Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 16, 1944 · Page 19
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1944
Page 19
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Fly Half Million Fish Eggs to Lake Titicaca New York, (U.R)--The dying fish of Mandalay are v e r i t a b l e "groundhogs" compared to Lake Titicaca's "flying" fish eggs. When the United States decided to ship a half: million fertilized fish eggs to the South American lake, located in southern Peru in the heart of the almost inaccessible Andes mountains, the problem arose how to transport the eggs 4,000 miles without losing the cargo through spoilage. Pan American Grace Airlines · volunteered to ferry the eggs by plane. The fastest ocean liner could not have made the trip in less than 3 weeks, but a cargo plane succeeded in bringing the eggs from the Great Lakes region to Lake Titicaca in 4 days. Nazis Now Kind to Prisoners FRASER TO END Going the way of a lot of small towns, a petition has been placed on file in Boone county district court requesting the legal discontinuance of the incorporate charter of Fraser. At one time, Fraser had a population of about 3,000, when the coal mines were running full blast. About the only possible change will be that the property there would return to the township poses. for taxation pur- The Quality Leader "SALADA" In Packages and Tea Bags at Your Grocer's ATTITUDE OF REICH CHANGES Switch Occurred When Allies Beg^n Winning Jersey City, IV. J., (U.R)--The German attitude toward prisoners of war changed from one of harshness, while the nazis were winning, to one of kindness after the tide had turned, an American who returned with other repatriates aboard the exchange motorship Gripsholm said Thursday. Francis Vicovari, young New York architect and volunteer ambulance driver, said that when the allies began winning, more barracks were built to house the prisoners and the foot! became better. "There has been a noticeable change in the treatment of prisoners at the camp where I was interned in a year's time," he said. "A year and more ago when Germany was on lop. they treated the prisoners harshly and camp conditions were bad. Now that the Germans know they can't win the war, there is a decided improvement in their treatment of'their enemies." .Other repatriates said that um-e- 'Not connected with any company similar name or brand. MANAGERS' WEEK A Big Value Event! Jane Parker 1 Demurs PUIsbury's Enriched Flour . . . 2.-. I.B. BAG--51.1 sTield Individual Cereals . -* n 2Qc 10 Packages Green Stamps K, L, HI Expire March 20 Fresh Oil the Cab NffiLETSCORN.lJc Libbjr's Assorted Strained BABY FOODS 8c 16c 19e Jane Purser I.enlen Hot + Buns. A P Enriched While Brtad Marvel s is- lie For Finer Fresher Flavor Miltl i- Mellow Coffee Eight O'Clock Rich and Fall Bodied Codec Red Circle. . :,, 47c Vigorous Winer Bokar Coffee uf, 51 c Ex-ery Pound Custom I round WE CASH PAYROLL CHECKS No Points Needed for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables * Texas Size 80 Marsh Seedless Grapefruit . . . . 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Ib. 43c Whiting Txtra Standar Oysters Ib. 19c Standard Solid 1'ark pt. 69c Don't- Miss These POINT-FREE Values! Syrup SPRY 1-lb. J a r . . 3-lb. Jar 24e lenting allied air raids against the reich has lowered civilian morale and that the nation was reeling under the attacks, but warned that Germany was by no means near internal collapse. They also reported that Edouard Hcrriot, one time premier of France, died several months ago in a private asylum near Paris, following a mental breakdown, while interned by the Germans. There was no official announcement of his death, and reports of the repatriates have not been confirmed. The G22 Americans and Latin Americans, many of whom had spent more than 2 years- in nani prison camps, brought back stories of discomfort, insufficient food and severity of gestapo confinement, but no charges of atrocities. The Gripsholm docked at 3:30 p. in. Wednesday and by 11 o'clock Wednesday night more than 100 passengers had been, disembarked, most of them diplomats. Red Cross and government officials will continue the job of questioning and discharging the others Thursday. Ambulances were waiting at the dock to take 35 sick and wounded soldiers to hospitals. One of the first to leave the 18,131 ton Swedish-American vessel, as she successfully completed her 4th exchange mission, was S. Pinckney Tuck, U. S. charge d'af- faires in Vichy before he was interned. He carried for delivery to the state department in Washington a bitter indictment of the Vichy government's action in surrender- American diplomats, newspaper correspondents and welfare workers to the Germans when France capitulated. "Hitler's seizure of Americans at Lourdes was tantamount to rape--a violation of every known precept of polite relations between nations," Tuck's indictment said. In a similar vein, the spokesman for the Latin-American diplomatic corps, Gilbcrto Bosques, former Mexican charge d'affaires in Vichy, charged that "Pierre Laval's action in arresting and handing over diplomats accredited to the Mexican government to the police of another power was a blot on France's honor." Unlike others who have returned from internment in enemy prison camps, the repatriates surprised welcomers at the pier with their matter-of-fact attitudes. IMost of them admitted they had not had a miserable time in the camps. Some possessed only the clothes they \vore, and many were without funds, while others suffered from malnutrition. But all seemed cheerful. First passenger off the ship was Mrs. Sarah Benton, mother o James Webb Benton, U. S. vic consul at Marseilles, who spent 14 months in internment at Baden Baden, Germany. She said tha their food consisted mostly of po tatoes, but added that ''we li'ai meat two or three times a week. The same food complaint wa voiced by others. Six hundred and B3 person started on the voyage from Lisboi but only 662 arrived. Mrs. Jean nette A. Kaufmann, 68, Chicago died aboard ship after sufferin a paralytic stroke, and was burio at sea. The youngest person aboard th exchange ship was 12-weeks-ol son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Whit comb, of Springfield, Mass. James D. Pond. 15, making hi first visit to the United States tol how internees at Baden-Bade cheered when flying fortresses ap pcarcd over the camp. ! Most of the diplomats were reluctant to talk, except to agree with Tuck that they were happy to be in a free country again. One of the few who did make a statement was Douglas C. MacArthur, of Washington, nephew of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. "It's swell to be back," he said, j "but not half so swell as it's going i to be to go back to my job." j Marshall Vance, of Glendalc, j Cal., American consul at Lyons*, France, said he haa been "well treated." and that the work at the Baden-Baden hotel where he was interned was done by French, Czechs and Dutch, "all of whom hated the nazis." Urge Demos Make Change in Convention Washington, (U.R)--Rep. Eugene E. Cox, (D., Ga.), Thursday, demanded changes in democratic national convention procedure whiph would provoke the bitterest kind of infra-party dispute. In an address prepared for delivery at Moultrie, Ga., but released here. Cox summoned the south to unite to compel the party convention to return to the two- thirds majority system of nominating presidential candidates. The two-thirds rule was abolished in the harmony convention of 1930 when triumphant democrats nominated President Roosevelt for a second term. That rule, requiring that a nominee must receive a minimum vote of two- thirds of convention delegates, almost prevented Mr. Roosevelt's first nomination in 1332. It did actually prevent the nomination of " hamp Claik, ot Missouri, in the democratic national convention of 1912. Woodrow Wilson was chosen here after Clark piled up a majority vote but was unable to achieve a two-to-one margin. Under the two-thirds rule, southern delegates had in effect a veto power against any candidate. "When the two-thirds rule wa abrogated," Cox said, "the south completely lost its power inde pendently to influence party af fairs. It is true that the south may still vote in national elections, bu for candidates chosen by others. N.B.C. Famous R i t t Crackers Snnnyficld Enriched Flour . . . . Reliable Cut C.rrcn Beans . . , . From JCcarbj- Farm Iowa Eggs . ,£ 23c ft. 23c $1.09 £· 17c £: 35c CRISCO 1-lb. Jar 3-lb. Z4c RINSO Soaks Clothes 24-oz. .Whiter Pkg... MM Med. 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They were hardly through the first round of coffee when the bells clanged. Off they went, firemen and soldier. Three more alarms sent them careening through the streets of Brooklyn. "Swellest ride I ever had," said the fireman on his busman's noli- day. )UC.BT IO LIMIT QUANTITIES KESEVED| Ford's Food Vans Help British Bomb Victims Dearborn. Mich., (U.R)--Approxi- mately 38 million meals have been carried to povsons in bombed areas of Great Britain and northern Ireland by Forct emergency food vans since, they were placed in service in 1941. Henry Ford recently received this information in a letter from the Right Hon. Lord Perry of Stock-Harvard, who is chairman ot the board of managers of the Ford Motor company, Ltd., of London, Eng. Lord Perry revealed that he had received a letter from the queen expressing her appreciation for the work that the service is doing. "So luiiff as the south submits t this, a single northern stale in th politically doubtful column ant with only u handful of people \vil continue ot receive governments favors far exceeding; those ue stowed upon the entire south. * ; Now is the time for the soul! to make ilseU heard. Let the do mand be made upon candidates fo the presidency and vice presidenc before the convention is held tha they make disclosure of their atti tude toward the proposal to re nact this two-thirds rule." Cox is a notable anti-new dealer nd a consistent critic of Mr. loosevclt. On those grounds some ersons may discount his pro- iosal to re-cnacl a convention rule vhich was abrogated at the president's direction. But Cox Thursday nerely reinforced an earlier plea iiade by Former Gov. E. D. Rivers, of Georgia, at last .January's democratic n a t i o n a l committee nesting here. Thursday, March 16, 1944 19 31A SON CITV GLOBE-GAZETTE UK1VE NETS S50 Fertile -- T h e United Service Women of America held a tag day under the direction of Cleo Humprey. The drive netted $47.61, and on Tuesday the group sold about 25 more tags to over $50. to bring the sum HA VE YOU TRIED PUMPERNICKEL BREAD 15c 24 OZ. LOAF ON SALE AT YOUR GROCER FRI. SAT. OUR SE L E OW ^ '· OWer P °' nt ^lueS PRICES On Canned Vegetables 12 oz. Vacuum Pack Corn HOW ONLY 6 POINTS No. 2 Cream Style Corn MOW ONLY 8 POINTS No. 2 Whole Kernel Corn NOW ONLY 8 POINTS No. 2 Asparagus NOW ONLY 10 POINTS No. 2 Tomatoes NOW ONLY 5 POINTS No. 2 Fancy and Standard Peas.. NOW ONLY 3 POINTS A M E R I C A N C H E E S E 24 Points 2 Pound ^g\ w 79c MOLASSES BAKEWELL BRAND . . . . 5 a 29c IDAHO POTATOES 15 f? 59c U. S. No. 1 KUSSETS . BATH'S SPICEIJ LUNCHEON MEAT 12 oz. . Can 4 Tts. 35c TOMATO SAUCE SARDINES 2 No. Ti I Ova Tins 25c LIBRY RRANII VIENNA SAUSAGE 25r s£JU C E R T A I N T Y ':'',-!.!!. 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