The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 6, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Thursday, August 6, 1818
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. I CIHSCERT. Dorotiiy IlackUo, r Hoot, Catharine Hunt and others. - ' IN pursuance of an order of this honorable coart aside in tlie abort cuk, will be sold at public a actios at (he Tootioe Coffee House, in the city of Now York, on the tdxh day of July inrt. at It o'clock at noon, ndec the direction of the subscriber, all those five loti of cround, tit oate. I rim and beinz U the eicbth ward of the rity or Mew. fork, being formerlythat part of uw property i .sicaoiaa Dayara, Ltunc, mi. Known by the name or Bayard's rarm, iywg westward of Broadway t laid lots being cotit nated on a tnp of tail farm, made by Caiimer i n. - voerot, then one oi we sjuy surveyors, j theaamben 1 147, 1148, 1149, 1 ISO and 1 15; to either with tlie hereditaments and sppurteuau ces to the same belonging or in anywise apper - laming. Dated Jsly 3d, 1818. THOMAS BOLTON, I 4 lf WtrUMt Matter in Chancery. - ' Th ' rinafnaned to the lOthdafOf , Airml nevf. at lim liun time Blid place. J - Jy filth, 1HUJ, T1J0MA8 BOLTON, J 99 dtds Master in inancery. i. CHANCERY. . . - , s Sials afjYtwY0rk,U. IN ponoancrW an order of this honorable court, bearing data the J7th d.iy of June. 1818, will be told at public auction, at oe I onuun Coffee House, iu the city of New York, under the direction ol Hie tubscriber. at one of the matter of thit court, on the Slit dayoi July next, at Ti o'clock at Boon, all those several blocks, pie - 1 ces or parcels of gr - Hind, situate, lying and being in the township of Brooklyn, in the county oi Kings, and sute of New - York, aforesaid, and koowii ami distinguished on a map made by Jer eoiiah Lott, Hit VJ(tt day of March, 1802, by the following boundaries - , to wit, iiorlherly in front by Wa'rr - atrret, southerly in the rtr by Front - street, easterly on the one side by Jack - ton - street, and westerly oo the other side h; Gold - street, containing four squares or blocbs of ground. Also all those certain water lots, lying immediately in front of the before described blocks, bounded as follows to wit easterly by Jackson - street, southerly by Water - street, and westely by Gold - tf reet, containing in breadth on Water - street the distance between Gold - and J arktao - street, and rutin ins into the East River as far as the graot of the corporation of the city or Hew - 1 oru extends uie appurtenances Dated June x, mi u. JAMES A: HAMILTON. .Master in Chaucery. Note The above property will he sold in Jots and parcels, according to a certain map oe maoe inereor, wmcn win at eiuioiouru k CpUee - house one ween ueiore me aay oi sue Ja'.fJ lawfwdlw .The sale ol the alsove property ii potpond to the Seventeenth day ol August next, at LOe same hour and plnse. July xnt, lma. ' JA.MkS A. HAMILTON, J 21 dtdl ' Ms'ter in Chancery ,a ,i I'.Ai.l A Kur jyAi,Korto t,ET. mid 111 immediate iiossession eiven, the beautiful place called Mont - Alta, teven utiles from th - City - Hall, on the North Hirer, adioining l - orl Courtena,t. It contains SOnrresof land under improvement, with a large garden well stocktrd with vegetables a variety ot fruit, with ever? convenience fer a family. For terms, wnkh are very reasonable, and if sold a lone credit given if wanted, npply to . & V. TALCOTT, 64 foth - ttrl. Je It IX) tUK rLBUCK. A GENTLEMAN from France wouU with to dra w Ih attention of the citizens of New - Tork to his oewly established Laboratory of Colours for walls, prepared lor immediate use, and accompanied with directions for laying them on. - The colours are of the brightrst tints, and pre pared to thit no disappniutrnent can take place. St John's Hall, Frankfort - st. IS. 0. A Tery superior quality of Recording Ink mmnsHCtured by the same perjon. ' Jult2 tf f UST published and lor sale at the new Law J Book Store, cornor of Nassau and Spruce streets. Blnkt't Practice if the Court Cnoncr. rv (new work.) The tml of John M. Trum - bnll ae - aiml Thomas Gilibons, for libel. And aIo. I'be Urowuie of BoJhe k, and other Tales, bv Jamr Ho, author ol Queen's Wake,&c.&c. 'iolytf Sw A KtYr.D HAKP. TA. GUTTWALOT respectlully invites . the amateurs of muse to inspect at his Piano - Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane, amasical instrument that perfectly equals the harp ia sound aod far surpasses it in point of easy treatment, as it is played like the piano hy means oi keys, and consequently has all the advantages of brilliant modulation ; thonly oneii. the United States. Also, an elegant Piano - Forte of fine tone, musical variety and workmanship, with n ortment of different kinds, whose eoorl qualities have been testified by the undersigned vminpnt nrufrssort : ve trie tunscriDen, proiessun oi imi'n., uu( certify, that webave carefully examined Mr. J. A. Gattwaldl'spiano - fortes, which, for ingenuity and excellence of workmanship and uniform brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recommend to ruhlir oAtronsge. Messrs. Gilht, Ktienne, Rd. Mee0. Thibault, Charles Gilfert." J7 Ct I. NtWUliilY, Ui Pearl - street respect - I. ful'v informs the public and tltoie laHiei and gentlemen who lately applied for DKTT - MKR.13 SUPEil. PA I t. NT i MSor um L3, thit ha has inst received a new supply pr Ra, dius, precisely tne same as the last, and offers Ukw for aale on very accommodating terms. As Piano Fortes of this excellent maker have but lately been introduced into this country, for warn oi a correnjKinui ui, x it. ti 1L i,,.laUi - benttiad.l, that their tones (by Ihose who art acquainted with U em) are allowed to be full and expressive, and have bitberto giccn universe! eatira - tioo. iVlailsel't Patent Metronomes for tale. Alio, Ijondoo selected collections and specimens of Mineralogy, kc. J 21 HACK.NKY COACHKs. FOll Select Parties, Trom Lhzabeth, 1 own Point, for Philadelphia, and the Steam Boats at Trenton and Bristol, and the Mineral Springs at Schnolry'f Monr.tairt. Notice tent to No. 53 White - Hall ttreet. New York, or HALEY it STILES, Elisabeth Town, hy mail! or by the Steam - Boat Alalanta, will be immediately atten ted to. J 14 DR. UK ANGF.LIS, formerly praeiilioner ol Medicine in tbe Military Hospitals nf Nantes, and admitted a member of the Medical So ciety of Near York, where he hat resided since it. rear 179S. and bis reputation and tueeess in practice is now esublitbed m the knot) ledge of the publie by near twenty years experienee, tinueslo De ooosunea ai nisonier, no. :u n ter street, opposite Crane - hsrf. . In Rkeumatio and Venereal cases, Dr. De An pelts has been wonderfully successful i aod the niwt lerethle rfTrcti of those disorders have fre - nnenlhr hren euned bv him in a short spate of time without iaconvenience to tbe patient. Obstructions, ulcer in the throat and palate, VitTtess in the joints, pains in the limbs, eruptions of the skin, toeether with a numerous train of e - vilt arising frura otgleet or improperly treating 4 tne most inailious ol maladies, have given way . to his mode ol treatment in almost an incredible saanoer. lut eitmordioarv success it, ia a great taeatur auributable to his well known Anti rheumatic and Aou tj philie Svrupa, which whilst they eradicate every form - .f disease, restore tlie emaciated patient to vigor and health. N. B. All letters from the errant it ftWMt naWH will be Attcncted to. tod tht nllkri sail vi ft aisti medicine will be jnre od tveotto 117 pmrtof the J SI jfe .sJerrioftj. iHnrt - krrvtn. Sic. T17ANT8 a atuatioo as Clerk, a Young Mao T T whose character can ualero the ttnctet invetgatloor and who has no objection to ( to BT Vrt of the United States. Employment beio'hw chief object, will enrage for a short B. - A, - the 31, and lots wit 47, in laid to or I. be s Ic. id. the the J. tion will port, an every with who liim tive tbe period, on moderate term?, to any merchant) or store - keeper. A line adJreil to J. B. aod left H at this olce, shall meet uuneia'e attenUoo. Jj30 2w LANDS FOR SALE AT rtTDLIC AUCTION rvn.VJISH. THE following trai ts ol band, situated in the District f Alaine and tmmoB wealth ol Massachusetts, will he sold for Cash at Public Auction, on VVedoesday, the second day of September next, at U o'clock at noon, at the Tontine Coffi. House ia U city f Sew - York, m: A tract of Land being part of a certain town - ! hi number three called Aewry, lying in that great tract called Letter A. ia the county of Oxford (fomeriy York) containing twelve thousand acres over and above State reservations and exceptions of certain lota. Sundry tracts ia township number Tour, on Schoodick or St - Croix River, to wit : j ' One tract denominated the C tracl on the plat, containing seven hundred aod eighteen acres. One o toe r tract ia the township denominated oa the plat, containing two thousand two hundred and eighty - two aeres, exclusive ol two hundred acres within the limits thereof, belonging to David Boydeo. ' Due other tract in taid township denominated containing four thousand acres, exclusive ol one lot lying within the liicits thereof, containing ninety eight acres, sold to Aaron I'belpe. Eix Iota of Land ia said township, situated in second raoge of lots io the northern half oi said towmhio. to wit: numbers 17. IB, 29, 30, and 32, containing in the same five hundred eighty nve acres. it.. . .r I... I t. tl ,1.1,4 .u ri nir, vigil, inif ui uii, ai, .ire .mi v. u iiw v. in the said Northern half of the towbslup to : aumbett 33. 34. US. 37. 39. 44, and containing ill the same sevta, hundred and forty - five acres. One other tract lying partly in Trenton and partly in numbereight,in the county of Hancock, said townships, containing exclusive oi settlers, seven thousand acres (excepting and re serving lots which have been surveyed and out to settlers, Sic. and reserving every such Iotas may have been in any manner conveyed settlers sand reserving likewise the milhv, houses and other improvements which appertain to are erected tfaereou, including in the said reservation the one undivided ball of a saw mill, with the land belonging to the same.) 1 rgether with a double saw - mill, a grist - mill, two dwelling bouses and a store, all erected on lots number seventeen aod number one, in Trenton a - foresaid. The above real estate was conveyed to tin - subscriber, as aimtnut register of the court of chancery of the state ol .New - York, in truft V Oliver Kane and Kpbraim Bowen, Junior, Kxrcutors of the last will and tentament ol John Innes Clark, deceased hy deed, bearing date the 1st day of February, 18 10 - I )eeds wiil executed to the imrchnters by the subscriber such I luster, in pursuance ol a decree of the court oi inane try. For further particulars as to bouudarier, title, apply to the subscriber, at bu tiffire, .o. .Vaau - treet, whtre the same may be exaniin and also will be made known at the lime of ale. Terms of sale, twenty percent rash at time of rale, and the reeiduc of tbe mow yon delivery ol the deeds. ' ISAAC L. KIF. Jy 18 lit 2w4w&atawi - dJt t;tOIUL 8KIUI OUT, DECORATIVE ARCHITECT AITD FDRMSIISR, Northwest curiuT o tJhesnut hnd seveoth - ttreetl, Ph'.idf iphia. 'THE public are respectfully informed, that at the aiove addres, Ware - Rooms have breo tiened willi an extensive assortment of Carp Is, Paper - Hangings, Curtain f urniture, Lamps, Luitres, Looking - Glas Plates, urd Fancy Fur nitureof every deiciption ; and that ti e eiein of all nrders in the nidi, rent branches of I n bolstery. Paper - Hanging, ami Cabinet - M.iWitij:, be under tlie immediate direi tionoiu. lirul whose proletnonal pursuit lor many year hiving been tbe superintending ol the interior de corations of houses, and frcra bin p nesting air' extensive collection of dnun tur I kind, with drawings shewing the ci. tire de corations 01 room, a 11 11 ins constant uitetcourir tbe best sources of taole in bumpe, wnl, l,c hoprt, enable him to meet the wkIici of'itist may he pbaed to favour bim with their commands ; and he begt to ature them tbnt bis c'Wtart endeavours wi,l be to combine Taste, Niveity and Utility, uith hconumy to endbli to etlect this, he is pruvuled with various Ornauients in Bronte, Mrftal, Coti pnsitiou, &c. selected when lie was tail in to rope, tor nn oe coration ol Cabinet Furniture, Cornices for Cur tains, Ijooking Glass t rames, and other decora Furniture. The above advantage!, combined with being importer of the various articles ued, to execute bis orders, will enable him to offer the public, goods of iuerior quality and fashion, ou the most moderate terms. Southern and Western Merchants purchasing Fatt y Goods, may Out! it to their advantage to visit this ettablislitnem, either to complete their selections, or should tbey wiih to have imported variout fancy articles, not in the uual routine oi butinttt; to such orders, every attention will be paid,and from G.O's arrangements inEurope,be will be enabled to meet them promptly. Gentlemen residtre in any part of the United Slates, by forwarding the dimensions of their rooms, windows or recesses, to receive appro priate furniture, can be luruiuied with taqiets and Paper - Hangings, Curtains aod Cornice, made up complete lor windows and bed, pint tables, book cases and "idf - boards &x. to suit recesses, with a vanity or other furniture, as Chairs, Solas, Chiffoiiert, K .tu. s Work Tables, Pembroke and Dining do. i - tcrclariei, &c. o.c. with all possible expedition. ooteoo Oooooeo The followinz arti les are part of G. Bridport't Itte importations, .'yjd are for tale at the t art - rooms as atiove : UPHOLSTERY FURNITURE. CAK.rETI.VG. French Tapestry ol various designs an i dimen sions, - Enjlish, Brntls, rupi rfine and second Irgmin Venetian passage and stair Scotch Squares lor chainliert Hearth and lnr Kuu'S Extra quality Blaiikets Green and Blue 'Table Covers. crRTii rcRaucRK. French embroidered tilkt Merino Damasks Plain and w.ttered Moreens Mitrino Cloth. S vards wide Rich London Chiutx. Lenoes, for medium cur tains ilk Frinses and Bindings Ornamental Bell Pull Gilt Cornice Ends and Curtain Pint , rarra hahoi.tgs. Groones of Figures aod Ornaments, in various colours and oo diilerent grounds, lor decora tins oannelt. tr. , An extensive assortment of sattin & plain Paers Do do ' do of Borders, tic. c, LOOKING CLASS FLAfP. For Piers and Mantles, to be got up io frames to suit the pari.rids - r FABCT FCRSITCRt. Drawioe and Uiuins Room Lustres and Grecian Lamps Mantle and patrage do CandelaNri and brackets for Lamps, Sic. Ladies' Work Tablet, and Pi r do Select articles of rich Cut Gluts " Dinner, Desert and Tea Porcelain Best Plated Wares, with silver edges Antiune Bu'tsandGn. Vaset, in planter Frem b Port elain Vases; lor Chimuey ornaments And a variety f smaMef articles. it7 - G. BRIUfUKi Raving Deen appmniea e - eul lor tbe Milford iVlnrrtle Company, win re c. ive at eirlv as possiote, a numwr vi ih.m 1 . HKCKS. now eintitine ia Uieir irrwi mat Me, from designs lurnistied hy hiiBMtlf. This marble equals ia beauty and durability, the Vent Antique, ooe oi ine marines oi uie uiineii pm - e, ml mint in esteem in i - .uroDe. (1. B. also exiwcU to receive, Dy Uie earnest arnvals trom Mtvre, a numner 01 viiiney i ie nnw eacratin? in Pah, from deSUTPS lurnish ed h himself. Alnv of these will be deCOlttr.t withortiiclu or eilt ornaments. 1 he drawings and diiuenuoot et tnese vanou designs, may be seen at In I ware - rooms, in trirt nut ttreet. J ZU sawvm TO POCKET BOOK MiKCRS. - T vVO men who understand their business, JL mav have cjmi.unt rmolnv in tle abov I Business, by apphmj at. 13 W all - air ert. 1 Ju'y 15 in is VALUABLE REAL KTATE FOR SALE, is tsi cnt m - iori. tflVE lots of ground oa the west mdeofGrern - 1 wich - ttreet, bet wees) Vestry and Ueibroe - set - strecfi, 25 by (J0 , Four do ia the rear of tl above, fronting on tbe east side of Washington - street, 55 by bU , ..fciU do in tbe btockTcsw, between Waib - wgtoa and West - etraett,. . . ' ' - I MoBtgomery County.' 000 acres of Land ia Lawrence's purchase, near Kast Canada Crctk,oa the norio tvdeoi tbe Mohawk. t In Franklin County. 16,161 acres of Land, in the towns of Mount Morris and Dayton. In Latex Cnunty. 7TJ3J acres ofLiutd in tlie toweof Darrymore. In the County of Lewis. 1350 acres of land ia Casterland, Chassaois Purchase. . In Saratoga County. 9000 acres in Palmares nuirhasa. Enquire at tueomce'ofthe subscriber, 34 Ce - dar - itreet. 1 . BEV. ROBtNSOX. mh 17 tf G. eAOiNULK'S Mip K.iy.OK teTROf. ; Yoa that with to snare wilhease, , Buy of Sacrdkiu if you please 1 His Raxor Strop's, peculiar such. That shnrps the Harm with ajouch. GSAUNIJEHS rripectiullytoUcitt those . who have not got his Patent Kaxor Strop, to furnish themselves with kit new invtmted Raxor Strop, aod Metallic Composition. An gen tleman who once makes trial of ooe of the Strop now offered, will ever try any ethers; and such it tlieir formation, that ever so much use will not give the raxors that roundness which rendf rt the best of them usrk - st, and which it well known always to follow the application of all those hi'.her - to invented. The above strops are in general use in New York, and are distinguished from all others. Barbers who have uoed them say more their praise than I cau myself. G SAUNDERS, 18 Wall - street. Also for sale, Kator; Soap, end every utm - til Tor Shaving, of the first quality, with a su - nor afottmiit of Perfumery, Hair - l'owder,c. Iroru Smyth's, New flood itieet, London. N. U. Tbe most libcial allowance made to dealt rs. my 2i AO LfcT, A plcamnt bark rrom, at no. 56 Wall - street, suitable for a lawyer's office. Fossessiou immediately. Apply in the front office. Je4 " A farm of between sixty and seventy acres, situate on the weft hank of Lake Otsego, and one mile from tbe village of Cooperstown. On it are anew stone house 54 feet square ; a new tarui house, barn, ice. It forms a desirable rs lahluhint nt for a gentleman vul.iug to retire into the country, at its situation, as to prospect, convenience to market, ale. is uot surpassed bv any inlhc interior of the tate.' it will he told low for rah, on a credit, or exchanged for pro iierty in thiscitv, goods, tc. Apply to II. I t R. SEDGWICK, niv 7 If Law Buildings. 'jM bKtiVVN, stone cul eugraver aud jtael - JL . ler, No. 1U6 Broadway. Coats of arm, crests, cyphers, engraved ou stl'OC. . DhmouJs amcthyrtt, topazes, crystals, Ice. Imtif ht or cut to ati form. Ladies seals engraved with motto;, devicci nr rets. IJ - ioki of heraldry kept with upwards of C0.000 inme. A l mge afiortmrut of fine gold teals.' chains, tnd o'lu r jewellery. Jv 2ft Im I Uh GRAMMATICAL BAR. THEimportanie tf a correct knowledge ol L ttrammar, is too much acknowledged to need comment. The unsettled ami ilesultory maimer, in u hi h it is in common schools, highly eiceptiotial'lt. - . To have arbitrary piles and definition? pat rot like committed tn memory, learned and conned hy rote without comment or elucidation, i loundto be generally void of utili ty ; for so loi.g at the principles of rulrt are uot understood, they ran never be applied to actual ue. Under such improtioot and influenced hy a detireto promote so useful a branc h tri education. the subscribers propose a rrmedial system. Id the undertaking, they are conscious of no other motive, than the promotion oi a oraacn oi Knowl edge, which is an indipenible pre - requisite in every ottier. The tuhwribert anticipate many obitcirot s to to complete a deviation from tlie antiquated track, which custom has Ion since sanctioned at the mod eligible: but, to oDviate them, they ak atliorough and candid iuvetliga - tion ol ill principles. It is a dictum, that without a knowledge of the reasons ou which laws are made, nn one can know the law. A conviction of its truth formed the roost powerful inceotivelo the invention oi tlie Grammatical Bar, whichcon - teys tn tlie mind through the medium of the eye the reason, the whys, and the wherefores. To be short, it employs the perceptive faculties, the It aroer acquires a habit of attention, hit judgement is exercised, and lie advaucet with ease and delight. 'I he subscribers have taken a convenient room in Fulton - street, No. 13!, where chil dren, young ladies nod gentleiuen may acquire a correct knowledge of English grammar iu sixty ours. A correct Knowledge oi parsing win ue ivcntouew beginners; it not, io pay win oe re quired. A new clan to begin on Wednesday. j . Dttun j tin. E. D. CROSSFIELI). N. B. Youns eentlemen. who have been in trucled in Die short trrmofsiflty hours, will be presented for examination each day at & o'clock, f. M. scholars received and mitructeu ai any our from a o'clm k A. M. to 10 o'clock P. M Terms ol tuition made known at tlie above men tinned room. J zO lm FOR SALE. 4, L''T of eround en Broadway, between Walker itreet an I Canal - street, 26 feet 10 inches wide and 1 1 a feet It u. Inquire of f. A. J A I, J 1 tf No. 37 Pine - streeL TO LLT, r A part of a house and a front office in Cherrr - street. within a few rods ol t ranklui Bank. Inquire at .o. 1 1 cedar - street. Jy29 tf you AWifc. The IIOUPE Si LOT, No. 339, Broad aiy. I DC lot It .oircinuui auu icai, bu iuu . i . no - 1 r - l a tun eel deo. The bouse is C5 leet deep, finished in the best manner, and replete with convenitn ces for a larse family. On the premises are brick itable, two run - water ci - irrnf, (one oi hich is bnrk) and a well ol excelleul water. 1 he situation is considered eqaal to any in this city. For particulars, apply to htnjamm u Vmturn, on tne premises, orn , i uvv.r Jv25 lot No. 556, Pearl - st quality: He4N"APiiKS IR. FRUMENTO hat received a box 01 il the btt perfumed Naplet bhayini Soap, which be warrants to le nl the first tjuiility, and which le will sell any grntk man wishing to make 11 trial of it, at No. 1 Wall street. J T Im AtOBITSM sapply ot In diet leaver Hat, Irtish from tbe m.f nulactory, suitable for the southern market, atid aacketl at the ahortc it notice, t Jell.?ON'S, 160 Brcadwsy. r jt Mi 5 ta, in to the HI in es to bv tbe of at at may X7 r03T COACH aio STEAM - BOAT USE, FOR PHILADELPHIA. , IT WAt OF MllilXTRTOWI fOIIT. ' (Through ia One Day.) ttttiatBSM AW E W Lln of Pott Coachea with every con - venieore for natseneer and baceace, on Punnet, starts from tbe Coach office. No. 1 Couriland - street, near Broadway, ew - York, every mornior, (Sunday excepted; at a otiocb, in the Sle.m Ttnat Alalanta. via EKxabethtoV. - n Brunswick. Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia tbe tame afternoon, at 4 o'clock. A second Line of new Post Coachet will ttan from New - York every morning, (Pundayi ex - rented. 1 at If) o'clock in the Steam Boat Alalan lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Pbiladelplua, a Steam Boat, next morning at If) o'clock. Fare 5 dollart. P. S. Patiengert are requested can and take their beats at tne onice o. t'oiirtianif - t. X. Y. United States Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for nassetieert end baczaffe, oa Siruifis. The U. S. mail coach will start from coach office, No. 1 Courtlandt - st. New - York, every daT at o'clock. P. M. and arrive at Pbil - adelhia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 8 pas senders admitted. For teats io the above named Lines, apply tn TIIOS. WHITr Ir.Ll), at the old estai.iitnec Ccach, and Steam Boat otSce, No. I C ourt Innifl - tlteet. near the corner of Broadway, New York : or to A. T. GOODRICH 6i CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - ttreet, and at No. Whitehall - atrret. New - York. O - Allgoodt and baggage at the rik of the owner. JOSEPH LYON, teoas N. B - Exprettet tent to any pari of the Con THOMAS WHITFIELD. Je 24 SVMFl - SL'KE MAIL COACHES, roR rRii.AiiF.i.riu a. - ts. - Itt - Leave New - Y'crlt ? in:.; i evety mornins (runttny 'ncx Cyfcftcei.ttd) nt H e - " - - ever v in o'rnt It, end r rive in 1 uiiaotipina next dav to dinner. The puhlirk houtet are gootl, and renonalilc tbcircbarses. I hednvers, norsetanocown are not inferior to any otliert now running be twecn these two cities. I'be beautiful country, and (he excellence of the roadt on tint rout, con nerted with the tafety, comfort, and reasonuble rxpences, are lieleived to be ttrong inducemiult travellers in eivine tins line a decided prefer ence. 'The strictest allentinn will be observed theiironrielortin erivine ecneral satinlaction Ail hhgae and package! will go at the risk of ow ner unlets insured and receipted lor Dy tne cierk ol said omce Stase tare only $5, with a generous allowance baggage. Tartits wishing to travel at their leisure, tnav engage tlie Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying on day previous tn starting. For seatt apply nt Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlandt - itrect, New - York. LYON, SONS, I CO. up ? Proprietors. UNiUit AiiNE. FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twenty - five miles land carriage, via New Bruiisuitk and Trenton. In new po.t coaches $5 Do go;d stpges 4 50 Do lorerattle or deck paweogprt, 3 50 Connected by the tteam boats olive branch and . ni.AiiF.LrniA. The tteam boat Oltve Branch will leave New York every day, Sun dav't excepted, from the north side of the Bat 11 o'liocit, . .m. rassengeri win incite Trenton, nnd take the tteam boat fhiladel nhia. to at to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock the next morning, in time to take the Union Line Rnltimorn steam boats. This line has a conswetien with tbe besH boats on the. Delaware and C hesapeake to lioriolk alto tkose of the North River and Sound ; and their several arrivals are calculated locause lit tie. if anv delay. I hi is a speecy ana certainly ine mon cmir pienl route, as tne passengers win irava .r York alter the banksopen, and arrive mPr.ila delphia before the hmrs of business, without la tigue in travelling or want oi tieep, uie mmi i.r - riae being much less than by any other route be tween the two cities. For seats m the above uoe apply to WILLIAM b. J sQUF.3. At the Union Lice Steam Boat Office, in Mar - keiDeld strett, north tide of the buttery, oe - tween Greenwich and Washington streets, or to The CAPTAIN on board. 0y - All goods and baggage at the risk of the ow ner. "p NO I ILK. For the further accommodation of the public, the de parture of the irefly from Yyjy'i 'in - York and Newburgb isiii ti in 1 11 in if od the following da?. LtffavC ileW lor I'lyiitioj. tuineuus a tk' . V a. Mnn.lnw UailnAaiKiw nnd a - alurday, at9 A.M. Leave Newbur oo Tueidav. Kiidnv and buoday at o A. M The aoovtt arrangement win commence nv me Fiitflvltavinz Newburgb on Sunday, the 24lh . 1 . I I L . Way. r,e. Western Stase leaves Newhurgh tmme - diately after tbe arrival ol the Firefly. my 52 SAtTOH A fit BKTHI.KRRM SltW MfiB, VIA RKW - BttUKSWICK. ' j"1 fj FHS - enxers will leave M 1 i ew - r orK every iinoav - r . f faud Friday, at 11 o'clock, jm.jmi 1 1 iA M in ,e U.Rm hoa, Olue Branch t lodge at New Brunswick ; leave there early next mornine. and arrive at Ear too at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Keiurninc, leave Kastoo every Monday and Friday, nt S o'clock, A. M, lodge at new uruoswicK ; arrive at .ew York at ID o'clock next mornine, in the sleain boat Olive Branch. The stage connected with this line 11 a eood four - horse ttage. Passage from N. Brunswick to Faston, f 3 50 ; from Lastoo to Bethlehem, o CeiiU. lr seats in tbe above line.npply to WM. B. J AQUE3, at the I hitadclphia Union Line sfeam - cout Ollice, aorth tide of the battery. ROBE TIT LETSON, Proprietor. Je I3tf FUH PHILADELPHIA, Via ELIZA BETH - TOH X POlXr. POsl - COAUIl LINK, Through in a day nnd by day - tight. T EAVES New - York m tlie steam - boat Ata JLi lanta, front the foot of Wbitrhtd - ttreet, uearthe Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Eninire at No. I Courtlaodl - ttreet and 7o. 63 W hite hall - street, at which placet seals may be taken JetO tf AMiiOk D. fct'NUAY. The team B.itt OLIVE BRANCH will tail lor Am boy on bunday next, and jiltvery succeeding Suaday.a' II o'clock precisely, fche will leave it nt 4 r, M. to arrive kf 7 e'ekrf - k. Ht'sen'ers may either dine on board or nt any ol'the tatemt. Pas:ice50ceritsgo:nB,the snme price for returning ; dinner on board iSeents. I' 3. In making the trip she will tad riond ...... 0 ia.r Staten lil:.nd. j mi BOARDING SCHOOL. THE MlS - o BENNKT'PS have opened boarding bvd fnr youn ltdie, oa the south side of Pnwirs (look, iu a situation y - ry healthy, and al'hongh convcmei.t to tte ciry. tnire retirei. The tcual ls',,h hram htt and Aeedlewotk, Frcwh, Mwic. Tiaitcing ami Draw - ins:, artrtaarht, y tletHselve ir by, npprr.yre nvaetent. r or terms Kc. apply tu lr. 11. 1 GKKTjNE, ?1 Wall - street, 11 ut the school. JUtf Ekvr - n r 9 I TUK SOUJVD STFA.V BOA T - LJV F..' ' t""T i - ' The4 proprietor, wih a A." - ! - ) H rfew of accommodating the w fci r i - jniWicvhy eXUmttsns the line lTi iV x"" - " - s. i..tmnA unking tlie experiment hhr tbe Fullon, CnpL iew,nid this route (if sound practicable) will be continued oaring ine teaton. . . , The line will in fnlire be from New - York to Norwich, at follows; The Conoocticot, Ci - t. ttunker, will leave Wew - York every Miutay, rrttnescaf rod t nday, at ovioct, in ttir morning, lor Ivew - Havea. .The Fulton, Lapt Law, will leave Joririch at 6 o'clock io tlie morning of the tame dayt, touch at Jttc - Loinlon and depart from tbeare for Aac Haicn at H o'clock. The boat will meet at Atv - Zinten, and depart from thence every Monday, It rdiir$ - eVyand f' 7 o'clock io tlie etening the Connecticut for vVrv - Fort, and the Fulton for Knr - I.mutnn and ffotvith. mh 17 AsCWIttfslUH Ullll CAaAUAlUIAMAIi. - kTA(iK' TRRRK TIMKI A WEEK. .JTTS I EAVES Newbnrgli eve - rrt. J:;, tt'g''nu t rursuny iuuruiiiKK, m ' - ! " ' runs ttirniigh Montgomery, Bloomingburh, Mooticelio, by tale Laie. iOiheton, iviount I'leaiant. ureal Bend, Chenango Point, Owrja, JUiica, and Ge neva, tnCanandatgua. Returning leaves Canantlai?ua every Mon day, Wednesday and FriJay mornings at three o'clock, and aitives at Newburgb, the third day in time to take the Steam - boau which arrive in New - York the following1 morning. (TJ may be trptrtfd that mt all tmrt vheii the tf'om - vartfj alter their aaui of nnming, thai thu line wtll alter to at to mef them. The whole route will be perfumed in tlirce ;!ays, from the first of May, tintil the first of November and trom the tint ol ".oveinber until ti:e fiAcenUi - of Dccernber, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from the 15th December, until the hf.eeiiih of March the tame line will be continued tu the citv of New - York and run from thence to CanandiMgiia in four dt.ys. russcntrer travelling trom rw - tnrk to Canaiuiaijia, Niaan or Unfl'alo.can leave N. Yoi k in tlie evt nintr steum - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in tin ee duvs a distance f three hundred miKs. The line ia well furnished with good, new carriages j jood liorsci, and careful and experienced drivers Every attention will be paid to render tlie passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious j and it L believed Mitt the accommodations mi this line are etpial to any line in the t;Ue. dj FAKE from New l.urgli to Canandaigua FOURTEEN' DOLLARS. N. It. A branch of the came line runs tlirce times a week from ItWato Auburn. Also, a line runs from Ovrciro '1 intra Point, thence through Newtown and Painted Tost, to Bath, Sic. . BAGGACE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey, Bleomingburgh, E. C. St. John, Mount Pleasant, L. St R. Manning, Chenango, I. Propric - Luther Gere, Ithica, J tort. Samuel GreenlifT, Geneva, I Oliver Phelp, Lansing, J mh 14 ilfiin 7 He. Afr - .tM H'J.iT AT.1 1..1MT.1, FOR ELIJAIIK'THTOWN POINT, ; T EAVES N York each wwJ.TLer J - Jy. Sundays except l 'tL.'&ZT?:r. Inm the foot of While Imii etreet u ar the Battery, at 5 o' lock and IO o'clock A . M. anil 3 o'clor k P. M. ; leaves I.lira bcthtown Point at li o'clix k A. M. and half iiast I. o't lock and hall past 4 o'clock F. M. JeCO tf OCTOnttie l lib of .lav commenced runuius four times a week. A Boat lenve New - Y'irk on Tues day, at a o'clock, A. M ; Vv ednesday, at 5 P. M; nday, at 'J a. ai. and Saturday, at o r. :i. oi each week : and a boat leirves Albany on Mon day, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at A. M 1 he Fire - Fly leaves New - York on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 0 A. M. for New - burgh, and returntou Monday, Wednesday and . 1 . . . a , l I' ttr rifiny, iu n r. u WHOwl'ING COL'GH. DOCTOR SCOTT' 3 Pectoral Mixture, wi.ii h is a sale and effectual remedy for the whooping coitjn. It is only ten years since it wat offered tn the public, and some thousands of children, both in England and Scotland, lia - .r en cured by it, alter every other medicine had een used without etlect. It is held in the high est estimation for its excellent and salubrious virtues. It projnolet gentle perflation, remove! viscid plil - s o by an easy and tale expl oration, and is highly talutary to tlie lungt ; it strengthens aitddetendtthe ttninarh,gietgreat - r liberty of breathing, and produces the most sale, tnlutary and happy effects, by pretent - J ing 1 nose uisirrtsing ana convuiine eoiievis, to which thoutandt of indiviilualt, in conse quence of neglect, prematurely fall a sacrifice. It is not by exciting a temporary stimulus ot relief in thote violent paroxysms that its qualities are manifested, but by effectually remov ing those distiessinff symptoms, by giving vegour to the weakened frame, and renovated health to tlie atnictea individual. Sold wholesale and retail, by R. Robertson, Apothecary, No. 82 Broadway, and J. C. Mori - son, Llruggest, o. ureetiwicii - ttrert, York. Drtiirgeste throughout tlie United tates, may be avpplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at eitlttr.of the above places, at the lowest wholesale price. Jj 7 2m MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE CIT OF 5TW - T0RK. (7he oldest Inititvlionfor Insurance againtljirt T71 i.'iij in,; riSURE atrrvinit Lo - s or Damage by Fire, ti. llin Moutet. WaM Honses, Buildincs in general, Mrcbandie, Ships ia port and tnt - ir Cargoes, Household Furni ure, and every de scription 01 pertoi ai projirn , iirrillt oa laiu - raole as simitar uif ruiuuni ui i.muij. Tl.ia t.'nmnaiiv is incoriHirated solely for the n..r.vr.u of inurinir mrninst losses bv fire, and hat rirrttmscrii ed its opciations chieffy withitt thit city and immediate rroxjmity. fknitdhion to the Capital Stock. 500,000, which it secured br bond and morurart on real estate and puWtc stocks, this Company pottestes ahandsome ssrptos ittn.i, mvcBtea iu ne nee : n&rties&stused may therefore rt - pote Ibe ful lest confidence in tlie solidity of its capital, and ttiat anv losses or da Diane will be settled with ittide nnd lit eralitv. Tbe diScrent rates 01 premium and conditions r.rintaraiieeare vniiorm with those olthe other Kir liuurance Oilicetin this city. Tbe pu!. he are referred tor pariicuiari to trie firititcd propoalt incitcnlation, and which may batl on application at .o .11 vbji ttreei. GABRIKI. FURVAN, Preeident, ' JOHN F1NTARD. Secretary. mRV?3 I OH .1 HEVVl IT still reti lesat No. 'iU Wa I ter street, w here l.e bi a very handsome and fadncnahle aiortment of Cahintt Furniture on Ivand. which lie will warrant to he of the first quality. He tohrii In. ew York ami totifhcrn friends to give him a call, as be flitters biaj'ell :t ev wi'liiot )e disppr.iri:t..1. tr.Wls execute tittUfLjikstaoUte.' . Jefitf tal w; Ny ry or er to to of a lie 1 r 1 er A I i. , twru thu..M ;n.. """ Oe - OtRilORXR, ofthentT afi miirther of the farh, and surgery there, deemt it K ty to repeat eomooseryations Z. tie abutc of MERCURY a tive of infinit tar.iJ tandt are annually mercuriaHied out ol i, " mce. Tbe disease eve have in yjew owet liTL reiulta chiefly to thit source. What a iLf!" - y from all tl protpect. and etvoyn,,'!??!: j UiecowequenceiofoBe imgaar.led moment! r r ""eiiia, mould o toafcbeAaw nttoflil, momert, mi i'i a uimw aoi in iu own imhi,. e... which only prove to from negUt vr imri : treafment." A rmitemawVUil ''fP .l :..i. ... . 7 mini, UU A rentleman. rU. l. ... uniy now perfectly'y and well, barf v ' " W m msm . II'A a . A nderphyticiantof geneiaj practk,'ajrTar? and repeatedly abval. d ; when rwoimeriEi 7. t Dr. H. (by a of this city) Wt u2il! - vu.ia ui, iichi nroiifnnr rnm 1, ) !"' dr,Wed ,1?uid ,urt," ' jBuiuuuuiaiQtis - r. j oousnnds exnerment,l . anow wtui wnai ease aod safety D. H. ei dil ' tutmo. tDoctorp an ( j ... dHainsi tn. an are mercury, and other fatal delusionu lu j."! w Persons, therefore, having contracted a nrT vate disorder or suspecting )Ment poison, 7 atlmomshed not !o tiui.iier with their conLiV. tion, or con eal the disorder, till put recor ; others having the remaint of an 0m " j" l ott . iiii punt ics of the tlood, u well umI' complamti of a delicate nature, in eitu." NX. thotibJ remember potferity, and de nnty l . their conscience.?, by niaakg erprfcaho, 7 . H. at bis olJ and resrecfable eitiL lithmrnt, No. 6 Water street, four bouses Werl Old - tlip, to obtain that prompt asiittantet, lone cak ulat'd tti prevent dmcloitrre. An.1 her. letmeclaioiyourtertotfi attention ' superficinl cure it 00 enre at all : unless fl Dt ' ine. - is radically ljne, you will rertitioly hut. the tltrnrder break out again with redoubled mi V"") ! wiun iuiimc (iriiuu 5 ier.iapt thea aiit too late for reneny. LKm't you often meet 1 ! - thu idee miterable, mutilated beiiiga. wuhoat eyenabitofnoseoutiieir facwi' Take wara r! heteecti jou. Dr. H's. character for tkitl and ttublKirn inte - gn y heme aiiiverilly known in tint city. tus 1 IMOl.guarantee to panenis that delicacy and a.. arrvhitherto unknown, and ha,.,,, ml. i... practice for jcart past, exclusively totbecureoi , ilii.rasi s of tbe hlootl systam, Orey may safely ca' a'nle on the most divided aiUaiit - .ee. i. suiting Dr. II. " tleett eradirated in twt or three wetki Sliicturet removed without hau2iesnraj,tiniu ' instrument ; and all debilities: like woe all old ulcerations, LMula's tie. A plurality of offices are provided, and so sift, nted that p.ttn ills are not ev posed toeacb - oroeT obrervation. Chen till half past 9 ia the e ver.ii.? . All eisous Ae!cerned are invited to be fret ia ailing, and sneaking wilh l)r.H. whicti is lis of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid He sspreiMon nl'eMliltiile for innumerable recoa. tncrilatior.s, iiud for tlie (l - r u. .1 preference (it presutneii vtitn just cause) long given bin byt uilirious public. N - B. All letters must be pott paid. Dr. Uuchsnau. . Atie27 lv A OK JMtOii - EVANS' taoeri - l ".method ofcuriiur acti - lain Disease, itoowuuivtix tally acknowledged iatbn city ; lut mode of trealiut 1 1 it perfectly n.ild, tafe, e petiiTiout. and bit charg reasonable. In every i. tance he warrants near,. and wilj return the pay itl a firvi rit HMffanrn txraa K Trie tirieiest secrecy aiwsyt ODterved. 1 litre are many persons in this city aod its vicinity, laboring under variout chronic disrates, such as cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kings evil, bstulat, disaaaat of tat tiitt bladder andkidaies, old complicated complain is of a certain nature, bilious and other obstrat tiflnt, rheumatism, ic. which tbey consider inerrable, they can certainly be cured (m gesersl) by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, fie. 9, Peck - slip, having practised in extttrivs hospitals in Europe 12 years, under some of the first Surgeons and Phy siciani in tbe world, tatt made those obttioatc diseases bis constant tttttw for SO vear. Oct 11 A FRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - street, gentle - . men's dressini: room, hatfor sale a test Ra - fort of Damask Steel, made by tbe celebrated .viarguiii, or flint. Me hat also received an assortment of tne best Engbsb Raxors, whkk be warrsuits good. If proved to the contrary, mo ney refunded. - 1 Also, cuts and dresses nnir mine lareit teyw nd in a manner to at to adapt it to the Jrjsiog - aomy. ' ; Mr. t KU.vlt.1 1 i retirrnt iniincere uiariat to bis customers, and tbe pabltc in general, lor their very liberal patronage, and solicits a con tinuance ol tneir lavours. Me haa lilieire procured a very fine bone, ana engages to restore raxors to a very keen edge, and should they not cut weu ne win rcei recompence. Gentlemen who stihtcribe by tbe ouarter, wit have their apparatus kept exclusively for thea eelves. r Je FOR the above troublesome aud oltcn israi complaiot, Hamilloo't Elixir it offered, with . . confidence inspired by twenty yeartsuccew - experiment. A tingle trial willrere inaiuu - toduet and evacuate! tbe tough viscid r1leSn, r' mucut, strengthens tbe wenkencd yenelsofine Ittmwm tail aaillii. tf.aa sari rttl lltllfl IUIlgS lltjnuici Xt.XS miujusiiv l - kaAfl irritalet tb'em, and finally discharges rt. mm striking at the root of the disorder, ine J"T touisare ofcoutte tffeCtiially and peru. j conquered ; the reverse of common nueuiw . . ....r.. rl ti alituietn whicb weaiicn tnecousenauun. - - - - ,7:7, to the disorder, for the take oi moderate for the j. jivi .i.t - tl.ia it a discoveij Willi UJN uicqu uiliuri " . 7 . 1.., - ,u. the first niagmtude, as it affords 'wdi kef, checks tlie proaress, nm. it . "w'r - - , kA tirely remotes the most cruet disorder 'JV'" children are liable. The tllr i t wo ITOj grembist, and the dose so small, that no difficulty arises in latins it. .. ... , t - i:ie im - Beparticular to ask for HamillcVs tbr, .saltations of which are offered to tb. pttic ou note are tenuine without the signature am - Lee. .. . ' l s. 4A For sale at LEE'S medical warenn.t - , - - Mhh'eii Laue, and by every. respectable urug iit in New York. ' t oil S ALE, t . 4 YOUNG blck - woniii. For terms, c. t .nnlvia Mrs. H. ANDERSON NPitrmHR: PRIXTKD A.XD PUBLISHED MICHAEL BURSHAM k CO' No. 4 ViUJM - STa.s:T orT - jtii KarI t'oFfCt - HoCiSh

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