Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 25, 1943 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1943
Page 3
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Thursday, Febraary 25 LEFT TO WRITE Opinions Expressed herein are Those of the writer and may or ma} not conform to tbe editorial views of the Progreca Rexlcw By LOU GABDNEK The Half Wa Mark By the time this " Write" appears in most of the many Iowa papers that publish it, the General Assembly will be at the half way mark of the 50th session, and memberK will be on the eve of taking a spring recess ;,i__"i~o ~ """" "" "· **, me bill] of ten days The Senate closed the allows ^ cent s a meal m coun'ies' , LA PORTE CTTY. IOWA 1 !» oetttl «. «d anothe e the open season on catfish June 16 to November , 0 and re duce the minimum s ,ze of bass and pike which may be taUn A measure which he s , En ed the bntterfat re quire d ,,, iee from 12 to 8 per cent Helping the Shenff One of the first responses m ^ gislature tc re qu ?sts bas eu on higher living costs Wds made £, he House passed a bill illowancee to sheriffs to increase It has the making reaches the House Installment Loans 28 f nen f fie | toxic f on »·« B'ving con. | cultural college to IS hervation commission power l o r e . | lection of sales if it|duce fi*h, game or fowl bj trap_| years | ping or shooting . pn t control i of day nurseries under state de. T , | partment of social welfare Th j nse started on the way provide physician and psvchol inursdaj to a battle oxer a bill ogist's examinations for f?ebl mien wou |d permit banks and minded persons . permit per ·rust companies to enter the in. sons o\er 18 in service to make til .tallment loan field It would au. valid »ill. quarantine! tnonzc these institutions to make ot hogs fed on garbage and frccz svich loans, at 7 per cent. When me of moat therefrom to present M v , ^ cl unit, wncn '"B VL meat inereiron adjournment came Thursday op_ trichinosis in humans losing lines were being developed for a viirorous floor ha»1» n Raise Tai Limts or a vigorous floor battle Oppo gate on individual bills February 15th The House closing date co_ mcides with the beginning of the up to 40,000 population and cents in larger counties Freezing the Funds The Senate had a spirited _«ijj.a _i(jj- l e e d j n TM "* ----- --WWA u a L u c vp[JU_ recess, a full 12 days after the closing date fixed by the Senate --- --.-. c 11BU a spmted qes There will probably be a flood of sion over a bill to freeze 12 775 individual bills poured into thel 00 ° whl;h the 1941 legislature ao House before recess Senators who I PTMpnated for capital failed to get measures into theiriments own hopper are likely to lean on| war co.operating House members to introduce bills At this writing the House has passed 112 bills and the Senate 167 For the mo-=t part these have been of non.controver_ of the '*. confine their on higher type loans at lower or otri er | rates of interest Those for the «Lto P A * b.ll were arguing that banks as ££ contra^ Evem V7 ° f ^TSrSSs-.'arHS armed pound ^ av on cities and towns to fix a of garbage collection rates prohibit occupancv of dwelling un til it conforns to housing laws create county assessor and board of review rep^i hn exempting rural transmission line. from taxation nullifs con tracts earning interest rates , n excess of »hose provided b\ Ian Status of bill to include a ?25,COO home for the Governor, the proceeds to be sial nature. Bills Signed Governor Hickenlooper has sign. ed 57 bills at the time of this writing Most of these were of correc live kind Among the more important ones was the income tax re i - --er-- «-u uvnic, uut duction bill which cut such taxes I the "Eumcnt that this 15 not the 50 pe r cent Also a bill to make *""" *" "" J TM*-'-- fund until postwar make the improvements possible An effort was made to amend the per cent. Fight Over Cheek Bill The House had a battle .i-c Muveriior, uie proceeds to hp n. i_ 11 v-L "o.--c u v u i r ·'·n.'.urciii. u ^ t u t derived from interest on the froz , i" f ° rces Iowa b a n k s fare dc P a rtmcnt en funds This was turned dowV r" d 'T* . c ° m P an "* to clear their of state mdusl was turned down was generally conceded that "" r warm - -- - transfer to counties farm road funds not needed to match federal f u n d s . regulate child agencies by ^cial wel_ define dutic industrial and defense at par The debate council and make $130,000 appro spots nothwithstand- pnations, define governor's BIG CREEK Better Feeds and Minerals AT MOORE'S a , . Iowa should furnish Us Governor i erew , warm s P° ts nothwithstand. pnations, define governor's « l r with a state supported home butVif \ '' f m a l l y passcd 84 to 16 P owcrs - Provide black out pcml. Chlef opposition was on the argu. ties permit counties to voU ment that smaller banks need the secondary road improvement bontK collection charges to maintain based on gasoline la* monev conveniences they grant smaller fix a bounty of $10 on wohes and communities The charge w*s also $1 on foxes revise and codifv freezing time to undertake provement weighed most heavily I with the Senators The " | bill passed 47 to 9 | About "Bait" Advertising A bill to prohibit "bait" advertising by optcmetriats stirred up a nice floor battle in the Senate Opposition developed against a type of law-making described as "umbrella" legislation passed to protect a particular class Aa the debate progressed it gave an airing not only to "bait" advertising of "unscrupulous" dealers, but also to "monopolistic" tendencies of manufacturers Anri the optome. revise a n c o i v made that the par check bill helps state school laws, create a school mail order houses and other large equalization f u n d , provide a state business interests Of the G5S system of teachers' pension banks in Iowa only 111 have been making a check clearing charge Abolish Boards of Health clearing charge Abohsh health _ in cities township board of Revise assessors' pay fix maxi-ium levies making New BiUi The following are new bills .,,. .,, ;,*,,, *,* ,,,,,,,.,-,, traduced to increase compensation for county general f u n d s i=. of election boards require peal authority for teacher training serving milk in original contain, it State University and Ames col ers permit issuance of emblems lege bar purchase of motor in place of automobile registration vehicles until buyer furnishes fi- as evidence of in. free course for veterans at agn. Declare those reccing public assistance as h a v i n g attained Mn lus as a poor person Require three jean, residence m stite b\ poor person to attain leg il st.nuv create legislate e counci' to prepare legislative programs Increase compensation of citv ind town counc.lmen authorise boards of supervisors to u^t sec I ondarv road funds for m a m t e 1 nanco of local road* during 19JJ | u u ""to aid to dtPcndenl children by matching f i l e r il funds exempt income of 53.1 OUO of those in ton ice from in I come taxes P K C (. s U pcrv, sol .; on salary require hjbnd seed corn shares of stock of m a n u f a c t u r i n g associations from taxation regulate butter m iking and licen-i b u t t e r maker;, l i m i t time of bringing suits against countie- ·ind munieipilitici nbohsh booths in beer pirlors provide education for hardic. lP pe (1 e h i l d i e n disqualify u n e m p l o y m e n t l,en cfits to those who slop \vork 'abclinq- of mpt ' p ^ e n o i K b, pareiitTto 1 ^} b KU ' fr ' 011 has bcen t h e ""^t U l i l d r c n but t e t too ipuih 71^ r n l . " dc t r u c t 'ble of all the legal "it-itu of the ,.,,,,, h ,, l l r l l s fl °TM pre revolutio 'i m 191?, ' p r t t a - i o i s t ^ t H o w e \ - r i t HUK b , L C M " , ' ' | T 7, ~ t h i ( tl» I! , i p , p | t i ^ i . l o f " I i r m m n . p n st mspecto T p h u o n 'u,t, i ,,s u :^: nt! r v-vv^^X. i ' ( \ e r b u n i]ip o\, , , , 1K '" ' i idq« irters w "" ""· it t l nf m , , , , ', m a ^'np m s p c L t i o n s of npianei, ] L ' L = I »!.(.! l l O M s | |,|, , , Wheat - ""M - M l l l 1)111 |i Wheat d i u i r (., Vss , U [ Sauer Kraut 15c I ' I " 1\(. ( U I U 11} Oil Flour $2.35 Food 25c FJIUJ Lnrp;e ALMONDS untanly tax stored gram it PROFITABLE PRICES FOR SWEET CORN Be sure to include Sweet Corn in your crop plans for this year. We are announcing the highest prices ever paid for Sweet Corn by the Iowa Canning Company $19.00 Per Ton for Yellow Hybrid Sweet Corn The La Porte City plant will handle only yellow hybrid sweet corn this year. See us before you plan your 1943 farm program. We are now ready to contract for our · 1943 requirements. 30 per cent of actual value deny beer permits to holders of federal liquor tax stamps i e quire tnx commisMon to f u r n i s h income tax returns to board of social welfare increase pay of conservation officers increase maximum I c i j for indigent v,,ir · veterans require railroads to f u r n i t h statements of wage ic duction., change open season on pheasants from November t, October Box Score The box =core on bills introduce is as follows First 39 days 1939 1941 131 Introduced in Senate _ 275 7157 JJ "' UK. ni \MUMK i, ls , Flour $1.! 1 Ml 1 IC1 Mustard lOc i i m\ ni rcir Introduced in House -------- 331 29 t |- c Tea Rusk 15c Sugar 3n,21fc:; D I I ! I! , "»\_ Cleanser c.-,n04c rancake'voLu Me " I I I M I imi " K ^^ u-\r nn r fllcoho1 19c M l l K £ / 0 " ' M ' M « » H D m » D Sugar 19c G i l ()Grt GGO The House has eight more d i j following the dates covered in U above table, in which lo file bill Catholic News And Views NOTE-A Few Facts in Favor of Sweet Corn for 1943: --A "War Crop" in AAA Program. --An early cash crop. --Makes food roughage or fodder. --May be removed in time for fall seeding. --Good food for us and our allies. IOWA CANNIN^ COMPANY Religion in Rnssia There are many reports these days that Riibsia is becoming more tolerant of religion, that there is i revival of religious fcclinp there It is, of course, difficult to stale whether or not such particular stones arc true, but there seems to be some evidence that the Itus ·Jian people themselves, regardless of the attitude of their Ko\orn , have never completely los,, heir religious feeling As the history of the past dec adc shows, the Russian cornmunis i ic government has made three di ect, intense, bitter attacks on re I ifrion--in 1922 and 1923, in 19t'jl to 1930, and in 1937 to mB The-t I were the direct persecutions, t h e ' hiifh peaks, as it were, in the co" tmumtr swell of persecution In between those years the per^cu tions were lesser, they A*crc not puihcd, for whatever the rca un may have been Because of Ino- recumng high peaks of mt reli ei ous pressure, it is difficult I bay whether the present pha- ja a permanent toning down o the athciitic attack on religion or whether it is merely nno'lier valley between the peaks of per cecution It seems definite that ccrl,u concessions have been made to re lligon A writer in an Engln magazine about a year jgo citc these improvements Restoration of civil nghts the clergy, suppression of blasphemojs plajs and films abolition of the teat for the army and civil service which penalizec members of the church, rclaxat on if the labor law$ to enable the aithful in country districts to ceep the great festivals (thi- nay ave been brought on by the fa"t hat two.thirds of the country opulahon 13 not atheistic, b j t be. eves in God ) Other concessions have been uapension of the vast publishing ndertaJang of the Codies* union, ·ermission to the Polish regiments o have the services of Catholic haplains, the legalization of the manufacture and tbe sale of ob ects connected with religion, hnatlanity 19 DOW admit led to ave played a part in the early tages of Russian civilization On the opposite side of the lt-dg_ r an these facts, atheism oeems till to be the official doctrine f the SoTKt State. No rx-ligiou« mss u ptrraitted in Rnnna, Since 1927 no nprlnti of the Bible have Flour L75 I.MI\ Gelatine 37o| 12 01 M I I Ml (.Mm, s 10 i \ H I !tu ir Act. or Ammonia IICRMOX 'cfEANSER M i l l x M D I U \\|| U J T T m U O K K J2-0/. Uottle--15c f Mil i. I'll M|)l i Syiiip % Toi!et Sflap 22 C n iL f · tiit ' V l " ' ""' " )X llothes Line 33c Super-Suds 21c CornSrarcii lie sii'orleniW 64c · I I ! I V I li All I I ° I ir-- ( Ifi S I \l Flour 19c Soap 45c ' · I I I II \(. M HIM | iv I| | \1 | * m m , - _ , · " V N l i l l l I t l D I l O N Flour I9c Malt 53c i IIOM s f*l I A I « n "" 1 ( 1 1 M) ||»(, Shaker Salt 13c Stock Salt 63c Pure Cider 48c J ' KI '^ BEANS, jb. \^ 19c I ( , I 1 M 1M» I I Mi(,| ] K (. Vel MI \ \i i i i nu GS CENTS I OA'I MEAL ' i \ m \ RICE, · Apples t !· \ l r i S| n i l 11 II I OH ^ H K . i , 0 irjd I i in. anil ( ililng 4 Ihs £")L; bu * IIIHII I Ol J O V I T I I I N 4 His. 2"c, hu 27c 59c 18c Northern POTATOES L s N O i -iror K Tim MI'IB or COUIJLERS, pk. 100 I II B \ O -- J ' Tj 'J2L IDAHO o i r M i l in it KLOC'K SALT I I f l f . l IJOV I) I! T A K E FLOUR IN 71: v u. T \ R L E SALT IDc I I I!()\ MACARONI 33c R "/ i n r u r I M I T A T I O N V \NJLLA lOc 1(0(01 \ f l AM, V A M I . I A Suffar Wdfers, lb. 21c ( IKKoi \ri woM)m COOKIES, lb. 21c r IIOI.IS F i l l - M i l - I I TOILET PAPER 25c LEWIS LYE Russets PK 45c 100 [ I! DAt--$29" ' - o/ iinr-rii- I A D Y COHIN.VK t ^ S|iff|| , PEANUT BUTTER 49c 2 1.AK(,t S T A I K S I I IB I'KO BleachedCelery 25c f"TM f PPER 19c 2 MUM HEADS (CORNFLAKES Head Lettuce 25c C B f t N TOP A l l m i C A V Carrots 2Boh S .15c^ EESE ' lb - CREAM 15c 15c 34c 15c Cabbage 4^^.250^2 VINEGAR ^ Lemons, 300 size, dozen 35c Florida Oranges DOZ. 25c Texas Marsh Grapefruit 10 FOR 29c Florida n ^i SF4PFR1 SF4PFR1

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