Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 5, 1895 · Page 1
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 1

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 5, 1895
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PROGRESS-REVIEW. VOL. XXV.--No 2. LA'POfcTE CITY, IOWA. SATURDAY, J A N U A R Y 5. 1895. 31.50 PER YEAR. VARTS, N AND SURGEON, 1 building, over IT.imlta. IVag- The . W. FISHEP HOMEOPATHIST BOB Main Street,. SUuiCun's store. L;-, rsrte City, IH. 1AHAM, ICIAN AND SUIIGEON. rs east ot opera house. La. Porte MAI-IAN, over Dr. J. C. Graham's oNcc, ty, lowu. W. TOMPKIN, ATTOKNKY AT LAW. le CUy, Iowa. Office ov«r First jual Bank. Collections made, papert 11, and u general Ic^al buslneHii care and promptly attunded 10. YZLETT !EV AND COUNSELOK, Estale. Absiracis. Insurance, ons. Otllce over Courirlghi's La. Porlc CUy, Iowa. 4:i SHERMAN T WEARS, ATTOKNEY AT LAW. . _ i_ . K an( j collecilons. Ulock. SELLS. OKNEY, VINTON, IOWA, both Stale and Federal Courts, end to law business ol all kinds. In- '.· settlement of ceLatea In ISlack 11 us Denton Co. couna. 23-10 DOWDING. ' Plasterlug lu all of Its bran- 1 attention. pon upplicallou, . HOLLAND, AL AND LIVE STOCK AUCTION BER. deoutiind all necessary Information Satlsractloii guaraniced. Terms -· le. Address La Porte City, Iowa. TERRY, LICENSED AUCTIONEEU. end lo all sales In Hits and Htljolniiin ties. Terms reasonable. Coiilracis · ' Ills inaile out Jree ol charge on at ike REGISTER onice. BY E. DUKE N A V E N . EniercJ ihe post oftK'e HI LA Porn- City eli^s matter. r'JliUSHKI) W K K K I . Y . Col. l i i i f i M ' ^ o l l at (Jri'i'uc'f. [leunosL in liie t n b u ' e s iln- world l · ( j ! ; n l s t c i i i e w l i r i i tin- old recently |-iid ;iside liir r..rrs ol ip, WHS ;uimil a t i o n lor tin- :inu b r i l l i a n c y ·»!' Hi" powers u h i c l i decayed ago niaile linn one ol 1 the country':, preatest m e n . The secret of the r e m a r k a b l f preservation has ueeu the care w i l d RAVItlfTS Take Your Choice. SUUSCltll'TlON *1.5il A VKAIJ. j rtirtln^ r;it«- fui'uUhL'il n;uu application . Stone's l i f e l;ns becu marked, ami it is jusl such c-irr I'.r.i iir.ikt-s Hubert (J. IngrTSjII one ol Llie lit'Si pn-served of iiif i;iinous men ot today. THE Cotton States Imposition e d i - 1 A t - i x t y years of age. Col. Ing-noil , is t t i l i a young man. lie i.s in ihe l u l l hon of the Chicago 11,;M .vincli - » P - j n,,^ O f uul nliood. In tins « K «- of Jy,.. peared last .Saturday, was a huge a:l- j t ,.-ptic wen, it is r e f r e s h i n g t.. hok up- venisemeijt for '.he A t i a n U Expusi- j on h i s ivlmlt'.sonjfr personality, w h i l e Ins tion. Indeed it v\as mort t h a n ibis I m; " tl l l i l s '''·(.·.Mied all t i n - electrical it uas for tlie snecial train on a-hich tlib j edition was earned, may revoun ionize the mail snrvict between the West aim South, by s h o r t e n i n g the time sonic ten or :wu|vc hours. The trip from Chicago to Atla ta was niuae in 1'; hours and 15 minutes. linyiilurss and splendid v'e r \vhiuli lirst atli'iiiue:! the at'.i n t i o n of the world, and hi£ t'li'quenei- s l i l l hag its famed s i l v e r Lone -ind c n c l i a i i L i i i n [.ow- er. Time f-eeius i.o h a v e f u l l y m a t u r e d the rich powers witi.. w h i c h n a t u r e generously endowed h i m . Ol ul! the worU's noted men. Co!. Lngcrsoll is one ol t h e most modest. L\i luituiv, he gives the credit or w h a t - r iiii; Waterloo Daily :onriur, with tht lirst n u m b e r of the New change;! its 1'onu to t h r u ot a six column quarto. The managers* arec-x- peeiing a new folder every day, and then the paper will be folded, pasted and trim men riijiit from tht press. The llartmans are showing cnmmuiui- able enterprise in making bo m a n y imp r o v e m e n t s in their plant in these hard times, lint the city ol SVatctioo warrants and justilies such enterprise. The town is steadily and persisvently forguitf to the I rout and many s h r e w d observers detect in it l\\r (-ssenlial sym|)toms H i n t prececd rapid g r o w t h and great and general prosperity. C. F. HOLCK, 1NSUBAXCE ACENCV. r lire, llghinlnc. wind s. Ueat of companies 8. 17. W. itH . GREENE, ONTltACTOIlS AND BUILDEHS. alyles o[ Archil': cture. flans and iitos furnished. 11. LA POBTE CiTif, IOWA. L. DAY. CARPENTER AND l!Uli",lElt, t, SPECIFICATIONS AND ESTIMATKS A SPECIAL/TV. La. Porte City, Iowa. CH SOCIETY DIRECTORY LODISf EPISCOPAL: Servlcoo Sun- rnlDK at 11 o'clock a,, m., SabbilD Immediately alter mprnlDg services. Sunday evenlDK i "i o'clock. Fmjer ·varj Wednesday evening. KEY. B. VT. COATES, Pastor. MANY of tht daily papers throughout the country announced lust week in their n e w s columns, t h a t on the following Sunday, a papal decree, would be read in all th.i Calholis churches, forbidding members of the chinch to adiliate with the K n i g h ' s of I'ythias, Odd Fellows and rions ol Temperance, imder pain of a relusi-.l 10 admiiusier the sacraments of the c h u r c h to all disregarding the dtcree. It may be possible that, such a decree has been issued from Koine, iJut in vie'.v of the fact that nu such decree has as yet been read in any of the Catholic churches, and of the f u r t h e r fact thai many e m i n e n t prelates of i h e Catholic church in America are k n o w n to be in favor uf a l l o w i n g Catholics to remain in such societies, it st'um.i fair to pvc- gume t h a t no such a decree has been issued. ever qualities of mind and body he po- sesse.-, ami u n l i k e m a n y other distiu- ^mslied Americans, he lj;u^ never pro- Manne.d himself ;i "sell made" man. It is HUM i n l n T c i i l s.i raiial.hy with n a t u r e t h a i ims made him u n i v e r s a l l y p o p u l a r . I S y t V u u i l i u S K w h o have most vi^or- .msly opjjosed the views ol the great agnostic he is w a r m l y u d m i r e d as a m n n . A m o n g his a r m y of f r i e n d s :ie n u i u b e r s some ot the must e m i n e n t divines i . f - t h e c o u n ' r y , i' e l u d i n g a u c h men sis the Hev. Dr. l l e i u y ,M. Field of the tarnius l a m i l y of Ural [i,imu. It is noi against i n d i v i d u a l s t h a t Col. In- rsi'll nisikeb w a r ; it i n s t i t u - tions. a::d his love of t r u t h and j u s t i c e w o u l d ttt ri-adih make h i m thf c h a m - pion of priesl and preacher ris the. icon- liis', A h u v e n i l t h i n g s , ( ' u l . Ingersoll lov^s l i b e r l y and ii..thiiij.' more than L.-lleoluiil hospitality. Col. IngerMill's legion ot admirers will welcome t h e great Agnostic at Greene's Opera House. Cedar Itapids, Thursday, J a n u a r y l ? i h . on whii-h occasion he w i l l deliver Ins now f a m o u s lecture on "The ]3ible," w h i c h is de- l-uul 111 low:i *lii I 1 ''"' :icrn; l:iud lu MlM»l|i- (il-'.u I.IT am-. Jlnili :;re ii|imlly Wi-ll 1111 prov,sj. f Ivi- umu'.h.s wlniiT hi Iowa, two inuutli.H winter lu])!. Ouo monlli U' which (ilad- ! llam corn In Iiiwa. (our mouius 10 |il:un roru In MK^I^lppl. Two vi'el;;. to MJW u;u.s In Iow;i, ] j niinul]^ lo sow IKII.S III Mississippi. Stuck fe.-l u-j ,^ ili moiHli.s lu Iowa anJ ti'ii i n n i i i h s In .Mississippi. H I K H I hurst's .'in- won li from forty u M-^uniy-llvi' Jolhirs in low:i iiiul from " to ril In .Mlssfosljipl. Ciilllr ho;;s .-in.l Kr^lr. ii'joiii llu 1 slum 1 In lotli Mali's. MNsH^lppl ^rows ;tll Uliul-, 111 ubimiLiTlri.. LUII:!HT lu Ititvii from in i» l" JUT ilioii'-aiiil ;iuil fronn to i\i pi-r vlnniinuJ lu .Ml.-c.l-"lp|il Iteal I'siaiK IUIL :nlv.iiii-i- In v.iluc In li.wii but will Inti .·:,·..'11*) PIT i:"iii lu .Mbslsvlppl wlihln Ue ni'M Uvi y.'.irs Inww nr.irlii'li :in- -niiirnllcil ly ciiir.iKo: .Ml-si^slpp! lias HIM thi- niarki'U uf IU.; worM w i t l i l n i',iy riiucli. ICi'm^mbi. 1 ]' ili:it in ]ii:iUln^ this coinp'.irlsiin I ha.-I- K.veil t n r loWf^t pi'lci' :il wliicli l:uul van In- puri'liiisi'il in IIMV;I wllli iilil impruvp- nii'ius, R'lillv I II.IVM nlvi-n ilio n'yliivsl prli-fil Imiil lu Mississippi « l t l i new luiiiruvi-uii'iil.i. I'liiTi' ; I I M ilion.Miiuls o: .-icri'S of liincl wliiuli MU I'D b u n n h i for iniu'h less, wlilHi ari 1 m u u l b m gnixl :is UR' nvrra^o hw:i lands. Llii's,. ilvi'ii'ilns ;u'r Iji'in^ i.ik"n rapidly and the man ivh" f a n t i i U u ail\':iniaiM of Ihi'in noM" K riT- l a l n l y in inrlc. Cliu.ip lanil.s III HIM Uulu-.l S i a l M s w I I I s i i n i i b . ' a tiling of Hie past. How ifli!ii H-i: huiir HIM remark inaili' (by inon «'nn could huvi 1 bniiL'lil land In Iowa, or i-vt-n wbi-re the cl'.y in" Chli-aKO now slaiid.s a l l o w irif'si If 1 had only InvuHU'd 1 inl^lil lu ^^ i:ivc lii-i'ii Imli'pi'iidr.'iily rli'li. JILII as izo."l .-liiini'i's 1 ar" mnv w l i l i m your rviirlu W i l l yon i m p r u v e l l i i ' o p p o r t u n i t y Ooiii U'l Minif niu .·linnilr (-rowliT lioKI you Ijack, doni. i.iki: my wiinl Tor II tnu 1:0 and '· (or jourwll. Tlit ur.,1 will bM.small. I f y u u K i i j u n will Imi-M, f y o u liiM'si y n n « l l l donlilL' your money w i t h n ihni' VM ii'rt. Voiinu iii'ju v.'lio L'IIII nav t - (i-w ilollan- "a'-h i n i i u i l i n i l K l i l or^ual^.u a jinp.uiy i::i ihf loan a^soclallou plan and HM- c'jre .1 lai'Ku ii'.u'L of liiml wlilcli would inakr ;bTn inuiii'v i b r i i i nay spuculatlon t b e j L'nuld no I n l o . lEi'liiuinlii-r yoilr moiii'y v.-unld tf in i'»jal mil l i n t by :. clared to be m a s t e r f u l or a the miisl u o l a h l e and 1 Irs p l . a l o r i n elfurts. BVTEH1A.N; HurrlMB Snndaj morn- o'olock. SaDbaih ScSooI Immediately ruing ·-rriaeg. Serrl«« Sunday evon- o'clock. Prayer moollDH unJ Lecture '7 3TenlDK. RBV. S. K. KOOHI, Pu. EVANOEJjlOAI.'. Seivlees Suna i l i o'clock, Satjtutb School ul --·'. Servlcec Siuilay et-enloK at; o'clock meeting oiery Wednesday evcnlnK. HKT. M. Knoll. Piialor LIS11 KVANGKL1CAI,: Services 3.iu uo y · M. »ud 7 i; M. Sublialli School Sund 10 A. M. · J'rayer nieetiuu --v.'ry --, evening Ml o'clock. HKV. E. F. MKI.I.. Paetor They C.-ui 1'MKlit, Previous to the present Chinese- CUUBCH: Services every ililrd .av 10:30 a.m. "«v. M. F. McINERNET, Paaior. ' Lodge No. 192. K. of P., meets 7 evening at their ball In the IK at 7:30p. m. A cordial wel- --ed to all visaing Knights. PTTmAii SISTKKS:--Iris Temple Jis ihe Firm and Third ~ al Castle Hall, Japanese war, the average American knew as l i t t l e concerning Japan and the real character of its inhabitants, as he does concerning the government of the pjanet Mars. And even now, after much has been written for the public prints, our people still have a very inadequate idea of this splendid race of people. It will surprise m a n y to learn that so gowd an expert as Rear Admiral ueoigt; h. JJcikiiajj, o, tv.e United .States N a v y , declares that Ihe Japanese army is t h e equal of England's ami that her imvy is superior to England's and one t h a t any country in the world uinjht e n v y . In a recent letter 10 the New York Sun the Admiral says: "1 have seen in recent years the Offi- J" cera and crews of English and ,'apan Moore, L Lodgo, A. F. A. M.. mcela on 7 evcnTng on or before full moon, son. Sec. A. N. Felton, \V. M. . CHAPTER, 128.--O. E. S., meeis ««ay artertbe full noon. Mra. M. E n.M.; John Waiterson, Secretary. » WOHKSIEN, . M«te oa first and TM , . , M. W. Jno, McQullktn, Rec. thi Thotapstm · Post, No, 187 Monday of eacn Commutder; R. J. Mr- C. ' KeUef meet* No. the Orat ·*p. m. Mn. SIUM ese ships of war under various circum- Dances. I have seen an E-glfch admiral handle a force of H:n xlnps in Japanese waters ai,d a .Japanese admiral maneuver a lorce ol twenty-two ships, and I do not riesitate to express the opinion that were Knglish and Japanese fle«IS of about equal strength to meet in battle the chances would be aa favorable to the Japanese RS to the English. The Japanese will lizht; let there be no mistake about that. The sun does not shine on a raure determined or more intrepid race than that of Japan, 'i he martial spirit of Japan antedates that of Britain, and hereafter, whether on land or sea. the arch frobber of the universe vrill find all she cares to meet if she comes into hostile SwmUct witti the forcw o'-lJai Nippon l . l l c r u r y N o l f s . Home and (.'ountry. Corporal James Tiiimer. editor.- for J a n u a r y (N'cw Year's X u m l n - r ) . is ' - r i d e n t w i t h illustrated article^, Tii.-/ comprise: "Thfc Story of a \ \ f . . .· 'iresa." by Florence E. I S c n c d i c i ; -''I'lit- U r i g i n ol l.hc Modern Orchestra." by A l b e r l (iriog; "Hags,"'ny T i i c i v a l K a l l w o r l h ; ·'The Sharp-Shnoter oT the Alps;" "Lamps," by Jicmard S h i p m a n ; "An Bmperor's K a l e : Tlie J.iisi Days ol'Na- pol'-oii III.," by I'Mi^ir ileln; "Cora Cl:ase VVa!nh,'' by (Irorije 13. Loud, diid "The Jndiii.ia Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home," by Wallace I Tlie subscription pric" is 31.50 a year. I'uhliilie,! at ~A i'.asl l u t h Street. Xi-w V o r k . Octave Thanet, !»ri:foox\ among m i d l a n d writers, loads olT in tin- J d i i - uary M i d l a n d M o n t h l y w i t h "The J'ris- oner," a keenly inlertstino; story of home life. Mrs Mary J. Reid, of St. I'anl, contributes a c h u r m i t i g tketch "Octave Tlianat at II'.me," with pictures. The liction of this n u m b e r is especially strong. "In d: Glory Land' a prize story, by Birch llardwicke, a Kansas w r i t e r , is a lhrilliii(,r Uescript ion ol the d*y.H befo' do Wah, "Two Men and a Madonna" in ;i pleasing lovt ted Manitoba writer. "Jerry Walton's Prospect," by J o h n II. Mason in a t o u c h i n g story of * str.mded "foriy-ni- u e r " Hon. ',. f. I'arket, consul at liinnint;h;iin, England, proposes that Iowa celebrate her semi-centennial next year. \\'ho seconds the m o t i o n ? The War Sketch i h i s t i m e is by a woman, an account ol n nurse's experience before Vickshurg, by Lonlne Maerlz, of Quiucy. "The .Society of the A r m y ol the Tennessee, 1 ' by Col. Moore, includes latest portraits of prominent members, also of Mrs. Logan, and of pret'y Miss Pearaori the "JMujtliter of tht .Society." "JJeatrice" is nearinK the climax of her picturesque career. Kugeiie SchafTUjr del i g h t f u l l y guides the reader through Rome. Heidelberg, by ihe editor, ia elegantly illustrated. One ol tne strong topical pvpura, on t. labor theme, Is by ex-president- Pickasd, of the Iowa titate University. Another by B. Na- garkar, written from India, describes] "The H i n d u Woman." Two prizd poem." and oUier poetic gems and/»yer' sixty illuatrationp embellish this', the largest and beat number yet. Johnson Brighnm, Publisher, DPS iloiaes, lawa i' anJ cotitrullril by board or illrccfiri whom you l i n i n g of. A f a l l n r i ' \ninlU Im iiiiirli iblt-. Micn"*.i ^^·(^^^l(l bi' .silii'. Ari 1-1-- Iioin ibK vlelnlly will KD Miiuli uol an I'.-li. lit] and all who v/l,-,h ui i.ilii- :i«c or lo"' rail's w i l l [iK'-jw MHnfi.nii iri.iiiui'ini'Uts will In-,; for your icroiniiioiliiiliin. Special ralu- haiv IM-I-II for al ii"arly nil I n i i f U on Lhu III:. 1 . C R M V L I N , POST OFFICE BLOCK, LA PORTE CITY, IA Eve y man can repair his own pump; put in plunger leather without taking up the pump. ' OCERIES! The best to be had in La Forte. Everything strictly First-Class. Stock kept Fresh and Clean. Good Goods at Reasonable Pi ices at the P. 0. Grocery Store. J. MILLER, .Proprietor. nn nit mm y Mill Be.sides being nil that is sought for in tone, action a ·;il)ilit}', has some nice Special Ventures nil its own. I t s loclc [jr.i;ti(!e poilal and tones Ddlloufcoi- are highly It will pay yon to investigate the U L I A U M U L L E B . Hard Times Prices is what we advertise. \ ml c ' l i n n i n n i c a l i o n s lo The Bomen |Husie House, General Agents TRAER, IOWA. S. A. PAIGE At The SYNDICATE BLOCK STORE SELLS xocerles, IBoots a.on.oL Siloes. A Full Line of Winter Goods on Hand. I Pay the Highest Market Price for Butter and Eggs. Free Delivery for City Customers. / Works Easy. \ A Child can pump. The double action force pump. We have them. We are selling them, and see us. TO OUR FRIEHDS RUD PftTROHS. We wish to thank all our friends who have so kindly favored us with their trade during the past year, and to solicit a continuance of it, Assuring them that we will ever do all in our power to please and satisfy them. YOURS Drop, Books, Wall Paper, Paints, Stationery, Fancy and Jewelry. n -· 'SPAPERf VSPAPERl

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