The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 8, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1818
Page 4
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' ti::::T.rcFT::2ACTiNTi::s btate. teMXB T Til AlUlTilOII) TH ; orriciAt. rtrii. ,' ' - r '. ' . Ne - York Before Ritkard Rdeer, Recorder. , Cbri.toptjerN.KiersW.Sept 24 t.. ... beijmna Moore, Oct 1 7 , - - !; Treat, Sept 1 - .' v VViiutm M'Laaghliu, Sept 13 ' , Eraniw Lews. Sent 18 . Joh riaiiey. J at per I. sropsey, aad wtc Trrtt, 8rpt I v ; ; . , Jacob G. Mott, and Onus Bill, Sept M , Wiilet Seaman, Sept 16 - . . , William Clark, Sept 4 . : 1 noma Maluns, Sept It Adotpbus Waidron, rkpt28 ; Gailtiam Johnson, A sett - ,,. Frederick. W. JJanaeuberg, Sept 12 Philo Hale, Sept. 19 SilM Lock wood, Au It Christopher Prince, Sept. S John W. Powell, SejH. Joecphet Boyd, An. 18 J aba W. Richard no, Aug It - Paytoa Gay, Aug. 25 . t William Kia, Aog. IS ' , . Before K. IV. King, Esq. IrJut P. Ituatvrirh. Sent 14 .ifoany tomtyBcferr Pkilist S. Parker, IU career, nt Jt loany. - Samuel S. Lock wood, Oct t - r , - , : Before Estes Hove, Esq. - Abraham Hifham, Sept 84 , Gos'd Parsons, Oct 12 - ibwI .lilsoo, Oct 5 ' Gould Prff.Oct5 Dudley Frink, Sept 24 ' William Colter. A as 15 Madison evunty Before Peter Smith, first judge in Peterbero?. fltAm P.ivuii William ft. If inn. and John Smith, Sept IX Richard O. Imeson, Oct 17 Jnha I .vnnj Aims 49 . . ' , Abraham Shan, Aug 99 . William Spencer, Aug. 15 . Jere John B. Yates, Esq. - Jacob Day, Aug 23 Joauaa Ward,' Sept. It ' Otsego Counter Before Joseph While, first Judge in the town of Cherry FaUey, . City ef Troy Beor Wtiiam L. Marty, Esq iiuci I. oucaicri - tax . Obadiaa ion, Aog . Z4 L Jonathan Park. Aug 17 Before the Recorder. s William Van Every, Sept It Merman Becker, Auj 17 - Btfore Judge Bud. Joha SaaiDMn. Hunt it Qnendig Vottniy - tfrt.Jmhtii Fammnjirtl J wire tn Vnonlaza. iKemw.lT. Sent. II ' U'illiaiu tiMtcAiDson, Aug 14 rVuhwjlim Countjr - yJBeort Anthony I. Blanch rk, tn Salem. ,1: Joe Baiiil, and Ahram Berry, An; 17 ,. uekiei t. ucnoet, ilk i ; ... , Williaia t - riphtnn, Sept 6 . ' - vtnrt n. c. marttnaaie. Beojanla Paddiu. Sept 51 ' Joaepii Wickca. Aue 15 iertloga eetmlf Before Salmon Child, fittt Juazr - i w U rtenficM. , Stephea W. Patuwr, Sept 18 ' Joha, Aur It . ttefure James WCrta, Etq. Saiitb Lawrence, S pt 18 , ioU Young, 5opt. 3 1 t . i a I 1 r" ' Before J. Thompson, Esq. William ojilh, Sept 18 Jte BU!ins, jua. Oct 19 Jofia 1'imiurfiuHii, Sept 18 Jeremiah Lebama, Sept 18 ' Qenttut county Before John II. Jonei, fir Judge, t Ltiutler. FliaVim Eim'ny, Oct 19 - Uj Pht - lra, Ott 17 " Benjamin Potter, Oct 17 ' ' Thomai Streeter, Sepl 17 Tuhal C. Owen, Oct 15 KdiTiorul Hinckley, Oct 1 . Aia r'ncb, Srnt i Daniel Dye, Aue 31 thii i"n, ov u , , :tra rtifirriM, Sent tl Kiltoo rux, J'jboaoM Beuall, and WilUam Parker, A sc. 15 . Luu Peck, and Alfred Pemben, Sept. 19 Before 8. M. Hopkins, Esq. Benjamin Potter au J Pbilo Wcltou, Oct 17 ti vdson Vity before J, D. MeneiL s Joba M. Laiher, Sept 4 . Jamet Paloier, Au? 23 Mneea Burr, Aagtl Jolio DtiweT, Au$. 14 Cbarlea O. Inth, Aug I? Columbia County before John I. MiUer, Kit. phraiia F blank, Auf 31 Cheuango county - Btfore Otmdiah German, Esq tnNorwteh. 'Arthur If. Deteng, Sept 3 Montgomery count a. Before Alexander Sheldon, trtl Judge in Charleston. , Thomas T. Getman. SepttO - fetephea B Dey, iaCharlwton, Sept 5 , Peter Brown, Ass 15 Peter N. Qiockanbota, S!pt It Abraham Van Duren. Sept 5 Steuben cmaxly - Ihfore Thomas AP Barney, first . . . Judgt,tnt'atnte - l'4. Frederick Towatcad, Oct t'J Uroiaruia bhtck, bept3(J Dand Chace, An ?. 8 .' Oneida county, Before Nathan Williams. h F.leaw liaxcn, Sept. It . lijah Artiit, Sropt. 5 JoKph Turner, Aus. 15 Walter Fowler, fept 5. Orange county 'Before Jtathan II. White, Esq. At Goshen. Jacob lUrdall. Auc 59 Schoharie County, before Wm. Lcrkman, E:q at Sharon. Jamej Bat, Sept 5 , Caleb Morey Au 27 Ceorse Aliuv. Auc Z7 Before II. Bouek, Esq. . Anthony Tappen, Oct 6 - ', JeJersimVouniy...Before W.D.Ford. Iiaac Buiwell, Sept 19 David Studley, Oct 5 Solomon Rich, Sep 10 Samuel Miller, Oct 3 fcira Tyler, Sept 1 Epbraiia Carey, Ao:t3 Zeaa Carey, Aug 17 Iraae Cora well, jr. Aug. 12 Morria Burtch, Sept. 10 - Before Judge Cole. Autprttiu Sackt - t, Sept. 14 tVarrtn County before Wsn. Hobardi. , Itaac Smith, Sept 19 reward Fuller, Sept 15 Sulhean County, before William A. Thompson, Esq. at Thompson. Benjania Ruoaaey, Aug i6 E. Bowera, and Joha Manhall, An;. 31 frankltn County, before. AibonMan, Esq. Heary Ufley, Sept 19 . Robert Cooper, Aug 10 Chnton County, before Pliny Moore, Esq. 1 Clinton Before H. H. Wahcorth. Joha Bleecker, Srpl 12 " . C,9r!J, C,,WU V. Wore Judge Miller. Ileory Kamiey. Oct 10 MetaUah Martin, Oct 10 Victory Tooriey, Sept 7 Ileary Jacoby, Aug. 27 Ctaqueeousbefort ZtUH Cashing, Ess. William Olaey, Sept. 19 ' 1 ' John Keoy, Aug. 25 Qvtens CeMy Before FJingkam Laurence William Berioett, Septa """Twice. Jot 0 'iriffin, Aug. 3 Kings county, before Wm. Forman, Ese. . Peter Battion, Aog. 3, ' Broome County, before judge Drake. Zechariab rardofl, Oi ttO Aleiaader Docker, PepttJ Jaatei WiUiaou Jr. Sept. $ . X7Zlim Cooptr, ialS r . 1 ' "? ? ; St. Lawrence County, it 'ore Jvdge Fori.', Cliret Spencer, Septal ' Weary U WooUey, Oct. - Anoa Underwood, Sept 14 - , taekiet Kimball, Auf. 15 . Putnam Before H. Garrison, Esq. Jeter Beyea, Sept I I ; - 'v, William Brewiter, Art 17 ' .. Rensselaer county, bnort Judge Masters. Joha T. Tyler, Oct ll ' Joha Wl Hay, Sept 19 : ; Antboay firaet, Aug 29 lieonrA.LAke, Ag ft " , Before Dand Bud, jun. Abial Darby, Oct 17 William B. btaati, Oct 3 In).. I. WaaLSrrwax. BeDt 9 Laularaurus Before Timothy H. Porter, Esq nocbMarh, Sept 14 Schenectady, before G. Cleveland. Jamet Sward, Aug 25 ' ' Tompkins County, before John Sutton. Daniel Benjamin, Sept 2 Before Richard Smith, Esq. - Edmund Hopkina, Oct 31 Oelaicare Counts, before hat Ogden, Esq, Phioea HowUad jr. Aag 25 t rJreeru County, before Mosas I. Cant int. John S. Hoghtaiing, Sept 19 J.wnei rlaruonoa. Auc 31 - Dutchess Count Before James Emolt, Esq, . I.aarence Halstead, Agz5 ' 'John T. Stoutenhurgh, Sept. 7 Ontario Count, before Judge Nicholas. Genrge Potter, Sept 15 Ira Brontoa. Oct 30 Before JV. H HontU, Ese. at - Canandaigua, Samuel Moore, Sept 18 Philip B. Jackaon, Sept 19 Srunoe! Kreat h, Sept 5 Koawell Drisgi, Aag 10 . Herkimer County, bsfore A. Williams. Samuel Smith, Oct 1C Before Nathan Smith, Esq. Seth Cutler. Sept 19 Aael Barrowi, Oct. 0 Oneida e&unty Before Morris S. Miller. Walter Fowler, Sept 5 West - Chtstsr County, ttftrc Caleb Tompkins. j onainan cmiio, oepi it ' Niagara, before Jude Htklikiss. Daniel Brainard, jr. Oct 19 IN CHAXCEIIY. Dorothy Hacktin, " r. i 11t:m: ir - M I beth hit wife, Maria fw,H" "J i ll unr, Catharine Hunt I and other. J IS partuance of aa ordrr of thii honorable court itade in the above enure, will he told at puMic auction at the Tontina Coffee tlouie, m Iht city of New York, on the tllib day of July int al 12 oVIock at uoon. under the directioa jf tb iubcriber, all Uiom 6ve loti of ground, til uate, lying and beiue ii the eighth ward of the city ol Mew York, being formally that part of ihe property ot Nicholai Bayard, Inquire, then Known oy me name ot unyard't rann, lying westward of Broadwav : laid loll beine dene - nalfd oa a map of laid farm, made by Gaunter I ll. UoercK, tlien one ol tlie City surveyor, ny the number 1 147, 1 148, 1 149, 11.50 and 1 152; together with ttta hereditament and appurtenan ce to tbe ame belonging or in anyniae appertaining. Dated July 3d. 181 8. J 3 lawUytOdtil Mar ter in C'banrtry. Tbe abore tale it noetpoiied to (he I Oth day of AueitM nrii, at the inme.lime and place. Ju ly 28th, 1818, THOMAS B01.TOM, j vi nun ivr.mier in i.nancery. tiM CitA.SUKKV. State of New York, ss. IS pnrtnnnce of an order of this honorable court, bearing date the 27th day of June, 1818, wiiirjeanid at panne auction, at "tie i online Coffee Houm). in the city of New York, under the direction ol tbe subscriber, at one of the mas ters of this court, on the 31t jay ol July neit, at 12 o'clock at noon, all thoie several blocks, piece or parcels of around, situate, lying and being in ine lownsuip oi tsrnoKiyn, in iim county oi Kings,anl state or ew - iork, alnresaid, ana known and (list inenl - hed on a man made by Jer emiah tott, the 19th day of M - rch, 1HV2, by ine louowuig nounaariet, lo wil, noraiuiij in front by Water - street, fCMitlierly in the rear ny Front - street, easterly on tbe one tide by Jackson - street, and westerly on tbe other tide by Gold - street, containing lour squares or blocfct oi ground. Also all those certain water lots, lying immrmareir in irooi oi me oeiore uescrmeu blocks, bounded at followt te wit easterly by Jackson - street, toutherly by Waler - street, and westerly by Gold - street, containioe in breadth on Water - street the distance between Gold - and Jackson - street, and running into the Last River as far at the grant of the corporation of the city of New - York extends, with tbe appurtenances. uatca jana s, hub. JAM 3 A. HAMILTON. Matter in Chancery. '. Note. Tbe above property will lie sold ia lots and parcels, according to a certain map to be made thereof, which will be eihibibited in the Coffee - house one week before the day of tale. jeau lawzwaiw The tale of the above property it postponed to the Seventeenth day of August nest, at the tame nour ana piaee. juiy xitt, iwia. JAMtS A. HAMILTON, J 21 dtds Master in Chancery. MUNT - ALTA For SAl.t,o. to LEI', nnd immediate possession given, the benutiful place called Mont - Alta, seven mile from the City - Hall, on the North River, adioinins Lord Courtenay'a. It contains 20 acres of land under improvement, with a large garden well stocked with vegetable a variety of fruit, with evcrv convenience for a family. For term, which are very reasonable, nnd if told a lone credit ei ven if wanted, apply to N. & D. TALCOTT, t4 nno!n - Tret. Je 12 I K. DP. ANGELIS, formerly practitioner of Tieuicioe in the MIHtsry llospiuls of Naples, and admitted a member of the Medical So. eiely of New York, where he has resided sinee the yesr I7SS, and bis reputation and success in practice is now established in the knowledge of me iu'Mie oy near twenty year experience, eon. tinuei to be consulted it bis office, No. 222 Wa ter street, opposite trine whirr in rtneumati and Venereal eases, Dr. De An geli has been wonderfully successful i and the most terrible effects of those disorders have fre quently been cured by him in a short pe of i Obstructions, ulcers in the throat and tnlite. wiuiifi,i instHiTcnii uec m me pauenc stiffness in the joints, pains in the limbs, eruptions of tbe skin, together with a numerous train of e - lts arising trom neglect or improperly treating of the most insidious of miladies, hare given way w p.uu. ircaiisciu in mi in u an inereuioie manner. Hit extraordinary success is, ia a great meiture attribuuble tn his well known Antirheumatic and Anti - STphilie Syrups, which whilst tney eradicate every lorra or disrsse. restore tbe emaciated natient to viror and heilin. m. U au letters from the country (post paid) will be attended to. and the necessary advice and medicine will be given and sent to any part of the tniw. J 25 To Mcrclumie. btore - keemrs. tic. WANTS a situation as' Clerk, a Young Man whose character can undergo the strictest investigaUon, and who has no objection to go u any part or ine united Stales. Employment being his chief object, will engage for a short period, oa moderate terms, to any merchant or store - keeper. A line addressed to J. B. and left at this office, shall meet immediate attention Jy30 xw 7U IttLT, And possession riven immediately. snug two I lory boost ia tbe first ward, weflcal - cuiatea tor a ooarding house or large family. s ne oowse cooiaint Sine rooms with a rood kitrbea OB the trtt floor : a lanre cellar, with the maobatlaa water. To a rood tenant the rent will be moderate. Inquire at 114 Greeawich - trect aog 4 lw rv",.g,,Lli at tt4 Maiden lane, opposire SES V. PB of grey carrige HOR - k.uu. .7 "genne in harness. Will aog 3 nann - no ate for Ibttn. VALt'ACLE nXAL LSTATS FOR IXLZ, tm .it ot mr - Kitt. I I YE. lots of ground oa tU west su'tofOreec - ' wrcb - t4reet, between Vestry and Dasbroa - ses - straett, ti by vor . i Four sto ia tbe rear oflht) above, fronting on the ratt side of Warngtoa - ttrnt, 25 by 80. tijht do ialbe block bafow, betwaea Waih - tagtoa and vYect - ttreette - . t la Monteomer Count r. 6000 acre of Land ia Lsrwreuca't purchase, near Eatt Canada Creak, oa U Borib side ol um mobawi, la Franklin Count. 15,162 acret of Land, in tbe town of Mount : il . ... ' ajurris aaa tajiun. - n In Kttei Coaaty. ; ' 7832 acres of Land in tbe Iowa of Barrymor In tb Count v of lewis. 1250 acre of land in Caturland, Chastaiiit Purchate. . In Saratoga County. . , 2600 acres in Palmer's nurchase. ' Enquire at the office of the subscriber, 34 Ce dar - street BEV. ROBINSON. mh!7tf . U. SAUADUl'S tAlLS I KAZUK bTKOP. You that wish tothava with ease, Buy of Sawders if you plea j Hit Kasor Strop1!, eculinr such, That tharrw the Razor with a touch. G SAUNDERS respectfully toliciU thott . who bae not got hi Patent Kanr Strop, io lurrusii iiiemteives wun ni new invented it tor Strop, and Metallic Composition. No een tlemaii who once maket trial of one of the Strop now ocerea, win ever try any olhert; anil tucli u their formation, thateer to much use will not rive the rators that rouiJnert which renders the best of them useless, and which it well known at wayt to follow the application of alltbose bitber - to invented. The ahove strops ate in general use in flew York, and are liittinsuished Irom ail others. Barbers who have used the in say more tauieir praise man I ran myself. i. AULtns, in vtau - sireec. Also for f nle. Razors. Soap, and ever uten til for Shaving, of the first quality, with a tup - - rior aisoitmnit of Perfumerv. Ilair - Powdtr.&cc. from Smyth's, New Bond street, London. N. B. Tbe most liberal allowance oiatte t dealers. s mr22 IU I.e. i', A pleasant back roo.n, at no. 56 Wall 'trcet, suitable for a lawyer's office. Possession immediately. Apply in the front office. Je4 A. farm of between sixty anil seventy acies, situate on the west bank ol Lake Otsego, and oue wile from the viilnee of Uoonentown. On it are a new stone house 54 feet sqware ; a lien farm house, bam, &c. It forms a desirable et tablishment for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as its situation, as to prospect. convenience to market, tic. is not surpassed hv any in the interior of the state. It will be toltl low for rnh, on a credit, or exchanged for property in this city, goods, tec. Apply to ll. u at tv. stuuwicK, my 7 tf Law Buildings. rjl KROWN, stone seat engraver and jewel - JL . ler, No. 168 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, engraved on stone. Diamonds, amethysts, topazes, crystals, 1c. bongbl or cut to an) form. Ladiet teals engraved with mottos, dtricet or crests. . 1 ... Books of heraldry kept with upwards of 60,000 name. A large assortment of fine gold seals, chain. and other jewellnry. Jy 28 In . I lib GtiAMMA i'lCAL UAH. 'IMIL importance of a correct knowledge of A. Graminar, is loo much acknowledged to need comment The unsettled and desultory manner, in whii h it is t;rM in common school, is highly exceptionable. To have arbitrary rales aud definitions parrotlike committed to memory, learned and conned by rote without comment or elucidation, it found to be generally void of utility t for to lung at the principlei oi roles are not understood, they can never be applied to actual use. Under tech imprettiuni and influenced by a deiire to promote io utuful a branch of education, the subscribers propose a remedial system, hi the undertaking, tiiey are conscious of no other motive, than tlie promotion ci a oraacn ol knowledge, which is an indipentible pre requisite ia every other. Tbe subscriber anticipate many objection to so complete a deviation from the antiuuated track, which custom has Ions since sanctioned at tbe most eligible: hot, to ooviate them, they ak a thorough aod candid inveitiga - t ion ol ill principles, it is a dictum, mat witli. out a ku. .vledge of the reasons on which la wt are made, no one can know tlie law. a conviction outs truth formed the most powerful incentive! o tlie invention nl the Grammatical liar, wbtchcon - veys to the .uitid through the memum ol the eye f be reasons, the whys, and the wliercloret. I o be short, it employt the perceptive facultiet, the learner acquire! a nanu oi attention, nn judgement isexercite - J, and he advancet with ease and delight The tutxcrihert have taken a conven ient room in r ulton - sireet no. i'J, wncre cnn dren, young ladies and gentlemen may acquire a correct knowledge of English grammar iu sixty hour. A correct Knowledge oi parsing win te given to new beginners; if not, no pay will he required. A new class to begin on Wednesday. 3 BKAIWft, Jlln. E. D. CROSSFIELD. N. B. Young gentlemen, who have been in structed in tbe short term of sixty hours, will he presented for examination each day at 5 o'clock, P. M. Scholar received and instructed at any hour from o o'clock A. M. to 10 o'clock P. hi Perms ol tuition made known at the above men tioned room. J 20 Im KOrl SALE, A LOT of ground on Broadway, between Walker street and Canal - ttreet 26 fret 10 inches wide and 175 feet long. Inquire of P. A. JAY, J 1 tf No. 37 Pine - treet. TO LEI', A part of a house and a front office in Cherry - street, within a few rods ol Franklin Bank. Inquire at o. 17 Cedar - street Jy9 tf t'uti A.ILt, The HOUSE & LOT, No. 333, Broad way. J he lot ts Sii teei irooi aim rear, and I mi feet deep. 1 be house is Gj feet deep, finished in the best manner, and replete with convemrn ces for a lar'e family Uo the premises are s brick stable, two rain - water cisterns, (ooe ot which it brick) and a well or excellent water. The situation is considered equal to any in thii city. For particulars, apply Io Benjamin U Mmturn, oa the premises, or to ROBERT BOWNE, JyMlm No. 256, Pearl - it. GU.JLLITV jVTR. FRUMENTO has recened a bos ol IVX the best nerfumed Naples Sbaviox Soap. which he warrants to be o( the first quality, and which he will sell any gentle rasa wishing tu make in trial oi it at Ao. l sy ail street. J27 Im A COIITAI1 XL taptilr of la die beaver Hats, ttesb Iron) tbe ma nufactory, saila hi lor the snath - era market, aad packed at tbt nortest notice, it J. WII.SO V3, ICO Broadway may 27 I ryS I vffv letter i Patent fmm ine United States. ; CCLLKVS UQU1U MAGNESIA. Aeprovcd of, and recommeaded by arveral of tb mosi oraiacnt physician of Philadelphia. TtiK Traasparenl Soiutiosi of Magnesia as pre - seated to the public with the tenetioa and partiaoler reeomsaendatien of many of the saost ph) sieuns of this city, as tbe moat eligible anode of ethihitmg magnesia. This l - tio potaesset the virtqe of t at medieioe in aa eminent degree et more speed ly t with greater nd is not liable to form concretions m ih bowels, at Meiari. Brtnde and Monroe have dise rered ire sometimes prod ueed by solid mag oesia. It combines with its anti - ac.d and aperient priiiciole the very detinble property af allaying the nost exeetsite vomiting, and .carrying off ore and offensive matter. Hence may be infer - j red its great efficacy i i the summer comp ainttof lemtlet, chi urrn, ate. eie. . To persons of bilious habit, it is reeommended san excellent corrector of bile and aciditycom - n.unicatet tone to the stomach - i uetatet as gentle taxation, and esta' I'uhei a perma eat atid regular teat f tbe bowel. A discretionary use of this g'eeable beverage enable personsnf every age, tea and constitution to k - ep their bowel moderate, without the use of salts or drastic purge, (hitherto used) which ever fuii to confirm the costive hi' its they were intended to remove, aud to disoider for life the orrans of direstioej. - In wei.k stomach ari and other acid are evolved, causinr root, travel, stiffness, nnd eon eretion o' the joints - the solution will enliven, palliate, and often iemoeibete afflktint; com - plain's, mliettion an l minv diso der of the sytb m, freouentlr proceed from aa aeidiau state f the stomach i child - en are psrtiee arly (object to tbit depraved condition otthatorgin, inconsequence of their existing almost entirely on milk sad vegetable diet A small quantity of the Solu - tion (which children drink with evrditv, ami ia gene al prefer to every other beverage) will in a short time neutralise the exiiting acid, and, if continued, will prevent the formuuon oi any new tcid. Independent of the other advanttges the solo - linn possesses over crude magnesia, or any oth. r medicine, intended to produce a similar etteet, the superior purity of the magnesia contaiued in tbe solution (the patentee having discovered a process by which he deprive the msenesia be roakea use of, of the numerous inipuriti. t it it al - wtys contaminated with) must give it a decided preference ovtr every other preparation : to avoid tlie appearance of empiricism, the certificates of tbe p y status, and other approbatory testimony, are not'pobhilied, but may be teen at the ttore of the patentee. 1 be solution may either be drank al the tount, (as mineral waters) at 12 1 - 4 cen t per half pint or may be hid in bottles of tn ovsl ship, mark ed, hi raised letters, " Cullen's Liquid Magnesia" sud labelled tulliut solution or Magnesia. Unserve, none is eenuine except what answers the above description, and it signed by the patentee. JOHN CULt.EN. Price ft 50 per dozen, 75 centlofehich will be re'urned on reee vingthe empty bottles. Sold in Philadelphia only, at Cullen's Chemical and Drug store, 68, e ist corner of Chetnut aud Second streets. Philadelphia, 85A April, IS 18. , The Patentee, eneoarared by the suceest of the Patent Liquid Magnesia in Philadelphia and els where, respeetfally informs the Inhabitants ef New York and its vicinity, that be has formed an establishment for it tale at No. 83 - liroadway, within two doar f Park Place, where he also msnnfaetures Soda Water of a superior quality. 4i)lu SPEAR'S CALCINED MAGNESIA. 1 Remedy for a Sour Slmuich, Heart - Burn, and a Cure for InUuestion. rtALCINELI MAGNESIA hat been tome time L in ufe both in Europe ami America : but latterly it hat been more irequently used than formerly. It was first brought into use in Germa - np, and was highly extolled by Hoffman, on r l...n i. ... 1... . . I u I I t. .. ...... VU f,llWV ttU.lW. 1 1 J I, . ,111, uu'JLCUi .IW WIJ confined y, till tbe knowledge oi'it, and ill excel lence, wat more extensively dittuied by tbe author of a medical pamphlet eutitleo nn " Essay upon the Muriii J and Management of Children,'' lie. I on author hat oesto wed much time and attention in the investigation of the virtues of tbe calcined magnesia, and it, mott inslaurei has great judgemeut and knowledge of the subject oa which he treated, and thereby has brought thii medtcibe into liih repute. We cannot, therefore, more properly explain its reputed vir tue, than by quoting the passage in which be re - C'. - muieiidi itt use. He sayt that the first and general cause of most rliteam to which infants are linble. is tho acidity which their food occasions ia their stomal hi. Thii acidity becomes very obvious from tbe griping and purging occe - sioned iherehy. It may not be improper to men Hon an easy and generally a cerium remedy, or ratlirr preventive, if timely administered, w'bich is Hie magnesia alba, calcined. This medicine effectually cum all acidities, proves a mild and lenient purgative, and lirei the body gently n - pea, without leaving renind it that costive state whu ft lays tbe Inundation for many dangerous and troublesome diseases." The author of the above mentioned essay fur ther observes, that notwithstanding the pecu liar excellence of this preparation ia removing indigestion, yet still it labors under a disadvantage difficult to be obviated, at no chemist hut as yet pursued a method calculated to direst it com pletely oi its crudities, and give it tnat pre - eminence whicblts merits f when properly prepared) would justly demand for it is a well established fict that indigrition is the primary cause of ma ny of the most alarming and dangerous diseases inci'Vul to the human system ; consequently the magnesia alba, when properly calcined, would tie the most etncacioui remedy hitherto known." Successful experiments have rally demonstrated, Hist the magnesia here recommended has arrived to the perfection at which tne above author hints bold only (by appointment) by JOHN V MORRISON, Druggist 188 Greeuwich street. and HULL BOW NE, Druggists, 149 rear! street, New fork. JSllm LOTS TO LEASE AT THE NORTH RIVER. SITUATE between Barclay and Murray - street, Chamber and Reed - streets, Jay and Harrison - streets, and North Moor and Beach - streets, at a price very considerably lew than in terest on their value, aod at the expiration of the term tbe buildings to be fairly valued aud paid for, or a new lease granted. A lo, to let by the year at a low rate, several lots or yards on the water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of pan, kc. Apply to PH. RH1NELANDER, 31 Park, near the Theatre. Several of tbe above lots will be sold at a mo derate price and on a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will be required. June ll tl rrt TU LET. Vnisj Tht first and second floor in store No. 8 r Ictcher - street. The rooms are large, being IS feet wide, 70 feet deep, well calculated lor a wholesale crockery store, for storage, or for other no - mess requiring much room. To be let tore ther or separate. Enquire on (he premises, or at 14!) 1'earl rtreet up stairs. Jy 24 NEW - YORK SPERMACFTI OIL & CAN OLE FACTORY No. 52 BROAD - WAY QAMUEL JUDD, bai for KJ sale, wholesale and retail. winter pressed nnd lummer strained Spermaceti - at Vine uu. at tne airave factory, or ai ine oia stand, I an r ly Alar ket Also, SPERMACETI, WAX, I TALLOW MOULD CANDLES. Together with a general assortment c - La hid. Lamn - Glarses, Lamp Wicks j and fur tlie accommodation of - w - w m - .wmuici. i io vrani - icis. eUJAkf from 5 to 15 galloni ; Jugs, from 1 to 3 do ; vrih arirtyof other articles, all of which are warranted of the Crt qnality, and as cheap as caa he purchased ia New - Voik. The above articles tent to any part of tb city free of et pence, where tlie purchaser maket it jTtM - - . aaocjec. J 31 THE SOUA'D STEAM BOA T - 1.A E. , - v Tbe proprietors, Wib s . f - y . view cf accommodating tint public, by extending tbe hoe eautciliieill UMhSKjl S'ullOM. i 'unt. I..m, AMfl lk:.uu..i:rr . . - . v' uu runtc in looiia practicaoiej wiu o continued during the season. - . ; t. j oe line will in future b from Nerr.Totk to Norwich, as follow t 'I be Connecticut Cspt. Bunker, will leave New - Vork every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 8 o'clock, ia tbe morning, lor New - Haieo. The Fulton. Cant. Law, will leave Norwich at tl o'clock in tlie morning or the same days, touch at Artr - Loiitfon and depart from theara or JVeu. Mam, , ll u vrocs. me dorii wiu meet ai jvttr - Jiaren, ITL - l.... - ..... .. ana cxenan irom frier.. mrw it afwand Fridav. t ? nVlk in rh tl. Connrcticut lor New - tor, &nd the Fulton for cur - iuiiaon anil jvoiwien. mh 17 itkwavaoH and uiaitiHiiiA MaiL. klAoa THRKE TIM Kt A U KKK. LEAVES Newburgh every Sunday, Tuetday, and Thursday mornings, at mree O'clock, rans through Mnntroiutrr. Bloominrbunrh. Monlirelln. hv White Lake. Coihecton. Mount Pleatsnt. f ;ret.l oena, inenango mint Uwrza. Itlura. and li: nevn, m Vinannajgua. ... Returning - leax et Canandaitnia everv Mnn day, Wednesday and PYilny mornmgs at three .V'IJ.V ..J ul .. . . . X. I i .1 ... w - ..m., ...u arrives ai .lcwuurgn, tne inirn day in time to take the Steam - boaU which arrive in New - York the' following mominfe Xj moty be expected that at all times tchen the sO amr - boats alter their da us of runtime, tlusl 'his nnt unu aittr so as io meet mem. The whole route will be perfbmed in three days, frruri the. first of May, until the first of November and from the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from kt 15th December, until tbe fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four dy. fassenrers travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Bullalo, can leave N. York in tlie eveninc steam - boats, and arrive in Cafiarulaigita in three days a distance of three hundred mib s. 1 he line is well furnished with pood, new carringes i cood horses, and careful and experienced drivers Every atten tion will be paid to render tlie passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious j and it b believed that Hie accommodations on this line are equal to any line in tlie state. (TV FARE from Newburgh to Canandaieua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. 11. A branch of the tame line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioea Point; thence through Newtown and IVwied Pott, to Bath, fee. , IUCGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey. Bloomingburgh,') E. C. St. John, Mount Pleasant L. & K. Manning, Chenntigo, IProprie - lviiner uerr, iirnca, i tors. Samuel t.reenlifr, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lunting, mh 14 dfm IHf. STEAM - BOAT .tfALjtNT.i, rim ttiiSABfrif i'OWN POINT, EAVES N York each day, undavs eiceol - acd. from the foot of White. hall - ttreei near Ilia Battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leaves Eliia - bethtnwn Point at 8 o'clock A. M. aud half past iz o'clock and nail past 4 o'clock r. M. Jew tr NVHTU tilVEki &TEAM.BOATS, A gfl CO" On the 1 lih of M ay, W !. commenced running four esiwtimet a week. A Boat - New - York 00 Tues day, alWo'clock, A. M t Wednesday, at 5 P. M; r rutay, al 9 a. ni. and Saturday, at 6 P. M. of each week ; and a boat leityet Albany oa Mon day, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A.M. The Fire - Fir leavet New - York on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for Newburgh, and returns on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at R A.M. Je 20 WHOOPING COUGH. DOCTOR SCOTT'S Pectoral Mixture, which it a safe and effectual remedy for the whooping cough. It it only ten yean since it was offered to tbe public, and some thousards of children, both in England and Scotland, have oeen cured Dy it, alter every other medicine had been nvd without eBect It is held in (he hi:h - est estimation for iti excellent and salubrious virtues. It promotes gentle perspiration, re moves viscid phltgmby nn easy and safe expectoration, and is highly salutary to tbe lungs ; it strengthens and defends the stomach, gives great er liberty of breathing, and produces the most saie, sniuiary aod happy effects, hy preventing those distressing awl convulsive coughs, to which thousands of individuals, in consequence of neglect prematurely fall a tarrifice. 11 is not Dy excting a temporary stimulus of reuei in those violent paroxysms tint its quail - ties are manifested, but by effectually remov ing uiose distressinir symptoms, by giving vrgwir to the weakened frame, and renovated health to tbe afflicted individual. Sold wholesale and retail, by U. Robertson. Apothecary, No. 82 Broadway, and J. C. Mori - son, Druggest, No. 138 Greenwich - street, N. York. Drue - crests throughout the United Mates, may be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above nlaces. at the lowest wnoiesaie price. MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF TH CITT OF SKtr - IOSK. (77ie oldest Institution for Insurance against fin in 1111 cuv,) PiSURE against Loss or Damage by Fire, Dwelling Houses, Ware Houses, Buildings in general, Merchandise, Ships in port and liieir cargoes, nousenom rurni ure, and everv tie scriptioQOl personal property, on terms as favorable as similar institutions in thitcity. Tbit Company it incorporated solely for the purpose of insuring against losses by fire, and has circumscribed its operations chiefly witbin this city and immediate proximity. In addition to (he Capital Stock. 500.000. abicli it secured by bond and mortgage on real estate and public stocks, this Company possesses a handsome surplus fund, invested In like manner ; parties assured may therefore repose the fullest confidence in (he solidity of its capital, ami that any tosses or damage will be settled with promptitude and liberality. The different rates ol premium and conditions of Insurance are unilorm with those of the oilier lire Insurance Orhcesin this city Tbe public are referred for particular! to the printed proposals in circulation, and which may he bad on application at 1N0. 52 Wall itreet . GABRIEL FURMAN, President, JOHN PLNTARD. Secretary. may W (OH HEWITT still resides at Nu. S4 Water itn et, where he has a very haodsnme and fashionable osaortmeat of CaSinet Furniture on hnd, which he will warrant to be of (he first aaalltv. He solicits hi. New Varb and aim t hern fncndstogtte him a call, at be flatten himself they will not tie disnppointe J. Owen executed at the tbortett notice, . J S3 tf aw m 1 - m A tttieraitg ptblfr'kaa w'aaw to iini t " ., - JrTU,,a, - fc - DOCTOR llORNE,rormeri, of the city oLoBJ0Baa BmWrof tbe faculty ofoU! en - - - urt . . - . y to repeat AilUlCURlul fied Jise taereoi, btVbaei prod sanos fcr. Aoaually mercurialized out 'of in t wee. - The diaease we have in iew owf Ul result, chief., to thi. aource. mSftfc Hial sa tjrAiitw aa.. tfl.a. . B 111 Y. - J'S - 'i me ot M COODtrs - ..J the farlmg of hi bareoU. tho..M " a - uy from all tbe protpect. and tnjojlltlsu' by the consequeacet of one tuigaarded - . wbk honly proves to from neglect or ir!!"1 - treatniM.ii a " V, Sf ""Proper hr7trnow r - riZZryj1""''. Pa - underphyriclans of general practke.'rd?'" and repeatedly salivitid : wiin rMom?IX5r'' Dr. U. fhtr a .tlem..7 .t? !?.0 - m",fn'elt were canoe. S.ut hi. 7aZJZLiII bones l.i. frimnilm AmL )m .St k 7 j "V. " "B tbem , t wo month, longer. Tbcand.enKa know with what ease aad safely Lr. u.l' cates tbe severest cases, and confirms l&'ZE tuUon. The Doctor's plan (sdvert'i 'U" cessary to g.ard the puhlic aguinsUnS l, L"!. mercury, and other faUl dehisiona, rld forth ' Persons, tlierefore, having tontrarted s , .Z' flr dlMrrir. M sxilriarl.nsv lo.. V1" admonuliednot to tamper with their con'.i 5. tion. or rom enl lha AuAm., :n .. 7 - ,,e - , - - - T - - - - w, pun recQsa. rw f nfhral.aviff.v - 1 "MWC - , . - , .t. vi an om cat other impuntiet of the Wood, atwelluotk' sex. should remember posterity, and do jwit ' !0,,.,le,nConM:",c bT "kH appbxatio. tn I)r. H. at him IA . ! ulo0 Uslmient No. 64 Water - sfceet iJer housss of Old - slip, to obtain tliat prompt astisfaBci " one calculated Co prevent discloture. AndhI let me rlaim your serious attention Reraemhl! '""ydone, you will certainly htv, tht: niiorder break mtt .tnin m,itt ligmty, at some future period t perhao. fh wUi be loo late for remedy. D,,'t t0, often meet u the streets m i Her. hi - m.,i!....T ,Ka " a sven a hitofnooi Xlir& el TwSS? lbeterchyou. Warning, Dr. H't. character for skill ,Bd irubborn integrity being universally ktiowa in this city, nc T .V - r - - - naiacucacy IQd M - i lervliilliertn unknna.ii. J . T j . . .., mm ulllmr conuned kit practice for. ears past, exclusively to Iht cure ef iIid.a. jJ h!n..l ..... 11 J . T ' ...v.v - w. w..j,uu ukj may taiely cal - culate on the most decided advantages ufcoi - tn firtsv Hp If . 0 v" flao'tm avrfalirtf a4 sa las au ill.. - . . a . v w uir weeit. Stncturei removed without hougiet or mv otk - mr inatrunirtiff ahtl tall aw.k;l.: . i;... .. ...... H,a..., 9 ai.u ots UbUJUIlftj j llMCWlJle mil old ulcerations, fibula's fcc. """e n piummy 01 niucei are provided, and so sits iteil Hint I IU ... I. fa .nl u nA..J . ... , 1 ' ..... .jjvt:.. uicaca otoer observation. Open fill half pait 9 ia the evening. All IMIn.11 rnm - AMuil . I r .... . m, iicu 10 oe tree in ailing, ami speaking with Dr. II. wl.i. h ,. ol coit And here tiie Doctor cannot avoid It tv lireaaimi nf amltlntlM Fr ci. niuiinnmui, recoa oieuilatious, ami for (lie decided preference fit it y .uiM. - ..iijui.loik; long given mm by a iuilicious nuhlir.. U.K. All letters must be post piud. Dr. Buchanan. A ii 27 1 , NLllHEU itO.K XLKk NOR iMtOh TION. Jt?Zs. EVANS' luperkl Se - A - method ofcnringaceia - tvj '"n Disease, isnowunivet J taffli ,a,,? cknowledgrd in this ? "i! AV iffi ! his mode ol treatmt r I a J yjf ,Y I perfectly mild, tare, ei PJious. aod hiicharg.t aaonable. In every 11 - "StV - 'K: ''ance he warrants a care, tvjtf - b S'" iant "'J returathe pay ifle dori not perforin tgrectb to rflnlmrl. qaa. aX The ttmteit secrecy always observid. Iiaawsa mrw ttinW ncraAlil ihirn risris bhJ l . " Bawaaa.j - v,vtw mM Vlil ffMJtl I IjAI If" r - iniftj. Isi Ksrinrv iineaWl viriAiik ohswain . llll'JS awaaewaaaasa ' f aHiviia taUIWRIV U.ICtWVW such at cancer, old inveterate ulcers, tcrofula or kings evil, fistulas, cHseasec mt earn us bladder and kidaies, ofd complicated cowipWiar of a certain nature, ialiou aad other obsrrav (ions, rheumatism, Ac which Ihey consider .uIa Kaw, rHttinv hm mrA iim Brkal by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store. New o Pi.rk.tlin. bavinr practised ia svlef.aln hospitals in Europe 12 years, under some of lbs Qrsl surgeons anu iiyirtians in me wona, aae made those obstinate diseases bis constant stsce for30veart. ' Oct 12 A FRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall itreet, gentle . nn n't dreititig room, hat for tale a few Ra ton of Damask Steel, made by the celebrates Marguin, of Paris, lie ha also received an assortment of (lie best English Kaxors, which be warrants good. If proved to tbe contrary, mo ney refunded. Also, cuts and dresses hair in f he latest sty It and in a manner to at to adapt it to the physiog nomy. Mr. t RUMEHto returns hit sincere tnann to his customers, and the public in geniraLfor (heir very liueral patronage, and solicits a coo tinuanreof their mvoura. He has likewise procured a very fine hone, ana engages to restore rtton to a very keen edge, and should tbey not cut well be will receive no rerompence. Gentlemen who subscribe bv the Quarter, wi l have their apparatus kept exclusneiv for ibem - elvet. ' Je30 17 OR trie above troublesome and often faf rnmnltinl. HamilflfVita Plivir itorTeml. Wit a confidence inspired by twenty years successful experiment. A smele trial will nrere tnai r" - lodges and evacuates tbe tough viscid P1'1.!" mucus, ttrengtheot the weakened vessel! of the lungt, sheathes the acrimoniout bumour wMB irritBtes them, and finally discharge! it Tbss striking at the root of tlie disorder, the tyrop lorotare ofcoune effectually aod permaneauy conquered ; (he reverse of common aaediciiies. which weaken tbe roosuniiion, maa to the disorder, for tbe sake of moderating for me pr seut sonie of its painful effects. , m - rtA I U rAHU 1 , wno nave via.u.. - . withthis dreadul malady, this is a to?? tlie fim magnitude, as it affords lataediate 1 - lief, cliecks tlie progreaa, and in a short time entirely removes the most cruel disorder to vrtucn children are liable. The eli:ir it fMt'.;' greeable, and the dose so small, thai 00 1 arises ia taking it .. . Be particular to atk for Hamiltoa't Chr. ilaliont ol which are offered to tbe publm n" none are genuine without the tignatarsj a n. UFor tale at LEE'S medical warehouse, Vj6 Mkitlen Lane, and by every respectable JJrg - - ist in New York. ' FOK SALE. . A YOUNG blsck - woman. For terms, e. 4.M. apply 10 .J 29 2w a rir tartg. I jur. 11. Anuf'iww.'i No, 10 SUte - Hreet NEWYORK t - PRINTED AND PUBLlSEtD, MICHAEL BURNHAMA CO. - - No. 49 Wii.lii - tbt orroitTK rst tjABK vrrii - oiiu,. X" )

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