Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 18, 1943 · Page 4
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 4

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1943
Page 4
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Page Two THE , LA PORTE CITY, IOWA La Porte City Personals I the long list of La Porte City (boys with commissions, when he became an ensign in the naval re. \serve after firishing a midship. inien's course in Xcw York City. ~ -~ - 1 jursday, Feb. Ackerman home at the same timejeral Hospital. Lt. Kline was com- Since that time he ha; Lieutenant and Mrs. Courtney P.| missioned Dec. 19, 1942 upon tending the Hospital Mi arrival at tbe camp iKline are moving this week to graduation from the Medical Ad. agement School at Carrp Elizabeth Coooer daughter o*I Denver, Colo., where Lt. Kline will, ministration Officers Candidate and has been assigned M - a r t I Mrs D B Cooper oftb,.'be stationed at Fitzsimmons Gen,'School at Camp Barkeley, Texas. Simmons as a Mess OH Maode Fretzs of Des Moices spent the week end here with her sistfr, Mrs. H. H. Scott. Ardeth Haberichter entertained a group of fnends on Saturday n:ght at a Valer.iir.e party. Elmira Turner of Coming, la., was a jrusst o,ver Sunday of Misses Minerva Cooper. and M'llie«nt for a farewell party before move on March 1. frcm Garnet Olive ^mmunity._ha_5 _won Page 1 v » ^ vu -UAH..!* *. i n a Olive, tu a niajvi · .| . , ,. Jean Jenks entertained twenty operation last Thursday at Roches- Mt. oarrou, JIL lor ine ii _ eight high school friends tot Sat. ter. Minn, and ,he is recovering : TM«ter She ranks i n t h e upper 10 urdav night at a 6:30 dinner and a5 fast as could bo expected. P" « nt of the studentS ln the a Valentine party in honor of ihe| Mr. and Mrs. William Bern. "J^;^ Mn _ Uon Jacobs the | former a son of Mrs. Mill Hunter of this city, and who formerly was ;ne lonictn weauuig uriiuvcnxiij . , . T , n i W j last Thursday even-PR of Mr. a n d|employed at Johl, Deere, at Wa _ _ · . . . . ! ^A.I^A :.. n /\n''ni'pn in LOTH? Consumer Instruction Sheet birthday of Charles Sides. Utorf. John Scheib and daughter, Mrs. Harry Knight, 'who h?-= Mary Ann of Kcvstone, attended b«n spending the winter in Chi-1 the fortieth wedding anniversary cago with her dzuehter, is a' - - -patient in the Presbyterian hospital there at present. Mrs. R. H. 'Habcrichtcr. . . . . Fratemitv cla« of the Metho. Beach, CaW. at " Henry A. Peters, jr. ^ubmirted to a major operation at the Mayo hospital at Rochester. Minn, on Monday. __ ._ .- Maxir.e Dilkn -^as a Sunday; Jit. Carroll, 111., was a week end covered dish supper was followed erl °' » '." ornia Sh i there a, pram. r a e m t v c a « o . , EliLbeth Cooper, who is a stu. di.t church" school met Wednesday iConstruct.on comply. He report a is eUm dent at Frances Shimer college in!ni K ht with Mrs. Frances Nies. ______ . guest in the home of Mr. and puest of her parents, Mr- and Mrs. j by a short program, rroup sing' ' " " T,_I_I- Mrs. Err.ts''. Ar.drso". near pender.ce. . B. Cooper. iirg and a Mr. and Mrs. Ted Richards and,Supplee. talk by Rev. Ralph .,, . . Mr. and Mr'. Chas Kocher and' s o n , Donald, were Sunday guests! Mrs. Marion Baird entertained familv ard Mr- George Wilson', n the home of Mr. and Mrs.'a group of children on Tuesday ,,,,,,,,»,.·! L^L U ^ =:s cf Mr5 . E. R. Teeter Shelby Foss and family in \Va.l i n honor of the fourth birthday come radio operator.,, I of her daughter, Betty. Games Jtl ^. -,,..., ^ Mr. and Mrs. Will Goon a n d ' w e r e played and refreshments to Hawkcyc SIT day r.iirh: after daughter, Nancy Cac of Cedar were served at tht close of the her mc-hc-V Mrs. Frarcc-, Good_ I Rapids, were week end guests of afternoon. ed :cll a-d IJ-D'-.C three ribs. Mr and Mrs. J. H. Goon, Mrs.I C. V. Barnhart, recruiter at the - - ·· · ' "- - ~ J ·"" | Waterloo navy office, has an, ^ ^^ inounced that he will be able to wcek c | Lucille Smith of Waterloo and^ntei-i-inw prospective nuvy enlist, her si=u.r. Grace Smith of La t . ts u t his home here each Sunday. Men between IT and 18, and from U3 to o(Hi, are eligible. of Arrse", lov-.-i. Mrs. Jamc- Chri=tian was called, Ray ' R o = a - f . macnsr.isis mate K?.thn.~n Abel and Mr. and Mrs | Waterloo navy office, fizvt L l n = - in L'. ?. navy, arrived George Abel, home Tufdi'V furious"Mrs. Mary ^ a r: and family Port* City, were Sunday of Mr. ard Mr=. Guy of their sister, Mrs. Oval Drone. likes his work and is getting used to the climate. Leland Kruse of this city is now stationed at the Army Air Force basic training center at Kearns, Utah. Under train"K at this base are men who are learning to be_ Eastman on Tu'-day right for bargcr and family, of a oysur =upper. i Point. Mrs. C Broad rt-.urr.f-d home on: The Idle Day club m t t _ l a t t Tuesday af;cr weeks in the machinists, clerks, maintenance men, airplane mechanics and others "behind the scores" in America's fighting air forces. Alvin Wcisert of this city was accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Henry Wcisert, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Weisert and Maxine Dillon, his music instructor, to radio station WMT at Waterloo, where he was presented on "Kiddies Review" WHY CANNED FRUITS, VEGETABLES, AND ARE RATIONED Every week we are sending shiploads of canned goods to feed our fighting men and our fighting allies in Africa, Britain, and the Pacific islands. We must see that they get all the food they need. We at home will share all that Rationing will be used to guarantee one a fair share of America's supplj processed fruits and vegetables, bo'u IU *JU 1^ I "i Ll-Mll^llJi!.. I * Lavonnc Winter, daughter of| Saturday. The number he played . .. «- T-^ TM.;_ A -*«_ t.'oo "TToT-niunll +n ThpP. on hlS Rev. and Mrs. \\. D. Winter, formerly of Lii Porte City and now vi"s7tVr.g Tev^ral!Thursday"with 5"lrs. Marion Baird j;epilcnt of Dumont, submitted to weem in L,, C home of ht-r son, for an afternoon of pinochle, after ,311 appendectomy February 15 at Fred and familv. r^- Jesup. ! which refreshments were served.; the Lutheran hospital at Hamp. Jft r^'^Sn «« ^ »n» Em^Xie^ ^Mr, G. L. Bergeman left lastM-m Person, atonM'; re'.-i-:,- ,ho amended, M, and Mrs. Albert = Saturday^ night for NapervU ; he M^on, the fU-ral of A. M. Thompson' moved from the H. H. Kaiser il linois to be at the Dr. Haag MIC A l * . , l - l C * i v f c - · · r _ . i. _f ^ r . . . p n 1 £ ,, ,, . . , - . _ ! ii-nrilrr- Tirhllfl was "Farewell to Thee" on his electric Hawaiian guitar. Members of Benton No. 4 cow- testing association met at King's club rooms Wednesday evening for a covered dish dinner honoring Mrs. G. L. Bcrgcman left last].Jim Emerson, former tester for "· 'the association, who has been commissioned a pilot officer in the house in the south part of town home for sevtial weeks while Canadian air forces, and expects to leave for active overseas duty Dutler serv_ Sunday their wed(Vinton Thursday afternoon r^^'S iS^^^i^i « -; sr ~* M ^%.r;r ^^^^^^-j^^^^^^ jra srys s^Jrs s^s^xsr F ±-s. i: sr%, »**.*££ a 11, L. T. H«Hn,r »»« « »TM b. TMt to Omto tt » "^ »n m p.TM^^ . bw. WJ «W ducted into the Coast uiiaru. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Studebak. Parkersburg, Iowa. The What Next club met in the home of Mrs. E. E. Pearson Tues. cr day afternoon to do Red Cross Ceda: sewing after which light refresh,'she left for Gordon, merits were served. visiting in the Studcbaker homejCity. Wcdncsday afternoon at 4 o'clock at Waterloo. Mrs. Hcndrickson took Mrs Leona Krueger to was formerly Frances Christian, for a surprise farewell party be. ,, Rapids Wednesday, where'and ,g a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ^e they move to another farm U for Gordon. N e br, after James F. Christian of La Porte north of town ,n the near future Eor past week and a half. Dave Hines, Mrs. Harvey Hincs and Ralph Foss went to Camp Dodge at DPS Moines last Sunday to see Harvey Hincs who left that evening for an unknown location. Relatives «nd neighbors gathered in the home of Mr. and Mra. _._ George Howrcy last Friday night Orvillc Kahler thia week joined Mr. and Mrs. Dewcy Morris of « **«*, »*'·*- « ----- . _ William Devine returned thia community are parents ot neighbors and friends went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Eastman last Friday night Five hundred was the entertain, ment with awards going to Mr and Mrs. Raymond Niemeyer v e r t y hospiUl in ev from the Uni - t w i n boys born Wednesday at Raymond and Jean Craft Re. Iowa City, (Virginia Gay hospita, at Vinton. ver where she haa been for two weeks, .One of the boys lived, but the otn_ ^TM~ tT« for neuritis and er is stillborn. Funeral services being treated for neuritis diabetes. 1. Every eligible man, woman, child, and baby in the United States is being given War Ration Book Two. (This book will not be used for sugar or coffee.) 2. The BLUE stampa are for any kind of Canned or Bottled Fruits and Vegetables Canned or Bottled Juices and Soups Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Dried Fruits (The red stamps will be used later for meat) 3. The stamps in this book are POINT stamps. The NUMBER on each stamp shows you how many POINTS that stamp 19 Wonh ' ^ NUMBER SHOWS POINTS 4. The LETTERS show you WHEN to use the stamps. The year will be divided into rationing periods. You can use all BLUE stamps marked A, B, and C in the first rationing period. A, B, and C stamps cannot be used after the first rationing period ends. -HOW they are rationed- 5. You must use the BLUE stamps AJVY KIND, of the rationed j.r See the official list, showing etc lioned processed food, at your ferent kinds of these foods At ill numbers of points. For exam| beans may take a different nun from a can of peas. freshments were served at the close of the evening. I Big Creek Farm Bureau will m«et this Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aekennan. Form Approved. Budget Bureau No. 08-R126-42 OPA Form No. n-UOl Called SlBlew ol America OldTM ol Price Administration One copy of thin Declaration muni be filed ivllh the Office of Prlcn Ad- mlnlHtratlon by cnch pernnn applylnc for War Billon Book Two far the members ol n lamlly unit. Bnd by each pornon who IB not a member of · family unit. Fllo at tbe Kite denlcnat- rd. Conponh- will be deducted for ox- CDHH nuppIICB of the foods llnled below nccordlnE to the schcdulen announced by the OHIcc of Price Admlnldtrat.on. CONSUMER DECLARATION Processed Foods and Coffee I HEREBY CERTIFY tKnt T am authorized to apply f ° receive a War Ration Book Two for each person below who is a member of my farn.lj un.t, or the olher person or persons for whom I am aclmp whose War Ration Book One I have submitted to the Board; That the name of tach person and number of his or ner war Ration Book One are accurately lisl«d below; That none of Uitse persons is conCinsd or resident in nn institution or i* a membtr of the Armed Forcea receiving subsistence in kind or catirpr in separate messes under an officer's command; .i._j That no other application for War Ration Book Two for thcs^ persons has been made; , That the following inventory statements are true and include all indicated foods onncd by all persons included in this Declaration: Pounds of coffee owned on November 28, 1942, minus 1 pound for each person included in this Declaration whose aRc as stated on War Ration Book One is 14 years or older. . . . ---------2. Number of persons included in this Declaration whose ape as staled on War Ration Book One is 14 years or older ........ ---------- Cj Jncludc all commercially canned fruits (including spictd); canned vegetables; canned fruit and vegetable juices; canned soups, chili sauce, and catsup. . . . . . , ·,, Do not include canned olives; canned nvat and fish; pickles, relish; jellies, jams, and preserves; spaghetti, macaroni, and noodles; or home.canned foods. 3. Number of cans, bottles, and jars (8-ounce or larger) of commercially packed fruits, vegetables, juices and soups, chili sauce and catsup owned on February 21, 1943, minus 5 for each pcrsori included in this Declaration. . . -- ........ 4. Number of persons included in tlus The^amfoT'eac'h person "included "in ihis~DeclYrVtlon and the number of his or her War Ration Book is: Print Nam* Number 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. ' "~i" wMitfoMl space U needed, attach separate sheet NOTICE.--Section SS (A ol the CnlUxJ "Ute* Crimln»l Cod* miC It . crlmln.1- «"«?«· punlituble by · m » ri TM nnI ,. ! 1f .jK! jrean' ImpriMnmwlt, HO.OOO flie? or both, to nuke · Wie lUteneat or repretenUHon ·* to .my m.tter wlthui the Jor- l.dJctlon of mny depmrtment or ·gencr of the United 3 late*. (Signature ol applicant or authorized agent) (Addreu) ' "(City "and "state)" |for the second twin will be held today at Green's Grove cemetery bouth of Cente r Point, la. Vcrn Foster, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Foster, and Bob Van Fleet, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Van Fleet, have arrived at the U. S. Naval Training station at Farragut, Idaho, according to word received here from station officials th's week. The camp is, on Lake Pend Oreille, in the boys will hold a meeting at the will be followed by a discussion of Labor and Agriculture, and by showing of moving pictures. Paul Barker, county agent, -will be present. The committee includes Mr. and Mrs. Ackerman, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hager and Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Hager. Four.H club Let Your Druggist Keep You Well 5 Lbs. U.S.P. 75c Epsom Sate 12 RIDLLE 43 75c s Kidney Pills Phillip's 2B Full *Pint Mineral Oil ]4 1943 Spring Wall Paper Single Rolls 5c to 27c 35cVicks 65cPinex 40c,Castoria ...... . 31 C $1.25 SSS Tonic . 99* 55c Lady Esther . . 39 C 60cAlka-Sfeltzer . 49^ GOcSenitan ....... 49« GOcSal Hepatica .. 49c 50c Minitrub . . . . 43c 60cDrene (At CcwMi OffldJ Urt it Yicr GIK 6. Of course, the more of anythin] mere points it will take. For e.\ can of peas takes more points tli: 7. The Government will set the poinl and size and send out an Official Values which, your grocer must you can see it. The Governra careful watch of the supply of these processed foods and make changes in point values from time to time, probably not oftencr than once a month. The Government w i l l announce these c h a n g e s when it . makes them and they will ( be put up in the stores. 1 ONLX BLUE A. B, and C STAMPS 'CAN BE USED IN -Is* PERIOD 8. The number of points for each, kind of processed food will be THE SAME in ALL STORES and in all parts of the country. Page 2 Use Your OLD Ration Book for SVGAR and COFFEE HOW TO USE YOUR NEW RATION BOOK TO BUY CANNED OR BOTTLED FRUITS, VEGETABLES, SOUPS, AND JUICI FROZEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES; DRIED FRUITS Tlie Government liaa eel tlie day when this rationing will start. On or after that day, take your War Ration Book Two with you when yon go to buy any kind of these processed foodiL 8 POINTS YOU GIVE MANY POINTS FOR SCARCE FOODS YOU GIVE LESS POINTS FOR FOODS THAT ARE NOT SO SCARCE 2. Before you buy, find out how many points to give for the kind of processed fooda you want. Prices do not set the points. Tlie Government will set different points for each kind and size no matter what the price. Your grocer will put up the official list of points where you call see it. It will also be in the newspapers. TVic points will not change just because the prices do. 3. When you buy, take the right amount of blue Btompa out of the book. Do thia in front of your grocer or delivery man and hand them to him. The grocer must collect a ration stamp, or stamps, for all the rationed processed foods he sells. Every rationed processed food will take points aa well as money, 4. Do not use more stamps than you need to make up the right amount For example, if the food you buy caTJs for 13 points it is better to tear out aa 8-point and a 5-point stamp than two 5- point stamps and a 2- and a ~ 1-point Bttunp. Save your smaller point stamps for low- point foods. You can take the stamps from more than, one book belonging to your household if you need to, 5. Every person in your household, including children of any age, hag a total of 48 points to use for all these processed foods for one ration period. This means that you may use ALL the blue stamps marked A, B, and C from all the books during the first period. You m: of the blue A, B, and C stamps as ; time. When they are used up y able to buy any more of these proi the next stampa are good. The G announce the date when the next B 6. Use your household's points caref will not run out of stamps. Ano to make your points come out ev grocer will not be able to give stamps. Use high-point stamps i IMPORTANT Yon may tuo ALL the books of Uic lo buy processed food: for the Anyone ycu irub. can take tbe r lo tbe store to do the baying for : houjcliold. A FAIR SHARE FOR AU We cannot ajjford to waste foot people more than their fair short uihy canned jrtiits and vegetabl and that is uifiv meat is going Rationing of some foods is the way to be sure that every Amerit to eat. BE 1.1. ·nanun nnmu emu U. S. Office of P ?A · coMBmer instruchon sheet on point rationing. Thifl leaflet wul be giv V - ty » wormd the end of February. The leaflet ~*pl ther procMied iooda with the now point ration

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