Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 18, 1943 · Page 1
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 1

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1943
Page 1
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DOES IT READ 1-43? Look at the date after your name at the top of your paper. If it reads 1-43 your subscription expires this month according to our records. PROGRESS-REVIEW PORTE CITY, IOWA, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, FEBRUARY 18, 19W. War Ration Book Registration OFFICIAL Black Hawk County and La Porte City NEWSPAPER Number 7 Approve Sale Of School Typewriters e · Board Ratifies Action of President in Selling Four Machines to Waterloo Firm .Sale of four of La Porte City hi^h school's IS typewriters to a AVaterloo firm, for resale to the federal government, was approved by the schaol board last Thursday night, after a half hour of debate over civcumsturtces of the sale. The board had decided informally at thu January meeting that the typewriters should not be sold j unless requisitioned by the army, but two weeks later the machines were ?old to the Waterloo firm I by Civile Jcnks,. president of the boaid. The sale price was $25 each for the machines, which were five years old but which had been re. eor.iliiioned last summer at a cost of 510 each. Ten days later the Waterloo firm added seven dollars each to the price of the machines, bringing the final sale price to 532. Answering suggestions that the board ought to order the sale voided ami the machines returned,! President Jenks told the board t h a t i SOME LA PORTE CITY YOUNGSTERS xt Week .Canned Goods Sales to End 20th i ,,! the four typewriters had already been sold to the federal govern-j mc-nt, and could not be brought! back without permission f r o m | Washington. | "I don't see what you can do but approve the sale," he Commented. A unanimous vote was then recorded for ratifying the president's action. The board granted a leave of absence for the balance of the school year to Eva Eoyles, veteran grade school teacher who had been offered a position in the relief office at -Waterloo, on condition that she obtain a substitute teacher acceptable to the superintendent of schools and the school board. Mrs. Boyles began w o r k j Monday as a case worker in the i relief office, at a salary of 585, 11 month for 12 months. Her sal-1 ary as a grade teacher has heen S115 a month for nine months. The annual school election will be held this year at the mayor's office, instead of in the school gymnasium, to avoid necessity of moving a voting machine to the school. Two positions are to be filled this year--three-year terms as directors lo succeed E. E. and Howard Van Fleet. Ronglin and Van Fleet said j[ ana ,j cr A j immediately after last Thursday's , .. ? V S meeting that they will not be can-; W didalcs for ro.elcction. A third vacancy may be Here is the final installment of pictures of I.a I'urle City youngsters. Top row, Nancy Swartz, Norma Hunter, Hubert Johannsen, Jim Hallhcim, Mary Studebakcr; middle row, Barlara Foss, Bobby and David Bauer, Barbara Higgle, Dean and Gary Taylor, Judith Spcnce; bottom row, Dorothy liagcnslos, Jean l e f t Kocher, Theodore Thoma. Larry «ro«n, Eleanor H u r r o w s William Clark and the Clarence Frank children. In lasi week's picture, an error in lalicliu K |,y [he photographer led to idt'iilifica lion of Dclon-s Fos.s. She v a s listed instead as Uel»re« "Gross." We re sorry. Offer High Prices for Sweet Corn £ Local Growers to Get S19 a Ton for Yellow Hybrid Sweet Corn Farmers area will of the receive La Porte City this year the h ; ehest prjcc for t h c j r swcet corn ever the paid by the local Iowa Canning factory of Company. Brewer announc. I'll ( Y o r k , niii-aj; San Di j T h i r d l y , 1 I lu l i e v e v n u me hard w a y ! In I in- gained i v i i c h l . w h e n I 11 weigh 18(1 !v,-';uliin'l t i - a i l j a i i y t h i u g . j A couple i,r I.AI Klin.- in |u-)ieii I ivas Registrants Asked to Fill On! Declaration for I'rin.L'd on Page Two Jit-fore Importing K a ' i i m H u n k No. 2 will be t" preple of t h e La Porte ( r o u g h l y w i t h i n a radius 'f the c i t y ) ir, the * of t h e grade in La Porte City H o u r s w i l l be. from 1 'mm Monday, Feb. 22, 'l'i.v. l-Vb. 2(f; and from '·' p. m, the first three week. t h a t it will take ·in m i n u t e s to register u n i t . t» f a c i l i t a t e registra. last names H, C or D are re_ to register on M-giiniinj? with E, I mi Tuesday; with Wednesday; "hurs, X, Y -^o. 1 must tailori-'g' of i n d . v i d u a l M whin the be permitted '· pound of coffee v e n i h e r 28 without i'-'v r a t i o n books will have i v n i n v ' , 1 Tor any excess of now on 1'i'eil ii!) Hie, registration, n i ' i t is requested to "it in a d v a n c e the official form p r i n t e d on Page liapc.'.-, to be presented erinc for thc new I'JUk.s. ! If I ' f h i ' i a l forms «re received in in"-, t h e y will also be available i n r e r y stores. M a r i i n , Infill ration site ist.s the following " i i p ' . i ' l a n i ihmjys lo be kept --* certainly a factor in everv f a r m e r with :\ The price will he Ifl dollars filled ton for yellow hybrid sweet corn. to an earlier a n . , war effort. nouncement last week, the local j not handle Evergreen | e m i n d of fm in the] services, is the fact, t h a t canned! is deyper»!ely m-eded by] service?, aii'l p l a n t i n g of ·-· I acreage of ilie crop will be' ervicr: to the nation'. 1 ;] corn these a 'good a valuable at the election, if the board acts 1 Contrary in time on thc resignation of Ev- erctt Smith, turned in last Friday factor l r wjl1 " ot hand]e Ev "green j Mrs. Pt-rle (M: ent'-rtainc-d a morning. | corn thls y car - Restriction of the group of friends and neighbors in corn pack to the earlier yellow j a former c o m m u n i t y where they (corn, it is believed, will make |i vc d, on Wtdne.-ida'v e v e n i n g of ·lit possible to complete thc pack ] as t week, at a ' miscellaneous Sister of T. D. Teeter Is Dead T. D. Teeter received a message jbefore thc iThere was | the tomato tomato sea.son begins, i shower for hc-r d a n g h t a considerable loss on.jjarvcy Gelhaus, who wa.s .-centlv I canning morning him of the death of his sister, Mrs. Nancy Franklin, who (lied on Tuesday Wichita, Kas. She was eighty-four years old, bom and grew to womanhood i n ' m inU c u t m a n v a ( l v a n _ Spring Creek ownship. After her p J ' b . b ] a n t i she lived on a farm "" LETTERS From Men in Service N a v a l Flight School cd an a m p h i b i o u s tractor b a t t a l i o n A u s t i n , Texas at Oceanride, Calif.--just 40 mil Dear Editor, north O f San Diego and M m i l ' I have been t r y i n g lo f i n d lime south of I.os Angeles. Here ] w- to write- and give you my address located at the Boat Basin for l i ever since I a r r i v e d here. It socm? largest Marine Base in t h e v.-orl like every day is so full you can't which is Camp 1'er.dJotoi, -- I.'i.'/itjO aeres, Thc camp itself is located few miles inland protected 1, m o u n t a i n s . The B'liit U a f i n -.v; ' d o u n y t l i i n g . ' Th; · s i l y here ( . , --. - - - . - - is overrun :rop last year because married. Five h u n d r e d was the: w i t h cadeis a stems. There art of Evergreen corn ran evening's enteric-tinmen;, with 500 of Ih'-rri here and about 200 I'jealc-d on the Pacific beach. I I c i a( .,so long that it delayed the to. j awards going to Mr. and Mrs. mr , r ,. u, a r r i v e thr- first of March. " rji f '" lv d i l "niphibious t r a c t o r , imato pack. Charles Garling. Mr?. I. S, Kor.k T h e " pc-r-ur'-I of Ihc? officers is O l' t ' r: ' lc 'i h u t the navy u: ed it a:s : In a large advertisement on and Hobert Hartirig. Refreshments u-ing K ri-n]y inc--f-a=ed We wen- eommunication t r a i n i n g c e n t e r aii' the canning, were served at thc close r,f thr- ; n . rn ,, nrr ..,' , n a n o t h e r ' bunch of,"! so laFt(1 ,, thrcc in marriage she lived on a farm n | . cct rn that vicinity for several years be, L , [ fore moving away. | ed She is survived by two sons, Earl and George, and one daughter, Mrs. Ada Langford. the evening. Mrs. G e l h a u s will leave thc last, of this v.-cc-k for New s year. Not men. Yolk to join her hus-band who is advertisement, b u t - i n the service. Another Test ! Blackout Soon | Another test black^oiit will bel eld in La Porte City in the near future, with the exact date not I to be revealed until the last immute, according to word received ' week by Mayor Roy F. Hawk- Subscription Orders Have Office Swamped l i e u t e n a n t s today. It is r e n l l v T weather is v^rv* ' m. \\'f cllirf y Th" have traclors are larg" i-le. el fir I"*. New Subscriptions Put On[la?t week to mak List This Week but Biff^J 0 TM 1 ^;;, ^ y [ Stack of Renewals Still t o j i . j ust ^ ° J be Checked .. signal for the b!ack-0ut] So heavy has been the response " m « will be shutting off of j t o the circular mailed by thc ^Tent for a half m i n - j Progress-Review last week that it easy to s t n d , t o receiving »· subscriptions! anytime up to March! j j . j u s t mi oul t h e subscription i form on the flap, tuck a check ori currency inside, and mail it to u s . i We'll pay the posuago. I To clear up a frequent m'i5un_ j derstanding about service men's] IV .. » t n i . jyi U IjaiA m i l l -- j ri^Sr*- 3 5 -- ***· i*»3i. ' w w . » -..-- - ''ashing it on f or a half m i n . j j t has been impossible to change Av. Tdt. Cilb-rt Miller V.5 TJ. P. N. R. Pohr-rt= Hall N. F. P. S. AiiF'in. Texas Rorvn 241.L February 11. I M 3 then off again Church bells for will Garden jogram Planned A victory held },, »?T future. a h a l f : t h e dates of more than also bejscribers who have sent in renewal | 'subscriptions in the past few days.:~^; All new subscriptions have been entered on the list, but a big pile of renewals has been stacked up on the desk to be checked over garden meeting will this week-end. All dates on sub_ ·a Porte City in the seription renewals received this to help this commu. week should appear in corrected u v..-..^ . P " pc ' r? ' . We should like to Mr. Fmi!h. a few sub |P° )nt o u t a e a l n t h a t ""' c ar °- con-1 y, ; ] v on 1043 I - , : - . . : - _ ^ n i a j , frc( , panej . s to : t n ' ] r . n r T 1 "^ | K . r nmc and marines everywhere,' and to soldiers inside the United States. The only men affected by the recent post office order bar. ring free papers are soldiers--not sailors or marines--outside the United States. Papers may still be sent to :ins. boats, here. As you km. · m a k e their l a n d i n g hese boats. Amphibious till in t h e I They an- 21 fee-t long. :i fee; · a n d 7 feet, I j i t r h . As th" i implies, the tractors trav | l a n d as well as on the ·.'.·.-,te/-. I was won miles out on t h e IV. cific with one of the trader.-. They |are used chiefly as "ship to shon.-" jvehicles. They carry a m m u n i t i o n and supplies !o (he loaches a f t e r the beachhead has lji".-n established on hostile' .501!. Bi-fidrs being a company officer I had addition,;! duties. I was Post Exchange officer, Mess officer, a n d . judge on the Summary Court.' Martial board. The variety of th'- made my work i n t e r e s t i n g . ' in Dormer Resident )ics at Cedar Falls Mr-. Cedar |). in. : Juni.- al ho- A. Fulk-r 1 ' K f i . a'. J.a of X.aciiaiy e was man 1 born C i l . v all copies of 1 ( t h e illl you. out consumer in the basc_ 100! building, north door, · ljii.-ine.-is d i s t r i c t , direct- t h e belfry.) ·: 1 to r, and 7 to U p .m. 1 1 1 ''ays next week. 1 to un Thursday und u n i t a d u l t member, 18 i're, should register for y group. d i ' c l . n a t i d t i form must n u m b e r jf pounds of p",-e:.:.:ed l,y your family ' niher 2X. m u s t sh.nv t h e n u m b e r of of kinds specified on thc hand on (he date of A c t u a l r a t i o n i n g of commercially e a i i n e d , bottled arid frozen f r u i i s vegetables, i n c l u d i n g juices, all M i u p s , and dried fruits, under lin- p n i n t system, will begin on .M'nday. March I . 1C''.ail sales, of the foods to be tinned will In: laisptmkd as of i d f i i g l i l , S a l u r d a y , l-'ub. 20, 'I he r a t i i j n period will cov_ t h o i i i o n l l i of March and each hold"!- of \\'ur Itntiori liook Two exce|it those possessing more t h a n ilie a l l o w a b l e maximum of fii'e utii.s) will have 48 points to 'Spend' for the rationed foods Hlii'ti r e t a i l rvlling resumes on and A m a n d a ; M o n d a y , March 1. These 48 points Fulle!-. .Siie wns marrii'il to CJcnrgf.'will bu lejiresented by the blue J e n s e n A p r i l 21, I!I01 in I.a Porte'stamps Ijearing thc serial letters C i t y and lived here several years;A, E, and (,'. This gives each per. lj(.fr,re moving to Cedar Kalis. son I h r e t H . p o i n t stamps, three S u r v i v i n g are iicr husband; her 5-pcint stamps, three 2_point d a u g h t e r , Mrs. T r u m a n Hanseji of C ' d a r Rapids; f"'Jr rrnndchildrcn,- one brother an', 1 fTK- risler, Cliarlct T. Fuller a/M Mrs- "· K - ClevL. land, both of ('eiiar F.-ills. F u n ' i a l servicis were conducted Monday al 2:,'0 fr"ra t h f lirown's ~ left iriv home! As Mess officer it was my task f u n e r a l home, wii.h liev, II. H. Dill of. n » n c Marine. Thc; t o se « that 700 Marines and 300 O f the Firsl M e t h o d i thr Progress- Sailors were wejl fed. As a jurforc fimling. B u r i a l was in [irecnwood c(;ineli']-y in Cfih-.r Falls. · Second Tin Can tank Drive Saturday a soldier on foreign duty if we 2. 1012 I completed my officers' t church wr-r-kly - -- - - -T . . . Review has hroun-ht home closer ' gained much experience that will to me. Plen=c (-wuse my tardiness help me in law school, in thanking you. | My address has been changed I s-prnt my initial twenty weeksjonce again. I am now back lit wi'.h 1he Slarines at Quantico.'Camp Elliott with a land Virginia. September 25, 19-12 Ijbattaiion. The tanks arc cnmpnr. A second tin cnn drive will be received my commission. December able to the factors so I was not held this weck.cnd, it was at as much of a loss as I nntici. nounccd today. Boy Scouts will use stamps. an ( ] three 1.point stamps --a t o t a l of W points, Stamps for .succeeding months will be used in a l p h a b e t i c a l order, but the exact l u m b e r of points to be allowed will not be disclosed until the m i d d l e of the previous month. Points for April will be announced around March 15, Official point values for the more than 200 food items covered by the processed food program will be made public ns soon as retail sales have been "frozen." At the same time, distribution will begin of the official table of point values which each grocery store must display prominently for thc inf' vrr-ation of its customers. Point vnluea Trill differ accord. up to thc relative scarcity of the 'o mak aenS un 0r ior' S r 1 ah-oni'n^ ! ««.ir n °" PaperS "^ ^ ' °"~ receive a letter from Vim spe_ fraining "at" this Marine Base." -I pated. I !ike tanks--T also rate a truck donated by thc Lions club canned vegetables, it was an I Subscribers arc reminded that cifically ordering the paper, and if was then sent to Camp Elliott, a jeep of my own. 'lo make the rounds of the city. his week by Mayor ^yUhey have only until March 1 to!the nominal subscription rat* of San Diego. Calif, to receive an I am attached to Headquarter. Re«rf«ita wrc asked to have . , . _ , , is. 7 a/ r y *h!^: n npw ,,, "rTeLl sub'crio 151.25 a year is paid either by thc asf j B nnic-nt wilh the Amphibio-jE,and Service Compiny. I nm t h r . PROPERLY PREPARED cans in various foods and also .ccording laving vacant lots which ! tton a " t h e present local rate of'soldier or by his family or friend. Corp.= of «hc Fleet Marine force, j Intelligence ""i"r /or '" c ; *«* *"\*TMTM '" ^ * ."f* *°TM s ** ^ siw of the CM, J«r. bottto, «ed for theae "Jd-na $150 a year After March 1 theiWe must have the written order Amphibious tractors,. «alli|r..|T.T.V Battalion (Note tli.it__ the-«t th. curbs ,f pomble-io that or package. Hr»ww, emy. to list them with L. C. nrice will be' f2.00 a year. :from him however, whoever makes lor'/' had always angled to me envelopes mailed out,the actual payment. and by jood fortune I was assmn., be -CG1U. . price will 1 Hetum (Not« Ihnt tolli not "intelligent" thc --at th? curbs if possi! the boy« can cover LcommLnny quickly. ile--so that or package. However, the whole will have the MUM point ·very store in the

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