The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 8, 1931 · Page 3
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
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Wednesday, April 8, 1931
Page 3
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APRIL 8 '1931 iHasnit Olitg A Lee Syndicate Newspaper Issued Every Week Day by the "LOBE-GAZETTE COMPANY Telephone' No. 3800 s . East State St WILL F. MUSE : Editor' WE*^ HALL Managing 'Editor LEE P. LOOMIS Business Manager 5IEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited to »t or not otherwise credited in this paper, and also all local newa published herein. · SUBSCRIPTION BATES Daily, per year 57.00 Daily, per week !!!!. il5 Outside of Mason City and Clear' Lake' Dally, per year by carrier ST 00 Daily, per week by carrier.... 15 Daily, per year by mail " ]. 4*00 6 months, $2.25; 3 months, $1.25; 1 month 50 Outside 100 mile zone, dally per year 6 00 6 months $3.25 3 months . ' " l'?o Entered at tha Postoffice at Mason City, Iowa, as Second Class Matter Wome Is where the heart Is. --PLINY A WORD FOR FRANK GOODMAN npHlS move of the local Izaak Walton league chapter to bring; about the appointment of Frank'C. Goodman as a member of the newly authorized fish and game commission will have the blessing of everybody familiar with Mr. Goodman's ability, his earnestness and his admirable grasp of the subject. tinder his dynamic leadership, the Izaak Walton league locally has become something more than a mere rod and gun club. It has put the emphasis on conservation in a broad and far-reaching way. Its appeal has been to all possessed of a desire to conserve the great outdoors, irrespective of their interest in either hunting or fishing. · Mr. Goodman is ideally situated to give a large share of bis time" and attention to the commission. Since his retirement from active business, he has devoted a great amount of energy to the Izaak Walton league. From a hobby It has grown to be almost his very life. The development of the local Izaak Walton chapter under his presidency and of the state organization during his term aa treasurer stand as eloquent proof of his leadership. In another field, the beauty of Mason City's school surroundings are a monument to his disinterested service to community. The bass nursery northeast of Mason City and the pike nursery at Clear Lake are in large measure his "children." The latter has attracted'Httention thruout the nation. "Northeastern Iowa,", says J. C. Robinson, president of the local Izaak Walton league chapter, "is entitled to a member on this commission and we believe that Mr. Goodman meets all the requirements." That is a. statement in few words of what the Globe-Gazette is trying to say in behalf of Mr. Goodman. His' appointment would be both popular with ' benefit. t,o, the cause of ' r "*' '-'"· ' ~ -- : ' ''·'"' .there is no disposition to observe it in law-abidin manner. In unmistakable terms the ultimatum ha been issued that farmers in the Tipton territory wh refuse to permit the test will have to submit to quarantine of 15 days. Then If the farmers persi in their hostility toward constituted authority, the will be arrested and prosecuted. Farmers in Wort Iowa generally have abided by the law in a spirit o welcome. There would be no point in letting a who still cling to a belief that the world is flat an that "science is the bunk" nullify all that has bee done by the more far-seeing farmers. Let the lav be enforced without fear or favor. NO LYNCHINGS IN IOWA TOW A has few things about which If is more entitle to boast than its classification in the federal record as one of the six states in the union which have ha no lynchings in more than twenty years. The other are Delaware, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada and Sout Dakota. Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshin Rhode Island and Vermont have never witnessed ynching. While this fact is comforting to lowans, U. S sta tistics compiled for last year are of a character tc cause concern. Th2 total number of victims was 21 (2 of them Negroes.) as against 10 the previous year. Nine states were included in the 1930 list, compared with 5 states in 1929. As would be guessed, most of these are southern states. There is no need for a discourse on the evils 01 ynch rule. It's enough to say that no state which tol crates lynching has a right to look upon itself as clvi ized. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE OTHEREDITORS IOWA'S EXAMPLE Chicago Herald Examiner: Just in time D*! a X°' the Uai ° D t0 ^PPortTe ip m 'the commm defense" comes the welcome word of a decisive American victory won by the SCQC6 Ot -lOWa. By a vote of 63 to 42, Iowa's house of reDreqstin lives has defeated the pernicious attempt o IT padfilt minority to abolish instruction in military science and C Iowa was the first state to accept the Morrill art under which the land-grant colleges an! universmes, l «a h 'X We 5 e establishe a i° the midst of to il war by the administration of Abraham Lincoln Iowa's example in 1862 was followed Ti thin the her sister -, . « · V War was over ' the southern states £ h ^ Me m ex P ressin g- their acceptance. By 1870 they had ajso agreed to receive the federal land grants 1 " C " ta to outdoorai ':' · SIR-MONTAGU'S VISIT OlR MONTAGU NORMAN, head of the Bank, of *·* England, is in this country on an unstated errand which includes a conference with the federal reserve authorities. There are two or three matters which could bring him here. One is the fact that, the United States is again becoming the magnet for the world's gold, our gold supply having mounted to record proportions in the last few months. The effect on exchange rates bothers the British, and does us no good. No doubt it will be discussed, and arrangements made to co-operate with London in adjusting money rates to keep world finances on an even keel. Another proposal x that Norman may have in his head is for an international credit bank to be used, in supplying- long-term credits' to finance international trade. That in brief means an agency to finance Russian purchases. Up to the present Russia can oily get short term credits, which has forced her to all available grain, lumber, oil.and other products abroad in order to get the funds necessary for the five year plan. It is the hope of advocates of the international credit bank that if Russia is allowed to borrow from other countries on usual terms, she will" keep her products at home, give the world markets a chance to recover--and not least of all, will be a good customer for machinery and other foreign products needed to complete the five-year plan. Russia would doubtless be willing to make considerable concessions to the capitalistic nations in return for such treatment. She has been asking for it, and suggesting reciprocation, for years. f ther ybuth ^ the state in peace and defend the nation in All these institutions, supported jointly by the federal government and the governments of the several states have faithfully and cheerfully fulfilled T the let- A survey of all the land-grant colleges and univer- .^fn; r ^ftly com pl eted by the federal office of ed"- cation rates them among the most patriotic efficient ' that they defend their rights as citizens. 7 t n mL?tl nS 5 a «empt of a misguided minority ^ t r ^ h f W Vocational system that is fostering m the hearts of American youth the national ideals of Washington Jefferson and Lincoln, the patriotic Iowa legislators have rendered a service to the nation IT'S EASY TO CRITICIZE Mitchell County Press (OsngB): During the twenty years this writer has heen in business in Osage he ?* *"^S^^ff P-Mic official called a crook. DID YOU K N O W ? . . .-. . Illustrated Question Box By R. J. SCOTT A BE\M OF WOOD cur sy INDIANS 100 feEFORE. COUJMBUS REACHED -THE NEW WOfei-D \ USED )M -TrlE. OP A MODEfeM HOUSE IN NW MEXICO NO-TV/0 XAY BUI" WILL SAME.-TVPEOF YEAR YEAR.. mans KDITOn'S NOTK: o,t the, habit of asl- ln« nuo.Mlons. Addresa your Jttter lo the Ulube-buielto Information Bureau, Frrdrric J. Haskln. Director, N'mhtnslon, 1). C tin c!mr E o except 2 tents In coin or stumps for return pustue. Q. How aoes air travel between Florida nnd Cubu compare with thnt between London and Paris? H. F. A. Until recently the most heavily traveled airplane passenger' route in the world has been that between London and Paris Now however, the Miami-Havana service has passed it. More passengers flew between Miami and Havana in a six-day period than have ever flown between France, and Britain m the same length of time. The Pans-London route is credited with not more thnn 100 passengers a day, but from Feb. 18 to Feb. 24 a minimum of 105 passengers daily flew over the 210 miles of keys and water between Florida and Cuba. Q. Is it true that ivhat Is know as the "temple," the place of worship of the chosen ones or Mormons, cannot lie entered Mormons? A. A. S. bv non- DIET and HEALTH By LOGAN CLENDENING, M. D Author ol "THE HUMAN BODY" -*^ - "* TM ' ' - o. Write legibly and not more than 200 words. CANCER NEVER TAKES ROOT IN A HEALTHY SPOT 'HE RECEIPT of a good-sized volume named "Can- A cer," by Dr. Willy Meyer, is acknowledged Dr Meyer has long been one of the most distinguished f New Yorks surgeons. His experience has been "ous, so that anything he says on such a sub- important. and an s r , school board mem C " y CO unt y officers, ers, justices of the peace-- everv- ?v h yvg n r he t?"", "=rook" applied to them repeated- y by people miffed over something. And we suppose that plenty of people have believed it. Every now and then some chap will remark to us, with a leer, that he hears that so-and-so makes a pretty good thing out of his office. Of course it's some fellow who isn't in a position to know and. who would rather swallow some random remark he hears than to go to the trouble to look into things. Think as hard as we can, we can't recall a single man in that twenty years' time wh m e w o ·was seriously accused of "getting" anything. Plenty of officials have sold materials and goods to the public, which is unlawful, but in every case we've heard of, such sales were to the benefit of the public rather than to the officials. The integrity of public officials Is really surprisingly high, but they suffer somewhat trom the sensational discoveries of dishonesty in some " " C i t e S - Pe ° Pe ° ple read iTi some distant city, then brand all officials everywhere \vith suspicion. Some men regard it a manifestation of smartness in themselves if they can pretend a knowledge of dishonestyjunong their local officials. EXPENSIVE NOT TO ADVERTISE I^ike City (Minn.) Graphic-Republican: To the businessman who thinks the public does not need to be constantly reminded of who he Is and what he has to sell, the often i ' 1J ' -- · · -repeating. .The thesis he develops is that cancer is caused by an unbalancing of the growth tension of cells due to chronic irritation or inflammation. Accompanying this chronic systemic disturbance, i. e., a change of the chemistry of the whole body. This theory is developed in great detail and buttressed by an enormous array of evidence of many kinds from the sciences of heredity -".d genetics, chemistry, physiology id anatomy. It has a practical importance in these days when, aa Dr. Meyer says the medical profession is so cancer- conscious. This lies in the warning for any person over 45 to get rid of ,,_, .. . an y s P Qt of irritation or chronic In- animation on the skin or surface of the body such fl. mout h cavity--tongue, gums, cheeks etc Cancer never begins in a healthy spot." "No "one as yet seen a cancer of the skin or visible mucous membrane of the body which was not preceded by thTM e ».°. rn \,T°S chro . ni ?. irritation." Such are some of fho «.«^ M .^ quotations from prominent surgeons The idea that cancer is caused by a trerm or n parasite is utterly rejected. The author quote? a remade to ^-1 --· **-- ~ .. _ ^ 0 0 . 1 1 . _ __ -i- ^ Dr. ClendenliiB 1 EARLIER DAYS "Twenty Vcnra ABO' AI'KII. 8. 1011 of Inlcrrstln,: lienTM from Hies ol Iho Olobe-GnieUe. _ 11 ini. H, lyj | - _ Secretary Sly is able to announce a fine new busi- ss ±irm and business house for Mason Citv which c Who^a ? P PeraU ° n by JUI1C L " !s the G' Grppen Wholesale Paper company, incorporated with $25,000 capital stock and which will occupy a building to be erected at once by W. H. Hayes on his property just 6f the wortd . H - sco : H v ^ n y rc , acthed Methuselah's age you would not of cm, S ^h" 5 S6 S th " ha PP en - Such prophecies, of course, have proved rather dangerous in medicine r o d l ( h surgeon, said, In is« Pearline In 1904 Pearline, a cleaning material, was used bv large percentage of the housewives of the country AN INVITATION TO WRITE ,, ,, ,,, - - - - »= Globe-Gazette would like, to give space to an year^ ^^ ^ $5 ° 0 ' 00 ° in ^^ ^ explanation by Representative Durant of Hancock county as to why he opposed so strenuously the driver's license bill in the lower house of the legislature. After the senate had accepted it. by a lopsided vote the house stepped on it, largely, it is reported, because of the activity of the Hancock county man. To us any bill which tends to insure driving ability or financial responsibility in a motorist is off to a good start. Eventually we hope to see a law which will require every driver to prove that he Is prepared to meet every responsibility which attaches to motoring, thru .insurance or bond. The driver's license law was a move in that direction. It isn't necessary to consider the shortcomings of present motoring conditions. Probably four out of five, as a matter of fairness and prudence, could meet all the demands that the Globe-Gazette has in mind. And those four out of five are entitled to protection from the fly-by-night motorist who is both reckless as to driving methods and irresponsible as to financial liability. Possibly Mr. Durant had good reason for opposing tha driver's license bill. That's why we are inviting Jiim to present hia story. May we hear from you, Mr. Durant? LET THE LAW BE ENFORCED mHE department of agriculture authorities at Des t Moines and the peace officers of Cedar county are to be commended for their determination to enforce the state's animal T. B. law In quarters where Later the advertising was curtailed, and about 1907 f : was d.scontlnuad altogether, as the company thot the product so well-known that it did not require fur- tner advertising. Sales fell off rapidly, but the owners persisted in their non-advertising policy until 1915, when the whole concern, including good will, was sold for S12 000 Pearline was dead. ' Many other products whose names were household ° e ° are not heard of toda y because h v ii , a y ecause they failed to keep up their advertising and consequently the public forgot them. Businessmen must remember that now generations are coming along all the time, and these new buyers " " P° rson!lll y on a product or a store, as f a sore, as their fathers and mothers were sold before them The only time it is safe to stop advertising is when o is ready to go out of business. · TWO ORGANIZATION VIEWS Fairmont Sentinel: Alcoholics again failed at the recent spring conference, to get the Minnesota 'Legionnaires to declare for repeal of the eighteenth amend- A " other more liberal veterans' organization »£ Foreign Wars, however, is set on , , , r i n ? the eighteenth "a transaction of the liberty of American citizens." Can it be that the World war veterans are splitting into two organizations, the u H on , old King Alcohol, even when dethroned. troubie nim TM «v PULPIT-If any man speak, let mm speak as the oracles of God; if any man min' " °- " as of the abilit y whi * G°d . - «,«, h * G ,° d "l a " thingr3 mav be e'orified thru «« ,, H St to " h ? ra be Praise and dominion for ever and ever. -- I Peter, iv, 11. , · *·» o ~ " " t Kj«*t--», ju. , J.Q1 I , f h » TM? e f i obtaining an agent which would the patient insensible to pain during a surgical operate was a chimera. And at the very moment his words were spoken the packet which was- bringing the news of ether anaesthesia from Boston was on the The question of the contagiousness of cancer is dwelt on at great length. It has often come up in let? ters from readers addressed to this column The occurrence of "cancer houses" has often been reported --houses in which a large number of cancer deaths occur over a period of years. "Cancer cities" such as ?nnnnn whe TM . the incidence of cancer is 165 per 100,000 population as compared to 63 for New York-this constitutes another problem which Dr Mover discusses at length. His conclusion is that there is no real evidence, that these occurrences are due to a special kind of contagion. A combination of hereditary predisposition and the irritation from chronic nonspecific infection' such as might be caused by bad drains, sewage, vermin, rats and the parasites associated with rats, mice and other animals brings about a cancer state. , Chemical irritants, especially tar and perhaps according- to another investigator, sulphur compounds have an undoubted Influence in causing cancer. Edllnr'B Ttnlr.: Six pamphlets by Dr. Clcnflcnlng can now be M * y " cn " n E 1" «nts in coin for each nnd i ,clf- M r e o f this na P cr or V c° P t' t0 °'' L ° Blm CIcndenltiE. I" south and adjacent to the Liquid FiVep^ofin^com- pany The building will be of brick, 32x60, two stories and basement, and is expected to be completed by ^ U TM H I ' The . . com P an y is composed of two bright and capable pushing businessmen. Samuel Giles of Waterloo, who is an old paper salesman, and D. W Grippen " H e a fine record as a traveling salesman uriii ^ u ,, ;-?Pp nce r-Smith Grocer company. They will job all kinds of wrapping paper, paper ba K s wooden ware, enamel ware, brooms and allied articles m such an wholesale establishment. They will be ready for business m 30 days and will proceed to take orders at once in this territory subject to future delivery. J.he splendid personnel of the firm and the fact that they will build a commodious building together with the fact that they will have ample capital to carry on the business will mean inside of a few months ai important industry for Mason City. It is an ideal distributing point for such a house ana there ha a been an urgent need for , such a house in this terri tory for a long time. The Commercial club is res ponsible for completing the. deal that closed the con tracts for building, etc., at an early hour this morning Mr. and Mrs. J. Ramsey, who have been visiting their daughter, Mrs. H. B. Farrar, 'and their son B D Ramsey, for a week or 10 days returned today to their home m Luverne, Minn. While here they purchased the Blowers home on West Tenth street and will take possession May 1 after which they will make Mason City their future home. Leroy Stoddard, a student at Madison, is home this week far a few days' vacation. H. S. Elder of West Tenth street is out for the first time today since a week ago Tuesday. He has been suffering with an attack of lagrippe. He will BO on his regular trip next week. The Eight to Ten club'had a dinner last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Nichols on East Eleventh street and enjoyed a social hour afterwards The women waiting on the guests were Mrs. Nichols Jr., and Miss Carton. In the evening 500 furnished entertainment. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Redfern and Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Day were the guests of the club. Notice to Contractors: Sealed proposals will be received at the office of Proudfoot, Bird and Rawson Flynn building, DCS Moincs, until 2 o'clock p. m of April 20, 1311, for the erection of a. three story and Basement Odd Fellows home at Mason City. Plans and specifications may be seen at the office of the architects. By order of the building committee. J. S Bellamy, chairman, Knoxville. Messrs. Reynold Erickson of the M. B. A. offices and Peterson of the Orin Rogers firms arrived home Saturday morning from an over night stay in Clear A. The Mormon temple is for the use of believers only, and cannot be entered by aliens. The tabernacle is open for services and may be visited by the general public. ? .." icn is Nntlor al Music A. It opens on the first Sunday in May. J Q. When did New York have a record snow storm In March.? J. S A. March 11, 12 and 13, 1888. It was one of the most severe storms ever experienced on the Atlantic coast. Q. What was Iji Follette's platform when he ran for the presidency In 1924? L. W. A. Public ownership of water powe co wer and railways; strict public ntrol of national resources; the recogmton of agriculture as a basic industry of the country; the abrogation of the power of the supreme court to nullify legislature. Q. How many international Esperanto conferences have there. been ? O. D. A. Some 20 attended by from to 4,000 members. Q; When wna "The Birth of a Nation," first presented? W. Z A. March 3, 1915. mirrors been A. Mirrors have been in use from a very remote period. They were known to the Etruscans, Greeks ana: Romans, and consisted originally of a metal disc, usually bronze, polished on one side. Gloss mirrors were manufactured at Sidon and are mentioned by Pliny. The best specimens of mirrors that have been found date from a little before 400 B. C. Q. Upon -ivhut are life insurance rates based? E. L. A. The experience table of mortality. Q. How old must chickens be to lo marketed -is young broilers? A. D. M. A. Five or six weeks. Q. When was chess first played?. A »V J A. is n very ancient game. Altho the first authentic literature on chess came from the Arabs and .Hebrews, it was already widespread among the Mohammedan nations. It is probable that it originated in China, passed into India and from there spread to Persia. It was then adopted by the Arab conquerors and introduced into Europe. Q- If a person were stung bv bees until the swellings addca one- third to his normal size, would he weigh more? R. T. M, A *' .T!" 5 public hcalth service says that there would be no Increase of weight except in the amount of f, ° TM £lcid ln J ccte Q by the bee stings. This would be so little that it should be disregarded THE EDITOR'S MAIL BAG MILITARY PARASITES MESERVEY, AprH G.-Fourteen J n ? S , ° day con Eress declared var. Today interested military men ire observing "Army Day" and making speeches. They talk about defense and they view with alarm. What we need more is some %vay to defend ourselvea against these parasites who directly or indirectly ore responsible for the condltien that makes it necessary for Uncle iam to spend more than three- fourths of his income for wars of the past nud in anticipation of wars in the future. Militarism is not patriotism! When men who will profit financially thereby ask for increases for national defense" it does not necessarily mean that they are Intensely patriotic. It is only selfishness disguised. Yours very truly, K. CLARENCE R.UIGH. BO-BROADWAY"*' MEW YORK, 1 ' tlon pictur April 8--"The mo .. . . 'e public 'is rapidl tiring of films dealing with crim and gang rule . . ."--Deacon Wil Hays. "I have been offered $1,000,OOC to play a g-nnggter role in JOSEPH VAN RAALTE- tion picture Capone. a mo "--Scarface A Lake. Messrs. Wilson and Wilhite will formally open their new shoe store Friday, April 14. This store is the first of its. kind In Mason City as it caters to the trade of the sterner sex only. The stock comprises the leading makers of footwear.for men and young men and is new and up to date and the public is invited to call on the opening day. Each visitor to the new store will receive a present. The location is 205 South Main street. Everything new. . . Gordon Elliott, who has been appointed court reporter in the Des Moines district under Judge Hewitt left Sunday evening for that place to begin work. Adolph Furry of Minneapolis is in the city for a week s visit with home folks here. Mr. Furry attends the Lutheran seminary in Minneapolis. CopyrUMed 1331 JUST FOLKS ny i:m;.\n A. CUK.ST ·-- SUCCESSES ^There's no such thing as success," said he, "For there's no one as fine as he ought to be| And the fellow on top Is as apt to drop As the fellow below Is apt to rise, And nobody's safe till the day he 'dies." I shook my head. "What I mean," said he Is the wisest of mortals could wiser be. ' There is more to learn, And more to earn, And more to do at the break of day And medals won't do it, but courage' may. "He's a great success, so the papers say. But what will be said if he fails today ? If he once sits down To enjoy his crown He']] wake some morning to find it gone. Who has once done well must keep right on. "There's seldom a man who has done so well But could have done more if the truth he'd tell A goal remains Which he never gains. And the wise'man knows' in his heart that he Isn't hall as wise as he'd like to be." Tell the truth, or somebody wil tell it for you. TIRADE MARK--Years ago when* ever a showgirl broke into print--in the news columns--it was said of her that she was "One of the Fioradora Sextet." Then along came Old Doc - feld with his "Follies" and the news writers and headline builders abandoned "One of the Floradora Sex- et" in favor of "Ex-Follies," or "Former Follies Girl." The Old Marster used to elevate a supcrclllious eyebrow once In awhile over some of the escapades of "Former Follies Girls" he'd never heard of; but so long as "His Ladies" didn't kick, why should he remonstrate? Lately, however, the Phony Fil- leys of The Follies have been overstepping the more than liberal limits allotted them and The Doc has called a halt. Hereafter all-legitimate denizens of the Glorifier's ranks are to be branded. If she's really been Glorified. she'll be able to prove it. Avoid imitations. None genulno unless the initials F. Z. are stamped on the gambrel joint. Boy, get me a dictionary immediately--and oPen it at the G's. DEMOCRACY SHELL--If ON the THE price HALF brings the commodity within the reach of all. Park avenue has absolutely no use for it. It's out--or as they say amid those sacrosanct precincts-de trop." Take orchids: The price of orchids broke" some time ago. They're telling today anywhere from 50 :ents to a dollar a bloom. That was ufficlent to have excluded them rom the corsage of Carrle-The- lareful, in the Park Avenue Easter 'ec-racle. But heaven always provides the nan to meet the emergency. Just n the nick of time, some hortl- ultural Owen D. Young stepped orward and saved the day with "very special" variety of orchid iat retails from ?5 to 550 apiece, 10 sale depending altogether on IB customer's susceptibility and he florist's conscience. Who's Who and Timely Views THINKS JAPAN WOULD LIKE PHILIPPINES By DR. HKRBEIIT ADAMS GIBBONS Author nnd lecturer. YOU'RE THE JUDGE T'HE DODAD DISTRIBUTION COMPANY had need i. . o f . a certain. little contraption it intended to put on the market. It took its design to the P B company. For n time the Dodad company took all the contraptions that the Holtz company manufactured and shipped, but eventually the Dodad company while still accepting the goods, had fallen behind in its payments. The Holtz company meant business and when no payments came it. decided to enter suit. At the time the contract was entered into, the Dodad company consisted of two partners, K n the Holtz company filed suit against these two, but at the trial these two proved themselves insolvent, so the manufacturing company could make no recovery. But it wns also learned that associated with these two was a third man, a silent partner, with whom' the others had an agreement that he join with the firm in all its business ventures. Tlic Holtz company, therefore, immediately filed suit against him. ' How would you decide this cose? Make up your mind before you read the decision. ,Th« decision: \ .ic court hel.l ngulnat the Holts c o m n n n y Vhe jnrti-es reasoned llius: Tt h '4M u ^^ mntmMclurcr had fxhuusl.J M, right [o ndlin Thai Iho S dld ,uc t urnci , o ,, t to ,, c , n ,, olventbw .,., a ^itir ot pi« taS ·J7OR A LONG TIME to come, both A for their defense and for their economic well being, the Philippines will have to be content without immediate or complete independence. W h e n we travel thru their marvelous counlry, whose p e o p l e are so friendly and hospitable, we wonder why they want to get rid of us. Is it true that they feel we have done them no good, t h a t we h a v e -- ^ - w r o n g e d them, Herbert Gibbons that they w o u l d be better off today had they never seen an American in these islands? Well, it is not what in but xvhat one thinks that matters. If the Filipinos think that our 30 odd years there are in vain nnd have been destructive rather than constructive, we certainly don't want to remain another 30. Our work is finished and wo should recognize that fact. We axe act AaLit|yp Hava W4 " for the reason that only an Asiatic power v/ould know how to treat the. Filipinos well? Japan Is the logical successor of the United States as mentor of the Filipinos. Japan could develop these islands better than we have done Japan would be more enthusiastically received, I have no doubt than we have been. If the Filipinos want to get rid of the Americans, the Japanese succession is the only alternative I * c .?: Jt^vould be impossible for the · l-ilipmos to maintain complete independence against Japan. Let us talk facts. We all know that to bo true. Would It not he good policy, then in view of the Filipino attitude toward us, for the United States to negotiate with the League of Nations for the appointment of Japan as mandatory of the League for these islands? A war over the Philippine succession would be thus avoided. We should be gracefully free of our unwilling wards. And Japan would round out her mandated area in, this part o£ the world and have a new field for sorely needed

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