Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 8, 1931 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1931
Page 7
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K. Hare, Hound Race I for. Madison Boys 1 Planned by Center Plans for a hare and bound race to be held at i o'clock Saturday afternoon for · toys attending Madison school were announced at the Meeting, of the Madison school .·community center Tuesday night «? e ti!? r -t a ^ d hound race wi " **·*·'*· .at the Madison school. and end In West park where games' arid stuuts - will be. staged. Then the boys will go to the Y, M. C. A. for a swim. , /., The committee In charge of this ·event is composed of A. 'D. Tllton 'Frank Malllard, George Nelson and H. A, Wright. · At the program of the community center H. A. Wright played several selections on his mandolin and .mouthorgan:- The hobby show at ,tne Y. u. c. A. was also announced. - Dwight C. Drew,'state Y/M.-C ·A. secretary, was ihtrqduced at the meeting. He left Mason City Wed- .nesday morning for Marshalltowr. following conferences with local Y. M. C. A. officials. tfASON CITY HELEN HENDRICKS News Editor Residence Phone 212 OFFICE PHONE No. .239 DEWIGQINS Circulation and Advertising Residence Phono-67 the pockets of the coat were found! Standing Committees of ... 9$£ ^gue Are Named Vivid Description of Woman of 1632. MNDRDFF GOES ENDS ; when 2jemb touches' the' sealp ·- Douse cooling, healing, cleansing ;ZEMO,on: the scplp; and rub Vigorously.. If you're M'.y thousands of . others - t h e . way dandruff vanishes ,and itching stops will tie a surprise -and delight, .Use this remarkable clean, family :antiseptic and liquid Jreely. It's the sensible way to get ,-nd of Dandruff and Itching Scaln .Keep ZEMO handy. Safe Ind de- .pendable for all forms of -itching ssffivSgs*.*** ·**:«* FOOT IRRITATIONS I So ft corns, cracks between toes. J elc., iSieved at once and healed by "tesinoL -- , April 8.--Corji- .-- ,for .the ensuibg · year were named^by Mrs. J. W. Pattie, pS pent of the Civic League, at the first open meeting of the year at the I. 0.0. P, hall Tuesday afternoon The membership committee which T a 5 ' I l oharge of this session included Mrs. Gladys Yelland and Mrs Cynthia Taylor, chairman, Mrs P' W. Bryson, Mrs. C. P. Olsson, Mrs! OScar Peterson, Mrs. Forde Lee Mrs. b. S. Sullivan,- Mrs. J F' Chnrlesworth, Mrs. Albert Ertl/Mrs' Wylie Gouger and Mrs. P. G.' Cookman. .They reported 58 paid mem- pershlps at the close of this meeting corresponding, to 29 at the first session last season. · Reviews Book. Mra. D. H. .Campbell reviewed the *P°*~ "Unafraid," the life of Anne Hutchison, by Winifred King Ruinr The book:deals.with facts Ind not ',?,,,; ^r r f a ^ s of the ^agination. Anne Hutchison who was the daughter of an Englishman paid heavilv for her beliefs. She became tho leader .or women's rights in America .Because of her modernistic views she was openly crrticlzed; excommunicated from the church at Boston and banished from 'tha' com- m * J , " a hereti0 ' After her husband died in 1642, she went to Lon- Island where .the Indians 'killed he? children .tefor'e her eyes and later Callanan, Mrs." J. B Patterson; Mrs. w. H. Orr,.Mrs J C. Davenport, Mrs. D. F. By'ers, Mrs \ H ar f- aU ' Md Mrs - F W. Trip; and finance--Mrs. W C Our roll Mrs. R. N . Rinard, Mrs Clausen. No Work Can Be Done Any Better Than It Can Be Seen The manual worker knows how skillfutoess results in additional pay The mental worker ia also well aware that quickness and Keen perception boar eolffen fruit These qualities depend chiefly, upon the guiding ey6. Visit our office where you are assured of safety service and sat-'-"- itioh. OPTOMETRIST Phone 658 First. National Hank Building -,- .-- to meet at her nome tor discussions was the forerunner of the Woman's club of today. v,JT C. Mawhinney sang two num- TMH'..J°- :? e G a rd en of My- Heart" and The Sunrise and You." He was accompanied by Mrs. c. Chase. Mrs J - «- Tumbleson presented a piano solo. Tea was served at the close of the afternoon by the committee of xrl n ^ W .° ff i ce F 3 ' Mrs - J- W. Pattie. Plattenberg and Branson Families Return From West £^£^'^3* ^C^«.£S »£ turned Tuesday afternoon from a winter's sojourn at Long Beach and Pasadena, Cal. Darrel Glaus, Pasa- wIM st r ° Ve Branson car thu. He City to visit at the home of"^ uncle, Ernest Claim. The Flatten! bergs will remain over the week-end at the home of tteir dil ht M ^ Curbs Amen, Mason City. The partv covered 2,500 miles o/the return f "'" thru El Paso and Oklahoma LAKE TRACK MEN HAVE WORKOUTS Team Prepares for-Opening Meet With Garner Next Week. _CLEAR LAKE, AprJU 8.--· TO BE REPRESENTED BY 41 MUSICIANS District Music Contest to Open at Estherville on Thursday. · Forty-two Mason city high' school musicians will ...acksters out 'in f«ii * *L^^utk The ac work conditioning preparation' for the Garner next P « - ^ Of e °ys. Hanna is clearing- the bar n good early season form ^anS with 'ood weather conditions Joe Jensen uSW, J 0 top the vauU L e ° stated. ASS ' 3tant Coacl1 Skinnel . mid(JIe .distance Winnie, w *TM the inside track with Beedle, Beckett, Leland and v' Carter an(J bear the brunt of the Name Committees. f n J f W remainde r of the 'committees lor the year were announced: Lake F Sr Mr ^ P - G ' At herton, Mrs?C n' B iS^? '^ TS - D " C Branson,. Mrs. H^ £ Mrs ' A " 3 ' Dic «: TM c *e« tion-- Mrs. C: R. Wood, Mrs. R B Kennedy; ^Mrs G. E. Brose, Mrs] H. D. Cole, Mrs. Henry Clauien- ^nservatio n-Mrs. A. 7. So,S, SniTM C ' JPalmeter - Mr9 - B - B! StUlman, and Mrs. C. A. Knutson. °ree Knutson, . M. , e r - G Stunkard;-; welfares-Mrs. ·· F ' P Walker, Mrs. H. N. :Halvorson F r"^?' MrS ; H - M ' Knu ^on, Mr f 'j K^' nette ' Mr3 ' Wallace- A. Dre and Mrs. Henry Volstad; sanltatio Farm Bureau Members to Meet Friday Nieht CLEAR LAKE, April 8,-^he Community Farm Bureau members plan to. meet Friday evening at Grant No. 7 for a program. Dofothy Dolley and Mildred Prescott will both give readings. Harold Charlesworth will' present some music and a trip made up of Zilphy Long, Nina Harding and Margaret Widger will smg popular songs. A debate will be staged between Charles Zirble-and Frank Jamison. George Prescott will read from the Farm Bureau newspaper. All of the. members have been asked to bring sandwiches and cups. ji" f ^f honors in the low urdles. Biggs, Hughes and Wood- ""» are working on the broad h?^ D h ?° d Garlock aTM hand- farJ ? B 3Ump WWIe G - Jensen, tt ' Jorgeu and Woodwlss are "'.hers working, in the field events Sondrol, Chapman and Martin m i g f[ r flrat taate of compe- tUion over the mile rpute when they E? l'? 1 ^ dlst 5 nce »en of Gar- i. -- ·-TMi,twi»t*i. JiietJL Has cancelled because of the dis- Mav S 16 ^ mins on the same date, M . Negotiations are now beine Northwood^for ! re A p r U 24 ' M tWs is K h e schedul e will be com- CLEAR LAKE CALENDAR BABY HAS COtlC comes suddenly. Your first intimation i- that something is wrong may be a warning · cry m the night. If you have a bottle of Castoria . handy you needn't worry, for a little of this pure vegetable.remedy wil! soon have baby his happy self again; let him go back to steep.-. Castoria is always the sensible thing to eive an .ailing child. When a child is rartless/frathil ·with coated tongue, bad breath' and" lack" of appetite, it is a mother's standby. M6sfmothers give Castona an important place in their homes Ready for sour stomach, constipation, or upset. When buymg Fletcher's Castoria always look for Chas. H Fletcher's signature on the wrapper, liiis identifies the genuine product. Thursday--AKrurian club luncheon at the Clear Lake Country club Mrs; S. Kennedy, Jr., hostess Owls club dance at the Clear Lake Country club.i''· · ' ..:-.;' ' Friday--U. Y. B.' club 'meets. at;the home of Mrs. Bernice O'Neill East -Main street. Evening bridge party for membe of the Clear Lake Country club. SL Margaret's Episcopal Gui luncheon at the home of Mrs. ~ P. Byers, State street. Christian Workers meet at th home of Mrs. Arthur Nealis, Oak · wood park. ' , · Community Farm Bureau meet at the Grant No. 7 schoolhouse. Local Woman Suffers' ' Fractured Right Arm CLEAR LAKE, April 8--Mrs H E. Doescher, Orchard avenue, is suf fenng from a fractured right arm received, in a fall Tuesday. The chief trouble seems to ba iat bad people won't respect a good aw if good people don't respect a bad one.--Austin American. CLEAR LAKE -BRIEFS Frank Jrarqaard, painting, Papor- Hangmg, decorating. Phone 389-J Mr. and Mrs. u. w. Warner haw nioveo- into a cottage on teenorth Dorit .Nedlect YourKidneys/ If bothered with bladder irritations, getting up at night and constant backache, don't take chances! Help your kidneys at the first sign of disorder. Use Doan'sPtlls. Successful for more than SO years. Endorsed I oy hundreds of thousands of I grateful users. Get Doan's today. Sold everywhere. DDANS PILL mer. t the i sii'm- . ^i_-- - IOLS $10 a mo.-- VCRT* T A.^Gard, .Ventura. and Mrs. A. W. Verbeck returned. Tuesday 'from stay with relatives at At kmson, 111., and at Davenport T -»r -··Mi-^jvinuvg Slat Joe Van Hyfte, who is in hospital at Davenport ^L^M^ automobile, t. t--Apt. Fred Rogers -- · ·· «"«t L a uii, o arrive Wednesday nigtit or 8-- CLl£ ^' tere * p rl ?ii' r ^" s - w«wood pak will the compeYition.^"" 3 W ' U 6nter The Mason City delegation will consist of soloists and small groups, inere will be no competition in Class A hand and orchestra. District contests will also start Thursday at Oelwein, Red Oak,-Newton Mgourney and Ida Grove. ' The events will continue thru Saturday. Entries Are Listed. Students from Mason City who wil compete at Es'tnerville are- S9prano solo--Maxine Beerman. Alto solo--Rheon Woodward ,. Girls small vocal group--Maxine Beerman, Catherine Curtiss Bettv Senncff, Alice Sheffler, Esther Storer and Marlys -Taylor. \ Boys small vocal group--Earl Bush, Cecil Carstens, Paul Foote Ralph Moeser, Paul Odlaug and oherman Taylor. Violin solo--Harry Schulman. Cello solo--James Stinehart Flute solo--Milton Raizes. Clarinet solo--Howard Ross. Piano solo--Jean Swift. ..Cornet solo--Howard Schweer. ' Trombone solo--Ray Seney, Jr. Baritone horn--Glade Sperry. Tuba solo--A. L. Long Jr String quartet--Harry Schulman, Klizabeth Holman, Robert Ditzler and Raymond LaGasse. String trio -- Margaret Cooper, James Stinehart and Raymond La Gasse. Chamber groups of wind instruments-- Lucile Atkinson, Everett Hermanson, .Gilbert McEwen, Milton, Marti, Roger Sauborn, Woodrow Sherin and Starr Yelland. Xylophone solo--Margery Pick- Accompanists--Mary Fitzpatrick Margaret Cooper, Mabel Joy Priisla' Arlene Powell, Frank Piersol and' Mrs. R. R. Kelso. · ' The program will open at 1:30 o clock Thursday afternoon with soprano solos, tenor solos, alto solos and baritone solos. At 7:30 o'clock Thursday night competition will be held _ for girls' small vocal groups, boys' small vocal groups and mixed small vocal groups. Program Continues Friday Starting at 9 o'clock Friday morning events will be held for violin-solos, cello solos, flute solos an clarinet solo?, At.l o'clock in the a.f tornoou there-will he competitio tor. doss C orchestra' and class boys glee club. The afternoon event will .also include piano solos, pip organ solos, class C mixed chorus Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock th events will be class B girls gle club, class B boys' glee club am class B mixed' chorus. Saturday morning starting at 8:30 o'clock the contests will consis of cornet and trumpet solos, trombone solos, baritone solos, tuba solos, string quartets, string Crios chamber groups of wind ane stringed instruments and chamber groups of wind instruments. .At 1:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon the program Will be for chamber groups of stringed Instruments, class C girls' glee club and class B orchestra. At 7 o'clock Saturday night class C bands and class B bands will play. Red Cross to Help' Relatives in Getting .Nicaragua Information A message to D. H. Fitzpatrick chairman of the Cerro Gordo count chapter of the American RprT rv^ac from Will iam Baxter, manage o the midwest branch at St. Louis states that persons wishing to mak inquiry regarding relatives o friends m the earthquake area a Nicaragua may do so by bringing "! eir facts to the local chapter of fice at 200 North Federal building The national Red Cross will mak every effort to send a ' reply a. promptly as possible. Mr. Fitzpatrick is informed tha the national Red Cross immedlatelv placed Mr. Swift of the national dls aster staff In charge at Nicaragua and placed at his disposal funds and workers to co-ordinate the relief anc medical work necessary to preven an epidemic of disease. No appeal for funds is necessary at this time in the United States but. anyone having a special Interest in that particular disaster'may send their donation thru the local chapter., v v W H Y ? D O Y O U F E E L S O S E C U R E I N A A A A A M E I G H T f, GRAHAM-BUILT BODIES--LARGER BRAKES-POSITIVE CONTROL-AND 50 OTHER REASONS --ICT US SHOW YOU · ' . : Final .Plans o f Tour are tensen and o by Immanuel Lutheran Brotherhood to Meet Zaneos Is Arrested , ana Case Continued The case of Tom Zaneos, proprie- or of the City hotel, was continues 'ollowlng his appearance before Jnlted States Commissioner Stoney L. Haynes Wednesday forenoon, aneos was arrested Tuesda.- ight as he came from a room at he hotel in which officers found wo half pint bottles of alcohol, officers said. The arrest was made by R. C. Reko and Col. George C. Parsons, federal prohibition agents. Filling Station Fire . Extinguished With Sand The fire department was called to the filling station, 420 Monroe avenue northwest, at 6:11 o'clock Tuesday evening when gasoline at the base of a pump became Ignited. The blaze was extinguished by throwing sand over it before the department arrived. The station belongs to R. W. Barclay. Luthpr br ° thl f rh00d of the Immanuel Lutheran church will meet Thursday evening- at 8 o'clock. This ^fll be- the quarterly family night The benevolence department is il chargl e P r °K ra m- Musical' numbers Hear --the Price*, at fhe factory, $845 up for the Sfx«, $1753 up for the . 24 SECOND T A T T -·_.-- »,-« STREET S. B LrAU MOTOR CO MASON CITY, U41-3) Park Theater Clear Lake Wednesday "UNFAITHFUL". Tiiurs. -- FrI. KtWALD COJLMAN "The Devil to Pay" tha Sexton Girl Is Dead SEXTON, April 8.-- Word was re- w Vr f, d - herc of tho death of Mary Wadloig,. the 22 months old daugh^ ter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wadleieh' who wore residents here two years ^, to a new farm bol «e in this spring. Backache" Leg Pains worKa rnat. fltarta circulatlncr thnr ?°" n ??r d Slja-tex)to7a.y,,",nAer V tht if n " c L ttd auar int-e. Muat oulcklv fm a ^l these S ond '»oi8, Improve IC.K Only' 60? at eD8r£y - Or DODey back BRADY DRUG CO. Three Cases Handled at Police Court; Two Intoxication Charges Theodora Olson, 251 Eighth street southwest, was fined $100 and costs on a charge of petty larceny when he appeared at police court Wednesday morning. He was arrested Tuesday .afternoon by police and a special agent of the Milwaukee railroad and charged with taking tractor parts and other articles in shipment on the railroad, Henry Paulson, Mason City, was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail.on a charge of intoxication. Ho had been out of Jail only one day after having served 30 days on a similar charge. . Edward Keeney, Mason City, forfeited a |15 bond when he failed to appear at court. He was arrested Tuesday night and charged with intoxication. Will Have 4 Delegates pULUTH, April 8. UPl-Minno- sota will be represented by four dejegates at the first world conference for workers for the blind to be held in New York next week Delegates from every atate in the union and more than 35 foreie-n countries will be at the conference. DEFENSE MAKES FINAL PLEA DR, WOODMANSEE lowan- Sentenced to Han for Murder of Friend, W. F. Knap. DES MOINES, April 8 (m final pica for the life of Dr FrisdA SSTO tK-SK of° W h T Un January, 1930. was laid'be ~ Iowa supreme court todaj " CJrund, attorney for the man. 3 the second* appeal to the »»i.i~i~' i? " mand th B case for new trial in Polk county district court c?ut SU v P( !rri m ; t° U fi Upheld th * tria -ourt verdict in the previous hear- ng. ··. . . Grund declared that evidence ore- seated in the trial .was not sufficient o. prove first degree murder as charged in the Indictment. He also sited aa irregularity in allowing the rial jury to attend a play dealing with a murder mystery during the progress of the trial. s _ ' No Motive Proved. The defense attorney pointed out hat no actual evidence was introduced that Woodmansee struck the !OWB which resulted in the death of Knap 10 days later. He also pointed o. the long friendship between the wo men and cited Wobdmansee's taternerit to police the night of the assault that he ' Would not hurt Knap, whom he termed -his "best rlend. ' No evidence was introduced ..rund contended, as to a motive for .be crime and none of Knap's pos- esslons was found on the person of Woodmansee to bear up the state's ontentiou of robbery aa a motive Neal Garrett, assistant attorney eneral arguing for the state, cited Jiap's statement as he lay on the loor after .the attack,' when he was escribed as looking at Woodmansee nd saying "doctor, why did you Topcoat on Floor, Garrett said the presence of Voodmansee's topcoat on the floor i the middle of the apartment here the assault took ulace was rcumstantlal evidence of robbery s a motive. The evidence showed, e said that the bloody Iron bar used u the attack was wrapped in paper nd hidden In the coat and that'in 0 , He ,, ^"V"" 3 ^ that : 'evidence ' showed that, no one entered or left? the apartment' or, the bulldin? -in which it was located from the time- Knap a cries were heard by a bell- i ^ cr ,°, 3s toe street until P OI1 ce arrived. Woodmansee was the only 4 ' other person found in the buildinir ' He was found atandmg behind the floor of Knap's apartment, hia~' clothes covered with Wood, the evi- · dence showed. Knap, a Des Moines trunk manufacturer, lived in an apartment ad-»' Joining his trunk factory, on the'' RARE COFFEE WINS COUNTLESS NEW USERS BY FLAVOR Amazing Popularity of Hills Bros. Coffee Tribute to Boasting Process · Years of experiment by Hills : Bros, have resulted in tho origination and perfection of the only.. Controlled Boasting process in use today. ,. By Hills Bros.' patented process, the decree of roast is positively controlled. The quantity of. coffee · passing into the roaster -- about three pounds at a time--does not vary. The speed of the flow and the temperature remain the same, with the result that Hills Bros. Coflfee ia absolutely uniform. ThisV roasting method is to a large de-- gree responsible for the frequent question, "Why is Hills Bros. Coffee always the same?" .; Comparisons show that Hills Bros. Coffee has a flavor no other coffee- has. The ordinary method of roasting in bulk cannot insure a ·uniform roast because there is a lack of control. · J Tho vacuum can, in which Hills Bros, Coffee is packed, keeps the coffee fresh. Air, which destroys' *e flavor of coffee, is completely: amoved from the can and kept out. Coffee does not stay fresh in. ordi- narjr cans, even If air-tight. Ask or Hills Bros. Coffeo by name and ook for the Arab--the trade-mark --on tho can. Sold by grocera verywhere. Hills Bros. Coffee, Inc., Minne- ""UB, Minnesota. ffiiism "MASON CJTir* «TYL£ CENTER", 15 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. We Have Got the Prices on Our BETTER GOATS Now. ... · allowing you the privilege of buying a better Coat at a real saving M9.50 Coats $TQ.50 may be bought f o r . . . . . . . *"* "** '39.50 Coats $7Q,50 may bp bought for. ·"· *~* '29.50 Coats $77,50 may be bought for. ~* ~* SIZES 12 TO 42 EXTRA SPECIAL 45 NEW COATS,' PLAIN AND TRIM- CIALLY - ~ . T ^^n.j.0, jrjUAliN AINU TK1M- '. A MARVELOUS GROUP -- SPE- $ C\ AY PRICED AT * ^y ' JACKETS A Complete Assortment of Kerami- Jackets in All Colors--The Hit of the Season CITY'S STYLE CENTER"?

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