The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 28, 1943 · Page 19
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1943
Page 19
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Page 19 article text (OCR)

CASUALTIES IN TUNISIA 1,258 226 Americans Are Prisoners of Enemy WASHINGTON, ((IB--American AP Features Ten years ago Adolph Hitler became chancellor of Germany. In 10 years the world has changed greatly--and so has Hitler. In :933 the man who walked , TM,, cllt . tf ,, .' nto the chancellory was trim, casualties in Tunisia thus far total f^"^' 4vl S«!»- *TM!_ as . show " !l der **S!f?»-" Years Makes Changes THUHSDAY, JANUARY 23. .1843 19 1,258, including 211 killed, 532 wounded, and 515 missing, Secre- , . , I in recent photos, he has sagging iii iKLcui ijuuius, iie nas sagging -- -.*...,_*. *. f ,^ iM7 a u u jowls, pouchy eyes, enlarged mid- Fl-encl ' 1 collbapration. he said riff, double chin. i h a d always "ceaselessly stri course of 10 years, events showed, he changed his mind (at least once) on all these matters. His change regarding France was equally remarkable. In "Mem Kampf" he thundered that France was "the mortal enemy of our na tion." But after overrun Prance 1' J his armies had and he sought he _ . u . j,..,, is ,j v n i s t l \JJ uvl cmy aircraft on the ground. · Stimson said there have been sharp clashes between ground forces in central and southern Tunisia where United States and French troops are co-operating. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. Hitler took office with a military record as a Tiere corporal in World war 1. In 10 rears he has become the "master mind" of the German army, directing by "intuition" generals who have spent their entire lives in the study of military science. U'hcn H i t l e r wrote "Mein no longer a necessary British i- terest in crushing Germany," and that jo gain England's favor, no sacrifice' would be too great. He professed "the most profound admiration for the great man (Mussolini) south of the Alps." Jn the "ceaselessly striven to improve our relations with France. . . . Germany had no intention whatsoever of infringing on the integrity of the French empire." * k When the nazis came to power, itJer preached "kinder, kueche and kh-che" as the ideal role for women. Now 15,000,000 women are ,_.--,., ulu ui,_, iiiioojiifj, oiiiri e- tary of War Henry L. Stimson announced Thursday. Of the missing, 22G were reported to be prisoners of the enemy. Stimson said recent operations in Tunisia have been largely in the air, where Amerjcan forces have had outstanding success. He u'hcn H i t l e r u-i-nic "Moir, """ le "- «"w ia,uuu,uuu women are cited reports for Jan. 24 w h i c h , , , , , . . working in factories or doing other said U. S. planes destroyed 28 m-j K a m '* hc emphasized that Ger-[ war jobs. He preached the sanctity many must expand at the expense of the home. Today some 2.500,00'J of Russia, He believed a war on children arc cared for in nazi two fronts would be ruinous. He Party institutions. He preached the maintained that ''there is today importance of marriage and parenthood. But he has never married. After assuminr power, der fuehrer declared that "if the German nation is to stop the rot which threatens Europe it must * not . . . make enemies of God and the world." Ten years later, most influential church leaders have assailed the tenets of nazism. ·, Hitler in "Mein Kampf" said that "as long as there is no apparent substitute," present' religious creeds "can be demolished only by fools or by criminals." But under his regime, clergymen are forbidden to visit the sick in state-owned hospitals or to give religious instruction in schools, and the gestapo has seized numerous convents and other religious houses. STRETCITMEAT! Help Prevent "PROTEIN HUNGER" with QUAKER OATS! Help Giiard Your Family Against Deficiency of Urgently j\ccrieil Proteins Lost Through Eating Less Meat! Make sure your'family, grow- in body-building Proteins! ing children especially, get adc- ^- ·· · - quate Proteins! For without them, children simply cannot grow properly, have good firm flesh, energy! Adults must have Proteins for stamina, resistance, vitality! Actually, whole-grain oatmeal leads all natural cereals Furthermore, it is triple-rich* in vital Vitamin BI-- a/so needed daily by children for normal growth, by everyone for energy! Give your family a big hoc breakfast of Quaker Oats daily 1 Children simply love it! Get a package, today! *ln proportion to Color!a» Mrs. Roosevelt Sends Condolences to Mother Who Lost Five Sons WATERLOO. ff)--Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the president, has sent a message of condolence to Mrs. T. F. Sullivan of Waterloo, whose five sons are reported missing in the service of thtf navy The letter follows:' · "My Dear Mrs. Sullivan, "You and your husband have given a lesson of great courage to the whole country, and in thinking of this war and what it means to all mothers of the country, I shall keep the m / e m o r y of your fortitude always in mind, as I hope other mothers with sons in the service will do. "It is heartening that parents, who have suffered the loss you have, can always find solace in your faith and your abiding love for our country. "Sincerely yours, "Eleanor Roosevelt." IN BUSINESS 42 YEARS GARNER--F. W. Zeiger, dean of Garner merchants, begins his forty-second year_ in business here. On January 25, 1901, Mr. Zeiger opened his drug store here and has been in business continuously since. He has been in business longer than any other Garner merchant. Get 50% More Serving* With Thit Delicious · Q U A K E R OATS VEAL LOAF!I Ib. veal (ground) J-4 Ib. bacon (ground) OR, use !'/» Ibs. veal (ground) and 4 tbs. shorlcning Jicup boiling Water 1 small onion (ground) 1 teaspoon, salt 1 teaspoon celery salt Dissolve .bouillon cube m water antl a o w la cool Combine with a!, other ingtedicnta thoroughly. Pack m greased loaf pan. Brush ??£«"£ \ c £ faC * 5°° k ^ mcd ' um h °t oven (350^ F.) for 1 hour. Serve plain or witii tomato taucc, (Serves 6.) 2 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce 1 bouillon cube 1 egg (well beaten) 3-i teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon paprika ^2 cup catsup I cup Quaker or Mother's Oats (quick or regular, uncooked) 504 OUT OF 514 Jotiel authorili'esrccom- mtndtdallr breakfast for sratringcbiMrcn and uvriixg adalts in recent I DELICIOUS, WlIOLt-GRAIN QUAKER OATS TRULY. AMERICA'S SUPER BREAKFAST FOOD ^ TS ENERGY'S A M M U N I T I O N The more lender, morecfe/icious msai-txiender -- inexpensive, /ii'gh-prolein Creomeffei--The Cream of Macaroni Products. QUICK. tASr HfftPlS OH TH( PAOltGl 1 The state ot Connccticui has many lakes, the largcs of which i» Candlewood, 13 miles long. Chefs Try to Answer Your Problems on Meat Rationing Says No One Will ' Have Better Food Than We Americans By JEANETTE GATES United Press Staff Correspondent CHICAGO, (U,R)_The man at the table studied the broiled porterhouse intently as it hissed in its silver platter. "How m u c h did you say it weighed," he inquired. "Two and one-haif pounds, sir," the chef replied. . Two and one-half pounds. That was it. Enough to feed a person a week. The national appetite for meat, particularly thick, juicy steaks or hamburgers, with or without, must go by the boards. · The whole country must revolutionize its eating habits. How did a good cook stretch 40 ounces to lasl seven.days? There must be tricks of the trade. Call the chef back and get some answers. Smiling and admitting that 40 ounces didn't necessarily mean taking a tuck in the bell, only swiftly revising habits of longstanding, the chef, Ernest Amiet of Chicago's Palmer House, proceeded to explain food shortages as the old law of supply and demand at work. This country, reminded the chef, enjoys the greatest food resources on earth and to prove it sent 1 130,000,000 pounds ot meat, fish and fowl to feed the allied the first nine months of the year. People at home are eating more and better than ever before in history. War workers have both the money and extra-hearty appetite to set a bountiful table. The Red Cross and government agencies encouraged better nutrition the past year, Amiet pointed,out. adding that coupled with demand at home, the nation was feeding our own forces abroad adequately, a far cry for many soldiers from the coffee and doughnut breakfast of civilian days. "But not a country in the world will sit down to a better table when the American housewife finishes her 1943 cooking ments." hc promised. experi- ALL FOOD NO WASTE IOWANA SKINLESS WIENERS Wholesome meat with an appealing taste. Good nutrition . - . yes, on energy food. So order a pound or two of Decker's 1 o w o n a Skinless . Wieners today. At all better stores. ' "Take liver dumplings. L i v e r dumplings are delectable. I will tell you how, and any cook can fix tliem in her own kitchen just so. "Chop one onion and frv in 1 spoonful of drinpings. grind I m pounds of beef liver. Add cooked onion and a teaspoon of chopped parsley if handy. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Mix in 1 eag and 2 tablespoons of flour. Have a wide pot of boiling water, season with salt and with a large spoon dron in the composition and boil for five minutes. "Or try stewed lamb breast. Cut two pounds of breast in Vinch pieces, season with salt and nepper and sprinkle with flour. Put 4 tablespoons of drippings into a slewing not red hot. Add lamb breasts. Stir until brown. Add 1 tablespoon of chopped onion, add 3 cupsful of hot water. Let Dimmer for 1'a hours. "Veal kidneys, hjirhly recommended for their nutritional value, are not on the voluntary meat ration list and mny be prenarecl thus: Remove fat from 3 veal kidneys and render. Slice kidneys U inch thick. Put 4 tablespoons of render and kidney fat in skillet Wl^n red hot. add kidneys and to?., until they have color. Then add 1 tea?nnon of chopped onion l a n d I tablespoon of wheat flour Season lo faste with «ilt and pep! per. Add 1 teasporin ot malt vinegar, nlus a CUD of boiling hot water. Cook for five minutes and serve immediately. The chef twinkled I rendered fat? effort.' JEFFERS, DAVIS AT LOGGERHEADS "Butlon-Your-Lips" Advice Heads for Test WASHINGTON, (U.R-- President Roosevelt's advice to high government officials to "button-your- lips" appeared · headed Thursday for its first major test. - ¥ ¥ * Director Elmer Davis" of the o f f i c e of war information, watch-dof of the public remarks of government officials, and Rubber Director William Jeffcrs arc the principals. * * * The controversy is about extemporaneous, remarks'- J e f f e r s made in Baltimore Monday when he blamed government interference and especially "so-called expediters--army and navy loafers" for iiis failure to get steel for synthetic rubber plants. The OWI promptly reported it had not reviewed the "speech," and Davis told a press conference late Wednesday hc had reminded Jeffers in a letter that his "remarks were a violation of the president's injunction against undiplomatic speeches, issued last August. Jeffers said he had received Davis' letter-- "very tactfully and nicely worded"-- but implied that he would continue to say what he thinks is necessary "to get things done." * * * "It was the kiud of letter t couldn't take exception to." Jeffers said. "But Mr. Davis just made a mistake. I didn't make a speech although lie called my attention to the instructions of the president about clcarinr speeches through OWL" * * * Asked i£ being reprimanded made him mad, Jeffcrs replied: "I don't get mad. I just get positive and direct. That's #vhat they don't understand about me around here. I'm an ordinary fellow who wants to get a job done and if, in the process of doing so, I get in the way of anything, it's too bad. I have no axes to grind." Asked about his future policy, he said: "I will speak my mind." Jeffers will get a chance to do that soon. The house naval affairs and military affairs committees have voted to investigate the situation Jeffers referred to in criticizing /'army and navy loafers." The hearings may start next week. Offer of Plant Comes From the Wrong State RALEIGH, N. Car., U.P.)-_Cecil Bell, state conservation and development department industrial engineer, is satisfied people read their newspapers carefully. Bel! recently asked North Carolina papers to publish au appeal t o r vacant industrial plants, needed to meet current demands for manufacturing sp'ace. A few days later the first inquiry arrived. The writer had a large plant ready for occupancy Only trouble was the plant is NO MORE LONG BOBS OCEANSIDE, Cal., U,fi)--Pvt. Joseph Zingorclli ot the Marines and farmer studio hairdresser at Hollywood, who claims the distinction of having be«n the first hairdresser in his profession to give Garbo a shampoo, has been assigned as hair cutter at the Leatherneck Reservation at Pendleton. Hc cuts the hair of 40 marines a day and without lingering over the shorn locks as he did over those of Garbo. in Cheraw, S. C. --·--. r !5o you ^vhat _to do with leftover Save for our war _ The home table will have variations from the steak and potato fare of normal times, the chef nrDdictcd.sueeestimz tongue ome- lette, cold jellies tongue, creamed sweetbreads, sweetbreads continental with fresh mushrooms. Philadelphia scrapple, lamb broth and barley, all contributions to good dining. "And perhaps you will let me '" away ' VICTORY GARDEN' CASIPAIGX DECORAH--W. F. Baker of Decorah is chairman of a victory garden committee which will have charge of county training schools for block leaders, who will be named to assist in the campaign. A garden specialist from Iowa Slate college will have charge of the first meeting, which is scheduled for Feb. 5, in the afternoon. Frederick If of Prussia was not given the title of Frederick the Great until after his death. c o o k i n i s terdav dor n y Vookin n f Medea - H or Medea and . ness and inventiveness of appliances. It means the economy of your grandmothers and the sci- of the art of | ence of modern chemists; it rnea'ns today as yes- much testing and no wasting; apt un- ] it means English thoroughness ! alld Drench art and Arabian hos- Inn knowledge j pitality; and in '('me. it means that uoi^ """j - · · · · · · · Circe and of [you are to be perfectly and always Helen and of the Queen of Shcba.! ladies--loaf giver* " i J 1 r- 0 '"" 1 *, 'I 10 . kn wU!dsc of a l l ] The solitary male diner mused! neros and fruits and balms anrl ! a hil r*i(*!..^ i"n ]^jg check Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. II that is healing and sweet in the field and groves and savory in meats. It means carcful- tho chef, and made menial notes i to test his own flair for concoctions along meat-saving lines. UNITED FRUIT CO. 33 EAST STATE STREET PHONC 748-749 DELIVERY SERVICE FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUIT Green Beans, Wax Beans, Broccoli, Spinach, Endive, Celery Hearts, Tomatoes, Peppers, Radishes, Green Onieni, Avocados, Cauliflower, Etc. MONARCH FINER FOODS Monarch CAKE FLOUR -- I Monarch GELATIN DESSERT, ._ 5c EGGS -- ricHy F ' esh ' Clean. White Dos. 37c Monarch Golden Bantam. Size 2 Con. 15c POTATOES ,0, ,... $2.50 OKAN6ES GRAPEFRUIT £ % . . 6 , . , Me LEMONS g L °' 9 ° ...... 44c TRY MRS. BARCLAY'S HOME BAKING Forget Food AP! FOKGF.T about scarcities in foods "gone to war!" FORGET about necessary and voluntary rationing . . . and come lo your A i P Market. We won't promise that you'll find all the foods youre accustomed to getting in peace time--but you'll find the foods you NEED In wide variety. Come in today . . . plan your meals as you market. 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"HOW TO PREPARE F I N E R FISH DISHES" 36 page booklet chock-full of Fish Facts · Recipes · Helpful Hints Ask for yntir copy at «-rilr Mealy - 9c Lean, Tentlcr 29c , Ib. 24c Sojitr BUM Quality Slandinr | u O' r RUht Quillly Rib Roast, Ib. 32c Lamb Stew, Ib. Me V i U m l n * B | J . C .I. Vitaml,,,. Bl^ (i^. OFFICIAL FAT COLLECTION' STATION rnrleh.d F l n u r . a 5 *Gold Medal $1.10 IVhHe Iloasc E rap orated Milk . . . . 3 £,,', 27c Fancy Hard T i c k e d Navy Pea Beans 4 £ f 34c l-arte Lima Beans. ,",. 13c lllaiik /ante Currants . . .",.": 12c Breakfast Food , Cti 07: . T k f . Georgie Porgie 22c Cblli rowdrr Mexene . . . " T =,°' 13c Ola nnlrh · Cleanser ..... '^ 7c P»PCr Tottcll Red Cross. . . K°" 9c · «" Sale. Feb. Woman'* Iay. l!c CUSTOM r.ROCNK AP COFFEES 8 O'clock. K; 21 c Red Circle . £ 24c Bokor J 26c Redeem stamp tfo. 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