The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 7, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1818
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10 - aaf CIRCUS .oooooOevees " THIS EVENING. AUG , . a t Km alsrlr vim FOR HAVANA. 7, 'The ertoraance will coouneace with the 'GiUd WmmIJ Entry. . . V . Master Coly, tbe celebrated American hero, vl distinguish himself with luauj brilliant feats hommaasiiip. nrtcer asd Recruit, by Mesirs. Sullen & Gar - da, en lW8 "" . Williams WI Tne elegant horse OUiello will perform (be Dart of a domestic, he will at command, bring a bin, hat, basket, handkerchief alto walking, ' trotting. aad conclude witb bringing a flag, v placed at the top of a board 12 feet high. Matter M'Carn, the wonder of the age, will, m on bono, perform many wonderlul teats lor full speed. . . Mons. Cantsin will (0 through mnny surpn - f itef leatt with a stick, but recently introduced ioto ibis country. " - Slack Rope, by Mr. Mavhe. '' The. eleeuit Spanish horse Romeo will, after ' kapiS over boards and bar of a piodieious , btigt't, hjapover 1 borse, and conclude by leap - iog through a hogshead placed on the back of ' aaother horse. Jirs. llliiras win, anion: omer eiinwrnina - tj feats, go through the six divisions of the broad irnrd. , 1 he elegant fast sailinj; coppered iiship GAKO.MNE, Whilinst. master: I luadincon Mdav oeiL aad sail on the following Sunday with what lrrit;t.t lair offer. For whirn or passaie, - eppl - ia board at pier 5, N. R. or to G. O. fc 8.noWLANO. . aug 7 ' fl7 We.l.intt x, H anted pitrrka$e JkV A ,mM h,w Pced Vessel, of from . j .30O la j00 barrels burthen. - i C. C. 6. HoariAXlv.. aeg 7 8. W 67 WashinrantrreL FUK CHAlitiKMXJf. The elsjnnt new packet trhiioner iCH iRLES TON PACKET, 8. JJ. Vail, oiaMer; win tail 4a B low days. For awajt, oarin superior accomioodatkms, or freight, a ply on board, at StevenV what f, or to aug 7 S. ALLEY. 08 Hine - .trret. EuM - a Saico, aug 7 40 hli(is. aew ruJ), landine ir.nutii.uii eat side Peck - slip, lor sle b R. o;C. W.UAVENPORTil CO. TTLOUK. xW btiU. riidadelpuia ii)erriur x i tour, ar iwur, just rec'U and mr tale liv a)t 1 RooRMAN ii JOHN'S 1'ON. laBO. WI,Mt. I Hipeoi Litbuu JLi eeived via EncUo J, for tale by ' ROGER CO. COKPfcE. 12 Odgt prime Ht. iJoinkgo fee, jutt ree'd. and for sale by sir i ' UU AO U SEWALI. Col - m7fw . 43 Stiib - treet raLVAaifS n . deoee of Geo. raoraarv at Jamaica. L. I. That very eveet lent farm, ftke UtMu. fwlaU I. A J. . . - '"' me vmage ; eontainiag about seres of good land, in extellent fence - d a n - r" " - nsanoon House is wi II built a - .d very arge and eoramidiocs e.insitUng (of a two storj nilt a .d veryl - . wu wmji, maainc ti.getnrr froatofneaHyliO teu The out houtf. are wry contementand io exoeUeat repair , the barn Jtrtieularly, t. nwtj - new. m s ppoted to be 0"' " ke",nr"tvd "" the island i - r - .it, nn, a pxn rcnaro and ? rdM c ''"ked .Uk ertet, of fruits avi.3. " within o "W ot the ts m, eoBUinlng about 7 acres, sad 2 f eseelleot woodlanJ, eotitai ing. the one T aad the ether a - out 10 acres. AL another frm on the ma n Jamai s "P'keroad, about half a mile sou herlyfroro e Kpucopal church in the said village, con shout 35 acret. h AI.SO, & vaiuable buildiojr lots, at the cor - atelJ, liockaway tumpiket, oppo - . - iwiewiiu in. wm.n ..... i. tin . n iu, uou. iiBiu.wng. 11 - JPreU U Wrij will be sold sspara It ti. - 5! ' a! SrJ uPo. and can bn wwedat all reasonable hour?. th 0, Tck nJfarminS oteotils may be haJ kd,.n . , , " ",r vaiuauon. 1 be Utle i PuiaWe api , n. .. ., !U - OODWISK. 13 Nassau st au r ,e suDscr'! - on the premis MARY COD WISE. ta - . 1 O sfuftTs.MK V f ALE - a full blooded POINTER. DOG, M b it 'll3. tiT1 flh?i a bird, it very itaencn, - " - .iniT wen. rxinreof 57lw JAME3F. CONOVER, ' Utrearl - etreet. f TIAkBIACE, a novel, truli. price - 2j J.IJI I lie ofcrrrati KEW.WOIletS, Bachelor and the Married M an. at , youth, only nine years old; leap over 2 prters, ers of Um admiralty. - - Price fa 50. Recei - ,ase mlj oa board, or to' 5 - - .i M iiila hr riHic mi his heed, hn bone in I treil on. I fnr r:...,..! t . I v "I w ved and for tale at the Mlnorra Circu'atin Li. i aid conclude by riding ou his bead, his horse in brtury Hook and Stationary 8tore, 2C5 Broad - I way, opposite the Kuieum. ; au(7.. 31. . ' . v - 1 TUB HJItl UNArti "i M I Canadian Peasant, or the metamorphosed e - 1 been purchased ten minutes before the drat - . oueslrian, by Mr. Bullen.who will, After maoy ng, and in tlie 2d class, at the time they com aiiooKuiiii, r j it I ,ncTCCO Bll"lct ey venaeu aDoiit 100 ticfc Tnroepa a ooSki, u i.6u. u eIS among which were a number of capital StrePglhofHerculesbyMr.CaustiB. He wiU P"' - I nnrl hAiiHi unnort he lit persons and I . . .. ".:' ' is. oi - ji. a.uuu. ic. form twe. different groups, and Jouc.ude by " '?". 1 prize of $100,000 1 1 1 I 2 4r, do do do do do do of oi of of of of 6J,00(' 20,000 10,00(1 a.0'.)i 8.01)0 1,(1110 IJM.I VIC, VU A GGU. 97 tibds. nl 1li - l.n.. i. cest selection, wade at New Orlian, hy a viucrjii juii - r, unu i.oi)inerf.o m lor mi; Uri - tisli loarket, Just received, (or tale at Oi C H. 'P. by . U. ifETUUNX 4c CO. aug 6 "JVTAILc,tl'ih.E3. VlCKs, Ate U casks ine . t arawn iiijji jNails tM i atkt I) k fp'kes. from 4 to 8 io.hea I do black aud I do hiifiiit Vicre 5 do Sledge and Hand Hammers ot) Anvils, lor sale hy UEJS DLR80.Y CAIR.T3, ''g6 III Pino street. ,1 iLkl.lh, I I s. A uuantilr ol while .Milli. .t.l netts, handsomely Lnishod and of the lirst quality, lor sa:e oo readable terms, by WM. CA.MH5KLL, .Manufacturer. 19. Pearl street, up stairs r.ngb I I it. L A. COLLAa, Portrait and Mioalnre - I 1 sinter, has tlie honor to inform Hie miblic of New - YurUjthal having relorned to this nt v he will continue to exercise in his art of larue Por - trait ami Miuature Paintms. Hiretiiif i.. - u .i ..i.ct - .itoi, K uewav uuernoon, a CORAL NLCKLACE. The finder, by leav - log it at No. 5? Walker street, will receive tbe value of the Necklace for their trouble. , 65 South streeL ( YL ,K AMStED. - l cate, juit received I J and for sale by I JAUa MU6LI.No, HuMKRV, CRAPEa, ic 4 1 case real India 8 jok Muthn : I do Cotton Hosiery . J do Black Crapes - 1 do oanff Boxes For sale by ' M. OlT.NnS, Mercantile Broker, No. 25 Pearl street ana; 7 3t TK.YKHlffK and M.I 1 Kim it vv? . 'V I'll 1 DL'U 1.. TN H EFFERNAN, No. 34 South sU eet, v vuen lor faie, m 50 nr. caiks L. P. TenerifTe wine , 3 pipes and 8 hints, do. Madeira do. 3z ceroons Cu aiming seed, do. Cam way do. A tew boiei Havana segars. an7w ...Jil?H MNt5. lIAPEK6,4ic. " ri'n.sosrruiers have received by the late arrivals from Ireland .r in.i.nn.. atain1tof4 4 whites, some in demi pieces i jRoCtRIES, PAlNTa. tVc.i50 libds. vl prime Old aaid new Virrini Tnharrn V I 50Q ktzjuyjiialwrfsd do. 6 aad 9 handt IP hiid. II rrrrcarks L. P. Madeira UlirleT o pipes t rencii brandy lion ilavur i" "" ur wiuie oouieu t.ngii.n AJuiiare j iitxs rcuneti ran reire in. act 1 - j X Tin Plates 2."0 1 - 4 cwt. iiew while Paint lift) do .S cwt. 7 casks freh Madeira Cifron 2 casks Brown stout, 1 case Seagal Iiidi, 1:10 boxes dry white Lead 60 cashs best Green Conrjeraa 60 caiks asi'd hardware, for southern mar net 40 crates ass'd Eartheownre, ent. to deb. 20 catks green and white assorted Phials 40 cases tingle and double Aquafortis 100 bbls. Sp.mi'h Browo, for s ile by U1VIE BEfHUXE 4i CO. J 29 9i C. H. slip, ; s U.Nt'OWUKR. HH casks Gunnowder vJ from the Oiarge Works manufactory, for JAO. JL'VVUL.t , Jua. J 29 64 South - Mreet. Jyfl I f AVA.NA 6UGAK6. 1.1 v bile Havana Suear JOS. OSB0RN. 23 South - street. 130 boxes superior 00 do dn brown do do. landing froni brig A Keriran, Capt. Anner, a.iH for tahi hy J GOODHUEAlCO. ' i UU CCO. L 20 hhds, prime Virginia Tobacco 5(1 hhds. prime Kentucky do i Kegs i.acnea' i wist, lavalon, saun - fders & Co't brand 77 do Negro Head, No 1 ' do do 54 do do No. 1 R. Archer's do lo do do No. 2 I - aridsTO. Saiin - . f ders ti Co't do H ut do Xo. J R. Archer's do r or sale at ins Kront - itreet. by TROKE3, DAVIDSON 1 CO, J CO ZrCiHTllmS J. W. STKRI.l Vd rn I .V particelarly selected for this mar - ket, imported in the itiijt Martha, from Liver 5 pipes Madeira Wine, of tun. aualilv. int. Iiorted ia a . - ,, f(,r sale at 106 Pront ttrrct. I TJ .. THOKEst, DAVIDSON & CO. CtllO.N.. hy ai. 3 !WO bales prime Upland, lor sale POTT S M'KI.NNE, 66 Soulh - streit. QUIPPING FURS 1000 Otter and kios, just received and for sale hy Mick A.NoON ti. PHELP5, ang3 18 J Fmnt - ttreft. FLOUR. - 520 llarrtlj superfine Ih.ladel - i hia Hour, of JoiwanV " t.ti k Soni " hrandt, raid to be very superior, landing f ont cb. Twe Brothers and brig Pacific, and foraaleby BOORMAN & JOHNSTON, an 4 67 SonHi - st. RUSSIA IJEMP, WINE, ic 13 toot Hemp Hicrir qnality ' 50 p,p - Caf.iloni i Wine, ent. to debent. 10 do O. L. P. Madeira Wine 9 qr. casks Malaga Wine 1500 Emply Demijohns, 1500 Burr Stones For Mc at 55 Sooth ttrrrf, bv aug 3 POPT a M'KINE. TJ R.VNOY & SPIRI TS Gray's Brsndv. and M.3 high proof pure Spirits, bjtb of superior quality, tor sale bv JACKSON Ic WOOI.LEY, any I 75 Wall - street. QHEATH1NC COPPER. 9 cae 22er I C4 sj ot. London Sheathing Copper, for ale by an; 3 IIURO tz SEWALL, 65 Sonth ttreet. VTUSCOVADO SUG ARS 100 I.IhJ Have - i f L na Mntcova lo ugvr Isndmg this dar in frwet of We ohscrib?r'l store, and rot sale at 67 Wahintoa - t!re(t. aX 3 G. G. Ii S. 110 WJ..VND. an 6 n a . .. . . . - , i . . . . . . t nt - "v.. V'J I z uo:w,e" recerre0 ywa e r a nxrin school imiU tmtteist T JT"'."8?r"J,Mrj.TTJJiii.. ' - i. .. . 4 - MoadayisAiagmtostaot. .. w erf wiu pMurary wu on y rs'Vri.lS711Vmm'mgnmmn 1 The public as rerBectfullr hfcrL thai - - www wa wvumvi w i - K - - J ' . Will HUTV JIUIU IfVIKIH I m A . " . w - The possibility of approaching the North I or lo Pole, started 6v the lion, n . . POTTir MnrmnfR IfVWP"" new euilioB With in innnvlli ii.u!n lor fi appendix, conumiar paper on the tame wbiecU and on & northwest paMyjre, by Gdonei Beaniwr. KR.S. UIuafnt - Mlif ' . a map of the Nortlt Pole, accordinir TUV II display ner aitoawhinf tothe latest diacoterica, pi ice 1 25. t " AstrraUva el an tapeOiboa to iplore tlte tuver Zaioe, usually called the Cooo. in South Africa, ia 1816, under tfat directioa of CapUin J. K. TurJfer. R. N. to which it Ih. Jo urntU of l'rolenor 5mitli, and wuie general Th brig IlEllO, citit. Mansoo t U il iiiafow dajs. ,ior panne oolr, Piy 0 Doacu,ai Murray's wiiarf, or to " au8 For snip, en hrnirrf (l.o ah . Si U. TALUOTT, 4aon Wcduetdiy next paiiwiie, ajiply on boirJ, at 04 Sooth - street. ' ' - tor CHAH'lK&WM. jiix i no enni uti taxtnsr tcneoaer i iVMimi rim ipv(t o.:i I i puuutneu oy permwou 01 10 WrU'S Comu.iation - and mill tuU in a few JMS. i'nr fraicht r.. F SAUL ALLEY, . 9irPin - treot. lor LlVElti0HL, The. well known, reeiilar trading coppered sgip IMl'OUTKK, Dingiey, ' h yabluhed Mil vpper Green Office', 145 m.ter, wiU be dispatched - .n' h'avinctlie w xrmr A. 7',r.r.7vl' ., . ' Pr part of her cargo eneaped. ror remain - HERE fie GRACJEV reside, who sold i!.fr,.;h . ?: : .. j. V J . - " "c m commoiiations, apply to capt. 1). on board, at Medical fccienee Lottery, and on Tuesday the pier No.' 13, E. U. (Gwirer,'s.wharf,) or to first drawn number in the fifth and last class, til RLE3 HALL. " remained unsold at their office, but miirht !lavl ' ' t II..............' r..v.. . " " . " an 6 For LlVEHPOOL The sttbstant ial sh ip R0CK1XG H A M, T. V. Williams, master, is now liu . i . : . .n ,eRo Road Lottery, iu - t finished :"..i - , CrS,ae"ULe.crF" BK. ' disiributed more .iiai .,,i.. i. on ' "i nwt tor tlie re. sepportmR the whole Uoop on his bands and lett, - - o - r: ". r - k mainder of freight or having Land. c THOMAS C LUTLER, Jun. 74 ninh - street. i'or B KLtsiiiT, and buk to ew - York The (hip JOHN 1)ICKIN.10., liauth. master, for Belfast, is fully loaded, uitil ... c... l nn. canuu caiuruay OHiroiug A lew more iKU sellers can be arcormmodalru comibriahlv, in cabin or steeracru. Apijy ou iuaru, ono AUUAHA.Hlit.LL., . corner of Fulton A ClifT its. . ucl.l nas recei vn nv me. late nrnvnn large ats rtinint of wide and narrow diapi - M, 4 4 andv - tt'Mnen, brown and black Linen, sheeting lie. which will be sold ou fair lernii. awg6 lw for I) asUiiii;lon,A . C ThesrhrEAGLt, Rui"eJl; will; auo K.&C. W. DAVENPORT & Co ir. - LVTKD, . A British Vessel, of from 200 to 300 tuns, to load for Liverpool. Apply to AlsolOOfieces blatkdo new slifftncd and board, west side of Hurling slip - ait 5 fini.hed. For A'E II - Thetiriff MARY A is .f, Capt. Schlor, Lan excellent vessel, about 2 years old. sails very fat, and has pmd accommodations ior passengers, one win oe uitpaiciieu Willi. Messrs. Btrardii Moadon's, Booksellert, No. XO HUt delay, and take what freight and passen - M iileo lane. aug; 3 eod St JOS I", ib Broadway, butween Beaver Luuu I ...A U.' . ! t . . m r. per may offer by the 5lli August. Apply to I the captain on board at pier No. 9, E. K. or to j J. It. LAURENCE & CO. au 3 lw 55 Pine - street. t)reithl fur Cliarlaton. 300 toos beavy freight for Char '.nton. ,ppiy io oooun i. aug 4 183 rront - KroeL. FOR IENERIKFE. "Th8 good ftst - mtrliTg brr NYMPH tlord, majter, will receive immed ate dispatch. For passage only, hariug good accoinmouauooa, apply to S. L.&G. GRISWOLD, aug 4 86 Soulh - ttrect, for CHAKUISTUX, Th. v inn... VrVI'd ,Of . . x; .1 m v ..i .1'w.iii jui luua, .y - ie at Murray's - wharf, a first rate vessel, wUh good accommodation for passengers, will sail on SunJay next. For freight or passage, apply to ISAAC F. KO: - ., au 3 tf 98 Mrtrrav's - wharf. PASSAGE far JiUUUJV. The superior coppered ship DUO - ,Li. I'AtKtl. Utiles. ma3ter. is now nearly loaded, and will sail for Dublin in fimr or five days. A few cabin or steerage passengers, can be handsomely accommodated, and on moderate terms, apply on board, or to JAMES M'BRIDE, 82 Liberty - strett. H'Ae has far tale hy the Varhag. A general assortment of Irish linens, lawns. sheetings, diaper., and droghedas. Also, com mon glass - ware, cunsislnii; oruecanter. which. tumblers, salts, c. uetts, pocket bo. ties, iic. kc. and a few hhds of basket salt. au 1 lw Uava.xja IOt.AbsEo. 31 iilidt. nrsl quality llavaana .Vlolassts. will be landed this day io ironl of tbe store of the subscriber, auuiursaie oy TUCKER Bi LAUR1ES, J 31 9 south - street 12, CKA.NSIO.N Gl.N. PIPES and 13 barrels Cranston Gin. 3 cases of Essence of Lemons Jutt received aud for tale by UtU. V lAUBOT, au6 55 Pine - ttreet. SLGAJi. A Q Hhds. Muecorado Sujar, 'LO 53 Barrels do. 50 Boxes brown, 7 Do. white, ,tB 805Ti, Received per schr Isabella, and for tale by GOODHUE CO. au6 " 44 South tt. I UM. Jamaica 4iti pro.ii Rum ; lYmowar' L s, island Jd prool d i. both ot snnonnr ntialilv loriBieoj 1 UVvB.t.n I l,AL III ts, BiiIO 29. uth stn et. IA ill! E LEAK. - 0OO krs tet English v v ime L.eaa. xrounn inru . I.ile vimuart cu iiuui Liiverpooi, Hn'i i'.r sale ov TUCKER it LAURIES, aug 6 29 South street CIOTTON et HIDESJO baits prime Upland J Cotton r 687 Spanish and Ox Hide'. For tale by HENRY COWING. au;66t 191 Front - comer of Fulton ttreet. 1 I AOEIItA, CL.AREI, Kc H hhda. Bod .! 20 qr. casks L. P. Madeira Wiue, war ranted genuine ISOtatet Leoville and Rouzan Claret, of the vintage of 1012 20 do Still and Sparkling Champaigne, for .ikbi oi i inr iirerr, iy eug 6 HENDERSON & CAIRNS. inpi uuMEnTiv co i ray uouus. IM anortmenl of Dome.tir. Goods, sorb a bleach'd it unbleach'd Shiriiict and Sheet White 4c black Millinetts. fassortrrl numbers Floss, knitting K sewing Cotton. For sale on reasoeab'e terms hy WM. CAMrBLLL, Manofarturer, aag6 197 Pearl street, (sp stairs. 'PEA, c. 50 chm Hyson Skin Tea L 100 bbls firt and 21 cualit v Loaf Pn.r.' hiadroone ih'ppTig order. For esle by AU1V?V vvuoui.ET, bi5 S 7 Walt - street. owes mmmkip Hp. Cloths and Cinmim i urvrure Mid balloon dwuity 1 e Cattbnc Dimity S do Catabric Guihuae S do Loei Cloth Shirtmira.' Whiclf n offered for M on aecommodatinr f r t. . .' i. it tlit1. ""I", - , .1 K V. OUIUAl Bfcg o V 61 Maiden i.aae. tbU DOM Bow eudiaMimi "lnur. branded Galluo. KichnioiMl Mitts ! SS0 lif.ii. aoth (roaad troa otd wheat, iust re - W OCt rodorkciMburs; Hauataio do 100 do ttiddlioRS iOdu ahtpstoff " 60 do CcudiBned Floor, landing nud imtnr. for saleiy B ,. . , ) VyAL.U.eiUAI.LAUHr.R, an . 6i dootlj - etr.. - t. FLOt iaO ObU b. r1. Fhi.dctpliiti sair - Cne t lour, iandiog front ecbr Manha, at Old ilin i'ai i'iV .t ... . . t . : . J 31 i - i BOORMA?f ft JOHNSTOH. formius a beaulilul group. - l fii.tainpd at anv ctJinr nfi - . i. it... ..i'trf some and snaciuus accommoilai 'inn, ntmlw nn i ' A1 - 1 J' I A fcUUAKb. mjo ose. ibuiIuil'. .S'A,V.1iU1,U1S Djr ,0e tP - "00 These fact, bare established No." 146 iiroadw'T board, east side Flvmarketr to ' by - Cutnnhell. Tickets may be had at the circu, from 10 o'clock, A. AL to 1 P. M. and from 3 to 5. ... A place is pporidod for people ( colour. Uoort will he open at 7 o'clork, and the performance commenc precisely nt U. A. I.:. .tin . .4 I l.u. b . haI trfln.r. ' able. Gentlemen are requested not toenttr the ring. " CllA' VVAt'LH UA'l tlS. Tlie public are ijnoruicd that the Salt Water Floating Baths continue opvu iroin live o'clock in the morning until K at bight, at Ar - ileii's wharr, near the rtatterr, and at tlie loot of AJerray treet. North River. KORSAI.K, b handome Plcaiure Sloop, in complete order, wiui new sails a very sale bout, brine lined with cork. ALSO, a pair of large Patent Chain Pumps, maoe by Mr. uamtis. Alto, one large Vat or Citern. Apply at the Satbs, or to jAUULt kadi.neAu, 3(5 Drouriwav. (Kr Wanted, an active, intelligent BUY, (o attend a urug store one acquainted witb Hit baiiih'Ss. Apply as above. ang7 AOTUE. d Havir. understood from some of my frieodi. that it lias brn dilisentlv circulated frr - ttuxly not tt i.A the intent to Oenejit mt) that 1 nave iiifo up my brokerage business on account of say hein appointed oil iact r the report it sue 1 coutinue to buy and tell all kind of coon try produce as word All the oil that comes into this market would not, in ay opuiou, occupy ooe quarter of my time. ) M51fcS MAURICE. New - York, Aug. 7 aug 7 Iw as the fortunate number, where Tickets ami i:luires in the Grand Scirnre Lottery, 5th and last class, may be obtained for 2ti until Tuesday neii, wiito uiej dovauce io JU. caf ill jinz - cm ttit. luVCIdiii l.UOL.S.Jwti.ri'l, UkiJ - JCi lowing AMirli;s t - aniUli: Light Fa;icy Prints' 'Two tirepn oo black and while Ho. Vij'oaia Hose, low pn.:cd Catiim.ret Tea ',rouud Fumitun ........ tMiper liigti coloured do ' Fine )a - o Muslin 9 - 8 o,Sd b - 4Caailrirdn. Tor tale hv J 31 PKTKll R"!HSfcJ MHL!V J 89 - S - CO: JOS. OSBORN. ?H botilti - ttreel. ClOi i U.V, fcAKK, HHiACLO, CvC. 73 J fcakt prime Upland Cotton 110 tj. tlv U. C. Hark V - ri lei - , tuaniif.ictnrrd Tnliarro JS eu. pigtail, in I lb. ro'le, and 175 biids. &hooks, lor sale by GltlaWOLDS COATES, J 59 ' . 61. tSuili - nrDt. C1Ui iU - . Ml Imlcs prime Upland Cation, J for sale in lots totuit purchaters, by anp p f UfTUA W y BUS I. SAUL. ai,i.m, VU fine street. 4 bales Uniblid Colloo. I'.ir mle ft. & r. ijav tAi uit t &co KKESH PL E Apl'U - a. t. For freight or j 1 IS DOZEN very ttiperxir Havana i uar - 'eck hp, or to loaf Pine Apples, jurt received, ami an S A RCII'l) GRACIK Si SONS. r or - A ft' - OMCiVV The fast sailing packet sclir. FAN NY & HENRY, Tiilord, master. - is nearly loaded, can lake a few toos more liicht freight, if immediate application is made on For sal by aur6 St ANTH0 NY TRAPPAN, 119 riv - mnrkiH. rKK - ll ZANUl CUttUKiN i s. TIT F. I'ELL i CO. will sell to - morrow, in r j. front of their store S5 small barrelsof very one Uur rents lust imnorteii eil ..r 'tijr ihn Blteation of grocers and fruilert. - A. OSEPH 1 1 1 COMB k CO. 16t Pearl street, il hove just rereived 6 caaea. ronlainirir 5 4, 4 - 4, 7 - 8, and 3 - 4 blcacb'd bbevtiiiga anil oiiiruiis Frowu chirtiogs ; Ginghams t - trilHs : Checks : Chambreva lied - Tickinx aud Cassimens. Also on hand, an extensive atsortmeBt of Doioeafic Woolleu and Cotton Good Wick Yarn i Root, and f,!uv Cot Tackt and Brad, ataorted An invoice ol Straw Braid, ore. AU of which will be sold at low orices for cash or rhort credit. N ool, Cotton or Bale Goodt received for sale of on storage. ane M 20 lUids N. E. Kum.liuiilineat Craac - wharL CromsloonCathnriiie. nrl iV.r e vj ... ;A3. u'wuli, Jun. twg . 64 South street. X,URtE4JtUNfc;iT T" peniine, and 90 Uo nfl 30 Uo "y BUS 5 100 do do dn from new .mil lor sale by eu 5 1 w Alt. SiO bhlssolt Tur ' and old do, landing VV.Ati .CRAIG, 04 r lont - tireet. CJAFFRON, PlG - Lr.AD, WRllliNG AND kJ wiiArTliNU r A PER. 50 lbs. iresh fciiflnin 10 tons Pig Lead of an excellent qualify 6 cases Sheet Brast. for grate makers nr. . ' . . caces various quaTTiy writing paper 20 bates medium urintius do 500 rearot different quality wrapping paper rcusiveu ana lur sale uy G. G. to 6. HOWLANI). aug 5 67 Washington street. i I m - .... . - w nr. J ana k. emitd it engaged a tawing tor, and Mr. 8chiiTely as teachor of tbs frtjoda, cjtanuo anu uertDaa language. ' bu;3' UMAor : 1 - . HOKifc U GIG. T7K)a SALE, e Iwiaht bay borre. . a." ri .A....i ... I wwni wki ceauei ana a i.u.ioname. newiv rtm t Apply at PE 1 Eft tiURJt a " Club Sublet, iu Woat Lane HS3t . - . . A NLRSB wJNTF.n. A MIDDLK fcd vointa, who is entlifled to J - JB. taae eare ol elu dre. and ii dunnvil i travel. Kespeetahle refereueee will be required. !" other need apply. Apply to SPENSER n.iwitu.U!. tUxabeU.lown, New. Jersey SHif a TUST puMWied and for tale by KIRK A J MERCEIft, No. 42, Wall - rtreet, ".VerrtVu;, a oorel, io t vols. 'i 00. " J!u Ban,t!ur and tie Xarriti .Vae, or the l.q'i.!.bru:ia to the liaLaxe of Com - ''fort.' - 1.75. 41 TV pumie jf Hui4ck " and other Ta!e ly Jass 11., tmW ul 0 . aneeti't Wak," Uc. iic. - v .t on. . innd," and other 1 Ir Madame Do Genlt - ",0 ts. 4' "Rob R..y, TaItMoryLnJloid,' Guy Vlaniierins,' M Waverly," "Wo - men. - - etc. tic. LC. Bug fi 31 IHt B u belor and IU Married .Man, or ihe Uiu:iibrioro of the ' U&la 51 vols, puce Jl 75 - !ul revtived nad tiir sl "Q4f . fVl Pearl - st. A lUMJaO.VIK lliack. Uoy, ared IB years, Jl. tut a term of nine Tenia. Iu. it i - nli - ul Jod for a houte urvaut or a Gentleman's waiier. He is now to ! Vf n at the Citv - Hiiinllm m vTrniin AM,"7 n'1 nd tlre ; by tpplying to i. ...m: niicn,iureciiY opposite Hie HOlel, ill - prire for liini may he agreed nn. aie63t' I ilv - Kr. I ."3 ritii lo J0 on 1 tJ K.MiA n.xl. .1 when the aacond dav't lr..wui ' mil vii A in ii ' e.. j . iiv uiaiuruvin iiuiiiuern piix oi 1,000 The first drawn number evrrv dav far 15 dnvi :n . . i. j - hiii oeeniiiK'ii io a pnse Ol liiuu uollars. Fleafiiig prises which may be drawn any day are 1 of 20.000 DOLLARS 1 of 10,000 do 1 of , 5,Mt do 21 of - i,fi;aj do 51 of ; rCrt ' oV. THIS SPLENDID SCHEME Or f ERf?, , J prue oi iiim.uvu UJL LA 11 0. 1 1 1 1 2 44 51 do do do du do do do ci fau,uif - . ot W,0i0 of 1(1,000 of 6,1100 of , 2,tW0 of 1,(00 of IU0 Oi.Iy 15,5'JU Ti. heli UVth.m 2 blank' tea prise. Every blank iltswn lor sevtrul dais ien titled to 30 dollars. Adveoturer. are assured that this Lottery will be drawn ia a shorter time than anv i.Uti rv v. t r drawn in thi city, whit h weie ol lets tliau H A LP the ui.ignituile of this clan. i mi utenatury anauering r.ircunittnncr, and nil must acknowledge that the ilute of New. York ttandt orcemiueut ia her Lotteries as ia a. (her institution. Tickett and shares f warranted undrawn'N will he sold at the present piit sof 23 d .liars until the opening of tbe wbeul on Tuesday uexL when ev ery vender of tickets ia this ci' j bare consented ... n. . 'I.X .I..M.... .vmu.wivv lw UUIIQII. .... ASULfSSSiNT'S Truly Lucky Office.. 122 Uroadwnv. Where the following, Grand Pruts have beta sow, tne rnnesi ever sold by any ctl.ero "fNii. erlMiV - axift tnrk4 v.';...a. u uenig h ai: iv iwiiviuii' i' i. I.,. I IT " .... . " - XlfcW kii, FLOUR. b barreh 0.1 superfine t lour from new wheat No. 3J2H, ilOtl.OOt): f - do t1o i ,U do di do flO Noi' isrtb, 5M.tH, 121;, - t6,Wji iwo, jii.ow. lij35r 23,000, a. ...... i .... . .. ia ..r,.... . : . ' crirmiuiurn ui i,wu, io,uyo, ju,uyy. He nog 6 t ' . MKDHJsil, oCaTVC'A LOi'TtlnV. DHA WS egnin on Tue - day next, at half past six in the nu rninir. when the lirst dinwn numner win lie entitled to One I housand Dol lars, tlie wheels contain the splendid PrUcs of 100,000 , 50,000 20,000 , 5,000 anJmanvof l.iXK) Tickets and Shares warranted undrawn, for sale at GILLr.SPlL'S Lottery ii Escbanee Otfi.. 114 Broadway, opposite City Hotel, at for irnnio trBrasai sr rt revet in a... ii . ... . - v uuuj, iii.uo, ate. vvm - mse on Tuesday. au"6 2t T T dowGlassol best quality. 6 by 8 it 7 bv 9. . - .n,. ... . : " : Ens - IUh Hats. nrt.1 in Mu: ' r ..mvi Vii...o, c. - ou,uw CUOK e as i l j etiiffarl ntialfai An ainl MMmMnK I i - C few case of F,U!7h&h CnnU tn v i .1 - i . : ... . '.7 Oae case Children'! black and drab Fancy Don - rr together wilb - rOracibingmoiderabl. thi Vegro pipes : small bowl do lrib Glass - ware, Hatter's Wool Bow - string Old dry Malaga Wine, EuglBh t hite Lead, dry and in oil of best quali - y. Do. Red Levi, Earthen Ware, in lolttordit purchasers, uonuoo i - anicuiar .naoetra Wine of supenour quauiy, A few rates of Irish Linens and Diapers, l or tale hy WM. NEILSON 6l SON. aug 3 I 1 1AMBKEUE.NG 6l PEARSON, 07 aouth J street, offer for talc. 8114 bold Russia Duck, various marks on no rjieiisn ratent Ourk $ tOO.OOO. 60,000, 10,000, 6,000, Sic. capital pri set oi me am nnu tan ciats oi tne science Lot tery, oow drawing, at the lowest prices end on the best terms. Cam advanced for Oweeo Pri . . . .... . , . , ica, bi uie rats oi i ier annum. O. C. GRACIE b CO. ft"g 6 3t 14C Bmadway. MEDICAL SCILA'CE i.QTl'EHY, HIGHEST PRIZE 100,000 BENJAMIN BOI LER'S list of drawinff - lst Day. No. 5173 f 1000 s no. "96 15 100. 'Remained on hand. Present price of Tickets &28 - parts in pro 10,000 nieces Long Company Yellow and Blue I portion will rise on Tuesday next to $30. Nankeens, entitled to debenture 50 cases Canton Silks, consisting of Crapes, Florentines, . Black and cross barred Iiilkts. Sewing", Coi'd & changeable Sinchewt rapc shawls. Content, Pongees, Croat ba - r'd and twiil'd Sarsnets. i0 tonsEnelith Bolt Iron. 5 - 8 to 1 1 - 8 Square Russia old Sable, 1 1 - 0 to 3 inch; o - iocii 11.H sweditn 20 tons bef YorkshiTi Pig lad ttb bales prime Upland Cotton ztftl ounces oil of Hoses 30 ounces oil ol Cinnamon 3 rae Turkey Opium, cnt. to debenture rwict goats weoi or camel's Hair 4'l pipes French Brandy 30 barrels No. 3 Cargo Beef 25 bundles Deer Skins 2 bales Turkey Rugs; 10 do Refuse Hop, Dutch Slates, Chocolate and Herrii ri n intau invoice 01 tenua, gum iraacanili, c. A eeeeral atsortment of anothecaries Glan furniture, and windaw Glass, from tbe Boston ass manufactory. WHITE LKAD. Constantly on hand irum Hie New York Leirt ivorks, 01 a superior quality. aug 5 1 ENGLISH it CANTON GOODS. J Stout Shirtings 7 - 8 Tabby Velvets aconet and Cambric Mutlint hite Quiltinc. Furnitures Cambric Prints Two Greta do Black and white do. Bnrob&jets. Umbrellas C ilored Cambrics, Ixjw priced Ca.timeres Mipertlne Cloths, Cotton Honery Black and Changeable sinchewt Black and ChangcnMe Sarsnets Black, Col.iied and Cross - barred Ildk't. Blue end Green Sim - hews Changeabls Levantines r igoreil .Sarsnets, ,o!ored Cranes jewing Si'kt, Italian Sewing Silks alti - ta Kinbunt, r legant r utured do urk'kia Rrare. Hat Covers Parasol, Snuff - Bites, Chopoa Rnmals foreale f r. fttHSM UU. ao; 5 25 ioelh - atreeL il isortiiern ana Eastern bank notes are now received at 3 - 4 pr. ct discount by BENJAMIN BUTLER. , au 6 tf 27 WaJUtreet THE most Splendid Lottery ever granted in this state. . - MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, 100,000 Dollais) " '50,000 do. (,. ' 20.000 do. Holiest Prises. - 10,000 do.. ) The first drawn number everN day'e draw nig, for 13 days, will be entitled to 1000 dols. here are also floating in tbe wheel, and may be drawn 011 any day. I ot 2U,000 Dollars 1 or 10,000 Dollars 1 of 5.000 Dollar. And not two blanks to a prize. Payment of prizes guaranteed by tlie state of New - iork 1 ickcts and Shares at WAITES Truly fortunate lottery Ic exchange office, No. 54 Maiden - lane, Where the highest prize ever sold in share of tickets in this city, was lately obtained, vis. So. 3806 35,000 dollars also last week. No. 13894 30,000 dollars in a half and two quar. tcrs; .the half bas since been paid at Waits's. au 5 OBERT WAITE'S List of Phretin the Medical Science lottery. 1st daj 1 drawing. No. 5373. . 1000 Dollars 6645, I'M) Dollars Will draw again next Tuesday. CAPITAL PRIZES. 1 prise ot 100,000 DOLLARS' 1 do - of 50,001) r)o 1 dii of 20,000 do ' 1 d ot 10 nrsl a.. , . Stiars io this tpleMld Lottery for sale by H. WAITE, J iter. 136 Broad way. . as i PUBLIC SAFES' BY KILLS, MINTOX k CC. . At fcalf oast ft o'clock, at their aoctroa loom. N . Jia l'rarl street, a - (roeral etsortexnt 4 ' reoch and KngU h Urygoods, among wluck we ,J , 3 casts double liUl luianlia.. ... - ... 1 do licMcoi'd lev. ine siilu : dn nlain tfT, i Bad rkb bcured ribboue.i t daeniri.irrf Fl - rence udkie 1 1 do chenille and coti - .u unit eni la(uB( lassp wi. ks do site's assorted tcread bote hod half do s t do tomn'iuui hik d do j iJo iory and wond stirs, funs 1 do. ' 8 - 4 damaiB thaw Is 1 I da hl . aealingwaa. Uc. ; 1 do thread : 1 do 4 - walk i djc tUf K' ; t Uo red St whif . i . a . . . . ' uo iainnc r anry niuuin'i j do kiper hoary t'eain loom Miirti:ig ; I d'ltUu.atU t'kle Clothe, S do., super Chiotre's ; 1 dm super 7 4 Films CI jltiV, and a 1.00.1! o: othet artices. At V2 o'clock, 15 cote Loudon made beaver plated and jappancd Hals, BY M. DIT.MI3, ." Mor.Sry, . ' At half past 9o'cl. - .rk. t Lit store. No. I'tAii stroet, a general sturtrueot of drtfoode. BY . P.IXTON CO. , .Saturday. - v tOo'cleok, at the auction room. 73 Wall - sL 4 ti uuks coats, ilh i thcrnrUi Us, a hicb were ' U fl ou board the A.'oses Brown, ou her arrival iron Liverpool hi Nov. last, unlet called for prcriouily and the i. - tf coses paid Ihereou. '1 nty will tc ftriHk nfT lo the Ii hl biddi r. . A.IAJil. rvu Uii, . Til E proprietor of the toulberil ai:.r' Ic qua riit, near Kitig't - Britlgv, give i.otire, tbat On y have ou liand, aud lire ruceiiuig, et tiio Airyj' - Vndii .Varll end Lisie - lerd, toot of U.asch - ttroet, on the Hudtoo rittr, iu t .tensive stork ui martile lor building, of lb Allowing tie vwiiiiuim,, via i Ahlar WaterlaUs Steps l'lattormt ' Suite Liulcls Arches Also Lime of tbe Coping Foundation fctone - Chiai try - Pieces Fa(4irgs ColDeiul but aualilv. UT' constant mpply of the above matriaT. ' may be t alculated upou ; and those lU - iroos - ' f purchasing, or making eoeagtmenu. v.iU arrly ' EZRA LUDLOW, r1 - At the Yard. JHtJrA' U fa 2 ( 1 aft 0LOLLA U6 U lMD' " ,v vf f mil upplicants, oa bond wiih mortgage Dpon uptti ved pt ojierty. ' ' ALbO, . 40,000 doQart on approved racer, roanei.r A by Laufe ttocV. r.oqtiir ol . YM. WILLIAMS, 137 WeteritmeL , Wbre apiilKaiion tuif - to seacrallv o.ade lUooh l.e year, J!f ariMigiigjt ditpokcdof. Jo fi. et . ., , . ;v ' , 'ill 4,0,1 jt. A r rf ) f I'GLLARS So loan'oa - - J .J IfliidaudBMrtraiTtUDoa propertj in tbe cily of New - York. Aply to , J. G. IV y Jy W 138 Water - et. A( OnO lollaks to be loaned, JJJJ on real utate in this city, in sums n it hte than $J0U0. Apply to kubi.ouh, 1 own, hi UEN80N, Stock mid Exchange Brokers, 44 Wall - tt. ang 6 1 w CORNELIUS bOGEH'P. ATTORXKY, COVJfUt.LWH AT LAW. A hi) AOTAHY PUBLIC. COMMISSIONER, authoriveri to take AC davitt and Special Bail in anv Court of Record of lint tuts, tbe proof and uctoowledje - mebt of Deed, and diiharges of Mortgages Alto AQulavits, Special Bail and tbe depotitiou of witnesses rfe eeneeate, in live District Bad Circuit Courts of the United Stales, continues sis office at No. M Cedar - street. yS2 1m C7 IX WIS. Engraver - in gi'neraL" lias removed his ofUcefrorn No. 39 Fulton - street to No. 157 Broadway, over the fVwellerv of Messis. Jtollenwerck il llrolhe.s. near IJ. berty - slreet; and solicits a continuance urnnk. lie patronage. - IW Orders ieR ia the Store will be lmm..t; ' ately attended to. War.lei, A Journeyman in the above line. Door Plates of every description, from .1 1.. 50 dollars. L TO LET, The office No. 39 Fulton - at. 9.1 ,lna, . bove Pearl, with the entire garret. Rent low - Apply at No. 1V7 Broadway. sue 6 2t JUL Coun COX. No. A CourtIandt - ,treet, . near Uroedway, im - portenoflheLKA,. POOL PA TEAT LAMPS, bare the pleature to Inform the public and their friends that they hare Jut received an extensive a - sortmeal of the abort Lamps, of die mot recent improvements. AtWrte A gen - " era! anortmenl of "(and Lamps, for chimney pieces. Side board, tables, Arc. fcc. of nesr and elegant ' patterns, which, lor or nament and utility, are nnriv ailed with s great variety of other Lamps, such as have n ever been introduced colore : all ol wbu h are warranted perfect, and il otherwise, may be re turned. Have alio received a great assortment of Lamp Glasses and Lamp Wicks, suitable (or all klndi of lamps. N. R. All orders in their line execoUd with faithfulness and punctuality. . A liberal ileduc lion to wholesale dealers. ang 6 tf IN CHANCERY. Emma Millen, 1 ti. r IN pnrruriDce of ftde - Charlet DebevoSte. fcretal order of Iberoarf f ol Ctrocerr, made in the above cause, will be sold ene'r.r the ili.c. tion of the subscriber, at pnnlic auction, at Ihe Tontine CVff.e Houe. in the city of New - York, on Tuesday, the fst day of September next, at 12 o'clock at noon, all that certain lot, piece or car. eel of ground, ailuate, lying and being ia tlie flub, ward of the city of New York, known and distinguished, io a certain map or chart tliereof made, by lot No. 38, bounded in front bv Leo - oard street ; southeasterly by lot No. 37 : ia the rear ny 101 no. ou, aoo nonnweeieriy cy ml iNo. 39 ; conmining In breadth in front and rear 25 feet, sod in ItngtJi, 00 each side, 100 feet, be the aine more or lest ; at the same was centered lo Ihe taid Charles Dcbevoite, by Effbghaoa Em - hreeeed Mary his wile, ia and hy a certain, deed, dated 1st day of February. 1801 : to - rtk. er with the hereditaments aad appurttakacea. kc. Dated New York. Asc. 6th. it) 13. 2 J. L. PKLL, . anj; 6 Sawtwdlw Master ia Chancery. VAUXHAI.L for sai.c 'HUE proprietor of 'erAsi7 CevtfeM. JV'etr - l lerk, wrMiies; to retire from peblir boi - n - rs "ns oto," offers the ealar'ihaeat For' SU. 1 here are yet 8 yeors cf the leAtesnexpt - red; every atritit aid oeceeary ebitct for a ceo - tir.uation of Ihe bqsiaefa, and lor tbe plea - are of 1 i 'I tore, areoa thespol, ned wid maa - a part of ihe sale. The olehrily rw.uW stare, the knows encouraeresrat and recnits la coneqaeur - , are ton well knows to require partkerara Terms sanderate. 1. Ihe lAie it sot told ffore January eexf, Ihe . awprwtiT will irao - fer h.t t.tle toaoy ratable rieor. who wit give semeient terenry (ct tt.$ real agreed oa. org 6 Stowatiwp - 1 1 .1 i

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