Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 31, 1945 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1945
Page 14
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14 \ MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 1945 Your Neighbors in the * * , * . * . * j KHAKI AND BLUE * * * * * * * * * * ' . * * ' * ' ; Lt. L. Nichols Gets Around in Air Transport Command Lately in Paris and ~ England, Now in India;' Named in Broadcast What They Are Doing MADE PLATOON SERGEANT --Marine Sgt. Carson (Bill) \V. Fetersen has been promoted fo the rank of platoon sergeant in Ihe south.Pacific, where he has been stationed the last .23 months. Set. Petersen was employed by the Northwestern Distributing company here at the time of entering the service., Hts wife lives at 225 East State. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John C h r i s t i a n s e n , Nora Springs. y Thanksgiving in Paris, Christmas in England, later in Italy and Egypt and now in India is the recent record of 2nd Lt. Lloyd Nichols who is flying with the air transport command. He does take time out to sleep, however, according to a broadcast heard here over WHO on Jan. 25 by War Correspondent. Frank Miles. Said Miles: "Among the sleepers in the room where my Canadian friends and I slept that night were 2 keen lowans--Lt. Lloyd Nichols of Mason City, an ATC, and Howard G. Leaning of Thor. Lt. Nichols had 2 young sons, one 2 years of age and.the other he had never seen," the correspondent had said (His family lives at 1108 Carolina N. E ) IVT. LLOTB NICHOLS Husband of Mrs. Ritner Awarded the Air Medal With 8th Air Force . An 8th Air Force Bomber Station, England -- F/O. James H. Ritrier, ID year old navigator ori an 8th air force B-17 Flying Forces, has been presented the air m e d a l for j "meritorious achievement" during bomb attacks on nazi military and industrial targets and in support of allied ' award was Charles B. AWARDED PURPLE HEART-- Pvt. keland G. DeBolt, 439 25th S. IV,,. has been awarded the purple heart for wounds received on Oct.- 26 when a bomb- landed near him, according fo announcement · received from headquarters of the XXIV corps on teyte. Pvt. DeBolt entered the service on. Jan. 23, 1910, and was already overseas with an engineer unit at Pearl Harbor when the Japs struck in 1941, He also participated . in the- battle of Kwajaleiu. --V-- ground forces. The presented by Col. Dougher of. Wilhes-Barre, Pa., commanding officer of the 94th Bomb, group. F/O Ritner is the son of Mrs. Gertrude V. Frazier of Waterloo His wife, Mrs.. Audry I. Ritner] lives in Mason City. He was a student before enlisting in the army air forces. --V-Whereabouts Second Lt. Reed S. Harr, who was stationed at Nashville, Tenn. has been transferred to the army air field at Miami, Fia. Robert M. Sturfes, storekeeper 1/z, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. M Sturges, 415 5th S. E. t has.been transferred-to Bremerton, Wash., where he is awaiting assignment to an aircraft carrier. SK 1/c Sturges was home- during the holidays after a year in the Hawaiians. Pfc. Theo J. Cree has arrived overseas in Italy, according to word received here. Pfc. Cree entered the service last 'March. His wife and 4 children live at 305 5th WAS 33 M O N T H S IN PA- CIFIC--Pfc. Donald C. Hnbach- «r is home on a 30 day furlough from the south Pacific, where ne has been on duty the past 33 months. He was in action at Buna, New Guinea. Saidor land- ££'·- A " ate and Leyte at ^e Philippines. Pfc. Hubacher is a former Globe-Gazette carrier ooy, He has 2 brothers in the serv- i Ce U rt- Harlan Uubacher, at Lubbock field. Te.v., and Avia- V , C TM ef Geor * e Hubacher, * r " at , Childress. TCN-. George is expected to be home soon. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs S. W. George C. Freudenberg has been advanced to the rating of yeoman 3/c in New Guinea, where he is now stationed. He took boot training at Great Lakes and Has been overseas since last June He writes of meeting a buddy o£ his in New Guinea, M/Sgt.'John Armentrout, Mason City, Yeoman Freudenberg's wife and 2 sons. Denny and Jerry, reside at 311 18th S. E. Word has been received by Mr. and Mrs. Julius Stephan, 543 14th S. E., that their son,- Lt. Carl F. Stephan, has been transferred from Fort Monroe, Va., to Fort Eustis, Va. Lt. and Mrs. Stephan recently spent an 8 day leave at the Stephan home. Pvf, Ralph K. Willier, who will leave soon for overseas duty was awarded the expert infantryman's Flew Bomber to Destroy x ,Saar Bridge A 9th Air Force Bomber Base France--A former Douglas air craft worker flew one of the lates Douglas products, an A-26 In vader medium bomber, on Dec. 2: Ot destroy the highway bridg across the Saar river at Saarburg Germany. He is 2nd Lt. Georg J.: Parkhurst, 25, of 813 Nort Federal, Mason City. The formation, 'in which L Parkhurst flew, completely de stroyed the bridge before th counter-attacking Germans wer able to use it to strike weslwar to Luxembourg, protected by Gen Patton. Lt. Parhhurst lias completed bombing missions over Germany His-wife, Mrs. Viola'B. Parkhurst resides at the above Mason Cit address Wounded Private Praises Red Cross for Providin Essentials to Soldiers The Red Cross is "swell and wed have to do without cigarets shaving equipment and other essentials if it weren't for them' wrote Pvt. Rodney A. Lybsrger from a hospital in France on Jan Pvt. Lybarger was wounded in action in Belgium on ,J a n. 3. He stated that he was now up and aroun and feeling fine. He said he hadn t received any pay yet and so was doubly appreciative of the Red Cross for furnishing the things he was unable to buy for the time being. -_ He wrote that his mail hadn't caught up with him yet. No details have been received as to how he was injured. His wife lives at 1134 1st N. E --V-Mason City Sergeant at Largest Supply Depot on Continent With ihe tf. S. Supply Forces In Belsinm--T/Sgf. Ray F. Burrs]!, 306 14th S. E., Mason City, Iowa, s non-commissioned officer in charge of the POL, section of the .argest engineer supply depot on the continent. --V-- ^,,H° me , r . chant £h 'P missed convoy during;the holiday, season, thus maintaining an unbroken supply fronfc * SaUing to the fiShting ^^^^^ NEW LOCATION Horace Seymour Beemer 302 FORESTERS BI.DG. Extraction Specialist DENTAL X-RAY DENTIST r w»Acnce UNITED rcT J»LATE WORK 18 FIRST ST ICEDftR RAPIDS SOUTH EAST DES MOINES MaSON CITY SIOUX CITY in the slates. He recently visited his sisters, Mrs. Joe Fritz and Mrs. T. O. Kittleson, Ma=on City, and his mother, Mrs. Lila Willier of Floyd, enroute to his place of deportation. He has 2 brothers overseas. Pfc. Morgan .T. McEnaney returned Monday to Pope field Fort Bragg, N. Car., after spending his regular furlough plus a 15 day emergency extension at home due to the serious illness of his daughter who has been confined in a local hospital for 8 weeks with rheumatic fever. Pfc. McEnaney is a legal investigator connected with the troop carrier command. Leonard I. Dolan, 71g Pennsylvania N. E.. who enlisted in the marines following a call to active duty by the draft board here has gone to the Marine corps base at Parris Island, S. Car,, for training. Leonard has a brother in the marines, 2 in the army air corps and one in the field artillery M high school in Mason City Leonard played basketball, football and baseball and was 120-pound boxing champion. Second Lt. Wesley H. Kutzner motor pool ofticer. has just reported for duty at Van Nuys army air field in southern California. Van Nuys is a training base where new fighter pilots learn combat tactics. A staff of skilled instruc- iOrs, most of them overseas veterans give the young pilots the benefit of their experience in flying and gunnery. Lt. Kutzner served in the Asiatic campaign. MIS home is m Ventura. He is the son of Mrs. Dora Kutzner, Min- T1(*3n«-ilic ' neapolis. Duffield g ° ' V-T; A L Ir - and JIre - H- R. Jeft Saturday (or to visit theii ,, and his · '--· k"-«-"viii, "-"jjiiiiiuinua 1 " ttons zone, coincided the establishment of the depot with the opening of the port of Antwerp. Supplies now arrive in a continuous flow. "They come by rail and truck convoys," said Burrell. "We've handled 30,000 tons since the beginning "of the German counterattack, and the men are working 12 to 15 hours a day, seven days a week, unloading, classifying, assembling, and hauling to one of the areas. The turnover is terrific and the stuff comes in ton packages--not pounds." ^ Sgt. Burrell entered the services m July. 1941. and was assigned, to the 30Ih division. He transferred to the field artillery at Fort Sill Okla. Burre'II then entered Texas A M as an ASTP student. Completing one year of studies, he was assigned to his present unit and arrived overseas in October, Before entering the service he was employed by Standard Brands i Inc., as a salesman. His mother Mrs. F. C. Burroll, resides at t h e i above address. y Discharged Veteran Is Reading Clerk for Iowa Senate Des Moines, (P)--A discharged veteran of the present war now is serving as reading clerk of the - - - a *.»»**«£, \.lt.lJV WJ. L i l t Iowa senate. He is Gail L, Hansen 21. Atlantic, who served for niore than a year in the array air corps before receiving a medical discharge. Hansen participated in football and track in high school and is a member ol the Atlantic American ' San ! Legion post. --V-your tt'a HOME FROM PACIFIC _ Sgt. Arthur E. Rowe, sou of Arthur Kowe, route 4, is home on a 21 day rotation furlough from 3 years in the south Pacific. He will report to Hot Springs, Ark., at the en* of his visit here. S«t. Kowe enlisted in the coast artillery in Feb.,. 1941. --V-- GETS MAJOR'S ' R A N K--K. Jerome Wilkinson was promoted to the rank of major on Jan. 15, according to word received here. He is now serving somewhere in France. Maj. 'Wilkinson enlisted in the army in Jane, 1941, after his graduation from the University of Michigan. He has been overseas for ZZ months and has been iii Africa, Sicily. Malta, Anzio and Italy. His Wife is liv- " ing in San Francisco, Cal. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. R V Wilkinson, Rock Falls. --V-- PROMOTED IN* 6ERMAXY- Alfred Van Hyfte, whose wife and daughter live at 318 Delaware, N. E., has been promoted lo the rank of serseant in Germany according to word received here. Sgt. Van Hyfte is sen-ing in Gen. ' Patton's 3rd army He has .been overseas since last October ' --V-REACHES INDIA' Iowa Falls--Mr, and Mrs. Frank erfield received word that their' on, Chief Warrant Officer Ham- · ton Berfield, is in' India. He I egan his military service 111 ears ago, and \\'as stationed i n ! he Philippine islands for 3ii ears prior to the war. His 2 rothers are in service also. --v-Rake--Loren Hanson, petty offer 3/c, arrived Friday from ew London, Conn., to spend a ave with his grandparents, Mind Mrs. Carl Halvorson, and her relatives and friends. and : LOCAL WOMEN GET THOUSANDS OF EXTRA RED POINTS Every day, precious red points are being paid to housewives who turn in used fats to their butchers. Becauss this country is faced with a possible fat. shortage, these used kitchen fats arc even more urgently needed to make medicines, synthetic rubber, gun- poirdar, soaps, paints and a hundred other essentials on the battlefield and home front. Every woman can help towards final Victory by saving every drop or used fats each time slic, cooks. Even a spoonful is irorlh salvaging. Won't you keep saving until final Victory over both Germany and Japan? Here ^ There Thornton--M. Sgt. Robert Petersen is a patient at the marine hospital at Camp Le Juene, N. Car., receiving treatment for rheumatic fever. - ' Goodell -- Leo Ahrenkiel and son, Kenneth, of Worland, Mont., came Friday for a visit with his mother, Mrs. John Ahrenkiel. The Ahrenkiels moved to Oregon in 1935 and later to Montana. HeRoy, Mton. -- The Raymond Nauman family moved from the lower part of Mrs. Ella Johnson's home to the T. Eastwold home they purchased. Mrs. Johnson and daughter arid son will move from the upstairs down. · Bristow--The January P. T. A. at the school building Friday night was in charge of the men of the community. LeRoy, Minn.--O. H. Hiekok of Hot Springs, S. Dak., came to look after business affairs, and to visit his son, Frederic, sick with undulant fever in a hospital in Hector. Popejoy -- The Oakland township 4-H girls met with Roberta Olson Saturday afternoon The 'esson was in charge of Kathryn .Miller, Helen Moore and Mrs Haydock, the leader. . plymo " th --Paul Chehock was able to be brought home from a hospital in Mason City following a major operation. Britt--Mrs. Walter Fox : .was to leave Tueday for an extended visit with her brother, Martin Lar- «""·., a " d family, who reside in Glendale, Cal. Plyuiouth-^Mr. and Mrs. James Wise have as their guests, Cpl. and Mrs. Leon Wise, home on furlough. Mrs. Wise will also visit her parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Steve Miller. · Rake--Mr. and Mrs. O. E.Quam, and .airs...Geralct Quam, R. N., went to Rochester, Minn., to get Earl Knudtson, who has been at the Mayo clinic £pr examination. : Riceville^--Mrs. J. A. Uran, Mrs! Ted Bodenham, Mrs. Merwin Noble* and Mrs. Leora Weigle attended a county convention o£ U. S. W. at Saratoga Friday. Clarion--Mrs. Hilda McNeal is recovering from a broken arm suffered when she fell while visiting her son, Clark MeNeal at Belmond. WOLFS 1 Suits of Distinction Command Respect MEMO Tip to Good Tailoring ---Buy the Highest Quality Top qualify is an integral part of each suit we sell. Here's a store where a modest price buys highest value in suits with the handsome fir and distinctive styling of custom tailoring. Whatever the ,* style you wish, we have it! 35 - '45 BUY WAR BONDS JACKETS Look to Spring Tailored for your leisure hour pleasure.! Distinctively designed with solid color body and plaid sleeves. 9.95 UP SLACKS Our handsomely tailored slocks ore the talk of the town! They give you the much desired look of o well dressed man at leisure. You'll want sev- , eral pairs! All sizes-many colors. 4.95 UP CITY-WISE TOPCOATS A stepping-stone into spring, these tweeds and cheviots serve their pur- pose well. Rough and ready for the few remaining wintry blasts, yet a perfect topper on balmy Spring days. 24 95 UP Glores, Scarfs, Accessories

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