The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 28, 1943 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1943
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

.THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 1943 LeRoy Commercial Club Has Dinner; ;0fficers Take Duties LeROY, Minn.--The members of he Commercial c!ub had a 6:30, To'clock dinner Tuesday at the I Olive GiJbertson, accompanist. The men's quartet, J. C. Ber« S Value, O. SaU-e, O. Wafstad and the Re\'. M. T. Johnson sang "To Deum" and "I've Been Listenin'" The new olficers, L. H. Marlz president, and G. H. Summicht, secretary, took over their duties. .the Commercial club had a 6:30 i A committee was appointed to j contact the railroad company as .-Community building. Guest speak- an^nMifs Th""!, dCU °' S , mnfmings n i h t s . Tim honor roll of serv- ' MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ·American Legion and chairman o f 1 the Austin draft board. i The high sciiool girls sextet sang LETTERS TO AXSIVEB When S. \V. Kier of the U. Judd Attacks Municipalities League in Iowa House Talk " Blackout Bill, Which Secretary Pierce Had Attacked, Introduced was lonesome, so the Glenwood Opinion-Tribune notified girls by publication, at his request, that he \yanled letters. The letter published in ihc paper brought about 200 letters to Kier and he is still busy trying to catch up on his let. ..,, «··'· "-^";i =miK \viien a. \v. K.ier ot the U S ^Angels of Mercy" with Miss'navy first entered the service he * every one. 25 Hereford Bulls from Ionia Farm Bring $12;000 in Denver Sale Stock show at Dsnver. Colo, last week. Two of the bulls brought 51,000 each. PROOF i . S. Boynton o£ near Weldon IONIA -- Twenty-five Hereford i has Ule P roo£ to sl) °w that he has bulls from the farm near here Thanks SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY JANUARY 29-30 BEANS CUT GREEN , BEANS CUT WAX . . Mayflower 2 No. 2 Cans Large Package 24. 4 Large Bars 19 3 MeJ. Sice IVORY FLAKES 24c Large Package Mayllower 2 X0.2 Cans Northern TOILET TISSUE CORN TOMATOES NAVY BEANS 27c 27c 4 tor While cream style. IVIa.vfiov/er C'atis Choice Hand Picked . Blue Hose Extra Fancy ..... . ........ ,,,; Jnck Sprat Quick or Jleg. ROLLED OATS Swonsdown CAKE FLOUR. . PANCAKE FLOUR $S CHEERIOATS 2 CORN FLAKES GRAPE-NUTS . POTATOES CABBAGE ib.6c WINESAPS APPLES 3ibs.25c ORANGES,, ,39c Idaho Russets HUSKY DOG FOOD DES MOINES, OT--Representative William N. Judd (R.-Clinton,) , _, ,, -- Wednesday made a verbal attack || assures the Opin- on the league at. Iowa municipal- he appreciate'd ! i' lc ^ a* a blackout bili sponsored I by Judd and others was introduced in the house. Frank Pierce, executive secretary o£ the league, recently'ques- tioned the legality and the practicability of blackout ordinances which have been enacted in several cities in Iowa. Pierces's comments were made in an editorial in the organizations' publication, Iowa municinalit ! ?s. The foil) iuiroarTM!! Wefinis- day would legalize blackout ordinance's. It would "authorize and direct" the state and Us political subdivisions to carry out blackouts and air raid protection measures at various intervals and promulgate such orders, rules and regulations as were considered necessary to protect life and property during such blackouts. * * * Neither the state, its" sub'-di visions, organizations nor individ uals carrying out such order, would be liable for properly and persona] damage as a result such activity. The measure, effective upon publication, would make the penalty for any crime committed during the blackout or air raic warning practice double that normally provided in the statute. Pierce contended that bJaekou ordinances were literally no worth the paper they were written on, that the state or its subdivisions could not escape liability 23C by nassin S a law saying thej "" wouldn't accept it and that there was no statutory authority gh'ing I JC citics the right to pass such ordinances. ·)-] ¥ * * ^ ' C Judtl, in a statement to newsmen, said "I hope this bill to !e- g a l i z e blackouls ivill be enacted into law so we will not have any more wild ideas from Individuals regarding legality of blackouts. "Very recently the . state was given a lot of unreasonable and unnecessary publicity regarding blackouts by an officer of the Iowa league of municipalities. Perhaps we could be enlightened some if we knew a little more about the Iowa league of municipalities and I would appreciate very much if someone would inform me who organized the league . . .? "Who solicits .membership in the league? Who solicits advertising- for the magazine? Who is paid for the advertising in this magazine? Who prints the ma-a- zine? Who owns the printing shop where it is printed? Who are the salaried officers in the league? "IVIir should t a x p a y e r s ' money he spent for membership? Who pays' the bill for several of (lie city officials (o So to the yearly, conventions? Tell me above all thinjfs, what benefits does any city derive from membership in the league, who have a city attorney and city engineer, other than the pleasure of snending the taxpayers money?" * * * Judd's comment did not mention Pierce by name. Other signers of the blackout measure were Representatives Harold F. Nelson (R.-Sioux City). Dewey S. Butterfield CR--Waterloo). Robert Carlson (R.-Sioux City) and W. P. Knowlton (R.-Decorah). Sioux City, home of two of the sponsors is one of the places which has a blackout ordinance and during the recent nine state blackout, several persons were fined there' for violation of regulations. ' Brown-St. Clair sold for $12,000 last week at the National Western paid for and received the Osceola Sentinel for-21 years. He has each receipt received when he renewed his subscription every year. -- _ 2 1 C 41 01. ^c rkf. ZiC I ' i l b . 1 E- Bar 15C 29c y k - 9c VANILLA. OflL I · · " Boxes' | Q Jock Sprat--Plain or Iodized · MATCHES 25 True American SUN-X BLEACH Quart Borrfe 12 JACK SPRATS / Jli Mason City Stores «, «, WILL *N GROCERY 49* Fifteenth St. N. W. p hone 241 THOMPSON-O'NEIU CO. 121 North Federal p hone m ». « H , IC v AGO MEAT fr GROCERY KS S. Jackson Phone 99S «« v ,K r ? A R L G R U P P 1323 North Federal Phone m BARRETT BROS. CO 20 Second St. X. E. W " rhonc 43 6is ISTh D I"J s J ACK SPRAT STORE 616 South Federal Phone m Out-of-Town Stores JOE MACKU . II. BANG . .................. URDAHL * VOI.D .* ...... ' ....... No TED HMIPHnEX .. ·;. : :V. ...... p L. V. J ACOBSON . . . . . . ....... Nora W. S. KELSEX . . . . . . ............ WM. Y K R K K S ... ............ ED M AROXEY ................. S » s ............ ' ....... A M SOI Thornton Sheffield Iowa U. Ranks 12th in Giving Higher Degrees IOWA CITY--Twelfth among American and Canadian colleges and universities in number ot doctorate degrees granted in ]3^1-42 is the place of the University of Io\va. This is shown in an annual survey compiled for the volume "Doctoral Dissertations Accepted by American and Canadian Universities, 1941-42." It is the ninth annuarbook of its kind published by the Association of Research Libraries. At the University of Towa, 10D doctor of philosophy degrees were awarded. The leader. ^University of Chicago, granted 107: Columbia university, 137; and Wisconsin 163. Other institutions ranking above Tpwa" in number of degrees are New York university, California, Harvard, Ohio State. Yale, Cornell, Minnesota, and Illinois. JOIN BOOK CAMPAIGN' NORTmyqOD -- Miss May Smith, librarian in the Northwood public library, announces that the local library will join in the victory book campaisn which seeks to obtain books for shipment to army and navy training centers for use o£ the service men. Army and navy officers say popular fiction and non-fiction, adventure stories, western, detective and mystery fiction, technical books in the fields of mathematics, electricity, radio. ~ aeronautics and navigation, and humorous books arc the favorites among service men. Buy War Savings Bonds and Mamps from your Globe-Gazelle carrier bo*. Thompson 0Neil Co. ';,?' SERVICE GROCERS '»«« CONSISTENTLY FINE FOODS PRICED RIGHT ~ PHONE US YOUR ORDERS -Bird's Eye Frosted Foods String B e q j » » . . , . ' . ' . . 25c Gr. Lima B e a n s . . . . . 30e Green Peas. . . 26e . Brussel Sprouts..., 34 C STRAWBERRIES, Stemmed, Sliced, Sugared. Equols Quorr Freh B«rrie. . . . . Sunkist ORANGES Med. Size Doz. 39c Large Size Doz. 49c NO. 1 RUSSETS 10 Ib. . Beef Roost*, Fancy Chuck, Ib.. j Navy Beans, 3 Ibs fork. Roasts, Loin Ends, Ib'. 25c 29c Bacon, VA^ PlaHer Slices, lb...J7C Fresh Dressed Chickens. Fresh Oysters, Fresh Fish Blue Rose Rice, 2 Ibs.. 25c Comb Honey, Square 23C Oatmeal, Large, Jack Sprat 21c Home-Made Breed., l i e ""···^"^···^."^i"^*^^^^^^^^^^^ ; Tomato Juice, «·*· -Large 46-ox. Cans OG MORTHERN TISSUE made of 4 Rolls WRTHW TOWELS Northern Towels 2 FOE k 19 Size . Small Size . LIFEBUOY ii» D E L I V E R Y *~ S FOOD STORE .1325N_FEDERAL- JS£ OUR PAtKlHG ior-PHOKt +2C , PLATTER SLICED B A C O N . . . . . . Ib. 35c Pure Pork SAUSAGE. U, S. Good T-BONE STEAK, Ib. FRESH DRESSED FOWL -- PHONE EARLY 3-lb. Jar The Flavor Saver 69 Nabisco Shredded Wheat. . . . 2 Pkgs. Sweerose or Kara Syrup, Vz Gallon. . J9c PANCAKE FLOUR' targe Package Horse and Buggy 19c Omar 25e Griddle Mix , . . 25c Jock Sprar 19c Pillsbury - 29c FLOUR SALE Occident. . . . 49 Ibs. $2.29 Omar 49 Ibs. $2.29 Tru-Blu 49 Ibs. $1.89 Sweet Sue. . . 49 Ibs. $1.69 Good Cobbler Potatoes.... Peck 39c 200 Size Sunkist Oranges DOS. Texas-Seediest Grapefruit... 7 for Red Chili Beans 2 Ibs. Hand Picked · *k _ Navy Beans, 2 (bs. 1"C Bulk Cottage Cheese Ib. IOC Bulk Sauerkrour. qt. Pure Lard Fancy Bulk Mince Meat Ib. 18c Ib. CORN COUNTRY BUTTER 0 ^ 49e Monarch Strawberry PRESERVES, 4'A-lb. C o n . . No. 10 Can BOYSENBERRIES. No. 10 Red Pitted CHERRIES, ft Con 98C No. 10 Can PEACHES 69c For Actir* Lofhcr Facial* 3 Bars 19 READ ALL OF THE LARGE JACK SPRAT %D FOR IXTERESTING "WEEK-END SPECIALS" ·WE LIMIT QUANTITIES- DIAMOND BROS. from Sears, Roebuck 30 Eni State Street Across SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY and SATURDAY No. 10 Can Bartlett Pears. 73c NO. 10 CAN Prunes 37c NO. 10 CAN CROSBY Corn.. 49c 48 OZ. BOX i Oatmeal. IJc ·49 Ib. Bag Diamond's Best Hour.. $1.94 46-oz. Can Campbell's TOMATO . -s JUICE ;.. 21c 2. Boxes i* 9m CHEERIOATS Z)C ^B. BAG EXTRA FANCY Rice.... 27c 5 LB. BAG Coritneal 17c 2 Large Boxes D. B. CORN FLAKES 3 LB. CAN Crisco .. 67c AMERICAN CREAM LB Cheese.. 32c ·5S OZ. CAN Grapefruit Juice ..... 29c 3-lb. Can D. B. SHORTENING.. LADY CORINNE PRESERVES All Flavors Except Strawberry and Raspberry, -t n 1 Ib. Jar IOC LEWIS 3 CANS Lye..... 25c 32-oz. Bottle O. B. BLEACH 7-OZ. JAR HEINZ Mustard. lOc Gerber's BABY OR JUNIOR FOOD 4 cans 29c LB. COMBINATION BAR ^ Cookies . 15c 35c CALL DATES, Per tb Marsh Seedless GRAPEFRUIT, 10 Household Salvage YOU'RE IN THIS WAR, TOO! Here's a tricky campaign to handle, because In the words of Donald Nelson, "It is a problem that can be licked only by American initiative, American muscle and American will to win!" There is no single jjest way to collect scrap and no single best way to persuade people to save it Fats arc essential to the' production of glycerine, which make's explosives to blast the Axis. Silk stockings are needed as powder bags to hold the charge that speeds Amen" an shells across no-man's-land. Tin is a vital ingredient in the making of steel, of electrical equipment, etc. Rags arc needed to wipe machinery and clean gum,-, for a hundred and one other purposes in our mechanized fighting units Hope and string is transformed into hawsers and tow lines, moorings and boat cranes. Every single ounce o£ rubber we can lay our hands on adds.more time to the life of a plane, truck tank, or car. It's all junk, but it's all needed .'. , desperately' ., . and NOW. You can do your part, we kriow.x TURN YOUR HOUSE INSIDE OUT! Throw Your Scrap Into the Fight. TIN . STOCKINGS . RUBBER . RAGS . ROPE . FATS 3 CAKES PALMOL1VE 1 LB. PKG. FANCY ^-- -* *-A» j. iki_r. a £1,l.\^ L Soap....20c Currants.20c Large Box' t1*t SUPER SUDS Z1C 10 Giant Bars Crystal White Soap.... 4 Jc 1 GIANT AND 1 LARGE PKG. VEL 94c VALUE FOR 68 Cents D. B. JELL POWDER, All Flavors . . ; 5c When meat is a little scarce try Van Camp's Tenderoni, 2 pkgs. for 19c one free. 8 OZ. BOTTLE IMITATION VANILLA _ lOc 29c 6 OZ. CAN TUNA FISH 100-Ib Bag DAIRY FEED. 2 No. 2'.4 Cans SEEDLESS Grapes.. 25c 6 Rolls Premier TOILET PAPER. 3'/2-lb. Bag Reputation PANCAKE « M~ FLOUR 1/C Coast Frozen PIKE, 2 Ibr... 49 Ib. Bag GOLD MEDAL Flour.. $2,25 '/z-lb. Pkg. Extra Large WALNUT MEATS 6-OZ. JAR Piaentoes25c Dry Prunes, 2 Ibs. 25c Seedless Raisins, Ib, 12c Dry PEARS, per Ib. lie CHOICE DRIED · LBS Peaches . 33c Got. Jug PURE CIDER Fresh OYSTERS. Per Pint .FANCY WISCONSIN Cranberries, Ib _...._ 21c FLORIDA" JUICE EQZ Oranges. 20c California ORANGES PER DOZEN 176 288 220 43c 26c TANGERINES, Dozen for 15 LEMONS, doz _ 35c BLEACHED CELERY, per Ib. . 15 C FANCY JONATHANS 3 Ibs.... 23c; bu 2.95 Northern POTATOES U. S/NOj 1 STOCK Ohips, Cobblers or Triumphs, peck . . 42c 100 LB. BAG--2.50 IDAHO PK. GRANULATED LB Sugar . . 6»ic 5-lb. Jar Golden or White SYRUP Russets . 45c 100 LB. BAG--2.90 Cabbage . ?c 2 BUNCHES Carrots . 15c 5c DRY ONIONS, Per Pound

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