The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 16, 1944 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1944
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

14 Thursday, March 16, 1944 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE CHARGE ALKALI TRADE CARTEL \6 Are Accused by Justice Department Washington, (/Pi--Two American export associations, 13 American manufacturers, and a British corporation and its agent were accused Thursday by the justice department of maintaining international cartel agreements to restrain trade in the manufacture and marketing of alkalis, in violation of the Sherman anti-trust act. Attorney General Bid die said civil suit filed in the U. S. district court in New York alleged the defendants have conspired to allocate and maintain exclusive marketing areas and export quotas throughout the world, eliminating competition and restraining exports by means of .illegal contracts, agreements and understandings. In addition to the defendants, the suit named 4 corporations--2 American, one German and one Belgian--as co-conspirators. The t r a d e associations are United States Alkali Export association, Inc., (Alkasso), with principal offices in New York, and California Alkali Export association (Calkex), with principal offices in Los Angeles. The suit is the first to be filed involving the activities of associations organized under the Webb Export Trade act. The act is designed to promote international trade by enabling American manufacturers to form associations to compete with foreign manufacturers. "We do not, of course, intend to interfere with any of the .legitimate activities of such export associations," Assistant A t t o r n e y General Wendell Berge said, "but many groups in this country are GETS TERM ON SPY CHARGES Dr. Thomas Supplied Data to Espionage Head Detroit, (#*)--Federal Judge Edward J. JMoinet Thursday sentenced Dr. Fred W. Thomas, Detroit obstetrician convicted of conspiracy to violate the wartime espionage act, to 16 years in federal prison. Dr. Thomas, one of 8 persons indicted on charges of espionage conspiracy, was convicted 2 weeks ago by a federal court jury. Six pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing. Charges against the 8th, Bcrtrand Stuart Hoffman, merchant marine seaman, were dismissed at his trial on the ground IRTIHEMIODAY! ?v ROCKET TARGET--A rocket target is released from a wheeled projector designed to be fired at varying angles to give U. S. anti-aircraft gunners practice with a target closely simulating speed of enemy aircraft. This device replaces sleeve targets. 1 CHOICE- I --of million* kM nude St. Joseph I Aspirin tho world's largest Keller at I I0f- It'* £"t thought of millions at I fiirt warning ot simple headache or I eolda* painful xniaeriefl. No aapirin I can do more for you. Why pay more? iTbta too, you maka crna greater laniafa on the larger mot*, 36 tab- llcU 20*. 100 tablet!, only 35*. I Ahrayilweoroyou demand gamine St.Joseph A S P I Rl N planning to utilize such associations to enter into cartel agreements with foreign companies, stifling" competition throughout the world--'activities which are not exempted by the Webb act from the operation of the Sherman act." Defendants named in the complaint included: Imperial Chemical industries, Ltd., ("Id"), a British corporation with principal offices in London and Imperial Chemical Industries (New York) Ltd., a New York corporation wholly owned and controlled by ICI, London. Alkalis include soda ash {sodium carbonate), caustic soda (sodium hydroxide and bicarbonate of sotla) used in the manufacture of glass, textiles, chemicals, soap, and many other articles. flying on this liberator, swervec the formation to the right and th flak burst just to the left. We con tinned evasive action for about minutes, but the flak quit shortly As we left the target, the Amer ican 15th air force's heavy bom bers were barely half throug with their job on Cassino and for nations of mediums were to clea up the last remains. The bombing was carried out at an unusually low altitude for the heavies to insure added deadliness. Our pilot was Lt. Ivan Thomas, Albuquerque, N. Mex., and our navigator Capt. Robert Carlin of Des Moines. that he was mentally incapable of understanding the charge. Dr. Thomas was accused of supplying espionage information on war production and troop movements and ingredients for the manufacture of invisible ink to Miss Grace Buchanan-Dineen, described by the federal bureau of investigation as the leader of the espionage ring. The finest coffees, now available for as little as 25c a pound, cost William Penn $.68 a day when room and board (without coffee) could be had for $2.00 a week. And if you think that was expensive, right now coffee brings around $50 a pound (U. S. funds) in China. Estimate 176,960 Ballots Needed for lowans in Service Des Moines, (fP)--Auditors of 91 of Iowa's 99 counties have estimated they will need a total of 100,803 republican and 76,157 democratic primary election ballots for lowans in the armed services, Sherman W. Needham, state superintendent of printing, said Thursday. '·Those figures are merely estimates," he emphasized. "The auditors do not know yet just how many ballots of each party they will need." The auditors have made the cstimiates as a basis for the amount of paper they svill need in printing the ballots. The paper is available and the counties will do their own printing. The 91 county auditors also estimated they will need 121,820 sets of envelopes. The state now is printing u p . enough envelopes to supply all o£ the counties. Three envelopes are needed for each voter--one to carry the baU lot to the voter, one to contain the market ballots and another to carry the marked ballot envelope back to the county auditor. Counties which have not yet given Needham estimates of the* Dallot paper and printed envelopes they will need are Audubon, C a r r o l l , ' Delaware, Hamilton, Jackson, Linn, Polk and Webster. The English monkey nut. call the peanut 3 Swore at PILES! , But Now He SMILES! I VOJ may fault tea i, Us-e doctors' formula lor ULstrusi of |iilcs. Same as used adjunct 5 rely Lr BIKTIHlists al niteJ clinic. He amazed a» I»aiu, Iti-ii, Koreiios yet tuch QUICK relief1 Oei SI,00 in he '1'bprulyu i iliaor'* Uectal Oiotliii-at Unlay. Or set the easf-to-B[»ply Tliorjitou Minor !l(vtal Suppositories, only a. few rout* more. Trr BOCTOKV wajr TODAT. At all good drug stores everywhere--in Mason Cily. at Ford Hopkins, OSCO Drue. s£to^K« S/3l-Bran «d ,. - _ j v-vitw So Handsome... So Hardy... So Happily Priced * . r "?"TMrrt,r An imoLeB Stone yowi fate**. etc. i*t6c GIANT ROLL-A-CHEST ON BALL BEARING WHEELS Says Cassino Shuddered in Heavy Attack (EDITOR'S NOTE: United Press War Correspondent Clinton B. Conger witnessed Wednesday's pulverizing American attack on Cassino from a heavy bomber which participated in the raid. In the following dispatch he tells what he saw through the liberator's bomb bay doors.) By CLINTON B. CONGER Aboard a Liberator Over Cassino, Italy, March 15, (U.R)--Bombs from our wave struck in a perfect, murderous pattern across the entire southern portion of Cassino. Flashes of flame belched into the air, and · the whole town seemed to shudder. Then impenetrable columns of thick, sluggish gray smoke obscured the target. Sitting on the rear flight deck with my legs dangling into the bomb bay, the doors of which had been left open so I could see the action below, I saw the high explosives hit the already smoking town, causing new explosions and sending up new clouds of smoke. The liberators are handling the southern section of Cassino. Flying fortresses already have laid the northern half low beneath a thick pall of smoke and dust. As the bombs dropped from the big plane in which I am flying, signaling to the rest of the formation to release all explosives, I saw the smoke from the bombs of pre- cedeing liberator formations drifting across the pock-marked, blasted outlines ot the southern portion of the town. The sky is black with P-38 lightnings protecting us, and occasional thunderbolts arc visible down below, scuttling along to 'delousc the area of enemy fighters. We haven't seen a German fighter on the entire trip and there was no flak to distract us until our bombs were away. Then Cap. Allen K. (Moose) Tobbaush, Brunswick, Ga., our bombardier, spotted the bright muzzle flashes of 4 anti-aircraft batteries and sang out over the interphone: "Flak coming up at 12 o'clock." Col. Thomas. W. Steed of Etowah. Tenn.. group commander More than 74,000 tons of wastepaper and obsolete records and printed matter was salvaged by the armed services and government agencies July to December. 1943. L nut meats 1 And remember, too, XILLOGC'S AU.-BKAH by itself Is a rich, natural source of the whole grain "protective" food elements -- protein, the B vitamins, phosphorus, calcium and iron! ALL-BRAN S H E T L A N D You don't have to pay for imported Shetland to have Shetland luxury. This coit duplicates its softness and authentic colorings exactly. But an ingenious blend of hair fibre and wool gives it greater sturdiness ..'. . at a value-' packed price. LEGAL NOTICES Bejulor 49c E-Z-DO Moth Humidor included at no «xtra coil E'Z-aOMOTHMMMDOt Authentic wood grain finish to harmonize with every room. * Sturdily wood-framed * Lacquer finished woodwork * 3-pJy "Gator-hide" Kraft-board * Taped edges , * New type wood latches * Giant Size 40" x 22" x 21" It's young -- it's beautiful -- it's a Pasadena . . . i n Spring's o w n colors and it will arouse such comments as darling, adorable, how pretty! Choose yours from a collection that's Spring-fresh. ^Exclusive with us. Economical Solution to your Storage Problems in this new Royal Cabinet $£98 Unusually large amount of shelf space make this new utility cabinet a real boon to housewives. Store your dishes, groceries, linens, brooms and brushes in it, and have them handy for daily use. Takes up very little room--but saves you lots of extra steps. + Famous E-Z-DO patented construction ir White-lacquered wood framing; * Smart arched panel-effect door, with dust-resistant edges * Shelves rest on sturdy wood supports * 3-ply white lacquered kraft-board walls and doors * Nickel-plated sliding; latches and hinges * Size: 60" x 18" x H" 3250 XOTJCi; OK AMENDMENTS TO ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION Public notice is hereby given that a corporation formerly known as the IOWA HARDWARE MUTUAL CASUALTY ASSOCIATION has by amendment to its Articles of Incorporation changed Its name to IOWA HARDWARE MUTUAL CASUALTY COMPANY; and by further amendment to the Articles of Incorporation, the Corporation is authorized Insure property of Its members against any hazard, loss or damage as may be authorized by or permitted by companies of its class, as provided by Subsections 2. 5, 6, and 7 of Section 8940. Chapter 404 of the 1939 Code of Iowa. The Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation further provide that the membership of the Board of Directors shall not be less than three (3) nor more than nine (3). and until changed by the By-laws, that th e Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) directors--three (3) of which hold office for one 1) year; two (2) to hold office for two (2) years: and two»2) to hold ottice for three (31 years, and the directors' names in said Amendments to serve one (1) year «r* Albert Bojensv M. A. Trumbull and R. D. Austin; to serve two (2) years are W. F. Mueller and A. H. Nicwohner; and to serve three »3 years are H. F. Lclbslc and C. A. Kmitson. DATED this 7th day of February. A. D,, 1944. C. A. KNUTSON. Prfiidcnl R. D. AUSTIN Secretary $7.98 Merkel's Second Floor SALE OF PILLOW CASES Irregulars of better quality pillow cases made o£ good grade of muslin and percale. All have slight imperfections, hence this low price. 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Dust resistant over-lap door construction. Wood swivel latches. Famous 49c Wood scroll top. . Moth Humidor included at no Holds up to 25 garments. «tra cost

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