e - tery in the past few- years, says the 1 Xew York Sun. Some of those crcctc-1 lately have cost enormous bums. Amougthem is that of Collis I 1 , llunliugton, the railroad magnate, which is now nearly completed. The cost of t h i s tomb it, said by its builder llobert Cateraon, to be E^O.OOO. Mr. Calcrson cNplains the enormous expenditure: by the fine quality of Quincy granite which was used in its construction, and the fact t h a t unusually large stones were required for parts of the tomb and its elaborate approaches. Several of the stones viciijh upward oJ ttftcen tons each. The Hunting-ton mausoleum stands on a lot 300 feet square, which faces cast fiom ChanL-1 h i l l , near the railroad entrance to the cemetery. Tart of t h i s ground w a s bought m a n y years ago by Thcrc arc Mxteen niches. The structure has been in course of erection for nearly a rc-jr and a half and will be completed in a few ucelts. The rc- 'uam» of Mrs. Hnnthigton, who died about six } ears ago, w ill be removed from a - j r a \ e in another p.irt of the plot and placed in one of the new crypts as soon as the tomb is completed. ' | In marked contrast to tho simplicity of Mr. lluntiugton's tomb is the clab- orate design of the tomb of M'illium -OWA NEWS ITEMS, " Tin Irial of Guy Hiker for killing George Uc.Nroad, last June, has begun in the district court at Muscatiue. it. p a t i e n t Where is jour f a i t h , John." Y^ taught me long ago to trust in CH's wisdom and goodness Do you nl see that he is d e a l i n g with you in lop, and t h a t all these: t h i n g s w i l l "T Ic together for your good'. 1 ' jUose, iny love, my little coinfoi I' ' cid the man. m broken tone*. iXci, I tee, I see! God is jrood. 111 has given me y o u t h and health, al your best love. I w i l l n e v e r d bt Ilim again. Oh Robe, the scales' fallen f r o m eyes, and inv seems clear. How weak I have b|n! I will not irive un mv- bi'lov-cil 'ession, but will rise superior to morbid sensitiveness, which is I s a ipccic.s o[ the vanity j o u have con or, and w i t h God s hclo I will make an honored n a m e foi 113 roil c. r 3Iv. Hunting-ton, and tin: lest was secured -n hen the new tomb was started. Thus plot is said by the ccmclcry people to have cost altogether SuO.OOO The loinb viands on the side 01 a bank twenty-five feet above the level of Magnolia avenue, which pjsscf, in front of it. Tlic approaches am pai ticnlurlj impicsirc. Tluce short llighti of TlIK .supreme court has derided the Junes county cnlf case agairjst clefciid- nnts, who vi ill hiive to pjy ;:-.:*:?*. M Koi i. robbers w e n t through :i Milwaukee train near Sioux City and F. Foster, which is being 1 constructed . seemed many \.ilrablut. I'.om the ill the new part of the cemetery near i p^sengers, the lake. In four different places ovey j I'liiM^ TlUMliI.K, soc of Judge Triui- ihe arched entrances to the romb ap- i i,i e , O f Keokuk, who witnessed Ihc re- pears the name 'Tostcr, 1 ' cut in t h s I c c n t Collwcll _,,,,,,,-., tragcdv, has be- stoue m fac simile of the-owner's trndj | t o m c j n ^.' (11 , mark. This tomb was designed by o ' New Yoik architect named John Vv ool- ,, "*' l " ° «°u'"!" o\A child of Jiyron ley upon instructions from Mr. Foster, 1U ' n . v - Vl of l-»virne, w a s smoUicicd It w ill be the highest in the cemetery " v l l i i c -sleeping with it.s parent:, and vv as iplctcd. Its clomo will riti I * CUUtl clea 'l "i t h e moininjr. A SClIE.v rise in the Missouri of v lieu complclcd. fifty-tvt o feet in the air. It stands on a circular plot sixty-six icet in diame- | nearly six feet, carried out the pontoon briil(;e at Sioii-v L'ilj. Four men were on the draw w i n n it weut out, and the excitement ran high u n t i l they A U-rriliu UM'd the tcr in a very conspicuous situation, The tomb is of Couco-d R-raiiilc, anil its main platform w i l l be eight feet from tlic ground. It differs radically | ,, L .- C t a k e n utr with a slcirV. from all the o t h e r tombs in the cemo I Mlow storm in the iioith tery, in.ismnch as the nichc-s vv ill bs j i ri . mc ndous :-!NC placed 0'it of sight beneath the main ' ,. ,, · i N - I . A - U P . N . a c.indy man cif \ i n t c n . arro.stcd foi rapr. and an hour roof. will be cnieuorni in sta|._ _ roof will be supporlcd by sixteen greal ··'· ll "r shoji. Tile- b a l l cnlorcd the l e f t polished giani'.e- column^, tv\ clvo fc-t'i broast and came oi.l n u a r the shouhlcr in height. A dome composed of e n o i - . ' d - d e . Hi- is still living and vvill mous blabs of Concord gi.uiite \\ ill cover J probably rrcn\ ci. platform, and the owner's body will The main part ol the biiildincj ! :llll ' r "-'i''l-. "'line onl w i t h the l u u r - h a l c cruciform in shaiic and tho ' louki " tr ' fin ' I ) : v i l - sllot himself in a the saicophagus. and fiom the top of j this a smaller dome on l i t t l e pillars will serve as a final ili_curation 1'our crypts will be constructcd u n d e r thw m a i n lloor. in each of tlieru will be room for (wo cofiins. The tomb hns bci n b u i l d i n g foi nearly a, year n n d it w i l l not be h'uishcd u n t i l l nest .spring, Tiic tomb \i ill have cost more than SriO.OOO when completed. Tho plot added f u l l y 510,000 more to the outlay. One of the most modest of the new tombs recently completed is that of J. Hood W r i g h t , the banker, v«ho died Till. I l l i n o i s l V n J i . i l is believed to lie b a c k i n g a local company t h u L Zia.s been orgjiiuid in Moimna c o u n t y with tho avo'.vcd purpose of building a l a i h o a d irom Un.ivi i. tin., t f r m i n u s of the t', to the ]ii,-er Sioux, half v,:.\ from ihcro tn (Inriha. Tho new c n i n p a n y i n c l u d e s local men a n d some C hicago punplc. Si VKr.Ai. c o u n t y iilliccrs i n d i c t e d by t h e grand jury for malfca.siincc in oilicc wen-arr.iigned ,il Sio».\ CiU- a f e w d a i s ago. Supervisor Strange i i t f i c d a pica of not g u i l t y .ind ex- only a few weeks ngo on an elevated | Treasurer K i f c r a l s o p U - a d e d no railroad station. This simple, but very j K\-Coiinty Atlonuiy T. 1\ gave, notice Hut he would uln n demurrer to all i n d i c t m e n t s ac r artistic mausoleum stands at the intersection of Spruce and Observatory avenues, near the lake. On tu o other cor- oi this crossing are the tombs at Messrs. Ellis and Clous. The Wright ih, Uose.'" lie cried, stretching out 1 lands to her in pathetic tcndci- | ; "do j'ou know n h a t i on have ;" You h a i c given me back f a i t l i hope, and life ib once more woi th t living'. may I not yet ac- plish v v i l l i joii at my side'.' X o r c i , I now, did I thoroughly undcr- Ihat d the wealth of aflcctioii in a ti i:c woman's heart." B A R B E R S I N B R I T A I N . 1C IlHIfi Ilc,crl|)tl,, LoDlIoii S l i n i l t i Dublin the lirst- c,( Dulj Sliupi. i-hops aged in the ,=nmo v,-;iy as the lead- Jbhops o[ London, and most of thu (-class jo'ii-nejuieu barbers' hcio fiom Loiicloii, and arc paid w h a t called I.nndon wages that i-, tlur- sliilliugs a vvcol:, but a barber i-der to got those vagc-. mu-t also ladies' han.hvsscr Xho chcapui- s onh pay their joiunejmen from .ecu. to twenty shillings a vvc-c-k. ii'at-clasa shops charge si\ pence, is ( v v e h u cenls for ^having, air.o price lor liaii- c u t t i n g I 1 and and "now UE.IK i JI.VVK KEI:N ".ithin an hour. PLOSC, I want v o n to inovv how deeply giateful I-am for yoar many acts of kindness. I have ^"raeil cold and unnppreeiative, but j ' !iarc not been iadiiicicnt. llcaven | ' have not! I shrank so f ram -eeting you. U«t I believe you will u !"lcrstnnd it all." The pirl looked at him with an nch- a % heart Yes, slit understood. Oh, l o ' p i t y of it all! That stalwart fig- "fc, so suggestive of p o w e r and ^ircnjth; that noble l.eart. cherish- ·"i'only kindness for every l i v i n g c- caturc; that brightinilld, iliarpenccl cuHivatcd by closest study; that indomitable will, which bad overcome i o[ obstacles and w o n success l: all these attributes of n. grand tcr to be shadowed by an external flaw. Mi» looked at the red scarred face, andconld have cried aloud in her ant ruis 'i for him, ., " E °sc," he continued. "I had some- l.nn(f I intended to tell you soon, but : told now. God bless pooing The cheaper gc only t-no pcnc'f 1 , or f o u r ccnta, laving, hail 1 c u t t i n g and fham- I g. t-omc shops in t'oik oiily «c a. pcnnj for each. TJie !ii-it- hclc t u r n Out a customer is well PS the barbers in America, t a littlo botlcr, but I v\ould not, o cheaper barbers bhavc my dog. nc of Ihc finest shopj in Dublin our old-'a-shionp'-d chails, fcays ational Uaihcr. and somo have j|;i upiiolstcixd chair luth a hcad- aliachc.1. 'JLho cl.cap hop», them, j u s t iiac n woodc:: chair ate barber wcais a dirty apron, tlic fimT thops, t h u y wear while 1 '"tnd clean white aprons. London many shops but theie are fen real!;, good shops. Most of . bhu'.ps here a i u called toilet t h e y me all located on the floor. 'I he; get throe pence 'J'h'j jor.i-ncymcn al^out tin:';, .shillings a week: gc't i : i u : i . but tlioy depend in then- C'H^'ionic'] for tips. l i a v r iiacl in London ixti-be'i- .shojj eonduc-'cd by a i la'lJhc omi.'.ois fnx o t h o r ladies i . r J , , t i n e . . - I p . ' I L i .- i- auBVin and .,'J'hulu only about h a l f a doxon yor.Jcm ivhic-h h a v e chairs. broad ffran'.tc .steps lead I I P n p j a l f o n n , from cither side of u h i c h moLlicri-horl iliglit of step 1 ; rlic ^ a I r i g h t :i:iglus tu the inn in put form The approach i.s wide and \ c r v gradu'ii and has 'it cacll .sidii a pl;i,ri rail, ort'-jmc-nlcd only by t w o o i l l i i c c "inple laurel i . i ' i i l l i s at the l u r n ^ T h e n c i i c l p j i t i arcs vc:i timple in dctign. The a p p r o a c h e s u n t l Am A Ki:il Trlniupli. !r. and gentlemen s-id tho hypnotibt. as IK- introduce.^ b , ( lf IthoJes to tiin a sem- v;ll now fc'ivc vo'i a rc- mcrk| illustration of h..pnotic ill ien'l the subject hero \io trick."said a voice. |?n, v sa.'tl the profc?--or in . ol assured triumjili, "J i rci4i-n the -*u to inc.' to go. "John!' h.-inil in farewell and llnpiTlcunl Clrilr. M^usij[anag-cr -- I undefotand "beeledand came back a step, j J o u a 'iy a Canadian. "What was it TOU had meant to tell /uiuprhat ia true, tc?-' · , ! MuFCHrjag''-!---n oil, yo'i re got , "I cannot tell vou now," he said, \ your ncTcomn here ask'iag for a l! «perat«ly. "It would not be right; ]O) :n lU c nt state o,' icntimcnt ?»* do not understand-" ' as to f °N'Oi'--Uitroit Trioane. ''Hut I want to Unow. John," per- ''^cl the,- g\fi t staring at the violet- °ccl. with plowing- checks. 'Don't torture me, Rose- Yon must "3vo -known that-ever since you '· little trirl and I carried your j tomb i r . b u i l t of IT -plurly gi'jniU- and i » --aid to hn'.c cost n e a r l y SiO 000. 1 lie- ] circular lot upon -..'liich it stands added j aljoul S".,(j(J'l i r o i c to ils cvpcn-.c The- l')inb «.i'. [Ciiiijih'lcd none loo SQCIU for i!sov.ri*-r. for t h e v^orkinon Jiad (pceii out of it lc', . I h i u i t w o inontiis when he dii.l. On 11,c day of Mi. W r i g h t ' s ',"inc'r il the onl il c- in-Lnrior was linc'd w i t h -,0(!9 roses, vuiic-h coinplclcly hid the chaii.'-tCT of (lie place f r o m those who vv cut insi'l'-. i A an tip fo the little school-house "over ' sharnjpoo tho ]I.irl.rr-«. Barbel- iou have paid me ten cenh toij all ri,7ht. TbaL'i ni3 11 T i/ai-i^f i F. FOSTF.i: fctoop iKC.isure 16 by ·!·- feet. The torcb itself sland.s on n broad platform and is of thr simple Doric btylr. of architecture. The building is 28 by -i Jcct and its height il icet. There arc MV polLshcd grnnilc columns at either .side and two at cither end, "with a nila.stcr at each of the four corners. U n d e r the simple peaked Doric roof, upon thn J i n l c l . appears in simple le " tcrs the name- "llnnlington." brnn/c clofjrs. suitably.simple in Great MRS. C L E V E L A N D ' S P O R T R A I T . Slit; 21n^ IIL'COIIM Koinid l^.ic^rl, l'lpim|p, The new fc.rlrait of Mr?. Cleveland .slinvvs lady to have become a inatron of p l u m p proporlioDs. Jlcr I ' rcsto lasl .spri:i«,'when thcs t . protly coloring remaiii-i, but her face ! ;jn-nts -.·: M liaugijig ovc-r h i m , in losing its girlish contour has' much of its charm. Jlnt ihu e.vprus- bion is gentle and k i n d aj ever. Jlrs 1 . Cleveland is much absorbed in caring for her lilllc girls, who nrc healthy ard merry youngsters'. IJuUi of them are said In look lilcc her, The portrait of liic 3ruing mother hcrev.-itli Anni'.Kii; 'Jin; Mi . M c C . M i r n v . \ V i I l i a n i I f u p p a n d T.c-slcr \Villianis, aged I T .vciir.s, anil members uf a gang of ·; m i u g urimiiial.s at r«dar K a p i d s who he-Id up and robbed at thr jioinl of a revolver, two y o u n g f a r m e r s of l l i e i r walclu-p. and monc.v. w e r e held lo the grand j u r y . A police investigation being made u - v m K ,i large- a m o u n t ot v o u t h f i i l c-i iiiiin:ility in Ihe city. A wen M i l . D I r i i n i p vlio made his n . i y into Crcslun a fi-'v d.iy.s ago said h. was t r a v e l i n g wilh two other men and llu-y sluil h i m . Hi- Is t h o u g h t In be f a t a l l y W i i i i m l c i l , 1'lic aullu.i i l u s ,nc a f t e r tin ulhe-i- t\..j m e n , w h o they believe tu be Ihc' men who robbed a ji-we-lry stoic at K l l i c . t t lasl ivec-U and soiurc-d Sl.MJll v v o r l h of j e v v e l i y . J L is t h o u g h t the ine-ii weiv c i i i a r r c l i u g over the d i v i s u i n of t h e spoil-,. I s .ludgr h m v l h . s e D . u L . i l Iliii'liu;'- l i u i M i l i e Slew irl u a s Mntciiec-cl in l « i ) , v r : n s a L h a r d l a l m r ::i the pi n- i ' c n l i a i y i r p i ' h u r g l a i ^ . Maii|'hte-r I ·mil \VaIlace- l l m m , Ix.lh c o l o r e d , w e r e - g u c n I*." V C . I ; N I'PPI- Imi'i'lari. 'J'lic cases of Dau W i l s u n , I 1 . I I M i i i a i u and ')'. l i W.-isscm. t i n . young uu-n w l i u wcu- and c o n v i r t i ' d In the I ' n i t e d .M.ucs f c i h ' r a l c-oui t for robbing .1 pohlolliui . iivrc- disinisse-d b,v Ihc IJcs M u i i u ' s c i n i i U v d i s t r i c t court on iiccoiinl (if lad; of evidence-, b n l m u s t s i - r v c onl t h e i r fi'dc-ral ro-.'.rt hcnlencc. TI:I: nc" Moincs, Mori hern ^ West- cm i d i l v . u y was -old by M a s t c i in Chanc'cry ( . r orgc I'. I l i n r y at t h e cast · loo, ol the f c ' d e i a l b u i l d i n g al DCS Moinc-s. II, w a s b o u g h t in b.v a comm i t t e e of the bondholders composed of Dodge. I'. M. J l n b b c l l and I'. C lliilibc-11. 'J'lic- p i u e h a v price- v.iis - - J . o l i ) (,OD and t i n - ]),!-, irieui can bu m a d e in bonds, of w h i c h l u c r e a i c a :: lai)'cr a i n i i i . n l onl th:m liie price- p i i c i . ' I h c - Kile- w i l l be- ic-portcd to the- j ru-.\t s c s s i p i i i uf the f e ' i l i i a l c u n r t :ml | w i l l l.u ' h e n ap])i'o'.i d. T i n , w i l l ' i r i i u p l f l c - f l i c - j i l a n lo r("ir;;,ini/rj ihc, ' r o i c l a i i r l reduce t h e i n l i iv s 1 r i t . iijio-i | t l ' c o i i l s l . i n d r i g j K i p e i In no miuine':- ' doe , il a J l e c l tin- i i i i i i i a g i - i n i - i i l . ' I s the' f e i l e r a l c ' M l i t set D n l i i u | - n - J ) r . [ K'c-sii-1 pli..iilcd .''iil'lv I" lluoe ,,! l l i o i i'Ii-v-4-n i n r h c I m c i i l s fipi- e n i n | i l i r - i t v i n 1 the \'. n l.ciiven pi-nsion fi'iunls ;n.c! I i ihri-u- hiinse I f on ihc IIHM uy "- f t h u ' l o u r l H i s a t - j.-ncy .stnlpjd II'C'AI I had a -,i iff ;i ml l r n , - e v o i i n g cliil'liuii. and | :is evleli iie-c of t h e j csloon h i s nci^h- j uors e n U r l a i i u i! for h i m , pointdl ID I t h e i r prc-seiii-c' in court and \ the- f.cct | t h a t Kissel «,is re-elected in ivor of j i n c l i e l - | .Juilfje M u r a s imposed a sentence- ejf c'ighlccn m o n t h s ' i m p r i s o n m e n t a n d ?|,f)00 fine i n c a c - h case-, hut in view of p n l l i . ' i t i n g circumstances, .suipcndrd these ntcui-es of i m p r i s o n m e n t . Kcssul paid t h - lines rind costs. Ijna'rd the entrance. " W i t h i n tlic Kiuiei I* 11 nr a «'c (1 gc. 7^1 · . f ^ · i · _ . .- - i ^'.^ ., - . _ . , 1 , / · LlrmiYnnffprl h,- 1 plain is m a i n t a i n e d , in marked / I co.itrsst to some of Ihe newer fombs, V | i w h i c h r.rc lined vi ith costly mosaics, j: I presented is from a copyright photograph by Jicll of W a s h i n g t o n . Eclcclluff n Ifnc, Attention lo a few .simple rules will assist any one to .select from the various hats of the season one dUtinct- ly .:iilcv] in her peculiar needs. l'c u - p!c v.;th O.ID, duiivdtuly modeled faces, whose chins are inclined to be pointed, .should avoid the bonnets with broad frontal trimmings or hats -with wide, straight brims, as they hare a tendency to emphasize tho "pointcdncsi" of the face, giving 1 it the look of a Jlat- Suc): faces ahonld Ire rmotinted by Jir.ts with rollinrr brim* u bonnets of high oval shape or Ifliminy. low-a, enclosing this i-s. Ues .\foincs notice and fifty , niidy-)'! will re-cc-ivc the Tiv iccj- ii-Weck News one year. A.VOIIIKI: case of .small pox IB r,-i...rl- ed from Sp ( 'rr, in Dcv Moinc-.s county. The local authorities are par;ilj/.ed i \ i t h fear and the physicians refuse lo ::ilcnd the, as they did tin; Krst i one. Xo one but, the negro n-.irvi will ! " go anywhere near the IIOUM: ivTic-rethu ' sic-k man is. Dr. McKittrick, of Jim-ling- | '.on is attending- the case, and the pco- ' pie of .Spcrry have tried to prevent him i 'rom rieling- on the railway train _from j and back, thouijli every required precaution rmd there is j no danger. · ' ! TUB ordinance under \vli:ch , Ida. Grovo is running her Gothenburg- saloon has been dec-hired by thedistrict ° court to be illegal. An appeal will bo ' t .1 ken. K. J. XoiiLi:, through llic facious c-rJminal Uiwyer.s. Hon. Moses McCord j it Sun, lias i n s t i t u t e d a suit in the i courts at Bloomficld against Sheriff Kd. Curry, claiming SlO.Ofil) damage's for malicious prosecution and false imprisonment. Cuiry was tried for seduction and Xoble wa;; ouc of the chief witnesses lie breathed vcn- gi?au'_-c and when some oats vv era stolen near Xoblc's place he was arrested and put on trial, but was acquitted. At the time of Ihc- theft Xoble was in Ottunivva, and hearing that Sheriff Curry was after h i m , left without ecrciuony. and was shot in the heel by an ofticer.. Noble p-oposes to have enough damages from Curry to offset the loss of the he-el. TJie case is a t t r a c t i n g much attention and already niiich bad blood is manifested, A i. V N C . of six tramps cnmc into Manson and commenced to .steal from the .stores. One of them v i a s appre- j bended in the act of taking two pairs j of u i L r s i i o e s f i o m Sebcm A. McGill'-i | .store. Another WHS caught in the act of ftte-apiii^ u cap fietiii M. ,T, l*olcy vv, Co. s clothinir stoic. One of them assaulted Maishal C'harlu.s U.iker in .1 sari'gc manner. The marshal callcel te his all the deputies and i m p r o m p t u police in town, and finally Miceeeded in liiuding all six of them 111 j p i i l . Xe\t morning they all appeared before Justice, C. I!. Nicholson. Two of them were sen- luncvd to I h i i l v days in ],iil at the county heat and the other four were givc'ii twenty minutes, to get out of town One of the men who vv ere sent to jail is wanted in another pavt of thu slnle fur burglary They «ere im- media lely transported overland to Itockwell City .ind put in the custody of Sheriff Tom Miller, I'l i.s .said that the fuels arc developing thai prove that .lohn K. Hunting^ tun, of Council Illllils, was not responsible ior the sliortuifc 111 tho Uiti/.cus' b u n k , for 11 hi'-h he gave up his life recently. One of the misslateinents that helped to fasten suspicion upon him wns t h a t while- on his Xew York visit he had gotten hi.s brother to cash his check for SIO, nnd the bank's records did not show bucli n check. W h e n his biotliCT, who holds a hiirli position in ((rautp-e 1 , N. -f., arrived at Council l l l u f T s to nllc-nd tlie fuiieial, ho took t h e - m i s s i n g ehcek which he had nob se'iit on uhcael for payment, "'uo oth- e-r i t e m s of S.".n ouch, of which he hacb told his inquisitors il IMIS none o£ their business w h e n they were inquiring about t h e m , were f o u n d to be loans, one from his grand lather und the other f i o m bank, Thus u l l ' the money he bus spt-ul above his sal- n i j been accounted for. The young' nmn'.s f u u c r i i l sermon preached by Uev. Dr. 1'JiclpM, wa.s a. llirillinB 1 one. "Why is it. ' Ihe preacher said In closing, "llial business has come to the point where they iimsl h u n t , down our men. 1 Kcsponsibililv demands a suit-' able it-turn W h e r e t h o u s a n d s of doll a r s pass through a young man's hands, \ i i t h e-very t e m p t a t i o n to crookedness held out before' him, how can tlic-ii! be a n y j u s t i c e in paying him only S l l per month? Employers .should .stand by their men when in t r j u b l c and neit leave them to mcrci- leis men.' 1 A i ,,w nighls ago a safe in WestLib- ci-ly wr.s blow n open and Sl.'.O in silver secure d );y the robbers. Two men inspected of haviny committed Ihe robbery look a Chie-ago, P.ouk Ihliind I'acilie I r a i n iind got olt lit Iowa City. M h e i c - ll'pjy Ijoaidcd an east-bound t!-iiin. AVheii Lhc train tcachcd West I - i l i c r t y , t h e city inai.shal, deputy and a n u m b e r of others boarded the Ira in a n d a t t e m p t e d to arrest the hu.spi-ctcd pc-lc'd parties, but they were held at bay w i t h i l r a v . n revolver;.. The train piocceded m ils way, the city marshal mill cle/nity (.tayin;; ei'i tho t i n i a When t h e t i . i m neared M^oseovv, one of the; ipjbljp.-r.s thic-.v up Ihc! car window am! t h r u w out a h a t f u l of silver and ul'-u 11 large p.'iik.ige-, of papers, and Ihi.'n pulled the bell rope; and C ri- dcavoi'e d to slop the train. Conductor D o n a h u e held to I h u rope, and pre- v e n t e d il 11 om w o r k i n g . One of the icil.ljoj s Jiowc-. cr. clri-iv n slick of dyn- a m i t e from Ins pocket am! l o a n i n g out "T I h e ·-·ii'lcj'." dropped tho dynamite rjn the The rc'.ir trucks of tlic ca;- passing over il caused an explosion, almost l l n o u i n ; ; tha car from the Irnek, anil b i c a k i n g all Hie windows on one side of the- c.'ir. The eni/incur grew dlarinud and slopped the train. The 1 robbers backed out of the car h o l d i n g the train crew and marshal at, bay vv ith revolver.', drawn, j u m p e d oil the t r a i n and disappeared in the v-.ouils. A p.irl\ of fifteen men, armed with Winc-hc.stcr.s, captured them a few !io'irs lalcr and they were lodged in jail at West Liberty. I'lKT 1 , cents a year. The DCS Moiucs, lovva, Twicc-a-Wcck New-;. Try it. Do you wear shirts 1 .' Order of Tilelcu, DCS Moincs. Perfect, fit giMianlccd. F I R E LOSS OF 35OO.OOO. Vcur Thai Ihc Xrir Cnstlc Coal Mine Will lie IJcitrojcd. Sr.Arrj.K.IVash., Dec. 21,--The v.-hole Xsw Cissllc coal mine appears to be on fire and it is feared the whole mine will become a wreck, involving a loss Of SHOO,000 to the Orcg-on Improvement company. Coal Creek is pouring Into it. but it will take week:* to thoroughly flood it, and vvhon tho.« fire is cxtinpLlshcd it will take fonr. or ,· "30 men are msilc idle. ,,"".' IN FW SPA PERI

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