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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, August 7, 1818
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. , Far lilaktlty and Mobile, . Con of th tin of backets.) ' ' 1L Tho well known: fastnilinf schoonsr cAiIUSKY, ttpU Wks, himor two thirds of hsr freight engaged, will meet with all co - vrntebt oVpatch. For the remainder, or pas - nit. baring luperior accommodations, apply to 1 PETERS & HERRICK, i j j ft ! 29 Ccenti - lip. . rr CHARTER, ff 'A Britiih BRIG, burthen 218 tons .'y "BrtUh. or 2100 barrels i now at Phi - . ladclpbiai will proceed to this, or a southern DorU to load for England, or the West Indie, and can be despatched within Uiree days no - tice - Apply to kuukks k pust, M,J6, , 51 South - street W AN I EU i O CHA H 1 ER. A British BRIO, that will carry Lbout 700 bales Bengal Cotton, to load iiverpool. Apply In it5 1 AlU.'H'lJUKAUIKgSimg. bor LIVERPOOL, ' f (One of the line of packets.) The coppered, New - York built ship PACIFIC John Williams matter; ha elegant accommodation for passengers, and is intended , to kuI, according to a fixed arrangement, on me lOtli of neat mouth. For freight or passage, ap - ply to captain Williams, on board, at Futton - st. wbtrf, to ISAAC WRIGHT A: SON"; or, ' FRANCIS THOMPSON. . ' P. S. Beds and bedding are found at the ihip's expense. Jv22 tor KMbSTUrf, Jamaica. The floe coppered sepr. CLJREN - , ftU.Y, Jjhn tt. Frith, master, is now loading and will be dispatched without delar. For passage only, apply on hoard, at pier So. 3, ' East - River, or to TUCKER, k LA CRIES, jiily 24 89 Sonth - st. Wanted 'tit Charter, A vessel of about 140 tons, for a voy - ige to lenerijje ana iiacx. Apply to CAMURELENG & PF. ARSON, Juiy8fl 67 South - st. tor freight or Charter, 4v The Schr. JLB.iTUOSS, Collins, ' V"maiiter. 100 ton burthen a irst rate vessel. Apply to ' CAJ1BERLENG k PEARSON, ' ."July 88 67 Sauth - tt. tor Suit, freight or Charter, The staunch eood ship MIRROR, ,314 loos burthen, is io complete order to rceiva.carg'i, and may be sent to sea with little espence. Apply ou boorJ, west side Bur - linr slip, or to. . L. 1 G. GRIaWOLD, Jygl 86 Smth - rt H .iXTMt IX) CH.i K ftH, . - rt 2000 barrels burthen. Apply at o7 . vvaniiiuglou - street, to - JyW G.O.&S.IIOWMSP. RUM WAV) UiAOER. 1 f Pun heonshih nroof St. Vincent Ruin, JL J 6 do fine flavoured Jamaica do. 9 Barrels Jamaica Ginger, jittt. received and ltr sale ty , TUCK HI L L AUKIr.S, iulv 24 . '23 South - st 13 UM. 4U pum - LixMn irstiiaalilv N. K. Rum, for :e o v Ma. U'WOLr', Jan. S4 Seulk - strMit. Its 'tfo. 7 PARK (late Ladiks acctiob room.) pllEsuUcnfxrhas constantly oo hand a gen - ' X eral assortment of the following articles, wo ten win oe disposed or at a moderate advanue. leas ol first quahty ' , Sugars do du Gwtuineold Coj;oac Brandy . Hollands Gin Jamaica and other Spirits Wine i ot the various kiud Pine Apple Shrub Lemon, Lime and Orange Juice i' .1 Satlad Oil in hettie and bottle L. Brown Stout Bottled Ale and Cider Double Gloucester ' Holland and American Cheese Cordials Spices, Essence , Sperm aad Tallow Candle Do. Oil for Lamp Coffee, Rice, Barley and Mustard A few holes Sicily Lemons, in fine order Raisins, Almonds, prunes. Fig Baiket Salj &c. . Forsalehy JAMES P. AN DOE. Wanted In purchase, a quantity of second hand wine and porter bottles. J 1 KEN 1UC Kt TOBvCtJO. 274 linds. prime Kentarky Tobacco, landing this day wm ship Grand Seignor, ( torn New Orleans, for l"r CI I AS. L. OGDEN, and J 13 ABRAHAM OGDKN. Ll HITK LEAD, BLUE VITRIOL, AL v LUM,Vc Received per Chauocev and Columbia, from Bristol, (Eng.) and for sale by tie Suhftrrihr mi ,il.ilu.MM lam, ; JttO kens genuine ground white Lead in 281b. 20 casks best dry White Lead in cask 5 to 6 cwt. each 30 do Red Lead in casks from 1 to 3 cwt. acb i It do Spanish Brown from 3 to 4c wt. each 3rt do Ivory Black from t to 3 cwt each l' do Roman Vitriol from 5 to 8 cwt each 25 do Venetian Red from 2 to 3 cwt each 12 tierces A Hum from 7 to 10 cwt each 10 bhds. 5 tierce aad 8 bhl Rotton Stone French Green, Lamp Blnck, Purple Brown Colcothar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Brick APP'jt .A. CHURCH, J ' - 184 Bowery. R GERMAN GOODS. r.CEIVED Ijy the ship Triton aad the ship Elbe, from Hamburg, and other late import - "Sy'tMisiortinentof German Linens, such as . Ftatillas, white and brown BretaKnes,Urens, Dowlas, Brown Checks and Shirting Linens . Hempen Osoabnrgs and Tieklenburgs Hessians, Burlap, Brown Rolls, . Jg, Tanrs, Superfine Broad Cloths Jspkins, Silk Galloons and Pound Ribbon ,fo4Ve Mills, sia PenciU Looking Glass Plates , fockeUndStaUaGJasie Les.1 PeneiU . Aad an assortment of Cnrdwire. . . , Also oo hand, A few tonst. Petersburg Hemp , 'rst nnsiity H0all(1 SailCloth, and ",,T e Pategras CLtee, entitled to de - i beature. rt sale on rr wnable terras, by , .. 1 GEO. & THEO. MEYER. iill 129 Wahini;toB street, rXf.f.'tiL At MACUlJiECAKUS. j'JIOS WHITTEMORE has constantly on ad at hi laaoufactorv. No. 60 Ferry - "ext to the corner of Pearl street, a large K TvU Miortlt of card of every desenp - 'teCard,of7, 8,9, 10 v.u,rs' and Hatter?' Rum Car.1. i .lot - !'.TroT Vys "hich b will sell oa PnrV ir, MATH!,' . I hi. k k Mkr ho understands st ant mpl9y, by applying at No. 18 Wall - Pill!J - , ton Funtic. Undinif rd for alebv RIPLEY ft WELD, 192 Front - itreeU ul en LAKET 40 dozen very uperiourClaret, KS foraaieatfltf the dozen, by - - '. GEORGE JOHNSTON, jeaotf ' No. 1 gloat - lane ClHEAHCALS, COLVJK3, 4tc ; Epiotn Salts, ioeaiks of 2cwt. l.umj) Maeneiii, hi cases Do do small squares Calcined do in phials - RochelleSalts, Avid Tartar Citrio Acid, Blue Ventiterin firkins Patent yellow, Kings Yellow Kcgulutof Aotiniouy ' ' . GUNS, BUTTONS, &c. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished Do do in wainscoat cases, finely finisbed with apparatus complete Duelling Pistols, incase Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Belts Gilt Coat and Vest Button Cop ir plates for engravers Mathematical Instruments Rolling Paralel Rulers Mariners compasses, telescope ' Opera glasses, microscope ; a sctu splendid chessmen carved in ivory . Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. Foraleby J. LAMBKKT, je 18 3 Coitrtlandt - atreet 13 V. Lr.UKARD U CO. 104 fearl - treet, . offer for sale, in addition to their former extensive assortment of Hardware, the following; articles, rer'd by the Martha, from Eiveriiool Trace Chains Clout Nails fpades and Stiovels Brass Keltli s do Candlesticks do Cocks tlniail Si Hinges Cilt Coat Button, 6 and 8 barr'd Cuny C'niubs 6 t.urr'd Mane do Iron WirR,No. 4 tolO pleelyarls Fine Guns Trunk Lnr.ks Drawing Knives Uinslej s Patent currier's knives warranted equal to Cox's genuine. some of tup. quality, suitable for merchant tavlors ! - Jai'anneilChmllttkks Flemish Tacks J 3 tf BAR IKO, c 6 tons Bar lru . 5 tomcheet Iron 20 dozen Frying Pans Patent ('haft and Drawing Knivej Iron and steel Shovels ' German and cast itel mill, pit & hand saws coat'ii spring m. el. tor salehy ANDERSON tt SHEARER, JM At 13 1 Water street. MlhFVIELIt ic blRMitftiHAM 1JIUI)$. CasKs neatly assorted table Knives k Folks, do. di. do. ' detail Cutlery, Table Knives i Forks, ) with small cutlery. 4 do. do. do. do. do. do. Jo. dr.. do. d.. do. ' Kaws, do. Files, do. Eedgo Tools, do. Britannia Tra - pol'. A few caks Canillrticks, Butt llin"e. Wood Screws, Commode Knots, and t cae BuMnn., Fvrsalc, verylow, by JNO. M'CRACKAN, july23 fi 18 I'earl - st. j Ihit UUUOS, tic. O Boies mu'lius 10 do. 4 - 4 U 7 - 8 lrih lincu 1 do. pink ginghams 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown platillas A do Scotch osnabnrs;s ( ' 7 bales imitation sheeJngs ' '4 do. brown linen '" 2 do. linen bed tick. I do. 5 - 4 CoUoo checks . I I do." carpeting. ALSO, Sail - cloth, Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Seine swine For sale by GEORGE JOHNSTON, Julv 2 No. 1 Stoat - lane. JiADtlRA HlAt. 6 l" ffhds. Choio L - P Mad'f w"' 2 1 - 2 Or. Ca. - ki Mmiey do do of Scott, Loughnan, PeufalJ tc Co's. brand, acd offered for sale by W. & S. CRAIG, aug I Im No. 84 Frnnt - st. MANCHESTER VELVETS, Assorted eo - lour aad very superior quality, for tale low, by GEO. I..N K WBEKY, J 31 138 Pearl street. OILS, Sic. ?Cf) Refined Se FJe phint Oil JVfUU 1500 do. Summer Str'd sperm. Oil 100 do Nut Oil for Portrait Painters 2 Oil Presses, with screws, runnine in copr dyes, suitahle lor tobacco, oil, or chiuuers. To OeoiUby SAMl'F.G JUDD, a iu. uroaaway or im r iv - warket. Jy3l 101 J. V. I'OKBK , MASOFACTCRKR OF SILVER WARR, No. SHi Broadway. INFORMS his friends and the public, that be I routinues to manufacture ol sterling silv verex - clusively, and of superior workmanship. - .1... l' - - I1VI.I. I l ..II.. II silver 1 ea and Table Ladles. Urns. Setts. Waiters, Syphons Fih Knives Cake Basket, be. fee. Church Plate. Spoons, Forks of the latest and most elegant patterns, and at we lowest prices. Ail orsers executed inn masterly manner. N. B. FAMILIES wishine: to be suunlied with the first rate articles of silver, are invited to inspect his work, as all articles ot his manufacture are sold only by hiinsel. j ju im BREW ERV. For sale, a bargain, a Brew ery & Malt Houa connected, in the city of Hudson.' The boildirgs ire stone, and par ticularly wall calculated for the bu - iness. It is situated in the midrt of a barley country, and has many other advantages. It is certainly an object for thus wisliing to engage in ths business. It is the onlv brewery in th couctry. This property will be sold cheap. Terms libe ral; title good. For further particulars apply; to M. MULDKN, No. 78 Maiden - laue, New.jUu, Y,ork ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June 13 tr TO BUILDERS. Or those who o nr wish to erect three elegant ounuings ot factories. LOTS, 77 left hy (to, more or less, with the buildinet thereon, in the centre of Yeey - t. coo be purchased separate or together. ALU. A elegant LOT. with th Boildinrs thereon. 1 1 Bowery, 42 by 125. more or less, near Chat ham - street the whole on accommodating terms Apply at 33 Chatham Row, Bear Beekman - t The advertiser has three small mortrsce to dispose of, one of fj.000, one of (1000, ooe of f izw, an in wis city. Jew education: young ladies select school, No. J CsDAn - tTKKT. MR. MEAD respectfully pise notice, that hi School will - be axaia open on Tuesday tbe 1st ot September. ioxng Ladies ' wia be instructed as osuai, in coorse of Edveattm: embmcibC all the im portant brandies, from Reading and Peemsrv hip. to Rhetoric and Natural Philosophy. r rench by one ex trie most approvea instructors. Ejiauirvrs nsv satisfy themselves respecting tbe charscterf thi School, by callina npoo any of tho following gentlesaeo, attostol woomare it. alifnMk.S ' i Richard Varick, Thomas S. Clarkion, Anthony Dry, Amasa Jackson, James Res wick, Eiqr. Calebs. Rntts, Uoorg Crimo, John Sydam, and J30 lm cet for by ivii I .J can lust For gua, ca, Pine V be L ried cond coed io tame pages The ed use vate to lent Price, be &c. B' well tbe riean clear every VELVETS, tte. .. , A VERY handsome susortnaot of Seles! Linens, consisting of i'latillas, . Roys let, Bretaencs. Estouillai. Dcwlas. Crea and Ch - letti . . . . 2 case silk velvets . ' ! 6000 muskets t .... 2 boxes fowling pieces 2 cask 8tenentrk ry the, doubt rsrotd 150 kegi Dutch herring . . ; 4 botes assorted rlaaswar - Th abnve ar ticles entitled to debenture. 3 ceroous irid'uro, 1 box toys and a ftw Lie - iuicn cious or sate ry C. ZIMMERMAN, . 77 Waihington - st. July 11 lm teas, vi.t:siitiaocERita. No. 7 Park flute ladies Auction Room.) ' MIF; subscriber keep constantly for sale a X general assortment of first rate Groceries family use, amonpt which are Gunpowder J . . Imperial i Hyson, ' TEAS Young Jtyson hof first quality aiid latest nysro Bum - j importaUon. Kou - hong Sz j Pourhong J Loaf, Lump, J .,., Havana white and Lrowo( ol'",n Itouhie Glouc ester, i .,.,,.., Holland : Auitricaa J ut - til - l.emon Juif - e Sicily Lemons in good order 4lh proof Cognac Braady (genuine) Holland Gin and Jamaica Spirit Madeira, Port, Claret, L.' P. Tencriffe, cnerry ana omer wines Stveet Oil io Bellies and Boitlts fnicti, VV. I. Pepper liibliert' Brown Stout ?perm Oil and Candles ; with manv other articlts too numerous to specify, which will be sum at a moderate advance, by auja JAMKa r. APTDOE II U VI, MOLAssES tt SUGAR.' V5 fiuni 11 cucuni iiaieeu ivuiu i . . . i, 6'J do Mulaascs, aad ISibbls. Suear. received the British brig Amelia, from Antigua, and auic wj X . uiwiicilir., nng4 112 Front - street Et.HLiKN bl KAVVs. t cases Lehoro sj t tats sncl urowns, print tpully One, ju.t re, ceived and fjr sale hy 1IURD k SEWALL, a us 4 65 Soutli street. AMERICAN CLOTHS. OSEPH TITCO.MUkCO. No. 162 Pearl - street, have iust received 10 piece Ameri Superfine Bhm Cloths, which will be sold tlitip, fur cash only. Also on hand, an extensive ntenrtroent of Do - mestic, Woollen, ami Cotton Goodsjof every discretion, at low prices. J 9 extra fine London Cloths and CanimereS received, and lor sale ! - y ' HURD & SEWAI.L, auR4 65 douth - strcei. tA.MAlCA tlU.W S - M iur.cheriis wuj l,c landed thisdav at the fuot ol Rctor - streer. North llivtr. troui on board tiiu shin l'i:titic. sale by aug 3 r i..i;a. . ROBERT GILLESPIE. NO 112 r roii I street, oilers lor rale the cargo of the British brut Amelia, from AnU - coiiMMing of 95 puncheons Hum 6ti do Molasses 12 barrels Sugar. ' IN STORE, " ' 80 hhds. Kentucky Tobacco 12 do Old Richmond do 60 eroce Wine and Porter Bottle 12 bales prime Uplaud Cotton A chain Cahlefit for a ship of 400 tons While Port Wine in hhds. Roriz Red Port Wine incases of 3 dos. One half Piie Madeira imported from Jamai - price yfl p. rgnllon. au 4 f.Kl.W V I A GUODs. A lew bales of Gur - rubs i s and Baftas, fur sale by JOS. OSBORN, 28 Si'Uth - ntrcf t. J31 KENDAL COTTONs K. WELSH PLAIN b. 40 bales of Kendal Cottons) Of suierinr M do Welsh Plains, ) fabric. Just received per Importer, and for sale at 71 - street, by aug 4 lw PROCTOR it MATHERS. LOR SALE, at U4 Maiden - lane, opposite Gold - street, a span of grey carrige HORSES, well tnatched it gentle in harness. Will sold low, the owner having no use for them. g 3 LODGINGS wauled in the country, for a gentleman, with hi wile, uurse and child, in a pleasant, healthy situation on thi island. Apply at 67 South street aug 4 'PHIS day is published and for sale by R. & W. A. BARTOW - ide Bachelor aud Mar Man, or ihe F.qui Librium to the Balance of louvorr, in Z volumes, price 1 75. ItVi po, a Venetian Story, by lord Byron, se American from third London edition. (London) YOUTH'S VAGAZINE. The e - volume of this interesting work has been completed ; the manner in which it has lecn received by the public has induced the publisher eii'arge the work to nn octavo six - , at t!.e price, which will be e,n addition of sixteen tor religious intelligence and original matter, under the direction of a competent person. London cony of this miscellany is conduct by a society of gentlemen that bare no other object bat the good of society. They are unre mitting in their endeavour to make it oselul. Also for sale, a selection of Hymns, for the of Social Religious Meet ires, and for Pri Devotion, aelccted by the Reverend Mr. llen&haw. XT' A comneteut person is wanted to collect ub;cribers for the Yuu'.h's M.uazine. Apply R.i W. A. BARTOW, auS 3t 351 Pearl - street. FOR SALE, a bright bay HORSE, 6 years old ; sound, nod kind in h.'irnes excel under the saddle. He is sold Lr oo fault. because tlie owner has no use for him one hundred and sixty dollars standi at Shaw's stable in Liberly - st. ucar Broadway, au 4 lw INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. JOSEPH D. 'OGRADY respectfully informs the public, that he ha opened an Intelligence odiie 'at hi bouse, 131 Fly - Market, between Pearl and Water - street. Families may accommodated with servants, house keepers, Uc. Servant, tc. with satisfactory recommendations, supplied with good si uitioos. Orders from the country pitmptly attended to. aug 4 1m NEW LAW BOOK' STORE.' LAKE'S CHANCERY PRACTICE. Contsinin all the proceedinzs o a suit, a in I lie court of chanoerv as ia the court tor trial of imtfachaeats, and crrrertion of errors, for tbe state of New - York. This book contains about TOO page nctaso, and is aid bj professional gentlemen to be all important to the practitioner in this court, beirg the, only A - roducti( n on this subject : and to the student it it icvataahie, as it exhibit io very and lucid manner, step hy step, the progress ol suit, io ail itt'mioutia, from th commencement to the final termination of it - Accompanied with a appendix, containing precedents of the most approved forms, suitable to case that can possibly occur ia the course ofasuiL Just pttbliahed and for sale by i. banks. Opposite City HH. Comer cf 3s4iau and Spnic streets,, aug 4 la Q 4 sjiicb fOR SJLE OUTOi.F.jlSE. Lots in the 6. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: msav 0 wJucb are on rrgalited aad peved streeU. No isjoney will be required under ten years, if sold, i ... Ilftf "it - f8veral two and three tory home, on which a lit part of the money remain on mortgage. ' LANDING AT RED HOOKf I ,Aa cxcellematand forbasinesa, with ten acres kif land, pleuantly sitaated, with a wharf, rtore - rvr ana uam. - COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, ri'ar new - naven, wim 4'jacresot laoo, and a irffVer failing stream, noon whii h il i.illmsv K ertcfed, with a sulCcienry of wsttr for each. nppvai no. zureenwicb street, janjatf . t OR SjILE, A FA RM, cootaiuinz X0 acres, on the lnks of the North River, a mile sooth from the village of Hyde Talk, and eighty - six from New. Yerk. The land is cqu&l in quah'v to the best InDuches county, and is in high order and good fence. On the premises is a goal plain farm house, a good barn and other appendage ncces - fitry to conducting a large (arm. Aim, a build - taaepot commanding an exUnsive and beautiful viiw of tlie North River. Within bilf mile ei the farm huure is an eminent Academy, and within two miles ao Epirnpal and n Presbyterian Church, in each of which there, is reguiar efvire phyoicians two landings, one of which (he Steam - boat advorliscs as a lauding place, stores. Ic. 1c. Tho whole will be sold together lur divided to suit purchasers. The terms of payment wm tie maae.easy, and an indispulable title given by the subscriber. WILLIAM BARD. Hyde Park, July 24 tf jewf;llekv, vaiche.c 4 CASE of sundry Jeurllery, tine Cutlery, ,X Silver Uuntir.g and Plain Watches, Dressing Cast's and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 casts Ladies Corsets nssorled. forsnleby J LAMBERT, . Je?4" 3 Ourtland stteet. A t.IV MUSIC. U3T published by W. DU BOI3, at (.uritro Forte and Music Store, 126 Broadway, J wwmm ten HerSasilinKEyr Fanny Dearest Tiara am 1 my Faithful Fair Tlie Soldier's Bride Eeleen's Bow'r, with variations by Loiier. Also, all the Songs, hie. Oiat ure now aiiurintx at (he Concert's rv Mrs. Burke, Holmnn, Meirj. Inch (ten v d Phillips. Vc. tith acreatvaiie - ty of ne Music f'r the Piano Forte and tlie Flute NEW PATKVr PIANO FORTES. EO I. NEWBKRY resnuotlully and eonfi. J dently assnrc - s bis friends and the public. tlmt at bis office, ii'i Penrl street, may he pur - asril the st"ve mstrumer.t . lower than any o - ther place in the city; where may also be hid Macl els patent Metronomes. J 31 OAK IlLWDHEi) VJL.iIi REW ARD. RUNAWAY fromtiie British brij; Fran; is, capt Tennant, lvinir at the quarantine ground, on the SOth inst. a negro boy named IsA AC, almut lb years ot age, very dark, has a cron bin breit occasioned by gunpowder; he ! - M, Jed at or near Bergen. Whoever will deliver said.Laac to capt. Tennant, on board l . i' : n..n.nn,:... '.... A a. .i xr Ul 1 & , Mill 1., IUdl MlklUC IVlllIU, " . V ..V 44 Suth - street, shall receive the above regard! ' , ; ... j nn. LOCUST, Tl V1BER WANTED. WANTED, a quantity cl locust timber and tree - nails. Apply to the Navy Agent, at VI wathuj - 'ton - street. 'Xj The publishers of the New - Bruntwick Times, Newark Centinel, lxioc - IIaud Atar, New - Haven Journal, and New - Loodou azctte, will please publish this advertisement one month, aud send their bills to the Navy Agent's Office Jy IU tin An undivided moiety inthefollowinelots nflsmlin " Evans' Patent" Delaware County, state of New - York, vix : Lot No. - SO, containing 176 seres , lot No. 8, eonUining 134. Also, an undivided moiety in the rut half of lot No. 40, eoulaining IU45 seres, and in lot No. 37, in the same patent containing 105 1 acres. The above lots are well timbered with pine, be. it A and their contiguity to tbe ire branch of the Delaware river render them worthy of the attention of lumber merchants. They will be sold reasonable for cash or approved notes. For further partieulsrs apply to THOMAS ADDIS EMMET, Ksq. counsellor at law, No. 25 Pine street, New York, (who is authorised to make contracts for the sale of the above lots) or to the subscriber, by whom an unquestionable title will be given. MARTHA BHADSTREET, Hammond street, Greenwich. New York, July t4th. 1118. I be I'roiirietura ul the Philadelphia Fretiuan's Journal are requested to publish the above for two months in incir paper and send uieir nut io ttie suuscrmer. J 95 rf3m e'2ra ADVEH i ItEi t.N'l . PROPOSALS will be received at tha Nmy JL Agent's ofGce, New York, for one wcel; from this date, to supply n quantity ol Jem y Oak Plank average length 4 j feet, 10 to 18 tiroad, 9 to 4 1 - 2 thick pith of hart must be out, and of sap. Also, a'numlier ol Jersey Oak Logs, Irom 35 to 55 feet lone. 18 to 20 inches square, and a number of White Onk Knee, to side from 8 1 2 to 12 inches, arm 4 1 - 2 to 5 teet long, txxl ies 5 to 0 1 2 lone. The whole to be first quuti ty, and sul - iei t to the inspection at the Navy Yard, and delivered Iheie. The nmposids are required not to exceed 5000 leet ol l lnnx ; not more than IU Loirs, nor more than 50 Krees hi no contract will te given to a - ny iinlividiial to exceed tme ul the above named quantities ; the shortest time, not exceeding 6 weeks, must be mentioned. Money to lie paid on delivery. Any explanation that may be re quired, will neolilHined at the Navy Yard, where a bill will be given each individual alter he has uiitracted, and by winch he is to he governed, J 2 J DJfcC tf JJ" The one iww steam veel FRONTENAC, ol 700 tons burthen, Junes Mao Kinsie, master, tt ill coiiuueiiLK tuuiime on the first day of May next. nii'i wm iciitu rAravw, inriorst ana ningara, oath 1st, llth and 2 1st day of each monih, and .tian'ra, mr toritana Kingston, tbe otn, Ibtt and 25th day of each moihh. durini: the season. where every attention will be paid to the ease ana cumiori oi me passengers. Applications for passage to be made to tbe cap tain on board. Kington, 6;h April. 1313. J 7dtctOc1 JUH:'a HALL OliDiNAKY 1 The contiguity of this ' uddiuz to the seat of bu - inuss, itidoce the subscrilicr to open, for the accommodation of gentlemen connected with public business at th City Hall and others, a public Urdinnry . . Diuner wilt be served op precisely at half past two o'clock, aud turtle soups. relishes, with the most suitahle refreshments of th season, at all hours oi tha day. ' " Ao elegant Bail - Room, decorated in a perfectly national style, i also at Ihe service of parties for dancioe. society niuelinff . or fir vuruo - set of our justly deserving an8 admirable military volunteer corps, for their various exercise. I le subscriber has spared no pains to render uie building as pleasant as it situation would per mit, anil, by assiduity stud th strictest attention. will endeavour to deserve that patronage which an oligbtcued and discerning public ax at all times ready t bestow. at 3 lru JAM bo L. tir.L L.ioi.lUi. Law regxdaiing Hi Civamg and Jotptettng tf. lunuitM raseea March 31, lKIH. .JSJ'Bt it enacted y tfue people of Hit state nj en - lorn, reprttttaea t teiuiie and owiwo.y, That tbe parson adminiaU ring .the goverpmeot n una siaie, ny am. wilft tbe ad y ice ar.L Consent of the cooucil of appointment, shall from lime to lime appoin person tor the city cl N s w - Y ork, whose power shall extend to. and include the village of Brooklyn , ou person for Up city of nrany ; ana oo person lor th city of 1 roy, iw swwsn mail exienj 10. and includa IJia - sweuorgn anu tvateriora, to c guagers and in spectors offish oil. Andbeit fuiiluT.ettaeUd. That it .hall h th. duty of each pertoa appoiiited by virtu, of this act, to provide biuuelf with proper instroments ior guagiug ana inspecting ml, find whenever called on to guage and inspect any parcel of iVh oil, ilhiu the pUc for which he was appointed, it shall also be his duty to iuauire dilmntlv and seek out any parcel of fi. - hoil within his district, auu guago anu inspect tt.e ;Hme,nnd brand legibly on the head oi rh cask he may so guage and inspect, I is own uauie and tho nam of the place lor which ue was appointed ; fclso tbe whole uuuibcr of gallons the same shall guge, and feparately from each other th quaulity otwa - ter, the quautity of sediment, as well as the quantity of pure oil he shall find therein, and iliall make, subscribe and deliver to the owner or holder of such parcel ol nil so coajsj and in - iieLLeu, caruucaie. txnioiniie in eeoaraic co lumns the quantity of each of the afowaid enumerated ingredients the whole parcel shall coo - tain t forall of which euatr'mir. iusnectinr. brand. iug anj cerlily mg afortsai L he rhall receive from the owucr or holder of the oil to guaged and inspected, twenty cents for each cak. be the same small or large, the one half of wl:i b shall always thereafter be chargeable upon the purchaser of me Fame. And be iifvrther tnaclei. That it shall be the duty of all persons owning or holding fish oil, to put the amo iu u convenient position fur guaging hou impeding wucnevr tneretn required by an authorised guager and inspector. A nd be it further enacted, 3'hnt ar.v tenon or persous wno snail rounlerleit, alter or change any of the brands or marks aloretuid, ou any cask of oil ro biandedor marked, or ho shall mix or in any unpner adulterate any cask of oil so biandcd or marked, or who shall buy, sell or i . . i ..I... . . ' I'aimr auy on wuniu I ne ii - rrii u or places lore - raid, cxcti't the idirif hhall have been euared. inspcclrd aud brnidrd according to law, or who inaii si'ip, x;.' or o'.oerwie convey or cause to bo r.onvc d any oil ou; of, or from tbe districts or placet aloretaid, except th same shall tmve been gtUjul, iiifpecied and.brauded c - co'ding io law, siirh peiiuii or persons so oflond - ing, hjll fnrfiit and pay lh sum ol twenty - five d..llarij Icr ra'. - li tak, the brands or marks ot winch bU be s enumerated, altered or chan ged, or whirls shall be so bought, sold or bartered, or which shall be so fhippod, exported or otherwise conveyed contrary to the. true intent and meaning of this trt : Prorifitd, nnerllttUtt, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent any pcron or per;oos from buying or sclliug oil by me - atures legally sealed. A nd be il further enacted. That it shall be th duty of any penon or Brons who shall us or otherwise empty the coi.tei,ts of any f ak pf fish oil, immediately to efface the euaecr'. and in - spector's marks or brands from the same, under the penalty oft wenty - nve dnljar. "t "' ' And be it further enaclaL That any forfeitures arising by virtue cf this act, may be sued for aud recovered by action ol debt, with costs of suit. in any court having coguizanre of th same, to uie sole ue and bthoul ol auy person who shall sue therefor. NO'l ICE is hereby given, that the subscriber lias been appointed ty the honourable tlie Council of Appointment, Guager and Inspector of all r t.iils in trie City ol ie w - York ami Brooklyn, anu nas opencit nis oitice at no. j7. Watrr - st. where he will receive orders fp - Ti 7 A. M. to 3 P. M. every day, SuDdavs excepted. JAMES MAURICE. N. B. Dealers io Fkh Oil are hereby notified. that any infringcincut of the above law will be prosecuted. July 20 Im eEVH AfLA, A farm on the Hudson, about a mile from Newhurgh, containing 133 arret, 33 ol which Ure Woodland, the rest is divided by good fence into a due projiortion of meadow, arable and paiture hind. The buildings are partly new ; Uie house convenient for a small family : its situation is equalled in beauty by ew on tbe river ; tbe advantages, from the'vicinity of a flourishing village, of public worship, ociety and good market, with the facility of communication wun new Torn, rentier it a desirable residence lor a gentleman. 41)00 dollars of the pun hnse money may remain nn mortatre : Ihe payment of the rest will tie madu easy to tlie purchaser. Apply on tho premises, to Je tt I. VERPLANCK. MR. LEE'S seij;x;t school for ijoys, No. 8 Hark Puce. rilllE course of instruction pursued in this JL institution embraces every department of Literature and Science necestary to a liberal education, ( langtiapcexcepted.) The public is assured that this Fchool shall consist of a number of pupils, never exceeding twenty - five. No pupil will be admitted rhn cannot read connectedly and Write legiblv, and who is not acquainted with the first five rules of arithmetic i School hour from 1 - 2 past 6 till 8, and from 9 till 1 o'clock. Terms 12 dolls; per or. J 25 2w SIX 1 H A V ENliE, and C A RM 1 N x. - a'i KELT NOT ICE. NOTK'E is herefy given to all person interested, that the coiiiuipsioiiei of estimate and assessment appcinted by the Supreme Court ol Judicature of the stale of New. York, toner formcci lain duties relative to tbe exlendin - r of ii . .... . r ... me cmn Avt:iue irom ureeiiwicn - laiic to car uiine - stieet, aiHt lor enlarging and improvios; Car mine street to Varick - streel, in Ihe eighth ward oi uw",saiii ci'y, bave completed lix ir ctdmnle ana assessment as wellnrihe losanti:aiiiagesus - over and aliove Uie benefit few I advantage received by the owner and parties interested in th land and premise required lor Uie said improvement, as also, of tbe benefit and advantage received by the owners and parties interested of and in certain lands ood premises nt required for the said improvement ; and ne the said commissioners base deposited a true copy of such estimate and assessment in tlie cleiks cflice, ol the city of New - York, fur the inrfrction ol whomsoever it may conrern ; and notice is hereby further given that tbe report of Ihe said commissioner of estimate nod atetnient will be presented to lheSiren:e Court : Jodicature, of the stale of New - York, at the capital iu the city of Alhaoy, on Friday the fourteenth day Qt August next, at the opening of the court on ilial day, or as soon thereatter as counsel can be heard therfon. . . New York, SHhJuty, 181C HENRY MEIGS, ) " ' WM. Tt - 'RREY, aod S Comra'usloatn PETER STAGG, Jy 3t iOt WANTED. A WHITE girl or woman todotke cooking, &c. in a amall funiity, consistine of fo ir grown persons, living in a pleasant part of the city i h will have the assistance of a little girl and a boy. None need apply without good recommendations. Anply at tbiioffic. J 16 tf is ly as . i TO ALABAMA MktCHANTS. . , i t. i tit ti si LBB1NS, .. . CoAMlMlOB M&AIS1ABTS. H BLAKKLEY, Mobilt - Bay. AVE extensive store homes and receive and forward good, cotton, lie. free of cartage and whanage. Vessels and baree Is alour side ol their stores. - Shippers wi.l please apply to i al i ? mk. Hoston. TFT F.KSAi HERRICK, N. Yr rk. E.VLF,N as HOWELL, Philadelphia. .JyJ5 tf . , ' 1 (& JAW EK D. STOUT, Knjftaver and Seal Cuucr, removed to 90 Liberty - atrect, near Greenwich - street. Jy 8 3m t vr t.i gUnui, i ia liehjax, .X. . LETTERS tor His Britannic Maiesta't Packet tuerfisherry, will be received at the Post Office till Wednesday afternoon, the Slli T. XT.' MOORE, Agenl. rjj" Wanted, a Ud otiicer fur a shin to In dia. Apple to . B0GERT, Esq. ,', No. 138 Water - streeL Jy23 Mt :m ami. 0 BANK.. 07" The Slockholder are inlormed that a divi.iend ol lour per cent, out of the profits lor W.e last six aonlbs, will be paid on the 1st of Augturt newt By order of th? President and Diretbr. 1 27 Im W. FI9H, Cashier. IKJ - 1 he new r KRKY BOATS i rem the loot if tvnlnut street, New York, to tho loot of Little street, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard, will commence running on Suuday, tbe lT.hinst. l erons crossing tollrookln from the tipper part of the city, will find the distance much shortened hyusifcg this lerry. . iry 14 NO'l ICE. (fcT The Rising bun Sail Boats, Konpariel, and Industry, from the Elizabeth town Point, for New - York, sail irem Mr.rkctiield - strctt, (where the Steam - boat Afalnnta lorunerly same to,) at 10 o'clock, ol each day; Fatiage 12 1 - 2 ceut. Enquiie at tlie Steam boat Hnieil. of - ' VANDERI OOLtV PUlLLirS. my 21 If tlV JUIJN PUOU TOR, Jim. 100 Libeityt. often liberal anticipations on property consigned to hia friend in tlie Mediterranean. For further particulars, apply as above, or to . - ABRAHAM BEIJ, Je 6 tf : corner of Clill k Fulton - its. ' l - AM. - . (tt - STEPHEN B. AiLAN. No 2M Fenrl. street, New - York, purchases Lad in U.e llliu - ois Territory, si Mt li ha Been set ' rrt for ttie in te Army. Letters Irom the country rivir.t a dcsrriplica uf the patent and (be pi ice asked Kr enct. mi, hiu ie attei.dtd to, if Post paid. . , . my 15 tf , BED Ill GS. To the Laiiet and Cenllamn, oflhtctty of feir - . J er. , BENJAMIN TIFFIN, bug destroyer, (from London.) bees leave to i ffor hi service to all those who are troubled with those nocturnal invaders of their rest. His price will below. and method effectual, having hcett 40 year In constant practice has had the commands of most,' of the entry and Society of Friends, in LadOD.' now resides n no. uiu uowery. sjrceri letl at Mr. Wilson's, Tailor, Nq, 0 John - street, will be thaukfully received aod. punctually attended to. . T . u. Keferente u tocharactrcaabehud. aug4 0t BOARDING,, - EIGHT or W gentlemen; who mt deirovs ct. obtaiuirg board in a pleasant and retired. pnt of Ihe city, can he accommodated in a pti ' vate family, at No. 4t Cliff street. The improvement which have lately been .made i.i thu street and its retired i presumed will ren der it a desirable retreat from the oois and hut. lie ol business. mug 3 IOt yEW A.VEH1CAN ATLAS. ' SUBSCBIBERd to Tanner, Vallaorc, Kenr - ney k Co. new American Atlas, are inform ed that the first number has been completed and is now rendy for delivering at Vr.otk Dunning 'r no. in vi iiier - sircct, . . bubjiw CLASSICAL, MATHEMATICAL nd A1ER - LArtTILK ACADEMY, MESSRS. KELLY k TLOMY rfspec'ulfr inform the public, that they Lave lafclv commenced this establishment in fhe large, and airy room, wo. 4a rean street a lew tioor lr m the corner or Chatham street. 1'lH - ir course of education comprises tk (ireek. Latin. French, and Enrlish lanrnases i - Com position, History, Geography, the use ol the Globes, Book - Keeping. Arithmetit with tbe olh - . r practical hrancbes of the Mbtiicmatics. ' , i otini Ladies have a roni apnrorriated to themselves, where they will be taught a regular ' course of female education, together with pliio and ornamental Needle - work, by a lady ofeierk - plary conduct and long ex perience in that depart - Reference to Robert Adraia, P. tl, acd N. p ColuBil.ia ColUge. PATENT GRAMMATICAL MIRROR. : Jtio'i. Kelly Si Tuoiny U g leav alio to in - , form the public, that their Grammatical. Mirror is now completed and organised, aud that they , arc prepared to undertake its application to the duties of instruction. The Craaunatiral Mirror a marhiue constructed on such principles, and nttuntrd such laws, s to nhfyif, a matiifot representation of all the parts of hum? n speech, in all (he variety of their uifJettinns abd all Uie diversity of Ihcir combinations ; it is calculated, to impart iuf irmaliou more expeditioualy thau' words, whether conveyed by writing or by ut - teiance: letters aod anuuds are the arbitrary imUil not the re;c,b!anc of idea ; ut tb (nniuritiral Mirror preKoU sn unitatito. of the aged with its cases, of the object with its passions, of their substitute with its ganders and. persons, and of tbe action with its maunejrs, snX its time;. The other part of speech wi'i make their rerpe live appearances iu the revolutions of this extraordinary machine. R is no less use. ful to th teacher than to the pupil ; and while it expedites theprogreu of tlie ooe, it Will facili - tale the lalior of the other. ' ' fcbould any rerron object to th practicability of its applicaiiun.lbey challenge tfc iavestigatioa, of opposition : they cannot consent to an indirrri. minate iusper lion : but a ay perron why shall be rjualified to di'cu. - s its merit they ar willirg to, admit, and prepared toan.wer his oljections. ': Thoukh duty forbid them to acknowjedire their own inferiority yet, tliey rely - mot on their diligence and leil olbsrs may have as much: they rely not on their erudition toil talent, other may nctbsvt lea ; but they ,' on tbe co - operation pf tlieir means, which they contend to be superior to any that can be employed to attain tlie bject it coot eri plat es. 1 hoiiirb they enUrtain doubt cf its sunt - rior general utility, they conceive that for tucit cannot anura tnucu lime ior tuJy, or hose different emplojmicots, tmist confine them to interrupted and desultory Iccturea, it posses pecnliar dvantgk. several iHerarycuaracterswlio have jnsptc - - ted tit) machine, have been, equally Mtooisb - ed and delighted, and doubt not that cxpei - encc will reaiue the most aanguiae expectation tlia are cnlertained of it advantage and ucce. . , . . Under these imp r - ovt the proprietor ot . the Grammatical .Wirrw reeoiwmend il to public notice, and ihey are not nmre fiesiroue pf acquiring, than tbry are crfifident - of tecstrinff die patronage of tbe public " H B Tbev have for general fonvewienee . . determirel to deliver evening leetiir fror, i - . .:ii I. .if n&kt een. nn anv t,flhi lliau pais nc w.i . j - ti . labovemeniiooed fusiKlie cflittrature. JHH n 'i , 1 A':,V' mm 4 i - I' I ' i t j ' im ilk: - ii I' ! :;v ' i i 1 i i iy ' . ' i '.

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