The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 8, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1818
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ti - p A Ot..1 i lc., iruu uas oeen eo tJ several yearein U businasj, wirnes to con - I Let Jauelt WW newspaper esiaousnmeiu, :' daily teei - weekly, ai joint proprietor anJ editor sir ;. ' Uticftl ou, it mutt be federal. He would ac ' i advautageoat litualiob either Bt Boston. PVuiadclphia, Baltimore or Richmond. Ample ' LeomineodatioM will be produced it required Ltttert upon the subject, addressed to the office - n New - York Evening Post, withiu 12 or 14 Airs, will receive due attention. - aug 8 . 4t ST A itated meeting - of the AWIVfr fwflifeiVa Miitionary Society of Young JIen" will be field in the Lecture - room of the brick , - surch, on Monday evening, the lOili inst. at o'clock. K. J. HUTCHINSON, Clerk. " tu 8 31 i - ' for lil . . The fine fast tailine - sliKin HOPE. - o - i 7 t. .. I. - r . I jonn vt usuii, master, nas uu - rc lour - iiis jm' ,. . . i , . .... !, cargo ready to ro on boa d, and will sitively sad on of before the loth inst. lor noiitiveiv ' die remainder of freight or passage, apply to LA1DLAW, G1HAULT & CO.' an 8 71 No - 9!J Colfe - House - slip. I'ur Freiijl.l ijluiner,. - t$v The ship NEIM UNE. Kich'd Field, JjJJinasier, burthen about 3000 barrels, is in complete order to receive a cargo,1 and may be despatched immediately lies at pier No. J South - btrcet. " Apply to . THUM.VS.S. WALSH,; No. 118 Frout - slreet , 'JIUIIDLYU STO.XE. One hundred and forty tons building ttone, if good quality, for sale onboard", if upplied for in a few days. - ' " I" iOU H.VV AN A. The elegant Lst Kuiling coppered ,bhil GAHO.NM:, Whiting, master ; will i iiiiiini'iice h.ailinir on Monday next, and sail oa the following Sunday with what lit ilit miy offer. For which or passage, apply v - o board, at pier 5, H. It. or to . 8r'8 67 W'ashinston strv - t. "I J ICK JO tierwrs prime Kice, for sale l 104 11 Front - street, by 8Ut 1' A I. & SA1DLER. G UM'OVVLE. SMli r. LKAl). &c 1000 or. rasksF.rr bt 1 1 1 . liloouittcia i'owtler . GOO do do musket and Cannon Ponder 101 J do do best Lngii!i do 50 do do Darttord Cannieter do S0 do do Single Seal do 4 tons assorted Fateut Shot 3 do do moulded da 3 do bar Lead 10 rolls bbeet Lead ' &00 feet Dtttent Lead pipe 100 M.superior r'reiitu and E,ig!ish gun and pistol t lints Also, an auurtinent ol iuufket and pistol balls, powder oastu snJ shot htlti, tor sale liy SBHOONMAKtR, V'A liEUKK. & CO, sue 8 2 No. 91 Kront - rt. ULAAKET8, CAiU't.ll.0, kc. llu I t Blankets 7 - 4 to 12 - 4 Point do 2 1 - 2 to 4 ' London Duffle do Striped do do Friuted Table Covers, blue, green, tcarlet aud wairrioo. ' Brussels Carpeting Wiltnn Health IU - gi ; Imperial df. The above landing from the ship Paragon, om Lin r pool, and for sale by EUWAKD LYDK, p au 8 lw No. IS William - street. DIVIL UETHUNK K Up, )!fir for Sd'e CU. Si C::hcr dowse 100 hhds. sup. oual. Kenturkv Tohacco ; liti do prime old and nrw Viriuia do 4nl kegs mannfrciured tobacco, various qual. . 20 bak - s titrelits OinsburRs ' 473 pieces Itt and Sd qtin ily cntt in Bn;ing, bjeking, Code e and Timmto Knm;iiij 7 cases super and es. suer Cloths and Cits - - imtros - ( ' 12 biles bmsrn PtTetiugs, st. uf qjiali'j - 50 bbrls. 1 pipe, l'iqr. t asksL. V. Madeira Wine, I'aiioiite brand' 14 casks Hibhert's Biovrn b' vt 31 boles liestqual. wlnfe bittlfd Mmtird it9 kes. 1 - 4 aud I 3 cwt. ntw white faint ; IS tone dry white lead, red Lead, Litharge, Qoecu's Veiloiv, W'bitii,, Camw - ood, ' liriuistone, Sanders, 1 - ampuiatk, Ochre 8 casks M.idtir.i Citron 13 kpgs refined tult i'etre, Sail and Seine TWine . . 00 qr. rk Tower Proof Coniod. r. Bpii - gal lodigo, flints assorted, bpiuish browu, Aqua Kurtis SO casks hardware, Unre assortment t!0 .baskets assorted Split's 40 crates Earthenware, entit. to dchen - 90 casks assorted I'hi.ds. nuR riLOL'U. 40 barrels Virginia old Hour. Jl superfine aud fine, uiil be soli low. to close tales, by tuts It I). RETHUNE & CO. ri'EAS, BKAMY,GI.H 6i;. - uOcheslsii JL o Skin Tea, l'.t ifU.'s cargo & pipes French Brandy B5 do do Addison's and Clothier's cargo It pies and IS bbls Crai.Uou Ciu 15 hhds Con: 'eras ' 10 whole, 15 half and 50 qr. cheits BoheaTca J cast s h - ence ol Lemons S b:i!es liizare Carpets 12 bales East India Twine 18 hoses f t - Ulo 5 bales Kussia Quills, for sa'r by GEO. W.TALBOT, Of 8 55 IW - street. I U1UAS. - 1X) boxes iresb Sicily Ltuious, louuiug, aim lor sale oy JOS. 0?BORX, g 8 e - outh - Mepf. V i uav ha i 3 t a - es iota and iu' Lr U horn Hats, 2 do ladies' l . iut itrrriv. d, am fcrsaleby HURD s: SEWaLL, tug a b. .olh - sireet. TAXKl.x Crttl Eo t u.vse eletaritiy as XI sorted Nankiu Crp, pist reu - ived, an J wrsaie oy r. lltVIbL. : CO. Su 8 "ti Sou'h.r.f I 3KUii WtAK I pipe Lisbon Wine, o iienor quaiur, nie oy B. VV. ROGERS ft CO. "n; 8 tf.r. tVnrl t. P')XTSMEXT Slor. - e fr l)j e WWs, or v otner articles or a almi'tr description, y oe naa oy appi; mg at No. 29 Soudi - street au 8 I F.W IN TRIMTY CHlllifll. L'OK SALE, a pew iu the south sirt Aile of a i rnury Church, or wonlil be i xcharged for 5 'a ciet,rSe Chail. Enquire at vn. tl H liTURtCALillustrntiontt the f - uHh can - io ol t.,hilile Harold, contaimns disrer'a u"' on w ruins of Koine, ho J ho csssy on lla i d a - " JoUa "o;,ou,ei Esq price i'Je Ilarjld, csjito 4lh, by Lord Byron, 75 , f.eppo, Venetian Tale, by Lord Byron, price - SHI 9. A J!rrjag, a novel, vols, price S dols. ' he bstlw'nrand tie Married mun, a eortl, e I dot. 75 cts. soma, orlb Trre of Health, by Madame Ic vijv price 50 cents. fc'ursslo at Uie Mi - wrta Circulating Lih'ary, l - imi jaarj store tC'j BnsJwaY, oppo - "th'iMu.tuin. "a,!t;8 ; I p til au - 1 c tih XN i? ItOBHOUSF. LAXT imilK. lJTOiltcL Illustrations of 4;h Canto of Childe liar dd. containing disserts - J;l" on the ruins of Rome, and an Essay on 1 ,' Literature, prictj . 2 50; U tLU day MWithedtudfaribj. - ' ' w8 CWILET Si CO. - f J'UZES JVV.JSLJLVtLS. jVfEXT Tuesday, at Indf put 6 o'clock, In t j. the inc morninp, the first drawn number in the Medic! Science Lottery, a ill be entitled to The first di awn number every day'a drawing isenu - .iea to st,uuu. ooy numbers are drawn each dnv. T ' The Scheme contuina the Iliebest Prizes of any Lottery, ever drawn m llit ctate, viz. nze 01 lUO.dOO DOLLARS. 1 1 1 1 2 do of 50,000 00 do do do do do (.o do do do of ),0C0 of 10,000 of 5,000 of 2,000 of 1,000 44 do A large proportion of smaller Prize. Erery blank which shall he drawn for several days will be entitled to 30 dollars. t;i.. 1 oi - . ... i - t' f. . I I icseis aim onarcs, sur sale unui ancr inc k f ,fur wh,cli the . . . . . . . ' , , . ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Office, ti Broadway. Where wan sold and paid the Highest Prize ever told at any office in America, viz. No. 3320 Si 00,000. au 8 It vv II AT a spirmlid fortunu will lull to the share of some one in a le.v days. : 100,000 At a single strobe, the capital of the Medical Sci - iice Lot - ry now drawing who will - buy a Ticket ? 1. 1, ail .hall it coiue from the Lu ky or 'J'iuly Lucky OiSce? is tl.c question i iitillitr, Sa1 a wiif ;nr. tinoth liiKiihws tf.ey lie so rpe, 'J hat I wiImiii! Kaleidoscope ' lime imimi tl.cir wits oui, and their pranks; irui't iius soiu an inusana uianks, Ailwi t o ten Hi iiisi'id more, ' thun, O "Iijii lln - ir luUil ili.or ; Dunt sutler Idem to Meal your reuse Or tuiii your dollars into pence, But corn's to bUTLKK'? spk - udid board, He lias the keys to Format ' hoard. . There Unldi - n Eaglt s rtal casii, Wi.l on the gloy cuunter d ub , A"d solid weiillh your wil es rown Tliere lay yonreighl and Ivtnty down. Tickets on Wedu'sduy will auvaai'e, Come Quickly (linn nud take t clian. c. Doubt uut that Kiittiine'j lasor'd Hwi, Is iinw at vValt. - Hjieet twkn'tx eves an; 8 If iLXl",., a PICKETS in the Medical !;( ii ore Lottery will hp advaiKcd to tiiirty doilars, .VI'ATEOF I HE VVI1EKL. gioo,ooo Jjo,nno io,ooo lo,iioo J2,ooo i.',0 it 44 of l,oi)o 0,000 61 of loo Prices ol Tickets and chares Whole Tirkels, Oi dols ; halves I I ; uuurte - s 7 : h:uhths U jJ For sale by 11. WAIT E, Junr. 1J() tiroauway. Where cash to any amount, wul be advanced for prisi - s as Soon u drawd itud vthire more - i - werp s Id io the last class 'ban at any oth r i id e in tins city. ang U M WED.NEcDAY NEX1'. 'r'ICSF.Ta in the tplf ndid Medical Siitnce I Lottery, now drawn. once a weeU, will be Mtianctrd on W'edotfda next, to 30 dols. Un which day they nnv be obtained at WAllES' Truly fortunate lottery & exchange office, No. 54 Maiden - lsne, A sixteenth will fin t'lM dolls. " Aa eighth will gun ItSOOdolls - A qimrti r will - am 95 IHIO dolls. A Imlf will gnia a'l IMKJ dolls. And a whole tiikit, for the mall sum of S3 dolls, will g:n the independent fortune of $100,000 l.act werk CI. k R.WAITE sold and immedi ately p.ntl, the highest prize, jl.OOOinthc 11 a 1 - Iwo. - rp Lottery, half ol vwiiib was to a lady who dur.t nut H ish her liatue made public. The week before la't n 10,000 dollar prire was sold at W'hwt:' in two ball shares, aud iminedi - iy paiii. Ami in the lute .National Lotlery, they sold the ihfit fiuc, six. f".Jj,IK0, iu a half, quarter and wo eigtnus, tKing tliehigliesl vrue ever ("1 1 in this riiy in share of Tickets uug t!:)t ,'LOUK. JOtl hhls. l'hiladtlphia superboe Fmur, SP plug, pist ree'd and (or sale by ali7 (KIliKM AN KJtJHNSTON. 13 Hhds. Mu. - covado oujar, 33 Barrels do. 50 Boxes brown, ) 7 Do. white, ( ox rugars, Received per schr Icabtlla, and for sale by GOODHUE & CO. aog 6 4 1 Sou. h st. 'KUCEitlEs, IAIN I 'ii, vc i;0 hhds. VJ prime old aud new Virginia Tobacco 500 kpgsmanalaclured do. 6 and II hands 10 hints. Ii qr. casks U. P. Madeira Wine, 6 pipes French brandy tiiie flavor 40 ti;ixet best white hottlrd English Mustard 1.1 lum refined . - a t I'etre 40 boxes 1 - 3 X Tin Flutes 230 1 - 4 cwt. new while Puiat IU) do 1 - 2 cwt. 1 7 tasks fixh Madeira Citrno 2 casks Brown Mou, 1 rase Bengal Indigo 130 hnxts dry whih: M'ad 00 casks best Creon Copperas t'J caks as.o'd hardware, lor eoathrm market 40 crates hmM Esrthttware, ent. to deb. SO caslu greQ and white assorted ftuals 40 cfts. s kn. e and double A (ualortis 100 bbls. t - pani'h Kvn, it saic by DIV1E BErilUNE U CO. J59 9iC. H. slip. L 'JO prime Vircini.i Tobacco 50 lihds. prime Kentucky do 7 ktgs Ladies' Twist. Davidnon, Saun - rlers 4; Co's brand 77 do Negro HesJ, No I do do 54 do do No. 1 R Archer's do 13 do do No. S Davidson. Saun - fders A: Co's d o 115 do do No. S II. Archer's do For saie at 106 Fr"nt - treet, by TROKES, DAVIDSON I CO, J 29 IhIIE TOBACCf. - 87 M.ds. of the ch"i - cest selection, made sit ew lrlean, ty a impetrnt ju lge, una consid. red fit for the f.n - market, last received, l - ir sale at P - J C. H slip, by D. BETtlU.NE ti CO f TVTAll.S, SPIKES, VICE Ace. 6 caks tiae dra rawn t.'Iasu Nails iiK) sks le: k "'p - kes. from 4 to C iochct I d I black a id 1 do b'izht ices . 5 Ho Sledge aud Hxid Hammers LO Aavils, t - r stle by HENDERSON k C.MRfS, a - t? 4 HI Tine street. 1,'Lot'il. - I5i) bois new Richmond Hour, branded Gal!c?o, lii. htn ad Mills' tic toO bbls. frerh groued from old wheat, last re - mspveted here t it4 rrerteru knurs .iiouniain ao 100 Aa snid tiinfs ' 2"0 do shipstulf ' - AO do couduroaed Floor, landing and in store, for tale by VVALitU kUALUllitlLn, auf 6 6d outti - treet. M!,i)L'lv, - Jt0 twls S. I. hmladelpliiis aoper - I? fine Flour, landing Crtos schr JKrdii, at Old 81,000 Jl tup, for tali l - j J 31 A small low priced Vese!, of from ,oU0 to 500 jparrels Burthen.' r v 1 G. O. & S. HOWLAND . 67 Wakhiiiglon - ali et - a6 T tUft CHJUiLKSTOff. ' CHARLESTON PACKET, S. P. Vail oialer; will sail tu a few days. For passage haviug suporior accommodations, or freight, ap ply on Doaru, at stevenc' wharr, or to aug 7 S. ALLEY. 98 1'ine - street. tor GIB JUL f si H, The brig HEKO, cart - Maiwon ; will sail in a Tew days, ror passage only. apply on DosrU, at Wlurray's vvhart, or to N. ii V. TALCO i T, au 6 64 South - street. for LUAHLKVIXXiY, Tba elegant fast sailing schooner CHARLESTON - PACKET, Vail, mas ter, will be ready to receive freight to - morrow, aud will sail in a lew days. For freight or paa sage, apply oa boarJ, or to SA - UL ALLEY, an 6 08 Pine - street for LlYEHJfOOL, . The well known, regular trading coppered ship IMPORTER, Dmgley master, will be dispatched soon, having the greater part of her cargo engaged. For remain der of frciirht of passage, having superior aa commoilations, apply to cant. D. on board, at pier. No. 13,, E. U. (CouverneurVwharf.) or to t - CUAKLEs II ALL, . .!" 1 B - javer - street, For srde, en board the above ship, 4 chaldron for LIVEIiPOOL, Tin, in ,n ,nt . ,h,n i2rir'irir:ir t m StitT. F. Williams, muster, is now loading ami luting considerable cargo engaged, m in tended to sail on the 20th inst For the re maindcrol freight or passge, having hand some and (spacious accommodai ions, apply on hoard, eustsnl Fly - market, it to THOMAS C. liUI LKR, Jun. au 6 74 Sou'h - street. , . for it f.Lt. - iA'J', uwibnek to sew - to,L The hip JOHN DlCKI.NON, Eaufh, .iCi. nia - lcf, lor Bellat, is fully loaded, uud will sad on bHturday morning. A few more caube accommoilitpd comfortaMy, iu cabiu or strr rage. Apply on rtoarJ.orto AUUAIUM Vl.XA.. corner of Fullnn i Chif'tf. A. CELL has received by the late ariival', a larc ass rlrnont cf wide and narrow diaptrs, 4 4 aud - ! Linen, hrou'D and hlaclt Linen, sheeting, &c. xvhn h will he sold on Mir term, autr 6 1 w tor li'iishiir'lun,.V. C The rrhr EAO'LE, Hu - ell ; will sail itj?tsiion W'cil!icsd - y next. For freight or pauagr, apply on liiMt - .l, at (Vck flip, or to atiti K..V C. W. I ) V VKM OUT iV Co. 5 A llr.tish Vessel, of r - i.m 200 to 300 eitons, to load for Liverpool. Applv to m i ARf'imt.RAClK U SUSS. lor Yt Ir - UKL&LVs, . jiVs The fast sailing packet schr. FAN - .VW'NY A: HENRY, Tilford, master; is nearly loaded, can take a few tons more light freight, if immediate application is made on hoard, west side of Hurling' slip au 5 for j"tll' - OHLL.iA, i he brig MAiiv .;s:y,uapt. schior, an excellent vejsci, about t years old, sails very fast, and has good accommodations for passengers. She will be dispatched without delay, and take what freight and passengers may orl'er by the 5th August. Apply to the captain on board at pier No. 9, E. 1C or to J. H. LAURENCE St CO. . au 3 lw - Si Pine - street. rVti"W fur l liartr.iliin. 300 tous heavy freight for Charleston, .apply to ANSON G. I'll EL IS, nug 4 Vi3 r rout - street. r Oil lENEltlFFE, The good fast sailing brig NYMPH, V. Hurd, master, will receive immeJi aiu lU. - pHtch. For passage only, having good accommodations, apply to N. L.SiO. GRISW'OLI), au? 4 86 South - treet. SiX The schooner VENUS, 131 tons, lying at Murray's - wharf, a first rate vessel, wiih good accommodations for passengers, will sail on Sunday next. For freight or passage, applv to ISAAC F. ROE, au 3 tf 98 Mitrrav's - wharf. II I L quality llavaica Mo'assis, will be landed tins day in ir nt of the store of Uie subscriber, and for tale bv TUCKER SLAURIES, i 31 i9 eoulh street. CK.VNSION GIN. I mi PI IPF.S and li barrels Cranston Gin, 3 cases of Essence of Lemons Just received and for sale by GEO. W TALBOT, an 0 55 Pine - street. r 10 f PON H HIDES. 3t bales prime Upland Cotton 687 Spanish and Ox Hides. For sale by HENRY COWING, anz 6 Ct 191 Front - corner"! Fulton street. 'HH'flNG FUKS - IOOO Otter and Miua J tkuu, just received i.nd for sale by ANSON G PHELPS, aug 3 1IU Front - street OUMfS TIC CO i'O.V GOUUS. A - 1 assortment of D nne - tic. Gooils - such a bleach'd ii unbleach'd Shirtings and sheet - IIISS White A black Millinetts. f assorted numbers) Floss, knitting sewing Cotton. For sale on reasonable terms by WM. CAM I (JELL, Manufacturer, aug 6 137 rear). street, (up stairs. VI ILLtNEt'lS. - A quaiiiity W wr.'te Milii' it I netts, hnndsomclv C.ii'hH and of the first quality, lor sale on reasonable terms, bv WM. CA.Mi'HELL, Mmiiitic urer. 197 Peart ttrret, uo stairs Aho 100 pieces black do. bew stifle ned and iNM - nta. , aug o USHA ,.K:' , I.E, ic. - 15lous HeiuT tuferior quality 50p!p.v Cu'U. i. 1 1 Wine, ent. to deberd. Id doO. L. P Wiiieirn Wine 9 qr. cask Mahga Winn 1500 Emplv Dninjoh. - !, !500 B'lrr Stonet For tale at 56 South street, bv aug 3 POITA M'KINNE. .Vj from the Oiange Works manufactory, for tale ny jas. irwoijt, Jun. J S9 54 Smth - street "NIL OF ANISEED. 1 case, jut reoeiviJ ana tor tale Dy Jy 2R CIOT I ON. 000 ba'es isriine Upland. t by POTT 'KI.NNK r sale F, aeg 3 56 Sonth - siree t. tl IKTUENWARE, tic 100 crates Earth - i en ware, particularly seloeled for this market, imported i.r the shin - Martha, from Liser - ftool. . 5 pipe! .Madeira tice, of tun. Quality, Im ported ii 1815. fr sale at lt6 r r - vnt street. J 29 I KOKES. I) 1 V IDSON (i CO. 17tU)JR 520 liarrel tnperfme rhiladrl phia Hoor, of ioArii's" ft . fc Sens' " bran ts, taid to ba very superior, landrt from ach. Two Brothers and brig Pacific; and r t be far sale by - BOOKMAN & JOHNSTON, fplE subscribers hare received bj recent ar j. rivals, - t - . , j. 4 - 4 d 7 8 Iriirh linens, yarious astotlieatt - 5 - 4 Sheetings ; 7 - 8 Dowlas 7 - 8 Lon( Lawns 1 3 - 4 Diaper " Table Dianer and Damask. S to 10 ora. ' Elegant Damask Tables Cloths, with napkins iiruwnaua dibcsi unent, urogtieda Lioeo Bed Ticks, Checks, tic. tic. ALSO. 3 bales fiombatetts, assorted colors and blacks z cases London sup. Cloths and Cassinieret 2 do Farniture and balloon dimity 1 do Cambric Dimity S d.o Cambric Ginghams 2 'do Long Cloth Shirtings. W hich are offered for saie on acenmntodatinc teroi. L. A C. BUY DAM. au?6 4t 61 Maiden Lane. WINDOW GLA5A, 1'AIN i b, Kc. W m - dow Glass of best nuaUtv. 6 lv 0 li 7 bv 9. English Hats, assorted in cases. A few cases of English Cord - and Velveteens, One case Children's black and drab Faoc.y Bon nets, trimmed, Negro pipes ; small bowl do. Irish GlaM - ware, Hatter's Wool Bow - strings - Old dry Malaga, Wine, English White Lead, dry and in oil of best quality. Do. Red Lead, Earthen Ware, in lots to suit purchaer, London Particular Madeira Wiue of suiicriour quality, . . A few cases of Irish Linens and Diapers, ortaiety, WM. N Ell, SUN U SON. ao j 3 lw ,i ENGLISH U CANTON G'tOlto. Stout Shirtinss 7 Tahbv VelveU Jaconet and Cambric Musliol a hit Quiliines, Furnitures Cambric Piinis Two Green do Hlacll and white do. Lnmhniet. I'mhrrll.n Colored Caiulii tcs, Low priced Casuuercs uperfine Cloths, Cotton Hosiery Ulack and Chai,grahle hincheivs Black and Changeable Sannct Uhrk, Colored and Crost - barreJ IldU.s., Blue an 1 Green tinchews lhaugeahle Lcraiitiuc - s Fiaurt'd Sariuels. Colored Cranrs Stwing Silks. Italian Sewing Silks t ntleta liiolions, figured do Kui kcUiu Braces Hat Coven ; t'arar - jb, tuulf - Boxes, Choppa RnmaH for Salt Uy . P. HE.MSEN i Cl. nu - r r vli h.iiii.trei t. 1 ADEiKA, CLAtlLT, A.c. Lt hhds. - and it L 20 qr. casks L. V. Madeira Wine, war ainrd genuine 150 cases Leoville and Rcuzan CUret, of the vintage of 18 li 20 rtoS'ill and sparkling Champaigne, for s ileal in l ine rruri, by nug 0 HENDERSON St C.MRVS. , LI ' ll., ,....1'L.' - - i.. . ..!. ki r.n i ui.ivj .v"i i ri..9 ctixt i ?x anil xi v.J oi. London sheatlntitt Conner, f r sale byl HUitD K SEWAI.L.fcjn an1; 3 05 South street. NU1A .liUSLLVS, HUJlEllV, CRAPES, Sic. I caae real Iuilia Book Muslin ' 1 do Col ton Hosiery 1 do lilai U Crnpei 1 do Snuff Boxes For sale by M. DITVIS, Mercantile Broker, No. 265 Pe.irl stnet. ang 7 3t hAKfUrrr: mid .V.1l)r.lH.i it hYf, tc. rOHN IIKFFERNAN, No. 34 South - street, cflers for sale, 50 qr. casks L. P. Tcneriffe wine 3 pipes and 6 hhds. do. Madeira do. 32 ceroons Gumming reed - 2 do. Carmway do. 1 A few boxes Havana scgars. nn71w iKisii linen's, diapers, &.c. IIE subscribers have received by the late . arrivals from Ireland a verv hMidsorue as sortment of 4 - 4 whites, some in demi mcces. Also 7 - 11 do browns from 7 to ltid. very superior goous, wuicn iney win sell on moderate terms, - . - - u vv. fc rtui.t.Nu 4iuo. eng 7 Sw - 43 South - strt - et toil ol.l I ( Ci ISO ACRES OF LAND, ly - v, V J V vJ ing in the town ol Florence, county of Oneida and state of New - ork. The state mads from Rome to Sackets Harbor mid Salmon river puss through the town. The conn try adjoining the land o! red for sale is well set tled i the son is irond lor grass or eruui, and the situation is convenient to send produce either to the Montreal or L tica itlarket, being only 35 mors iroin ineiauer pime. roriuriucr imorma - tion.apply to Mr. BENJAMIN WRIGHT, al Korne, or to WM. IIEftHEIlfcUN, J 10 eorf Im 3Jp No. 55 VV atrsre - t. WRITING I A SIX LESsOAS. MR DE SPRANG!! has ohtaine I Letters Patent of the U. S. for his invention ol Leaching the art of Writing in six lessons. He will riiHOle any person, of whatever age, and notwithstanding any bad habits they may have contracted, to write well and with rapidity, af ter having received these lessons. Persons ol good capacity will be able, by a strict alien Hon, to vviue well in lour lessons, each lesson ol one luMir. The solid utility and merits of this system can he best seen in its particular results, in those beanti'ul and various specimens it has produced. and which can be examined at Mr. D. S' teach - ing room, No.43 Broad - strret. I), a. haviuir tust returned from Washine: ton, where tie lias taught with great success, an tvhere his method has been much approved bv the heads of government, will temainonly lour orCve weeks in New - York, after which time he must rrturn to Washington, to Inltil i,n i n g - igeinent made nt the solicitation of a number ol seritlemeii ol thatci'y. N.B.Mr. I) S. will tell a patent right, and learn Ids sytem of teaching to those who wish lo pnrr nsse it. J zueod - lw ENERALLY considered superior to any o I thers made in Great - Britain : those so just ly lamed ol aldrou perhaps not excepted. Orders for the above article laken by SAMUEL CORP. N. B. It is now time to issue lor the ensuing pring, considerable dv'lay in the execution being iiiiavoinabie. . jyz cod y w 1' A very profitable FARM, of 110 acres tt, thirds under cultivation, the residue wood land, situate rn the sea shore, A quartet ol a mile vovr the narrows, on the Stnteu Mund fide and a short ride from the steam boat ferry laudiii It sives n very extensive view of the bay aud eu vi: ons of New - York, within the Narrows, mid oi - ifnly Hook and the ocean For prospect is . jailed ry uone. j he title is unQuesOimiilile i'wo thirds of the purchase money may remain lerureu - upon tne laud. Apply to A. V. V. ruua tain on the preniises, ort W. A. SEELY, 143 Greenwich - street. TO LET, a convenient new 2 story house, idj 'inii.g the above, with a garden and about an re oi land, t or terms apply as above, mli 3 eodtf An nndivnlrd motety in the following lots flindin ' Evxns' Patent Delaware County, state of Jiew V - rk, six Lot No. SO, contain C Goacrrs . !l No. i eontainine 1 3 s. Also, sit undivided nvxety in the cos hair f lot No.4 eimUiniiig lot. teres, and iu let No. 57, in the same patent containing 1051 acres. the above lots are well timbered with pine, Ne, Sic. ind their eontiuii tothefru branch of the Dels are river render them worthy of the sttrn - libn of lumluT met chants. They will l e sold reasonable for cash or aproved notes. For further rrticilrs epp' THOMAS ADDIS KM MLI. r.o. counsellor t law, In. vs rine reel, NetrYork, (ho it authorised to make eoiklrtets for the sale Ol the above lots) or to tne subscriber, by whom an onniestiooable title will riven. MA HTM A UK A DoTREET, - . . 1 1 UraBinnd street, Greeti wica. New York, July sUth. 1811. ir the hiuiirietora i,f the, Feesnmn't Journal are requested lo publi - h Uie aoi ve for two months in their paper and uid their t ill o the sulitccv r. . I i as es DOORMAN & J01LNSTO.N. aa 4 57 foUlh - sL J 85 rcm m 1 A DELPHI SCHOOL - is vacated tiU 1 lif'. XX Monday in Augnstmst&nL rjy" Tba public it respectfully informed, thai Mr. John R. Smith is engaged as drawing ma, ter, and Mr. Schiffely as teacher of ths French Spanish and German languages. ' - aug 3 UMAug A NURSE WANTED. A MIDDLE aged woman, who is qusliHed to take eare ofehi.dreo. and is disposed tu travel, licspeetable references will be require!, none other need annly. Apply to SPENSER llAlTED, Esq. Elizsbethtown, Nt - Jeit.y. aug a 'IHE Bachelor and the Married Man, or the JL Equilibrium of the " Balance of Comfort," z vols, price Kl 7o mst received and ror sal hy COLLINS It H ANNA Y, U2 6 4t C3j Pearl - stre. t. fUH b.l.f. A HANDSOME Black Boy, aced 18 yea is. tor a term of nine years, he is well cidrula ted lor a house servant or a Geotlenian's wniicr. He is now to be seen at the City - Hotel he war born in Albany and raised tliere ; bv applying 1 1 Mr. Moses Alien, directly opposite the Hotel, the price for hiiiinmy be agreed on. avg 6 "It VALUABLE rBOfEnTY IT JAMAICA. L. X. Un - sl That verr excellent farm, fthe Iste resi - deuce of Geo. Codsrise, Jr. deceased! sitiiale at amaica, (L. I.) on the ltnckawar Turnpike. within half a mite of the villain; r cmiUiniiie about f.u sores of good Unit, In excellent fence nd n - ditiun. The mansion house is well built a d very lsr,e nml coiiiinoiliius, c insisting of a t story iiimid building, with two wings, iiiMking tiigethcr a front of nearly l.l feel. The out homes are very coiiei,ieiuand in excellent repair j the barn liarticulsel), is nearly new, and t pposed tit be me largest and best arranged one on the island On iho premises are, also, a good orchard and large gaiden, vilUl icktil widiM viriclv of fruits A L U, a good piece ol sail meadow, within 3 milts oi Hie l ni, ciiutiiiiiing about 7 acres, tud 2 piece . feicelleul woodland, contai ing, the out about X and the oilier a out 10 acres. M.' - O, another f urn on the nui.n Jsinsi. a turnpike road, about Imlf a mile sou herly from the Episcopal church in the said village, containing about 36 acres. ALr(), 2G valuable building lots, nt the corner of Jamaica and Roctcaway turnpikes, opio - 'itn the residence of the Hon. RufusKmg. The above panels of property will be sold separately V' ", - iher, ns nay be agreed upon, and cau be viewed at nil reasonable hours. The ftock and firmiug utensils may be had wills the firm, at a flip valuation. The title i iiidi.'putahlc. Apply to 1). CODWTSE, 13 Nassau st Or to tli e subscriber on the premises, au 7 tf - MARY CODWISK. CAUli)N. LIj persons are lorbid harboring or trusting an indi.nh d api n iilicc to ii e subscriber. by thrmimo of Au' - ulus Declare, a frtnrh b iy, igcu aooui vu years, under pennliy oi tne law. an 7 lw G. MORGAN IU M'ulvt . - MEN. FOR. SALE h full blooded POINTER DOG, h very rnre'v lludies a bird, is verv staunch. aud DjdU remarkably well Lnqinre ol JAMES F. Cli.VOVEK, aug 7 lw 164 Pear' - M NEV Wi;ltlvS, TTARRIAGE, a novel, 2 vols price 42. If M. The Bachelor and the Married '1an, nr the Equilibrium of the Ilalatice ol Con.fji L, 2 vols Diice 1 75. The possibility of approaching the North Pole, asserted by the Hon. D. liar mgton. new edition with an appendix, containine papers on the same subject, and on a northwest passage, by Colonel Iteaiifny, V. It S. illustral ed with a map of the North Pole, according to the latest discoveries, price 1 25. Narrative ol an Expedition to explore the jtiver Zaiiie, usually culled the Coago, in Houlh Afiica, in 1816, under the direction of Caplaiu J. K. Tur key, R. N. to which is added, the Journal of Profersor Smith, and some general oi - ervalious on the country and lis inhabitantn, published by permission of the lord's couinnwion ers of the admiralty. frire 42 60. Recoi l ed aud for sale at the Viiuerva Circd'ftting Li hrary Book and Stationary Store, 265 Broad way, oppoila the Museum, aue 7 3t O sorted quills, tine and common Letter Paper, r ools enp uo. and various sixes ol vv rapping rape r ; together w ith sotm'thing more desirable, the jl00,tn A). 50,000, 10,000, 5,lHt,&c. capital prises ol the 5th and last class of the Science Lottery, now drawing, at the lowest prices and on the best terms. Cash advanced for Owego Prises, at the rate of 7 per annum. O. C. GRACIE & CO. nug f 3t 1 16 Broadway. ADVEhVI loEMr.N J'. PROPOSALS will be receiv ed at the Navy Agent's office, New York, for one wick from this date, to supply a qunulity ofJertcy O.ih i'lank average length 45 feet, 10 to 16 tiroad, a to 4 1 - 2 thick pith ol hart must he nut, and clear if sap. Also, a numtier of Jersey Oak L' gt, trom 35 to 55 feet long, 18 to 20 im - .lik square, and n number of White Oak Knees, to side from 8 1 2 to 12 inches, arm 4 1 - 2 to 5 feet long, bod ies 5 to li I 2 long. I he whole to he hrst qunli - tv, and tuhject to the inspection at the Navy Yard, and delivered there. - The proposals are required not to exceed 5000 leet of Flank : not more than 10 Logs, nor more than oO huei t at no contract will he givrn to n - ny individual to exceed one of the above named quantities ; the shortest time, not exceeding 6 weeks, must he mentioned. Money to he paid on delivery. A ny explanation that may be required, will hp obtained at the Navy Yard, where a bill will be given each individual arti r he has contracted, aud by which he is to be governed. J 22 DA:C tf 07" The tine nes stean vessel FRONTENAC, ol 7ml tona hnrthen. James 22lIL2LiaiXMnc Kintic. muster, vti! bmuie.m.e running rn the first day of May next and will leave Kingston, for York and Nmgnre on the 1st, 1 1th and 21st day of each niomli. an - Niagara, for York and Kinsston. the 6ih. ISil and 25lh day of each moiiih, during the season. n here every attention will be paid to the ente aim t crmort oi ine passengers. A pplications for passage to be made to the cap mm on noaru. ' - Kingston, 6th April, IftlM. . J 7dfcrtOrl THE FORTUNATE NUViliER. h estubtithed at Me vpber Green Office, 140 Uroudway, ;VEKE Uie GKACIE'n reside, who fold V f the 1st drawn capital prize in the 4 !i Medical Science Lottery, and on Tuesday the In - st drawn number in the filth and la - t nasi, remained unsold at theiroflice, but ma,hl have been purchased ten miuutts belore the dra ing, - and in the 2d class, al the tuiielbry com menced business, thc - y vended about 100 tickets, among - which were a number of capital prize. No. 5747, 5,000, kc. and in the Owego ry. tu fj. - 'is;K. - t! drwii,g, they distributed mute r.ipitai pusis, n - proportion to the tKkets vndedt ) thi - ui, Ihsu wen - ohlinned at any other effive in cil v b' - se fscu have established .o. H" uro.i - the lortunate number, where I irkets ni. Shsresin the Grand SiietM e lttHT. Stli m.; last clas, nay be obtained Kir f n - l.l li - jhy next, wbn tbry advance to $M. Capital trii are 1 prise ol Jiit'.'rv 1 do do do do do do of 50 000 ' 1 I I t - 45 7 of of of of ef srr.o:H 5 0)l I.OtJ' ,i RUM 20 hhds. new ruin, laodiag froto sloop Saico, eat side Petar - s'ip, li - r tale by t l mj lMVrnnult.V - rt' V.. I 54 k rj i' ot. t aog 7 ' public . BY MILLS, M IN TON & C'OV . - ' . Msndny, - At half past 9 o'clock, at their auction room. No. 144 Pearl street, a general assortment of l''reoch and Khgiib drygoods,,g which are, J cases double chain levmitiuts and rJofences ; I do light col'd if win c silks ; S do plain - tafi'ctu and rich toured ribbons ; 1 do cmhi inert d t hi - rence hdk s ; 1 docheimle and ccttou cords and patent lamp wicks ; I do men's assorUrt'llirisd hose anil half do ; 1 do women's surer bik. work - d do ; i do ivory and wood stuk tana ; 1 do. 8 - 4 black damask shawls s 1 do labia brushes ; sealing sin kc. ; 1 do thread ; I do uuibnllas 1 walking stick's j 2 do red A wl,il Hint Us; 1 do Cain' nr ft Fancy Muslin's t I Ho kipar t.e - .vy s'eam l - a - m Miirtn.pj I d(t ui,itsRl able ( h tbs, 2 do. supei C hir.ttr's ; 1 do. suivl.7 4 Piliste Cloth'', nd a' o otker aiticle - At 1 .' o'clock, 15 case laoiulun mude beaver plated and j - appalled Hats.' ' - BY M MTMIS ''I Mr.ndoy, At half past 9 o'cljck, at his store, No. Sf,3 Pearl stret - t. H g. - nerul ass irln.ent m dryg - .i ,ls. - J - JiAi t. tVi - ttisll.ltlMi. f. '1 HE proprietors of the toutlieru nuirbleua JL rics, near King's - Bridge, give notice, i,at hcy liavo on haud, and me reccivuig, at the A?ii - ridge Marble and l.ime - ird, foot if iieach - stretf, on the lludsou river, an txteutus Mock of marble tor building, ct the follow iik; us - cripuous, viz ; A.hlar Copin? Foumlution Stone Chimnry - i'iccs Facings (Columns ' ,. tfps . l'lHllorms Sills, Lintels Arches Alo Lime of the Us: qi.alitr. . .. .. I - ' A constant supply .1 In, above materials may liecalculatid uoav and diosr dn - oti if purihatiug, or luaUng einv.iniui.u, v.ill to . " EJiUA I.UpioW, . Feb 1 1 At r - r Vurd. Mu,.X iO l.Q.i.x. , ' fr i ii I IDOL LA Rs tolotn, iu'su'n,to J t.fJ.F suit applicants, ou bond with mortgage Hn apmovad proptity, . . . . ' ALSO, : '' 40,000 dollars on approved paprr, guarantctd by bank stock. Enqsiro of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. White application iuy be gem - rally made, through the year, and mortgages 'disposed ol. Jo vli tt - i J.O.i.: Af (( 1(1 lj0iLKK$ J"" TT v , V. .f v bond i nd mortgago ui.oo property in the city of Ncw - Yoik. Apply to J. O. Htlti Ell r, Jy ?8 133 Waler - st. 4 f nfn DOLLARS to be loaned, A U,UUU on real estate in tint city. ill sUiiiS n, - I l ' Ii ji. S Jtldll. Applv to IVCDI.S3V.S, iuii.i.k lr..1SU.TI, Slrx k and Exchange Brokers, 44 H eli - st. nug 5 lw .. .f x - CDR.NEL1US BOt.EM'. ATTOILXEY, CODAHKLLOU A T LA If, AXU AuTAtiY fUlifJV.' COM MISSION ER,oUn.ri,d'o tako AIR. davits and Special Bail in 'an Court of Re. - oid oftbis State, the proof au 1 u. ,;oov, lovL - e - nieiil or Deed and discharges ol Moilgsis l - o Alh.tavits, Special Hid aud the drtoiuu of witucsse it unit tut, iu the Duthe.t and i:ir - i nit t ,)'i. Is of the United State, cooiitiUcS bit Itu. - M at lit eda.r - treet. i jy - ii. I in SALT VA1EK Li A 1 11 The public are inlorrn'd that Pie ,galt Water Floating Baths continue oper trom live o'clock in 'he morning unit 1' at ninlitj'.it Ar - ileu's wharf, near the. Battery, and at the foot of Murray street. North River: ' ; 1. FOR SALE, a handsome ' Pleasure Whop, in complete order, witb new sails a very safe boat, being lined with cork. A LSO, a pair of lurge Patent Chuio Pumps, made by Mr. Daniels. Also, one large Vat or Ci - tern. Apply ett.10 Baths, or to JACOB KABiAEAU, ' 3I.Slir iiulwsy. Ijs - Wanted, an active, intelligent BOY, to atti - Hd a Drug More - - one acuuaiuted with the business. Apply AS nhcv. MUX 7 NO f'U E. ffr" Ifuvins? iindersfood from some of mr friciiils, tliat it lias di'iseiiriv i ircu aled (cer tainly not mlh lh intent to benefit me) (hut 1 have .riven up my brokerage busirnrs on at count of my being appointed oil inspector the report is false 1 continue to buy and sell all kinds of country produce at unnl All the that comet into tins market would notj m my opui ju, occupy one quarter of my time. ' - JAMES MAUBFCE, New - York, Aug. 7 - - - - ai.g 7 lw J& I. COX, No. 4 Courtlandt - strect, near Kroadwav, importers of die i.ivr.H - tOOI. - ' PA TtJST I,.1XP - hive the pleasure to bdorm the pubbc and their ft lends that (hey have jm - t rs - ci iwdan ex'sntiye ai - sni tmint of the nbnve Lamps, of (ha moat recent improvements. Jjtkewue , A general assortment of taud ' Lamps, kr chimney pieces, sideboard, tallcs,&r. lir. tf utw and elegant patterns, which, tin or nament and utility, are uomallod widi n reat variety of other Lamps, tuiri ns l.ave never been introduced belore : all of whicli are warranted perfect, and U otherwise, may be returned. Have alo received a great assortment of Lamp Glasses and Larr.p Wicks, tiu.aLla for all kinds of lam p. " ., , N. B. All orders in their lute excrntrd itb fai'lifulness and punrtuality. A liberal dedec - tiu.l t wholesale dealers. - aug i tf TUer .ublir rhed and for sile by KIRK ti 9 VKPCKIN. No. 22. "Wall street, Jariv't'' f novel, in 2 vols. 00. Ji iaehcior a - d tlit Aturriid Mini, or th F.qd.V'iium to the Balatce ol Comfort,' Jl 75. " 7.e IfnVxit - .j D'dtl'ccl " and other Tale, I v Ja - c - s M ' fi, author of the " Q leen's Wake," ir. At - ;. fl 00. "Zuma' aud oth'r Taies, by Madame O :i,i it bO cut. ' ' - . jjl,a M ticl' Roy," M Talr of my Efto - llo - d," 'Giy dauiierin?," M Waverly," Us - m - i.'' e. Kc. Ac. "aug 6 3l - ..S1 a crtirrrv i ions? ara r urm. on nt er.'c aiin "I Die's ' Kiw r, ia tl Highland, - - about i.i.if.s f - vm New lfirk, lytug beweta the courilry susis of VViUiaot Dvnning, F.Msune, aud v.p:. It.iil.p, and n arly cppoile ft I oint. The furm conUiu. Ill sw'es. The hoae,(r':cri wasnuilt i.. i305)baf li roonts, rxcloeive j(Um lichen, t - Jjosc S' sc rcy conveuieacs iicts. ior n f.uaily. Thetis ' al:o 'a farm r - vuse, !'m, stable and oliierout - rionses. In gc.I U'der, tardea tod a reM ssrictj cf fru frett of tti lcit lid.' 'nitl.rf ih s - .ii.fioo r b"! ren, Hera nasi - p. - r,)iis 'crimed t purcav wi.l ub - 'view' i pr?mies fat sv! ie - i pur - K" - 'V olicatioa rtiay be cs'mD to yi Jsme 'I hi. - iro, the fj.rr. For ib k - rius ef sa. - eaimirr of AVM fc.NDKHSt,v - 55 Wall txi - et, Ntr - York. J 8 W&S Jdpaloi ' - OVVCF... ld cs rnltn - ' f. Dotaitgo Co. . O lee.just rec'fd t ' - : . . . . . it. MJ 7 Soutb tueef. 3 r " ' I . ! v, - f: - l 'M .i , if r.w.f; li. I .1 'I ' . : : I 'i ' ; i

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