The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 4, 1936 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1936
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

TWENTY-TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MAY 4 1936 2 CAUGHT WHEN DITCH CAVES IN Frank Dunn, Covered With Dirt, Rescued With Fast Work. ' CLARION -- Frank Dunn, who was digging a tile ditch in Clarion Saturday, was down about 14 feet when the sides caved in, burying him completely. By fast work on the part of his co-workera he was rescued. It was necessary to call the fire department to aid in uncovering and reviving Dunn. His son, Frank, Jr., was partly buried but was more easily rescued as he was buried only to his waist Neither of the men was seriously injured. High School Seniors to Be Luther Guests at Program Wednesday DECORAH--High school seniors from towns of a wide area around Decorah. will be guests of Luther college at an all-day program of sports and otter entertainments in Luther's anaoal high school 'senior day here Wednesday. The Senior day will be started with an address by Dr. Olson at 10:30 Wednesday morning, and will be concluded with the annual University of Iowa--Luther tussle on the basebaU diamond at 3:30 in the afternoon. High spots on the varied program by a faculty committee consisting of G. W. Qualley, H. E. Peterson, and Frisbie L. Young for the 'day include concerts by the Luther college European Diamond jubilee tour band and Prof. Theodore Nichle's mixed chorus, and a picnic lunch on the college campus at 11:30. The mixed chorus will" present a concertized version of Flotow's opera, "Martha," at 11 a. m., and at 11:30 Dr. Carle A. Sperati will present his tour an half-hour program. During the afternoon visitors ; will be invited to visit all the building on the -campus and inspect special displays, to be erected in the science laboratories. One of the toughest games on this year's Norse schedule, is the" baseball game with the University of Iowa in the afternoon. Noone Waives to Grand Jury on Driving Charge ALGONA--George Noone, Irvington, waived a preliminary hearing before Mayor Specht Friday and was bound over to the grand jury under 51,000 bond. Charges of driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated were filed when Noone's car smashed into a parked automobile west of the courthouse Thursday evening. 3 New Teachers Elected. RUDD--The teaching staff is now complete. Three new teachers have "been hired as follows: Bandmaster, Darwin Maurer; coach, Everett Manchester; home economics teacher, Miss Doris Ellen Kelley. No matter what you've tried-don't despair. A leading food chemist lias found a way to relieve most cases "of faulty elimination quickly and pleasantly. No habit-forming salts or harsh purges. No long, drawn-out treatments. Just the proper correction of your daily diet. TRY THIS PLEASANT NEW AID TO REGULARITY Simply eat Eoney-KrusheA Wheat Bread with your meals. It's a unique bread of selected whole wheat, pure honey and other'natural ingredients. Doctors endorse it for its beneficial effect on the whole digestive tract. Delicious and most appetizing. Eat Honey KrusheA Wheat . Bread for just 10 days with every meal and see the change in your condition. You'll be delighted. Ask for the genuine Honey Krushed Wheat Bread at your grocer's today. LOOK FOR GOOD HOUSEKEEPING'S APPROVAL OH EVERY LOAF BAKED BY DIAMOND BREAD BAKERS A Line OTipe Stick to the Pipe--Let the smoke blow where it will. By T. PIPE IN MAY-- MAYBE Now comes the merry month of May, To bring the buOs on shrub and tree; To bring a warmer, brighter day, And quite a bit ol spring -Maybe. P I 1 P E The month of May was so named because maybe it might bring a flock of spring weather and then again maybe it might not. With the chances all in favor of the might not. May as a usual thing is not - very favorable to one piece bathing suits, straw hats or outdoor picnics. The temperature has too much of an inclination to hover around the lower half of the well known thermometer. P I 1 P E But maybe we are wrong for once and maybe May will be a nice spring month. If so, there will be no violent objections offered. p I 1 P E The offspring from one pair of flies, we read, would if they met with no casualties, number several million in a short space of time. This increase, however, is small compared with the increase in the number of descendants of those who crossed the billowy Atlantic in the well known Mayflower. P I 1 F E Had the boat made a couple .more trips there would have been .more Mayflowerites in America. than democrats. And that, under present political conditions, would be a heap. P I A P E "Dear Customer," reads a mimeographed circular, "please pardon the fact that this letter is typewritten. I'm in just a bit of a hurry to send you word ahead of time regarding--" And in spite of the tremendous hurry and the begging of pardons, we received three copies of the "typewritten" circular, each inclosed in a separate envelope. P I 1 F E Modern high pressure salesmanship is sometimes so tremendous it is amusing. T · v«. P I 1 P E HIGH PRESSURE SALESMEN, FAT AND FAIR, HIGH PBESURE PROPECTS, EVERYWHERE. P I 1 P E It is a little late to mention it now, but the Globe-Gazette baseball school of a week ago was well worth the time and money spent by the sponsors in putting it on. The way that flock of boys absorbed all information presented was good to see. Baseball is the greatest known outdoor sport. It is clean and healthy. A baseball diamond is a mighty fine 'place for a youngster to spend his time. And there are a heck of a lot worse places where ne might be. P I A P E Our friend, Cliff Hathaway, wasn't so hot as an orator but he knows his baseball. He will go a long ways in the game. And it was our first known view of Coach Sutherland. We were delighted to find him so popular with the boys. He knows them and their ways and how to hold their attention. P I 1 P E As exclusively predicted in this column, we are presenting this week some of the latest, right up to tee minute, news of the happenings and doings of Dougherty and its friendly people. P I 1 P E The biggest noticeable change we observe is that of the general appearance of the scenery. The last time we were in Dougherty snowdrifts of considerable proportions covered the winter landscape in great abundance and completely obscured many of the more familiar landmarks of the community. The snow is now unseen, having vanished into the great unknown, leaving only memories behind it. Memories of days and snowdrifts that will long be remembered with but little joy and gladness. Which if they never come again it will be too soon. p 1 1 p E The siding on the north side of the Farmers elevator is being renewed and when completed, the building will be painted. It will then present an up-to-date appearance second to none in the country. Frank Backer, the manager, is one of the most successful and popular elevator managers in the state. T P I J- P E Patrick Sweeney, progressive implement dealer, is sporting a new International truck of which he is justly proud. It is a mighty swell looking vehicle and should serve Pat faithfully and well. P I 1 P E The Dougherty Thunderbirds are beginning to get in shape for the season's games. The prospects are bright for a strong team and the boys should have but little trouble in winning the most of the games on their schedule. The Thunderbirds are in hopes Rockwell may also have a strong team this year. There is much rivalry between the two towns and the fans enjoy seeing a close score when the two teams engage in diamond combat. PI -I PE W. C. "Bill" Jcssup is redecorating and repaperfng the interior of iis justly famous restaurant. When the improvements are completed Bill hopes to have the most attractive, as well as the best, place to eat in the whole country. And wo feel safe in saying he will accomplish that very thing. P I 1 F E Dougherty enjoyed an old fashioned runaway last Monday. The team came from the east and passed through town at a high rate of speed. George Murphy hurried out into the middle of the road thinking to stop the runaways in their mad career. But when he saw they had no intention of hesitating in this vicinity he hurried back to the sidewalk. P 1 1 P E Ralph Hogan, Dougherty's well known hardware 1 merchant, is the proud owner of a brand new Pointyak automobile. It is a mighty classy looking car. And as far as that goes, Ralph has considerable class himself. He deserves the best and the best there is is none too good for him. P I 1 P E The interior of the Rollier garage is also being redecorated. The Rol- .lier boya are famous for their friendliness and for the high class work they turn out. They are en- titled'to, and now have, a pleasant place in which to work. P I -»- P E Another Dougherty news item of considerable importance is that Earl Tubbs, Dougherty's handsome and efficient tonsorial artist de luxe has a new car. It is a Phord V 8 and is guaranteed to take Earl from where he is to where he desires to fie in the least possible tune and with the utmost of comfort. rp ,-.v?HV PI J- P E The Solberg corner store has a newly painted front. It is now arrayed in the gayest of colors and adds much to the appearance not only of the store, but also to the looks of the town. P I -i P E SIMILE: AS EASY TO FOLD AS A MODERN ROAD MAP. T F I J- P E According to .an announcement in a. Sterling grocery display ad, our friend Luke B. (Live Wire) Miller is going to make a speech before the august members of the city council. We wish Luke lots of luck in his undertaking. He is to be commended on his enterprise. But we doubt if his speech, however carefully prepared or how ably delivered, will have much bearing on :raffic or tagging cars. Traffic and tagging cars are something we have enjoyed for a long time and people are not going to give up their hard earned privileges and concessions just because a man makes a speech before the city council. F I 1 P E While Luke is speechifying be fore the esteemed city council we hope he will also mention the practice of walking on other persons lawns which is indulged in to a considerable extent by various pedestrians. The practice is most annoying to the lawn mower, does the pedestrian but little, if any,good and causes an excess amount of profanity in an otherwise Christian home. p i 1 p $ Some persons tread, With heavy feet, On other per- Son's lawns so neat. P I -I P E Thursday's rain brought joy and happiness to the robins. Their nest building activities were being materially delayed by the dry weather. Mud is'the most essential material used in the construction of a robin's nest and without it, they are'' rather up against it. Three nests in the :rees near our homes were delayed waiting for moisture. And how the birds did get busy when the mud was available. P I 1 P E And how the rain busted the leaves out on the willows. They turned a pale pea green in about six hours. P I 1 P E And also how the rain did show ip the bad spots on the Dougherty o the pavement road. How about it Harry. You promised to have this road in first class condition if we supported you in your race for sheriff. Ain't your campaign prom- ses no good. P 1 1 P E More and more persons are filing as candidates for public office. As we stated before, this is going to be the most interesting and exciting political campaign we have enjoyed for a long time. F I J- P E And now comes forth a well «nown authority to state that very few children are actually under weight. He advises that family characteristics govern in most cases and that it is absurd to expect a "ear old race horse to weigh as much as a year old draft horse. 130 Attend District Mission Convention in M. E. Church in Algona ALGONA The annual convention of the Algona district Woman's Home Missionary society was held at Algona Friday at the Methodist church. There were 130 registered from Britt, Burt, Clarion, Clear Lake, Corwith, . Estherville, Fort Dodge, Emmetsburg, Garner, Goldfield, Graettinger, Lake Mills, Laurens, Livermore, Luverne, Mallard, Ruthven, Thornton, Titonka and Algona. Four conference speakers, Mrs. G. W. Eggleston, Rinard, Mrs. W. M. Hubbard, Fort Dodge, Mrs. Van der Wilt. Oto, and Miss Minnie Robison, Kansas City, presided at the meetings-. The morning program was devoted to a business meeting and election of officers with all incum- iient officers re-elected. A- covered dish lunch was served at noon. Mrs. Welch, Manson, Mrs. Pulfrey, Garner. Mrs. Logan, Ruthven and Mrs. H. H. Phillips, Luverne, together with the conference speakers conducted study classes in the afternoon. At 6:30 the Golden Year banquet, in honor of the 50th year anniversary of the Queen Esther organization, was served to 100 by the district groups. Mrs. H. H. Phillips acted as toastmaster and Joan Stevenson of Algona gave the welcome. Mrs. Van der Wilt and Minnie Robison gave' addresses. Mrs. Haines Funeral to Be Held in Decorah DECORAH--Mrs. E. R. Haines, well known resident and society leader of Decorah, died Thursday evening at her home on Water street, after several months' illness. Funeral services will be conducted at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the residence. Mrs. Haines, nee Mayme Stiles, was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Stiles, one time proprietors of the Stiles hotel at De-. corah. Since their marriage she and Mr. Haines made their home continuously in Decorah with the exception of a few years spent in North Dakota, where Mr. Haines was employed in a bank. Several .sisters survive, among them Mrs. Nelle Bondy, who made her home in Decorah with Mr. and Mrs. Haines for several years. Home on Furlough. PROTIVIN--Benjamin T. Frana of the U. S. navy is home on a 30 day leave of absence. He is son of Mr. arid Mrs. Albert Frana. Before Mr. Frana returned home, he wrote examination for the U. S. naval academy McLafferty Attacks New Deal and Predicts Defeat of Roosevelt EMMETSBURG--In a bitter at: tack on President Roosevelt and the new deal here Friday night, James H. MacLafferty, former California congressman, told Palo Alto county republicans that the president's defeat in the coming fall election "will be as decisive as his election four years ago." Declaring that "the democrats are a discouraged lot," MacLafferty said that their only hope lay in the middlewest. "They expect to buy thia state of Iowa, and they think they can buy the votes of Minnesota, Nebraska and other middlewestern states, too," he asserted. Blaming Roosevelt for the "59- cent dollar," he said the "biggest legalized steal is not the invalidating of the AAA, as Henry Wallace claims. "The biggest legalized steal in history was when Franklin D. Roosevelt, by a scratch of his pen, and in violation of his solemn vow to the American people, took 41 cents off every dollar in existence, off every savings bank account and off every security in the nation," the repuhlican ex-congressman stated. MacLafferty said that 252,000 new names have been placed on the U. S. government payrolls as per- manent employes since Roosevelt has been in office, "mostly on his cwn executive orders." Touring in Europe. · GALT--Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Kersey received'word from their daughr ter, Verda, who witb her husband is touring England, Holland, Belgium and France. They arrived safe and are, on their way to Amsterdam. Netherlands, where 'they will visit Mr. Appel's relatives. . · GOOD EXERCISE There 'are 550 sets of muscles In the human body and in weight lifting every one of them is used. DRS.WELLS-KITCHEN OPTi ·111 41:1 llfli/2 N - Federal Mason City Safety when you're driving 'is a duty you owe not only to yourself, but to your family and our community as well. Just Arrived -- Another -CARLOAD of= F D IX 5 and 6 Cubic Foot General Motors Only Frigidaire dares to build a Food- Safety Indicator into the cabinet-- visible proof that foods are kept at Safety-Zone Temperature, between 32 and 50 degrees. $500 Delivers ANOTHER SPECIAL! G Cubic-foot FRIGIDAIRE At HO equally sensational price, for families who need an even larger modcL Shelf area 13.6 sq. ft.--all usable. 84 big ice cubes. 8 pounds of ice at one freezing. No money down. Price . Come In! Get Proof of ALL FIVE STANDARDS 1 . Proof of LOWER OPERATING COST 2. Proof Of SAFER FOOD PROTECTION 3. Proof of FASTER FREEZING .MORE ICE 4. Proof of MORE USABILITY 5. Proof of FIVE-YEAR PROTECTION PLAN · Model illustrated is DRS 5-36. 5.1 cubic ft. capacity, 10.7 sq. ft. shelf area, 63 big ice cubes, 6 pounds of ice at one freezing, Double-Range Cold Con. trol and ALL THESE OTHER GENUINE FRIGIDAIRE ADVANTAGES Erdusive Meter-Miser cold-makine unit · Five ««M .Protection against service expense on the sealed-in mechanism for only $5 included ia the purchase price · More Shelf Space in front : Famous Super Freezer · Stainless Porcelain in Seamless Interior · Gleaming, Enduring Data: Exterior Finish · Automatic Reset De- troster · Automatic Ice Tray Release - Auto- ffaac Interior Light · Removable Shelves - Fasidam Hydraror -Plenty of Tall-bottle Space · Made only by General Motors. A Record-Breaking Bargain -- Don't Miss it! Three Years to CALL 3400 for An Evening Appointment Mill WQIIF SONS /, : .

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