The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 7, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1818
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is cimc.ivf 5 iuf V.i - ,y Iliclt!ii,.? i" v s. . . , . rih hi iTiipiJ.uia7'sa'Vvf,, - 'ra'" Hun!, Catii;rii.e U - .'ut I 1 - aadothei.. - L' v - - . l.V pursuance ofkn order of tht iiooo'ratic court tuade in the above caw, vet It re.,ld at ii me i opting souee mo - ne, n taeeifyof Ne Yotk, o the Sayy of f ary UWt. at It o'clock at noon: amier h direction 04 wownoer, tin those pre loW ground, tit uaw, lying and heme ia the eir - hlh - ward oT tht ltyofNe.v fork, rag (orly that part of - 'F"vjrT.7or.'iumoinyaMi, tsuutre, then known b? tUe 4metf Bayard' Farm, lying " v "iimiy i eaui ion - nem - uetig IS of if farm,, made by Casjmer A c !rirU on of tin City Surveyor, by ".wawnini, ,14b, 1 1 1J, 1 1KJ and 115.;; to tiold - ttreeL COutiinia fonr tnanivt or hlnrri m . gronaJ. Abo all tboae certain water l ta, lying tranediatelr in front of the tvfnr , hloclu, bounded at follows to wit enaterly by nwo - iimnj aouuieny oy waler - ttreet, and wetterly by Gold - Kreet, containing in breadth oa YValer - ttreet the dittance between Gold - aud j icKwn - rrreet, and running into the bait River at far ai the print of th rntnnrsilui r fh t jut: rujiU(,A A ofc4' 'LLMA.N from France would with J. to draw the attention of the citizens of New York to hi newly etUbtUbed Laboratory of Co - lours for walN, prepared lor immediate use, and "accompanied with directions for laying them on. 1 1 The colours are of the brightest tints, anj pre pared to that ao disappointment cau take place. - John's Hall, FrankJort - st. N. B. A Tery superior quality of Recording , Ink manufactured by the same person. - . ' JalyS? t( . A KKYKl) HARP. J A. GUTTWALDT respectfully invite . the amateur of music to inspect at bis riaoo torte Manufactory, ffo. 75 Maiden lane, a musical Jnttrumeat that perfertly equals the , barp ia sound and lux aurpatte it in point cfea - sy treatmeat, at it is played lile the piano by mean o airs. and cwatequently bas all the ad awiegesoi Mtinaat modnfation j the only rne in " aiaie aiso, an elegant llano f orte f tue tone, musical, variety atwi - worbmanthlp, wilbaaatsortroent of different kinds, whose good H"",lu7 "T euneu oy the undersigned tjuiuivui 'fwicyitra MVe the subscribers, profekwrt of music, do certi.y, that we have carefully examined Mr. J. A. Irttlwaldl's piano - fortes, nhich, for ingfnui - tyaad excellence of workmanship and uniform brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recommend to public patronage. MeWs. Oill. - s, Etianne, 1W. Jileeii.C. Thihault, Charles Gilfcrt." GI. HLVVBfc KY, I3i Pearl - slreet, re.pnct - . fuily informs the public and tho e ladiet And nllemen who lately applied for IIKTT - MtIV3 SUPER. PATENT Vl ANO ORTES, that behsjut received a new supply per IU - dins, precisely the same as the last, and offcrt loera fjir sale oa very ccomroodatin terms. - At Piano Fortes of this excellent maker have but lately been iutruduced iuto this couatry, lor waatofa correspoodHit, G. H. feels it incumbent t add, tb a their tones (by tbote wlware acxjtialnted with the.g are allowed to be full anil xprenive, ana 'Dave hiCietto Piveor gnivenal mm, action. . - Malsel't Patent Metrond'rnp for "sale. Also, lxidon selected Colledioo arid speci - snenofMnteralorv, He T ',.' - , j it i ' ' "r l.ACKAKY .iiai:hi. FOtt Select farties, from Elizabeth Town Poiut, for Philadelphia, anj (be Steam Boatt at 1 reatou and Britto., and (he Mineral springs at Scbooley's MounUirs. . NoUce sent to So. 63 - White - Hall slreef.New York, or HALEY ti STlLKS.F.Ijubelh Town, by mail, or by the Steam Boat Atalantn, w ill lie immediaMy attended to. J u I BViUr .,AI,tE, - s fin - merly timetuiuner of - r iiiouniii in we unitary itospiuis of Na pies, sad admitted a member of the .Medical So cietyof New York, where be has res dd eieee theyear 1798, and Us reputation and succeuia yiraetice it no esuanshed in the knowledge of .... - j nt.r iveiiij yean exnerienee, eon - linnes to be eonsuked at his office. No. iii Wa ter nmx, opposite urane wnarr. In Khearaarie aod Venereal esses, Dr.'De An gent lias been wonderfully successful , and the taeet Urrlble eiTeet of those disorder, h... fra. qaeatly beea eared by him iq a short apaoe of uui wi,u, mi ueviiTcniaaee 10 use patient. . Obstruction, ulcer ia the throat and palate, stiffness In thejoints, paio in the limbs, eruptions w tue .id, logemer wim a numerous traist or e - tils arising from negleet or improperly treatiui of tb most insidious of maladies, have given way to bis taode of treatment, ia almost an incredible taanaer. Hit extraordinary tueeeas ia, ia a great measure attributable to bis well known .And - tbeatnatieaDd Anti srpliilia Syrups, vbUh whilst they eradieau every form of disrate, rcetora the emaciated patisat to vigor and beaho. r . . H. i B. AU letters from the eoantry (poet paid) will be mended to, aodthe necessary advice and med.elu will be given and tent to aav part of the W I rtmm aiore Ivtp ers, iu. - il - tn - tioo - Clerk, a Yonn - Man ,.w" "laracter cao undergo the strictest UlvesbgaUoo, and wUo Ut JU y part of th. United State,, oyme." fcng h - chief object, wdl .n fOPPaJ perwd, oa mod - rat. UrlBt, mt.. r store - keeper. A lias adJrai i n UA at Ui. ahaU ma immliat. aUeotioV. : , , . TO l.i.T' And .possession given immediate! . ar.i'.r two (tory boas; in the first ward, welloi. rulaled lot a boarding bouse or large family j nc naosa eoaiaia aioe rontas witn a good Mirhen oa (be 6 - st looct a iara - e cellar, with the tHsnuatlaa water. '' To a chkI tenant the rent win b reoderata. Inquire at 114 Cnenwicb - wvw ; t - . aura iw LAXVS fpa SALU AT Pt CLIC AICTI05 VALUABLE RL ESTATE t'oi BALE, I - mw w bUHU UIHICU til (uv I A. District of Maine ami CooiuHHiwealltl of .viaMacTiusctfa, will re sold lor Cah t .Public AucfjoB, oil Wedneiay,theixtnd.Jay bfJ'ep - icuioer next, a l 13 o'ciocK at noon, the luli - ini va - ;e - f louM m trie ciry of New - rout, vu A tract of Lead bcintf pert of a certain town dup number three ctuVd Mcwrv. Jvion id that great iraci canea L(ier a. in u coany of Ux lord (funaetl York) cootaiaiiic twelve thou ud arre over and above htata reiervafioiu Mdexceptioaiofcertaiaioti. . Hudr. trarU in tottBship Dumber four, oa xuoouien or si. vroix III vet, co WH - Oae tract deaomioated the C tract on the Dial coutaialrif, aevro tundred and eibtdea acrti. uoemnrr iracilD Ui lowotlup denounoated 8. on the' p'aL coataioiae two tlmuitl twa naooren wi cigMTtwo aerM. tlc'luive of r.gcUier with the hereditament! aud apurtcoan I two hundred acrei Withiath limiU thereof, be' cm to lie aante bvk Djine orio aaywiae arptf - I tnno to Uaid Bujdeit. tiraviny 3.1, taiv, . - I IIO.VIAS BOLTO.V. One other tract in Mid townthiu Aritnminnli'd f t r ,T. ' : HB ,vv. v.w - ! avic nv.iNfv vi j j uiuMii,ii jriaaieriu naorery. one lot I vine wiUiin Uielueift Uimhai. nnf .in ivifciii riiKBcu iu me nm iw uimut - ir xirui acrea. toHi to Aaron rheiM. anj . Ik. 1 1 I I LI . I . a . V Antakt best, at lite. ame time and iHare. 4b - ; it win, ibis,, . , THOMAS BOLTON, J 89 QUI ... W!utrio Chancery, Li CUAACfcUV. r - ' AAoe ct.Vnm York.n. ' ' VS punaanca. of aa order of ttu lion.rb!e conn, oeanusdau (be S7Ui day fit Jun", ItilS, ; . will be toM at public auction, at ifie Toatina i : t'offtt Uiecity o! Ktw York, under , uic uirecuoa. w me raoacriDer. at one oi Uie maa - , Ter of urn court, on the tut day oi July nett, at ixo ckx:k at nooo, ui note aeverai biocki. pie SlI lot of Lafld in aaiil lllliinhin iluatl in theieCodd rabceoflota in the nirit,rn liklf of lain loivnbrnii. in wit viumtM 17 mi o 1 - " f a f f fcW. 41, and 33, containiajtu tue fame five hundred ancftnghty Ave acre. . aim, tixblrolioC land, ia the third range of aui viiriiicrD nan oi id iiiwnimn in j lumueri jj. jl . - i. rui. :ij dfi. &ni 47, containing j0 (be tame aeten hundrod. aud ior'vove arret. ... 0 other tract lying partly in Trenton and portly 111 rjumbtreLliLin tli count v of h tri or parccit 01 irroa iiu. iiiuaie. ii'ine atui twins 1 " "'" wwuiiuio, cuuiuninc ciiciuiiva 01 t . in the lowiuhJn of Hmoklwn. in iha mi "en, Crvea thuuiaod acre ( r.A Ki:gt,aod tute of New - York, aoreid, and I fry"1 'oU ch hve. been surveyed and known ind diitinrniihed oa a aiap made by Jer - 1 !" out ,T ttler, and retening every uch niia boii, yie ivio afij 01 Mirth, ltws, byl: ,r ' ""IC "ow f nmni. :r conveyed me lunuKiiig uoonaanea, 10 wk, uormerif m iniiin uacwwe rnu uiilrt, i,o - front by Waterilreet, toutherly in the rear by I 'e "a iuiproveuieota whicb appertain to rorrt - ireet, eaiterlr on the one tide br Jack - lor reriei tiiercou, lorluilins in the raid n , foo - atreet, and wetterlt on the other aide by 'he " undated bait of a taw mill. w hi w land belonging to tiie tame.) Together a uuuuie mwihil . n BrMi.mi iwa t u. ling house and a i tore, all erected on lott num ber teventeeu and dumber one. in Trenton a I'oretaid. l he above real euate un cnnvri tn ti, tubscriber, at aiii.tmt register of the court of lunmcrr oi me nine, oi mew - York, in trmt, j uum jvone ana r.pnrrvim uowen. Junior : ' of Hew - York extends, with the appurtenance, txecufora of the lait will und tcttaruent o'f t Dita Juue2,1818. IJolm Innea Clark, deceased by deed, bearlns m. - n ftjiw a. tiAJillI iujIi I """" ' unyoi reoroa - jr, mm, , .' . Muter in Chancery. Nute, The above property will be old in lot , uu parte,, accoroing tit a certain mnp to be wauc uieixoi, wnicn win oe exnioibiteu in the uooee - bouse one week before (he day of tale, . fc.JeJ0 iawtwdlw The tale of tbt above nronert it nnttnonvrttn (be Seventeenth day of Augutt next, at the Mine nit e. r uuur auq pidoe. . tuij ZU, lI A HlMIITflW . w , IIU vu, ,tlrlMt Matter in Chancery. " jVlOM' - ALi'A ForfcActortol.Kl',aMd f JL inutedrKte pestestioa giren, the beautiful place called Moot - AJta, seven mi Irs from the . - 117 - iian, nnweivorm iiiver, adoinng Lord Coirtenave. It contains SO acret of lana under - inrproreojnir, with a large garJen well itocked wim veireiBiiiet a variety of rruif, wiUi erery conveiiience f a fanilr. For terms, whirl are vry reasonable, and if sofil a lone crwli vea if wanted. pply to .. & D. TALCOT )T . 01 'wxith - ntreet. , - je l) - .l.,V.I l - be cuted to the purchasers by the subscriber " ucn iruiiw, in pursuance of a decree of Uie wii t oi Lnanctry. For further particular at to bnumlariiM i;l. j'uij 10 uia tunscnoer, at lin office, So. 4 Nairau - ttreeL where the til, and alto will be undo known at the time of I terms oi talc, twentv ner cent ea - h si the time of sale, and the retdue of the mone y on flVak .1 .i: . .!.. I. ' , .' . ISAAC L. KIP, Jy 18 ttlt 2iw3wt3tawlJ5t OtOKGE BRIIil'ORT. uniunilllS ARCHITECT AND rOKMISHKB .,uiumrii t - rnt - r oi i..rieniii and seveutb - strerti. I'hil ,t(.Inl,i rpHE public are rrtpectiuHy inforraed, that at - - UK n Hive amirest. ware - Knnmi t.n. it i - V"1" - " wn n enentive futorlmecl of Carpr ts, r, f iper - Hanginjct, Curtain Kurniture, Lamp. 3 Lustre - , Lookmg.f Jla - s Mates and Fancy r ur nnare ol every d tcription ; and that the eietu Don ol all order in the diffi. holatery. Phpr - Hanging, and Cabinet - Maklnir, will be uadtr the imroedi ate direction of G. hnd - poit, wh,r rnfeMional pursuit for many years having !H.tu the suiierintemlinc oi the interior Hi - coration pi houses, and fi rm his possessing also " - niri;uon oi iietint mt lurnitureuf every kind, with drawings showing the entire decorations of rooms, and bis constant intercourse with the best sources of taste in Europe, will, be hop;, enable hnn to meet the wishes oftbose who may be pleased to favour him tvitb their commands ; aud he begs to assure thru) that bit constant endeavour wid be to combine Taste, Nove.ty and Utility, witn Economy to enable him to effect thi, ha is provided wiih various vrnaiu - nis in Bronze, metal. Compusitioii, &Cl selected when he was last in Euronr. for th t. coratiou of Cabinet furniture, Cornices for Cur - tnins, Looking Class Frames, and other decora - Uvw furniture. Tbe above advantage, corabinod with bciaz fhs imitnrlaaAr K . a...: . . luiFvi wi iuo Tsriuui ariicjeiu - san. in . cute hisordar, wiiJoabJi htm to offer the putv 1 1 r a lAa al .... - I a I r , . . i wm vi ev arrivr uuai.iv nnu lai nun. nn f h auvri muucraie icrmi. boo them and Western VTprKn tm ri rrrinai'nw r aacy Goods, mar And it to their advantaea to visit (hit ettablithmeof, either to comrlete their selections, or should tbey wi,h to have imported various fam - y articles, not in the usual routine ol b.'ioni to suc h order, every attention w illlie ptd,and from G.B's arrangement in Europe.he will be enabled to meet them promptly. Oentlemen residing in any part of the United slates, by lorwarduig the dimension ol" their rooms, windows or rececs, to receivt appro - i pliate. luroiture. can be furnished with fani. and Paper - Haiigings, Curtains and Cornice. ruaue up complete lor wnulowt and beds, pir - table. book cases and side - boards, A.c. to suit recesses, with a variety of other furniture, at t.nairs, bofas, Cluffoners, Ladus Work Tablet, rcmuruae and uitung do. fcecrttaries, :c. fcc.i witn all possible exDcdition. I he loiiowing arti les are part ol G. Bridport's late import. ktioui. and are for aula at td w. - . r rooms as aoove : LPltaLSTEllY FURXITLBE. CARrCTlMO. French Tapestry of venous designs and dimensions, ' , Euxlish, Brussels, .r'liperuue and second Ingraio Venetian passage and stair so itch Squares for chambers Hearth aud Door Rugs . Eitra quality Blankets Green ind, Blue Table Covers. curta.iv reasiicax. Frnch embroidered bilk Merino I dmask i'laia and watered .Moreens Vleriao Cloth, iijrards wide Rich London ChiuU, Lenoes, for medium car - Silk Fringes and Binding Omajge41t.1l Kill Pulls Gilt Cornice Ends and Curtain Pius rxrea Basciaos. Groupetof Figure and Uinaments, in va:inui vuiuui a uu up uiuereni grounas, lor dacura - tiitg paooelt, tic. An extensive assortment of sattin & plain Papers Uo ! do . of Borders. &c. ic. LOOKING CLASS FLAT Ft. For Pier and Mantlet, t be got up io frames to tail the ptrtbaser vamcv vnamiTirnr Drawing and Dialog Room Lustres and Grecian liSUipi Mantle and passage do Can - telahri and Brackets for Lamps, &c. unuiet - t'ora 1 aoits, nn rter do Select article ofrirhCut Gloss Dinner, Desert aad Tea Porcelain best Plated Wares, with silver edge Antique Bast aedGn. Vasts, in ulaifer French Porrelaia Vases, for Chimney ornaments And a vxriety of tmaller articles. OCT G. BRIUPQItTluving been appointed nl fnr fho M ii f. - irH Mi.nSI. I ..n ... H.K1VIU '.OIUIV VVHIni. Will, IC" ceive as eariy a possible, anurnher of CHIM - fca iibLs, now exeruuag in inetr green marble, from sietign furnished by himself. This marble equal in beauty aad durability, the Verd Antique, one ot me marble 01 the highest price, anu winu in niccia in turope;. 0. also expect 10 receive, by the earliest arrivals from Havre, a neraber of Chimaev Pie ce now executing ia Pant, Iron, designs furnish eu ny nimseu. Many or these will be decorated withprmsia or gilt ornaments. Tbe drawings and dimensions of these various oetigns, may be aeca at hi ware - roosna, io Core out tr', i SO JawSra f INK with a good aunnlv of milk, and ! W can produce Satiafactnry te.timonials tif - r, wm meet , nk enconmrement, b7V"g at AJRS. SATULErtS, lQ. lf No. 36 Broadway. . f iI f K hill of l: round Otl thi writ mleofO I L' wicb - rtrret. beiirera HmJuh. ter - arreeit, SS by 00: ' t ... 3 . , ' '""'to M the rear of - the above, fonlindc ri - T: V, 01 T,UD'nKton - tfeel, SiTy t0 kHhtdoin the block bdow, beiwteu Waab - iuIm and Vett - tfreet. - - - i . - v , ; . , CUOO BCrei Of Laud IB l.nwmr n.rrf,ar. .T 7 V"uou vree, oa iue aorut aid mmm may 27 I11 Franklin Pnn' ! 15,162 acrcaor - Laut. ih f... t Mh "uiiii ana jyarion. r oit tsAlTiT J M. ,u it u in mviwi In r v rMtp 732 acre of band ia the tow'a of Barrvkorf XTSO ftrntri nf Lnrl ;n r'.x.i.i i ri nn ' InSraUCa - rjr.. 1(500 acretin Plm.r'. n.,k7Jl linQtrire at the oihee of tie Mibacrfter, 54 Ce mb 17 if . , v . - , . T4oSDfcR;&l'A'l Lis T HAifOK bTfiOP, A ,m 10 snave witn ease. - Buy ofSAcanr.Ri if you please 1 Ilia Razor btrop's, iculiar such, That llinrin thm lt.niur wiiK . ... , . - , n....,v.WI It A'ULR3 respectiiAly jolicils tlmse . wno cave not srot hi. r.itvee tt. bi... to lurnith (het!lve witn his new In, tor btmn. tid Metallic lleman who once make trial of one of tie Strops now offered, will evertry aoy otlier.jand uchi near lunuaiioa. mat ever an murk uu ii nnf erive the razors tl.ut - jndne which render Bit orai 01 mem useless, ami which is well known at. way to follow the upplh alion of all those hi'Jier to invented. Tbe above atrnna. an. in .r. use in New Tor, and are 1itinrm.h.,t rVm nil others. Barber who have ued theM av more A f I ... i r. , . . . iu. tm - .. B. t'ealert. fftmira ,uou 1 can mvseu. G. SAU.XDKRS, lb vvail - itreet Also for sale, Razors, Soan, and everv utcn ill rorfchavmg, of the first quality, with a upe - .nviuniuioi renumery, natr - rowtitr, A:c. irom Smyth', ew Bond stieef, London. , ine most iibend allowance made tp my i!x I O LET, A plcasaut baik room, at no. 56 Wall street, suitable for a lawyer's office, fossesaion immediately. Apply ia the front office. Je4 tOR S.1LK, A farm of between sixt' ity andfevetit) acres, situate on the weit bank Uk, niw,.,. 01 1 of .n.l r .1 ..:n r t. 79 " viiv uiiic iiuui me 1 11 1. if r ni i.nniMrtiiiiun ()n it are anew stone house M feet squaie;anew larm bouse, barn, tic. It form a deairahl at tabliahiueot bra aentleman wiahine in t.r. into the country, a iU situation, a to prospect, convenience to market, Sic. is not surpassed bv nuv iiiiue interior 01 the slate. It will be sold iow lor c ajn, on a credit, or exchanged for cro - i.rl. In I. i . .. . 1 . .j. ... 1 . Ult 7 ti 11. U a R. 5LDGW1C SFJJGWICR". Law Buildings. fi! BROWN, stune seal engraver and jcwel - JL . ler, No. 106 Broadway. - Coau of arms, crests, cyphers, eosraved on itunfl. Diamonds, amethrts. tooazes. f r.(. - .t in 1 L. . . 1 1 wufini or cut to any form. L.ndic seals engraved with mottos, device or rets. Books of heraldry kept with upwards of6C.0(Ki oajne. A Urge ajwttmrnt of thie eold seal, ehaina. and ol her jewellery. Jy '.'15 lui i lit liri.V.MMt l ltJAi. HAH ' PH E importance cf a correct ku w ledge - of X Grammar, is too much acknowledged to Died comment. 1 he uustttled hnd deaultoiv luauner, iu whi. h it is taiwht in coiiunou schools, is highly e aceptioiidhle. To have arbitrary rule sud delmitiont par rol like committed to memory, learned and conned hy rote without cmnmeul or elucidatioo, it found to lie generally void of uuii ly ; for so long as the prini iples nl rules are not understood, tliey can never be applied to actual use. Under such ioiproiiuntand mflui - nrJ h. . deiire to promote to utcful a bianrh (l f ducaUOn, Uie tubscriher pro pot a remedial system. In the undertaking, they are conscious ol no other motive, man trie promotion ol a braa - h orunnial. edge, which is an indispensible pre requisite in every other. Tbe subscribers anlirinaia mm. ui'itviiu i iu bv toiupieie a oevi.itioa irom the antiquated track, which custom has lomraim e sanctioned as the most eligible: but, to obviate inem, tney aiK a thorough and candid investign tion oi ils principles. It is a dictum, that iili out a knowledge of tbe reasocs on which laws are maue, no oae can know the law. A conviction oi its truth formed the most powerful incentive I o the invention ol tiie Gr.immatical War, whichcon - rya iii uie iuiiiu inrougu ine medium ol the eye tli reasons, the whvs, and thv wherefores. To be short, it etnployt the perceptive fatuities, the earner acquire a nniut ol attention, hit indze - metit it exercised, and be advances with ease and delight, j he subscribers hate takea a convea lent room in r ulton - strett, No. 1 29, where children, vouns ladies add genii emen iiiav afnuirea correct knowledge of English grammar iu sixty iiiuif. n toireei anowieoge 01 parting Will DC given to new beginners ; if not,oo pay will he re - a..Eu. n ucw viara to oria on vveaneSday. J. HROWN, Jun. E. I) Cl!lskii. - i ti K. 15. oung gentlemen, who have been instructed in the snort' term of sixty hours, will he presented for eiauiination each day at 5 o'clock, i. jj. cvnuiara receiven ami inairucted at arry hour from o o'rlorl. A. M. to 10 nVlmk P. M t arms oi tuition made known at the ahove men tioned room. J St) 1m ' A LOT of ground mi Broadway, between Walker street Mil Canaltrtet. 86 ft A viiivun .iucwiu iioieetioog. inquire of P. A. JAY, - 1 tf No. 37 IW - treet. IO LKl , AT sjj A part of a house and a front office ia Cherry - ftretl, within a few rodi of Franklin Bank: Inquie at No. liCcdar - strtet. Jy59 If ilil The HOUSE & LOT. No. 33X Broad way. The lot is 23 feet front and rear, and IbO leet deep. I he nouse n bu Icet deep, fini - hed in the best manner, and replete with conveniences for a large family. On lb," premises are a brick stable, two rain - water ri,terr., (oue ol which is brick) and a well of exctlli iit water. The situation is considered e ju.l to any in this city, lor parUculars, a.p!y id iitnitmin O. Vial urn, on the premi'rs, orlo ItOliF.RT POWNE, J5' 1" No. Tearl - tt. r, ji - 1 W! F.I R VP ? J.UAT.1TC m FRl'MENTO has received a hox nt the best perfumed Naples bhavin Ban. which be warrants to be oi the first qiitlily, and which he v.illaeli any gentltman wiabint to make Ihe trial of it, at No. 1 Wall street. J 7 Ira ACOBSTAkl sapply of la die Beaver Hats, freib from the raaJ nufactniy, luita - .ble tor tbe south - era rcarket, and txtckerl at tht . shortest notice. 1st J. WILSON'S, , lbU iiroadway Bg I'tftrt Patntl frtn the VnUt Ktait. CL'UJvN'S UQUUJ AC.XKSI A. - Approved of, and reeemnendd bv arveral of tfce . moat eminent pbrncinnt of Ptiiltdetnhia. . TUB I'riotpaauiK Jtohio of Matiieaie it pre - tented (o lUe publie with I he udoCiub and (as mineral water) at 1 l - '2 een s nerhalf nint. ur iu.t De nsu in uottles 01 an oval ahane. mark ed, in raised letters, Cullen't Liquid Magnesia" ami 1. 1.11.4 f'..n:... l...: r ail "nm V.U..II. .uiuiion oi magnesia. Observe, iioneia vpmiii... wl.i . n. . i .. i .. . . ins aoove ueseriptior. and is turned hv the na Willi v. ' . . jnnv rut. i v v Price $3 SO perdoxen, 75 eentt ol which will oe re urned on receiving the empty bottle. Sold in Philadelphia only, at Cullen's Chemical anq trrug store, u, east corner f Cbcsnut and seconu streets. Philadelphia, tUth - April, 1 8 IS. (T?" The Patentee. eneonrafft kv tk. ,i . .. of the Patent Ltonid Mairnniain lkiillnhi. .nH els where, respectfully infora s the inhabitant af Near York and its vicinity, that he has formed an etianiunroent lor lis tale at No. S3.i Broad wav. within two doars if Park Place, where be alan rasnuiactures soda Water of a superior quality, J at tf ' r i . St LAK'S t.'Al.t I.NKIl M ai.M .1 . A litmetlyjora Suur Awmici, Heart liutn, and a cure for Indication. I ' . i M. - ot.i ii AUN telA has been some time v' in life imtii m I iiiim una i . ... latterly II has been more Irequently used than for - utuj. it was ursi Drousnt into use iu Gerina - iij. aud was bitily extolled by Hoffman, on on whose aulbi rily it was introduced, hut very coi Caed ly, tillihc kuowledgeoi it, aad its i - " ... m.iic taitriiPivi iy utuuM - a of I lie au i?.... ..r ......i. .. , , . . ...... in n uii un m (inniimici, cuutieu an ' e.asay upon the Nursieg ami Alunagement ofChildren," ac. This author has bestowed much time and attention in tbe nivestiiratiiuini iha .rl.... n ih. uiruieii magnesia, and nroat instance has great jungement aud Knowledge of the subiect ou wbicb lie treated, and there hv ha. hmi'uhi this medicine into high repute. We cannot, therefore, more rroperly eip'ain i's repuled virtue, than by quoting the passage if which he recommends its use. lie savs that " the liul .1 general cause of roost diiease to which infant are nartie, is the acidity which their food occa sions in their stomat lis. Tliia acidity becomes very obvious from the cripuis and nureioe occtx. sioned thereby. It may not be irnproiier to men tion an easy and generally a certain remedy, or lainc. preventive. 11 time V aaminiaterAfl. nhirl, a me mHcrueiia am, caicinett. una mertinna effectually cures all acidities, proves a mild and lenient purgative, and keeps the body gently o - pr a, without leaving behind it that costive Mate which lay (he Inundation for many dangerous and troublesome diseases." Ibe author ol the above mentioned estar fur. uier oowerves, tuai " iioiwiiutlaoding the wcu - liar excellence ol this preparation in removirg indigestion, yet still it labors under a disadvantage difficult to be obviated, as nocnemiit ha at yet pursued a method calculated to divest it com pletely oi it crudities, and eive it that nre - en.i - nence which l merit (when properly piepared) .raiuju,!,; unuiaiHI Kir II IB B Well CStailllSnt 0 fact, that indigestion is the primary cause of a.a - oy of (lie most alarming and dangerous diseases incident to the human system ; consequently tbe magnesia alba, w hen properly calciued, would be the most tfiir.iiioui remedy hitherto known.' aucretsiul experiments have fully demonstrated, that tbe magnesia here recomrmshded has arrived to ine periectinn at which the above author bint s. . - oni only (hy apiointiiient) by J01LN C MORRISON. lril!Tt!it. Ifift (irenwirk .lr..1 and HULL & BOWNE, Drug - ists, 116 Pearl" aueeif.iew torx. J 31 lin LOTS TO LEASE ATTHENOKTII tJI I UAl E between Barclay and Murrav - tO ilreet'. Chamber and Reed - streets, Jay and iiarriKin - iireeti, ana nonn moor and Beach - streets, at a price very considerablv less than in. wren on their value, and at the expiration of me term me puddings tn be fairly valued and paiu ior, or a uew lease - ranted. Also, to let by the year at a low rate, several lots or j ardt on thi wter, well calculated for lumber, plaster of pari., c. Apply to PH. RHINELANDER. 21 ISrL - uear Uie Theatre. Several of the above lots will be .old t . m - Jerata price nd on a liberal credit. A small imrlioo of ihe money only will b required. June 1 1 tf 20 I.Kr, The firH and second floor in inr "C 8 t letcher - street. The room, ar large, being 25 feet wide, "0 feet deep, well calculated lor a tvnoiesale crockery store, for storage, or inrolhar r.uinet requirinj much room. To he lot ir - .. tber or separate. Enquire on the preinises, oi at 148 Pearl - street, tip itairs. jv 34 NEW - YORK SPERMACETI OIL U CAN - ULE FACTORY No. 6t BROAD - WAY SAMUEL JL'DD, ha for ale. .hniiUiml VVr 1SSw,n'et rwed and (uinmer ? VT 7f'5raioed Spe - mnceti A Ot'e t tiA Uti. at Ihe ilni. 11 ... at the old stand, 138 Fly Mar - kef. Alto, SPERMACETI, WAX, & TALLOW MOULD CANDLES. Together with a general assortment of Lam pi. Lari'p - (larses, Lamp Wicks ; and for the accommodation of customers, '1 in Cani - ters, from t to IS ralloni : Kmwm. from 5 to li v.llnaat J r(om 1 iiJdoiwiibtrtiistjofoihtr article, all of whir b are warranted of the first quality, and as t heap a ena be parcha - d in New - Yen:. 1 he above article eeot Io an r,.rt f ih. .1. Lireeofexpentewherethe r - vircbaatr make it auv.ycvi. j wj - espnmeul mti 1 . A rTj2i . j ,T'e propr,ipit wrt a s tlftr flf lI.Mi.iiiiiT'.. tl . Tiew OI - ini, . acCi'ltiUKMiatl. IgTliC Tpu'ic, nvexii m:ins tiie Br mm''' Norwich, intend u,aLihjt rt(iiUia r ultoo. Com. Law, and partiatilar; romene.uou of many of the most Oiis rouU (if found pracUcatiic) will becoutiuued Kspeoablephciansofihiseity,MtJieaosteli' during the season. , , ' u - - u"iiveu gibtevBode of - eahibrting magnesrtr Tbia a ilu - 1 he line will in future' beVrom Sew York to tion poasesse the virtues of t at medicine in an eminent degree ..titi more speed ly iilh greater ertaiiilf nd ia not liable to form eoneretioot in the bowels, as Me tan. Braade and Monroe have diso' veredsrc wioelimcs nroduced hv solid ma. aesia. it combines with itaanti - ae d ind arjericnt mt. .....I.. Ik. mmmr M.l II.. . f I . I 1 o persons of b - lious hsblf. it is recommended asaa excellent eorreclnr of bile and adity eoro - kuoicaies tone to tbe uowaeh ' perate as tentle taxation, and i sta' li.hrs a nernia ent a d rcgrnar ttaie ei me eoeeit A discreltonirv use of this ar ecable beverape enable persontef ev. r g , sex and ontitutio to k CP their bowel moderate, withnut I ha nir oTealra or dmstie purges, (hitherto nsed) which never fail to confirm the costive ha' its they were mlc dad to remove, and todisoider for life t: a organ of digesuon. ui ,m aiumacn one ana otner acuta are evoued, causing gout, travel, stiffness, ..nd ena ere lion o; the icnits Ihe solution will enliven. palliate, aud often lerame hese alllietinj eom - plain . fadi.estion and mtnv dianulera nf ilw. aysf m, irequentif proceed trout aa aeuliou state "oricn, a follows:. The t - onueci - cut, Cat t. Itaiikrr w ill 1..... V . .. ' W'diKidmi and ifrirfav, at o'clock, in th; inorniusr. . lor Nw.M...n Ti,. r..u... v.. Law, will leave A'mruli at fi oVi w in L.. morning ofthesame day., touch at A'cu - Lou. v,..v.v. U.D .o.7 ucarwit pnipeny bi aiiaying wnuaji irotn uience for JYevi.Hatm at 8 the toon cieesttte vomiting, and off o'chk. Tbe boat, will meet at JViu Hattn. i and offensive matter. Hence nwy be infer - d depart from tbence every Monday, Ir ulins - red lt.reat efficacy i.: thesuumercoiap alnUof "vaud 'nrfoy, at 7 o'clock iu the eeuiiMtl,e females, thi dre n, ate. Ke. " fonnec tirut lor Veu,.l'0rt. and the Fulifm fnr . . . j . ... - - .. nib 17 Saw at Ri. n and caauaiova ssaik - aiA TflaEK T1SIE A wiiir. ibi - rrrra. I EAVES iew6urh evo 5; l - i ry S - indav. . 'J uesdav. Wa.wi ri i : atflliro n'fifVLT aeaanai ft - - I. ' . v. vuv aviiay luruUEII rt l i f '.D".ry,r - Cl00ni,n,.,Vrh' '''ooticello, by n bite Luke. Cn.h.r inn k u;,.i ui . Ren.1. r - K.T. ' ZZ a ' "."ul Vr'' vHviiruigu tiifiT. i j nff en if luce. ..! t - .. ta, toCanai daiiru., " ' Retni ninir leaves f!iniiul,imi. . ..J A., iv - ri..... i - j.. r. . v V ."""J ma jay mominMattliree auu BITli ri U nru - htinrli Ih. t . b .1... .: . . , .. r. " u - . wine w lane me steam - boaU which arrive in Hew - York the following momintr C7 Jl mitybetijHticd iKat at all tmn vhtrikt ol the stomach i chihben are Dtrticu arlv .ubiect ram - 6uoi efr rAeir dnvt nf trt titis' ikfi to this depraved condition of that ormin. in con. Imt trill aUer tn a, i !. ' - ucn ot tuwrexistiogaimoateniireiy on sndk The whole route will be nei forneA in tt, and vegeuble diet. A small qiiantity of tbe aolu lion (which children drink with aviditv. and in gene al prefer to ewery other bevenee) will in a short time neutralise the exittinir add. and. if sununweo, Will prevent the fbrmi,tinn of an new acid. ' Independent of the other dvantre the solu tion possesses over crude magnesia, or any oth. r medicine, intended to produce a similar efleet, ine tuprnor puntv ol the mamesia contained in the solution (the patentee having discovered a . - - - I, ,,,,, u,c hfleMUk nrtl.l. . r . ... .. , .nun me nri oi way, in ..lur uav. ana from the 15tU lit cember, tut. tit ine tjtteenlli of March the same line will k. continued to me city ofNew - Yoik anl from thence to CauandatgiiS in fair days. rasacuircra craveilinr tlXMII Kew.Y.irk - n oanannaiTiis. liairaraor Biiflulo. i.n process oy wnien he deprives the tnsenesia he r.t in . . V .j 1 - - make. uW of, of the numerous impuriti. - "Zt.l..'. U "rT w.y contaminated withl must eive it a i!ii!e.l nml'Ku . 'rf.f Jays - a thatarit e of three preference ovtrevcry other preparUon : to avoid ,U'' i"" " ' ".e l'"e " wcl1 wrnlaheil the appearance ol empiricism, the certificate of 1.8'onJ; tiew camagea j good horses, ami thep ,vsieiant.nd other annrnhainrv imimnnr. caretiil and cxnerienceddrivera EverMtt.n. are not'publiibed, but mty be seen at the (tore t'011 ' he paiil to render the passage of tiie a - wfT (La ax. 1 I IV . . . " r"w. uacncr aaic, easy ana expeditious i and it i. I I. . ........ . I , . . ... r .1 L I .... - ".. " wmuun uiaj ctuier De oranx at ine tount, days, from the first of May, until the first of novemoer and from the first of November until the fifteenth nf Iteremhe 4... I Aw.M I - bethto . . believed that the accommodations on thi line are equal to any lme in the tate. (HT" FAKE from Newburgh to Canandaiirua FOURTEKN IHJLAUS. b N. U. A branch of the same tine run three time a week from Ithaca to Auh llm Aluea a. line run from Owcgo Tioga Point; then'ce uiruiigti incwiownana fanned Post, to Uatli tj aV , . ', BAGGAGE, as usual, at Uie ruk of tl.e uwncr. David Godfrey. Bloorjiingtiurgh,') E. C. St. John. Mount rin. ...i I L. tl R. Manning, Chenango, Luther Gere, Ithica, Samuel Ureeolifl, Geneva, Oliver Phelps. mh 14 l6m , Propric tor. VCn i i riiit'i ui.i ., ., : - " - . m uj.iiiijf,i I Ul.v T, T EAVES N. York each day, Sundays esrent ed, from the Ciot of White. linn r.ittl near the Batter', at 5 o'clock and 10 o'cKk A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leaves l li,. roint at 8 oYlorlr. A. M WiiouPiNt; t.i)i;r;n ainl knir ,,.,.i it o'clock and half past 4 o'clock P. M. Je VU II ffOHTU CS3 EEL MVKK A i KAM - HUA i s. (kT On the I lib of Ma v, jv commenced running four 7' Kf tlme " week. A Boat if1"' New - York oa Tues day, at l o'clock, A. M Wednesday, at 5 P. M; r ri. ay. at 9 A. M, and Saturday, at & P. M. ol v" . B0U " "otl e'sf'ea Albany oa Moo - 9 A M ""way, aoq satura.ijr, at Tbe Fire - Fir leave Naw.Yorlr . t...j. Thursdavand Saturdav. at a a.m. rnr ..! burgh, and rcturnsoo Monday, Wedneday and Friday, at H A. M. Jti6 I 1ULIOK SCOTl'S. Pertnr.1 Mi.L.r. U which is a safe and effectual remedy for the whooping couch. It is oulv ten TPS fa ainr it lltllllil. And .lima llmuanni. nf .k:u , .. . ' 7 r - 1 - .:iuiuren, 110m in tnglund and Scotland, have heto cured by it, alter every other medicine had uern usea wmioui encct. tt I held in (lie high est etiimation for it excellent and salubriou pf'moie genue pertpiratioo, re, move vid phltem bv an eatv and toration, and is highly salutary to the lung : it 7i,uit:ii nuuoeienustne siomarn, gives liberty of breathing., and produces the most uc, taiuiary ann nappy eOect, by prevent ing those distressing and coavulme coughs to which thousand of individual, in conse quence 01 neglect. orematurel fall, .nt - riiv. - It i not by exciting a temporary atirrtulua of reuci in uioe violent paroxysm that iu quali tie are manifested, but bv effectually mg those ditresin pyroptoms. by rivlnc ar Acre - ,.., A TL . a j 0 V "5",lr 'o "'c weaaened n ame, and renovated neaiiii 10 the afflicted individual. . Sold wholesale and retail, by It. Robertson, npouicrary,o. bit llroadwav. and J. C. Mnri son, Druggest, No. 188 Greenwich - street, N ioik. uruggesta throiifrhout the United - tatea, may be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above places, at the niacin wnoiesatc price, J,y 7 2m MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY Or Tn citv or sia - toix. 'I Iu oldetl Jrutitutionfor Insurance egaimtjirt in iiiuniv,; fNSURE asaintt Los or Damage by Fire, 1 Dwelling House, Ware Houses. Buildings in rneral, Merchandize, Ship ia port and their Cargoes, Household runu'.ure, and every description of personal property, on terms at favorable a aimilar institution, in tl.iscitv. Thi Company I incorporated solelv for the purpose of insurinir aeainit losse hv fare, and tin. circumscribed it operation, chiefly wiUiin tint city ana immeaiate pmximirr. In addition to the Capital Stock. S .OO.OOfL which is secured by bond and mortraire on rel estate and public stocks, thi Company possesses a nanueonie auqnuB iudu, investea in like man ner ; part ie assured may therefore repose the ful - test coDiinence ia ine tonally 0 iu capital, ami that any losses or damage will be settled wiih promptitude and liberahtr. ' The different rates of premium and condition 01 insurance are uniiorm with those of tbe other t ire insurance UUices in this city. . The public are referred for nartirulnra in (h. printed proposals ia circulation, and which aay be had 00 application t - t No. 52 Wall atreet GABRIEL FURMAN, President, JOHN PINTARD, Secretary. H ' st 5 3 . I OHA HEW ITT still reside at No. 242 Wa - sl U r street, where he has a very bandtooie and lashionahle Msorttaent nf Cahinet Furniture cm hand, w hich he will warrant to - lie or the first q'lahty. He solicit his New York and southern friends to give him a call, as be flutter himself they will not be disappoitted. Orders executed at Uie shortest notice. J e ti tf C i Jwcn U,itg,tbatdj.r 4lit. a3?k Ctd Ui tW ti n ZZZZr tire of iufinita P'oflne. sao .re anrwaJly irieTCLfiLji'Cbleft 'o. sBte. The rlitea; we hSea,0", of - tal jecu.U chiefly to Ihiirce.'vS" .tola. and by a di,ae not in iu wtZfT.n, which only prove ao from r4lect ?UI' UeatmenL" A ?' itnproD., Uent) now wrfartirk. - ..16 H'.p. under physician, of geneial pTacti.! '. be and re!atedly.alivt,d j wheaerf - , " J"8". Dr. U. (bw a gwt'eaan'o to' Wdu' were canons, and hi rteih dJL - " bontt bi. friend. declad be twotrjontb.kinper. , Ti - .." rPWysorviv. know with what e. anT.L"uZ.eiPf'aieiitali, cat. Uia i severest casea, and eorihrm.'.i ,rsa' - tuuon. Tbe Doctor', pim? sti - cessary t guard the pub.'ic tins.T." a ercury, and other fstal delwsion, he? i r ' Peris therefore, baring rlV0 - .ie o apraer, or upectJug latent P"" admonuihednot to tam,r with JKl. V lion, or conceal the rii...,r :ir"'r .cstit. ry ; othersbavimr th rem...: 1?1. or other impuntie. ofti blood, aiwel ..",' er complaj:.!. of a delicate antare U . ' sex. lKtd rememhe, tnter.,? ' io tneir consciences, bv nii.kMr . , .rwie to Dr. IL at hi. ij Z J"..".' - . .'P "cUo. lithnient, Ko. 64 hter - atreet ! ' t,ta'. nf Old - slip, ! obJJu. ? TroasS on ei.L - ul.ll rT. . f . V1 a,'tanc .. let me claim y"ou7 reuousralR bV' a tutitrocinl cure is no cure at all !Zr tmf.t sinew i. radically doue, Z miVc eVhl b - the disorder break out igai wifj ,il! rJhlv 'viwiw rcnietiy. Ilim'l vu. A 'be .treeu miserable. mZtiV, J:Aen .f i - j.... uivvi uuacua (neirfaca' i usrci ii y ou, "ynRs, wittiost fae wanun - . Dr. IPs. character for skill ad ifubhnra si ri'y being umvertany known in Thi. iU 1!" lew, guarantee to patient th.r aZi j c - ry hitherto unknot 1 prartrce for rears part, exclusive j?, .r"d to disease, of trie blood ,"m Xy lr?.1 Gleet, eradicated intw or three' weeks Stiit lure removed withoat bnuri - T.. .""r er instrument ; and all debilihe, 1 1 k ewiVaii old ulterations, fistula's 4:c. " H .i a H1CM re prorided, aad so sit, alrd that paueuts are not exposed toeb other. Iir00' 0pen ,,IJ hlfrt9iath7nina All person, concerned are'invited to be7rei '.a.ling, and .peaking with Dr.H. which i. t,H of cost. Anj here the Doctar cannot Trofd . eiproMton of gratitude for innemtrakWecoi! mendations and for the decided preference fit ,. Ert & 52 ft: ".srl8p4,,p,w' Aug7 lsr sumui wACKKRit .ujjrmmri. dJOJS. rR. EVANS' .0peri,t - tLmethod of caring a c.i. tain lisease,tsoowunivi. sally acknowledged in till V ! us mikle 01 treatmttt a pencMiy nuld, safe, ei i - uiuuaa. ana ni. charg a reasonable In every u. itance warrant a cnr and will return (ha na ifU doe. not perform n.r...!.1. :ifc - ..tocortrt. Aft .a - I. s . ' , - j . c .nn.w. nncT aiway ot servrd. 1 here are many persons in this rii a. a cimty, laboring under varirm chroiie diseases, 1 1Kb A. caACJifa, old iaveterata utrera, armasla or king evil, fistulas, rliaeaae 0 tbe are tin, bladder and kidnies, erd complicated compltin.'s of a certain nature, UJicu and other obitrw. tion. rlieamatism, Ac. which thrr consider iar.. rable, they can certainly he rnred (in general) by applying ,t Dr. EVANS'S Medical StorS 9. Peck - slip, ha vine practised in hospital in Europe 18 years, utvdrr tome of (be first Surgeons and Physicians ia the world, lrj made those obstinate disease, his constant straw for rtO rear. j A FRUMENTO, No. 1 - Wall (tree t, gentU - CX. lu n' die nine lootn. hasfnraalea faar Ra. sort of Damask Steel, made by the celebrated Marguw, 01 Pari. He baa also received aa aa - sortnieiiloftbe best English Razors, which be warrants good.r - lf proved to (he contra nr. mo ney reluaded. f Also, cuts and dresses hair in the latest stria and in a manner so as to adapt it to the phtiax - nomy. v nlr. t KU.MENTO return his sincere thanks to his customers and the oublic in retieraL (or their very liberal patronage, and solicits a continuance of their lavoars. He has likewise procured a very fine hone. and engage, to restore raaor to a very ktea edee, umu auwHiu icjf hui vai wen nc wiu reveise no rerompenrc. Gentlemen who subscribe bv th onarter. wiil have their apparatus kept exclutiielj tor the a - ivea. . jeati FOR tht above troublesome aud often iafat complaint. Hamilton'. Elixir is offered, with confidence inspired by twenty vears successful experiment. A tin git (rial will prate that it cUs - ludge and evacuates the tough viscid phlegm or mucus, strengthen tbe weakened vessels of the lungs, theathet the acrimonious humour which irritates them, and finally diecbarce it. Tbu. striking at the root of the disorder, tbe symPt tointare ofrnutse effer.tnally aad permnoently conquered ; (he reverse of commoa medicines. which weaken the constitution, and give trergin to the disorder, for tbe sake or moderating for the pr. sent tome of it painful t fleets. TO PARENTS, who have child rea afflicted wllhthtt dreadful maladv. this i a discovery of the first magnitude, a it afford immediate tt - lief, checks the progress, aad ink short time entirely remove the nioetcrarl disorder to whKh children are liable. The elixir is so pttlectly - grcehhle, and the dose o tmall, (bat ao iliCicaliy arises in taking it. Be particular to ask for Hamilton' Elixir, imitations of wLich are offered to the public, bat none are genuine without the signature olU. cee. ... For sale at LEE'S medical warehouse. No. 46 Miden Lane, end bv every respectable Drag' sit in New York. J 10 A yuunu black - woman. ija. apply to J 29 2w FOR S.VLE, For terrn,' c Mr. H. ANDERSON,. , No. 10 Statetreet NEW - YORK I - PniXTED AND PVBUSUtO ' . :. ar MIVUA Th UUltKHAM k CO. . No. 49 W 1 li.i a w - pt ixtt m - r orroe it av t rAait Corrsit - Hopta. -

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