The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 4, 1936 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1936
Page 20
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TWENTY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MAY 4 0 1936 HOG MARKET 5 TO 10 CENTS LOWER EASES OFF AFTER OPENING STEADY Top Sales at Chicago Down 5 Cents to $10.55 on Weak Demand. CHICAGO, UP)--The hog market opened steady Monday but after packers had filled requirements the demand began to ease and prices ruled 5 to 10 cents lower Top -sales were off 5 cents to $10.5j. Lighter receipts and anticipation of broader consumer demand for fresh pork were relied upon to stimulate trade but effect of these factors failed to materialize. Hog drove cost in April averaged $10.17 Last week's cost, however, dropped 41 cents to 510.15, lowest in seven weeks. . , . . Another liberal supply of fat steers was crowded into the cattle pens. Demand, specially from shippers, was very narrow and as a result trade was slow. In the ear y hours of the market practically nothing was done. The early top was only $9, but several loads were held 50 to 75 sents above that figure Cows were fully steady. '\Last week's average cost of slaughter steers declined to ?8.2o. Sheep were mostly steady Mon- dav the early bulk of wooled lambs going for 511-75 to 512 while good to choice native springers were held above 512. A few clipped lambs brought 510. MIDWEST UOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Monday: 1VAT.EIU.OO--Hogs unchanged. O11U.WA--Hogs unchanged. CEUAIC KAriDs--Hogs unchanged. AUSTIN--Hogs: Market steady: good to hoice ISO to 220 Ibs. J9.G59.95: 220 to 250 bs. S9.60S9.90; 200 to 290 Ibs. J9.35S9.65; 90 to 350 Ibs. ss.osg' packing sows, ood, 275 to 550 Ibs. $8.2008.85. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES MOINES, Ult-- U. S. department of grtcuiturc-- Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration ards and 9 packing plants located In interior owa and southern Minnesota for the 48 hour erlod ended at 8 a. m. Monday were 35,600 omparcd with 46,600 a week ago and 36.500 year ago. Prices mostly steady compared with Sat- rday. but undertone weak, loading slow. Good snd choice: Light lights, HO to 160 s. $8.SO!i 9.50; lifht weights, 160 to ISO S SCMO'IO: 180 to 200 Ibs. $9.75© 10.20; tiedium weights. 200 to 220 Ibs. $9.75S10.20; 20 to 250 IbK. $9.6.Vi010.2Q: heavy weights. 50 to 290 Ibs. S9.35CJ,10; 280 to 350 Ibs. 9.05SC9.70. -Packing sow.-:, good. 275 to 350 Ibs. SS.ijIiTM .05: 350 to 125 Ibs. $8.10S8.90; -125 to 550 is. ss.i5a;s.7o. teers opened steady; matured steers slow, ome buying interests talking lower; fat she lock little changed; stockers and feeders teady; bulk fed steers salable around 57(ffi .25; tew loads held above S8.50: small lots ed heifers up to $7.75; majority cows $5 ; cutter grades 51@4.75; good light stock- rs and feeder steers $7@7.50, HOGS, 5.500; opening butcher bids 10S?20c ower to packers; shipping demand limited to acklnff sows; better 170 to 240 Ib. butchers Id S9.75fi9.90; 240 to 260 Ib. weights bid 9.50629.75: 350 Ib. heavies bid 59; sows 8.755?8.80; feeder pigs up to S10. SHEEl'. 1,500; Including 300 direct; fed lipped lambs opening 25c higher to shippers; hree decks choice S3 Ib. averages $10: no vooled lamb action: best offerings held round S11.75; slaughter ewes fully steady; cooled skins $5.25 down; shorn SSP5.75. Mason City Livestock MASON CITY--For Monday HOGS G o m = n t HEMS Good lights Good light butchers . . 140-160 iS 8.65- 6.95 S 9.-10- 9.70 S 9.GS- 9.95 od VrUUU Hint buyers .... 200-220 J 9.65- 9 9 = mcd wt. butchers 220-250 S 9.60- 9.8U mcd wt. butchers 250-270 S 9.40- 9..0 *IIVM. - ___ n-n..*)tj-. .. 550 550 and up I- 9.60 I- 9.10 S 9.00- 9.3( S S.70- 9.0C S 8.55$ 8.35- f s.15- fiood bin hy. sows 550 ana up S 7.95(The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs. The difference In price is lor short and long haul hogs.) I 7.30- 8.50 $ 6.00- 7.50 £ 4.50- 6.00 t 5.50-3.50 S 4.75- 5.60 i 4.00- 4.75 S 4.25- 5.00 t 3.75- *-25 ..S 3.25- 3.75 J 3.00- 3.25 I 4.50- 5.25 S 4.00- 4 50 S 5.50- 6.50 S 4.50- 5.50 S 4.50 down S10.00-10.50 ? 8.00- U.OO S G.25- 7.25 5 6.25 down $ v.ou- H.OU J 5.00- 7.01) J 4.00- 5.00 $ 4.00 down i 2.15- 4.00 S 1.50- 2..'-0 S 1.00- 2.50 S 6.00- 7.00 I 4.00- T.OO ss Good hlb by. sows Steers, good to chMce Steers, medium to good Sleers, fair to medium ~.... Heifers, good to choice ..... Heifers, medium to good -... Heifers, common to medium . Cows, eood to cbq:ca ... Cows, fair to good Cows, cutters ,-« Cows, canners ·-«- " Bulls, heavy . . Calves, mcd. to good 130-190 Calves; inter, to com. 130-190 LAAUSa. Lambs, good to choice . 70.90 Lambs, medium to good Lambs, fair to medium Common, to fair .-......·.·····- SoafiTuss. sood to choice M-m Yearliuss, mefl- to 5000 u-»u Yearlings, lair to medium Kittic ma. s°«l to choice ... Cull ewe* Euck» ·· Wethers, 2 ycars.old -Wether*, poor to best ..·····»· - Buck lamba 51 les*. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Monday Market! CHICAGO, (.Pi--U. S. department of ajm- 9.S5: sows mostly 5S.S06S9.15. few TATTLE 13,000: calves 1.500: another ,ib- eral run fat steers: practically nothing done, medium to good grades predominating; snip- per demand narrow; early top S9 with several loads held at $9.5015:9.75; all grades li-nt yearlings in broader demand apparently than weight-.- steers; yearling heifers steady with lower grade kinds fairly active ai »i-ii down; best heifers early -S3.40; cows again very scarce, fully steady; no measureaDle change in bulls and vealers; practical top ivci^btv sausage bulls S6.40; vealers : dowi to 57: mostly S7.50@9. SHEEP 9.000: slow, mostly steady; early bulk choice wooled lambs $11,75@12 _ to local killers: shipping demand narrow: Ciip- pers very scarce, few 510: holding good to choice native springers above S12; clipped gives averaging 115 to 145 Ibs. 55.75: bulk 5535.75; faw wooled ewes 55.50^6.25. O.MAH4 LIVESTOCK. (Monday Market) OMAHA, (JPI--U. S. department of agri culture-- · HOGS, 7.500; steady to I5c to lower; 161 to 220 Ibs. 59.S5S10; top 510.10: 220 to 251 ics £1 50119.90- 250 to 300 Ibs. S9.10®9.SO 300 to 350- Ibs. S9«9.20; 110 to 160 Ibs 59.65-S10; sows 5S.70S8.SO; pigs S9SJ9.50 CATTLE, 10,000; calves, 500; steady t 50c lower; steers and yearlings S7.256SS.35 heifers 5G.25fftS: cows 55^7; cutters 53.751 1.75; bulb S5.25@5.75; vealers 58.50, -SB. !.SHEEP. -1.500; lambs 25: higher; spnn iambs S11.2511.75: fed wooled lambs ?11.2 6 11.75. Hog Markets SOCTM ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. (Monday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL. 1.1')-- U. S. department agriculture-CATTLE 5,600; notlve cattle, fed year- ings, she stock and bulls: opening full} iteacly; undertone weak to lower on weighty steers: medium to good lights around S6.50S : best higher; better grade heifers 56.7. ffj7.riO: common to medium S5@6.50; bee ind butcher co%vs 51.75546; low cutters and cutters mostly $3.73^4.50: majority saus bulls S5@5.00'; few up to 53.75; little change ndicatcd on stockers and feeders; calves 2, 000, mostly steady; desirable vealers 57(518 choice 58.50; common to medium $5® 6.50. HOGS 5. 000: rather slow; unevenly 5-15 lower than Friday and Saturday; top 510.11 for choice 140 to ISO Ibs.: better 1-10 to 22 Ibs. 59.90jllO.10; 220 to 250 Ibs. {9.63-^9.90 150 to 300 Its. S9.305i9.65: heavier weight. down to 59: sows SS.53SiS.SO; pics scare ind weak; average cost Saturday 59. 50; bs. for the week S9.77; and 346 Ibs. SHEEI' 500; 233 direct; salable suppli meager, nothing done early: undertone arouni steady on all classes; sellers asking higher good In choice clipped lambs at last week'. close 59.50^9.75; good wool skins up to 511 LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, u:--- Official estimated receipts Tuesday: Cattle 8.000; hogs 15,000; sheep i.OOO. WHEAT RALLIES IN LATE TRADE Chicago Quotations Lifted to Well Above Close for Saturday. CHICAGO, IS) -- Late rallies in wheat prices Monday lifted the market to well above Saturday's close. Scattered demand near the end of he day revealed that the wheat pit had bcome bare of offerings. Most of the buying on the recovery movement following was attributed to jrevious speculative sellers who vere in position to collect a profit. Wheat closed firm at the day's top point, 'i-Vs above 'Saturday's finish, May 98-98 V, July 87-87%, corn Vs-'a down, May 62%, oats Vs off to £ up, and provisions varying from 5 cents setback to an equal advance. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. (Monday Mnrkel) CHICAGO, V.1V -- Cash wheat. No. 3 hard $1.02 ] i. Corn, No. 2 mixed 62'Ac; No. 4 mixed 60Vic; .No. 5 mised 57%®58c; No. 2 ycilgw i4U ! 64 : ;ic; No. 3 yellow 62'1 fiei'.ic; No. 4 yellow S0(i^62c: No. 5 yellow 57Si,60c; No. 2 white 67 'i ft 67^0; No. 3 white 65^c; No. 4 white 64 Vic; No. 5 white r]Ti r ;c; sample grade 20?i60c. Oats, No. 2 while 29c: No. 3 white 25liSi 2Sc: No. 4 white 24S27c; sample grade 21® 24 Vic. No rye. Soybeans, track Chicago. No. 2 yellow 85c: No. 4 yellow Sic; sample yellow 766i,7fiVjC. Barley, actual sales 65{»80c; feed 35W4SC. malting 53«90c. Timothy seed $2.T05?2.S5 cwt. Clover seed $14.75^22.75 cwt. Lard tierces $10.97; loose S10.35; bellies S14. Mason City Grain MASON CITY -- For Monday No. 3 vellow corn 46c Stock List NEW 10RK STOCKS. (Monday Hnnl Quotations) Air Reduction 60A Kresgc 21 '» Al Chem t Dye 179ii Lib 0 f 51 Amcr Can 12511 Loews 4" Amn Sm t Rcf "(ay, Maytag 16'a Mnn Sugar 51 'A McKess * Rob 9!, A T T 152% Mid Cont Pet 20 Amer Tob B 81 Mont Ward asti \mn Wat Wks 2011 Murray Corp 15% Anaconda a2% Nash "S Alcblson 71 Natl Bis JJU Auburn 33,i Nat! Cash Res 23W Aviat Corp 5!i Natl Dairy 23.!i B' 0 16% Natl Dist 2Svi Sarnsdall 115's Natl Pow Lt 10 Be,nd Aviat 27T1 N Y Central 33S Beth Steel 49~i Nor Pac 271= Bordcns 26'-L Oliver Farm 521= Borg Warn 70 J C Penney 73-i Can Dry 11% Pcnn R K 2y', t Car. Pac "S Phillips Pet 42 Case 151 K C A 10'.; C £ N W » Kcp slc "'l 1S ' ; " C Gt 1% Rcy Tob B 51 Is C M St Paul 1"-^ Sears Roc fi^ 2 R I P 1-H Shell Union 15Ts Chrvslcr 95=4 Soc Vac 1314 Col G i E 17% So Pac 30 U Com Solv 17« Stand Brands 1J}» Comwlth Sou 2!-j S o Cal 3' ;K Cons Edison 28-"l S O Ind 34 K Cons Oil 1ZV1 S 0 N JJ 58 Cont Can 72=; Stew Warn 18 ;i Cont Oil Del 32 li stone AVcb 161k Corn Prod 74 Studebaker 11% Curt Wright «?i Swift 4 Co 21 Deere pfd 29vi Tex Corp :t4Vt DU Pont 138"i Tex Gulf Sill 35 !.!. Gen Elec 361i Tim Roll Bear SSji Gen Foods 38 Un carb 78:s Gen Motors fi2« Union Pac 120 li Gillette 15 Unit Air 22 Goodvear 25-; Unit Corp 5?i III Cent 19=1 Unit .Drue H;i int Har S2=; U S Gypsum 34 Int Nick Can 451; U S Rubber M 1 T T 13',; U S steel 55% Johns Manv RSI; Warner Fix 9:s Johns Manv 98 ',i West El £ Mfg 106 ',i Kcnnecott 35 Woolworih 47 VI CHICAGO STOCKS (Mnnday Final) Cities Service 4%'i Swift and Co 21 li Heilmann Br CO 12-11 Swift Intl 29',i IJbby McNeil 7'1 2;cnith 17 Natl Leather IVj Lamson Brothers Market Letter GRAIN LETTER. STOCK MARKET IS DULL AFFAIR r arm Implement, Rubber and Scattered Specialties Fairly Firm. NEW YORK, /P -- Farm implement, rubber and scattered specialty issues provided the little buying support that appeared in Monday's stock market. While ' prices stiffened after a sharply early reaction, rallying tendencies, for most of the list, were rather feeble. Dullness was pronounced. Gainers of fractions to a point or more near the start of the final hour included U. S. Rubber Common and Preferred, Goodrich, Goodyear, J. I. Case, International Harvester, Deere, North American and Delaware and Hudson. Down as much were U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, General Motors. Chrysler, Western Union, Anaconda, .American Smelting, Consolidated. Edison, N. Y. Central and Pennsylvania. The late tone was irregular. Transfers approximated 1,150,000 shares. Curb Market NEW YORK, (/P) -- Oils and specialties stumped fractions to 4. points or so In the curb market Monday. Included among the losers were Aluminum company of America, Creole Petroleum, Gulf Oil oC Pennsylvania, international Petroleum, Snerwin-Wllliams, Sunray Oil and Masonfte. A n a n d f u l oC issues resisted the decline and went up fractions to around 3 point*. These included Consolidated Mining and Smelting, American Superpower. Singer Manufacturing, Krueger Brewing and Dow Chemical. rMDENRUBYMURDEl "A'DAM-BtlSi »T CTNTHAl- f TO8» AMOCtATOTI Bond Market Representative Sales (Monday Market) CHICAGO, \.p.: -- U. S. department of agriculture -- Representative sales: HOGS. Lights-362 9.5D 12 I f i t 10.53 .119 9.75 JS 1S9 10.10 2S3 10.00 29 194 10.50 252 10.25 M 19S 10.55 Light Lights-- July ept ARLEV-lay uly ,AED-lay uly ept Oct BELLIES-lay uly ·t Mcdiums- 19 "·! 20S 204 1252 1240 1074 1032 15.1(1 1172 10-10 760 157 160 111.40 22 10.50 16 10.55 CATTLE. Heifers-9.75 31 865 9.40 41 9,10 28 S.OO 7.75 7.25 620 650 790 771 1272 1236 11S3 1094 926 10.40 10.50 S.60 S.40 8.00 7.75 7.25 6.75 6.25 5.85 525 4.50 Old Crop Wooled SHEEP. Clipped Lambs-- 407 233 276 241 110 SO S7 Lambs-- 147 9 12,10 30 75 2 12.00 68 "9 3 11.85 Shorn Ewes-3 11.75 50 128 11.50 32 149 11.25 40 105 10.2-" ' 10.00 9.75 5.75 5.55 3.00 Miscellaneous SEW 10RK SUGAR. (.Monday Market) NEW YORK, LPJ--Raw sugar unchanged at 3.75C for spots. Futures, September 2.S3C. r 2 points net higher. Refined unchanged at 5-OOc, KANSAS CITY" LIVESTOCK (Monday Market) ' KANSAS CITY, (.IV-U. S. department o agriculture-' HOGS, 3,500; 1,000 directs: uneven, stead (n lOc lower than Friday's average: to .'10.10: desirable 170 to 250 Ibs. S10IS10.10: few 260 to 300 Ibs. S9.60$;10; better grade J40 to 160 Ibs. S9.75fflO,05: sows SS-65@ S.PO; few $9: stock pigs 59.75 down. CATTLE, 11.000: calves. 2,000; fed steers gnd yearlings opening slow, weak; most bids ^5@25c lower; heifers and mixed yearlings Steady to easier; cows- steady; bulls steady to weak; vcalers and calves little changed: jjtockers and feeders in liberal quota, opening steadv to 25c lower; bulk fed steers of Duality to sell from 5738.23: few loads held around $S.50!i9; bulk slockers and feeders Sfi.255i7.25; choice light stockers up to 58.35: Choice Texas feeders SS-25; selected vealers 59. . SHEEP, S.OOO; 1.400 through: fed lambs and springers 25(ii-50c lower; sheep around 2.%c o f f : Arizona spring lambs Sll: odd lots natives down trom Sll.10; some held high- ftr; no choice wool Iambs offered: few loads around S10.50; some held higher: shorn Arizona ewes .$5,50; shorn wethers 56.15. I-OIATO -MARKET. (.Monday Market) CHICAGO. OP*--U. S. department of agriculture-- Potatoes, 209, on track 339,. total U. S. shipments Saturday 638, Sunday 44; old stock about steady, demand slow, supplies moderate; sacked per cwt. Idaho Russets E'urbaoks U. S. No. 1, ?2@2.25; O. S. No. 2, S1.90; Michigan Kusset Eurals U. S. No. 1, SI. 60; Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No. 1. S1.60; Minnesota Red river section. Early Ohios partly graded SI.35; Bliss Triumphs partly graded 51.50; new stock, slightly weaker, supplies moderate, demand good at lower prices; sacked per cwt. Alabama Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, S2.75@2.85; U. S. No 2. S1.75(31.77 1 .4; Louisiana Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1. S2.70ffi2.S5; U. S. No. 2. few sales 51.70: Texas 50 Ib. sack. SIOC.X CITY LIVESTOCK (.Monday Market) .SIOUX CITY. (.Pi--U. E. department of agriculture-".CATTLE. 5,000; yearlings and light welsbt For COMPLETE Markets and Financial News THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Relied upon hy businessmen and Investors everywhere. Send for free sample copy. it Broad St. New York JUN-EAPOL1S FLOL'R. Olonday- Market) MINNEAPOLIS, (.PI--Flour unchanged, carload rots family patents 56.50^6.70 a :bar. rel in 95 Ib. cotton sacks. Shipments 21,033. Pure bran S!6(Ti ; 16-50. Standard middlings slSfrlS.-'iO. 1X\ KST.ME.NT TRISTS By The Associated Tress. Bid and asked Monday: Corp Tr Sh Corp Tr Sll AA Mod ...... Corp Tr Sh Accum Ser ...... Corp Tr Accum Scr Mod . Dividend Sh .. Maryland fund Nationwide Sec ... Nationwide Sec Vtc ... Nor Amer Tr Sh ...... Nor Amer Tr Sh 1S55 ,'.. Quarterly Inc Sh .... Selected Am Sh Inc Super Corp Am Tr A U E El L P A U S El L P B U S El L P Vtc 2.T.3 - 3.05 2.15 3.05 1.54 17.85 3.9(5 1-63 2.37 3.12 1.47 1.42 3.31 17.375 Z.S4 1.00 1.67 19.30 4.(IS 1.78 1.51 1.58 17.S75 2-64 1.08 .10.S5 .10.90 10.82 10.So .39 10.95 10.S2 10.85 10.75 13.75 13.75 KANSAS CUT GRAIN. (Monday .Marliet KANSAS CITY. I.PJ--Wheat 113 cars: ' i c ligher to 2 U c lower; No. 2 dark hard nom- nallv 94V-@97c: No. 3, 96!!;c: No. 2 hard W."l's99iic: No. 3. 93cSSl-01'i; No. 2 red 98r-.ic. Corn 13t cars; ',i-lc lower: No. 2 white Vjc; No. 3, 69 ] .ic; No. 2 yellow 62-"j ® 63VJC; No. 3. 6QVi@62s; No. 2 mixed nom- nafly eOVj'S 61'.ic; No. 3 nominally 5S@ 60 Vic. Oats 10 cars; U-M:C lower; No. 2 white nominally 26',i'J27%c; No, 3 nominally 251, MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN (.Monday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, lav-Wheat 139 cars; .. cent lower; No. 1 heavy dark northern spring 60 Ibs. sl.l2Ti(^1.26Ts"; No. 1 dark northern 59 Ibs. sl.l0^f|-1.25Ts; 5S Ibs. Sl-OSTs^ r '4"s- fancv No- 1 hard Montana 14 per cent' 'protein S1.127J {21.14 ·;. Sl.ll"s@'1.13".s: grade of No. l dark hard ar No. 1 hard Montana winter S1.02;s; to arrive 95T;cltS1.01~s liard amber durum 93i.ic^51.09'.s. Corn, No. 3 yellow 54^j'7-56c. Oats, No. 3 white 23U@25"lc. No. 1 OMAHA GRAIN (Monday Market) OMAHA, (.pi--Wheat. No. 2 bard 32frfi3c: .;o 3 hard 91@96'.'c: No. 4 hard SSVi"S SSc; No. 5 hard 855FS7C: sample hard 82 igS9c- No. 5 northern spring 95c. Corn, No. 3 white 62c; No. 4 white Sic; No 1 yellow 60c; No. 2 yellow 59fT.59%c; No. 3 yellow 56!i«l59c: No. -t yellow 53® [j^c- No. 5 yellow 50^56c. Oats. No- 3 white 23'.i(S24'.,;c: No. rhite 23®2ic. Hides and Wool Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., SOS Fifth Street Southwest WOOL Clean bright 2 J Rejects and western 2 Pulled wool and No. 2 rejects 1! HOItSEHIDES BorseBdei .... S3.0 ·GREEN BEEF HIDES Op to 25 Ib! -- .......--0% 25 to *5 Ibs - - ' Mora than 60 Ibi. ...-- ! Bull hides « ·Cured hides nail cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to who!*. saJe dealers to wholesale lots.) WOOL MARKET. (Monday Market) BOSTON, (.rt--U. S- department of agri culture-Buyers for mills and top-makers ' keeping in close touch with tile wool marke Monday, but they were not inclined to tak over any larger quantities ot wool than th small amounts they needed for current opcr ations. Prices quoted on medium grade brigh fleece wools offered from the rniddlewcst ap peared firm despite reports 01 Increased ac cumulation in the country. Combing clothing; ^ anf i j; blood grades packed to gcther were offered mostly at 34-35 cents i the grease, delivered east. GOVERNMENT BONDS. (Monday Market) NEW YORK, \JPf~U. S. bonds closed: Treasury V,is -17-52 117.20. Treasury 4s 44-5t 112.20. Treasury- 3Ks 40-43 June 10S.16. Treasury 3s 51-55 104.S. Sewer Is Clogged. R1CEVILLE--The sewer by the high school has clogged, backing sewage into basements of nearby houses. The sewer is being opened by PWA workers. Suit Is Brought to Oust Needy Famil COUNCIL BLUFFS, (/B--Potta wattamie county relief official Monday brought suit in distric court to force Mr. and Mrs. Russe Gerdon and their five children t move back to Des Moines county their alleged legal residence. Th Gerdons have been here since 193 ar.d failed to comply with three dil ferent warnings to depart. The sin charges they have become a burde to Pottawattamie county taxpayers Corn--Corn lagged most of the session but rmed up with wheat to close within a inor traction ot its best levels of the day. ommission houses sold sparingly while the cal element was inclined to buy a little. H E L P I N G T H E H O M E M A K E R NEW YORK, .Pf--The bond market, focusing attention on the French election returns, was generally mixed Monday although a handful of rail liens sagged fractions to around a point. On the whole the market reflected little in the way or interpretation of Sunday's heavy swing to the left in the French balloting. Up to shortly before noon only one French bond had trad'ed, the 7'.4 P« cent loan of 1941, which was o f f a slight fraction. The U, S. government list which for some time has been reported as. under the i n f l u - ence of the oncoming French elections likewise was quiet with the few issues transacted CHAfTKK 34. Laura Randall's diary continued: "October 16. Miss Joyce is more set than ever on finding a job. She left at 9 this morning, and I have been alone all day. She didn't even come home to dinner. The day has passed very slowly. Mr. Van Every has been out most of the time, and Soon is in the library. I tried to talk to him because I was so lonely, but of course a Chinaman can't talk decently. What shall I do if Miss Joyce really finds a job ? "Later. There have been strange happenings in the house. Murder. I don't know what to think of it. Miss Joyce knows something of it, I',m sure. She came upstairs tonight, before we knew about anything and started to cry. I tried to comfort her, but she sent me to bed. "It is very hard to write this, but I must. The police are downstairs; they have questioned everyone. Miss Joyce and me, too. I was afraid to tell them Miss Joyce had been at the library door with Allan Foster for a few minutes. It was after she came upstairs that she began to cry, and sent me to bed. "I aaw them come in, Mr. Van Every, -Miss Younger--I know it was Miss Younger because I admire her work on the stage very much, and have seen her often--and another man. A man I have never seen before. Mr. Van Every was telling them of the ruby, showing it to them, it turned out later, but even from the stairs of the third floor I could hear what he was saying. More horrible, this ruby is, than I thought. I was shivering as I sat there listening. I thought I would slip downstairs and see the ruby. It would do no harm, but just as I was starting I heard a creak in the stairs, so hurried hack to Miss Joyce's bedroom. I stayed there, perhaps five minutes, then came out, but no one was there. The hall was clear. I settled down at the top of the steps on the third floor and listened. I could hear Mr. Van Every's voice, and catch snatches of what he was saying. I must have made a mistake about the creak on the stairs, yet I know I heard it. My ears are very sensitive. "Miss Joyce and Allan came up the stairs later. I could not believe it when I saw Miss Joyce coming up with him at that hour. After all I little lower. Carriers oft fractions to a point included Alleghany 5s, St. Paul 5s, p.ock Island General 4s and Missouri Pacific 5s. The Industrial sector witnessed a rise of more than 2 points for international Cement ·IF and a drop of about 2 in Studebaker Con- have said I saw them look into "What is queer?" "All this." His hand gestured to the diary which was lying on the table. ·'Miss Randall had an abnormal curiosity, that's all," I offered, taking one of my own cigarets. "Miss Randall said expensive cigarets, did she not? The stubs she found^in the ibrary, stained with lipstick." 'Yes, Mrs. Bryce must have lied Lands in Tree Produce By MRS. MARY MORTON Menu Hint Chicken a la King Boiled and Mashed Potatoes Lettuce and Watercress Salad Inexpensive Angel Sponge Cake Rolls Coffee This menu would not be amiss for a luncheon, Sunday night supper, or :he family dinner. Try using the irradiated evaporated milk for the shicken a la king. These canned milks are just as nourishing as the best grade of milk, and are a great help to the cook who does not keep ce in the cooler weather nor have [ an electric refrigrator. Today's Recipes. Chicken a la King.--One-fourth green pepper, shredded; one-halt' :up chopped mushrooms or a two ounce can, two tablespoons chicken fat or butter, three .tablespoons flour, one cup chicken broth, one cup irradiated evaporated rnilk, salt and pepper, two cups cold diced chicken, one-fourth pimento, shredded. Cook pepper and mushrooms, if they are raw, slowly in the fat eight minutes. Cover while cooking. Remove mushrooms and pepper from fat, add flour, milk, broth and seasoning. Cook five minutes over a jow flame, stirring to keep smooth. Add chicken, mushrooms, pimento and pepper and reheat over boiling water to prevent curdling. Serves MASON CITY--For Monday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 16c Heavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ...loo tinder 4 Iba 13c Cooks .-. 9c Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 17-18c* Eggs, fresh 16-17c* Butter, Iowa State Brand Sic Butter, Corn Country 33c Butter, Keny on's 33c Butter, Very Best 34c Butter, BrooMield 33c Potatoes, peck 40c and 52c ·EDITOR'S NOTE-^bese representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores- CHICAGO PRODUCE (Monday -Market) CHICAGO, LT J (--Butter 11,926, unsettled, creamery specials (93 score) 27^27',ic; extras (92) 26',-c; extra firsts (90-91) 26® 26;ic; firsts (SS-S9) 25%®25v-ic; standards (90 centralized carlots) 26!ic. Eggs 28,713. firm; extra tirsts cars and local 20?ic; fresh graded firsts local 2«c, cars 20Uc; current receipts 19 J ,ic; storage packed extras 21--'iC, storage packed firsts Poultry--live, 1 car. 10 trucks, steady; DOTS 5 Ibs. and less 20'ic, more than 5 Ibs. 19c; Leghorn hens I9c; Plymouth Rock springs 27c. White Rocks 26c. colored 25c; Plymouth F.ock fryers 25c, White Rock 24c, colored 24c; Plymouth Rock broilers 25c, Inexpensive Angel Sponge _ Cake. --Four egg yolks, pinch salt, one tablespoon cold water, one-half cup boiling water, one and one-half cups sugar, one and one-half cups flour, one-half teaspoon cream of tartar, one-half teaspoon baking powder, four egg whites, one tablespoon orange juice. Beat yolks of eggs until light, add salt and cold water and stir; add hot water separately and beat until light. Then add sugar, which has been sifted six times, a little at a time, still beating with beater. Then fold in flow, sifted three times with the baking powder and cream of tartar, a little at a time. Fold in the beaten egg j v-, 11 ·hites and flavoring. Bake in a slow f UllCT, the door of the library for some minutes, then kiss each other, aftei which Miss Joyce came upstairs. Allan was still at the door of the library when 1 went into Miss Joyce's bedroom. Then it was ehe started to cry and sent me to bed. I went to my room, worried sick. 1 could not scold her when she was crying, yet she needed to be scolded. I'm positive I heard her open the door of the Bedroom, and go out again into the hall. She did it quietly, but I heard it all the same. I'm sure. One is sure of things sometimes." From here Miss- Randall's diary took up the questioning that followed, full descriptions of Captain Keyes and myself, the annoyances caused by detectives. The next day, she detailed her trip to Keyes' office. An interesting item came the evening of the seventeenth. "Soon knows more of this than Captain Keyes thinks. I tried to tell him this afternoon. How Mr. Van Every can trust this Chinaman is more than I can see. It easily might have been Soon I heard on the stairs, although I admit that he is very quiet, always walking around as if he had double padding on his feet. Yet it might easily have been Soon. 1 -' The morning of the eighteenth-it was the evening of the eighteenth when Keyes and I read the diary, the day of Miss Randall's murder, there was only one entry. "I have found the hiding place of the ruby and this afternoon will prove to myself whether or not the stone is what they say, a murder stone." Then it ended, the remainder ol the book was clean. Miss Randal" had had no further opportunity to write in her diary. Her 42 volumes were complete, one a little shorter than the others, as it was no 'Margalo had smoked that brand for years. I remember years ago when I had bought them for her-gifts I had sent her since, cartons of :hese cigarets. The morning we had breakfasted together, the last in her life, she had smoked an expensive brand. Her apartment was stocked with them." 'Yet you said she and Van Every had not met before." "I'm positive they had not met before. And I'm' sure the cigarets I _iw at Mra. Bryce's were costly. -I particularly remember, because I thought of Margalo when I saw Mra. Bryce smoking one." "Miss Randall noticed the nuns, too. None of the bills, Maughan, have come through the banks as yet. That's funny, in the days that have passed. Whoever sold the ruby to Van Every didn't much want the money." Keyes was reflective, and seemed baffled. "Van Every should know about this diary. Perhaps he can enlighten us on some of the points. He ought at least to tell us about; the two mysterious visitors he had during the week, the tall man with whitish hair, and the woman who smokes expensive cigarets." "The woman we think is Mrs. Bryce." So together we went downstairs, finding Van Every had left the house an hour or so before. Soon told us that his master had gone out to take care of the affairs of Miss Randall. Thoughtful of him, both Keyes and I agreed. Someone had to manage the details, and Van Every was the logical one to do it. I was about to censure Joyce for going out dancing the night of her companion's death, when she came into the library with Allan Foster. He was dressed in tuxedo, but she had on a simple dark dress. Her eyes were red with weeping. So after all she had not gone. Keyes sent them both away, and soon we saw Joyce go up to her room alone, dragging up the stairs as if she were very tired. "Now, Soon, if you'll show me where the ruby was hidden. I understand it was in your room," Keyes asked. Soon led us down the basement floor, through the kitchen, and then to the front of the house. Facing the ttle grilled entryway was his room, mall and as Miss Randall had said, riental in appearance. There were w pieces of furniture in the room, low single bed, a carved teakwood _jair, and a table on which rested he three idols Miss Randall had aentioned. The incense burner was rdinary, cheap, but the other two ieces caught my eye at once. They vere of fine workmanship, one arved of jade, beautifully done, the -bite of the jade like faded yellow ^tin. It was small, and certainly ifire was no place in it to hide a uby. In fact it was hardly larger ban the ruby itself. The other was iron, an old piece, erhaps two feet high, a big-bellied od with tiny feet, and a great pen- ulous chin. Soon lifted up this iece and handed it to Keyes. Keyes xcla'imed that it was very heavy, ndeed the light way the Chinaman landed it to him confounded the de- ective. Turning it, Keyes and I saw an opening underneath. Soon said it was here that he had put the ruby. The cavity would easily hold the ·uby but not the box. I pointed out he fact to Soon, who said -that his master had taken it from the box. 'Good place to hide," the Chinaman went on. "No one would know. 1 pot it there mysel'. Master he want to know where he can 1 " ri " Jacob Ke»e ot Esthervlllc' went to sleep Thursday afternoon in one of the Terrace park cottages. When he awoke he found himself perched in a tree 300 yard" away. The cottage in which he sought "his nap could not he found. (Iowa. Daily Press Photo) APPROVE UNION OF METHODISTS lethodist Episcopal Church Delegates Back Plan by Big Vote. COLUMBUS, Ohio, (.PI--Delegates to the quadrenniel conference of the Methodist Episcopal church overwhelmingly approved Monday its unification with the Methodist Episcopal church, south, and the Methodist Protestant church. Unification of the three churches, if approved by the other two bodies, would give the Methodist church a membership of 8,000,000--the largest Protestant body in the world. The vote for approval was 470 to 83. It followed a two-hour debate on the plan, which met a protest from Negro delegates. 2022C, Leghorn 22c; -turkeys 22c. young turns 20c. old 20c. No. * turkeys 16c: heavy old ducqs IGc. heavy young ducks 17c, small white ducks He, small colored 13c; geese 12c. White Rocks 24C, colored 24c, barcbacks roosters HVic; hen finished. Keyes closed the book and wenl back to Joyce's bedroom to call her As she did not answer his knock, he went in, coming back to me pres ently with the news that she was not in her room. "Queer, isn't it?" he said at las as he took a fresh cigar from hi pocket, and seated himself in one o Joyce's metal chairs. 3iJ!\V VORK PKOUCCE. (Monday Market) NEW YORK, i.T--Butter S.540, steady; creamery hisher than extra 2S@2SHc: extra «· score) 27=;c; firsts (S9-91 scores) 27® 27.ic; centralized 90 score) 27Vic. Cheese 136.217, firm; state whole flats, held 1935 fancy, 21@22c. milk, ,,,,,, 34,521. firm: mixed colors, special packs or selections from fresh receipts 23(9 21--1C- itaudard and commercial standards 2 t i-(?S2' "!c- firsts 22c; mediums 40 Ibs. ·o£@"0=;c: dirties No. 1. 42 Ibs. 20%B 20-ilc; avcrase checks 19'i® 19 7,0; storage packed firsts 22Uc. Live poultry weak; no freight quotations. PRODUCE KtTCRES. (.Monday Market) C H [ C A G O, LTi--Butter futures closed: Storage standards, November 26:ic. tss futures: Refrigerator standards. October 23Uc: storage packed firsts. May 22c: storage packed firsts. June 21^r. Cheese futures Single daisies. November oven one hour in an angel pan When baked, invert pan and cool for one hour. Hungarian Cookies. One and one-half cups sugar, one- half pound (one cup) butter, four or five egg yolks, one cup fine bread crumbs, one grated lemon rind, two cups flour, two teaspoons baking powder, one cup nuts, apples, cinnamon, sugar. Mix ingredients as for cake and divide dough into two parts. Spread one part on buttered pan nine inches square. Then spread sparingly with apples sliced thin and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Cover with other half o£ dough and bake. When nearly done, spread with meringue made with whites of eggs, half a cup of sugar and half a cup nuts. When brown, remove from oven, cool and cut in squares Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke ana Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. District Rotary Head FORT DODGE, fIP--A. C. Fuller of Cedar Falls was elected governor of the eleventh district of Rotary International at its annual meeting here Monday. He succeeds W. C. Edson of Storm Lake. A group of Vinton school sented the musical program at the morning session. students from the for the blind pre- Large Crowd at Play. THOMPSON -- The Thompson high school presented "Campus Quarantine," directed by Miss Dorothy Blanchard Friday night in the high school gym. A large crowd was present. Lloyd Thorshcira and Homer Lund were the leads. Bid and asked Monday: Cent St El 6 pet pfd 525 par) 12 Cent St El 7 pet prd (S25 par) 13 Cent St P L 7 pet pfd 11 '7 Champlin Ret la 7 pet Pfd ~{' Creamery Package com --''i Hearst Cons A '3 ·« Ceo A riormel A pfd .- ys Geo A Hoimcl B pid aR Geo A Hormc! com ] * Interstate Power 6 pet pfd ... 19 interstate Power 7 pet plti - - · 22 Iowa Electric Co 6V4 P ct P td '"'·"' Icwa Electric Co 7 pet pfd . . 56 la Elec Lt Pow 6 pet pid . . . 67 la Elec Lt Pow 6',i Pet Ptd ss la Elec Lt £ Pow 7 pet pfd .. 69 la Pow i Light 6 pet pfd ... 96!? la Pow Light 7 pet Pfd ... 101»; la Public Serv 6 pet pfd 91 la Public Serv 6'/j pet Pfd .... 9* ia Public Serv 7 pet pfd 96 la South Util 6 pet pfd ·"° la South L'til 6V1 pet Pfd '6 Li South Util 7 pet pfd Bl Minnesota P L 6 pet pfc ... )S Minnesota P £ L 7 pet Ptd ... SS Northern St Pow 6 pet pfd ... ' ; ' Northern St Pow 7 Pet ptd ... S3 N W Bell Tel 6',i Pet prd 11" N W St Portland Cement 22 Rath Packing 6 pet pfd 9« Rath Packlnc 7 pet ptd "0 Sioux City Gas 4 El 7 pet pM S» Unilcd Lt * Eys 6 pet p'd . · ' s United U k r.y.. 6.36 pel I 1 " 1 "1 U n i t e d Lt A Ry? 7 PC' pH R Western Grocer com ^ 69 70 71 9S 103 93 91 98 5S 63 SO SS 120 24 100 102 SS S 1 : stone. I say I know, ^and take stone lere. No one see me." (TO BE CONTINUED) Mrs. McGreevey Named Head of.Leland P.T.A. LELAND--The last P. T. A. meeting for this school year was held at the gymnasium Friday eve- nin" Officers elected were: President Mrs. Myrtle McGreevey; vice president, E- Holiday; secretary, Miss Ruth Johnson, and treasurer, B. M Haugen. A talk was given by Miss Simpson of Waldorf college of Forest City on "The School Yesterday Today and Tomorrow." Supt. E. Holiday talked on the benefits of the summer roundup. Mrs. R. A. Carlson was chosen to take charge. The committee \vas also chosen for the community picnic which will be held at the schoolhouso on the last day of school, May 22. Some Flashes From Life as She Is Lived By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS TAMPA, Fla.--John Schaub tried to win the presidency of the Tampa university junior class by jumping 40 feet from a bridge into the Hillsborough river. He said ne was forced to do something spectacular by his opponent, Martha Powell, who "outnumbered" him by having' a twin sister, Maurine,- campaign under her name. MAN OF PRINCIPLE LOS ANGELES--Mrs. -Laura B. Wolfe, seeking a divorce, testified her husband turned down a 5500 a month job as a lingerie salesman "because he didn't believe women should wear silk underwear or sockings." "He became so engrossed in 'he teachings of a Hindu philosopher that he gave up his jewelry business and has refused to take other jobs," she said. WELL, WELL CHICAGO--The tale of a stenographer who peered into the office wastebasket and fished out a spring outfit--well, the equivalent at least --was told at the Chicago pre-cancel club's auction. She found in the nasket two pre- canceled I 1 ,3 cent stamps in which a typographical error spelled Athol. Mass., "Althol." The stamps sold for 560. Protivin Couple Will Build Resort in North PROTIVIN--Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bouska, for many years residents of the west section of Winneshiek county, south and east on the main Protivin and Spillville highway, left for their future home on Whitefish bay, Lake of the Woods, Canada, about 90 miles north of International Falls, Minn. They have sold their farm in Sumner township to Alois Bernard of Protivin. Their new home is in one of the finest big game and big fish territories In Canada and is located near the fine motor highway recently constructed from International Falls to Kenora. Canada. The latter is 10 miles from their new home. They have purchased an acreage on the shore of Whitefish bay where they will immediately start, building a central ! lodge and cottages nncl establish a ' lishing and hunting resort. Party Expenses Not Required Until 30 Days After Election DES M O I N E S , (;P)--Attorney General Edward L. O'Connor's office ruled Monday that political party chairmen are not required to file statements of contributions and expenses in general elections until within 30 days following the general election. The opinion said that if a. deficit is incurred the party chairman must file expense accounts showing contributions for the specific purpose of making it up and payments thereon every 30 days following. The ruling was requested by Carl H. Cook of Glenwood, republican state chairman, and a copy also was sent to Ed H. Birmingham, democratic state chairman. Birmingham hag been filing statements at intervals although no deficit was incurred in the last election. Candidates for political offices, the attorney general held, will continue to file their statements 30 days after primary and general elections. Dead Animals OF ALL K I N D S REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co.

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