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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, August 8, 1818
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White crockery ware, and books of pray'r, , Kegs, hogsheads, and potatoes. Case - knives and forks, staplet and corks, Tobacco, singer, pepper; Pipes, dog - fish skins, and nddle strings, To suit the experteet tcraper. ' Threads good and new, Wack, while, reJ.bloe, Buns, gingerbread, and biicnits ; Baskets and brooms two weaving loom, y , ' Hones,.wheUtones, whips, and whip - sticks. gtrip'd cloths 4 - cheeVd, shawls flo wer - bedeck'd, ' Coalings both broad and narrow, v A coal black hog, a spaniel dog, A fin milch cow that's farrow. . Those roods in ttore, with many more, rjcll sell for ready money ; tVheo 'hot yon pay, he's bold 'o tay, t Yon need not fcar he'll dun ye. t .NEW - YORK EVLXUfO POST. en both Wphuotoilur. l ne reauex wui uuu In this evening's paper, foie cuiious and novel , ipeculationtfrom capt Syoimes, the new geologist of Ohio, whose recent declaration that tho .tarih it hollow end JxabitabU imiiin," has excited so mach diversion among all classes of the : cemmctuity. . It would seem from these publica - - tioos, that capt - S. is intent apon establishing his tbeorythough his firt communicition was received by tome as a burlesque upon the vagaries of torn modern philosophers ; and by others, as the wild effusion of a disorJored braiu. For ourselves, we profess but little knowledge of the . science of " world - makm - ," as this branch of philosophy has been facetiously called but as .absard and preposterous as the theory of capt. ' Cymmes certainly appears at tbo first glance, we will do him the justice to say, that it is not more . so, than many theories which our philosophers ' have attempted to establish within the last t wen - , ty years. At all events, we doubt wUther capt. , ymme's ideas of the structure of the earth wilt 'be received with more derision or reluctance, than wcr Sir Isaac Newton's doctrines of the earth when first promulgated. . Many people entertain an opinion that captain 8. is afflicted with a partial derangement of his intellect ; and possibly this opinion may be strengthened by bis efforts to illustrate his singular principles of geology. Upon this poiut,wecan state, that we have recently had a couversation with a gentleman of talents and respectability, ' who has known bun well at Cincinnati, witt.iu one or two years. During this acquaintance, oar informant stales, that nothing was further 'from him than insanity. With these remarks, wlav the matter to philosophers, world ma - kers, and the public, to pnnle for themselves 'expressing our regret at the same time, that captain Symmes, who appears so anxious to de . sceod into the bowels of th earth, b. - w not ac companied th BritiiU - srsyediUon - to the ?forth Pole. . FmnthtXateuH Gaselte and Llmois .idterli - itr f July 3. GEOMETRY. Memoir t. SI. Louis, June IT, 1818. With dividers scribe a circle oo a plate of mat ter oi loose Uxlure, and in the centre add a re - - rj small circle then draw a ritit line through - the centre. It is evident (as matter gravitates mutter in pr oportioo to quanlity aud dutaiice) r that either balf of tlie inner circle, beiug sdutott equally surrounded t; matter, mu:t be very little gravitate Centrewise ; to Uinr suspend. J extremely rare, only a rotary malum is needed . t throw it compactly toward Ue outer circle. ,This admitted, it follows halfway Imoi lU ; outer to the toner side of this cinle of matter so thrown out, a like ranlv of gnvity should pre - Tail, and hence a dispusitioa to separate kilo t.(. coeceolric circle occers. Thu far aUisulteil, - sit foltawe that (Uccessire similar subUiviioiit should xit, gradually leseening io torce or ejuantity. By applyto this principle to the , arth, I fcund the necessity of hoUosr concentric nhirea. A decieiosl of schoolmeo ea these lines, shall be followed by edditional pmitions, further ' .Iimc declared la circular - w. iwi wwm u - : "t ' of OUto. tot Capt of i - ft, to tr so toUection ana van.. . . Y rs.Ad Infinitum.' - an - wabar of lines M ppe to th follow - mrins .bout year toc. fded From tf Dtd!m Catetle. , v ." iyuiTuiiriTT. jf jt ! JoA Bretei, of Natiek town, 'a - In Middlesex (, ' . j - ,v Doth this call oo one ma all, ' ' , In langUag moat explicit. ' ; . , .. . Mam woman, maid, l way of trade, . Who axe to hisa indebted, . Mat call and pay r Uwr Wr " ViU be by them regretted And by kim tooj fr must ,0? . Anil that will cau him trouble i . ." . That nto them the cost md tme - ' Shall snake theirdebts quite double. "' With atnch delight he doth taite : AU IttoM who hr him trusted, f Te call with speed, : ! ' And haw their daimi Jjiwtea. jr - tatcmUM, with til hinkUl, He keepe for entertaining,; " " TVellrtor'd With food, and drink that'ipxxl Eaoug to drown complaining Ui parionn aeat, hi chber sweet, s. "'v Adorn'd with beds nd bedding. - "Rn, blanket, he H thing comilele, ' !' - Fit Ten for wedding. ' " t ' IKi ifore, bei Je, U well tuppli'd .With Roodi (worth elose attentwa , Of candid miad) of rarioo kinds, ',' ' Too nnniVoat here to mention. ' ' Amon? the reel he keept the best '.' .. - Of brandy, rum, and wh'if key. Aid wine, and gm, and bitter ding, V : To make higaeU feel friiky. ;r .' Best indigo and mmtard too, And copperas and candle, - , Kails, brads and spikes, and boarding - pikes, .. - And cobbler's awls, with handle. Dry beans and peavold od nevrchceee, ", Fiat, specUcles, and razors Pork and molasses, neat lookinglaisef, ' And window glass for glaziers. gome fine cbeit locks, wood and brass cocks, . Fine salt, and salts or uiauoers " Jjriubes and paint, lit for a saint, Or for "gn - poit dauber. . Eest shaving soaps, and razor strops, Inkstands by groee or do! en ; Taper and quills, good coffee - mills, . Brimstone, cigars, and rosin. . " ice, nutmegs, rice, all kinds of spice, Fish - lines, and books, and poles too, And earthen jugs, and chamber - mugs, ! Wooden and earthen bowls too. " ' Sonchong, bohea, all kinds of tea, . 11 '' finnpL sacksi. stockinn. raiters. oaSSa.of aU plU bew, aod cousistiog of perU coocentnc her w - Br..:.v:: .., ihr. fas I tost week publiib - Totrcu wni .... . ti - laws led me, on uie ijji w r.'? !n,, - TV. - rhri.tian. Gulph of Meaico) '"M - .. - . '.v. , ,Hm - . the to decide tna, lae iboib .: " matter wklefrom the cenurwonld throw .t m. T i th. This rotation I dem - ' ,ir...:t nmtriiJe the enuatoT, and so fiat l and thin the sphere at the poles, that the mat - ..VI .kJnW nm trravtt&ia irom ui iim point, at each pole towards the thicker parts of he sphere, and thence the poles Oa the 16lh of last January, near mou., - ball burst, that an instant before projected a i e. r.m .rh noU at rizht ansies witn iU course iU bursting like a oomo - sneu it hollow, thelwo cones cr ligM shewed it was. then pen at the poles, and deemed it a petty planet. This was the first f. I C.ln,l Inaunnort mv new positions. The fire baU that fell in loneciicui ui to,., i .... ikrx dutinct reports in rapid succes sion, this shewed it consisted of three concentric Since uai January iiijt iiikm - tirely devoted to tne siuay oi naiur .k .a mt mv readinc desk i and 1 have found full fifty strong additional prool oi m. np nriiicinles 1 1 will atatc the base of a number, Mom wnence uic wui... - - - - - tlieir merit (at I have oonri in ik if the learned admit my phi losophy without a formal treatise, i nuau ut the more gratiiieu. , , rtauT 1. 1 lie aiiernaie oar nt, - ." round the Doles of Mars, as it several cob - centric spheres open at their poles, tinted one williin another. S. 8uturns ring, whicn nave tne Bpia.a. of being some of his ontermost suhires widely open at tlieir poles, owing perhaps to great ran lynud a - rapid rotation. 3. One of the cup or horn of Venns, some - times running 15 degrees into ner onr i.r Lhertf. beiuc narrow, neiio mwnrui terminates, as if this narrow ugnwo part wound ri.und tlie brim of a ho, that inight K hnllnia rwil anil HI Oinrf IJfrHrUr.irimiiiM.v - hluutly. leaving a drk space of several degree. An1 sihmuintT to fin Of not or icnt. &s ii a (!( IS Willi - "I - - V w . hole Imd interrupted the horn near the poini. - 4. The belts r Jupiter (noi" not see) seem to favor the doctrine of 1 ly of uteres, more or less solid, as does the Oests of Mare. i ' . mn 5. The spols on the sun, which hare the appearance of fractured breaches in his outermost sphere .l solids through which an inner one is seen : his poles too may be open but we can never see them. . . 8. Although the equinoxes proceed, yet the juet proportion of the Hated poles continue, as ll tne jriooe yie luea ime a soa umc. 7. Iron fiiinss sifted oa paper, forms into con centric circle on holding a magnet undtr tlie FbeVther indexes of proofs will be added, in sncceedins numbers.sbewing Imw tue emigrauoii offish and ouadrupeds (if not bird - ) over aurt under the polar ice, nortl.wards in the full while poor, aod soutnwar - .s in u;c jjhh prove my newdoctrine, with many ad - ditioaai phenomena concurring hy analogy. I ho; an early decision oi me icnoo;. in, .. t m iah efmv nriiirinlf.l. rrm uiq u vis .' wj r' . . . r y Man feels that the Licity is gresi wu heTnnd comDreheiiMon thts be is taugiu uy re ..i iv,. .M.l,rt nf creation, to lar a. I1S.UU w.w ...... . - i r.iin f.Mi..f.Lt on the excellent and mag - .1.". . , , . i . , uiBceul formation of the universe, i am vigm; it should be at maoy times aouoiea as us' - :i;. ,r. be. b cacttplai.eiconiaiuiuS a succcwion of tester ones.habitable tn their inner i jtrtt.i aiirt'nrpft. ithr for man or tub and l...U which are food for man : thinaid ... .i..rthicseonnected one ecimeuUrj tlio,' trpoo fhe to? P? . ; ' ( th i.,l.d lm raie tn not uafrequfiigy made t lb electors o. uu. do of the country. ; t f j C - .uajj i Uted in the Richmond Enquirer," that the re about to redeem th 1 - 2 of Uie iu - isiana Stock, amounting U about 7 1 2 millions of dollart - hetd. prmctpa" h? Me,s" narlnee of London. For . this purpose, tuc Treasury has called upon the U. S. Dak - - the Bank tinon it. ofiicw.for various projioruon.. The office in Richmond deem it expedient to call anon it debtor, and to curtail their paper ( ' isns . sav near 25 per ceiu in 16 weeks. i ne d of Virginia in Hs turn, has determined to cur tail its negotiable notes,, of all decnpiion. a percent." It has beon ascertained that the Kre which broke out on board the steam - boat Surprize, at Baltimore, and which nearly destroyedjher K.rr it rould be trot under, wis tit work of v.wa o an incendiary. A more odious tax than the one mentioned in the following article, could not well be im Psed - .,..,.tfi r . w.i.h nrtt,r Bcniamin. arrived here in 15 days from Havana, states, that a new - duty of $1 is hereafter to be exacted on rwrv veiu - l arriving at Havana, far the vippo't of the Inquisition, ami tw. holy fi iars are appointed to visit each vessel arriving, to search for obnoxious books, pamphlet, &c. The tonnage duty is fixed at 20 rial ( - ' 50) on all foi - eiyn reuel f'Oin 1st July last. . The fullawin: letter on the subject of tl.e pa. triot affairs on the Spanish Maine.contains inurb wholesome advice and information, imporiani to all who are about to cmburk in the cause Extract of a letter from Margarita, 17th June, 1U18. tber The Venezuelan squadron continues here, awl the admiralty court will be al established ., f ih noris of this islaud. Tlie rainy sea son lias suspeuJed military operations ou the viol - mi.l tha mililarv htad - uuai tors is esta - l.i;.h.l t AnL'uslura. where sen. Holivaraudhis snito now arc ; and having received lare sup plies from Europe, the next movement oi me ar - The Spaniards have succeeded m nothing rut desolation; and iu this they have certainly done much injury to the patriots as well as to themselves, as they have destroyed the means of subsistence, and the cultivation which produced re venue and resources : these cvus are, nowm, more fatal to the royal army than the patriot?, ho are accuitomtd to subsist ou means oi wmcn Europeans are ignorant, and even wncro tticy it arc avcrcn to Irom nuou. Th. rpvnluii.inists are therciore not mucn burtlened ith their military chest, nor their publx treasury i and pay is an wea as iiiiio uu - .inr.tnnd amon? the military, as service without nav knd rations m other countries n is, in snori, n war of dis'mlercstedness and Individual sacri fice, for the sublicence aff.irde! by the general administration is scanty and uncertain Those who come from tlte umtea suites, are too generally improvi.lent ami unacquainted ;ti. tlie nctiiil state of tl.insrs s the idea of pay and plunder prevail ton much, and many who U,pn destitute of due forsielit, have sunk ,.r,lT t', iVukQtiointment into wmcn nieir cnfficriiini.temners have led them : Wealth spheres of the sun, and his comneersthe, star', fml u n tToTuiitil they are involved in neces T i. l,.....i7MnrrfcompreVoJlLe wfiniterT . hanLhip. that they discover their want aitrand hardship, that they discover tlieir want greatness of (iod, yet the more they uodorstand his mighty works, tne more tney mum auore him : hence correct philosopher cannot doubl divinity or refrain from worship, where all na ture tells them adoration is due. JXO. CLEVES bYMMES, of Ohio. T. S. The data I have as yet obtained, indicates that near latitude 7 3 north, the degrees decrease, so that the ninetieth is uot more than 5 or 10 miles ; that in hi - h latitudes gravity is so lit tle abated by the rotary motion, that water should solidify With a much less quantum ol coltl there than here ; that mi l.hme after reaches nearly to the iu.Mc equators, and may be refracted and reflected beyon J them. That when and where the sun shines perpendicularly on the concave verge of the hollow in summer, it is ex cessive hot ; that the south pole is much more open than the nor'.h ; that the spheres are alter nately farther on ami nearer fich other, in sue cesiv! pairs : that the iu'ide scat ara fresh, anJ discharge into the out r teas puri.vlic - .lly if in constantly ; that air coming out f.tim the hollow i of the innermost si.lieres, is more uu ic i.thy in u than common north wiuds ; that the avmje space between tho spheres is not less than 503 miles ; that the N. pole is 5 or GOO miles beyond tlie ninetieth degree ; that the monsoons and our .. easterly and south westerly winds are forced out and drawn into the hollow poles alternately tliat the fire - ball meteors ome out of the hoi low poles much as Ihe winds do. J. C. S. Pensttcnfa.W'e have received a well - written communication, I'goeJ "A.B." upon tho sub ject of the rcceot capture and occupation of I'cnsarola, by Gea. Jackson, and censuring, in strong terms, the conduct of tne General. 1 he facts dctailrd by our correpoiident, are impor tant ; and if tlie concluding paragraph can be substantiate , ougM not to be withhold from the public. Ahhou'h the hi;h - handcd measure here stated to have been taken by Gen. Jdcko3,is not more extraordinary than some other acts of his life, yet it would Ni impiudtnt for us to act in the dark,. We therefore request an interview with tha writes a early asmy be convenient. The spirit of bitter and furious electioneering. once so fahioutible in this state, seems to have taken its flight to the son h and we. - t. An elec tion for a member of conjrr - s now pea lin in Charleston, has occasioned much warmth ; and if we are to judge from appearances, Kentucky will hereafter be torn aod distracted by contend ing factions of the tame party. Our young sifter New Orleans, even in hrr infancy, has also caught a fall share of the spirit. Aa election ha jurt taken place there, for members of the state legislature, the result of which ws hive not yet beard; but judging from theN. Orleans papeis lately received, we sfiould t uprose thnt the sta le products of Ihe country were norm sreotf and gilt, iusttad of sugar and mvlaii't, as we hive generally believed. The art of dragiwuiug h ird names aad abusive epithets' into service, has at tained perfection. The severest struggle at Ibis place appears to have been between a Freneh - mtn aud a Crror Ameikans being out of tlie question ; and the cieam of tlie juke is, tliat the electors ie called upoa lo support them, at re. ward for th bhoi thrd by their falhirt rx ac xplakiiog mf sew priBCipjte of heliw ( Uoe fiamf and w.abkAms our ItJcpevUntt ! A iih the xercisef of repuiaua iwu .. tabiWt f iwtUotion, wIikd ms - nia, ind onsht - r Uui, to nave . shiou Aw - k - ; ,mmenced With a irajtr uy u. i - . aft.V which the'oratiou. were dclimed to ,U IV Til - MIIH.IJU. I The Salutau - T Address in Ulto, bV IIwy James Andenon, oi New Jork,;wUh an OraUoo 9. Aft Oration oa the utility of pub.ic Com meuceoieot, by Clarence L. Jacket, of Kuig . County. . .. rh.nrlt.r i,v i a nr&uon on uib iuiuo - Joiin 11 Uoyd, of New - Yo,k . . . 4. Aa Oration on uie ivevomnuu i . - , !.. r.t "V - York try beorge . . . - of UA i AnlBTillKraUU Pleasure, by Gerard W. Morris, oi VVtcn leruvumy. . . ,..r ...... hv 6. Au Oration on tne rrrai - ctiu.. , - 3 7 An Oration Ttotollectual fUCuoment, ly John Oblcnis, of New - York. . . ll Aa OraUon ou National Felicity, by Abra Var. or It. lL oS on the Civilization of the Early Ages of Mankind, by William Stalej,d - ew ..r. n TCational Advantages deri ved fremUie laudable exertions of Individuals, by Frdoiick Fa.rlie, ol , ti. Rai..tatnr A Jdress in EnRlih, with an Oration on Profesonal t - aucauoo a. r. - ... - - Columbia College, by W Uliam ceucu ofNew - York. ' .t.v... , ., - 4Oration on Uie Maummj m . a . u .f..r PnrrMttr. of New - York .iaain,vj . - . ,.....; V,. 3. An Oration on itomwi i j James Unox, of Aew - o. 4. An Oration on the eiouyos Dautet Bonnet, of Sesr - vor.; fi. Aa Oration en tne ravens, ij by Iluoe.of Nev - Yoik. ' 6 An Oration on Scientific ImprovemrJit, by RiciiardKreJeriik Kewblc, of New - York. nni nn nn tne i rocresi i "' iteratore, by lUbert Gracie, of Kw - York n..,o trtimnuials auiadscd at the l Honorary testimonials adjudged at the late cou - luding examinaU.m were tnen aououu . The degree ot bauncioroi nr " conferred on lleury James Anderson, iltiam Beach Lawrence, fcter torcsier, B M'Uod, Richard Frederick Kcmble, Gerard f m s - i..r.ra I), tfackct. George l. Post, James Urn - , Wbrahani V. W ilson, Da - niel Boneett, Ileory Hone, Itahard V anck l)ev, John II. Lloyd, John Oblenis, i redcrtek 1 airhe, William Smyley. The decree of JVaster of Arts were then con - ferred oo the Iter. John M'Vickar, IWessor of .u...:. - . I rttriMu Kc. in V - Ol. Coll. mo Nirholt John B. Beck, M. 1. Ja k R,h.rtNs. Thomas C. Murray, William S. Hever, John L. Mason, Henry A. Van Ara - rine. I hilip K. Lawrence, uooeri v. cauu,. The degree of Doctor of Laws was also confer red on the Hon. Joseph Hopkinsou of rhiladel Rnlwrt A drain. Pn.fertor of Mathe matics and Natural Philosophy to ColumbiaCol - lee, and that of Doctor of Divinity oo tho Rev. Andrew I nomsonoi ni.uuuipn. o Tk. vld;rnr Address, with an oration r iu. 4,v Character and the Revolution of witzerlond, by Kichara vancn ucj, ui York. Prayer by the president. From the National Inltlligenttr, Jug. 6. tv.. ,.rf.l ration of the Florida to thi . ii u .... . 1 . United States, is reiterated in tne i - m""' ewietles wilti intreaseu iouu . .. - - - thelatt consideration with those who fight published, from Havana ,ch assert .to : hia tr .it irmiMt fcnd ease, auuiHiancr, l be a lacu wen wnw'"" ' asn.1 lnviirv. are totallv out of the que - tiun ; hence it is that raanjf ihe wrafjaUUtbAw, of fin - sight, and tlie illusions created by their own imaginations. Tlie armies of this country are small, hut if yon reflect that they carry no magazines of an kind, and that a march of two or three hund r d milts, through an uncultivated wilderness, is commen ced wilh not more than eight or ten pounds weight per mai of any kind ol provisions ; itiat there are m ithcr ronds nor pi.triianoni oa tne route; tht the hide of a online it shot tor we purpose of thoting Ihe infantry, is the common practice, and thai the shots are genuine, right ai d lefts, made of the hide, cut Irom the c ureas, and rapjd raw about We i - 'et, ana anuve ine aiicies, are there suuVred to dry nnd remain till it be - mm. nm iLirv to cut offthe old in order to crt a imw nair iiieaiiwhils the wild aiiimnls aud rrnila. anfl roils Ol uie mresi rre mi: wn.v fence to he hud ; as soon at the foM with which ihw'1 the mnrch is exhtiusted. oi nie of your young mtn .ame lo this country wim dreams ol hne uniinrm, inu sr - .ni, granu iiinixEiivrei. and lu.l "I miiiunt; reports, tu.ning ff cuurds, and the - ri.t del.u's oi a rreuiar army ; and Ucau? tiiry (! not find those things, they curse the country and the came never per ceiving tht no alluiemt - nts nor promnea were held out to tliem, an.1 tliat their conduct i as lu dicrous as that of the nmn who broke the look - ins elass for exhibitins Ihe ugliness of his face Whoever come to ioin the Venetuchnns niurt cai. ulate n;Kin hardships. I enclose y. - o a copy of an official proclamation, which wi.l give you an example. Many oflliis'j who enter into the nat ui service, are under the same infatuation ; they generally enter to go in search nf prices, to share in the advsntures, snrt spend the money like all sailors foolishly ; hut thry her? find the foolishness comet rirsl ; and thre nre s' nie disgraceful examp'es ofdishnnr and bad faith. The proclamation to wtiirh 1 refer, wiileive yoil one case, there have leen sorof others ; these acts will induce very setere discipliue in More, anri asamcles will be tmde, lauias'ured of the first who are caught nf.ersuc!i acts of desertion." A PROCLAMATION Wliercasthe Vcnezticlian schooner of war CondorV commandeil by lieutenant Lauz, was run away witn bv her otucers ana crew. on the nicht of the 30tli of April last, from her anchor ape, at tne pon oi jutn urirgT". thi island otMargaruaj cue is nereDy oecmr - ed an outlaw and pirate and the public is re - quested to arrest those villians, ami put them in cloe confinement, and give nn'ice at those bead quarter, for their jut punishment. The Condor i a New - York pilot boat, fir - mery the Penguin of New - York, afterwards the Aguila of Havana, and Pelican nf Jamaica, ha a pivot brat gun, and f ur iron guns ; new ails, coppered to the bend ; sails very fast (ha a government commusion on board, L M. Ijitu, co:nm.mdcrJ her present had n.n on hoartl i supposed to be Mr. Whitehead, of the Cniied States and Mr. Bradford, of the same place, both officer of said schooner. Naval Head - purtrr at the port of Juan Griego, Island of Margarrla, thi 15th i f June, 1813 L. MUUH. Bv H. E. command Pedro J. Yrady, Secry. For Ae Ectning Pat. On Tuesday last was cslcbrats.L in Trinity Church, the anoual commencement of Columbia College. " The young snea admiUed to the grade of A. 8. distinguished themselves on lhat day by their brilliant exhibition of talent and acqnire - ment, displayed before aa eelightroed auditory who haoored Ihem with their attendance. The compositions were generally chaste anl correct, manifeating the benefit that results from this very important and t - sential department of stndy 09 .Z SyiJay''wWanll rent corroboration gains fir it additional credit. There are few political events which would be more important or more agreeable to this coon - try than the fair acquisition of the territory to .mailiiui. and we acknowledge lhat it could not be acquired to any manner so acceptable to us at by purchase. Most willingly, therefore, would we give credit to intelligence so wcicnroo, .. werebot, in our opiuion, contradicted by the .. . . .... - .i. c:.. l - i - t ronli!ion ui our rciauonsnuu discKised by the Executive, and by the probable. state or subsequent negciauon;. ,,buu... doubt lhat the F'ori las must, and will, at no di - l:ut perio - J, bcc.iaic a part of our territory, but, oUied, as we are, to withhold our belief from thi; interesting and widely circmaung repon, wo co.iceivc it proper to express our conviction that it is entirely groundless. From the Albany Daily Jidrtrhw. attended Ihe Lite meeting of Ihe Alpha of N. V.,rk ii.. Phi Iti.t'i Kanna society at Schenec tady ; and wai highly gratified with the proceed - ins. Among it oiembcr I rrcnenxed one of . i ' - ..I.... ...4... Olir most eUlineni OlVinn, emna.. yij - ... - and s - . - .holani. The principles upim which it is founded necessarily include tiieclaMC literature of our count rv. t A, il ia anrietv is vet a stranzer in this state, it mav not he improper lo give a brief history of its orifin and progress in thi country. in I77f. it was first introduced from Europe into William and Mary callnge in Virginia - lu 170. branches were simultaneously established m Vain rnller at New - Haven, aod Harvard coliese at Cambridge. In HP's, a brinch was hy tht - m granted to Dartmouth college : and in 1817. a charter wa piven by ttie colleges to institute a brunch at Union colle - e. No 5rt ter evi lence ran be adduced of the high reputation of this college at these seminaries thin the grant ofthUclinrter. Other cohegM have frequently applied, but without success, for branches ol this society. But nne third of the junior clasi can be admitted members, and tbev are selected by the senior c!ns previous to tlieir leaving college. At icho - larshtp and chancier are tne onij cnien oi aa - mission, treat emulation is exerted, and it become a powerful incentive to excel. The introduction of the Thi Beta Kappa into Union cillee, may therefore be hailed as an era in the classic literature of thi slate, and will unquestionably place that institution on pre - eminent ground. ISOCRATEr. .sipir.'anf improremcntt en fake ' Frit. Bv a g'nte'nnn rwently from Buffalo, (ays the Detroit Gazette) we hear with pleasure, that ths sterol - hoat niny with certainty be expected to visit these uehgtittnl rreions the first ween in Aiisu't - that the lixld house at Brff .lo ishsl' um aod one at Erie on the point of commencing ; and, whut it vastly more important to the pro - pie resirtin: n lake tJic, ana in this terruory, a'loot 3iK0 men are now employed on the srrand ranal. the nudd'e sectioo of which (from Utica to the nutlet ol tlie Cayuga lake) will be coruple lea iniS season. 1 ne commissioner appointed hy Gov. Clinton are about inspecting Buffalo, in the view of forming a good harbor and spacious basin. The wealthy proprietors of Dunkirk, residing in Albany, are also making great eff irts lo form a good harbor at lhat plare t and the celcbrsled Capt. Duller .'wboopeted eight bars from Mid I town to IKniord, i.i Connecticut, and gained from 5 to 9 feet wb - r, m - rely by piiinr from the opposite shores, and leaving a sulncient channel to f.wm a passage oveMhrm.) is now directing n similar operation, lo admit vessels cfburdea into Grand River. The inhabitants of Cleveland we are also 'ratified lobear, have it in con templation to employ Capt. Better to open tlieir bar, ao as to admit vessels of brthn. and to al lure the steam boat to make tliat thriving place one of L'ie Point cfstoppine. Considering Lake trie, in a treat measure free from slirmls or rocks, when Ihe harbours and light bnnseae constructed, and team boats in operation, instead of being the moat darerou, it wiU In a snort time become fit la.esi lake c - Th delivery was graceful aod enc - gitic aaJ tisUoo ia the country. I - f.. . tin estin? ixtfnrt : T . tlifitit vi.w of Um increas of Uus town. tax continues with great spirit tad in belter taste Ui:.o locmo.ny. 0. r. snot a uuintWr of utat - brick houses 4 two stories. on of three, and mi ol lour stories - j several capacious .warehouses, for storage ami :. K...i.iru. t ne uuavuiv w s.""" - UH1.IM...WM " . V - . .p. ,ld h. re each season must le enormous - are now about cu stores, u iuu.u,, - sues oftriding bouses, me proprietor, . o to IHe, eastward at least once in j j - i and return with extensive assortments uf mer chandise, which disappear m a snon uu, body knows how. ,.,..' . . k. aT..t Ir.nH fa Wm sTntl. HI. .I.KHf.s all Wnm TTI 1 1 I IKI'llll ea,llll ,Untly engaged,.. l. is vet an open ng lor imw In.dalor minu'te branches. A few first - rate ..i ;....n,il n unu it inert wiin enrouiust - mi... Mone - cutlrrs are now wnrkicg the native ftooe vi : : .1 lr it little inferior to mar - I...' T nr.H tlMlt'tlt of - Olish. o r in iiurnr . g.". - . r.:...,.: tn !.; rnnntrv n till ereat. i ne i,.,,... ni niililii' entrrtaiPinent, as well as ih bor.lin - houses, are full to oveidowing. It than this. It is admitted on all nanus, niai a cinpetent tavern keeper could nccuuiulatc a splendid fortune in a lew years. IVm iA. JI,Aum. Patriot. Julu 30. : Dimtt - u: mam factum. I he assesrsoi me town of Mentz, in taking the assnssnient, krpinu account of the woollen ana linen cium, a.. - . - pie sugar, made iu the lowu I art year, auu imu here was 9:272 vanhof .wod'.l. n, 10,407 yhnl. of linen cloth, and 2J,64i puunds; of n.o su sar. , - .... wknn ; ; I. .,nmn tliat thre are on' J'JD i i l ie inhabitants ia the town, aod Uiat uir ci. - t - . CX were gruerally lisl.r, aud the fan hr ma i.... - .( ni.f.lK r - rnt. ine iwdic uuoi.w i lll BUS,..' N " ' - . . tics will undoubtedly Xi lie sut pne. I hi - - liu.t .....V. l..ii,ll nur internal resources anJU(. a.e3 - . - ' t...i. ... ..,.1 l.n ft., agricultural society nhii.. each town iu the county direct their assessors to adopt the plan .r ...! .uL - f. returns to the county Clerk, - . . . . .:,,:.i...l that a t:emeut of the whole mignt oc puui. - . annua'.'.)' ? Slentz, July 85, 1818. Thmuler The followins rules for the precau (Inns i.i It nrMprrad diirtll? inunuer uui ui, f ntared in the London Literary tiaselie. I ney ora rnnndeil nn tlie central notions concerning iubstancts and bodies more capahle of serving as i.i ll.. nlnrtrip fluid, ana me cir I. Vsii tsv i we 0 wiw - riimftnaces muot liktrly to occasioa iu aurac tins: not to resume tho motion unUl the thuudcr is heard. . . 2d. The shrlUr of trees, particularly very Kio - h nnM t tn ha avoided.. - (" . . - , , i If within doors, the w mdows ana uoors snouiu L. rlnuul i.i iw - vnl in, rurrent of air. .... . .. .,....!. The persons m the room slmui.i aioiu mo nlare. windows, doors, aud all tliinr orua'iirnt - ed with metallic substances, and place them selves in the middl of 'hs room., tS.i f Frw At Sf.Xreu mirf ?Vu f ttiQg, Mr. c'has.' Weed, atetcUtt, of lis Pntutri tofSt. Louts w gav smv" - tw cay, alter a soon iimess, agea syeari, I KfiATJVX? POST AM RIMS LIST. ' , - - .CLEAREIV - Ship Essex Jun. Uinman, ' Aladeira k Calcutta V , . , . si naraeck ' Mornir Star, Wheaton, . Providence Brig Bell, Grsry, Schr Union, Block, Sylvia, Crowell, racificGill,v Sloop Active, B':gelow, . " Pupe nor, aturer, . ; Eliza. lluUhinson, Tenetiffe B Hide. RLclioiond ,'' - 'Halifax Ward & Bistiop . . St. Thomas . J Uunce . Newbem Tliil adtlphia Philodelphia . AKiiU vko yum ranr.Mojt. Brig Sally, Uoyiler, 35 day from Oporto, in ballast Bnd one piiofwinc toK. H. irren4; Co. The brig Engle, Cook, ntid schr.. Tontiae both inst arrived nmu New York j thip Drbo rah, lliiard, ol Philaiklpliia, discharging i brig ColLn, aud M - vt - rul ..Uicrs, Tliete was eiht sail lying at quarantine. July Clh lat. 40, 8?, i bit: bim.L - a l.ritv Adriatic. Knn.a. ... VHVn " "l'""w ,. '. i. r V 7.." ' Boston, 12 uayj irom jiiiruivur iur at. loonjas. is to be rerrtted, that the weami oi our i Jujy 1U( lai i, ou, ijo. rJ.iau, nvm nioii shou?d be appropriated to any other object sjavannaii for Havre. ( i of public utility than o tpucimti hM. , No pe - Si:hr Jame. Madison, E.n.s. 7 days from Alex - . JT.fMi St. Louis, at ....irin w.ihfl.iorio Beers&C Woodmill. - thf nre.nt moment, nor is tncre any pro - ct in The brig AnKenorsa, arrived at Charlestorr, .lrh a corunuiiV rou; reaiw - pir"" r,v,M" he Jin mv in 4u - vb hui i,Atkc ji son, ol JSew lorK, ivuajs !; - " t'loww, ror Charleston, and supplied ber Kl beef, bread, &c The ship iketchley, for Liver - pool, sailed veslci'iLiy. la l.r w - nt the fcl - lowing passengers : H'v. ir. riin.ips, ijoc - tur W't'ow, Mr. Murrell aiulf. mily, Mr. Frsnk. linand family, Mr. Uates anu lumuy, Mrs. Brown and children, rirs. liiii, Mrs. Mutson, Mcasra Barber. Kwbank, Hayes, Sterling, Moulter, and U;uker. r .i .ii i.. .1.1. in ...rnnra'Te them Schr Aurora. Hall. 4 duys from N York. n me u.y - 5.. l - li, .l.h. HtL i .h.. frn... N Vnrk. ny i.oera. pmn uu, LlitbcUi, Crosby, 8 Lav from Balti - wlinar tniy wui Breanjr m - .r. - . . lv 7lh. in lat 33, loniT77, sen. esiai, ;i fuer - Would it i ot ne auvi - aui. ti.i. - . r.,).rilIient. Fatker. C davs from Nor - I.c aihi - able Inlb k !i'atl Silt in Cfll - 1 - l the Bostoo la triot,) August 6 1 o'clock P. M. Arrived,, brig Sampson, Mantur, lldaysfioia lti lin.od. ' " ' ' Schr Packet, roster, a djs from rhJadil. Schr Lewis, bears, irom Lota prlngs. i,. I. Slrnp General Jackson, fctiaw.from Mur.Kes. boPiuHi, N. G. At tjjaraiiliiie,siup tiero,oie, imui navnnn. Srl.r Cere. 126 days from Messina. Spoke, May 30. sloop Stork, ol Salem for New - Orleans. June 18, brig Funoplist, from Aleiao - dria for Oporto. July 31st, ship Atlantic, (rom Bcltnst for baltiraore. JUiy u. snip .ija, iidim N Orleans for Liverpool - FROM OUJi voitUE&ru. - tuj i . Courier Office, Charleston. Julv 51. J ; Charles A Henry, Candler, l. I., iralxiugin the open air, it KMetd,59 davs. ami 50 fiom tl.e (.hannel. .m!eJtoslopouprrceivugthe liuhluio ud Mav. ships BoUs, . . ai. : . tiiat. iititiiiifsr ia - - . Cliilds, of and for Baltimore to tail in 1J, days s William. Kulter, of and lor do. inxioays, Ophelia, Procti - j - , c.f Boston, tortngiano, on the 15th June t Susquehanna, Rush, of and for Philadelphia, with passengers in iw or i davs ; Milton, Thomas, of Bosttn, coppering i ' , Ford, of do. getting a new mast ; Russian, Jcll'erson, of I'liiladvtphu, fordo, in 2 or 3 days i Ocean, Bond, ot ana wr .1 ions, hi v urne, unc. : ui ianuu, woe. unv. , , ... . . - - i.. fi. lor ij nnvi t . , I lame anu tmoKe oeing ronaiiciors, u.o " - - - - - :.,., Warsjer. ... . . , M ....... .....!, I ni ltiisum. iur ... , , . should be extinguished. r or greau - r . - - - . - . Mlrtt.. person, may Mat tfiemselve. ui one rhanr .a saile.l on the25t'h. b.ithsd their feet in another, and thus r. ma.u " . I" "I , h. T(, u hen tUe 0. b H. IdV. from all conductor. Ur. t raiiKtin auvue, . . .V.. ..." m - . - ii .1. lulire. .ailed ..ttingontatherbed, or manage, m the mia - r' - "o ff ,U I. e of WL die ol Ihe room. , , t 1 .... ... , r 14,1 dav. fiom 11 . . ..t:. hnarrar WnlllJ DO IU .. u. x . j - - . William 1'ooke, E'q. again calleJ in and fu ther examined 27j witnett delirertd tn the foUnwin vaptr, " About, or in the month ol August, ik4, i r n ,! ... p.: ll . ride with ber. he put him on a hor - e, after which they got into a vessel, and tha sails were SUrt. spoke .hip Minerva, Bate, f Uoston, a r - - .. .... ..i.t - t. nr.. 1 from liataviu. bound to Amsieroam. - auu - AUU uiwri tu. , aa u7 - i w j' vw ....... , . ... . . ...rh .warfolcnndnctorsasthe wall, the lisht - 9th, lat 46 13, loft 18, saw a Driff atanamgio ..: L....iA .... r - - . :i......iii rnnrsa a - the eastward, with a broad pendant hoisted ua - j. JT.. . t t:la is I 4 k.. M An lVrarinU V nmn. flH th a.iwat IhaS) lt fd ftlM MAm infl rstl. - . Will IX t. 1 1 T 1 91 K I waa vv r - might continue to run along tho walls, which frying - Kan - . - noau, saw an nermapnrou.icoiig. are llie bet condurlors. and a schooner in company lue ur g coiuuiu - In this manner, the danieton fluid may be a - 1 ed in chase of us until wenune Koniain, wnen voided, il it is possible to avoid it, this situation belli the uio - t secure that can be takn in case of liRhtuing, in a house nnprovidtd with protect ing couductors exUrnally. Chimnm StreTtrt. The report of the com mittee of the House of Commons on the peti tiens ayiinst the emplnymeut of biyt in sweep insr cbiinnies. has been printe J. It recommend (he prevention of the further use of climbing boys, for that purpoic ; and nas annexea to ii Ihe minutes ol the evidence taken before the committer, from which Ihe fjllawins is aa inter she hauled off lo tlie eastward. f ch Kort - Lsndinir. Owens, Edenton, N. C 20 davs. On Monday last, cH New Inlet, spok sch Eliza, from riovidence, U. 1. bound te this port Sch I homas ft Ulunt, Alexander, Edenton, N - C. 31 days. . tch Release, Harrison, Edenton, N.C. 21 days. BROAD WAY C I RCU S ooOHoOuvaeo THIS E EMAtJ, AUG. P., Master Thomas will on one horse perform ml - nv wonderful feat of horse.niiinship. .. .ti'ii. - - j: . .... ..t..l - l,:n9 Hirs. sviiiiaaia wi i aispmy ne. muuuuiu. a emmney - sweeper, oi Duri...u.u, l(.r ... .uUg - pm,.ihrillm, on .... lllick wire. ton,) iu Yorkshire, bou - ht a little boy tor tlie "V,. ce t hor8e otMio wiu perform Ihe uui of eiht guineas of a b.'jgar womauj this part0( a domestic, he will at command, bring child, who appeared to be about four years of wmp, hat, basket, handkerchief ; also walking, age, was employed to sweep a chimury iu that trottins, 4cc. aad cent hide with bringing a Mag, town ; he was taken up ry an eiaer uoy, who placed at the top oi a bouru iz leei nigu. . r. , ...... i m:i. .o.m...IiIw Ka I f - iu.1 t - a..liinv bv Mr. Garcia. expected, he fell down ; by which accident he Matter MCani, the wonder of the age, will, bruised hi le?s tsrribly against ihe grate; his on one how, perform mBny wonderful leatsfcr air and iiner anoeared so different from those J?utb,on y maeyear. old, leap over garters. . ,, nv name ou ins iicau, u. . of the iliddrcn who are umauy empioyeu ror - jj j that pttrpe, that the Misses fetricklnnd, of gtrcngtn 0f Hercules by Mr. Caussin. IlewiB l'o - Dton. hearinz of the child, went to see him : .. f,, j hnndi aunnort eiuht persons antl they svvre to much interested with him, aud so for(D twelve different group, and conclude by lid that he had been stolen, lhat they supporting tho whole tioopon his band aad feet. tOOK him home Witn tnem, lint ciumiiey - sweep. i loruung a wasumi grirop. cr being glad to part with him.) Soon after be got to Boyutoo, the seat of Air G Jorge Mriek - s.ind, a plale with something to cat was orniffiii him ; on seeing a silver lork he was quite delighted, and said, 4 papa had such fork as tlrose.' He also said, the carpet in the drawing - room was like papa,s. The house - keeper thowed him Mn.. r - .....;n ..ll r. Shrnnnh BlM SUrOTl sing feats with a stick, butrectnlly iiitroduce into tins country. ' .. . , Slack Rope, by Mr. Mavhe. Mrs. Williams will, ainorii other extraordiea - ry feats, go through the ail division of the bro4 sword. . . ' Mr. Bullen will on one horse perform isiwv . .;i....nirh t. adcad what sort ii was.' naras I irr.ri,ina fpnts. leanovrr 4 illuminated rsllef' wasa "old w?trh ; he then pressed the hanoie. wiUihi hands aod i.i tieo, auo conciuiw - and said, papa's watch rings, why don't yours r wonderful !ap ttirougn i wo separate - Sir Gcon?e glnckUou, on Deug;ioiainwcircuin - viuau j. j .w... r sUnce, showed him. go d repeater tne ,,,5 , eolnp.By - Cloaa' Mr. ooy presseu ino .prii.5, nuu sucu .i. Campbell jumrd about the room, sayio; ' papal watch 1 B JFor iaI. , band.ome TONET " rio?s so.' At nizht when he was going to bed, he said he could not go lo Deu until ne nau saiu his prayers ; he theu repeated the Lord's prayer almost perfectly. Tbe account that he gives of himself is, that he was gathering flower in his mama's garden, and tht the woman win sold him. came in aud aked him if he liked ri - dm i He said ye :' and she told him he thoulJ quire at the Cirrus. - '"'.v., Tickets may be had at the circus, fto 1 o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 s 5. A place is provided for people of colour. Door will be open at 7 o'clock, ana tbe performance commence precKe'y at 8. . , .No tmoaking allowed. Cbtcks not wantftr able. Gentlemen are requested enlcr ttt riiic. ' a I n CARD. up, aud away went. lie baa no recollection q - The citizens 01 . ew iora aie. - t - . . of hunam, or where he lived, anl was too ly informed, that the stsam boal ' tfwJfk,for voung to think l.i lather had any other name will sail on Tuesday rooming, at 8 o - ''hirB ih.n "hat of papa. He storied whenever be C.w Harbor near H 'S'J U heari a terrant to the family at Boyntoa called b od. st Camp h u , G rdJ00keaMif "rtbhTt 3 IVketstob. somebody he knew ; 00 inquiry, he s.iid he had " . a, - . .up. or on an ancle Gcortrc, whom he loved dearly. He says his mamma is dead ; and it is thought his father m .y be abroad. From many tilings he says, he seems lo have lived vith an uncle and board. ' - '"g. lLr 'i he subscriber offers liberal antiC!jboo Oil pioperiT iv5n ., 1. 1 iripnua at ' - aunt, whom he mvanably rays were Cfdlca Mr. tar. Being atso agcoi lor . - - : . - . . . - . j and Mrs. F lembrotish. Frr,m various circum - Jt C. of Malara. wid Imve n in ms stands, it I. thou.btimrwiMehe slmulJ b - the leave useful ii.loi maliou to persons seuOiu. child of the wnmia who suld hua, his manners being very civilized, quite thnse of a child well educated : his dialect is good, and lhat of the S. of England. This little boy, when first disco vered, ras conjectured to be about four years old 1 and is described as having beautiful black eye and aye, lashes, a, hih tftse, and a delicate act, skin." sets, to the latter port. au 8 lw TTFXrtY OGDSN, cornerof Man and Wliiithalt - rh Notarial tufin t l . Bicker, Esq - deceased, and also IbM oi n - iuionrr. will be continued at hie late N. 621 - S Wail street, by aug 3 2 . VhASS. R. TILLOV.

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