The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 6, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1818
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a a ,'T iPathmtten.JY. C. tfb Vhr EAGLE, KiwieUj will nil hoard. at feck tUp, or to CUANSION GJ.N. 12 PIPBS d 12 barreU Cranston Gin, Mi - SSifw TALBOT - ;' . ...... 65 i'ifte - ilivet. tuo . T SVG A It. 4 O HbJ. M mcovaJo Suar, " 4ji3 Barrel do.. 60 to""" I Box Eu - ars, t Do. white, J . RecfVf" GOODHUE & CO. . 41Southat '!.! " imaic 4tti proul Ruin ; Wiuoward K hUpJ 3d Woof lo. uotb o! sujierior crualily, , ,tobr - IUCELK& LAUKIES, fr'T). . . 29 South - street. ' "f f i debt English V V Whitehead, ground oil, lately iw'iort Jfimm Uwrpoul, ai t for tale hy "rwB """l ' TUCKER LA DRIES, , 29 Sooth street. imoitb and Ox Hides. For tale by M HENRY COWING, irz 6 6t 19' Front - corner of Fulton street. Tj AlirJKA. CLARET, fcc II bhds. and ill SO or. catkJ L. P. Madeira Wine, war genuine jjbcasei Leoville and Ruuxan Claret, of tlie vintage oi ,ulz rt do bull and sparkling Chatnpaigne, fur ale at 81 Tine strret, by 6 HENDERSON it CAIRNS. ii..lilfc IOU.ttiU. - tiiius. ui me ciiui f cest selection, tuade at New Orleans, by a . j : J i 1:1 r. .t. 1 ifiniDtteni lUi'Xe. una consmerr.u Ul Kir IUB nil - mi mantel, just reccivra, mrsaie m i - i ii p,by , D, BETil UNE &: CO. - K 6 ' " VTAILS, SPIKES. VICES, fcc 6 cask fine jl drawn 1 1 nip Sails 100 tasks Deck Spike, from 4 to 8 ioche 1 do Mack aud I do brisrht Vice ' 5 do Sledge and Hand Hauiinert SO Anviii lor tale hy - HUN DEtWON & CAIRNS. iu,;6 Ul fine itrcet Milli nelli. hJUidscHiitiir uialied and oi the brst oauty. lor a'o oa reaointble terms, by f ill. I.WIJ IIIWIUIHVIUIblt 197 fearl - itreet, up itain. Alio 100 wocea black do. new atifl'etied ami tlu - UrU. AN morlraefit of D omestic Oo idi, uch ai bleacbM U uubleath'd fehir iis aud Sliett - ute k bbrk Millir.ett, (MsSiAd numlrs) f - i, knidin - Sz tewiug Cutlou. For tale cu rououiiMi lermi iy WM. CA.MfBKLL, ."..nmifactiirer, tnrl la" I'eart ifrept, (up Hitn. ff 'i, tic. j!cliej( fiynunauui Ja 1 ft) blli tirst a nt t qn.ditf L'iaf tugarii: hiWioine ihipp i order, r'or sn'e by jACXaO.Vi WOOLLEV, iufi ?i Wal! - .lrv.!t. T tiK, sutiicribtiisbave received by reccul ar nv;K 4 4 and 7 8 Irish linen, various assortment 5 - 4 Slicetin - i ; 7 - 8 Dowlas 7 - 8 Loru Lawns ; 3 - 4 Diapers Table Diapr rand Damask, 5tol0qr. KVgaut Damask Tables Cloths, with napkins JLorfn an I blat k Linens, Lrogbeda Liucu Bed 1'icki, Checks, Sic. i:c. ALSO, 3 bales Bombazctls, audited colors and blacks f cases London sup. Cloths and Cassiix.vres t do Furniture mid balloon dia,ity 1 do Caui )rc IJiuiitf t do Cambric Oinli.ims I do L004 Cloth Shirtinps.' Which are odVreU ior tale on arrommodatin term.. . L. k V. BUVDAM, faat " - ' - 61 liaiiio Laii. f'LOUtl. 15t) bull new Ktcbiu md Fiour, branded GaJleo,' tUchiii - nd Mill'' tie. 150 bbls. freih ground Irouiold wheat, just re - iospected bere 60 do Kre.lrricksburj Mountain do liX do aiiJJIiniS SlHi do shiptutf 60 do coMioroned Flour, landing and in More, for sale by WALSH I GALLAGHER, So; 6 . 60 Sni'h - tri'et. 1O9 1', in lir jadwsy, belwt - a Ueaver Lane J and VVllter - tr.;et, on Tucd iy afternoon, aCOlUL NECKLACE. The timb r, by le:.v - injitatMo. 5i Waiker street, will nxtive the ny;cf the Necklace fur then trouble, au; li St . VOH, A HIND3QMK Black Unv. ased 13 ream, 1. for a term of nine yvar. be is well calcula I tea (nr a home servant or a t.enllmao'8 waiter. He n now to be set.n at the City - Hotel he war - h d ia Albmy and raitd tliere ; hy applyin; to Mr. Moan Allen, directly onpoiile the ilotel, the price or bim m.if tie nsreco 011. ac G lit jl AURIAGE, a novel t vols, prire Uu IV I day published, and for sale at the Mim - rva Cirvuiatins library, rand Book and stationary Siwa, o. '266 Broadway, opposite the Munum. sit 6 MAKHIAGK, a novel, tiirce volumes in two pric, in exlm boards, ;2. Just ptbushed, at No. 3 Wall - r - tre - L, by arwe C. WILEY & CO. UURIAGK. THI3 day publuhed, in S roll. ICmo extra boardi, price 9, and for sale, wh il - ! ml retail, by A. T. GOODRICH k CO. No. 124 Broatlwsy, corner of Cedar - street, opiotie the City Hotel. M4RKUGE, a novel, in two roll. lh 1st American from, tlie second Lod lou tlitbo. an; 6 TlHfi Bachelor and tl.e tnrried Man, or Hi. - Eqinlibriorn of the " Balance of Comf.irl," J Tols. price $1 75 st received and fr ial by " collih - han; ay, - au S 4t l Pearl - street. JUST vubli,hpJ and for salt by KIRK & IF.RCF.IS, N.CI, Wall - street. tSarTiTgef a novel, .in 2 vols. it 00. "Hit Buhtlitr arui t'vt Mamtd Xnn, or the Equilibrium to the uf Comfort," t 75. "77ie IJ oirni' f Bodsbrrk " nJ other Talc, by James Hr - KT, author of tba Qneo' Wake." &c. &r. il W. uZuI,', and othr Tales, by llajame De Gn! ,0 cti. ' ' - O.I. R. II II T.l - .fn. Iimttr...! " " aw lavj) t i vi j 'Guy Mannerin,?," Waverly," "Wo men," fcc. Sic. Ac." auj S 3t IN CHANCEiiV. Emaa Miller), ) e. ' f iy uorsumr of ftde vbarlei Debevoise. r cretalord. - rofihrfurt y ol Cham - ery, ro ule in e aboit cause, wil! ha told under the direi - ti - n woesuiiscnber, at punlic auction, nt tlie i n - JJae Coffte House, in the city of Xew York, or Tnesdav. the 1st d of September next, at I : clock at noon, all that certain I d. piece or 1 ar - oj ground, situate, lyi"? and hems in the tilth Jfard of the city of New York, known ami rii - - "smsneu, in a certain map or enan uicn:"i ad, by lot No. 38, bounded in front hy l.eo - fd "trtet : southe uter'y by lot Nn. 37 ; in th - by lot No. 48, snd northwesterly ty lot No - - 1 uniiiio 10 nreaatn in rroni ana rritr t - i fet. and in lenntli, on ea - h nide, I X) fcet, b? the Ja mire or less ; as the tame conveyed to J id Charlet llebeynse. by Effia?1m Em Ofetaod Mary hit wif - , in and y a certain 0eed,4Med Istdayof Febmiry, 18)1 rt'itb - ' with tiie hereditaments and ap'mr tnaicc UatedNew York, A05. Cth, .SIS. J. L. FELL, niSSawfyjH, JlMter in CUancery. l h& - L wbeu tba at - condd' drawio Hill give to tug uiii uiawa iMimDcr a prua ot ' The firat drawn Dumber every day for 15 dayi will be mulled to a price of lUUO dollar. FloatiiigpiiM whicbfuay be drawn any day are, 1 of 20.OM) DOLLARS 1 of lU,00O do , 1 of 6,i (Ut) do S4 of 1,(XXJ do 51 of ' 1X) do THIS SPLENDID SCHEME OFFERS, prize oi iihmhiu lullaks. 1 do do 1 1 1 2 44. J),0fl) lU.lKK) 6,000 2,000 1,000 do do do do do do do do d do do 61 1UU OiiIt I5.51M 1 if Mi lea than I M.inks to a prize. Every blank Jrawn fur levtrul dati ieu - 1 1 tied to 3d dollars. Adventurers areaiiured tliat this Lottery will be drawn in a suorter uuie ttiao any pottery ev - pr drawn in tliii city, wliii - h wtre ol leiatiiab HALF tlie mmtuile (d tins class. Tins isrerlaimy allaltering circanstance, and all nuu - t at knowlrdge tliat the s'ate of New - York stam a p eemiuet.t in her Lotttrits as la o - tlier iiistitulliiiis. TickoUand Sbarei (warranled nndrawn) will bf sold at the Drt'imt prire ol V8 d illais uiiril tlie oiK - ijina of the wheel oa Tuesday next, wlu - .n ev ery vender of ticketi in this city have couscuted to advance to M auiiars. . Trulv Lucky OJir.e, 122 Broadivuy Wliere the lol'ouii:s Grand Fiizt - s have been sold, being Uie hihe6t evtr sold by any o mcu in America, viz ?i tf in at 15id. .0X),1 lfil .... 9, iS.Oltl, 19U6, 3J,tHWi. 19j4.i, 5,,'JOt), 'Several olbcrs ol .'U,000, 15,000, 10,000, ix. fine a it MhDi'J.lL iUtjVO: LOfTtUiX. DUAWS naiuou 1 iif - tl .) oi XI, at hall six in U.e uiorniiij', wlun Ide first drawn nu.iiber will be twititled to Ont; I UowmA L) jI - lart, ttMt wheels coiittin the s;ilt. - adid i'iiz sot JI'JIJ.UI'U 511,01)0 5.OO0 and man v of l.i.OO Ticketi and shnni undrawn, Tor a!e at tilLL.Sl'lK'b l.oltery & Kxd.:.he Cliire, 1 1 4 Broadway, oppnile Ci'y Ibitt i. at . fur whole Ticket", tiiarci i l 'rojiuaiur:, but urjl ri on I ut vl ty uus u - ' kui l.uiwn tv.. 111.0, vi . 1 ( ;i 1: .s - O er - rti - d oiiills, tine and common L' I'.wier, .ATI. !.! Fools C:p do. ami tariuu ii WrUpj.ii'i t'u pt r ; tpctntr w ith "nii' thini: :u ire itctiratue, ttie illK),t'Wl.iil),0Oi), 10,000, rj.uOii.Mc. cipit il pri zes ul th 5th and ;t.t t las cl tlie Oliiuio Lot tery, now drawing, at th lowest pricci and oil the b'st terms. CaMt advanced fur On ego Pri ze:, &t tbe laic 01 1 r ai.i:mii. U. C. OKACIE k CO. suit C :!t I Jfi Broailway. MIMICAL Mli A'CJi I - Off fit', HlGllESTl I'iilZE 100,000 B EN J AM IX HITLER'S list of drawing 1st Dav. No. 5272 flOOO; no. '9615 100. Remained on hand. I'reaent price of Tickets S - 8 parts 'm pro portion will rise on Tuesday next to Northern anil haitern bank notes are i - ow received at 3 - 4 pr. ct discount by BENJAMIN BUTLER, u 6 tf 27 Wall - street. rpUKI KN I 1EM I'aK. - jW bbitsoll I ur X. nenliue, and 61) do Fnr, allont, nuil lorsale 7 K. U C. W. DA YEN I OR V & CO. iitf 5 XI EW KlCil.UOND FLUl R. b ijttllt b J. su sunerririe Fbiiir from new wheat 100 lo do dj Iruiu new and old do, landing and ,or tale by W.V ? CKAIlt, . . ... ... ..... . au .1 lw t - r - nreei tvrrnuv, im - iii. aw, hkiiiiiu a., O WRAPPING PA PER. . t . , . v mn . ... 1U1. - II1V. l, 60 lln. tcsii '.iO'ron 10 tons Pis Ua l of an excel'e.nt fjurJity 6 casts fai.ett bran, lor prate ruakers lM canes vuri)U qn;!iiy writing puper 20 n Ot j iiiP'tium rinting do 5IW re;iii difTi.Teiit r;ur.lity wrapping paper Just received and f - r sale ny li. G & S HOWLAND. nnj 5 fi7 Washington st - eet. VVLM'O V GL t.v PAIN 1 S, i.c Win Y Y dow GWsof bei ouality, 6 by 8 & 7 by 9, Eugluh Hats, aborted ii cafes, A lew taiesof Eiili - h Curds and Velveteens, One case Chd Ji eu'i black aud drab Faucy Bon net;, trtoimrd, Negro pipes ; small bowl do. Irish Gla) wjio, Hatter's Wtwl How - slring", Old dry Malaga Wiue. Eugl.;'u Whit Lead, dry amliuod ofbestquali - Do. Red Lead, Eartnen Ware, in lots to suit purchasers, I,ou Ion Particular Madeira Wiue of superiour q'lility, A few cases of Irwh Linens aad Diapers, For le by W .M.N LTLSO.N it SOX. anr 3 lw CVVMiiiU.l.E.Mj j,V t'EAOoON, t oulu - str. - et, c:tf: r for sale, CM bolts IIiipim Out k, various inarkl 6 do Kngh - h Pienl Dik k 10,0o0 inecee Loi.g C - mipany Yellow and Blue Nankeens, entitled to debenture 50 ra - s Caiitcn Siiks, confislifcg of ,Grap, Flore itinei, Black and frost b,iir'J !Mkft. Se wini'.Coi'd ti tinn.eahle Sinchews Crajw Shaw.t, Cancaas. Pongees, Cr ba - i'd tnl Ui l'd irarsnets 70 tons E.i;li.h 11 xt Ir m, 5 - 8 to I 1 - 8; Square Kunw oW table, I 1 - 8 to 3in h; 3 iccliflai aeJ!i SO t r b, - .t Yo.Mtf'rig lead Hi halts prime Ui;inl Cotlm 58 ) o mi e il of Ko.cs 30 ouncct vil of t itmam - u ' 3 i u - e - 'i'liikev Cpi'ira. ent. to debeniure 5 l:al - U VS o - i r cawePs Hair 4) pipes r'na'h brandy 3t) ijurrrja.X 1 3Ca 50 Beef SI bui.dl. l)er Skim 2 tm.Vs Turkey Rn; 10 do Rcfue Hops Dutch idles, t:iioc .late and Hernrgs A small snv - Mceof senna, gum liru;acaiitli, if. A generHl atlm - at t.l apothecaries Glass furniture, and witd.JW Gl.i, .rum the Boston ftlMf naauu.act ry. WIHTXt LEAD, Coni'anllr on hand tr. rn tl.e New York Lead Works, ol a stjiermr quality. aag a Et;i . - 1 .1 LIbH & CANTON G)OI)3. ul hirtni27 I ''! VeiveU Ja .net mil CjBj iiic .Juilms bite Quift nig - , Furnitures Cambric Prints Two Grem do rtlack and white do. l - .nibazets Umhr wlat C .lored Cainiinti. Irfiw priced Castimeret Superfine Clotht, Cotton Hosiery Black and Cbanea'de Minchowt t'Hik and Chdiaa' - I" Sariieta Black, Colored and Cro.. - t, II Jlifa. Blue and Cni Si - M - bewt Changeable lrantmet Fitrnmd Snroe. '.red Cranes - - w:ug Silk. Pa'.i.' - n Se.ving Snks Taff - ta Rihtwnn, Ee'girt i isurcd do I'urk'kin Brare, C vris rarasols. Snuff Cuics. t'liopos Uomals for salt .y F. RE MS EN k X). uj 5 SC Sontb - tlrcet. A Brllikh Vessel, of from 2U0 to Sm tuna, to load for Liverpool. Apply to AKCII'U (iKACIE & bO.SS. au S Tbe fast tailing packet acbr. FAK - SY il HENRY. 1 iifoiJ. majiterj is nearly loaded, can take a few tons tnbre light freight, if immediate application u made on board, west tide of Hurling slip . au 5 Tht brig MARY ANN.Capt. Schlor, an excellent vessel, about 2 years old, sail very fast, and has good accommodations for passengers. She will be dispatched without delay, and take what freight anJ passengers may offer by the 5ih August. Apply to the captain on board at pier No 9, E. It. or to J. IL LAURENCE & CO. au 3 lw 55 Fine - sti - eet. t'reigltt fur Churlulon. 300 tons heav) li eight for Charleston, .apply to ANoON u. f HELrs, aut; 4 HiJ front - street. FOW. FENERtFFE, a Thagootl fast sailing brig N VMPH, i A - N. Ilord, majter, will icceive iuameJi - auui. patch. For paisago only, ha iug good accomuiodatjoiis, apply to ' , N. h. IL (J. Ul.H, an 4 ' Uti ;outh - ,trcnt. l.lAKilihNWAUE Jo boa - lit - uds a.,il xo J2i crate, fonniaa well aisorted invoice of HowN, Cups, Saucers - Miik Jui:s,'l ea Fots, Sugars and Creams Mm tio and fancy Jusfl and tiuwls, Qiamhers, Disties, ') urcent Fiat and Sjuii I'iaL't TwiRli rs acd Mulfi.u, of Shepherd and other patterns Received per brig A'.frcd frooi Liverpool. For sale by JOHN B. MURRAY ii AON, 1 13 Pearl - st. . A ho For tale, freight of charter, K5.i'l he above hri, burthen 260 torn, cop - J5j! - i,S,perd to light water mark, an ' J 3t fur CHAKl.HtiTOX, . The schooner VKXl'S, 131 tons, .rJilying at rray's - wharf, a first rate veMei. wi ll eoo - t accoinmoilalioiis tor passcit gers, wiil sjii on e unday nexl. For freight or passage, apply to 1;AAU t. KUK, au 3 tf i'8 MnrrayVwharf. PAbSAUffor JJl' UfLY, fciiv The superior coppcrtd ship l)Ui$ vi - iwLI PAClvEl , Coles, master, is now iH - iilv loaded, and will sail for Dublin in four or live ttavs A few cabin or steerage passen gers, can be handsomely accommodated, and on m - xlerate terms, apply on boai - a. or to J.VUK1 M'BKIDK, S2 Lib - , rty - sli eet. fVi ha fir stile In the Packc - 'e. A gfiieral asMiitnicnl of Irish linens, lawns, slieeliiitrs. diapers, and droglttdas. Al. - o, com mon .is a i - , consistin0 of'Uecanter., w ties. tiiml)ic: - s, saili, c. licit , pocket butties, kC. Sic aud a few iihds ol tasket salt, au 1 lw fur t HKIUiii or LllMulMl, o 1.. ...w,,i .. h - rii'niti'i i,: i: .n 1,1. u A : lay, burthen, will bo ready to rcreive a car - jom3.Uy. Apply to E. HHE, Jy 30 lw 61 South st. ; , . fur fHfUilll or LtlAlilrAi. vi'5 no i31 ea' - '!'S substantial ? hip J&APIA, Alexr. 3. Sutherland, mister, will slow about 2000 bbls. and now ready to take m a cargo, r or terms apply to LA1DLAW, GIKAULT & CO. Jy 31 5t No. OOColfee llousfljlip fUH SALf, The fine sloop MAIULLA, 53 ton, 2 years old, in gooJ order, caa be sent to sea wiOa little expeuce. IN ATORF.. 1G puncheons hue - flavored Jamaica Rum 2 pipes Ccguac brandy , B Midi muscoTatlo suir , , . 3 do uiolasrei. Apply to Jy3i) lw E. FL - HER, 51 Snuth - st. TEA?, WINEs:&:iGiiOCEKlE6. No. 7 Park fiate Ladies A 11c tnn Room.) T 11 R subscriber keips cor.ttaoily for sale a genernl assortaient of first rate Groceries or family uc, ainoi git whkbare liiiiipowiitr lniierial Jl.'ii, Ytmi'g Hyson Hyson kin Siuiionj 61 TP AS rof first ,u iiry pnd I; j iiujioitation. test I otifhong J Iaibi, Lump, ) m'fiAR Havana white and brown l oubie (iloucester, ) niirrcr Holland 4: American J Lemon Juice tjirily Lemons in good order 4th proof Cognac Brandy (genuine) Holland Gin "and Jamaica Spirits Matleira, Port, Claret, L. F. Teneriffe, fc'hetry nnd other Wipes Sweet Oil in Betties and Boltlrfl Spices, W. I. Pepper llibbf:rt's Brown Stout i - pvrm Oil and Candles ; with many other arti'ik - t too numerous to specify, which will be Hd ai a moderate advance, by aug 3 JAMES P. AN DOn, VV ILLIAM BliUCE, M Broadway, near City Hotel, has for sale Shrub and Lime Juice, Old Hock and Cham - Brown Stout nnd Ale Old Cognac Brandy Holland! Gin, and Jamaica Olivet, Capers (Jerkins Onions, Pickles, tzc. Mushroom and Walnut Ketchup Harvey a Quin Sauce India boy Old Java Coffee Fresh Lemons Salt - Petre Teas, I. vf and Lntnp Sugar pices, ic. Steruiceti Candlct Claret nnd Port aug 1 rfjt clt pagne Burgundy Arrack Old Madeira, Eherry Cordialt Old Meth - glin Old Whortleberry Gin Pickled and Sruoaked Herring Cunttnntta and Convent Wine White Wine Vinegar Curry Powder Irish Whiskey I'trtch Brandy Lamp Oil lmon Syrup, fresh Juice from UU.I, MoLAsaEa a; SUGAR. la un c.Vnns Antigna Rum 6H do Molawes, and 12 bhls. Sngttr, rerrived hy the British brig Aiuelia.'froui Antigua, and forsaleby ROBT. (HLI.F.SPIE, a:i? 4 112 Front - street. LEi.llUrvN S I RAW 1 ri Leaboni Flats and Crowns, principally fine, just re ceivcd and for talc by HL'RD & SEWALU nng 4 65 South street. aMKHICAN CLOTHS. lOSEPH TMCOMBkCO No. 1C! IVarl - J ttreet, have iust received 10 pieies American IsuperfiD Blue Clotlis, which will be sj!! chtp, for cash only. AIo oa hand, an extensive assortment of Do - mestic. Woollen, and Cotton Goodijof cvtry d - s - crii tion, at low prices. ' . J 29 LlLOTHSAjCASSIMEREb A lew cases es'ra fine London Cloilis and Casimerei, iu - t received, and lor ttle l.y HURl) k SEWAL! aug 4 65 soiilh - ire t. k.l LT A fLVA f. Ork HUailKLS Litboo Salt ready for d:n:h irg'.ng, for sale by STEi'HEN HATHAVAY,jr. Jy3l lw ggt Froot - fL op stairs. I A.MAICA RUM 310 cmcheon Witt he .) 'ended thisrlaT at the foot or Rector - ?rett, No - ih River, froja oa board the tbipPaciic 1 Vil lJ ROBERT LENOX. J haie iult received 6 case, containing 5 - 4, 4 4, 7 8. and 3 - 4UeathM bbeeUugsacd SKirtinj;! ' - - . . ' i. Eroyvn SbiriingS GinKhasjit ;' ' Slri4res ; CbecKS ; t.1ia bmyt . lieU - TkkiDj aud CaVyeres. . Abo on hand, an extensive assortment of " . I)oojtlic Woollen and Cotton Goods , W idi Y arn ; Boots and Shoes ,Cut Tcks and BradsPkisorted An invoice ol Straw Braid, Sic. All of which will be tuid at low prices fur casl orhoi t credit. Wool, Cotton or Bale Goods received for sale or on storage. - aug 5 KllAl M blids N. L. Ruui. lauoiiu! at C rune - wharf, from sloop Catharine, and fur tale by JAb. D'WOLF, Jun, aui( 5 ,4 Sooth oi reel. KOliKrS. I GiLLEsPlE, NO 112 ( nut street, oirers for sale the" car - goo! the ttrituh br:g Amelia, from Antigua, consisting of punrbeonaRuin . 68 lo Molasses 12 barrels but ar. - IN STORE, 80 hhds. Knitui ky Tobacco 12 d GUI Ricbin.aid do bl'i groce Wine and Portrr Bottlei . 12 bubs prime Upland Cotton A chain Uuble tit for a ship of 400 tons White Port Witie iu Wall. Ronz Red Port W ine in cases of 3 doz. One half Pipe Madeira irujiorted from J amai - ra, price per gallon. aug 4 C rabs and Baftas.for tale by JOrf. OS BORN, ' J 31 2fl S .uth - ntrei t. r Oil b ALE, S K C i i ACRES OF LAND, ly V V J Jn in the town ot Florence, county of Oneida and stale of New - ork. The I lie roadi Irom Rome to Sackets Harbor and Salmon river pass through the town. The coun try adjoining ihe land offered for sale is well settled the soil i good for graM or grain, and tin situation is convenient to produce either to the Jlontrtal or l.ln a Market, beir.t; only J.. miles from the latter plrit - e. I'orfurtlo r iiilornm - tion, apply to Mr. BENJAMIN WRIGHT, at Home, or to v.M. lir.N I ir.UbUN, J 10 eod m 3,lp ( No. 55 Wall street. WRITING Lh blX LEsiO.s. t III DE SPRANGH hat ohtaine I Letters L I Patent of the U. S. for his invention ol teaching the art of Writing in six lesson. II will en.ihle anv person, of whatever age, and notwithstanding any bad tiahits Ihcy may have cuntrni - trrt. to wntrf well and with r.iruilitv. al ter bavin received these lenons. Persons of i' tod capacity be able, by a strict alien Hon, to write well ia four lessons, each lessen of o.iehour. The solid utility argrl merits of this sjiton can be best seen in its particular resu'ls, in those bijutiti ul md variom p. - cinien it hat produced, .010 winch ran be eisiniiied at Air. U. O teach an room. No. 4U Broad - . .tlr. U. H. h tvir,g - yiit returned from Wa - hing - un, Uiere he has muglit wan gn - Ht unci ess, and where his method has been much approved by I l.i beads of government, will remain only lour or Eve weeks in New - York, alter winch time In n.ii't return to Washii gton, to fulfil in en - "ijieincrit made at the solicitation of a number of gentlemen of that cit y. N. B. Mr. D 3. will sell a rat?nt r,gi,t nn( leirn his system of teaching to th'e who wish to purchase it. J "Oemtaw ( HlfFhVS SCVTUKS. GENERALLY considered superior to any o - thers made it Great - Britain : those so juit - ly famed o( Waldrori perhaps not excepted. (Jruers lor the aDuve article taaei, ny SAMUEL CORP. N. B. It is now time to issue ior the ensuing spring, rotiiiderabJe delay in the execution heme :.l..l.1.. I.. .l i. Illin, .llll.tlir. JJ it . - '"I . TY 8CHOOI.KY' Ml'CNTAISl trHlNOt. HEA I H's HOUsE. r III E subscriber, sensibk of the many obhga - J. tiom be is under lor the preference heretofore given to bit house, whilst k!pt by his son, wou'.J hereby return t.11 sincere acknowledgement for pat favors, and at the tame time in form them, thatba intends keeping the house the present season himteir. and that they may rely sjpv.i errrytatUrntiua ftjti.monimattution,, llirtt can uxinv trus Iieailli.'ul anil lasluonahle result useful aad plcaiag ; hii son teinz under the ne. 1 ei - it y of beiue absent this seaLn. he trusts writ not bo found an objection to his establishment, as no pains, expense, or exertion will be want mgto render complete satisfaction. J veoillm JU5r.l t! !lr.lll. i'jWi . A. . :, ..' si.itsi a very protitanie r aiv.m, oi i iu acres, two thirds under cultivation, the residue wood land, situate 1 n tl.e sea shore, a quarter of a mile below the nannws, 011 the Staten island side and a short ride from the steam boat ferry landing. It give n very extensive view of the bay and en - viior.sof New - York, within the Narrows, and of Sandy llook and the ocean For prospect is equalled by none. The title is unquestionable. Two thirds of the purchase money may remain secured upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. Fountain on the premises, or to W. A. SF.ELY, 143 Greenwich - street. TO LET, a convenient new X story home, adjoining the above, with a garden and about an acre ol land. For terms apply at above. mh 3 emltf i.OR SALl nt 84 - Maiden - lane, opposite Gold - st eel, a span of grey carrige HORSES, well Batched St gentle in hupiet. Will lie told low, the owner having no ute for them, aug 3 LOI (GINGa wanted in the country, ior a gentleman, with hit wife, nurse tut. I child, in a pleasant, healthy titaation on thit island. Apply nt 67 South "street, aug 4 ' 1 HIS day is published acd lor sale by R. U 1 W. A. BAR ITW, the Bachelor and Married Man, or 'be Equilibrium to the Balance ol Comfort, in 4 volumes, price 1 75. Kepjxi, a Venetian Story, by Lord Byron, fe - coimI American from third I indi.n edition. (London) YOUTH'S VAGAZINE. The second volume of this interesting work has been completed ; the manner in which it has been re - reived by the public hes induced the publishers to t.iUre the work fa an octavo siz", at the same price, v will le an adJition of sixteen p. - ges for religious intelligence una original mutter, under the direction of a corrqx - tent person The Gordon copy of this misoclUny is conduct ed by a society of gentlenieii (hat have no other object hut tbe good of society. They are nnre milting in their endeavours to m. - ke it useful. Also for aale, a selection of Hymns, for the use nf Social Religious Meetings, and fur Private Devotions, selected by the Reverend Mr. llenshaw. 3y - A Competent person is wanted to collect subscriber for the Youth's Maiariu. Apply to R.b W.A.BARTOW, art 5 3' 351 Peirl street. A DhlJ Ul aCLOGL is rac - ltd till li.e la - i .sV Mm Moday in August instant. 'Tr The public is respectfully informed, that Mr. Jorfl II. hnulh is engaged as urawmj mas ter, aa4 Mr.. SMuff - Iv as tracher of the French, Spaui - h od Germau lang'sages. an3 tlMAug HOitar. H Gl(i. rOa SALE, a bright bay horso, (sound and I"1" gentle) and a lYubionahie. newly built gig. Aurlrat ' PEI ER BURR S Clu1) Stables i'i Sloat Lane hrs 5 3t f 03T. yeste a V HECK on the Median - J - i ic's Hank. for.'JI3 32 - 100 (li s x 11 by te - phen Price, Em. psyme - it of v l.ich is stopped at'helUnk T he finder by bringing iit" M M VAN HOOK. Eq 26 Wall reet, wi I be re - warded. au 5 'Jt A NLKSK WANTED. . MIDDLE tg - d srai ta, who is nli:ied to A take tare ofehidrca, and is disposed t trstrcL Kespectable refereneesill be req aired, oooe n'her need apple. Apply tiaPEN'SER HALSTED, Esq. Eliasbethtown, Ketr - Jcrtey. aug 3 CfTJC auu rot tale or i . ; , TUCKER k. LAURIF.S, . J SI , &) South street. .OUR oiils b. t. Pliimueipbia si per . noe Flour, laudinr frora tcbr Martha, at Oi slip, ibrsale by : - t J3I BOOK!.! A JUllSlU.X. LNGLIall t.OOD.'j. - Jutt received, tbefol Hi lowing Aiticles Cambric Light Fancy Print Two Green do. black and white do. Vigonia Hose, low priced Catsiuteret Tea Ground Furnitures tMier high coloured do Fii.e Jaconet Muslin 0 8 ai:d 6 - 4 Cambric do. for tale by J 31 PETER REMSEN & CO. L ALCUTI A SUGARS. aOO bags, luuuiug, ' und for sale by JOS. Oil!ORX, J 29 'Jit boulli - street. CIO 1 TON, b AKK, IOHACCO, i.c. 7J hales prime Upland Cotton 1 10 hints. Q. C. Bark V0 kegs manufactured Tobacco (! do. pigtail, iu 1 lb. roll, and 17a hhdi. t hooks, for sale hy GRISWOLDS t COATF.3, J 99 b tiouth - ttrent. CIO 1' 1 ON. UO bales prime Upland Gallon, J for sale in lots to suit pun hsaen, by SAUL ALLEY, fill Piue street. aug 5 L10'1"J'. - 4 bales UpUnd Cotlou, for sale by K.k G. W. DAVENPORT ii CO. ant; 5 FilEsH t'INE. APPLES. DOZEN very superior llaanaugar - SO loaf Puie Apples, fast received, aud For sale by aug A 3t A NTH ON 1 TRAP PAN, U9 Fly - market. fKE?H ANDTt 'UK It EN I s. 7 V. PELL C. will sell to - morrow, in y . front of their store 55 small barrels of very line fre4i Currents just imported and w or thy the attention of grocers and fruiters. nogi KEN 1Mb COTTONS Ai V .Lll PLAINS. 40 bales ol Kendal Cottons) Of suieriur 30 do Welsh Plains, ) fabric. Just rcceiied per Importer, and for tale at 7) Pine street, by aug4 1w PROCTOR & MATHERS. I710U h - tLE, a bright bay HOhOf, G years old; sound, anJ kind iu harness excellent under the saddls. He is told for no fault, but bei au - e the cwnrr hat no u?c for him. Price, one biitidi id and liily dollars standi at .Miaw'i ttablc 111 Libnty - tt. near Lroadnay. ;iu 4 I w IN TELLIGENCE OFFICE. JOSEPH D. MGKAOY rtspectlul y inronus the public, tt.Ht be lifts opened an Intelli gence olli.e'at his house, Ul Fly Market, between pearl and Waler - itreets. Families uia he accommodated wiih seivauts, house - Jcec pi rs, tic. fcc. Servauli, He. with sa'nlactory recntn - niendalinns, Pti plietl with good si unions. Or ders from the country promptly attended to. aus 4 I in hi. GEORGE'S CHURCH. VPEW eligibly situated in St. George's Church, lor sale. Enquire at 94 Willi. 111 - street. an I 4t AI.IV I.A,V BOOK ii IO UK. LAKE'S CHANCERY PRACTICE Containing all the rrot ceding nf a suit, as well in the court of chancery at in the court (or the trial of impi achnicais, and correction of er rars, for tl.e stat? of New - York. Thit hook c ontdini about 700 mgc s octavo, nnd is said b professional gentlemen to be all impoitant to the prac titioner in this court, hen. g the only Wine rican productir 11 on thit subject : and to the stu - (1. nt it it invaluable, as it exhibits in a very clear und lucid manner, step by step, tbe pro grikt ol a suit, in all itt minutia, from tbe com mencement to the nitul termination or it accompanied with an appendix, containing prece dents ul the most approved tortus, smi.iiiie to every case that can possibly occur in the course of a suit. Just publnned and lor suie ty li. BANKS, Opposite City Hull. Corner of Nassau and Spruce streets, ang 4 I m 0X7 - fortuiteiimtlrs,at.1l.LfA"o' t jfict. we nonce Dylhe Baltimore papers, tint n oU.;y, m In. h drew on Friday a urie of 5C0 dob lars in Ihe Masonic - Hall Lottery of Baltimore, rtmatnta whom ui s.i..i,r.r3' J.ucky Uincs. A lew dnyi since .No. b5, which drew a prize ul 1 0,000 dollars, rtmatiud untold at the tame ijj'u - e. niic. ( Drwk to her uho lunif Drink to those who long Have dealt io prizes bih. The men of whom the throng Such tuckn number buy. Oh ! Fortune's horn was made For ALLENV bands to hold ; No others of the trade Can furnish half the gold. Then Aire's iu Ihotc who long, tie. At Fortune's glittering feast, When 7'oi and It it once stood, They ask'd henrAicA might taste ?" She answered " be who'cou.'d." Toor Labor toilM for nought, But found it would not do ; While WU a llCKET bought, And ate enough for two. Then hcrt1! lo those uho long, ke. The man who seeks a home Where wealth and grandeur shine, ' To ALLENa' lei bin. roam, Who keep the golden mine. The goddess whom we lute Can boast a higher sphere f Her native home's above, Though ALLENa keep her here, Tie;i Aeic'z to thott sriv long, tic. a ue 5 irr" fortune imiict on ft ma e siiivenlurtTt at I H All E'S. H ill the Capital Prize, W.OtlO dollars, Sold at W AI 1'E'S last week, is the pro pi - rty ol a lady, whose name it nt to be miidt l)iil,!ic ; she yesterday presented the prire at lie ir t.fiite, and immediately received the cash. aug i .voir MIAIVLVC, rpTHF. most Splendid Lottery ever granted JL in this state. MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, 100,000 Dollait) S t. "t Prize,. 10.00') do. ) The first drawn number every day's draw tng. tor la cinys, win oe eniitieu 10 iuvu uois I heic arc also floating in the wheel, ami ma) be diawn 011 any dty, 1 of i!J,000 Dollar 1 of 10.000 Dollar 1 of 5,000 Dollars, And not two blank to a prue. Payment of prizes guaranteed by t ie state of New - York. Ticket and Shares at W AMES' Truly fortunate lottery k exchange office, I'O. 54 .Maiden - Une, Where the highest prue ever told in shares of tickets in this city, was lately obtained, vir. No. 38706 35,000 dollars ilw last ek. No. 13894 30,000 ctolltit in bait and two qu - r - ters. ,Uie half bat since been paid at Wairx't u5 OKEItT WHITE'S Lit of tt.tia the iledicl aciein.e Letti ry. 1st day drawing. No. 5373. i'AW ro'lirs 9i 45, K"J I 'oiiar Will draw sg - .in iwxl Tu?fd3j. CAPITAL PRIZE."'. 1 priz - ol 10J.UH) COLLARS - 1 d ol f.'I.OOJ do I do of TO.tHM do 1 d of 10.000 do Tickets and Shares in this splendid Lottery foi tin oy i - . s ;vii rn jar. 1 t - roaaway. - I L - 1. IUIII, .0 - i. " tins day lu uvnt ol llifc tune ui Vii. BY MILLS, MINT05 4Z Friday, , At 1 1 o'clock in front i their auction it', rev 1411 Ptari street, - 60 ikztn American Prrttr.r. ti d SI oczea Loudou fiiown Siut ;aio SO boxV et superior cider. 'i '' . ' V. BY J. PAXTON k CO. Friday, At half past 9 o'clock, at their auction ronjnl a large and general assortment of ready mails' clothing, some ot wluoh are ot the brstqitalim Ihe Contents of acIolhioL' store, sold bt 01 del of tbc therilf. ' v Saturday. lOoMotk, at the Biiciinu room, 73 Wall - st. ' 4 trunks coats, with other articles, which were b it ou board the Moses brcwu, on' her arrival from Liverpool in Nov. l.ut, unless called lor previously and the expenses paid tbereou. '1 hey will I e struck olT to the highest bidder. .U.1lllit. tVJt Jilll.OJAO, r. riJIEproprittortol the jouthem auarblc qua JL rici, near King's - Bridg, give notice, that they have ou hand, and i.rc receiving, at the Kmg'M - Dridc Xarllc and Lime - 1 md, foot rf Bcat.h - street, on the lliubon river, an extensive stock ol marble lor building, ol the following d - scripiions, viz : Ashlar Watertable 'oping Fouutlatiun Eton Chimuey - PieCet Facings Columns S'.cpi Platforms Sdli, l.mlels Arches Also Lime of the best quality. lr A coo'lant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon; and those desirous cf (lufchaiiu;, or makiiig cnrascnicnts, will apply 10 ' EZRA LUDLOW, Feb II At the Yard., Mi.i E JO I.O.I A. fn 4 ti IDoLLARi? to loan, in rums to O ,OvJv" suit applicants, ou bond with mortgage upon approved piopeity. ALfcU, 40,000 dollars on approved paper, guaranteed by bank stuck. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 107 Watcr - rtrcet. Where application may le ijeneially made through the year, and moitgages dispiktdol. Je vfi tf JO Lt'.lj't. 'i .J, J V. V bond Mid LMorljrUrt upon propaiti in the city of New - Yoik. Apply to J. G. BDGERT, Jy8 133 Waler - tt. A "1 I'OLLAKS lo hj limned, 1U,UUU on real estate in this city, in t'Jii.i ii. I l s id. 01 f KiOO. Apple In ROBINSOM, 1 OWN, at til'CNSO.V, Slock and Exchntijie Brokers, 44 Wull - sf. , nng5lw , COR.Nt.LIUa LutiEK'l, A7TOUAKi COtAM - .f - lOl AT LAW, .1M JWTAIiY PI C COMMISSIONER, authorised lo bike Afli - y davils and Special Bail in uuy Couit of Record ot (his State, the proof hu.I ac knowledge mr nt of Deeds, nnd docli:trges ot Mortgages Abo Affidavits, Bail and the. deposition of witnesses dr. bene rue, in the li li ict aud Cir cuit Courts of the United States, continue. hit office at No. I i Cedar - street. jy 22 1m 'iU .ll.Ali.1Msi MKHi H.IJS Ta. PET EU a A - SrTLIUMNS, Co.HMISSiUM MSRIIIAN - IS, LLAKKi.EY, Mobile - Bay. nAVE extensive store buiiesar.d i:t eive und forward aonds, coiton, acc. irt - bf cartage and wharfage. Ytsril anil tiniKr lay along side ol their stores. Shippers will please apply to i;AI. IN SPEAR, Boston. PETERS ii I1EHK1CK, N. Yf.rlr. EMLEN at Ho WELL, Pbiladcliiliia. JytStl (jj - JA.El 1). STOUT, Eiuraver and real Cotier, removed lo VO l.iberty - streei, rtar Greenwic.h - tl.reet. Jy H 3m l or fvgtund, ita Haltox, A', ii. , 03" LETTERS lor His Britannic Majesty' Piickct Oqrehstierry, will be received at Ihe Post Office till Wtdueiday afternoon, the Mb day of August. Jil T. W. MOORE, Agent. IXJ - Wanted, a ilia. A;. ply to .ty 21 .'il titlicer tin - u shi lu iu - J. li. BOt.EKT, f.fir,. No. tr8 W..ier.strcet. .viLCTMNR a' liA.K. 03r The Stockhi'ltlcrs are iiif .ru. ed that a tivi.iend of f'.in per cent, out ol the 1 rcil lor the last six months, will be paid on Ihe Ul of August next By order of the President ar.d Directors. J 7 liu W. FISH, Cashier. BOARDING. ITMGHT or ten gentlemen, who are tlci irons of Hi obtaining hoard in a ple.nant and retired past of tbe city, can be nerouiuiodalcd im a private family, at No. 49 Chtr street. '1 be improvements which have lulcly been uud iu this sir et and its retired situation, it is presumed will iru - tier it a desirable letreal from tbe n iv and buttle ol business, aug 3 lot A Kit' AMKUlVAJf AIL.1S. SUBSCRIBERS to Tanner, Yilnnci, Kear - j ney K Co. new American Atlai, are 10I rm - ed that the first numbcl hut been tinip! ted and is now ready lor delivering at 1 pot A Dunning1, io. ill Wrtler - Slreel. hue j lv BED LUGS. To the Laditt and (ienllemtn, of the e ill nAew - 1 OIK. BENJAMIN TIFFIN, hug destrajer, (from London,) bees leave to 1 ff:r his sen ices to all those who an - troubled with thote nm tiirnul invaders of their r st. His pr.cei will te low. and inethcd ff. t tual, l.nv.r.g been 4l) vnirs in C Histant practice ; hashadllic commands of most of the gentry and Sot i. - iy ol Fnendi iu l.ondon, now resides at No. ..Ht) Howei v. Ortlert nt Mr. W il - on's. Tailor. No. 8 J.ihn street, will he thai, khuly received and I urn tu tl!y nttentlrd to. .. it. i.elc tence as tot briractcr c.n l.ebad. aug 4 61 J& l.t:ox. No. 4 Courtlandt - strett, near llnsdwav, im - fx.rtersofthe f.ifffi - P nt. PA TEST L1.P, base Ihe ple - i'iire to i ti - ni tbe pill lie and their lri ndi that they have j - - ' recti . - d au 1 x't iimv a - t.Ttaiei.l el the above i am;i, ol ihe mcvt re - cin; imi'iovemrnt!. 1 thin tt A gec - ral a - to - tment of j .i.l l.nrapc, for chimr.ry pieces tiJe - lo - rd , tal les.&j.fcr nf ik nnd ib g mt j in, whic h I. r or - " arc inri!'e t wi - h nament and utility. jrett sanely of o'tn r Iimp, i h a have nevr been introduced b li.rt : a'l of whkh ar wr anted ".i.hct, acd it o brrVKe, may bl re - turncJ. Hans alo reridvcl a Rtcat of t aitjs Giasis end Lcsn j U icki, uuhLIc lor al! kUid - of lamu. N. ft All orders in theii line ccntd wilh fa'Uh'.Uitiess nnd ; ntH - tuili'T. A l.ber:l ldoc - t.on to rhole'lr ill t ati.'S tf And ji c - iuUi civ:i iajm'x'iably. a snug U'i i'vi hoes? in ti.r firs! w - r.t. well ear - cu.a'ed for a rorLS,iipg iw a - eor Ui. - e lamily I'be hou r viitses. r .s ruoa.s nti kltc hen 011 th" fi t'floi - :: lar;e re liar, aim !( mnohat - a Tnter. will be xoder&te. Ueet. To p.ri treant ine n il looaire li Uieenjs ca - a ! I ' ' - . " - .V - 1 v r - ; ... , ' i .' - ' '''' ;' '.:,'! ' V . I I' ! , 1 '( '' i i 1 f !' 1 I -

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