Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 18, 1943 ツキ Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1943
Page 3
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: Thmsday, February 18 ^^^^^^^^^テつキ^テつキ^^B^ESM^^ Reading and Writing... What kind of a world will emerge from this war, once the fascists of Germany and Italy and Japan and their satellites have been crushed by the democratic] powers? urn . LA IORTE man where he could sleep that night. The boss beckoned to younr An^ell. "This guy wants to know where he can sleep tonight," he said. "We got 175,000 acres on this ranch, and he wants to know Catholic News And Views WB rancn, and fie wants to know $%"テつ」 .h'e'S. テつ」,TTM y *テつ」 テつキwhere he can find a place to H?J- nofl Jl""*TM to -he edlionu sleep!" ! " wa Ol lhe ProeresvRevlew. I 2. We must strive I "intrinsic unity of for the' . t.v FLOYD AMTEHSON Sif'Nornf" 0 " 1 * 6 M int T S "u B stor ' P L A N OF RECONSTRUCTION ,.' lテつー: m u",*"' = A ' t h e """L 1 ^ TM* *テつォ th -._... , ,, society- Army Is Rationed through the "collaboration of thelTOO, SayS OWI various classes and professions." ' rnatrhnony and the integrity of the O ff,ce of iVa"^ InforniaLn th ? fT , y " -ii w u , (which points out that even the 3. Labor mil be honored; and armj . has felt the pinch of short two po,nts aw wpialed out: "a aKes of some k , n( j P3 f / """- lllCr IV a テつサtt \irKlnn nmrnvtQ *-H j. nnnJn I j . テつサ . __ テつキ"テつキテつキu. which the Book-o - t e . o n t clu fore the blitz en London, h, s the moment," the PopV d c a r e d has selected for February along | ho.use was a target for German "is not lamentation but action' not with "Guadalcanal Diary" by, bombs. It was not until some time lamentation over what has been Richard Tregaskis. i , - テつサ i i -- ~ " over what h a s been ;aテつォテつォ it had been destroyed that but reconstruction of what is to Sir- Norman Arpell was once a he realized why. It seems that Sir arise and must frise for the Rood newspaper man in America, andjNorman is an amateur bricklayer of society" He called for c cru later a disciple of Lord North.|and one of his hobbies was build, sade, a new crusade "to traverse cliffe. In England he worked witting- a garden wall around his the sea of errors of our day and Ramsay MacDonald in the found, j island home, with appropriately to march on to free the Hol\ ing of the Union for Democratic spaced sun decks where he could Land of the Spirit," and this cal control in England. He was, in 1918, one of the inspirers of the LcagTie of Free Nations Association. And in 1934, on the basis of long years of service in the cause of international peace and justice, decided to put it out of business. I since May, I9J1, f i o m five ounce GOOD SLEDDING Guests attending the wedding of Florence Snitker and Leonard J\.oeniテつ」 found pood sleddinp to the lome of Florence's parents Snow "Mr WE. ko,"*",,;TM "th c p'^ テつー[ :ho hiplittny ,,, ,, bobsled. Page Three I FOR FIRST LADY When Garnet Siplc of I Grove was entertaining at a U O- e lub in Washington, D C テつキ -rt- l _ l i i i | W H i^x, *iテつサu * , j ..'-テつォ j., i i if HI 11 \t; M U IlCvS 4. We should work toward a, to t h r e c ol nccs ,, テつォ ' 'complete rehabilitation of the 71,15 - - - ' テつキ drawal of for all uses' r .i_ , . i テつキ-- テつキ- テつキ--" served only -]0 times TMV ' a m o n t h "* ic * d of " times in that are Dccem ber, 1911. There has "harmful to the liberty property,| ^'^^ ,, (llR . lion j n honor progress or health" of the lPr so](lkrs ,.,,_ individuals. o t h c r take the air. From the skies, how. he has issued to all dccent.think. , -^ \ . , i iuDstitutc.i. me niiuier al-, ever this brick wall, with its in E people of the world, he phrased 1 ,, ^ Tl 16 . , t r u e so =' al = rusaler | thc equivalent of a mcatleV regulany spaced open areas, look., the opening of his Christmas mcs I should hclp to rcstore the s t a t e | P a ch week Thiec .- b u,i.nj u^ai-cu u|jeu ureus, looK.iine opening 01 ms unnstmas mcs I H ed exactly like a military fortL sage, to "My Dear Children of and its Pテつー wer to fication, and so thc Luftwaffe the Whole World." society, placing it to the service of i substituted. The i-uldier also has s day non.meat mcal e he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. "Lテつォt The People Know" is a latter day version of Angell's no_ table work of 1908, "The Great Illusion," in which he was one of the first to point out that war for conquest does not pay. In this present book.of.the.month, he goes into the reasons why we, in America, have allied ourselves with Britain, Russia and China and whether, in the end, the world itself will go back to the old theory of a "balance of power," or whether there will be a coalition of the nations to enforce the peace. It is a book that is apt to arouse debate and discussion, not only among us ordinary citizens \'.hn read it, but in the legislative halls of both Britain and America, It was a bit astonishing. Sir Nor_ man confesses, that he, who had always worked for peace, should have had his garden wall mistak. en fop a military fort. PICTURE GETS AROUND While passing in formation with a group of sailors, Rex Hodson S 2|c, was hailed by someone o: a group coming from the oppositi direction. Hodson did not recognize anyone in the group but later learned that it was Walfrec Seehusen of Monticello who hac recognized him, after seeing a picture in the Monticello Express He outlined five ponits of social reconstruction: 1. We must "cooperate in piv.l ing back to the human person the basis." upon an ethical i arc served on d i f f e i r n t das. FINGER INJURED A ring on thc third finpcr dignity given to it by God from!his left hand, caused Floyd Wolf the very beginning," Thus, we]of Marenso to lose the finger in must favor "social institutions i n ' a n odd accident. He held to the "Not that he doesn't (jet enough to eat. The soldier eat-, two nound^ moic food every ]av t h a n ho did I before he joined the r-.nik-i. But of the fip;htiii(,' sci vices are doing Squirrels made themselves "right at home" in the garage belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Will Walker of Algona. They took it and perhaps eventually at the'upon themselves to get the black peace table itself. * * As a young man, Sir Norman walnuts in the garage and carry them to the automobile, placing them in the exhaust pipe, the worked for a while as a farmhand horn and under the hood. Walker on a ranch in Southern Calif or_ I found nuts also in the water pipe ma. (English by birth, he was a (nine feet from the floor. The boy immigrant to the United (squirrels did not bother the wal. States.) One day, as he was pitch-lnut trees in the neighborhood but ag hay under a broiling sun, he,waited until someone picked them heard a new worker ask the fore, and shelled them. which a full personal responsibility; top of a tryck with his left h a n d | t o win the v.テつサr.' is assured and guaranteed;" a n d ' a s he jumped, and the ring caught their part lo make things as possible through lightening the burden which civilians m u s t bear to uphold and claim respect on behalf of the human person for the following "fundamental hu_ man rights": The right to maintain and dc_ velop one's corporal, intellectual j and moral life, especially the right to religious formation and cdu_ cation. on a piece of metal on the box and pulled his finger off at the second joint. It was later found necessary to amputate the entire finger. SKIN GIlAFTEl) A month ago, B i o v \ n l i u Gr.iliam of Grinndl caught his arm in thc テつキ.vashing.machine b u r n i n FOR BEAUTIFYING PURPOSES Admission fee for a benefit pro- The right to worship God in' e r a m for tne p urpose O f bcautu private and public and to carry f y i n R thc hospital grounds at the on tテつォligious works of chanty. sioux Fal i s air basc t o be given The right to marry and to ,,, Orange City will be tulip bulbs achieve the aim of married life, or fi owcr roo ts, shrubs, etc. and to conjugal and domestic so., ciety. | The right to work as the indis. I pensablc means toward the main- - - ,, 13 tenance of family life. IDubuque opened a letter from al gi , t!j The right to free choice of a : local bank and out fell a check f o r ' state the skin of the tort-arm and not oven breaking Ihc skin. Last week thc pliy.Mdan grafted skin lo the injured part, and it is now hoped that it will heal properly. COI.I.EGK F U N D S Thc sale of a l u n l pie; wa- fattened and sold two v TOO BAD! Senator Robert C. f テつー by Davij Lloyd Ilarror of Now Hampton was Hie .shirt iif l ) a \ i d ' c college fund. Now in the c i p h l h ade, the boy, in [larLnerslii]) with hi s owns ten 200. pound ate of life, and hence, too, of the ?2,000. The letter was clear enough GETTING P R E P A R E D iesthood or religious life. jto him but he couldn't understand. A loca , Rcinl)cck storc js hd ,, r -.--~ _ ^ . _ v _ --i ._.. D , u u u ,,^-. i - -- - 4. Vi I n/i-ii i iminu^^is. riLv,i\; i~, i i v ; i i ' The right to the use of mate.[the check--it was drawn to anoth. l.^ r c s i d p n t s (o bc rc ..,,| y fr rial goods, in keeping with one's'er person, and sent to him by sumn)Cr whcn j t a r i .j v t ,_ j' t s() ]. duties and social limitations. I mistake. PROFITABLE PRICES FOR SWEET CORN Be sure to include Sweet Corn in your crop plans for this year. We are announcing the highest prices ever paid for Sweet Corn by the Iowa Canning Company $19.00 Per Ton for Yellow Hybrid Sweet Corn The La Porte City plant will handle only yellow hybrid sweet corn this year. See us before you plan your 1943 farm program. We are now ready to contract for our 1943 requirements. - NOTE A Few Facts in Favor of Sweet Corn for 1943: --A "War Crop" in AAA Program. -- An early cash crop. -- Makes good roughage or fodder. --May be removed in time for fall seeding. --Good food for us and our allies. IOWA CA] La COMPANY Iowa four new lawn mowei.s, and sonn rubber fly swatters, at a tirni when snow covered the blreut^. MADE GOOD One Iowa boy who is making good in Hollywood is L.vlo ^ Zcien, formerly of Spencer. 11' uill soon he 1 seen iti "They C'o Me Covered," with Bob IIopi. ar d Dorothy Lamour. TWO PAIll The birth of twin girls mnkes two iets of twins in the Jack Clark family of Charilon. Thi older twins- are novv nver ( h r c e years old. FOR SOI,I)Ii;itS A k n i l t e d t i e n c h helmet uas sent by thc P.ed Cross in Hamburg for men in thc armed forces, and was finally consigned to a former Hamburg resident. The helmet is now being worn by Cpl. Roy A. Wykoff, jr., stationed at Fort Crockett, Texas. NEW WASHABLE PAINT GOES ON RIGHT OVER WALLPAPER テつキCOVHS WITH ONE COAT! PRItS IN ONE HOUR! テつキ II'S WASHABLE' )E5" A V E R A G E ROOM! Thif rx*, icientincally devclop- テつォd ittif paint makes painting qoicjcer r Uiier, more economJ- cil thip ever before. Lテつォt ui demoniuitel SHflWIN-WlLUAM* /^ *y- AMK~/M fiALLON Paitm learn Mix 1 pUon with water and make IV, ffOoot font. Tour NEWEST PASTEL CGLOKS V* 1 R R I C H T SKIES "i Hie v i u i m y (l f .Voi-Lhwomfrel' brillKiiu blui-.h-jrri.iMr li' e ht'" l thnt flowed 0,1 the Blomi( | ,, U , ., f] . 1K , テつキ ii'd -Mi-i. EV.mor Uoo-evclt stan '"? at her neck. Mrs. Roos w.,5 v-u- n]o:iM-d w i t h Miss Si r plajuic and ureeO her to c tuiue. The Mt. Ayr Christian church .Viml.ij Hlioul hiis bin, under the t,'in.iu!K- of XIN V ]| ]; , Freeman lor ,M jeaix. She icccnlly resigned Crosby Corn 4Sc 3 Cans 25C t テつォ I.S NO. 10 CAN Prunes FANCY PRUNES IN" 111 A \ \ SYIHT N i l . ;' . ( A \ lo Cents 1.11/VNI I. \T|, * Sugar 3ibs.19c テつキ'(). 10 ( IV IMUTI.MT Pears 73c "' i.ii iiA(. nnruTATiox Pancake FLOUR 14c : 'I ALT. CAN'S 1), B. Milk 27e テつキ1 NO. 2"j CANS SEEDLESS Grapes 25(5 2 M) :-i I A \ S c \ i . i r o i t N i \ Spinach 33c .....テつォ; NO. .. .-IN ,,,,.,,, P. W ,, (Currants 19c - 1 . Cans S u n n y Cnrilon Northern POTATOES U s S ( J I STIU K TRIUMPHS 01 "OHHI ERS, nk 12 I I M I I O , IOU 1.1! I I A I i -S 1 V, Russets n 45e 10ft I I). li.UI-- $2.!)-; Peaches 35c IVORY SOAP ( . 1 I M 1 UMIS ( テつキ M - N T II V IIS Zlc IVORY SNOW \i:i;r iio\ !l DM M IK1V I'ASCAI, Celery 2 BCI.S. 25c ". NO. 2 C A N S III,! 1 ! TA1ION Corn PA.M 1 H.MIMIM 11,1 Oil Cookies u I'J i.r.. n\; I I I A M O . N D S in M Flour $1.94 Cake Flour ISc I) U Z M i l . I . ll().\ I . I A N T l ) l ) \ . ..10c . C7c MNT i:u\ OXYDOL 6Tc r\c 10c Carrot Chips 25c J \(l 2 \ V s \ H U I I . i : K K I I X H L Corn 25c I'l I . I I I l A i ; I I I . I ' I TATIO.V Flour 1.85 Uテつサ-Oテつ」 ( l\^ 1'IN'LA Juice i-r.u. rテつォo. i i l. Ik. Raisins 3!c Prunes i .No 2'/i f ' - i J i k I T c r r y (,-irr|cn nnrr i, DKIIJJ ^ Peaches 2:^.330 LI*. 25c Tomatoes 33c ( I L A l l ' l ( , l , 1 v S .MIL Sauer Kraut 15c i'i i r. i'.\; ;i.D MKDAL Flour $2.35 I ( A N S Baby Food 25c COAST l I ! D 7 h V ')( LAN Pike 2iテつサs33c I I . . \ I K . I . C A N S Com on the CobiOC FANCY PEACHES I.V I I I . A 1 ) sun |- テつキ1 NO I ( ANS 27 Cents z I.AKCI: in:ADS Head Lettuce 25c Tor Carrots 2 BCH S . 15c SKW Cabbage 4 IAS. 25c HOM.S D. II. Cornflakes 15c [テつキ-uncy LarKC ALMONDS, W A I , . N I T s O H M I N h D M T S Pound--25c fj-oi NC i: iioiTi.i. D B Bleach 15c : l.AIK.I. I'.AIIS Lava Soap 29c I t A K S Soap 15c Apples FACV JONATHANS 3 IBs. 25c; bu. S3.2." FANCV DELICIOUS 3 Ibs. 27c; bu. $3.?r "4 Ibs. 29c; bu. $2.95 WII-I/OW TWIGS 3 Ibs 27c ilUZEN FLOKIDA Oranges S2 il 6 e 25c 10 TEXAS AIABSII SEEDLESS TOBACCO, in 1-Lb. Cans DII.I/S III.ST . . . .'9i CI.OIIOI, WASHINGTON K h N T I X K V rtl'B UNION MiAUKlI Camay Soap 22c 10 GIANT BARS P G S o a p 45c 67c 63c We Crisco 100-POUND BAG IN テつ」V SPA PERI N E W S F A P E R l

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