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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, August 7, 1818
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, : lf:' it ! I i ; . i ; 1 (. ! ! f v, . - , - it' - ' . - . v. I - - ? - . . ' i. - lElGS LUXURIES. - UrprwsfU en tb late sou ax of aloe leaves prepared te - teil foe to, , .V , - Quod pctiv aic est. Est Ulubris - liar. Ax her U aaaao, ia all our hedges. ( Quna aad Porto hew farewell, ' . " Let other bay what yon to mR, - Yoer Port and roar Bobcat For we've oar native iioe, divine. Who fruit yield tH our Pera wine, Whose tWet auk all our Tea. . , Hera we got at lbs aamog oi th remark of our doctors, mat wm end tea ara ou pottoa. . LAW INTELLIGENCE. Court of Exdieqoer, London, I Wednesday, 13th of Way, 1818.' , " ' The aUorntt - rounl smut Eiteard Habnn '. It will be seen by thefollowing trUlsscoovic - , . . tioos, Uattheascet gross aisdtcandaiout imposi - , . tiona ara oractised br Daraou dealing in tea ia this metropoli, who are in tba habit of selling - m article of Englub manufactore, ana 01 oouoi - ful quality, io bau of genuine tea. Theoffeuce ' become Us mora beiaoot from tb bet, which - ' Was ttrp ported bj dear and convincing testimo ny, UuU the articles ased in snaoulacluruig the ' spurious coaimodity art of a AeleUrkKU ariUpoi - aonoas description. Tba public thanks ara due to tba officer of tha excita for bringing this oat - v " tar, to miranoJly tiilfttUng, to light: and wa . trokjtha aaaaplo which haa beca aaJa, at wU aa tha akiitional caatioa of the public them ; Ovlv, will prevent ia future tba reenrrenr of f iaidar ncikrioua practice, by which, wa fear, tha health of too aiany of oar fellow - creature hat been Irreparably injured, Mr. Walton opened the declaration, itatmg, tht thi wu an informattoa filed by the attoraey general against the defendant, which charged bin, be being ft dealer to, aad teller 01 tea, wiin , having to hi poninian aqaaotity of tloe leave and wbite - thoni leave, fabricated into an mu f - tatioo eftra, whereby he torteited 10 for eve ry pound weizbt of tuch i mi tattoo. There were other count charging the offence . differently ( to all of which the defendant pleaded not guilty. - Mr. Dioooey atated the cae to the jury ; and obi erred, that the proceeding to which be now had tocau their attention wu almott new to la court, as well aj to thote whom be had the honor of addraMatg, and certainly wa of very great importance important to the defendant, inasmuch a the peoaitiei which were (ought to be recovered from him, went to a very comidcrable amount (aa amount, however, by no mean aie - proporboaed to the gam which be bad made by " engaging in this eort of transaction) important . Jo to them, to turn, and to the public at large, . because the ram of tiie defendant wai at the ex pence of their health. Ia fact, ai the habiu of i - aociety at preeeot existed, there were scarcely - may persons who - were Dot in the daily and constant habit of running tha risk of being Injured ..and imposed npoo, by taking the commodity which forced the subject of the present prosecution. The prosecolion against tha defendant, a they had haard from his leaned friend, wa for havugubupoMcssion, and also for duposing of, a commodity as tea, which, in point of fact, was not tea. The universal use of tea made this question of universal importance. It was lamentable to think, that ia this great town there Were person who were in the daily habit of selling deleterious drugs, under different maiki ; and th it, while the public were imagining they were drinking at their meals nutritious beverages, they were in tact swallowing a slow but certain pooe ; and this, in order that parties like tb defendant might take advantage of the sale of as article which was not merchantable, at a price far beyond its Intrinsic value. They had alrea - ' dy heird, daring the present sittings, that those wbo supposed Utey were drinking coffee were deceived, and were ia (act driukuig neither more Bar lets than aa iafttsion of scorched peas aaJ bsaas. This they were told was ia itself harav less, and he believed, at least, there was no mix - t tare of unwholesome ingredients. Nat o in the ' present case, for be ibould prove that the most pernicious drugs had been used j and It was clear that all ranks of society, whether male or female, ,. were alike exposed to their effect. The defendant, Mr. Palmei, wa a grocer, and had, no doubt, reaped notmsdl ad rant age from his nefarious traffic. It would appear that a regular malt a factory of this imitation lea, as it was called, teas established in GoMooe - treet ; and be shouU call a witness who would go throurh the whole hiitory of the transaction. The parties by vham the manufactory was conducted wero a penoa of the name of Tractor, and another person namt,4 J aha Milms, the son of William Ma - ' list, carrying oa business m a place called iSerth umberlaiid Uy, Fencharch - street, profi rMdl' as a colfee - roaator. These two person eu;ar - tt others to furnish them with leaves, which, after uudriroiot a certain process, that be would de scribe, were sold to, aod drank by the public, a? tea. The parties gathering the leares, wtucn Were of the while and black thorn tree, were raid at the rate of two - pence per pound for the ' produce of their labour. These leaves, m order to be converted mto an article resembling black tea, were flrt boiled, then baked upon an iroo plate l and, when, ery, rubbed wilh the hand, in . ordor to produce In tear I which the genuine ten had. This was ia tact the snort wholesome part of the operation ; for tha colour, which was yet to be given to it, wu produced by lo;wi)ad ; who - t!ir thii was aa injuriiniJ ingredietiV or not, he did not know, but ht belie' ed few of hi anditors wonld willingly dr'nk an iafusioovf that dye With regard to the green tea, that was manufactured in a leas queitimable and In a more de - etruetive manner be meant destructive to the constitution of those by whem it wa drank. In this part of the business it appeared, that the leaves, after having been pressed and dried, w ere laid a poo sheets of copper, where they received .their colour from aa article known by the name of Dutch ptoR ( some ol which (a powder M a Tetlowidi hue) be held ia his hand. Ooe of the component pvta of this powder he understood to tx white lead I but to thi' he would net pledge i himself. " The other article used in producing the appearance of the line greea bloom, which was OOservauie oo lue vnina in, wu, umuewy, a daadl v do itoa ! He aU uded to rtnligrit, whk h, It appeared, was added to the Dutch pink in order tj complete the operatiea, (A feeling of horror seemed hen to pervade tne wttole court. I J uic was the case which he had to briag before them ; and hence it would appear that, at the moment they - were suppoeing they were drink ing a pleasant and nutritious bs vera re, they were, in fact. ia all probability, drinking only the ptodace of the hedges round the metropol.J, prepared tor the purposes of deception in the mott noxious manner, tic had felt it his boundtn dutv to be thas explicit in hi statement, with a view not alone eheUing op thedefeodant ai a proper example to other, hut to place the public upon their guard aui nit suta nefuriom impontirns He could not be accused of a desire to icQame the miads of the Jnry by exciting their private faeliogs, becauie bo end ronU be gamed b tach aa aUempt. He weal for positive peoalli, and the verdict could be given on'.y according to th '." limits of legal aaaetnieut. ' He trotted he UW be enabled to trace to the pbssestsnn of the e - nd - aat SOibs. weight of the oa modify ht hd been - deeeribicg aod if so, be should stttitle thr r rowo 'to pennlties, aasoealing ia the wtle to 84D - a sewrswaseaas bre, when compared with ,' (ha aaonairj of the ofeuce. ' . ' r . . TAeesw Jme. trem. Cxaaiardby Mr. Clarke, kiag'stnnsel He deposed, that OS Knew a per - oe ot me name ef Prectnr, aad was esapioyeJ by ' latter 4 of April, 1817, to gather a quantity f Uack and white thora Uat se. !oe leave ' t ware the black Cora. lie also korw a person of lbs name of loaaMalia. be was the) sea of William tlalias, a coflea roaster fas Northam - berlaud Alley. 11 did not sU tat kuow tb purpose for which the leave were gathered, but artorwards learnt the were to avake imita - tuaiasu - - ' " V - Mr. Jervis, counsel for defendant. Tell us what yea saw yourstU, aau aot woai 50a were told. ... . ; : . Mr. Clarke. He shall tell yoa aotbing but what ha did see. Do me tha justice to believe, that I will aot put aa improper question. Witness dul aot sssestf gather more lhaa aa hondred and a half of these leaves ; bat he em ployed another penoa of tha name of John Bag - ster, to gather these. After the leave were gathered, they were first taken to his house, and afterwards to Mr. J. Matins, ia Ooldstone street He was to hare Zl. per pound for gathering them. In Uokbtone itreU they were manurac - tared. They were first boiled, aad then the water wu squeexed from them in a press. Taey were afterwards placed over a slow fire upoa sheets of copper to dry ; while on the copper they were rubbed with the band, to curl them. At the time of boiling, there was a lit tle verdigris put into the water, (thi applied to green tea only.) After the leaves were dried, they were sifted i this was to sepande the thorns and stalks from tbem. After they were silted, verdigris aad some Dutch pink powder was added this made them resemble green tea. aad tha work was finished. The Dutch iiak was a bard substance, and was tcmpod with a laws : be did not know its componeut parts. It was shook up with the tea, aud, together with the vcrdkris, gave the leaves that yellowish green Dioom otoervabie on genuine tea. J hey hail no particular name for this process, except giving the bloom. The black tea went through a similar course as the green, except the application of Dutch pink; a little vcrJiri was put in in the boiling, and to ttm was adilcd a small quantity of log wool to dye it ; and thus tbe nm auiacture wu complete. 1 be flying oporaliou took place on sheets of iron. Knew the di fend - ant, Edward Palmer, who kept a grocer's shop in Ked L100 street, Whi'.echapel. He toolc some of the mixture he had been describing to nn shop. 1 he first time he took auy wu in May, 1817. In the course of thai month, or the beginning of June, lie look four or five 71b. parcels. He did not see Mr. Palmer at the time ho look the parcels, to bii recollection. He saw bim at other times. He was uot paid for the mixture 00 delivery. He received some halfpence at the defendant's shop, for which he had been sent by John Malins. It wu not said what this money wu for. Did not believe t he defend ant gave him the half - peace ; to the best cf bis recollection, it wu a vounz man in tbe shop. John Malins seat witness to the defendant for some paper bags, and other paper and ttring. . He then saw him, and received from him the bags aod paper. These bass and paper were to pot op the imitation tea. He afterwards delivered these bags, filled with the imitation tea, at the defendant's shop. Remembers subsequently taking a quautity of the imitation tea to Mr. Malins, ia Rowel street. It was sold to grocers at the west end of the town. When he took it thsre, it wu taken op to the ton of the house. Of this first quantity he took none to the dtieaJnnt. He afterwards carried some more to Russel street, which wu ai.o taken to the Iod of the house, about 1 cwU and three quarters ; from this quautity he carried 561b. weight to the boose of the defendant's porter, by the desire of Mr. Malins, u the defendant did not wish it to come to his bouse : it wu in paper parcels of 71b tach. Cross - examined by Mr. Jervis Proctor wu a commissioner, or traveller ; he sold tea ami grocery on cooimusteo. to different grocers iu towa and country. He employed witners be cause tie was out or work at the time ; witne s Was by btiriness a porter, and lived last in that capaciiy wiui a Mr. diuiaru, in due Lane, a merchant and packer. Ue quitted his service 10 uctooer, luie, and had no regular employment from that lime till employed by Proctor. Occasionally did odd jobs of porteriog whileout of place; and bad money from bis brother to assist ia supporting hi family ; a pound or a few shillings at a time. Did not employ himself more man Uiree or lour days in getting tbe leares. He was first employed by Proctor at the latter end of April, 1C17 ; tha leaves were then coming c t : be was ordered to get as ma - ey leaves u he could, and employed Uaj'ter to aitist him. Wu not told what the leaves were for .till a month after : Proctor told Inn in the moothof June. He was shewn the way to make ths fabricated tea by Mr. John Malias and Mr. I'roctor, aod was ordered to assist ui the manufacture. Wu engaged in this way two months or tea weeks. They made a great many pouoiL in May. It was com awn for grocers to sell bags and paper ; witness was nut told by Mr. Malm, what the baji were f.r, whkh he got lrn,n the defendant. He bad no conversation with liim en the subject. He could not say how many na ne gni : mere mignt re lilt v. - It w:j in May he took the parcels of tea to tbe defend iut' house, part before and part after he got Die oa. on Dong re examined to this pout, he said it mutt h.we been after he got the bngi thr,t he took the parcel ; it was a oiitnke when he raid part before and part after. Whei. he carri - d th parcels, he taw a young man ia th shop Did not know his name : hr might be about twenty years of age : be wa middle izf:d, ubout five feet bigh. He saw Mr. Palmer aftsrwardi. ia Northumberland Alley. Hedi'.l not then tell him he had taken the parcels of imitation tea to his house, or have any conversation with him. It wu ia August, or tbe latter end of July, he took the wilt, to the person, whom he des - r.bui U toe Uclendanl's porter. (Mere the witnefi referred to a memorandum which be had iu bit band, and which turned out to he a litt of aboot twenty grocer, to whom he had carried theimi t ition tea. Ha made thii memoraudumin September. The first memorandum writ " 36lb. to Mr. Palmer, . 8 Red Lion street, Wbite - chapel, in .May and August; paid me part.' 1 nit OiJ not coutam the oolbs. delivered to tbe porter. He had :aid that be was not paid for the tea by Mr. Palmer; tliought Uie half pence was part payment, but wa not certain. The porter lived in Boundary - court. Jamet Maliru told bim he was Mr. Palmer' porter, aud that he wu to take ths lea to hios, as he did not with to have it brocjht d.rettiy to his hnu.e. He wu a fresh colored country looking man, aboot forty - five. Couldoottay whether he wore a wig or not. John (Jspter proved that he had been em pi jved by Malins foil Proctor, for two months, to gather rios and white thora leaves : wbeo he first gathered Uiem, they were taken to Jonet't bouse, and lronj thence to Malm's cotlee - roait me premises, in Northumberlaud alley. He re ceived two - psnce per pound for gathering tbem He raw tbe manufacturiug going on, bu did not kaaw much about it: he saw the leave 00 sheets cf copper, iu GolJitooe ttreet. Mr. Bowling, from the excise - office, proved the defendant to ne aa entered tea - dealer. (7Aur IS ciutftr tkttroten.) Mr. Jervis now addressed the jury 00 the part of tbe defeudaut, aod confidently submitted that tbe evidence which had been produced to them, m snpport of this information, was not surh u would justify them in hading a verdict for a tin gle farthipg, or ia finding a verdict for the crown at all. H.i learned mend, (Mr. Dauncey who knw u well u any mao living bow to conduct est for tbe crown, bni not failed, npoo the present occation, to avail himself of everv topic hick cauld interest the fcclin j of the jory hi the csnse before U.ria nd altnough it wsj very trne thut the peaaltire to ho recovered could only be guidd by the case proved, yet they all knew eo - jueh of human nature to believe that such an aiklm , calculated to m aa impression, which, if it did not tnhiace the dama a ge, at least went to render tbe verflict nor secure. Vr this be did aet mean to insinuate that ..... - . the present jury wouu De mama w in sir judgment by any thing which sniglit fid frvet those who nuefct address them, beyond what the case itself, iu its plain aad naked form, demanded from their justice.. &ui ne taougni, n.wa " - aa occuioo, where the consequeuce were so so - rious to the defendant, that all matters tending to excite the personal feeling of a jary eaght to be avoided. It wu staled, inai not oaiy mom - selves, but their wivu aad children, were expo sed to the effects of driokin a beverage charged with deleterious ingredients. He thought be wu not going too far in saymg, inai in oijew fas to interest them personally ia tbe result of the cause. Mo man couid mora strongly reprobate tha use oi such abominable staff, as had been described bv his learned frieal than he did and ha only wished, that the parties discovered to have distributed it might, Instead of being ined for Denallie iu that court, be publicly prosecu ted. For, to sell any deleterious drug mied with tbe tirtnio of human consoaplian. indictable offence. lie did not stand there to deny that the two infamous witnesses, who bail breaexamined,had beeu engaged iii a conspiracy to fabricate tbe deleterious trash to whtcu they bad alluded, and" afterwards to distribute it a - moor the erocors of the metropolis. That which he hod to submit was, that their sole object was for personal gam, to obtain a verdict agaiasutbe defendant ; and he desired to'stite it u hit firm conviction, that tbey were uot witnesses who were to bo believed upon their oaths in any cue whatever, whether a sub)cct or tbe crown Were tho prosecutor. He never witnessed a more impudent attempt to impose upon a British jury.' What was the case ? A vag - ibond fellow, who had been a porter, and left his master's service so far back as the month of October, 1818, and who had admitted that for eight mouths he scarce knew how he lived : was be, unconfirmed u he wa, to be credited ? anil, uihm his siucle testi mony, wa an honest and industrious man to be reduced almost to ruin f ' Would twelve hone! and intelligent men, in thi land of freedom and ssntr, suffer themselves to be deluded by the testimony of such a man .' . He was confident they would not. lie read, iu f.ict, in their countenan ces an accordance with bis Ictliug. Why, he would ask, was lot Mr. I'roctor called by the Solicitor of the crown to confirm the circumstaa - ces which had been stated, instead of uitrodu - rm mailers which were not at all connected with the case. Not one of the count of tbe de claration had been made out. There was no proof of actual )ioetessioa ou the part of the do - feadant. There wa no proof of (ale by bim . In fart, there was no oue tittle of evideuce given, which could fairly expose him to this information. The learned counsel now proceeded to comment upon the testimony of Jones, and to point out those parts svbere, in bis estimation, by prevari cation, ccntradictiou, aud improbabdity, he bad' proved himself utterly unworthy of credit. II such witnesses wrre believed, there would bo an end of that sacred barrier of our liberty and our property, which formed the proud feature of our slorious constitution he meant the t.1 by jury ! The jury were to be the judges io the present case ; and that their verdict would be in favour of his client, he wu firmly persuaded. The learned counsel called no witnesses. Mr. Dauncey, in reply, said, he apprehended the confidence of his learned friend upon the present occasion had very little to do wilh the pro bable issue of the case, and the more especially, as he was always equally confident where the interests of his client were concerned ; and, unfortunately, during the present sittings, had the mortification to find that his confidence had fre quently been mi'placed. Hit learned friend had, in the course of his speech, exhibited a degree of warmth and eoenry highlv commendable : and had, with becoming eloquence, eulogized this land of freedom and of sense. He had also spoken, ii terms in which every mau would con cur, of the blessings which we derived from that glorious constitution under which we all lived but what had that to do wilh the present case ? or how our liberties, or tbe blessings of a trial by jury, wrre to be affected by the fact, whether Use verdict here wu lor tbe plaintiff or the defendant, ho wa at a loss to coi ceive. The re cipe 01 Ins learned menu lor getting na 01 sucn a case, seemed to be very short ; he wu to make a very loud and flamiug address to a jury ; be wu to assert his utter disbelief of the witnesses for the prosecution, but wu to produce no witnesses for Hie defendant; and upon this notable ground be was to call upon a jury of twelve intelligent men to find 3 verdict for bis client. This might be very pretty in theory, but, unfortunately, had not vet been reduced to practice. Now his learned fiiend bad said, that lie read in the faces of the jury an acqniccr Dee in all which he had urged. Where his learned friend had learnt to read faces he knew not ; but this he could ssy, that his own reading of tbe same faces was quite of a different character, inasmuch as he thought he nw a perfect ronvicliou iu their mm Is, to which he took Ihsir face p. the index, of the iill uf the defendant. Ami this was eitremev ly natural, because hit learned friend had failed in douxr ll,al DY which he could aloe shake the le:tirnony of Jons : he had, in Act, neglected to call a single witness to contradict him, allho' he might have called the defendant's shopman ; or if there was tbe slightest ground, base called witnesses to prove that he was a person who cou 1 J not tie believed upon his oath. In (he absence of this proof, and without any confidence on his own part, be should leave the jury to draw their own conclusion, beiug quite satisfied the verdict wonld be for the crown ; a verdict which, as it would be consistent with justice, he was sure would make no difference either in the complex ion of public affairs, or in the spirit and excel leuce of our constitution. As be recollected reading in an old Almanack, edited by a man be oeiivveu 01 tne name 01 rartndgr : " 7e run would rite and go to M, Jut I at if Partridge teas not dtad.n From the deserved fate of the defeudant we need hardly anticipate any very great charge ia our worldly atfatrs. Mr. Baroa Richards bavin summed up the evidence, the jury fouud a verdict for the crown for the full penalties, amounting to EiektHurtr area ana fori) fousitu. WRIT - YORK EKEXi'Mt POST. PRlDAf, AUGUST 7. Jldidttraitd Grorcritt. Several weci since oar readers may recollect to bare sect among our foreign selections, an article from a London taper, slating the various impositions which have been practised to a very great extent by the gro cers of that city, in preparing and vending imi tation teas of various kind;, and al;o in adulte rating coff,:, suar, tobacco, and other rrocsriej. i'bit statement appears to h'sve produced a ge neral and thorough investigation of the subject, and the extent to which the impositions have been practised is found to be enormous, and a - lamiing. Green tea has for a series of year been manufactured froia the leave oi the white and black loom, elder aod uh leave, - && and colored with Dutch pink aad verdigris drag of a very pMSonoat nature. For the adulteration of bohea and black teas, etbet ingredients, equally delete rioJI and destractiv to health, have been used. Since the publication of the article to which we have alluded above, we have received irata London pampUot containing tha trial ef a umber of the grocers aad tea - dealers, who had bea Implicatea by report. From this rpUet wc.kve selected for this evenicg' paper, ooe of the most ta;ortant .bdV interesting trials, which w doubt aot will be perused with interest v. The defendant la this case it seem was Coed ia the torn of titd hundred and forty found ttvfagi and similar convictions have taken (pUee Car this aad other offences of the kind, where the penalties found for tha crown have amounted to one thoutattd two hundred and ten pounii equal to nine thouiund one hundred and eleven dollar and twelve tenli. . Seventeen persons, among whom are a nam her of females, bava been convicted ; and In several ot the cue contained in the pamphlet, the penalties imposed are aot stated - ' ' ' - It is to be hoped that the strong and prompt measures adopted bo readily by the public au thorities of London, will effectually put a stop to these abominable practices. It appeared from the testimony, that thi manufacture of Imitation Tea Itas been carried on for eleven years tttccmively ; the consequence of which has d jtibtlcss been an extensive destruction of health, and the loss of many live. So great was the excitement in London, that the princi pal Tea - Trader of respectability, found it ne cessary to call a meeting for the purpose of adopting measures to detect and expose the real pract'wer of tbe infamous frauds. The pamphlet before us gives statement of various oilier impositions, in adulterating coffee, pepper, sugars, tobacco, sausages, gin, milk, Sic. with tbe ingredients employed, and the process of the manufacture. The imitation coffee it composed of burnt borse - beans, peu, &c. mixed ia the ratio of about 1 lb. of coffee to 3 or 4 of tbe mixture. Sugars are adulterated with saud; pepper with fuller's earth ; mustard with cheap puugent seeds ; tobacco with various cooinio'. British herbs. Porter and ale are frequeotl) mixed wilh drugs of the most pernicious quality. Port wine, u it is called, aod especially that sold at very low prices, u it is known, hat been sua nufactured from sloe frail of the black thorn juice, British brandy, and logwood. Cin, in or der that it maj have the grip, or have the ap pearance of being particularly strong, is known to be adulterated with a decoction of loog pepper, or a small quantity of aqua fortis, a deadly poison. Oread, from public conviction, it known to have been made of a mixture of flour, ground stone, chalk, aud pulverised bones. Milk to hare been adulterated with whitening and water. ausages are seasoned with the teed of water hemlock, (eieuta virota, of Lin.) la thort, it it added, there is scarcely an article of ordinary coniumptioa which is not rendered destructive by these infamous aud fraudulent practices. As tome of the imitation tea described in the foregoing trial, may have found its way to America, we think it proper to state the manner of discovering it : Lay the tea on welted paper, and rub it ; it will easily discharge the colouring it receive from log wood, Dutch pink, or verdigri. Among these pernicious compositions, is a kind of Coffee, prepared from Indian wheat and routed peas, rround together, aad labelled "American Vegetable Peuier, being m whole tome and nutrition breakfail. We would lhauk these speculators not to implicate us ia their vil lanies. We base sin enough of our own to an twer for, without having London frauds palmed upon us. We hope it will be a bug time before such traits of depravity will be disclosed of lb American character, as we have before us ; aod while the petty frauds of a few of our country men, are confined to the manufacture of uoodnut - megt and batt - wood pumpkin ttedi, it muct al levt be acknowledged that the effect are harmless. Tbe public are indebted to Mr. Hays, one of our police officers, for bavin;, in his late visit to Canada, broken up and dispersed a confederacy of counterfeiters and venders of spurious bank paper. He received such information beforo he left New - York, u enabled him to repair directly to the principal manufactory ; thongh the situation wu judiciously cbasrn, in a large forest in Canada. Here lie fouud, if we understood our informant, a dwelling bouse and other buildings erected, wilh couvenient aparliocnls, and all the accessary apparatus for manufacturing counterfeit bank notes, feom the forging of the plates to the packing up of tbe bill ready to deliver out to the retail renders. Each man seemed perfect in hit particular branch. Tbe engraving, it is said, cannot well be excelled. The exact number concerned in this extensive manufactory could not be ascertained j but, it would teem, they drove their business wi. - 'i great industry, for they had al way on band a large stock. Any quantity could be procured apon the shortest notice, 00 the following terms, vix : Five dollars in specie for 1 00 in counterfeit paper of small denominations. For bills of larger amount, one hundred for one, about equal to old continental currency. Purchasers were numerous and trade brisk. Mr. Hay seized and brought with bint a large quan tity of their paper, principally on the banks iu this state, and a comber of plates, u stated in this paper some days since. Some of the bills ar so well txecuted, that it would puule even those most conversant wilh bonk paper, to detect them. "Whal ran ike matter It '' - Both of (be Sena tor in Cuugrci for tbe state of Georgia, htTt resigned their teat in that hooorable body. (X? The writer of a communication which was dropped into our letter box lut evening, signed M ,1 Merchant": exposing several attempts which have been made to defraud tbe revenue, such as importing gold watches and calling them plated castors, and jewellery in voiced japanned lamps, Ac. he. is desired to favor u with an interview. Frees the Wat Chester (Pnn,7rnia) Recorder, oj Augusts. Oa Friday hit a tare lour borse w?rion pat ted through oer village, hating betides oarage a fuU load of people. Howoiany weeaotetacl - iv mi, out tLey looked, ror number - , like the ptc - tare io the old printer 01 John Hoffer's wile " with oiae children, and ooe at th breast.' We could covet tl), but there were doubtlessly more. We leva that thej are frota agiaad, Ute'y hsaded, end cow boaad for Indiana, probably to the aet - UftDTitof Mr. Sirkheck wboee memoir we no - tictdiast winter. They state that thousands and thousand are anxious to emigrate hither. Prosperity attend them. ... ;'. Exttactof a letter to the editor of the Savannah Republican dated - " ATaivs, (Oa) July 23. " The agricultural prospects here, are really gloomy 1 unusual lateness and coolness of the tpruig. backened lue cotton ana corn very much, and the long continued drought o severely experienced here, make it questionable whether one fourth crops will be maae and m addition to thee untoward circumstances, a worm ht made it appearance, the lame which i thought to occuon the rot, (and which infested tbe cotton last year,) so early in the season, that many fear that very little cotton will be made at all. The rot in the cotton last year, was attributed to thewetness of the spring and summer, it cannot be charged to a like cause this year, so that I think we have to apprehend the annual and increased return of this difficulty, in which cue wc may, like those iu the neighborhood of New - Oilcans, hsve to abandon the culture cf cotton, eventually." From the Poiton Ctntii.el, August 5. Dittrettintr fire in FniUort. .Mulne Yester day moming the new Mectihg - Uouse in this village wu consumed by tire. About nine o'clock, a coal fell from the dome of the steeple, on which a man was employed soldering the tin. Some shaving below instantly kindled. Immediate exertions were made to extinguish tbe flame but it wu too late. In two minutes no hope of saving tbe building remained. The flames ascended the front of the edifice and tliesterple almost with the rapidity of lightning. The woikmen upon the dome had scarcely time to descend with safety. So rapid was the conflagration that the frame fell in about twenty minutes. The car penter's shop, belonging to capt. Dillingham, with most of it content, was likewise consumed ; Mr. Nye's store considerably damaged. The wind at N. W. soon became fi fsli, and drove the fire upon the buildings on the S. E. side of the street Several dwelling house and other buddings seemed menaced with in evitable destruction Many circumstances combined to increase the (teneral distress. ucb were the elevated situation of the meet - iiig - hoitse, exhibiting one vut column of flame, the height of the burning steeple, the quantity of combustible material on fire, the proximity and dry ness of numerous buildings, and such the inadequate mean for subduing the raging element afforded by the village, that Divine Providence only could res rain its violence. For a short period the scene was' aw fully terrific. But He who command the Winds and tlie waves, and they obey bim, set bcunds to die desolation. His merc.ful Providence was conspicuous. Several buildings were on fire at the same time 1 lie roof of the large stable belonging to Mr. Holbroek, contiguous to which are several valuable buildings, was burnt through, and the hay in the loft took fire but by the judicious and spirited exertio'i of the citizens, all were preserved except those above mentioned. Great ilobbfry On Saturday night last, the Cumberland hunk ouilding, in Postland, was en ter, d by fa!te keys, aod robbed of over TvVO HUMJIlEl) THOUSAND DOLLAR, the whole capital of the Bank is 300,000 dollars J A - bout 195, (MX) dollars were in Cumberland hunk iiiib, mostly fifties, twenties, and tens. As there are .o 6it nor twenty dollar bill of that Bank, lawfully in circulation, and but few ten's it is hoped this circumstiwce will lead to the detection of the thieves. There was alto about nine thous and dollars in bills of the old Portland Bank, Maine linnk, end one five hui drcd dollar note on the (Boston) Meihicics' hank About liilwn hundred daliars in tpld, and Ave thousand six hundred io silver, were taken at the same time; - a part of which bnt been recovered and nonet are entertained that the exertions mode to recover tbe property, will be further sue cessfol. A reward of l"J0 dollars for the detection of the thieve and the recovery of the property tto - lea, or fire hundred for the conviction ol the (bit res. have been offered by the Director. Our country brethren nre informed, that the cirru'atioo of Cumberland bank billt it tasprad ed here, and that the Banks yesterday refused to take them. From the Norfolk Herald, Avgutt 3. Ihirrid and diitsetting cotaitrephe On Fri dy morning last an infant of .Mr. Senj. Ham of this town, about three months old, was sti.t - dently taken ill ; it revived a little, however, and appeared to be eettmir over it, when it was again seized with violent symptoms, and expired a 7 o'clock in the evening about which hour bis eldest child between 2 and 3 years old wu seized in a similar manner, but with more alarming symptoms, and d.ed tbe same eveninir at Ho clock. Doctor Fernandc. who had been called in, but at too late an hour to afford relief, opened the stomach of the eld eit child and found therein a q'l inity of or - srrich, ubxh at once accounted for the melan choly fate of these innocents. The poison wb:ch caused tliv death of the youngest child is supposed to have been infused in a mess of pap with which it was fed, few minute be fore it wa taken ill. It is not known how it was riven to the eldest. Tbe perpetrator of these hellish acts (at which the heart of a tvger would revolt; has not been positively idetit ti ed, but strong Mispicions are entertained of a nerro woman in the family, who has been in consequence committed to prison. It is im - possiltie to conjecture wnat motive could hare actuated the wretch to perpetrate a crime of 0 horrible a native V r. Ham was always re markable fsr his humane end indulgent treatment of bis servants, - and had never done anything in conjure up the rankling - demon of revenge in the breast of one of them. .A LB A.M. Aug. 4. A vrrv valuable cow, owued bv Mr. Walter Milhank. of Bcllilcl.ein, was poisoned 00 tbe night of the 27th olt. by tome wicked and evil - minded prison, unknown, and died the tame night. On btiX'g opened, a small ball or dump - liu was found inner maw, containing whit ar sf - uic, which on bcine, shewn to a physician was pronounced sumuehi 10 nave oetlioyed un bead 01 cattle. SAVANNAH, July S3. After a long drought, our parched sand, was, lust night, reliesli'd lis a very heavy shower of rain, accompanied with thunder and wind. The lightning 00 Tuesday lut, we understand struck the bouse of Mr. Li;hlhorne, at Mot:lg'nery, aod knocked down two or thne of his children, who have completely recovered. Notwithstanding the severe warm weather we have experienced, we can safely assert, that in no preceding year, at tuis season, nas bavancan been so healthy, as at the present. There hat not y tt been a tingle case of fever in cur city. Cotton was selling in Auuta on the 2Kb list, st 85 a 30, tobacco 25, flour 9 a 12. PaiL.pKt.rFiiA, Aug. 6. We were mewiiat deceived yesterday in announcing that a Pick - Poctet wa taken and the money found upon bim - It appear now, that the officer of Justice were mistaken in arresting a man who w entirely ignorant of the transaction. Hope are entertained that rbe actual perpetrator of the crime rosy yet be arrested and brought to justice. QUEBEC, Jul 30. His Majesty's ship Iphisenia, Hyde f.irker, Captain, castaochur in tins port yesterday afternoon, having on board hit Grace the Duke of Kii hmood. Governor General of British North Atavrica ; Sir Peregruie Maitl&cd, Lt, Governor of Upper Canada, aod tbdr tttjecUre fammJ and suite.: ' . His Grace landed a little before seven o'clock Mow sai jics irous in ingaxe and toe grand bat tery, amidst the cheer 01 tb rop assemhla ceplion. i'hc following are. We nndenthnd. the priori - pal Persons who accompeaiedlji Grata fiam England: ' Lady Mary Leonox aad two younger dauth - ten. Lord Frederick Leonox, !oie,LV ?0,??el J1"1' Secretarr. : lit. Mtjor Powles, j . , lit. Major M'Leoci, A. D. C Lord V illiam Pitt Lennox, S ' Major General Sir Peregrine MaittancLK.C B Lady Maitland. ' lit. Major liiftier, A. D. C. ' MONTREAL, Ang. 1. The Quebec Gaxette of Thui - sdav last. .t. the total number of Settler arrived this . ontobe446J. - ,..1 - .,., . Afr. . Robertson This celebrated rm dian, from New - York, Who is seeood to no performer in the United ritatet, will make his dtbufc before th Montreal audience, on Monday Evening next, ia the very complicated character cf Abilhno the Great Bandit. MAKHleJJ ,r On Wednesday evenics lost, at GrHu by the Rev. Mr. Borck, Mr. Johlmg Kortler, t Mist Harriott Barlow, both of this city. EFESIMi POST MARINE LIST CLEARED. Ship raciic, Williams, Liverpool - 1 V r.gat & Son Dublin Packet, Coles, Dublin JM'Brirt. mirror, amiin, , . Turl" Island N L ii G Grirwold SI. Andrews Ward It Bishop Cuba Baltimore . Philadelphia Brig Pacific, Greely, Schr Mary - Ann, Driggs, liesoive, watrout. Spencer, Matthew, rxtio, swassey, , . . uv v. uyncn. Sea Lion, Adams, KavnnnsK Sloop Active, Bigalow, Kewbern, N. C. A1UUKt) tills FOREAXJUN. Brit; America, Kermard. 4 davs from Vmri. deace, with ballast to the captain. Briir Gratitude, Towne. IT davs from Port. ait - Prince, with cofiee, logwood,' &c. to Joseph Osborn. Left, July 19, brig Liberty, Emery, of Kennehunk, from Cpe Henry ; brig Juno, renins, trom Kennebunk brig Mercury, Co vington, for Boston in 5 day 1 brig Dion, Na - ton, for New Orleans in 20 day brig Homer, Thomas, for Baltimore in 10 day 5 ichrs Ce - phise, for York in 8 ; Petiun, for do. in 4 1 Jacquemel Packet, Domintck, do 5 1 .Ed win, lor fhiludelphia in 7, and several others. names not recollected. Markets very dull for American produce Coffee 50 sols, very scarce. Sugar 4U, very inferior qualitr. Passenger, Mr. Geo Damon. Briz Savannah Packet, Brown 20 days from New - Orleans, with cotton and tobacco, to T C Butler, jr. Bogert It Kneeland, Jones b Me - grain, uidP Havens. Passengers, Mess. Hub bard, bent, t - nowd. n, Hart, Davis, Heroiomus, Jenkins, Bowles, Fetchum, Mr Brown, and 3 in the steerage. Sen I hree Sisters, Snow, 7 day from Bos ton, in ballast, to the master. Sloop Fame, Hardinc, 4 day from Falmouth, with fish, to the muter. Sloop Satellite, Davis, 4 days from Boston, with a general Cargo, to sundries. FHU.U OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office ef ihe City Gazette. I Charleston, July 30 noon. - - ) Frm Turlct - Island We learn by Captoia Wise, of the brig Kutby, arrived thUnsomlng - , in 10 day from Turks - Island, that salt wu bigh and scarce there, on account of the e uual quimtiesof rain which had Lllea. Nearly all the salt pond of tbe present year, srer ruined , no salt was making, and but a little old on hand. Arrived this morning, brig Ageooria, Foster, Bos 1 on 43 days. Brig Kuthy, Wise, Turks - Kland 10 days. Sch riolina, Sylvester, N York 35 dai s. Sch. Arabella, Hard wick, V. York 32 days, and lut from Georgetown 1 day. - bell iouih - tJarolina, Allen, N York 20 days. Sloop Union, Morse, Newport, It I 26 days, and last from Georgetown 1 day. Tiesch Geoi ge - ficket, Marshall, from Mux - f. eeshorough, N. C. with a cargo of staves, shimrlcs, tsc. is ashore on the Reef near Fort Johnson. N E W BURY PORT. Aurust 2. Arrived, brie Packet, Campbell, from Port an Prince, aiidSS dayt from St, Jsgo de Cuba. Lett at the latter place, tliip Matilda, Meyers, of N York, for Phil adelptiia ia S davt ; baiaue Georee t William, , I f Providence in IU 1 brix Samuel, Browt - ing, or Bristol, for Baltimore, one. ; brig George, Kelloe, for Hart lord, do: Itut Domestic, Bar ney, of Bristol for ti York, dot (loop Almira, O - lync, of Hartford, do do. Schr Argo, , far Baltimorr, tailed io ro - At the Moro, July 10, hrig Nancy, - , Si davs from Boston ; brig Finnkiin, Lime, of Batli. X8 dsys from do. Tl Franklin bad oo board part of tlie crew of schr. Friend, of , Carks matter, from Edentoa for New Orleans, which was stranded on Silver Key, June 8; the crew, 1 liu number, arrived st Tnrkt Island. In a (mall boat, only 13 seetio length, t day after. ' Si hr. John, Brown, from Madeira, and 33 day from Isle of May. Lett, a large black full - rigged brig Irons Cape Cod, going io whea the John came out, the only vessel there. Salt very lent v at Isle of May, 10 cents per bushel. Ltii at Madeira, June 10. brig Orleans. Smith, of rortsmoutb, for itie 01 may t a email aernt purv - (iite brig belonging to Boston, for do ; achoorxf Geor?, 01 New ioric,iusi arrivea. PHILADELrAIA, Age. tt - Below, scb Aien, Whitlun. 9 dav from Boston 1 schr Jan. tt Mary, Farosworth. bt. Andrews I4dy;tn Five Bro thers, lladlock, ditto ti; Hoop Hose, rarks, York 4 dayt. . - . - Alto, f ship. ALEXANDRIA, Ausust 3d. Arrived, bnc Agent, Sedgwick, 58 days from St Ubes. Chip Fair Tiader, Fletcher, 75 days from Marseilles, and ISO from tlie t traits of Gibraltar - June 9. Iat35. 37, long 16, 39, spke brig m earn Park, of and for Boston, from Marseilles, via Gibraltar, 8 days from Hie latter port, nib, lat 39, 40, long 28, 13, spke tbip Midas, Star - Iwanl, 32 dayt from New Bedford, for Bratil. Ibtb, lat 3(, W, longxn, eu - was wyury vj - liut'iins Ayri - ao privateer, no ireso "'C'J, July 6, lat 37, 54, long 53 1 spokesliip tsg'e Dashieid, of Georgetown. .u ,) jjoijs vi iru..,. r, 1 :,...uvl ; 12th. lat 39. 9. lone 57, poke ship Chciapeskc, Grnch, 30 day from Baliimore, with tbe lost of the chief mate, fore - matt, bowsprit, and otherwise materially torn - red, busing run foul of an island of see a tbe night, bound to the first port on the Aswncija coat, and desired to be reported. t th, lat os i n ti,. nfsnnmiinv,. tnoke brie Caroli na, Muorn, 9 day from MhUmii, of aod for Bnt - tol, ut plied 01 with a bid. of bread. " . Saa stria, July 28 Arrived British brig Maria, Hill, Liverpool 70 dm. '. PORT OF QUEBEC, July 18. - Arrived imp Suffolk, Samuel Hightnolm, 18 dayt from Carbonic re. 9 ettler. tlt, arr. brieSrah, J. Corith, 57 day hob Liverpool. 64 settlers. ..... Brig Bark Royal Edivard. Tho. Madeltoa, tailed 30th of May from Blfat. - V10 settler. 85th, tbip Hero, Fu; bister, 7 werkt from London. CAUTION. ALL persons are forbid harboring or tnrtmt ao snd - ntrd appivaiice to the wt - rifceTi by the siamr of ADirtu Declare, a frtnch boy, ased about tO years, under pemdty of the to w. aus7 Iw O. MORGAN. . i." t - X 1 uwtsy noiMxiri due to hit biga rank ; and proceeded to the Castle 0r St. Le wit which bad been prepared for hi r..

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