Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 11, 1943 · Page 6
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 6

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1943
Page 6
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r.: f and Published in La Porte City, lo afternoon. EVERETT H. SMITH E SUBSCRIPTION Black Hawk county and ad, ships in Benton, Tama a counties, per year Elsewhere in Iowa Elsewhere in United States. Strictly Cash in ., Entered as second class matte at La Porte City, la., under * I EDITORIALS The popular thing for a newspaper to do these days, while its readers are trembling at the thought of the 1942 income tax returns they must make to Uncle Sam next month, is to ad- Ruml Plan Should vocate adoption of the Be Defeated "cure-all" Ruml plan, which would forgive the 1942 taxes payable this year and start collecting the 1943 taxes 'in weekly or monthly installments sometime later this year. After most careful consideration of the plan, however, the Progress-Review feels that it must in all honesty take the opposite vie\\ of the matter. We feel that the 1942 taxes should NOT he forgiven, and that if the pay-as-you-go plan is adopted, we mu.-,t face the prospect of double taxation this year while the change-over is being made. The plan is naturally attractive to voters all over the country, so that once it was proposed, it was possible to keep it under serious consideration without much effort on the part of those who are back of it. It is our belief, however, that the plan was devised by Wall Street financial interests to permit retention of the top-heavy war profits made by many of the country's big manufacturers during 1942, and that it is being foisted on the nation by these interests in such a clever manner that the small taxpayer has been led to believe that he is the real beneficiary. True, Mr. Ruml and an anonymous list of "leading economists" say that the government will lose nothing through putting the plan into effect. -What has gone almost unnoticed is Mr. Ruml's admission that this is not true unless the national income remains at the present level, or increases, every year in the future. Barring an inflation designed to boost the national income artificially, we submit that this condition is impossible of attainment, and that Mr. Ruml's whole argument that the nation will not lose falls flat when this assumption is exploded. Stop and think. We know that arithmetic makes dry reading, but it is necessary to use some of the stuff to get at the facts of this matter. Suppose that a large company makes a million dollars in 1942, the same in 1943, and then drops to a hundred thousand dollars profit in 1944 and succeeding years if the war has ended by then. Assume that the company pays an income tax of 50 per cent of its profits on each of these years' incomes. Actually it will pay more, especially in the million dollar years, but this fact only strengthens the argument. We'll use the round numbers to simplify the illustration. Under the present plan, that company has to pay the government a half million dollars this year on 1942 income, and the same next year on 1943 incomes. From then on it will pay fifty thousand dollars a year. Under the Ruml plan, the half million dollars due on war-swollen 1942 incomes will be "forgiven" but a half million will be paid this year on the 1943 war incomes. From then on the government will get just fifty thousand a year from this company. Any grade school arithmetic student ' will tell you that the government will lose $450,000 on this plan. The big manufacturer will save it, and we little taxpayers will make it up in future years as we 'stuggle to pay off the nation's indebtedness. This was to be a war in which no profiteers got rich. The theory was that if anyone made excessive profits on war contracts, these profits would be taxed away from him. The Ruml plan wipes out this theory, and protects the profiteer on his 1942 war income! Let's stop .kidding ourselves. If the Ruml plan is adopted, it will at best be but a small temporary relief to small way to turn back 1 public opinion. T newspaper which al ry n, o- aublican to say John Steinbeck's "The Moon Is Down" has been designated leader of the ten oustanding novels of 1942, and "They Were Expendable" by W. L. White as first in nonfiction, in the third annual nation, wide poll of literary critics con. ducted by the Book of the Month club, it was announced by Dr. Henry Seidel Canby, Chairman of the Club's editorial committee. Bullets were mailed to 250 critics on newspapers and magazines of ·whom 201 sent in their votes to the club. The ten leading navels chosen by the critics were: "The Moon Is Down," "The Song of Berna dettc," "The Seventh Cross," that the Republicans are wrong, and the administration is right. This time four years ago the country was in a ferment of debate over whether or not President Roosevelt would break tradition and run for a third term. Now with the fourth term question as much of a mystery as was the third term one four years ago, few seem to be paying much attention to the question of whether the President will be a candidate to succeed himself. We predict, however, that the President will make an attempt to gain his party's nomination next year, and that he will have a good chance of succeeding for the simple reason that there is no other man in his party with the popular backing needed to stop him. We further predict, though, that Mr. Roosevelt's fourth-term bid will be slapped down at the general elections in the fall of 1944, and that the Republican winner will be Mr. Willkie if the war is still in progress or one of the more nationalist-minded Republicans if peace has by then been achieved. We are glad this week to welcome a new and distinguished recruit to the thin ranks of those who, like the Progress- Review, think that the war against Hitler is going to end in the near future. The latest to express this opinion is none other than Joe Stalin over in Moscow, who probably is in as good a position to estimate Germany's dwindling strength as any of the self-styled "military experts" in Washington. He apparently is of the opinion that there just won't be any German army left by the time his boys have dynamited their way through to that mysterious "final defense line" just east of the German frontiers. Move over, Drew Pearson and Admiral Halsey, and make room for one more cheerful optimist! We are sorry to learn that Senator Guy M. Gillette is determined to stand by his earlier decision not to run for reelection next year. We have said several times in the past that we consider Iowa's senior senator--a Democrat--as coming closer to representing rank and file Republican views in this state than do mosi prospective Republican aspirants to his senate seat. We should like to see Senator Gillette reconsider his decision not to be a candidate for re-election. "Dragon Seed," Monntain," "The "Look Pied to the , Piper," "And Now Tomorrow," "The Just and the Unjust," "Signed With Their Honour," "Hostages," The ten leading non_fiction books were: "They Were EzpcncL able," "Cross Creek," "Plight to Arras," "Victory Through Air Power," "The Last Time I Saw Paris," "Mission to Moscow," "See Here, Private Hargrove," "Paul Revere And the World He Lived In," "The Raft," "Last Train From Berlin." The first five hooka in the fie. tion lieting and the first two in non_fiction were originally Book of the Month club selections, while of the total of twenty books, eleven were books of the month. These were, in fiction: "The Moon Is Down" (April); "The Song of Bemadette" (June); "The Seventh Cross" (October); "Dragon. Seed" (February); "Look to the Mount. ain"" (November); "The Just and the Unjust" (August); non. fiction: "They Were Expendable" (October); "Cross Creek" (April); "Victory Through Air Power" (June); "Paul Revere And thu World He Lived In" (July); "The Raft" (September). · * * A heartening story is reported in "The Pocket Book of War Humor," edited by Bennett Cerf, about some Marines from Cavite before the fall of Manila. A Jap officer, harassed by n Marine sharpshooter on top of a steep hill, dispatched his entire platoon to knock off the Leatherneck. Shortly, the platoon returned, minus several men and the Marine. "Why have you come back?" the officer demanded. "So sorry," spoke up a Jap non com, "but there were two Marines." * « * Ira Wolfert relates this one in his "Battle for the Solomons." One day Wolfert, between bomb bursts, heard an American pilot report with amusement a conversation he had that morning with a captured Jap bomber pilot who claimed to be a graduate of Ohio University. The Jap, he said, seemed'puzzled and remarked: "I understand what we are fighting'for--Tojo; and what the Germans are fighting for--Hitler; but your Marines seem to be fighting for souvenirs!" NOT FORGETFUL Eleven years ago, a man entered COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS OF Waterloo. Iowa. January 25. 1943. The board of supervisors at the county or Black Hawk. Jn the stale of Iowa, met In regular adjourned mcetlnc; at the court house In 'Waterloo, county scat of laid county at nine o'clock (9:00) « m.. pursuant lo law. to the rules of said board and to adjournment. The meeting wag called to order and on roll call there -were present: Chairman. C. V. Kline. John Miller. Edw nofshauge, Val Schmit, and Stanley Taylor. Absent- None. Moved by Beck seconded by Schmit that notice be serve;! on the following In accordance with Section 3S28.092 of the 1939 Code of Iowa, as amundcd: Lewis L. fry. Glen Luck and wife and children, Mary Ann, Phyllis and Douglas, and LcRoy and Marjnrie Helehan and children. Clnudete, Judith and Anita. Motion carried. Movyj by Miller seconded by Taylor that the semi-annual -settlement between the county treasurer and the board of supervisors be received. P - ii'li.' --«L"";"'TM' * · *" juc - juuii placed an .file and spread upon the . Blller, Frank W. Beck, Geo. B minutes Motion carried. OF THE BOARD OP SUPERVISORS OF *-vc« e?"rri " -- " * v "A_. WITH ANNA M DECKER TRT2ASURER BEH 31°l£S lJ ?- T ^-TS$5 n . THE TMWOD FROM MAT 31. 1942. TO DECBM- OOrjNTY AUDITOR'S STATEMENT Auditor's Ledger Goneml State Revenue J. Soldiers' Bonus General County '. Court Expense Poor Slate Insane ! County Insane _ -; =-,---- Warrants Treasurer's Ledger Overdrawn Balance Outstanding Overdrawn Balance S250.00954 $ J ... 20.234. X 5.047.93 1.603.28 112,812.38 3.359.00 the barbershop belonging to Guy K. Hutchinson of Rock Rapids, stating he had no money but would pay for the haircut as soon as he obtained work. When he left after receiving the haircut, he took Hutchinson's name and promised to forward the money soon. Last week, Hutchinson had a letter from John F. Geraghty of Rochester, Minn., expressing his appreciation, and enclosing a dollar bill and a postcard for a reply. Geraghty explained that he had lost the address and had found it recently among some old papers. RUNAWAY CAR While being transferred to a Marine training camp, Arnold Reynolds of Grundy Center thought for a time he might be going back home. The railroad car in which he was riding broke away from the train and started back down the tracks. There were Maitidalnhiab'erd.MMM no dangerous curves in the track and the car finally came to a stop. The loss of the car was not noticed by the train crew for sometime. ed it ir into thi wife at the low not of spread finally "dough hadn't 1 sack w: minute or two would have the end of the cash. Why wail? Sell it now, tl tl.-e want ada| How Much Does Dre MASTIT Due to Sfreproccccuj Ajd COST YOU EVERY \ Here la good new* for every farmer. HOT MONEY! of all Streproeoccu* aftaUctlae''-^^, "7. »«*e G-Lac, Cryrottridn) e Gramicidin and TVrocJdlix. uropa the action of Sorntcx line. It Manilla, due to thto i,Hc cutting Into your null production your bat Utr» cowa ·» In ,].,, now! Get Bcebe G-Lac. You'll bci at the results. BeebcG-Laclacasyr . . 1 1 . 1 . . e a a t t a u e An oven may be a good hiding coccus nualaetdnc) rob you of y ""* *"" ' = ~ ¥ "~" place for money, but not if it is being heated, "Dutch" Ruble of Decorah learned. One Saturday T E S T I N G night he took his cash home, plac_ Get Beebe G-Lac today. u · em^i f- I^t u * wranflc 1 MASTITIS tnta of milk Jam 1 P' I! tfs ails. No 2.959.90 833.02 1.6M39 10.20 $250.009.64 20234% B.007.83 1 2 4 4 1 3 0 ' 114.4E6.77l 3 379.20 Temporary School Motor Vehicle Funds General School . 'T» o/l v* Principal of School I..'. ~l',69Q'.28 Interest of School ,140 90 Soldiers' Relief 8.273 29 Trust Fund . E %g 63 gond Funds '.. . 11.726.68 Domestic Anlmala 184002 Teachers' Institute .. 283 IS Construction Ditch 380093 can kiss your wife good- I bye in time to drive around for a earful of folks who work "down your way." By keeping up a regular share-the- car system you'll save precious tires... Gasoline, too! 2.656.57 Drainage _ City Special --.,, Corporation Funds 6,767.44 ·7.780.82 jo 199.47 Spec. Trust Fund Acc'l Prim. Rd. Bds 3.77876 Township Funds Automobile (Use Tu) 3SS46 73.62 i^Sspja...^'.: isibsl" :::: ' : »«? : 5i «''3s? : « ::::::::: EB.SM.W Sec. . . Maintenance 9.721.14 County Hospital "' 3'910 22' Fair Ground Aid ".. 'xi.fL Emergency .Fond 67 SIC 35 Bovine Tuberculosis . . . . 931218 Old Ape Pennlm ,,,. 305.60 Juvenile Court S6J/T3 Memorial Hall Maintenance . . . 968 84 Library 3 587-iS TM ' Eradication 4 335,66 10.000.00 225.15 490.41 1.27S.E7 J*od Stamp Revolving Fund . T 01 * 1 ,?i?! uic !5. ' . I - ' " $731.505.74 4 . . . . . . . . * *769 233,89 Leas FunUa Overdrawn . 3CT.T3 .7"777,7? Net Balance cm Hand ...... I. IT3U42.01 »38.091 Waterloo, Iowa, January 25. 1D43. I. Bailey Barneo, auditor of Black Hawk county. Iowa, do hereby certify that the statement riven above, correctly shows the condition of tne funda i In Handi ct County Trc In the hands o£ Anna M DecVcr treasurer of said county, at the close of business December 31. 1942, as Our federal rationing officers apparently have benefited by the storm of protest which has followed each of their earlier rationing announcements. For the first time, rationing of shoes was announced without the flurry of advance publicity which encouraged hoarding. The same policy could well have been used on coffee and on canned goods. Apparently the boys have finally realized this fact and are ready to start using a little common sense. We fail to see the point of the uproar over abolishing of sale of sliced bread. Our family finds that home-sliced bread stays fresher, and that there is less waste with a resultant saving in bread purchases. We hope that when slicing is resumed, the bakers will also sell un- sliced bread. We believe we like it better that way. at close of buslntsJ, Dec. 31, 1942. B nlu (See Troasurer'B Balance In Schedule Below) " ,,,-,· #,, ,. Cash In Vault ...'.".'..'.'."I"'."'.". J7SS.971.84 Caab In Drawer Checks and Drafts Warrants not Foiled ti, ,,. Cash Items (List each Item) ICE IN DEPOSITORIES AT CLOSE 9.946.29 1400.68 2G1.41 67:816.35 9,325.24 205.60 968.34 3,587,26 4.348.36 15.000.00 shown by accounts In my office BA1LET BARNES, OF BUSINESS. DE DepoilUCashler's checks Treasur- In CerUfl- Onlstind-er's Net Transit cates In B . . Gllbervllle Savings Bk., Gllbertvllle.'.. . . , . . . . . Hudson State Bank, Hudson ..... Farmers State Bank, Jcsu armers a e a n , csup . . La Porte City State Bk.. La Porte'city.' ,' on D Business, Dec. Waterloo. Iowa, January Black Hawk county, Iowa, do hereby TM5ASURER-Helen Mar- certify that the foregoing statement T e t e r - s o- Dor ° lh *' Name of Bank--Town Waterloo SavlnEa Bank. National Bank. Waterloo .. National Bank-- Special Tr. Fund Jb Hd Bds. Int. Waterloo -- s .......... National Bank-- Black Hawk Food Stamp Revolv. Fund. Waterloo ... """"» Food Stamp -Account. Waterloo Cedar Falls Tr. Sav.. Cedar Falls..' First National Bank. Cedar Falls Denver Savings Bank. Denver We wonder if the pensions for teachers matter now being agitated at Ejes Moines could not be handled more simply by passage of legislation at Washington permitting school teachers to go under th'e social security program. As public ein- ployes, they are now barred from participation in social security. v correctly -- ... ,,,, hnnMa of Anna M. Decker, treasurer of aald county, aa counted by the 31st day of December. 1942 Frank W. Beck C. V. Kline Edw. Rofsbnuge Geo. B. Miller John P. Blller Val Schmit a. Taylor Moved by Blller seconded by Taylor that the following official bonds be and the same are hereby approved Joe Bartholomew. R. B. Ttlpp Frank Verstraele. Motion carried. Moved by Rcfshauge seconded by Schmtt that the county auditor be authorized arid directed to assign alack Hawk county's rirht, title, and nterest In Tax Sale Certificate No PB 496 coverlnp lot fifteen (15) block seventy-nine (79) In Elk Run Place to Francis J. Schou. for a consideration of M.35. Ayes: Beck, Blller. Miller, Ref- shauge, Schmit, Taylor, and Kline. Najrs: None. Motion carried. Moved by Taylor seconded by Schmit that the report of funds in the hands of C. V. Cotton, member of the Soldier's Relief Commission, at the time of bla death be received and placed on file. Motion carrlKd. Moved by JUller seconded by Jtef- Jhanee .that the report oC Raymond L: Stevenson, county eiujinMr. for the year 1M3. to received aftd pUeed on Ilia. Motion carried. , . neconde4 ahaun (hat the foltowinf monthly aalarTe* be adopted for the yew IMS, effective. M of January lit. 1MI: and that extra help In the court nouie be paid at the r»le of tt.40 per boor: COONTT AUDITOR--Fannie Koobi --flJD.OO; Florence SgtUrtleU-- ENGINEER--Raymond L. " - -- - - - - - -* willls- and ·. 2£"-Anownnr _ j^ : and CITT ASS Realty company-- Cowln--135.00V 'U--Rone M. Jacluon--jiOO 00. · R - A l b e r t Walters-- J140.00. ADDRES30GRAPH- Elizabeth Eason--190.09. NURSE--Hcyen Gilbert-- PBK OPERATOH-Nlna Holdlman- -were read and Approved ai On motion and loumed to at nine o'clock C. T. KUNB. the meeting ad.. - abrnary Int. IMa, J'OO) a. m. BAJLET BARNES. County Auditor. say, "Welcome to my Conoco ONCE-A-WEI CLUB for free car care. It's the systema way to check your tire infl tion--the treads--the bi tery--the radiate Carefully as a nun I'll report all car cc ditions I find. I've i Conoco Specializ lubricants for t rriaggia_ plus a S} tern that nev misses. My Cono N'-h motor oil is ma to OIL-PLATE yo engine's inaides. Oi PLATING is for you to c cide, but anyway, n Conoco ONCE-A-WEI CLUB service is free. Pi your regular day and join CkalrraaB, Board (K HOME OIL COMPAN1 L. J. TUTT SERVICE STATION FARMERS' SUPPLY CO. WSPAPERl EWSPAPERl

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