Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 16, 1944 · Page 20
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1944
Page 20
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20 Thursday, March 16, 1911 ' MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE EAR CORN PRICE REVISED BY OPA Corn Transportation Charges Also Fixed Maximum prices for sales of car corn have been dropped by the office of price administration to below the ceiling price for shelled corn, it was revealed Thursday by the Cerro Gordo war price and rationing board. The maximum price for ear corn now "shall be the maximum price for a like sale of shelled corn less the cost that would be paid by the seller to make the conversion from ear corn to shelled corn." The purchase price and transportation charges by trucker- merchant also are regulated now, it was announced. "A person who purchases corn for resale and transports and delivers the same to his buyer" may only pay "the maximum price he could lawfully have paid to the person from whom he purchased the corn plus transportation to his buyer's receiving point." He is allowed at least a 2',4 cent markup a bushel, however. Transportation of shelled corn 100 miles or less shall be 3 cents a hundred pounds for the first 5 miles plus 1 cent a hundred pounds for each succeeding 5 miles. For ear corn, the price is doubled. For more than 100 miles, the charge is "the lowest carload rail rate from rail points nearest the point of origin to the point of destination plus 8 cents per 100 pounds." FREE COUPON °' M -^K^^) I Thl, C..p« ,.* «« ,,.,, . V a c u u m I*acked Jar of COOL ROASTED I COFFEE nTtarn AMrtu Duiw ; Coupon will not be bouore4 (ter April 1, l'H« · Dealers: Coupons will be re- 1 deemed by Wllwer Grocer Co., Masoo City, Iowa HOME BAKERS! SAVE HOURS WITH HI-SPEED YEAST THAT KEEPS FOR WEEKS! The Original Fast, Granular Yvastl K*«p$ Without Refrigeration ! ALL YEAST, No Water, No Filler 1 E VEN if you're frantically busy these war-time days, you can still keep your family^happy with delicious, wholesome home-made bread and rolls once you discover the time-saving advantages of amazing Maca Yeast! For ia Maca, you enjoy the time-saving advantages of fresh yeast AND dry yeast BOTH! It acts extra fast, doesn't require any complicated baking methods or special tricks. You save hours in actual bread- making rime PLUS time saved in not having to make extra trips to the store! For Maca keeps fresh on, your pantry shelf for weeks... it's always handy, ready for use! Save Yourself Risk «f Fai/ire,foo.' Maca Yeast is a. tried and true product... has brought thrilling baking success to millions of women. You can always depend on it to help you bake faster, easier... to give your bread and rolls a delightful old-fashioned taste and flavor.:. to give them a smooth, even texture and beautiful appearance. You see, every batch of Maca Yeast is triple-tested: 1. For hi-speed baking; 2. For excellent results; 3. For keeping qualities. So don't take cbances! Insist on Maca, the original fast, granular yeast... the yeast that carries success insurance for your baking. Try Maca ffiKJ ffead His Starfimg 25-fo-I Cos* Ggarattet! So that you can find out for yourself what a superior product Maca is, we want to send you absolutely PREE a regular size package of Maca Yeast, and offer you this ailoanjiiig GUARANTEE: If the bread or rolls you bake with FREE MACA SAMPLE aren't ·' better in every way than any you ever tasted, send us the empty wrappcr.'and we'll pay you 25 TIMES the RETAIL PRICE of a package of Maca Yeast. You arc the sole judge in this sensational 23-to-l test! And imagine! You don't even have to buy the yeast you use in making it.! Clip coupon, paste it on penny postcard, and send for FREE SAMPLE TODAY. f-- PASTE ON PiNNT POSTCAKO AND MAIL NORTHWESTERN- YEAST COMPANY Dcpt. D, 1750 N. Ashbnii Arc.. Chiogo 22. Illinois Please send me FREE i package of Mica Vnjt :o uio in the 25-:o-l Tssi. Cii, State FARMEK SUFFEHS BUBSS Goldfield--Jake Kubly, farmer residing a mile east of here, suffered severe burns to his right hand Monday when a brooder stove caught fire. No Tire damage was reported. Mr^Clark's SALAD DRESSING MAIL FOR MARINES --Dozens of sacks of mail are stacked up to be sorted just behind the front lines where marines are battling on southwest Pacific New Britain island. POSTWAR BOOM IN BUYING SEEN Cleveland Looks for Spurt When War Ends By. LEE LINDER United Press Staff Correspondent I Cleveland, (U.PJ--If World war II should end tomorrow, cold cash --estimated at $167,664,870--will pour into consumer markets from overflowing Cleveland pocketbooks. Quests for new (if possible) automobiles, homes, household appliances T and household furnishings will loosen the wholesale spending in the immediate sunrise o£ the postwar era, according to Cleveland business interests. Representing a fraction less than 1 per cent of the total U. S. population, Cleveland is said to possess 1.35 per cent of the nation's entire buying power. A market analysis of consumer buying made by the Chamber of Commerce supplies that fact. In order of importance, according to Chamber figures, Cleveland folks will buy mechanical refrigerators, radios, washing machines, stoves and vacuum cleaners. Autos and new homes rank next on the list. / ' Further breaking down the statistics, it is estimated that 137,550 people will spend $16,114,785 in CIe\-eland for household appliance within 6 months after the armistice. In addition, 64,400 Clevelanders intend spending 59,604,035 for household furnishings, while the will and intent of 36,750 taxpayers is to pay $44,651,50 for the privilege of owning a new car. And finally, there are 15.400 residents who will shell out $96,994,800 to buy or build a new home. However, even these figures don't tell the whole buying story. The Cleveland home builders--· 15,400 o£ them--don't include the 29,440 families--planning to repaint their homes or the 11,680 who will want new roofing. Then there are 8.480 planning interior decorations; 8,160 who are going to install new heating equipment; 3,680 who are talking about outside remodeling; 7.200 planning to build additions to their homes, and 4,960 who intend modernizing their kitchen. In 1941, dealers sold 56,210 automobiles in Cleveland. Compare that with the intended purchase of 36,750 cars--if they are available --in the first 6 months o[ the postwar period. Also, the 15,400 families who \vill buy or build new homes is nearly triple the 6.220 new dwelling purchasers in Cleveland in 1941--the biggest peacetime consumer spending year in the nation's history. j Single Company Broke Japs' Kwajalem Drive With Seventh Army Division at Kwajalein, (U.R)--One company of one battalion of one regiment of the 7th division was credited by division officers with possibly shortening conquest of this desolate island by many days. The company, led by Copt. Robert Foulston. 25. Wichita, K;ins.. formed outside s h i e l d against the Japanese major counter-attack, launched the night of our assault. "The Japs began moving down the airstrip on our left flank," Capt. Foulston said. "They were coming 50 and 100 at a time, sneaking along in the darkness. Our machine guns opened up but the Nips kept coming, and some of them died right at the muzzles of the guns." j The determined Japanese assault continued all night, and the company produced many examples ot heroism in defending its position. When dawn finally came, Sgt. Marvin Raabe, Lincoln, N e b r., leader of a machine gun platoon, was still firing and the Jap drive had been broken. Capt. Foulston estimated between 400 and 500 Japanese were involved, and many were killed. The company's losses were only 2 dead and 15 wounded. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazelle carrier boy. Thompson 0Neil Co "«," SERVICE GROCERS ' « « Clear Lake BUTTER, Ib. 46c TOILET TISSUE, 4 rolls FANCY RICE, 2 Ibs OATMEAL, Large pkg Jack Sprat SYRUP, 5 Ib. jars Babo CLEANSER, 2 for Choc. Cream COFFEE, Ib. pkg. Fresh ASPARAGUS, 12 oz. bnchs. PRUNES, Nice Size, 2 Ibs Home Made Bread .. lie 1 Home Made Pastry 19c 21c 23c 37c 25c 32c OO JJC FROSTED FOODS Buy Birds Eye Baked BEANS, 16 oz. pkg. No Points, Ready to Serve Birds Eye APPLE SAUCE Green PEAS 17c Serve 25c 27c BEEF ROAST. Grade A Beef, Ib. PORK ROAST, 07 Loin End, 2 pts., Ib. LI C LAMB ROAST, Shldr., 4 pts., Ib. HAM SHANKS, 1 pt, Ib PORK CHOPS, Center, 6 pts., Ib. Sliced BACON, Fancy, 1 pt., Ib. . Fresh Dressed Chickens -- Fresh Fish -- 28c 30c 20c 34c 38c Illl FOOD STORE 1,1315 N. F E D E R A L USE OUR PARKING LOT- PHONE 4-20 ,111 YOUR GOVERNMENT WANTS YOUR WASTE KITCHEN FATS AT 4c A LB. -- 2 POINTS BEEF TONGUES Pound, 2 Pts A Grade Beef Pot Roast Pound, 1Od» 7 pts ..... ZoC -Loin End Pork Chops Pound, 2 Pts A Grade Beef Short Ribs Pound, 4 Pts | A r 17V IOWANA BACON Pound, 1 Pt. A Grade Beef Swiss Steak Pttund, 12PU.. *O« 35C LARD Pure Lcaf No Points New Texas Cabbage 5c Pound U. S. No. 1 RUSSETS 10 , b s 53c New Calif. Carrots 2 Bunches · *f M for 17C Jumbo Pascal CELERY Bunch. 27c 4 Doi. Size Hd. Lettuce for. 19c New, Tender PEAS Pound BUTTER ». 46c Heinz KETCHUP 14-oz. Bottle . . Kosher Dill PICKLES Quart . . Campbell's Tomato Soup 26C for Life or Peacock White Soda for 25C Sno-Sheen Cake Flour Large Jack Sprat BOYSENBERRIES No. 2 9Q M Can 35C Fresh Frozen FISH FILETS -- Birds-Eye FROSTED FOODS Large Package READ THE LARGE JACK SPRAT AD ON THIS PAGE AND LET US FILL YOUR WANTS COSTS UTTU TO SERVE THE MORE «M6* MOtE Mteitx* M ACAROKI Sale of Nationally , Known Poods at Jack Sprat Food Stores '/2-lb. Pk 9 COCOA 12 OR REGULAR OATS L 9 e. Pk S . 23 CHEERI- 7 oz. Pkg. OATS 2 23 GAUZE TOILET TISSUE 4 Rolls Fancy Blue Rose PRUNES KS PURE GRAPE JAM PURE PRESERVES SALTED PEANUTS Jack Sprat Spanish .jb'». 21 c is*. 33c !"· 19c £· 33c » 26c CAKE FLOUR 2 4 pour.c. package 25 ~. FRESH FRUITS £.1 STOCKIST NAVELS--IMS. -;S8» ORANGES 5 Ibs. 49c Larger Sizes Lb. l i e CALIFORNIA SHORT TOTS CARROTS 2 bunches 17c CANADIAN* IV AX ED RUTABAGAS 3 Ibs. I3c PASCAI^-EXTBA LARGE J U M B O CELERY Stalk 27c M e d i u m Size ^ Stalks ^:ic 5OLID 60 Sire) HEAD LETTUCE 2 for 19c SUNKIST 20-is LEMONS 6 for 23c TEXAS SEEDLESS--ALL SIZES GRAPEFRUIT 6 Ibs. 39c Sun-X Bleach . Quart Bottle 2 for 25c NOLA SOAP Toilet bar 5 SYRUP, Xaro Blue Label. . . . ' . . . . 1 V 2 -Ib. Bottle He CORN, Jack Sprat White Crcsm Style. .No. 2 Can T3c TOMATOES, Jack Spiat No. 2 Can 14c MACARONI, Jack Sprat, Quick Cooking 12-or. Pkg. lOc YELLOW CORN MEAL 24-ox. Pkg. 9c FLOUR, Jack Sprat, Enriched 50-lb. Bag $2.49 MUFFIN MIX, Duffs' 14-oz. Pkg. 19c WAFFLE MIX, Duffs' 14-oz. Pkg. 19c BRAN FLAKES, Posts' 8-oz. Pkg. lOc SHREDDED RALSTON 12-oz. Pkg. 2 for 25c VIENNA SAUSAGE, Jack Sprat 4-oz. Can Uc BAB-O CLEANSER 2. . Cans 25c BLUING, Mrs. Stewart's 10-oz. Bottle 15c INK TABLETS, Satin Finish Ru!ed 2 for 9c Mason City Stores WILLSON GROCERY 404 Fifteenth St. N. W. ' Phone 241 THOMPSON-O'NEIL CO. 121 North Federal Phone 312 CHICAGO MEAT GROCERY 626 S. Jackson Phone 996 CARL GRUPP 1323 North Federal Phone 420 BARRETT BROS. 20 Second SI. N. E. Phone 43 SNYDER'S JACK SPRAT STORE 616 South Federal Phone 218 Out-of-Town Stores JOE MACKU Manly, Iowa H. BANG Kenselt URDAHL VOLD Northwood TED HUSIPHRKY Plymouth J. E. JACOBSON Nora Springs W. S. KELSEY Rudd \VM. YERKES Kockford ED MARONEY Swaledale O. S. MABB Thornton BOWEN * GRUPP Sheffield SOLBEKG SON Dougherty W. II. DIETRICH OS:IRC EI.MNGSON'S Carpenter ART \VHITK Bolan

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