The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 4, 1939 · Page 1
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
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Tuesday, April 4, 1939
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NORTH IOWA'S DAILY PAPER EDITED FOR THE HOME H I S T MEM 4 A H T D C P T O F I O W A C O M P DES M O ! N E S I A HOME EDITION "THE NEWSPAPER THAT MAKES ALL NORTH IOWAMS NEIGHBORS" MASON OTY .THE BRIGHT, SPOT VOL. XLV FIVE CENTS A COPS MASON CITY, IOWA, TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 1939 NEWSJ BEHI THIS PAPER CONSISTS OP TWO SECTIONS SECTION ONE NO. 151 JACK BENNY MUST PAY $10,000 F. R. Wants Congress to End Session Soon WASHINGTON--Mr. Roosevelt and his congressional directors are working to get congress out oE town as s o o n as possible. N o t o n l y have they lost control, b u t they are suffering the continuous embar- r a s s m e n t of having to a s k t h e non-new dealing democrats for whatever f a v o r s they can g e 1 Paul Mallon \ n . the , wa V o£ legislation. House Leader Sam Rayburn no longer goes to his ally, Chairman Sabath of the rules committee to direct what' legislation is to be brought up in the house, and how. Sabath has become a mere figure- chairman. Rayburn must go to Gene Cox, the non-new dealing Georgia democrat, and try to wheedle concessions for the administration from him. Cox has b e c o m e chaimian-in-fact, as spokesman for a balance of power group of dissenting democrats who can count, on republican backing for a majority whenever they want to dissent. As the rules committee is the master dynamo of congressional power, the situation is intolerable at the white house. ' v 3 » Worried About Debt To illustrate: Neither Rayburn nor Speaker Bankhead were even able to make a fight for the additional $150,000,005 of relief which Mr. Roosevelt has been pressing for, with ail his remaining might. They just could not do anything about it. They told Mr. Roosevelt they did not have the votes, and the x-oll call taken on the SloO,- 000,000 amendment proved they were right. Upwards of 75 democrats vdted against it.' ; ··' A majority of thejiouse is_elear-^ ~ ly worried about the-"huge.fe'derai debt and continuing deficits Frankly they do. not believe Mr. Roosevelt'. is sufficiently mindful of the consequences of what he is doing. Their lack of confidence is so deep, they.voted the additional $100,000,000 somewhat reluctantly. Britain Warns Italy Not to March Into Albania Nazi-Rumania Deal German propaganda has highly overplayed the significance of the trade deal which Hitler wheedled out of Rumania, Confidential oEEicial reports show · Germany will get only 40 per cent of Rumania's oil production, not 90 per cent as advertised More Rumanian oil fields are to be exploited with German help and perhaps Hitler will get a larger percentage of the new oil, bu this will be later, maybe much later. It is true the agreement provides in general terms that Rumania will increase production o commodities wanted in Germany that Germany will get free zones and manufacturing opportunitie. in Rumania; that Germany wil collaborate in improving Rumanian railroads and u-aterways co-operate with Rumanian banks build public utilities, provide arm and naval equipment (much o which had already been ordered by Rumania from Skoda when th nazis plundered the Czechs.) The agreement is to last 5 year and longer unless one party give the other -notice ot termination a the end oE 4 years--but as Her Hitler \yell knows, the Versaille treaty was to have lasted forevei * * · Make Pact With France The tricky Rumanians hav more recently concluded a ne\ trade agreement with France. De tails have not yet been divulged Yet the treaty obviously mean King Carol is desperately clingin to the top of the fence, ready t jump to the winning side, be Germany or France. Clearly h yet hopes to escape Herr Hitler clutches. If Chamberlain and Daladie RUMORS HEARD OF MASSING OF ILDUCE TROOPS Halifax Concludes First of Talks With Polish Minister Beck LONDON, (SP)--Great Britain dropped a strong hint to Italy Tuesday not to copy Germany's expansionist tactics by marching into Albania. Informed British quarters said lat any Italian action in Albania ffecting that country's independ- nce would be a violation of the ritish-Italian agreement. This statement followed uncon- rmed reports in Rome that Italy ad massed troops at Italian ports earest Albania in order to Irengthen her control over that ttle neighbor. ConEer With Beck The statement was made as "'oreign Secretary Viscount Hali- ax concluded the first of talks vith Polish Foreign Minister Joeph Beck designed to cemeni 'oland into a European front gainst further German aggres- ion. A British official spokesman stressed that the foreign office was unable officially to confirm reports that Italy had massed troops around ' the port ol Brindisi preparatory to shipping them Io Albania, which long has been under- virtual Italian domination. The foreign office spokesman added, however, that a "certain amount of military activity has ·been ·joins on in Italy^Jately^";" The British-Italian"-agreement vhich was concluded April 16 ast year and signed Nov. 16, ear- -ied a provision for maintenance of the status quo '"as regards na ional sovereignties in the Medi terranenn area." Outright Italian annexation o Albania might imperil particular y Greece and Turkey. While Britain opened conversa tions with Beck, United State Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy lunched wit! Prime Minister and Mrs. Cham jerlain at the premiers 10 Down ng street residence. Kennedy wil lave an opportunity to talk will Beck Wednesday. Is "moral Obligation" The Polish foreign minister wa reported to have told Lord Hali fax in the first of his talks tlia Poland considered it a "mora obligation" to make Britain's guar antee of Polish independence re ciprocal. Informed diplomatic quarter .said'Beck, at his first consulatio at the foreign office Tuesday, dis closed Poland's intention of p'ledg ing her own aid to Britain in re turn for Britain's promise, with France, o£ immediate assistanc in the event of Polish iucJepend ence being threatened by aggres sion. Lord Halifax and Beck also dis cussed means of broadening th scope of the British-Polish agree inent in their talks on Britain plan to line up an "anti-aggre^ sion" front of states opposed German territorial expansion. AVould Evacuate Jews Beck was believed to ha\ raised the question of Poland's Jews and to have asked for British sponsorship of a plan to evacuate Jews from Poland similar, to a scheme now being worked out for Germany,. British-Polish economic co-operation, British credits for Polish armament, and the question of supply of war materials to Poland also were said to have been discussed by Beck and Lord Halifax oint Nazi and Italian VIoves Seen Preparations Are Reported to Meet Democratic Front ROME, (U.R)--Diplomatic sources uesday night reported indications : joint military preparations by ermany and Italy to meet any ttempt by the democratic front encircle the reich. Italy appeared to be making a eries of mysterious movements f land, sea and air forces coinci- ent with shifting of the crack Upine troops headquarters from .ome to Trento, (between the rench and Jugo-Slov frontiers) jid with reported movement of eavy artillery from Germany to taly. Deny Albanian Move Usually reliable sources said hat Italy had concentrated troops t Bari and Brindisi in the last ew days, although the govern- tient officially denied rumors abroad that some move toward Albania was planned. Other reports Tuesday said that talian air squadrons were leaving airports on the mainland at night or "unknown destinations." In contradiction to the oEficial dec- arations o£ the government, en- irely unconfirmed reports were circulated that some oE these planes landed in Albani;i. On Way to Islands AH official communique issued Tirana denied that any Italian military moves were being made :oward that country but the rumors of action continued Io circulate. In addition;-Italian infantry"was" reported en route to the Dodeca- nese islands, especially Rhodes, where Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels visited recently alter a trip to Athens. The Dodeca- nese islands are of great strategic importance in the eastern Mediterranean and near the Suez canal. Against Encirclement Authoritative Italian circles said that all of these military movements were occurring in full agreement with the German high command. In Rome military circles, this increased activity was said to be connected with efforts of the Rome-Berlin pas ,to prevent the reich from being encircled by the British and French-led anti-aggression campaign. HOUSE BOOSTS PENSION FUNDS BY $2,000,000 Gets Into Argument on Whether Committee Will Have to Approve BULLETIN DES MOIXES, /Pt--By a 104 to 0 vote, the Iowa house Tuesday passed the old age assistance act boosting the pension ccilinff to §30 a month in exceptional cases and appropriating an additional S2,000,000 a year for pension grants. DES MOINES, f/P)--The Iowa house Tuesday voted to boost the state old age pension appropriation by 52,000,000 a year, then got into an argument over whether t h e appropriations c o m m i t t e e would have to pass on the suggested increase. Iowa now uses S5,500,000 annually for pensions from sales and income tax receipts. House action Tuesday would boost this figure io $7,500,000 to redeem, party leaders said, the republican party 1938 campaign slogan, "adequate old age pensions--not just half a loaf." Speaker John E. Irwin ruled the appropriations c o m m it t e e would have to pass on the boost, the Albanian government at but house leaders indicated that New Aircraft Carrier Launched navy' the rules might he suspended and the committee rule disregarded in this one instance. By Voice Vote The $2,000,000 amendment* to the olcP a'ge pension bill was adopted by a voice vote. Representative W, A. Yager (D). Spirit Lake, failed by a 77-11 vote to obtain house approval for a p'roposed exemption from state liens o£ pensioner homesteads valued at less than $1.000 and to wipe all such current Hens off the books. Representative Gordon Smith Pictured here In the Fore River Shipyard at Quincy, Mass., largest ship ever to be built lliere, is the L'ys new aircraft carrier, Wasp, before it was launched Tuesday. Panshoner Pickets Agree on Freedom to Priest on April 18 VULCAN, Mich., (U.R--Picket- ing parishioners who have imprisoned the Rev. Simon Borkowski for seven months in the rectory oE St. Barbara's Catholic church promised Tuesday to give him his freedom April 18. It was expected that this decision would continue a case in circuit court at Marquette which orders Father Borkowski and 35 members of his congregation to show cause why an injunction should not be issued to half the picketing. The action, brought by Bishop J. G. Plagcns, probably will be continued with his consent. Pickets, who said they loved Father Borkowski too well to allow him to leave the church, have maintained a constant vigil at the priest's home since last August, preventing him from complying with a church order transferring him to another post. Tuesday morning. Perth Sees Ciano _ _._ The Albanian situation, it was succeed in maintaining the inde- saj ". probably would be discussed pence o£ Poland, the independence °y the British ambassador, the of Rumania will follow. Hitler's Earl oE Perth, in Rome conver- trade agreement could therefore turn out to be another "scrap of paper," no more lasting than the treaties he has broken. What else can be expected from treaties made at the point of a gun, whether at Versailles or Bucharest? A victim's agreement with a highwayman lasts only as long as superiority in armament. (Copyriibt, Kint Features. Inc.) Walter Hutton Rites Held in Des Moines DES MONIES, (/P) -- Funeral services were held here for Walter Hutton, general secretary of the lov.-a council of religious education, who died last week in Sterling, Kans., where he had been visiting. y sations with Italian Foreign Minister Count Galeazzo Ciano. (Lord Perth saw Ciano Tuesday but in Rome it was said their talk dealt with the Kyon "anti-piracy" patrol.) OEficial British quarte . stressed that the foreign office would expect to be consulted by Italy before any move of magnitude in Albania. "It would be difficult for us to believe that the Italian government would take any action in Albania which would impair the independence of freedom of action of that country," one source said. British informants on the other hand, took pains to emphasize that Italy might be preparing to take action at the request of Albania herself, but they did not suggest who or causing Albania military aid. what might be to need Italian FORECAST IOWA: Showers Tuesday night or by AVednesday, except cloudy Wednesday in northwest; slightly warmer in central and east Tuesday nisht; cooler AVedncs- day and Wednesday night. MINNESOTA:Probably showers or snow flurries Tuesday or Wednesday, except cloudy Wednesday in northwest; not so cnld in extreme southeast and extreme northeast, colder in nortli- ivest Tuesday night; much colder Wednesday, moderate cold wave in northwest. IN MASON CITY Globe-Gazette weather statistics: Maximum Monday 53 Minimum Monday nieht 34 At 8 a. m. Tuesday 42 YEAR AGO: Maximum 42 Minimum 21 (R), Clarence, assailed the Yager measure which he said would wipe out more than $6.000,000 in property liens now held by the state social welfare board. He said 14.066 of the 17,645 liens in force arc in the under Sl.OPO class. Fears Purported Friends Representative Dean \V. Peisen. (R). Eldora, declared the "worst enemies ot old age assistance are its purported friends. They have wrecked the program in Colorado and practically ruined it in Washington by such tactics as these." Representative Robert D. Blue (R). Eagle Grove, asserted the Yager amendment would not benefit the pensioners but would con- stitutu a "gift to their heirs." Tiie state now takes a lien on a pensioner's home and collects, iE possible, the amount of pensions paid after the recipient dies and the dwelling is sold. Total liens now in force exceed $17,000,000. Amendment Snowed Under The house snowed under another amendment by Representative Harry E. Weichman (R), Newhall, to discontinue homestead tax refunds and to use the re- annually for The amendment polled only three favorable votes. The lower chamber adopted an amendment offered by Representative H. E. Morrow (R). Hopkinton, to authorize use oE fingerprints in cashing checks tor feeble or illiterate pensioners. Twelve per cent of the 52.000 pensioners are unable to write their own names, Morrow said. There also is a "surprising'' number of forgeries each month, he added. Weichmnn consideration BACKS CUT IN ROAD BUDGET Wilson.Recommends $1*000,000 Uncle? '* Current Expenditures DES MOINES, (/?)--Laying the groundwork for state aid to farm- market roads, Gov. George A. Wilson Tuesday recommended to the legislature an Iowa highway budget more than $1,000,000 under current annual road expenditures. The recommendations reached the general assembly as both houses were preparing to consider a compromise measure allocating 52,500,000 in the next two years to farm-market roads from primary road funds . The governnor's recommendations for highway commission expenditures total 54,864,772 annually, compared with $5,970,021. spent in the year and myself still thought the highway commission's figures too high," the governor said. "We are recommending $400 a mile a year for maintenance. They wanted more." The highway commission included approximately $70,000 a year in its budget for a weighing project which the governor believes belongs in the inspection department under the proposed new safety setup. by the commission ending last Nov. 30. "The comptroller 50th Warship aunched in U. S. Program " QUINCYT MaSsv CU.RJ--The fif- ieth warship of the national de- ense program was launched Tuesday amid the tooting of tugs and the cheers of thousands of pectatoi'5. The trim, 14.700 ton aircraft arrier Wasp slid down the ways t the Bethlehem Steel company hipyard aEter Mrs. Charles Edion, wi£e o£ the assistant secretary £ navy, broke a gold-enmeshed icttle ot champagne across the prow. Her husband was at her ide. Retarded by 244 tons of chain n her slide, the huge vessel, largest .warship launched here in 14 'ears, was surrounded by tugs as she hit the waters at Fore rivei and was eased into her berth. The Wasp, which cost S30.000,- )00, wil! carry 73 airplanes. It is '.he seventh navy vessel to bear he name Wasp and the 140th ship milt tor the U. S. navy at the Fore River shipyard. sulting S12.000.000 pension payments. announced further oi the $1,300,000 state oitice building bill has been indefinitels' postponed pending an examination o£ all the appropriation bills awaiting action in the legislature. Mrs. Louie Field's Services to Be Held Wednesday Afternoon MANLY--Funeral services for Mrs. Louie Field, who died at her farm home near Manly following a three year illness Sunday night, will be held at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon at her home, and at 2 o'clock at the Bethel Evangelical church. The Rev. H. M. Raccker will oE- ficiatc, and burial will be in the cemetery at Manly. She is survived by her husband, three daughters, a brother and two sisters. Liquor-by-Drmk Is Left Off Sifting Group's Calendar DES MOINES. JPi--Tiie liquor- by-the-drink bill was left oEf the sifting committee's new calendru in the Iowa house Tuesday, and republican leaders reiterated previous statements that they do no expect the bill to see the light o day this session. Sifting committee members indicated the bill was "discussed" ii Monday's closed-door delibera tions. Chairman F. ,1. Pine (R) Columbus Junction, said he is no opposed to the committee placin, the bill before the house hut tha he would vigorously oppose th measure on the house floor. Pine said he conferred will Mayor Mark Conkling of De Moines. liquor-by-the-drink spon sor. in a two-hour session Monda3 night. The representative deciinei to disclose the nature ot the dis cussion. 4 KILLED WHEN PLANES CRASH Victims Perish When Navy Ships Plunge to Ground in Flames EAST BRAICTHEE, Mass., I/Pi --Tv.-o navy biplanes ci'ashed 2,00 feet in the air Tuesday and our men perished as they plunged laming to earth. The dead were identified by navy sources as: Waldo H. Brown, lieutenant :ommander, naval reserve. Ellsworth Benson, aviation ca- let, naval reserve. Walter Kirk, aviation chief carpenter's mate, naval reserve. John Ausiello, aviation chief machinist's mate. Ail four were listed as residents of Greater Boston. REPORT PARLEY WITH ALBANIA Italian Broadcasters State '27 Defensive Alliance to Be Stronger ROME, (IP)--An Italian govern ment radio station announcec Tuesday that negotiations wer under way for the'strengthening of the 1927 defensive alliance be tween Italy and Albania. The station at Bari broadcas that "at the specific request of th king oE Albania" conversation were under way "for the strength ening of the defensive alliance be tween the two countries." This announcement came as di plomatic circles heard unconfirme reports that 20,000 or more Italian were concentrated at Bari an Brindisi with troopships standin by, presumably to take them t nearby Albania. Rumors that Italy intended t strengthen her control of Albania the little country of King Zog, per sisted despite official denials. YEAR SENTENCE SUSPENDED ON PLEA OF GUILTY Fined on 3 Charges of Smuggling After Asking Court's Mercy NEW YORK, Gfj--Jack Benny, radio, stage and screen comedian, threw himself upon the mercy of federal court Tuesday and admitted his guilt to charges of smuggling, based upon his purchase of 52,131 worth of jewelry as a gift for Mary Livingstone, his wife and partner. · Benny was sentenced by Judge Vincent L. Leibell to pay three fines, totaling $10,003 and to'serve a year and a day in prison. The prison sentence, however, was suspended. Burns Fined $8,000 George Burns, also a famous radio and stage comedian, pleaded guilty to virtually the same charges last Dee. 12. He was fined $8,000 and given a suspended sentence oE one year and a day. Albert N. Chaperau, a co-defendant with Burns as well as in the indictment against Benny, pleaded guilty to both charges and is still awaiting sentence. Both Benny and Burns purchased jewelry which he had brought into the count ry. Attorney Makes Presentation The government a t . no time contended the two comedians had actually done any smuggling. Benny's attorney, Carl E. Newton, approached the bench when court convened. He looked at Judge Vincent L. Leubell and said: "The defendant asks permission ^to change his plea." The judge glanced down at him and at Benny who was waiting nervously. . · ·. ·- .:-» "Is this the (Jefendanfr'^he asked. Pleads to 3 Counts "Yes, sir," replied Newton indicating Benny. The comedian was wearing a natty brown suit and wine-colored tie. "How do you plead?" asked Judge Leubell. "Guilty," said Hollywood's famous voice in loud tones. "To all three counts, o£ the indictment?" "Yes, sir." The courtroom was packed with an estimated 400 spectators, mostly admirers oE the wise-cracking radio and screen comedian, with standees lining the wali at the back ol the room. Face Is Sober Benny's face Tuesday was sober The falling planes set two homes Tfire, the flames damaging, one badly. Although the occupants were unhurt a 70 year old man narrowly missed death when one of the ships exploded in his home. in the second house, a 2 year old baby escaped death by scant feet as the plunging aircraft cut part of the roof away over his head. LOOK INSIDE FOR- Motion to Probe Ohio Universities Withdrawn COLUMBUS, Ohio. (JP-- Sudden withdrawal of a resolution for investigation of reported unAmeri- can activities in state universities le£t the Ohio senate Tuesday without the session's most controverted issue. Death came to the inquiry proposal before the senate military affairs committee was to open a hearing to determine whether Janitor Reinstated After Students Make Protest in Strike MAPLETOWN. Pa., (/P) -- A high school student strike over dismissal of Janitor Harry Dusenberry ended Tuesday with his re- in contrast to the airy grins.with which he faced the grand Jury at the time of his appearance during the investigation. It was not immediately known whether Benny's wife, Mary Livingstone, was in the courtroom. Benny, who reached New York by plane Monday night from California, arrived at the federal courthouse about 10 a. m. Benny had previously pleaded innocent to the three-count indictment returned against him and · Al Chaperau, who represented himself as a Is'icaraguan official vith diplomatic immunity. Were Gifts to Wife Benny, one o£ the highest salaried entertainers in the country, was indicted Jan. 10 on charges of importing, illegally smuggling, transporting and concealing two gold clips and a gold bracelet, all diamond-studded and valued at 52,131. The jewelry was described out of court on the day the indictment was returned as gifts from Benny to Mary Livingstone, his wife and partner in his scrambled antics over the air. The government fixed Oct. 7, 1937, as the date of the crime. Burns Fined 58,000 Chaperau, accused of the actual smuggling, previously pleaded guilty to the same indictment, and entered similar pleas to indictments returned against him and George Bums, radio comedian, and against him and Mrs. Edgar Lauer. wife o£ a state supreme court justice. Both Burns and Mrs. Lauer pleaded guilty. Mrs. Lauer has not "yet been sentenced. available evidence vestigation. justified in- KING GHAZl instatement. Only '28 ot 149 students reported for classes Monday in protest against Dusenberry's ouster after 13 years at the job. Board of education members explained to a mass meeting of 200 residents they discharged the janitor as an "economy move" but would abide by student demands and continue his employment. Iraq Ruler Killed as Car Hits Light Pole PAGE 2 Bronze Marker Will Honor 4-H Founder PAGE 5 Golf Stars Jitter in Wait for Final Count PAGE 9 Ordered to Pay Back Alimony of 40 Years CHICAGO. lU.R) -- Mrs. Kiltie Cann, 63, complained in court that she never received the $10 weekly alimony awarded her when she divorced her husband Fred. 72. She explained that her husband, disappeared after their divorce and that she learned only recently that he was a St. Louis mining broker. The court awarded her a S20.670 judgment--which represented 40 years' back alimony.

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