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La Porte City, Iowa
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Thursday, February 25, 1943
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\DOES IT READ 1-43? ook at the date after your テつキme at the top of your pa- er. If it reads 1-43 your ription expires this Couth according to 6nr rec- I PROGRESS-REVIEW Relume 73 _ 1500 Receive 'ation Books it School Less Than Half of Expected Total Sign Up!テつーf illness this past month^ some Here During First Threel people misse 1 few da ' s ' and fテつーw Days of Registration SPRING CREEK NO 5 SCHOOL NEWS Each child has worked hardei than ever this past six weeks to raise his spelling grades to either an A or B. Everyone succeeded in raising their averages, with three people receiving A's in their six weeks' test. In spite of the numerous cases With about 1500 people of this Community registered r Food With all of the famous men's, birthdays this month, we have had chances to do several interesting things such as: making books of .ation Book 2 up to closing time' f a m o u s P e テつーple's lives like: Thomas Vテつォ!nesday, George Martin, local I Edisun . Abraham Lincoln, George .ation site administrator, warned | Was hingon, and also each one of ;cday that Friday after from 1 to I ns designed shields. p ' m. will mark the end of the I Lailt Fr 'day Mrs. Miller showed ationing- here. There is to be n o ' u s interesting slides on "Conser. Registration tonight or Friday) vation -" u ' hirh wo テつサテつキ"''テつサテつキ'テつキ* - 'テつォ' flight. It was originally estimated that would be registered here if veryone in La Porte City and ithin a radius of seven miles frame to the school for books. flow-ever, some may be obtaining Ihoir books at other registration points. In any case, however, it is feared that there may be a heavy ast.minute rush Friday. Those failing to get their books which we enjoyed a lot. To Pick Three For the Board テつ」 Friday Noon Is Deadline for Filing- Nomination Papers for Election LA PORTE CITY, IOWA, THURSDAY AFTERNOON. FEBRUARY 25 OFFICIAL Black Hawk County and La Porte City NEWSPAPER The Spotlig-ht Club of the La Porte City High School Presents Three One Act Plays High School Auditorium TUESDAY, MARCH 2, 1943 at 1:45 p. m. here Friday will have to appear] efore the Waterloo ration board it some later date to make application. *ublic Enjoys Novelty Acrobatic Show Spectators at the Hi_Y benefit how presented in the auditorium st Friday night were thrillinply , . . , テつー * THREE FILE Nomination papers were filed Thursday for Howard Van Fleet and E. E. Ronglin for three-year terms on the school board, and for Mrs. Ralph Brown for election to a one- year term. Friday noon this week is the I deadline fo r filing of nomination "RED FLANNELS" b\ Sclpha Snook Grandpa Buxton ...Jim Kahler Mrs. Fibber Marlys Stahnkc Lizzie Maxine Thomas Elmer Boggs B ob Frush Walker Brean Charles Sides Mr. De Wonsky Jim Larscn Josie _ -- , Nテつォrma Anderson Scene- The Buxton livinp; room. fc Time: Saturday afiernaon, a hot summer day. Produced by special arrangement with Ivan Bloom Hardm Company, of DCS Moines. , . . , テつー * -- -- .-.-...jiv *.vi- J. ill lit; UA. ntertained by one of the world's papers for candidates for the jTunniest acrobats and a national three vacancies on the La Porte hampion tumbler and his wife, city school board, Jesse 0. Kober Larry Griswald, nown comedian in universally diving and umbling, along with George and Bretchen Nissen presented one of Ihc most entertaining shows ever presented here in our auditorium. few board secretary, said Wednesday. Two of the vacancies are for three-year terms, and one for a one.year term. Up to Wednesday noon no nomination papers had been taken I " S H O W U P" by Robert Kasper May Allen R ut h Coburn Fred Simms ..Marshall Kline Lieutenant _ L] oy d Frush Julia Carr A n n Ci i! Scene: The living room of the Carr apartment. Time- The piCient, .shortly after 11:00 p. m. Produced by special arrangement with the Dramatic Publishing Company, of Chicago. LETTERS Those toutlii'i San Diego, Calif February 18, 1943 ,-.,,,, llir [ .,,. n Dear Editor, i Xext T! i Well I think it's about time I b i a t i n g mv^'l's- wrote and thanked you foi sen ' ' テつキ ing the paper to me and to :il inform you of a ch.imjc' in r... address. It's really K ood to \ lt .-ibV j "o U'cp \,,, to rrad about whit's, Ruing on| ing forw.ird o\i; .in an. Mc-\o the a darn hav.'n't b i i - r in the back then- and alto to u-ael the id letters from other boj s sen-ice. Thanks n million. Since I pot out of boot cnmp two weeks ago I have been ut. taelic'd to the- twenty.third .squad. ron of marine- coipt, aviation i-n. rincenin*, group t\\ 0 . I jun now tationcxl here at Camp Kiikl w a i t . ing to be sent to some school of "ROCKING CHAIRS" by Alfred Krcj mborg Mrs. Alms Leone Kenny Mis. Boyles Connie Froning Mrs. Berry テつキ Eleanor Taylor Scene; In the home of Mrs. Boyle. Time: Late afternoon. Produced by special Company, of New York. arrangement with Samuel French out, although it is reported that I six or eight local people are con. Bjsidering running for the positions. -! Cince voting machines will be The show started with a inmters on maintaining lealth by exercise and preparing jurselves, thus to aid in our na [tional defense. ^ed in the election, ,. ,,.,, uc Gretchen Nissen, an attractive difficult for names of candidates land able performer, did most of to be written in, so it is import. [the announcing for the program ant that all who wish in run in the 'and also took an active part in election file papers so that their jthe routines. names can be placed on the ma- George Nissen gave some of chine itself. While write-in votes the fundamentals of tumbling and ar e possible, and relatively simple, demonstrated some of the stunts on tne machine, most voters in which won him the Big Ten and ' ne past couple of years have Nutional Tumbling champion title shown themselves more reluctant [from Iowa in 1935, 1936 and 1937. to tackle this part of the voting Several performers were chosen operation than when the old paper from among the audience and ballots were used, vere shown the technique of per. The election will be hefd Mon. forming on a trampoline. Especial, day, March 8, at the Mayor's of. |y outstanding among these were f' ce テつサ where all other elections are "Ir. Olscn, high school principal, held, to avoid the need of mov. fcnd Mr. Martin, superintendent, ing a voting machine to the school Also very outstanding was Zoe gyTnna51um ' Olscn who recently won t " ' \ in Women's National Diving jVlCkjird UrST6S Soil "nel ^ 'doubTe"' s^meKau'/'Tn Conservation Work |d-air, proving her titles are won Productive soil conservation skill, which she certainly has. must take an "aggressive role" in The evening's highlight was the tne war effort, Claude R. Wick- act of routines combined ard, secretary of agriculture, saidj pto a continued performance in ln the report of his department's h all three took part. Im. activities for 1942. Bcdiately following the program Where conservation measures arry Griswald gave instructions have been given a fair test, Wick, several who were interested. ard's report said, "they have in. He proved to te the comedian creased yields materially. There was bragged up to be, and was is rip surer, more practical way uly a real sensation. to make fields and pastures pro. He is internationally famous as duc e more." diving comedian, has made "What we need ioday is pro. 'mcdy diving shorts for many ductive conservation to help us the major producers and many produce more and produce it more you have probably seen him efficiently." ' the screen. The report said that conserva. He was featured at Billy Rose's tion is not merely a peacetime luacade World's Fair at New philosophy, but "embodies prin. Dr K, at Johnny Weismueller's ciples of careful land use and ef- piacade at World's Fair in San ficient land management that are tancisco, Minneapolis Acqua FoL important to war. Los Angeles England's Premier 'd many more. He has a family of four chil. in wartime." ren now residing in Cedar Rapids, i His fi rs t publicity resulted NO WRENCH LOCATED [len he made a hit in the Dalphin I While traveling on a business I0 .w at Iowa doing aerial aero. PRODUCTION STAFF Director Frances Hindc Student Director Dorothy Porter Ticket Sales Manager Bob Case Advertising Marie Foss, Ch. Jim Knhler and Well wood Blough Supervisor Stage Hands Vernon T. Matthews Stage Hands Jack Lesh, Ch. Jim Pearson, Wellwood Bloush, and Jean DC Neut Properties Hit-haul Kocher, Bob Craft, and Marlys Cordriy Electrician ._ . - Jim Dixon Make.Up Marjonc Kahler, and Wesley Parker Prompter Madeline Friendly Costumes .- Murldcnc Wilson, Ch. Marion Gill, ant] Dorothy Duller Ushers _ Ruth Vopelak, Patricia Gale 1 ;, Richard Kochfr, and Bob Craft SPECIAL MUSIC under I lie direction of Arnold Wnostchoff Girls' Octettu: Mildred Carey, Ann Gill. Jlaxire Thomas, Patricia Rothmeier, Jcanette Cole, Ardeth Ilabunchter, Marion Gill, and Mane FOSS. Jr. Hi Cornet Trio: Alvin Fosse, Robert Hall, and Dean Wienands. The Hungry Five: Jim Kahler, Glen Scheel, Robert Hall, Weldon Cole, and Kenneth Rosauer. Furniture テつォ c f d through special courtesy of Barnhart and Johannscn. To Observe Golden Date aviation enginc-crinp;. Tins camp 's really a naval turning base but during the present emergency t is also used fo r marine* until .he new bate they i; ,-..' building 'or us is finished. The building* icre were all built for the International Exposition nt 1!)35 and 193G and after the exposition was over the buildings Wtie do nuted for the navy's US c. This camp is also right in Balbo.i p a i k which is a v t i y b e a u t i f u l placo and also one of tlic fini'sL ] i a i k s in thc West. Also here is the Balboa paik zoo which is sup. posed to be one of the finest 700* in the U n i t e d Stales,. All in a'l I don't think you could find a military camp in tin's country with any prettier scenery than we have- here. A couple of nights, before boot | camp was over I had the opportunity to go over and see Jim Hampton anil talk Lo him. I had been trying to find his aililicss for two days! before I finally found out he was only about two blocks from my barrackt. It see-in. ed pretty good to talk to someone- from the old home town. From the Icttei.s I've been ic-_ cciving it seems that you've- been having some pretty cold weather back there. It's hard to realixe it here, as. of l-.ite the weathers, been swell. It gets chilly at night and 'n the morning but during thc day we usually run around 111 shirt sleeves or sweatshirts. ay. Still I'm a Iu\.iu HI I i l l K b . S m i t h Subscription Rate Goes Up March 1st This Week-End Is Last Chance Io Take New or Renewal Subscriptions at the S1..10 Rate Tlii-, H i c - k . c':id murks the last テつキ i テつサ o i ! n m t j fur 1'rogios.s.Review cmt:'!ii subscriptions. ; ,t Hie old ratfc \ / a i . \\ i_ look fun... M , I mg Liu- . tcrct.ted in thc old hoiiu- (i To dole- \n- l joyed 011 s(.i\ cept I have Ii 1 I Aircraft foi t h e "I IIL' woife is u il n I like it vdy m u i l i . Seems ^oo.l again, and ciMsionulh Hi i a from us \ \ , , , , ( ,テつキ w a i d I n in | I have S,itunl,i\ so it ni.iK( ^ a ii' H i s t Ciunp I t - "I. I \ i l'M H, l " i : Di;ir Mr S m i t h . We'll, I u u - I v n l j m u Mon.ljiy I'vininc,' .in,I \\ , irlail Io j i f j p i w j l ;inp| Ki p |, n 111 '('Clip.I "I TIMS, nliTs t ' I V . I ' l ' . l ) . I f i L ' i r . n i ' s - ; liot'il.iy (lit pnce will テつキii L\M (!,ill.u.., n yl , ar Anywhere in l o v . i . Outside Iow:i it will be :vo_ d o l l . i i s .i, iu - sl h.ilf ,i V( , ar N i w ii u i K u a l subscriptions i -o IIP' l . i o i ' j r l u to the- office this ' p . i k _ i i . d , i r n u i v be- maile.l any. i '' up U S l l l d . i y l l ' g h t . lllld will |p i m i p t '(1 ;it the- ol,l lute. No 1)1 ' l u i ' .Mi':r suhsciiptio:. is al. テつキ .(lv paid in .ulvaace, you may i : i l l i l ' i n . i l month'! or years [In- テつサ .'') I:I(L- by iiik-cnbing p'v., s ( n t ( ^ have Likc'ii advantage I h i - o p p o i t u m l v in icccnt days. fl' .\nii siill have- one of the -i:il - u l i s u i p l i o n envelopes i i i l u l f i l l lu-o u c ' i k ^ i "(T, you - v ii P' I'l.i' .11 il w e ' l l p;iv thc ( l.iiri .1,1 I t u c k I'l .1 chuck or I U H J . f i l l i.i.t (h,. form on the テつキ i k nf tin. (.nelopc. seal il up "d d" p it in ;i nrul box A l.iiin n u m b e r o[ lov.j week, ' ( s .sold ni two dollars a year M'n in p i c ' _ w , a r days, and nr.iny if H u m :no n i w up to t w o and a i . i l f or llirc-c iloll.irs, a year. We iiipi 1 not to li.ive to advance our it' in j ond Die t u o dollar level, "t of dim si- no one knows wliat 1 llu- f u l u i I l i n n aH. Lill- honil' m u . s . ! iliont. in the ci n h ' i :im in tin T,ii,k ] ion. \\Y K a i n liov, ( I n i Well it's time for chow so I'd better knock off and mn or I'll get trampled by the chow hound 'I'lus m o n t h s lot of been M I \ v'nll m;lkp.' is to i l l i, i l m u t e food they start their evening j ni when rush. Thanks again for thc paper. I re-main, .Sincerely yours, Pvt. Dale 13. Bolcnbauirh A. E. S--23 A. B. O 1 .--2 U. S. N. A. S. San Diego, Calif. good so cx'ii tly c.inip. t\V(i V P C ' k s rum \\ c .'n v ful foi, ia Mi tin s M K - k make テつキ in テつキ tore-. IE infla. lliv V, u forces pi-ices - k d l l h i g h e r , iK'wbpapur i ( hi IK' chance that ihc I V P I ilrop below t w o Ihc' d i f f i c u l t days ahead ~|)i.c-iiil o f f u i tliat cloae.i i i u l is your final chance I'iriy cents interest on. \ o u pay youi s'jhscnp- M u m . llnLU-r act now-- UK ar.d Ine i,, Auto Show, "Conservation as hoarding, Water Show scrimping, saving up, or 'putting aside for a rainy day' has DO place above water. He^ has been a coach in gym. " "\ at the University of Iowa is presently engaged in テつキline manufacturing business ^trge Nissen. on Davcnpor t, Sam Green. テつキ テつキ , . j swcig, Eldora business man, had the misfortune to hook car bump, ers with a car that had been foi. lowing him. Keither driver was able to free the cars, so the ether driver said he would locate a Roy Wagner Is Captain Former Local Attorney Commands Regular Infantry Company Roy Wagner Jr., .son of Mr. and _ _ _ ^ Mrs. Roy Wagner of thif cil\ and residents of this community for the and Mrs. Arnold Ft. McClellan, Ala Feb. 18, Dear Everett and Ed: Wclf 'tis the end of another day in army life for me. You sce m y | day starts at 12:00 noon 'til 12:00; noon the next day and then I have a day off. Here I am with a big cigiir smoking and rutting in a biテつォ L'sisy chair in the day room. The cigar, incidentally, curnc from our mc"is scigcant. He is the proud f a t h e r of boy. He says it is a rebel baby born to a Yankee f a m i l y , In t tic thinks it will get along alright. Since our company baker h;is one- day than -Well, I j -l h.iv, l.u, left to fun h l!n IP l ' lights off, so v.i 1 i"n now and v. in f ' i i / in "i i, i . 1 1 1 1 1 , , 1'vt. ./ami Ii. l.i i テつキ ai Co K I'id 1 II Ki On Radio Program . , i. rlv .., (l j. ( . KK ro[]S| son of Mj . テつキ " ' ! M ' . M. C. l.'^s. La Porte . ( ,u [,,,,., !ir ,| l u o !lv i. ltKin ca M- ,|,| l,n,|,|,, s r,,,m the Sunla Ana ,, ;,,,, , ,,, i, i l v ( i n u . r r u p l w l martial r. ] ,!,, , \,,,. K , , 1M , K ], i o impcar with 2iil Rpp,'l. C a t n p llテつォi il U. S. A i n u ). i i: 'i. c 1,011),' P.P.ll Tcli. I 1 '. 1 Gentlemen: Just rct-'iMvi il 'i -. ). rathn latp U i comes on M',' il' . テつキ"テつキテつキ ' ^rription i P' ' j u -M.i cnelfi'c- ( I n i k ! ' i i" II I i n l e n d Io Ii 1:1 I ,1 sometime I In i ni ( l. I i l ^ I r . ) , i . - d ( )ii'./i.i II . \ | lll;l ', , Ini'l. テつキ 1 sdiii l i t | I ' M , l , | Co Io ol Tier i ( a r i d i i i a t i school. He j i' m . i ' i i i i l h I h i - rmine'i I'evcrley I I'm -lord p ' f C'on.illis, Oie-. They ivi tine sp'n. ltLK". v . aRcd f A c I ' l I l l s . I Mid,i D.iiuc'll ;il a recent ' of .SuMiri s With Win^.s. a m i ) co.,st Jo-coast by I ' Iliidio I'mduclion Unit hum S.inL.i Ana. I ' l u . i h "f l,( t'oitc City 'テつサ"! U'P! I'oi rncT jire ir-cdic . [ l Oic^on siLaic collcKi*. I - i i i- i-, awi.ilinc call to left for school I have been (Joint; ^ Jr "" 1 '' ''!' n thc bakintr for the eonin.iMv. To , . was , of n.ilhi i - PI i a i. fi!-. h i v ; -,-.テつキ(.k On- start off with I baked 000 Brandt to Observe Golden' pow ' dcr biscuit - s - Thcn Wedding March 5 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Brandt, former local attorney, has been past 38 years, will celebrate their promoted to a captain, according golden wedding anniversary to word received here yesterday. March 5. The couple will open to 0 jg -. . ~ --テつキテつキ -- テつキテつキテつキ l U i i v c i aaiu *テつォt TテつサVLテつサテつサM .テつォrテつサ^.-i- -Cedar ij 3 '" Cedar Rapids and .wrench to disentangle the bump. and is presently' ers . After waiting nearly an hour, (his feht manufacture of own patent) many to .ras obtained by through Mr. Olsen and and no man nor wrench was available, Greensweig called on police wwho were successful in getting the cars loose. The Eldora man had not gone far when he was p au j Bargcr Talks stopped by officers at Iowa City *,, -..テつォ.f,-^TMテつサ oi, n ,,t the Hesn-iD. To Roy went to Alasika a year ago their home touch of town bet last October as a reserve corps the hours of 2 to 4 and 7 first lieutenant, and recently has P- m,, and a dinner will be served beer, in command of a company : -t noon to thc children and their of regular infantry in one of the, families and other relatives, country's oldest an r j most famousj Mr. and Mrs, Brandt were regiments. His promotion to cap. married March 5, 1893, at the tain has b?en anticipated e v e r ' h o m e of her parents in Knox since he received his command. | county, Nebraska. Mrs. Brandt i Censorship has prevented Rテつーy. a native of Crawford county, Wis. from sending home any informa. 'consin, where she wan born 'as Ida 'Jones on Nov. 30, 1874. Jlr Brandl was born in Sauk county Wisconsin, on Feb. 4, 1869. Their children include Mrs. Rhoda Fchl, Mrs. Mary Strohecker, Waller Brandt, Robert Brandt and Arnold Brandt Jr. of La. Porte City; Mrs. Charlotte Sullivan, Omaha, Keb.; Mrs. Edna Tcneyck of Broadhcad, Wis.; Mrs. Myrtle Lewis of Monroe, Wis.; Mrs- Frances Palmer of Marion, la., treat I got a chance- to make hut rolls. The company command' r was [he first victim of mv a complements cxprc.scd was The t h a t my nature of his work, but it is believed t h a t he has been traveling over much of thc ter. iver was, jt He l c c c n tly sent home thc thc c,ther s k i n y o f a po]ar bcar hc shot whi | C on one of his trips. Another local boy who is re. ported to have received a promo, lion is Leslie Newton son, of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Newton, who ha- been moved up to a first lieulc like *テつー th a nk テつサ" I for questioning about the descrip. coming. I tion of the man driving the other EPIDEMIC Big Bureau Creek Farm Bureau met car. Police investigation of the car. Thursday in the home of Charles revealed it had been stolen, and Ackerman, with County Agent 'Pirit T i *"*M*II\J revealed it naa oeen suuien, un^ ACKerman, wun ^uuni. ^RCHV ej f. schools were ordered Greensweig's information was Paul Barger on the program for jcarj|et fone Week - An epidemic; wanted to locate him, which hc a talk -- " T v -テつキ "" J i"-" 1 ""' T Clever has taken nvcrr tViPl UI:M*VテつサI.P n-oim thn Tnuia no 1 f - i i r o ' * , TM gave the Iowa City po.iture.' .. . I I - . I ' - on "Labor and Agricul. Mr. Barger also showed and Mrs. Eileen Luth of Water, loo. They have 38 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. under 18 years li ce . The call was not cancelled, moving pictures of the navy. stod not to at- and he was again stopped at Mar. I Bertha Mne Dimmitt, horns dem. gatherimrs. ahalltown for questioning. Mr.lonstration agent, will give ladies Farewell Party Held For Mrs. Mont-Fogs Mrs. Jay Anton entertained 10 J ladies of the community at a 1 o'clock luncheon on Tuesday, honoring Mrs. Mont Fosa as a fare- should be p i o u d of me-. .Seem 1 - l i k i everything I've- baked ha 1 , l;c'i'テつサ okc-y. Not bad for a beginner. While reading an army m.iK.i. zine I come across, this liltlc piic-m which in some cases is quilt true: "C. I. PIE" Four and twenty b'ackljirds, Were baked in borne; pic.s; AH the hungry privates Began to roll their e\c=. When the pie was opened The birds began to sinp; "Damn those G. I. Dake-i s They can't bake a IhinK." Most of thc fellows who were in training with me have already been transferred. A couple of them were remarking on places where' '1 hi pi|i' i i i me 1 nov. , IIP i in ' a r c sti iLii^i i I n / ai c ^iiii' 1 .Vi - i l l , , (if - ( 1 P 1 P (Jl" '.テつォ!' I 'I h i v IK V ( i j ' hr i all. YI i i r TIII-: in: uテつサ:i!'.s UNJUST T.I I i f l l i A M P I U P : ,(テつキ,-. York- N. Y. 1 FI b i n i i i - v 17, I H l ' J I Dear K i r ' l \Ve n n ' e l/i( 'ijn'i ' '.n j o u r i 1 --.!! ' o f Uli of the' Ilol.u i Mo.scs a i t i I テつォ , "Con-ult the AN age- Aftie-nc-in (in tlu- 1'o-tu i World." You may be intcicsli'd i knowing t h a t oui i c . i r j c r respond j to thit a i l i t l c as nc-ll as W t - cai j tell foiifirms the judgment ex. pressed by you. Kmce-r'y yours, Pondtehin Dudley Thursday Club Meets Mrs. Gardner 'I I n n - d . i c l u l i mi I l u s t Thurs. I iy i n UK home df M i s . Robert '.vilh .Mane ' l u i d n c r as. l-'rillov.mjf i l i e dub's an. I l l " d'l f o l k s "' r i ' | M I I '|"' L f'J' 1 Lhc-n- h u s b a n d s l . i L I ( I ' P IPテつサI K, a h o s i n i ' ^ s meeting テつキ'a I . 1 M .U v \ h i ( h L h c following テつォ r. ( 1 ( ( i i! of i ii p-i s. Marie , ' i a K h i M , ]n ~ n l i n t ; Mrs. J . G . M p . ( ; u i l k i ' i MP.C ))n tuli-nt; Lor. r.i r i ' J . u l ' i i . i - ( ( i i i , ; l j i a n ( j .\l r ^ V'v'i I, v I IP n i j i i - ^ t i c a s i j i t _ r . Bunco テつキ as jil.i;, 1 ' '1 p l i n i n ^ Lh(j r r m n i n d e r i f Uic a f i p r ( p p i n . I'VanK Khvcli a n d Uonald A r d i T ' O M , who i.s visiting ms / j i K - i K . M ? . .imj JVJri. M. lL A i i ( l c i - i , 7 i , w e n t;uc-its. Sacred Heart Here remarked, "he'd like to go to t h c , pVjrlrt V f Of the ?Ail^h .Q/ia T d a n / ) c Itrilji th/i nfrncp * ^ *^ Last Game of Season South Sea Islands with the grass skirts," and thc boy came with, "I'd just like to be a grass./ The W-i^-'i' 1 , baskdhall schedule lopper with you on the same is. will close on the locnl court Friday and." c'veinnp, Feb. 26, u i t h the .strong Say, Ed, the weather here today Sacred He-ail five- of Waterloo of- s somewhat different than it was fering thc opposition, two days ago, today 'he mercury The Sacrc-d Heart team took i reads 89 degrees and two day-f ihc mcasuit from the Rarm in Ihc ago it read 4 above. first game played on the Watcr. I was in thc USO club at An. Irw flocir in mid.January. Thc niston the other evening and got Rnms are out to even terms. This to talking to one of Alabama's will be thc last game for thc fol. southern belles. After a few lowing seniors: Harvc Bradley Dies In Detroit. Mich. Won! h i ' bc'tn received by rela. h v c c of th. 1 death of Harvc A. K i a d h j nf Ditroit, Mich, on Feb. ruary 1!. llu was the son of Alon. zo Bagk-y, a pioneer resident of Mt. A u b u r n , and i? survived by テつォ i f i , Kllen; one son, Cecil; i.-iuphtcr, Ire-no, and three grand. c h i l d n n . He- li\cd in thc vicinity of Mt. Vjbuni and Vinton before moving o Detroit about twelve years ago. Uc was a of Abo and Elvm Ayer3 of La Porte City. Lloyd George Frush, Ritter Residence Changes Hands Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Foss have purchased thc Glenn Ritter resi. donee on north Main street Md will take possess-ion by April 1. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Crummer are living in the house now. CORRECTION The recent of Gretchen .errテつサd in

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