The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 8, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1818
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" A 1 ' WA7TOTTrTi: TED . .'NUMBER 5039 SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 1818. M. i9 'WILLIAM STKEET OB for Blakeiey and Mobile, : (iXv '. (ant of the line o( packets) The WU known, fait tailing acbooocr 6aMi53KY, capt. Weeki, having two third tf ber freight eugaged, will meet with all cos - Vctiieat dispatch. Forth remainder, or pas - ate. having superior accommodations apply to TV r FETER3 & MERRICK, ,', Jyj7 S9 ComUet - alip. f w CUAHTER, A Ilritisk BUIG. burthen 21B ton '5 !i British, or 2100 barrel t now at W Ldeipliiai will proceed to this, or a tout hern .port, to load fur Engtuu., or ttie Wet Indies and cart be despatched Within three d.ya notice. Apply to ROGERS k POST, jg . f , Jl South - etreet - rfAjXthD Xffv A British BRIG, that will carry - j Jzlbout 700 bait Bengal Cotton, to load L.r i.iveroool. Apply U , ' la Liverpool J23 ARCH'D GRACIK ft SON3. (Ooe of th line uf VeJs.) WjJi Theeopperod, Nw - York built ship fACIr'tC, John Williams, master ; has elejint accommodations for passengers and t intended to sail, according to a fixed arrangeaieMt, on tbo lOtU of neat mouth. Fcr freight or pai!:, apply to captain WUtiaoK, oa bard, at Fultoa st. wharf . ISAAC WRIGHT W t or, s FRANCIS THO M SON. 5 l . Randbddtaar2ouaJatlLihp v Mltire JviJ t. i1'"' A7,YtAiV'.., Jamaica. The fine coppertd stbr. Vl.A!lt..Y - T "Jii.V. Juhn O. r rilh. uiastor, is now MWUK d will b dispatclie.1 without delay. ' For pa3e only, apply n board, at pier So. 9, Eat t - Kits r, or to - .'iX'CXER & LAlilUKS, 20 South - !. Wanted f Charier, A vessel ol atMMit, I4U ioui, tor a my. i - aig to Ttnenffe od hack. Apply to CAMBRtLENfi i I'F.ARiO.V, julv 23 " 67 couth - st tor firttght or Cha fer, The Scnr. .lL.rl.lJ mourns, Mstaster, I00 tons burthen a first rate ressel. AuulJ - to . CAMBERLENC PEARSON, ' julyS3 ; . 67 South - st. tvr awe, t - reighi or Charier, The staunch pd ship MIRROR, ,314 tons burth. n, is io complete order to wciva a Carj'i, and may be sent to sea with lit tlsexpeuce. Apply ou boirU, west side Bur - liner slip, or to N.L.1G. GIUiWOLD, i Jy21 B6 South - st it.ijvrtit ix) V A rx .ist ailiL - L5ct - U of lolK ,lo 200.) hwrth burthen. Apply at 67 Jr M (i. O. & S. HOWLAND. f Puu heous hih proof t. Vincent Ru n, 11 t do ftue flavoured Jamaica do. ,9 ttarreb Jtunaica Giner, jot received aud lersalebv TUCKER k LAURIES, julyVJ4' : , ' t iiouth - st. lUM. 4f pusulittMW fiist qimlity N. C Run, Ii for sale by J Ad. D.' WOLF. Juo. &4 South - sUmt. i 1, Wl.vt uinl U KOCEKlta. - Ma 'linn 7f lituiiKriorrha coastsnUy on barnt a gen. J. eral assortment of followiii? articles, Which wilt he diiiKMtid oA a uioilcrats advaucc. Teas ol firl quaUly , . . Sugars . do do Genuine old Cognac Brandy Hollands Gin Jamaica and other Spirits Wines ol the various kinds Pine Apple shrub . l - emon. Lime and Oranse J uice Sallad Oil in hettits and Oottlts I RmMrn Stout Bottled Ale aud Cider Double Gloucester Holiftnd and American Cheese Cordials Spices, Kswnces Sperm and I'allow Caodlet Do. Oil for Lamps Coffee, Rice, Barley atd Mustard A few holes Sicilf Lemons, in fine order Raisins, Aimnndt, Prunes, Figs P. ANDOE. Wuted to puwhnse, a quantity of second hand wise and porter Dottles. ' KE.NIUCIU TOUACCO 274 hhds. nrim Kentuckv Tobacco, landine Uus day froa thin Grand Heunor, from New Orleaus, lor ukhj CllAS. L. OGUKN, and J 13 ABRAHAM OG'JEN. WHITE LEAD, BLUE VITRIOU AL LUM.ic Received per Chauncey and Cdambia, from Bristol. (Eng ) and for sale by tw abicrilier, on advantageous terms, tit. J0 kegs genuine ground white Lead in 2Mb. hfiffa ' 20 casks best dry White Lead in casks 5 to 6 cwt. each 30 do Red Lead incaiks from I to 3 cwt each 11 do Spanish Browo from 3 to 4 cwL each 30 do ivory Black from t to 3 cwt each 12 do Roman Vitriol from 5 to 8 cwt each 25 do Venetian Red fmin 2 to 3 cwt eacn 12 tierces A Hum from to 10 cwt each 10 hhds. 5 tierces aud 8 bbls Rotton Stone French Green, Lamp Ktack, Purple Brown Colcothax Vitriol, Balh Scourine Bricks . Apply to " A. CIIURCH. J 15 184 Bowerr. 111. II vIA. ;(H)l)ii. RECEIVED by the ship Tritoa and the ship Elbe, from Hambure. and other late imp rt - Umos, an assortment of German Linens, such as riatillaa, while and Drown B re tagnet, Creas, Dowlas, Brgwo Checks and Shirting Linens ' Hempen Osaaburgs nnd TicklenbargS Hessians, Burlaps, Brown Rolls, Bigs Tapes, Supeifioe Broad Cloths Napkins, Silk Galloons and Pound Ribbons Coffee Mills, Slate Pencil Looking Glass Plates rocket and Statia Glasses . Lead Pencils And ta asiort ment of Card w ire . Alio on hand, A few tons St Petersburg Hemp r'irst ounlit HnlUnit Soil Clnth. and Sixty boxes Patrgrmss Cbeose, entitled to d oenlure. rot sale oa reasonable terms, by GEO. ft TH EO. M EVER, 1151m 129 Wavhinetoa street, VVTTOX WJl)L ft MACUlX&C - iKDS rpilOS. WHITTEMORE has constantly 00 A hsad at hi nionnfnrlarw. Tin. 50 FefTV - et, aext to the corner of Pearl street, a large J general assort caeot of cards of every descnp , vii totton Cardsof 7, 0,9,10 Wool do 5 and 6 Machine do Clothiers' aad IIlrtS Raitinc Cards AUofiuperinr quality, which be will aell oa eloweithrmt. J 24 lm A Pocket Book Maker, one who understands . bit basiaess will have good wsget and "txat eaclov. hv arnlv iiur at No. 15 Wall - "feet. - ' " " " ... ; (Uai 10. lo tons Fuaicu landing ad for leby . RIPLEY ft VELI1, 1 193 Frvu t - ttreet ' For Y - I IJ 4 I W For I I . .' of IV low, . J lie si CLARET 40 dozen very superiour Claret, for sale at $18 the dozen, by GEORGE JOHNSTON, . je SO tf , No. 1 Stoat - lane - - . . . ... ttHEiVICALS, COLotts, Ac - Epsom Salts, in caths of tewtv, Luiup Magnesia, in cases l)o do tmalt Stuarts Calcined do is itiia!s RochelleSaHs Acid Tartar ' Citri Acid, Blu Verdi term firkins Patent yellow, Kings Yellow . Regvlut of Antimony " OURS, BUTTONS, kc. , Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished l)o , do in waintcoat cases, finely finished with apparatus complete Duelling Pistols, in cases , Gold Kpaulelles Kaval and Military Sword Belts Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons . Copperplates for enraers latlieamtical Inttruinenta Rolliti ParaftJ Rulers Mariners computes, telescopes Opera glasses, micrwicupea 8 setts splendid chrssmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. sale by J. LAMBKK I , je 18 - j Courtlandt - street. trE'JYlrN9C H'.IXTEn. r miiK, ana who tentirrtonials of Icfywsp; Ai. WUiXul with ft neotirairfment. t,,alJM t , Jl"3 BVUILEKS, J 10 If - No. 36 Drnadwav. 1X;H0R.N STRAW5 - t cases Leghorn r I. ill aiui Crtiwu; principally Cue, just received end I t silt lv . : IIURD ft 8EWALL, 4 65 Sulith street. .i.e. - A i.' ili.i. A if.w bales oiGur - J rahs and Baiias, for sale ay JOS OSDOR.f, Siulh - re. J 31 BAR IKO. ,. 6 Wu umt iruu 5 tins if het Iron . 20 di'zcn F"riit(f Tans Patent Chaff gixl Drawing Knive Iron uud steel Shovels Geno'in and cast steel mill, pit ft hand saws Coach Spring stel. For sale by A.DRsv)N et SHEARER, JM At 131 Water street. SHLFb' k BUlMLVUH.tM UOUDS CafMtnea'.ly assorted table Knives ft Forks, 1 do. do. do. Small Cutlery, $ Table Knives t Forks, ( wi;h small cutlery. Saws, FiK Eeiljo Tool?, Britannia Tea - pot, 4 do. do. dn. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. A ftw ca - ki Candles tick?. Butt Hinges, Wood Srrewt, Commode Knobr, and I ce Ku'tnnr, sale, very low, by JNO. M'CRACKAN, (ulvXK lif II I'parl - st. link Uuuoa, iir. O Boxes muilins 10 do. 4 - 4 k 7 - 8 Irbh linens . 1 do. pink ginghams 1 do. shawls 4 do. Iirown platillas 6 do Scotch oenalmre ' - w 1 bales iiniiatioaibeetrgt 4 do,, brown linen S do. liuen bed lick . - , I do. 6 - 4 cotton checks I do. carpeting. , . ALSO, Cotton bagging . Twilled sacking Seine twine For sale by GEORGE JOHNSTON, Julr 2 - No. I Sloat - lane. 6.2HEnd.. J Choice L. P. Madeira Wine. 9 1 - 2 Or Caks Malmser do (to Scott, Lou'boau, Penfold It Co's. brand, and offered for sale by . W. ft 8. CRAIG, augl lm wo. 04 rroni - M. VTaNC WESTER VELVETS, Asaorted eo - I lours aad very superior ouslitv, for sale by nr.ui, J 31 138 Petri street. GILS. ftc. f f ft Ga'.lout RefiueJ Ses Elephant Oil UUU 1500do. Summer Str'dsrm. Oil 100 do Nut Oil for Portrait Painters Oil Prefc. with screws, runoinl in corp. r ilv. mutable for tobacco, oil, or clothiers. To ... ,111111 solil ny sii.uui.u jui'ki at No. 52 Broadway or 13'J riy - marae; Jy at mt J. W. F O R U E a. MAKCPACTDRKR OF SILVER WARE, Na M Rroaitwav. NFnnMS hit friends and tlie Diihlic, that he Cdlllinun w". u h usively,aod of superior workmanship, liter Tea and Table I Ladles, Urns, continues to manufacture nl sterling suverrx clusi Setts Church Plate, altera, sypnons I ih Knives Cnke Baskets, ftc. &c ofthe latest nnd most eiegant patterns, and at the lowest prices. ail in masienv m.innr.r. M H t Vlil.ll - 'S within to be sui.olied with the first rate articles of Silver, are iimted to inspect his work, as all articles 01 tut manu Ucture are sow only oy diibk.ii. J 30 lm B' REWEllV. Kor talc, a bargain, a brew try ft Malt Home connected, m theciiy of lludxMi. The luildiugsrestoue,an(J par - ticularlv well - calculated tir the business. It is situated in the miArt of a bailey country, and has owny other advantiges. It is certainly an object for those wishing to engage io this busi ness. It is the only brewery to ine couch j . Tl.;. nmnM - lv will m tcAA eJieBD. J SITU I llDO rali title good. For further particulars apply to M. MULDEN, No. 78 Mulen - lane, iiew Yorkt or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. Juno 13 tf to RITII.Dr.RS. - Or thoio who may wish to erect three eicgam r nTL 77 ievt i.v fin. more or less with the ttw larioriei. I J huildiiirsthereoa. in the centre of Vesey - st. can be purchased separate or togeineT. A..1....1 1 rvT wiih ii Rnihlinrs thereon, 1 1 Hnn. 4 h 125. more or less, near Chat - k. - ..,irMi th U - nn accommndating term! Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near ueeaman - n V....i.rf. k.. ,hr...miill mortisces to j: . r ...nriisvL u of ClOOO. one ol I X00, all in this city. EIWCATHht. nn, YOUNG LADIES' SELECT SCHOOL, N. IIPinll.irtr.llT. "TR. MEAD respectfully gives ootiee, tht .11 his SchTol will be again open on 1 uesday : i.a .a QnlanvkAf Yooog Ladie' will be instructed as sual. in hracioff all CI ln - porlant branches, from Reading and Penman - c - ,k k. m nrthc moat m roved lostrwctors. Eoauireri may satisfy themselves respecting the ... ... ,1;. H - K.r.l i.v rallire upon aar of th foifawinc ceritlemen, most of whom are a motig its patrons.' Richard Varkk, Thomas 9. CUrkson, CalebS. Kiirgt, GeigeGrimiH John tuydain, aad J 30 lax Aathnsiv ley, Anus Jacksnft. J awe Reawkk, Esqrs letto ticles ces J. for sold KU hy for C J just ua, or or LN ,alc hy snd 1 V ed ' s LWEJfS, VELVETS, tie. AVERY handsome aroruocot of Seles?ia Linens, cousMtio of Platillas, Ryals, Bretagnesi Estouillas, Dcwlas, Creas and Cho - . - 2 cases silft velvets ' 500U muskeU 2 botes fowling piece 2 casks Steuerark scythes, doable sword 150 kegs Dutch herrings ' 4 boxes assorted ffUutrware The above ar entitled to debenture.' 3 cenoons indiro. 1 box iovs and a few pie Dutch clothFor saioly C. ZIMMERMAN, July 11 1m ' 77 Waibirigton - st. IEA6, WlEbA.GKOCEttIES. . No. 7 Park (late Lad ios Auction Room.) '"''ME subscriber keeps for,ua(((ly for sale a general assortment bf tint rate Groceries family use, aniorgst which are . Gunpowder I m penal Hyson, Young Hyson Hyson Skin Souchong It TEAS fof first quality and latest uiipuiiauuu. rourhong IlavanVwhfre and brown! SUGARS Douhie G lour eater, . ) urrcc Holland ft Aniferican ubL&l" I.enon Juke . t feifJty Lett ir ' ind 5 ' 4 til firooi (hOguM: t ran'X, avnulnr) 1 Holland Gin aad Jamuila iHiicii 1 Madeira, Port, Claret L. P. TctieritTe, tlrry and other Wiiies Sweet Oil in Betties aud Bottles Spires, W. 1. Pppt r Hihliert's Urown Mamt Sperm Oil and Candies ; with runny other articles too numerous to specify, Which will bv Rt a moderate advance, by ' an 3 J AMES P. A IS DOE, I, AlULAv - SEs it SUGAR. 85 punj rheons Antigua Rum t8 Ah Malawi, and 12 bbls. Sugar, received the British brig Amelia, from Antigua, and tale by ROUT. Gli - LESflt, b.u 4 112 Fruit - street. . AMERICAN CLOI Ho. JOSEPHTH'COMBbiCO iNo. 16z Pearl street, hare tut received 10 pieces American Superfiue Blue Cloths, which will be sold cheap, for casb only. Also on hand, an extensive anortaint of Domestic, Woollen, and Cotton Goodsof every discretion, at low prices. J 50 CLOTHS ft CA&slAlERKS A tew cases extra fine London Clot as and Cassiuieies, received, aud for sale by HURD SKWAl.L, nug 4 C5 tfouth - streft. RUBER I GlLEEsrlE, NO II! Itool 2 r rout street, offers for sale the car sonl the lirititb Dn Amelia, from Auti - consisting ot 05 puncheons Rum 68 do Molasses ' . 12 barrels Sugar. IN STORE, BO bhils. Kentucky Tobacco 12 do Old Richmond do , . , GO grace Wiut - and Porter Bottlea 12 bah - s prime Upland Cuttun A chain Cable Ot for 4 ship of 400 tons White Port Wine io hhds. Korix Red Port Wine io cases of 3 dos. One hull Piw Madeira iiniHirted irom Jamai price $8 pr gallon. aug 4 UOJVLXTIC UOUDS. - - w. JOSEPH TH COMB k CO. 16 FarLstreet, have just received C cases, containing - Sh,tiinKl 3 - - lJt - h'd bhaoUogs and Brown Shirtings ! Ginghams Stript - s 1 Checks ; Chaw brays ' Ued - Tiekin$ and Cas - 'meres. Also no hand, an extensive assortment of Domestic Woollen and Cotton Goods Wk Ic V arn ; Boots and Shoes Cut Tcks aou Brads assorted An invoice 01 Straw Braid, ftc. All of which will be sold at low prices for cash hort credit. . , . Wool, Cotton 0 Bale Goods received ior saie on storsjje. ""E 3 .T K. RL.vl. Mi hhds E. RunulaniHiijCd1 Crane - wharf, Irom slocp Catharine, ai and lul by JAS. D'WOLF, J un. aut; 5 54 South street uiii ii' 1 ink At TaII. J20 bbls suit Tur rwntine. and 50 do Tar. afloat, and for sale R. ftC. W.DAVENPORI ACO. Biu5 NEW KICHviOND FLOUR. b barrels superfine Plour from new wheat 100 do do di from new and 010 do, lanuinp lor sale by W.As CKAli., IOT TON. 1 nalts Upland Collon, lor sale J1 1L k C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. by aug 5 J HI I E LEAD. am kegs best fcugn n White Lead, ground In oil, lately impoii lions Liverpool, ami f - r tale by AUR1ES, aug6 29 Siuh street. I lA v. - iilchesli Hvsonskin Ira L 100 bbls first and 2d quality Loaf Suar 'in handsome shipp ns; older, r or s ile by Jackson ft woolley, us 6 75 Wall - street. r'RE - H ZAND I' CURRENTS. " Ti F. v PI. I. & CO. w ill tell to morrow, in V . front i.f their si ore 25 small barrels of very fine freh Currents just imported and wor dy the attention ul grocers anu iruuera. aug k ViiaI. i:oi 'f o. Ai WELSH PLAINS - 40 bales of Kendal Cottons) Of sunor 30 do Welsh Plains fabric, lust receivis! ner ImDorter, aud for sale at 71 Pine street, by t .',,. sue 4 IW t rtvjv - l yjn. ' ' nci nilGLN'GS wanted in the countrr. for a gen i firman, with his wife, nurse and child, in a pleasant, healthy situation ou this isiaao. Ap ply at 67 South street. aug 4 OR SALE, a bright bay HOUSE, 6 year nld . sound, and kind in harness excel lent under the saddle. He is sold for no fault but because the owner has uo use for bun Price, one hundred and sixty dollars stands at ..... i. a Miaw's stable io Liberty - it. near Broadway au4 1 OFFICE. J 0?EPH D. 'OGRADY repeclluby inforuii ih tlmt he has nivnud an niieiii ..nnXs at his house. 131 Fiv - Market, be tween Pearl and Water - tlreett. Familiet may bearcommodated with servants bouse keeper, tc. tc. Servants ftc. with satrsraclory reconi" ..nH.lina. tiinfilird with rood si ustiouS. Or dert from tte couuUy promptly attended lo. aug 4 1m" MR LEE'S SELECT 'SCHOOL FOR BOYS, No. 8 Pabk - Placc. milE course of instruction pursued in this I inatitlltuHl embrace every department of Literature and Sciei ce necessary to a libe ral education, (the dead languages exeepteu 1 Tbo public rs assured mat uim acuooi man of in fe, hr.u. ine of rian or ' '4 J at v iii - x he 14 si v - il I I . f 1 f II. .w....!inrTli - .. wlla mM.tlnritffiaifMlita USW. Bod Consist 01 a numocroi m. . w twenty - five. No pupil will be admitted vno cannot read conneciciiy anu wmt irKlu,;i and who it not acquainted with the fint five rules of arithmetick .' . j - Schoril hour from 1 - 2 past 6 till 8, and from - a 1 1 . , . i..:hii. I. ... . t. . O .1 II.. ui k. '9 till 1 o Clock. iwniiini""rl 1 J ?j 2w ft FOR SALE ORTO LEASE, ' Lots in the 5, 6, 8, and 10 Wards; many h are oa reeulated and reved streets. No monk i.MWill be required under tea years, if sold, A excepted. inten HUUSE3. Several two and three storv booses, on which a great part of the money remain on mortgage. An excellent stand for business, with ten acres land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, storehouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, near new - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a never feilina stream, noon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sufficiency of water for each. Apptyai , no. 1 ureeuwich - street. jan.i3tf ' 1 11 v j r. f tijS A FARM, conUininr 3C0 acres, on the banks of the North River, a mile south from the village of Hyde Park, and eighty - six from New. XorL, 1 be land is eoual hi quality to the best L - lchess county, and is in Inch order aud eood J On the premises is a goof plain tarns - ', a good barn and other appendages' oeces - ary ip cooUuctiog a larre larm. Abo, a build - silpt comniaudiog an exleniVe and beautiful lvif.fthe North River. Withiu half a mile Utd farm house u an eminent Academy, and withrfl two miles an Luiicotial and a Presbyte Church, in each of which there is rezular rul - phyMt:ians two landings, one of which the.cteaai - boat advertises as a landing place, UoraA'i'C Ac. The whole will be sold together (HviUf (i 10 suit purchasers. I he terms 01 paymeut will he made eay, and au indisputable tiUa given by the subscriber. , WlLiL.IA.VI UAKLf Fide Park, Julv 24 tf iiiri.i i - it v WA rnn's a.t. V II ' IIIJIJIi I w w mm m . w - . 9 VCASE of sundry JeHellery, Cutlery, Silver flunlicgand Plain Wittchcs, vDressine Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. " if cases Ladits Corsets assorted. 'ntft.lw bit . J LAV1BERT, 1 Ourtland stieet, U - V..!' MUSIC. " t'$T published by W. DUuOl?, at bis Piano inrTte and .viusic store, iMi, lit uroauway, William I en . Her Soiiling Eyes V'ann.y Dearest llmie am I my Faithful Fair The Soldi' r' Bride Evelten's Bow'r, with variations by I.oiier. Also, all the Songs, ftc. tlmt are how rinin thr Concert's by Mm. Burke, IJoIiumi - , Mtirs. lnckoii "cd Phillips, ftc. wiln a great varie - of he " Muiicfor the Piunn i i.rte and the Flute 'Jwsn I NEW I O.I N Jently i st his otl NEW PATKNT PIANO FUHTES. NEWBERY reipectfully and ennfi - anurei hit fnendi and the public, office, 1.14 Peml street, may be nor - erassd the above instrument, lower than any o - invrpiaeein ine eiiyt woei - a mtr - aiio ue niu UVR UUjVf)Ut:it J)UU..iJi.t KF.II Allli. RUNAWAY fmmtlie Bi ltisli brig Fraiu in, capl Tennant, lying at tlie quarantine i,uiid. on the 30th inst. a neirro boy named ISAAC, about 16 years of age, very dark, hut scar on his breast occasioned by gunpowder i landed ul of near Bergen. Whoever will deliver ttid Isaac 1.0 cant, lennanu on board brig Francis, at quarantine ground, or at No. South - street, shall receive tlie aoovo re ward. ' . ' ' '' J SO V f.OCU3T. TIMBER WANTED. LVjA.N I ED, a quantity ol locint limber and frajWYfcjeiaiis.. Awii hi the A an' A2ut, at 3J - Ihe publishers odbe New - Brunswick Cimes, Newark Cenliuel, Long - Island Mar, iw - Haveu JournaL and New - Loodou Gaxette, ill plrae publish this advertisement one month, - .1. - :.. S..II. t il.. Arnl tUTirm. U1 HIUU IUUU tU19 W IdUW y - Jy 18 lm St. JOH.Vts HALL ORDINARY I 1 he contiguity 01 this builJmg to the scat of bu - iucs, uiduces the subscriber to open, ior the iccoramodalioa of freutlcaien connected wilh .tublic business at the City Hall and others, a ,ublic Ordinary. Dinner will tie served up pre - tsely at half past two o'clock, nnd turtle soups. rclifhes, with the aaost suitable refreshments ol the season, at all hours of the day. Anelrruit Ball - Room, decorated in a per - ;ctlv national style, is aUo at the service of par ies for danciurf, society meetings or lt purpo - s of our justly deserving and admirable iniiita - y Voiumeer corps, sor iiieir vnrwuB nw. he subscriber has spared no puius to render the nuilding as pleasant as its situation would per L and. bv awiuuiiy and me uriciesi suraiim. ill endeavour to deter ;e Uial caironago wnicn tn enlighteued and disceruing public are at all unes ready to bentow. BUS ini IH1IIL3 b. ll.uiur.u. A KEYED HARP. JA. GUTTWALDT respectlully invites . the amateurs of rous e to iimpec t at bis fiano - Forte M.uiufactorv. No. 75 .iluidcu lane, t musical instrumout that perlectly equals the Harp in sound and for surpasses il in p.nut ol ea - iy ireatmuit, as it is played like the uiano hy means oi keys, and consequently mis an uie u - Hi (j I l.ri Hani inorlulalioii : Hie niny uneiii (lie United States. Also, an elegant Piano Forte of fine tone, musical variety and workmanship, wnhAB assortment of different kinds, whose eood qualities have lieen testified by the undersigued eminent professors : . , Ul h hu - riher. nrnfpHnrs of music, do lrertirv. that we have can fullr examined Mr. J. A. Uutlwaiurspiano - iories wnicn, ior inrnui - iv and excellence of workmanship aud uniform irilliancy or ione, we ifeservediy recommenu io public patronage. - Messrs. Gillt - s Etiunne, Rd. vl.1. ' f !hrl CilfH S ' J 7 n l. NEWBERY. 132 Pearl - street, respect XJ. fully informs tlie public and thoe ladies an.l gentlemen who lately applied lor DETT - MER'S SUPER. PATENT PIANOFORTES, ihut he has lust received a new supulv Per Ra mus precisely the tame at the lust, and offers tbeiu lor sale on very accommodating terms. As Pianofortes ol this excellent maker have but lately been introduced into this country, for .a. i.u.K,li.nt i - M I'la at aeu - iiaas. want of a correspondent, G. N. feels it incum bent ti add. thai their tones fhv those who are acquainted with them) are allowed to be full and expressive, and have hitherto given universal satisfaction. Mattel's Patent Metrooomes for sale. Also, London selected collections and speci mens of Mineralogy, ftc J zT 1 ii'Vlrv I'fiii'UL'c 17 I70R Select 1'arties, from Elisabeth Town f Point, for i'hiladelphia, and the Steam Boats at Trenton and Biistoi, and the Mineral Springs at Schooley's Mi unlairs. v notice sent to 4o. S3 wnue - liau sireer, new York, or HALEY ft STILES, Elisabeth Tows hv mail, or bv the Steam - Boat Atalanta. will be immediately attended to. J 14 IO THE PUB LICK. A GENTLEMAN from France would wish l. to draw the attention of thecrtiaensof New I York to his uewly established Laboratory of Co - iiumi"'' r - - ir - - - - . " T ' accompanieu wius uircvuoui iur The colours are of the briihlest tints and pre pared so that no disappuiutment ran lax puce, si Jahna Hall. frauklirl - st. N. B. A very superior quality ol Kecordicg I (ok aiii.nsVtuiert by tbr sains rrori Jnly22 tf of time duty act, ror led shall seek am and or 1 ing the the any mix so to iiig, ged, ed, and that to oil, the us cil P. Laic regulating the Guaging and Imputing of. fuh. UiU. I'asked .Marcfl 31, IBIB. 1j Jit U enacted ty the people if the Hale oj Yew - York, represented in senate and assembly, That the person administering the eovernnienl this state, by aud with the advice ami consent ofthe council of appoiotmsut, shall from time to appoint one person lor the city of New - York, whose powers shall extend to, and include the village of Brooklyn ; one person for the city ol Albany; and one person lor the city of Troy, whose powers shall extend to, and iuclude Lan - singburgh and Waterford. to be tuacert and in spectors of fish oil. And be it further enacted. That it shall be the of each person appointed b virtue of this to provide himself with proper instruments guaging and inspecting oil, and whenever cal 00 to guage and inspect any parrel of fUh 01 1, withiu the place for which he was appointed, it also be bis duty to inquire diligently and out any parcels of fish oil within his district, guage and inspect the same,and brand legibly 00 tne head of each cask he may co gua;e inspect, bis own name and the name of the place for which he was appointed ; also the whole number of gallons The same shall guage, and separately from each other the quantity of water, the quaulity of sediment, as well at the quantity of pure oil ho shall find thcreiu, and shall make, subscribe and deliver to the owner bolder of such parcel ol oil so guaged and in spected, a certificate, tihibiting in separate co - amus the quantity of each of I ho aforesaid enu merated ingredients the whole parcel shall contain ; for all of which gtiagiug, inspecting, Iraud' and certifying aforesaid, he shall receive from owner or bolder of the oil so guaged and in spected, twenty cents for each rak, be the same small or large, the one half of which shall always tlsereafter Is chargeable upon the purchaser of same. And be it further enacted. That it ehall be t$e duty of all persons owning or hdlditg fi.h oil, to put the tame io a convenient position for gungiug aud inspecting whenever thereto required by an autnonsed guager and inspector. And be tf fvtlhtritiacted, That any perron or persons who shall counterfeit, alter or change of tho brands or marks aforesaid, on any cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall or in any manner adulterate auy cask of oil branded or marked, or who shall buy, sell or barte - r any oil withiu the districts or places aforesaid, except the same shall have been guaeil, inspected and branded accordiug to law, or who hall ship, export, or otherwise convey or cause be conceded any nil out of, or from the dis tricts or places aforesaid, except the same shall have beeu guaged, inspected and branded at cording to law, such person or persons so offend shall forfeit and pay the sum of twenty - five dollars lor each cask, .the brands or marks 0 which shall be so counterfeited, altered or chan or which shall be so bought, sol J or barter or which shall be so shipped, rxiiortcd or otherwise convened contrary to the true intent oh :uiing of this act : AVuntfid, nttcrtlitlest, nothing herein coutained shall be construed prevent any pprsuu or persons frciu buying or srlling oil by measures legally scaled. And be tt further enacted, I hat it shall be the duty of any person or persons who shall use or oinerwitc eoipiy iim contents 01 any cask ol bub imoindiately to efface the guager's and in spector's mat Its or brands front the same, under penalty of twenty - five dollars. And bt it further enacted, That any forfeitures arising hy virtue of this act, may be surd for and recovered by action of debt, with costs of suit, any court aaring - cognuuusew nf the same, to sue inereior. - - NOTICE ii hereby given, that h sobscriber has been apiioioted by the hooountbU1 tne louo - of Apiwiutnient, Guager aud Inspector of all Fish Oils in the Uliy ol ixsir - 1 or ami nrooaiyn, and has opened his office at No. 37, water - it. where he will receive orders from 7 A. M. to 8 M. every day, Sundays excepted. JA.ViES M AURICE. N. B. Dealers in Fish Oil are hereby no'ifled, that any infringement of the above law will be prosecuted. July 20 1m siifi tALh. A farm on the Hudson, about a mile I fro... vwliurirh. containine 133 acres. 33 01 1 t,i - k ,r IVni.Hland. tha rest is divided hi COOd I feuceinto a due proportion of toeadew, sraule aud pasture land. The buildings are partly new ; tlie house convenient for a small family J its situ atioo it equalled in beauty by few on the river ; tho advantages irnrn ina vsciniiy 01 a oiwrwi - ornamental eenie - wora.oj mjwMtMr. ine, village, of public worshiv, tuciety andlrl.rj couauct and long eipeiitai tin that deparl - eood mark!, wiinuwintiii'j VI.UHU"... - with icw lora.renuer 11 w inHin imw - lor a geutlernao. 4000 dollars ol the pun raw money may remain on mortgage ; the payment of the reit will I made eaiy to the purchaser. Apon the premises, to verpaNCK. slA 1 ii AV EMcL, aud LAliJli.ii. - a t atr. i noiiLC. ! yj 1 l - r. isnereoj gii:u iu 1.. - ... a rw. ion ? . a I mx kii noMAaa inrpr eitea, tnai me cuiuunssiuiir.. ami assesiuieiiiapitoiuiTO ui ur "" l Judicature o. the state "fNew.Vi.rk, opir ; form certain duties rwauv. mine - strcet, and for enlarging and improving Car - .1 ts. Varirb.atrMi. in Ihe etslilli ward omic said city, have completed their estiraati nd assessment as well Ofthe loss and damage sus tau.ed over and above tlie benelit and silvan iu. reiveil hv the owiieis nnd narlie - inters s ted in tlie lands anu preroisei iripiiiru iv, ...r ...... iniproveuieut, at also, of ll .e beneoi anu ecron; lage receiveu oy ie vscn i - ii ixinfinrfin certain lands and premises nrrt re quired for the ssid improvement ; esta mat we tl . . 1 - a. .... .1 i. f . ii. . 1 . J .. 1 1., lu . k py ol sucn esurouie son uinemiirM, - - - office, ol thecity ofNew - Ye - tk, for tlie inspection ol whomsoever it may conceint am. boiko hereby fmUier given that the report of the said commbsioners ;f ettiuiate and ut ' . IK! priteiiirn iu iikiiwhjvvi.... . - 1 ,.,J.:,;M1 . hc cannot COWwMso mo uuircrr - e N..v'n,s i th mmlol in the I of opposition . iney tMii" - ui iuc n" " ..r. - - - - - - city of Albany, on Fnday the ; ourteen oat w Oiereon. . New York, 30th July, 1BI. Ill - NHV Ms.iua. I VM. TuRREV. and Coaunissionert. PETER STAGG, Jy 30 lot V - nv 1 a if RiuiK STURE. w, ipta rH"r:RY PRACTICE. K Containiiieall tbe pro - eedings of a suit, as well in tlie court of cbantery at u V"t"? .. . . . : ..S,.r.l anil rolll CtlOO ol er 1"1 . . .I ...i. or N?w - York. This bock contains als - Hit 700 rwg.s octavo, fusul b) nrofciwioi'al eAitlemca to be all important tj lh bractitioner in this court, beirg the only A t 1 liroductiea on this subject t and to tl itu - it is invalusble, as it exhihitt in a very rirsa dent . . ...nk.i.n II.. no clear id lucia maoir, , r - - v, . ' . . .... . . i . .,. i ail itimiouua. iiotb i ment to the final termination 01 ii - ik companied wilh aa appendix, containing prccj - dentt of the most approved forms. tmlabt to every case that can possiwy occur is "b unm of a suit. uMimnuiiKHBSM. " vj ' IJ. BAfsKS, ' Opposite Cits HaH, Corner cl Nnssaw aud Sprue street. 4 1 I AMAICA HUM itv nmcheoos - wili - - I landed this day at tha foot of Rector - MretL North River, from oa board tie hip Pacific a " ROBERT LENOX. TO ALABAMA MEtxLHAiTS. FfcTLKS bTEbblNS, CoMMItllOt.MEKCBAWTSV - V liLAKELEY. Mi.hila.ea. HAVE extensive store hiiusetand leceiveand forward goods cotton, etc Iree of carta and wharlage. Vessels and barges lay ajo - g side ol their stores; Shippers wilf pleaso itly to CALMN SPEAR, Boston.. . ' PE I ERS ft HER RICK, N. York. ' EMLEN k HUW ELL, Philadelphia. : Jyl5 tf . r - (Xj - J A ViE I. STOUT, Engraver and teal Cutter, removed to 90 Liberty - street, near Green wjcJi - street. - - Jy8 3m t or thgtund, ria (tr LET ! EKS for Hit Britannic Majesty's Packet (ueensherry, will bo received at the Post Office till Wednesday afternoon, tbo 6tH day of August. CO Wanted, a 2l nfficer for a ship tu In dia. Anplv to J. G. BOGERT. Esq. Jy2J . . No. 138 Waier - street. MECHANKb BANK. ft7" The Stockholders are informed that diviuend of (oar per cent, out ofthe profits for the latt six motitbs will It paid ou the 1st of August next. . By order of the President aH Direr tors. . J 27 lm W. FISH, Cashier. lt - T - Th m I IkKY bOATS If limit., fool of V alnut street. New York, to tbo foot of Lit tle street, Brooklyn, near the ISavy Tare, will coroueace runuiog on Sunday, tho nihilist. rersons crossiiig to urookrjn from the upper part of the city, will find tho distance much tmrtenr d by nung this ferry. . my 14 . NOTICE. fjir The Risir.g Sun Sail Boats Nonpsriel, and Industry, from the Elizabeth town Pon.t, for New - York, saili (rem MarketDeld ilreet, (where die Steam - boat Atalanta formerly esoie to,) at 10 o'clock, ot each day. Passtge 12 1 - 2 ceutt. Ecqnire at the Steam boat IloielL 01 VANDER POOL ft PHILLIPS. my 21 f . . ., ' ay JOHN PROCTOR, Josi..l06 Liberty - st. oflers liberal an tic Rations on property consign ed to bit friends in the Mediterranean. '. For further particulars, apply as above, or to ABRAHAM HELL,' Je 6 tf comer of Clift ft Fuhon - eU. LAM'S. i fjr 8TEPHEN B. MUNN, No. 258 Pearl - stieet, New - York purchases Lands in the Illinois Territory, which has been set apart for I lie lnteAnny. Letters from the country giving a' description ol the patent and Ihe price asktd lor each lot, will be attended to, il Post paid. , my U tf ' . BEDBUGS. r" To thi Ladiu and Gentlemen, oflhttify tf jtetr - J Fer. . BENJAMIN TH'FIN. bug destroyer, (from Loudon,) begs leave to offer hit terrieet tu all those who are troubled with those nocturnal iovaders of their rest. His prices will be low and method effectual, having been 40 years in comtuut practice 1 has had the Commands ol most of the gentry and Society ol r neoda, In London, oow resHics at no. uuu uowerv. . - Orders left at Mr. W iltoh's Tailor, No. 29 John - street, will be . thankfully received kadi punctually attended to. is. D ur.ierence us locuaracveican oeaao. aug4 6l ' . BOARDING. - EIGHT or tea gentlemen, who are desirOdt of obtaining board in a pleasant and .retired pat ofthe city, can be accummodnted in a pri - vaU familv. at No. 49ClinsUeeL 1 he improve - mcpts which have lately beeu iaaa io this street aad its retired aitualioB. it is p resumed wiM rji ' SUBSCRIBERS to Tanner, Vallance, Kearney ft Co. new American Atlas, are inform ed that the first number has been completed anil ii now ready for delivering at Pror A Daanmgw, No. 1 1 1 Water - street. augjiw. CLASSICAL, MATHEMATICAL andBii.n - CAiVJ Il - r. AOAir,isi 1. IVI ESSRS. KELLY ft room I respeciiui y Xfi iniorw ine pnuiie, in ,.irj - j commenced this eslahlishment m the largo aad airv rooms No. 476 tiamirc a lew uuujd Irrm the corner 01 naumiu Their rnursn of education COmprile - - o Greek, Latin. French, and English laugosgej Composition, History, Geography, the us. of tha er ,raciical branches of the Matbthiatu s. , , oung Ladies hnve a room appropriated tht'mtelves where they will be taunht a regular wur ol foninle idw at ion, legether with (lain litubel. UiM)k - sverpit.E, nuinureti, if. i.rrnrr in uoocri auiuiii. - r..t..l.i. I 'nWeft. I'A I i ST GRAainiA l llAl inin.n,wjw "'""n - - . .... . . . ... r. n Af..u. Kelts ft Tuomv Ler leave also to in form tha nublic. that their Grammatical mirror is Ixn rAtnt letcd and organised, and that they iurt prepared to undertake its appHcaiiow io mo aubesol instruction. I he Grammatical mirror i a . . i i . jitmachme constrticteu on sucn principles miii - ,,.,., - d tv tuehlaws as to exhibit a manifest 1 r.ll tha narta nf hnanaa sAeecD. "Xr: f iir hfoo.and lh. combinatfoo. , il i. calculated to impart information more expediUously than nrH . wheiher couveved bv writing or by at tfanre . ,tera and sounds are tho arbitrary .emboli, not the reeemblaoce of ideas j but tbw nrammttirat Mirror presents an ss inuaitua ol the agent with its cases ol lb object who lis passions oftheir suwuiuie wusi w gruu w. persons nd or the acUon with hs manners and its timet. The other parU of speech will maka their respective appearaacet iu tho revolutiooJ I 1 n..l...r.r tnaf l.ina. It IS AO IMS STM 1... .... 1 C .. tr. 1 1. . nltnil f and whilil 1 Ui m m icacncr r - r ,7 . .,. J expedites the progresr ofthe ooe, rtwdl facih - ,.,1,. ahorol the other. . houW uf ttrtoo object to tbe practscalildy Lf iuapplicaiusn.they challenge Ihe investigaUori . - - - . mil anv Dcrsou o ran w ar. williar to Thowfh duty f irbiJi them to acknowledge their own inferiority yet, they rely not ort Uieir diligence and xeal other may hav aa much 1 they rely wot on their erwdkion aad) talents, others may not bav lets 1 but they rely on the co - operation of their meant, whkh they contend to be superior to any that aaa t emplov ed to attain .the object st contemplates. ThooKh they entertain no doubt of it iup. rior general utility, they conceive that tor inch aa eannoe anoni nrcn - m.j, whose dirTerent tnploWint, Tnwst onna them to intemipted and desultory secturts, It mU)ll posses peculiar advamagot. " ' ' Several literary cliaractorv who hat Inspaav. I eu sill sii.h". - 1 y - : . m ...L'a.A kaaSasa kxtMwk ntBw.T IM AfttMl laxam . , jdltriltei (nd doubt Hot that exaers - i :.z " z ... ertce w'sll rcaltse tha aaoat aanguin - expectations that are - enter uiued of Vr advantaf e ami success). ." v - Vnder theae imprettioo t fnsvrmar. . the CruirMiUicui JKrtw - meni h '11 Ik wofice. arvd - thcy i! acquiring, tliait they r onuu. - - thtr patronage o r r - ,, - - N. U. They r." ,ur.n.t determined to aeuy " ,. tk - aboveiBeKwu JW ba "I 'I ! . Mil i.f 11 1 ; v '1 1 ' . 1 i

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