Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 18, 1943 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1943
Page 2
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Page Six 3SS-REVIEW. LA POfctt! CITY. IOWA Thursday, February CLASSIFIED ADS Quick Results for 1C per Word CLASSIFIED RATES Classified ads are one cent per word for each insertion, with a minimum of 25 cents per order. For example, a 10-word ad will cost 25 cents for either one or two insertions, but only 30 cents for three times. A service charge of 10 cents is added to "keyed" advertisements calling foi replies to be sent to this office instead jf the advertisers. Terms sire cash except for business houses canyinR r e g u l a r ledger accounts at this office. TWO GALLONS OF GOOD OIL-?1.20 at L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tf CLEANER'S SOLVENT AT L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tf LOST-FOUND WANTED BECAUSE we handle poultry and CCJTS only, our entire effort used to pet you the highest prices. Fosse Produce Co., La Porte City. 4.4c LOST--32x6 dual tire chain be.! YOUNG MAN ON MODERN tween Bruce Center school and| farm wants housekeeper. Write Joe Vopelak farm. Geo. Kruse, I Fred Turner, Brandon, la. 5.2c phone^lU-^. -.c W A N T £ D TO ~ B uY_small house. FOR SALE Reasonable. Mrs. Jake Brown. 5.2c THE RED AND GOLD Weekly Publication of the La Porte City School Real Estate FOR SALE | FOR SALE: An acreage at edge I of town; house and bam, small chicken house; good place for chickens; lights in the house. Miscellaneous FOR SALE: '29 ChovroTct sedan- new battery, M3 license, tires and motor extra Rood. Good farm car. Phone 18-23, La Porte City. Not modern. Phone 82, John G.2p 3 WELL IMPROVED FARMS for sale, not rented for this year. Jesse 0. Kobcr, Realtor. SEKVICES Rcnair Work BODY, FENDER REPAIRING --Dents removed, repainted to match perfecty. Our work will please you. Drive in. Leo Motor Co. " RED AND GOLD Editor-in-chief Associate Editor G. A. A..Reporter Hi-Y Reporter Athletics and L Club Spotlight Club Voice and Instrumental Music F. F. A Freshman Class Reporter Sophomore Class Reporter Junior Class Reporter Senior Class Reporter Typist Sponsor STAFF Ruth Coburn Richard Koehcr Zaida Selk Vern Foster Jack Lesh James Kahler Ruth Vopelak Don Hager Mildred Casey Daryl McBriilc WelKvood Blouph Dorothy Porter Marlys Stahnkp Mr. Hcmbera Fun on the. JUNIOR CLASS XEWS l o u r readers entitled jIce." Eight people sot. "A'.=" in spi-11- injt labt week. suggestions as to the usual iu In art C ' a s S wc have been ir.ak.' The junior class met Thru? morning to discuss and brir c nnd .senior banquet. Bv the ^ I ' l i e banauet i= to be given I ing Vaic-ntlne pictures. Mi-. Hiiiik-l brought us =-"·-· |TJ s _ w]i , prohilb!v b( , on i library books from Waterloo for t; 0 n wide point r n f o i ' .iipplcaiurtury reach,,- J Rome JFmifK of ' thc t ., * , 3,rs. Tec-lti- *ont c;p cakw o!^ shoE , fl , school for T i u m a n s b i r t h d a y , ' H, e i f n t years old Lam*on. Nothing definite h-^ 1 , decided on as yet. Commit ONE VERSION OF AMERICANISM by Merle McBride KNIVES Sharpened. Gravenhorst 5.2e Welding Shop. 4.5c SEWING MACHINE Bobbins, Shuttles, Belts, Oil and supplies at G.irrabrant's Jewelry 5-2p FOR SALE: I have several good j \lisccllz \Vn,lle« l farms on my 1943 sale hit. See , iMCdiis. -- , Anwr'V menus and Gift Shop. G-tfc me for farms. F. W. Kober. 5.2cJAGENCY FOR W A T E R L O O Laundry and Unique Cleaners, Han-j' Eshcr Barber Shop. 2-9p Insurance FOR SAL¥ : "JaTOn"^r^hite"hZ FARM PROPERTY INSURANCE less popcorn. " A n y amount a t l w " tten ° n installment plan a t j 4 pounds for 25 cents. Rauch. ,, John 5_2p STOVE AND LIGHT GAS--| 22c a gallon at L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tf actual cost through Jesse 0- Kober, Agent. 1-tf FOR THE BEST INSURANCE in life, fire and auto ECU G. E. Loveless. _2- ttc p. m. Hl-Y BENEFIT SHOW The Hi Y a d u l t committee and student members of thc Hi-Y are sponsoring a Trampoline program to be given at the school audi. loiium Friday, Feb. 19, at 7:45 GREEN COLONIAL Phones: 297 and 50-]]. W. A. Franklin. ^'jSecds USE "BRIARDALE COFFEE " FOR AUTOMOBILE insurance! The purpose of thc program is '' phone 31, Anna W. Kobcr. 1-tf i to furnish entertainment for the I people of our community and to ^^ ,,,,,,..,, ,,,, .. , _ _ ( h e l p raise funds for our Hi-Y or.| vaiu'ble'"to"the""war "effert 1 here.) [ R.inization. Tha's what tha preserdint said,' I RAMS PREPARE FOR TROJAN I BATTLE ' All will be quiet on the La Porte City basketball front this "Listen, sang, I ain't no dicta. wcek cmi as tnc R ar ns prepaie tor or Truthin", but ya what I say this time ycr leader. t ya gotta do for the game w ith Dysart next ime 'cause I'm p,,;,^. n j g ht, Feb. 12 on the Tro_ all hoard that - fi o o r J ' radio program las' night, didn' ya? An' ya know what that means, i The freshman boys have boon, orchestra and places to studying astronomy in genera), banquet or prom. Any SURJ;CN; science. The bfy;; are observing! t o what the junior elas? sh the various planets :it night. One do will be appreciated. boy tried t a k i n g a picture of the| . moon through his telescope. They| FOURTH GRADE NEWS find thai they enjoy this subject! rj orot hy Taft has gone very much. I California to live, and will at The freshman girls have been| s c h o o ] thcre . TI]OSD who hlc] The Trojans won thrilling ya? Well, sos it's up to us 27 to 25 victory over the Rams in La previous game this season. Coach . studying colors in home economics. ; n F p c ] lin(r on Friday are Cav " lh colored bedroom pictures original. s , Abbott, Bernice Andersen, R:,j Nita Ecl'n Shnley F neil LO niwau ui days dii -ncmii-o. . . . | « . * - ~ - ..^ ^ _ We all got bruthers or pops in "TM** '" a S°° d ^ ame a S ainst types of lighing. this war an' we'll ask 'em to ^ l n t o n - , , dee live r our scrap special to' This game should prove to b.;| FIFTH GRADE NEWS those ol' jailbirds. Wish I could better than thc one the Trojans, Th( , f ] f t h ( , J . a( , ( , h a s bccn p , ay . lay my hands on Hitler, the bum, won at the beginning of ihe sea | j son. Both teams have enjoyed good off ;L bean ·winners of Wagner and Jerry Wcatherly EIGHTH GRADE NEWS At a class r.-eetinj held Tli bag tournament, day we planned a Va'entirc n myself! son. Both teams nave enjoycu gooaj T h u W]nlK . rs o{ thc tournament 1 Committees were appointed "Well, what'er ya waitin' f e r ? seasons thus far and are now in re Eugcne Bagcnstos nnd Jim lo-mcs, rcfieshmonts and for i Get goin'--an' don 1 come back 'til top season form. The Rams will my Lcc I paring ,, Valentine box. ya have all tha scrap ya cun lug. certainly be in there all the way We nave a newc0n]Cr ; n o u r j In ] EPeua j, c v . e ac t ec i O i-.t M But lissen, fellas, no stealm'. We so come on you students, Let s room . It is Tobyj Ann p en dleJ tions in v.-hich w e mtroJuu.l don' wanta use nuthin' tha's Back the Rams. jbury's pet turtle. (selves to stranBcr^. TU,. f 0 n a w j np pupils received Brust's Grocery. Those taking purl in the pro. and other bulbs for spring de- | George Nissen and Larry Gris_ livery. List Free. Waterloo Bulb wold. Zoe Ann Olsen will also take ~ "~ " ' " ' p a r t in the program. Mr. Nissen, who was three BHfflT- MUSIC, Music Books, *"££?%,, tir^"S£S ^ · ^'^ ^^^^ C"t_:_~. Tj i-- ] 1:^. f _ _ l TM.«-- j r,\\ftm-mnn in IiiTnnlinn'. Is KTlOWn FOR SALE--Chickens dressed. Phone 49.35. Mrs. Well-wood Williams. 6-3c Farms, Rt. 218. 1-tf NURSERY STOCK: Beautify-- Strings, Reeds and supplies for all kinds of muscial instruments. Garrabrant's Jewelry and Gift Shop. 6_tfc EASY TO FEED--Sargent'a Min- ral Meat Meal for hogs. Farmers Supply Co. 1-tf GIFTS FOPTTALL OCCASIONS at Garrabrant's Jewelry and Gift Shop. 6-tfc by planting fruit, shade or ornamental trees from Stark Bros. Nurseries. They also have champion in tumbling, is known throughout the United States for !n unusual ability. complete stock of roses, I The program will be different THIRD GRADE NEWS The ya know. | We have enjoyed the story of "An 1 Iggie, ya 'splain to ycr "Qotah and His Puppy." It was ol' man tha army needs that ol'jthe story of an Eskimo Boy of , Heinie hclmit he's been hoardin'. North Greenland. Next week Miss an' hatin' since tha guy in it killed Fleming will read us "Children of his pa. I Mexico." awwn ~* · -- ~ ~ , - - -plants of all kinds, than mo^t of us have seen. It will their landscaping 1 (.resist of remarks concerning shrubs and Ask about _ _ plan. Call or see me. Phone 362, health E. B. McLaughlin, local agent. C.8p Read the want ads! C. A. Brust BRIARDALE STORE HOME OF FINER FOODS Dawn Fresh Frozen Food FRUITS VEGETABLES FISH activities, demonstration Friday SPECIALS Saturday FRESH CREAMERY BUTTER Per Pound -- .............. BRIARDALE COFFEE-- Fresh Ground Per Pound ................... TALL CORN SODA CRACKERS 2-Pound Box ................. BRIARDALE CORN FLAKES 2 Large Packages ............... BRIARDALE RICE Best Grade -- 2 Pounds ............. IDAHO NORTHERN BEANS 3 Pounds ...................... BRIARDALE GELATINE DESSERT All Flavors-- 3 Packages G. W. C. MATCHES; 6-Box Carton ....................... MORTON'S SMOKED SALT 10-Pound Can ................... · PROTEX TOILET SOAP 5 Bars ........................... SWEETHEART SOAP 4 Bars ENERGY-- Soap Granules Large Package ...... DUZ-- Granulated Soap Large Package CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 6 Bars . . 49c 29c 21c 19c 25c 25c 17c 23c 85c 21c 22c 23c 23c 25c W A R BUY S A V I N G S HERE S T A M P S and explanation of gymnastic techniques, such as hand ba]anc_ ing and tumbling fundamentals, advantages of Trampoline conditioning and audience participation. You can't afford to miss this unusual program. Admmission prices will be: adults, 35 cents; high school stu_ dents, 20 cents, and grade stu_ dents, 10 cents. JESUP GAME TO BE PLAYED WEDNESDAY, FEB. 17 The La Porte City.Jesup basketball game which was to have been played here January 22, will be played here next Wednesday, Feb. 17 on the local floor. The game was postponed he. cause the Jesup school was closed during the week of January 22 on account of snow blocked roads. /// / /// / A AMAZINGLY EASY/\ LOW-COST WAY TO CEILINGS WALLS "Hey, Karl, yer ol 1 lady might] Jimmy Elliott treated us all with not unnerstan, but ya tell her it's',fruit last Thursday. It was Jim_ tc r ffive hell to them that's givin 1 my ' s ninth birthday, hell to her folkses in the ol' country. "Pee.wee, yer littler 'n the rest ol' We had seventeen hundreds in spelling on Friday. Those who wrote their words correctly were of us an' ya knows Pete, the bar. Lela, Mary, Janet, Anna, Kegina, tender, EOS why don' ya ask him Marlene, Angela, Ada, Irene, Ver. fer all the spee_toons in his place ?|na, Beverly, Richard, Max, Jimmy, Tell him the fellas cun swaller James, Ronald and Noel. their tobaccy fer all we care, butj tha army needs tha scrap. | "Okay, fellas, scatter! Meet at! twelve, an' bring all ya cun get' assembly program Friday morning BAND NEWS The Girls Glee club sang at tho legal-like." 'when Rev. Bergeman spoke to us. The speaker of these proud and i The Glee club sang t w o - n u m b e r s forceful words? Twelve.year-old] "Sundown," a Londonderry Air, Tommy Cutaia, American -- one] and thc well known "Green Cath. generation from Italian soil. | dral." Sarah McNitt is a new member of the advanced band. Shu has G. A. A. NEWS The sophomores were victorious' moved here and has previously over the freshman in the basket, played in the Mason City band. ball tournament. The game ended with a score of 18 to 12. The following game scheduled was between the sophomores and the seniors. The sophomores came out with a margin of one point. 100 in spelling this week: Gloria, Bobby, Ann, Mary, Virginia, Bar. A ,,, ,,,, .,TM, old, Douglas, Duanc, Rothmeicr, started from..:a grafted slip Shirley, Dick, Harold Hilton, Jo. still bcaiing' Igmons accord,r f LEMON TREE lemon tree, 58 years anne, Bruce, Bobby Wagner, Daryl, Harold Strohccker, Donna Belle, Phyllis and Walter. JJrs. Garnet Gunn of Iowa F This year the'six.foot tree h: 'crop of four large lemons. Sarah plays the cornet. Phyllis Supplce has also joined our band| and plays the clarinet. | SECOND GRADE NEWS I We started reading from ouri Thc sophomore girls added a i new book More Friends and new star to their team when Jean Neighbors this week. Our first,! Merchant from Garrison entered'group of stories is "Oak H i l l j school here. She is an outstnadingi Neighbors." forward, which is- a great credit! Miss Taylor taught an ice skat. to their team. I ing song to us. We had a story in NCWKT PASTEL COLORS A Statement of Policy We Will Continue to Stock Only Quality Furniture With war-time restrictions halting the manufacturing of many kinds of furniture, the market is being flooded these days with ingenious "duration quality" substitutes. Many of these substitutes fail tc meet the standards of quality-conscious American purchasers, and others are of unknown durability and wearing characteristics. WE ARE NOT STOCKING ANY OF THIS "DURATION QUALITY" FURNITURE Although we still have a rather complete line of standard furniture, the time will probably come when we will not be able to replace many items in our stock. We shall, however, continue to buy as much as possible of unrestricted lines, where quality has not had to be sacrificed, and to be able to continue to guarantee as usual the furniture which we still stock and sell. YOU CAN CONTINUE TO BUY HERE WITH FULL CONFIDENCE! "Home of Fine Furniture" A K H A K I - WACKY IlIOT OP LAUGH!) AND MUSIC! "IT HAPPENED IN R.ATSUSH" A Paramount Picture ilariing JUDY CANOVA · ALLAN JONES ANN MILLER-JERRY COLONNA SUN.-MON- Feb. 14- IS SHE A KID . . . IS SHE KIDDING? OR The Major thinks :he's tv/elve or nndc - . . the ConJ'jclor thinks "he's 2J o over! Shcui-J rhs take ihe Manor for ; ride . . . or get kick-.-d off -.ha" train b: the Conductor? ROGERS MILLANO HiU Johnson · Robert Benctil§v -. Diana" Lvnn A D D K B V X COLOIl CARTOON TUES. - WED.-THURS. Feb. 16-17-18 America's M Liveable Stcr TAKE IT FROM US THIS is A SWI:J,L PICTURE -- IT HAS EVERYTHING 1 NEWSPAPER!

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