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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, August 6, 1818
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us. XEWOtdC EY&KIXQ POST. THURSDAY, AUGUST 6. Ptnsaeola. Those adntitiutration paper which maailesled to mu(h exaltation af the ua authorised seizure of the Florida, have gene - rally maintained a profound silence - since the president' order for a restoration. However, it nay be well enough lor these entry to euffcr little mortification by way of pittance, for bar in; so impro Jently espoused a mcaiurc without first receiving their cue from Washington. We copy a vtrj sensible and nervous article lipoa subject, this creamy from the Rich tnoni Enquirer, (he leading government paper in Virginia. The view taken of the transaction by this writer we conceive to be correct, and bis santkneat just, liberal and national. We ra ther inspect, however, that Gen. Jaclson would hardly agree with the writer, that "no man is great enough to be above the fair.' The Enquirer, we believe, was the first administration print thai came ont decidedly and firmly against the eiiureof Pensacola. The firtt publication up on the subject, was said to have been written by Mr. Jefferson i and it is supposed that it prudu ced its intended effect at Washington. J"'rem Iht tiichmond Enfiiirer, July 31. The flartdnj question again. M suspense and auxioty are at an end. The able article which we thUday re - publish from the National lntcll - gencer, places the course of the adiniais tratioa before the people. - We have pride in sayh, that we have never pablisbcd an article wiiirii save Us more real satisfaction. We f. el that the honor of our country is saved front dit grace, and the constitution from violation. W are bow explicitly told, that the Spanish trots were taken without orturi: on e - uera Jackson's "responsibility, merely - Uiough his operatuu are ascribed to w motives oi the pur est patriotism." We are told that the postt are to be restored, ' bat With a requisition" that spam shall here after respect the fifth article of her treaty with Our government thai diiatov the act, aud thet order tethlutum. They give up the potts ; they will bring back the A'paniih troops to Pensacola ; they will put everything, at far as they can. in the slam sat This it all the reparation which we can make it at all that we ought to make at present, for, if Spain should further demand the punishment of the commanding officer, what do we tay to her f " Your own officer has done the first wrong it was bit improper conduct as stimulating the , Indians to arms, that led to the act of uur own ' officer. Punish your officer first, at guilty of the first aggression, and it will then be time enough to talk about ours." So far the executive do their duty by Sp in but they are not insensible of the duties which he owes to us in return. She ought to disavow the acts of her own officer but we hare fur, ther claims upouhr - r. We mutt tay to her The troop which you have posted in Florida, are too few to carry your treaty into effect ; you do not restrain by force all hoslililiei on the part of Iht Indian nations living within your boundary. We make this fair demand. If you do noi comply iu good faith, with the stipulations you have made, we most shape our measures accoi d - ingly." The administration are bound to hcl 1 this language, aud to deal by Spain firmly aud ingenuously. They should enter at once in'o a uego - tiation, to koow her determination. If the refuses to do her duty, then lay the fact before congress and if the taminolet will not make peace with ut on terms which we have a right . i .Iflf - rtfwf, rxmgrmM ihnilM wnpiim m Ilia prt f - deut to garrisou the Spaukh posts with American treops. We owe this to that public faith which it broken s to our rights, which have been disregard ed; to the settlers of the frontier, - who will be loosed to the savae tomahawk. To secure these blessings, to punish Spain for the'infraction i ol her treaty, congress might declare tear they night of course do any act short of thai thus, tuev might seise and occupy the r po;ls, There it a plain distinction between this course and that which we hate disavowed. When Jackson ociti,ied these posts, there was in l'ie first place do such extreme necessity as to justi fy the act without a previous demand oi rcpara tion ; 2d, it was of course a.i act of war, an ac done bv military officer without the cowl it u tional sanction of congress. But in the course proposed, reparation still have been demanded, said the act will be authorised by the representative of the people. What then is our course ? We disavow the act we surrender the posts we put l - paiu, a. - far as wc can, in tiaTu qwt we wipe away the wrons which has been tutu we place things m the condition they were in before the post of St. Mark, was taken. Having thus repaired the wrong which has been indicted, we shall go into the discussion witn clean nanus. cad upon (Spain, in gool faith, to fulfil the treaty, u rh eoolVwes that she cannot coniply ; and if the dan err still hovers over us, we must then do lor her what she cannot do for herself ; we must pas a law to garrison her posts, aud keep the savage in subjection, but lei us beware tint we take not .i . i' 1. 1 1 n'u - i .., tk. - 1(1866 urvurci UHU. 1 uv liniui ui mv rtui': - rican nation is too valuable to be trifled with i' is more precious than a hundred r'iondas Wc shall derive but little honor front a war wi.h Spaiu. We shall ouly be disgraced by any attempt to impose npon her, Lt as, iu truth, he satisfied that she ha violated hex treaty j thai sbe'is unable to control tho savages ; that the lives o(our cnizeDS are stiil in danger, before we occupy the Fioridas. Let us satisfy ourselves, at well at the world, that we seek not territory, but safety ; not to injure olhcrt, but to rave ourselves. vVe have bit loo lately escape 1 the imputation ol a stain upon our national honor, to run the ruk of it a second time. But a moment past, and tome of our citizens wore fir thoughtlessly throwing away " a pearl which was rn;uer far" than all the I'Wida. We Biu.t beware how we lightly sport with it a second lime. We tare escaped dishonor ; we have set an example of respect for natioual law, and tr the provision of our constitution ; and for this, w have to thaab the presideut cf the I'nited States We have parsed io lecd an iuteresling crisis. We wanted Florida her best prsts were in our hands: The English had already ascribed to us the.most crooked ysUm of polit y, thll of seizing the country under the blind or an war A du'angu.tiod Frenchman hid charged us with suing the ieiumolet as the i'orttiucse did Arti - gas, as a masked battery to t'S ct an obja t we hado mix h at heart. Some cf our couairv - tnon had fallen n.U the tempt - .tioa. Th - y ad Vid us to Weny what we had gat ; Snaiu was . weK and Florida w u so valnabU. Tlicy sc. m ed to have l.wt tight even of our i onsuiuti.m. whirh I'laces the power of x.Kkin - ; war in th haidt U cnoerets. iurr - ose fi'.r. Monroe ha f!len into this w - are. W ho cn taf lii.d tht' nice tense of public morals, by wi,:h nc tnv I bem di:tiugiii!ieb mi;btnot Uave been blunt eJ? that a precedent might not have been ut. by whk - h future preidii.t might hsv tcrecurd m .we entnutont art? tout sonic of ourrons'i tutio i:d rolw?rk mishl not have ben in d - .n. gcr ofbci'ig swept awiry ? tint the law mi,;ht n - . liave been put under tie (e vl the md - Ury pow ej ? Xolhirg could have raved us fr.M? th con cijisneet, nui me :nao ol .no people. J m snust have iad'gaaa'J r cuavowel the txeer net j at ebe adieu t the constitaUon J honor of j ut tM President has bwn hit respect for the law of nations and it has been bis duty to teat tome of hi coiiotryinen the respect wuicn ituus e executive to the power of the peojle' re - esecntive to the power h lh pretantalives. " 1 o nave reuun 1 tinder present circumstance, would certainly have had the eclat of being a itnmg but we hope never to see a Y resident oi in u. Slate ditpoied to be ttrenger than the ewnstitu - tion ef ku country; lor inai u "'I""' - '"'""' interests fr more sacred, nd of infinitoly higher import to the general cause of human liberty, than any acquisition of territory, however vast or advantageout." Thete are fiue sentiments conveyed in fine language. . The Washington article has done every possible justice to the commanding General aud treated him with all possible delicacy. It ascribes hit conduct to "motivetof the purest patriotism." Tho administration will unquestionably tnow e - very rctpect which it can, to the hero of Urtcaus. But the majnsty f the laws hat also a claim up on every citizen. Oeu. Jackson wmtq an pro - tmhil tw demand an uiuuirv into niscouaucu tic will wish an opportunity to justify himself, and to lay before the nalion the fablt upon which he acted. We hope he will be indulged with an opportunity of making such an election. But :I Ueo. jacKSon waves u, ii win i:wu uu enough Tor the ('resident of the U. States to de termiun the course that ought to bo taken. We live in a republic. The law is our only sheet anchor. No man is great euough to be above the laws. Spain should wei;h the events that have just transpired, with the utmost discretion. Though her posts are giveu up to hery yet she ought to recollect how mrompclrnt sue it to maintain ner authority in to extended an empire that t lori - da ha frequently been, aud is still likely to be, a source ol heart - burning and a none ol contention between os She has seen with what facili ty our truOn have twice marched to rcuskcola, aud how incapable the is ol resisting our lercc. rhe should alto recollect our wrongs, our rcseut - mentf, and our power. Tho day cannot be lar distant when they will burst upou her, u.deis bv an amicable arrangement, the averts the at tack. The thuudor hat long rolled over her head the bolt must fall at her feet. As to the rumour from the Havana, of Spain'i having ceded Florida to the U. State?, we lend no ear to it The nctri it too good to be true, As wo anticipated, the article iu this paper of latt evening from the National Intelligencer, meets with rather an unfavorable reception a cessary in order to render thumtelvot comforta. hie an J hippy in the connubial ttate. We are ignorant as to the success which has herelnfore attcuded there advertising alventurers ; but we mutt be ptrmitted to oliserve, that a lady who would feel disposed to wed upon the strength ol such a told, cheerless, aud stoical courtship, can li - cmire hurscif but a small share of f licit j - from the alliance. She mut at least be appro hcr.sivc of spenJuig her day iu a state 01" tingle blcsseJiitsi," before she would consent to embark in a blind negotiation, by throwing henell into the market, tv be examined and inspected a cargo cf tobacco or bale of merchandize. At all evtuts, if wives are caught at the south in this manner, it argues littlo in favor of the sensibility and delicacy of the fair. Tho follow ing advertisement fur a wife, appears in a late savannah paper : " Jo xJiiinmoMinf laml il .tei anted a W1FK., from fifteen 1stwcuty five yrars of aje. She must be of a retpectuMc family, liberally educated inclined to industry so far as t Imik after doinestick affairs, capable of arrangin? dinner table in the most modem stvlr,lsu of WebaveNarfao, (N. P.) papers to !Se ISth Juiy, by the linli. - ii schr BrilUnuia. The A - incrii an sloop F.agle, Hatch, tailed from Nauau ou tlio 13ih July for Rum Key. it If carrespon lcat who sent n this morn - ng aa obituary notice of our late wi.rtby feUow - cilisco, Rnhtrt Hoirne, will turn to the Lveuing I'ost of Mondiy, be will perctive thst the suS - stan.eof his ommuairauon has been anticipit J. The deceased doubll pot.nrej iu an c - ninent .)e;rre, '.hue f hri tio virtues and gn - ce: wUi - U, wh - .rcver fuuul, cnneb'e'aaJ adorn tribute to the mtmory of the deceased,, en, Mon day, we can see ao becestity or use in publishing the article before - - - .; - ; - We cannot answer the query of an " Oiser - ver, nor can we mscn. ni wiiiiu"" - """ We wish to have as little a possible to do with lotteries. coMcsicTio:r. It is with emotions of gratification that I rtate to the public, that - the fresh northerly breeze experienced for a few day past, has completely ditlodged and driven from Statcn Island the nu - merout swarms of musque'oes that have recent ly so much annoyed the inhabitants and visitants at that delectable place. Large bodies cf them were yesterday discovered floating off the Hook others have borne away for the Culf Stream and I feel assured that their forces are so scatter ed and disorganized that they will not attempt j second invasion. The citizens of ew - Torl may therefore again enjoy the luxury of a tail on board the Nautilus to that elegant retreat, " unshielded and unarmed.'1 - s A StATtS - ISUMD V1S1TEB JVew - rcrfc, C, 1810. N. B. For sale, a large quantity of musnueto nettiue;, New - Orieau manufacture, at a very reduced price and long credit, laauire at the IslauJ. . Exlruct nf a tetter from ftr, J. Sibley, to Dr. J 11. holnnion, dated ut JiUeh tcnet, in June A trader has lately arrived from the Cam . . .. - ..!. I... - 1... l anctics, anu reports, mai nation iamj tnken 20U0 souls as prisoners, f. - om the fro vince of Tevas, and that they are disposed, and lo even sell them at the same price tor wnio mules sell in their nation. I have 1 - tely un dei - stood that two vessels had arrived at Gal veztown with three or 400 African slaves, all of which are intended fur Louisiana and the state of Alississippi Gen. Lallemand, anillii nartv remain as they were, near themouthof the Trinity river, erecting fort ; some reinforcements are joining them, principally Kur peons.". From the Washington Ci'.y Gasetle,Au. 3. The bon. John Q. Adams, secretary of state ; mong those who aJmire tiie mausgemeut purtu - (j,e toa. J. C. Calhoun, secretary of war j and ed of late rears at the national treasury. They fear a spirit of enquiry will be awakened among the people ; and this might possibly lead to a retrenchment of our national expenditures, and a reduction of placet and sinecures. A morning paper it altogether mistaken iu his premises. Hat our ea - !oard been extended siuco the pre sidency of Washington? Or hat that part of our frontier, winch it is necesnary to garrison, been increased ? , The writer observes, then w ha.l a fete companies of toldiers in our fortt now our liuo of roast it defended by 10,000 troops." Pray, has the writer forgotten tho expensive In - lian wars prosecuted by Washington, aud our armies commauded by St. Clair and Wayne ? We grant that with an increase of country, ex penditures will necessarily increase in a certaiu degree : But have not our national disburse ment iucrcascdbtyocd all proportion? r.aUttfrom Lisbon. The brig Chatsworth arrived at Baltimore last Monday evening from Lisbon, in 33 days, reports that the day she sail cd a letter was received from Cadiz, staling that ihertr w.Tca losursent rrtvateers off that Harbor, capturing every Spanish vessel they fell n with. A Portuguese ship arrived there a day before, with 100 Portuguese and Spanish prison - released from them. Jf'orthynf imitation A number of gentlemen, of the first respectability, at llridgelown, (N.J.) have formed themselves into a society for the purpoe of detecting and punishing all persons engaged in kidnapping negroes from that etate f hey invite the co - opc - ratiou of all the citizent of everv town in the state, to aid in carry lag into clf - Xt Ills objects of the society. It has become quite fashionable of late for southern gentlemen to advertise in the public papers for wives, much in the tame maimer that they would for negro js or horses, describing the ('articular qualifications which they consider ne the hon. Wm. Wirt, attorney - general, (who turned from Baltimore on Saturday last) are the only members of the cabinet at this time in aslnngton. Hi excellency M. Hyde de Ncuville, minis ter from France, left this city on Thursday but, for New - York: his summer residence is near .Vew - Brunswick, N J. on Ut banks of the Ha - riton, whither, it it expected, he will repair for 'he season. His excellency Charles Bagot, from Great - Britain, and his excellency J. W. Ten Cate, from the Netherlands, are now the only foreign ministers remaining here. From the Xeic - Eruntvc ick Times, .4 ug. 6. On Thursdav, 30lh July, at Elisabeth Town, there wasfu examination belore the Chancellor, of a charge made against George Meer, of Lou isiana, for an intention to taut out of the state two adults and seven children, (ersons of colour) vt slaves and tertanta for years, without their consent, teitificd according to llie act of Febru ary. 1312. steer was taken on the warrant is sued by the cnanceaor, out roe u:acn nan oeeo secreted, and could not be found by the consta ble. It appeared in evitleuce, n the beanug, that lhe two adults and one child were not ui t he potoession of the defendant, that the remaining six khOilrea, who were 01 me ages 01 ten years and under, bad, with their mothers, been sold to George steer, by Lewis Compton and Lewis a brams that the mothers had been examined be tiro itobcrt Arnold and John Smith, two of the ju lges ot the court ol common picas 01 uie conn tv of Middlesex, aud had consented logo to Orleans ; that two of the cnuJrca ol the age 01 trn years had also been examined, and consented to accompany the mothers ; that the othtrs were of two years and uattcr, ana coum not De examined ; aud that the tix children had been aud were in the possession of the defendant, and were secreted ou board the brig Blut, I'lnlip French, master, now lying at Soulh - Amboy, bouud to Ncw - Oileaus, and belonging to him, After argument of counsel, the Chancellor determined. That the act of February, 1111 was imperative, and required the consent of all persons under SI years cf age to be given, as well as the consent ot the pareuls. That children un lerthe age ol tlisrretion (which he stated to be 14 years if a male, and 1 - J years if a female) were not capable of giving the consent required by the act, and that o course the act ope. ated as an absolute prolnb tion to the taking away persons below these act - s. The Charge hc intr thus established, thede feinlcnt was required to enter into recomu ance, with secui ity, as required by the act, in the sum ot JiuUtor each person, conditione that tlifv should nut be taken out of the state We understand that tiie above vessel left An - . buy un Saturday muining last at day light, ..lid tliulthc children have tuc;i taken awsv notwitlisUnding the recognizioicc '.to CINCINNATI, (Ohio,) July 21 An ingenious truk An houeslcnuutryuuo returning a few davs since from market, took voung fellow into bis waggon, whn, by his ad dress aud conversation, woo to much upon the old gcutlcniau't esteem, that he agreed to tai him home with bun. lhe young stranger re irented to his new maJe patrou, that be had been in better circumstances, aud as he a tcc irg r 01 ploy m rut, seemed very grateful for bit kimlne - s. 1 ho creduiout old man was equally pleased on his part, Irom having met with so gi nerous a youth. They had now got fomo miles from town, wheu, at it were, by mere accident, the young man leaning forward, h: pcneJ to dit rover iu the rua - i a white piece of folded paper, which, ou opeotng, found contained a quarter 01 a dollar. At it wst wrapped up iu two or three papers, uie young man o serve j mai me owner entering a drawing or ball room gracefully J inu - t have been very choice of it ; aud slipping i . . I 1 t . ' . : . . .!. i.r.u. . . : iu.iead Uie euirying in cunvcrsavion, iniiv cnastc, aim 'ar - 1 list to children. Should the advertiser steer ! clear of misfortune i:i bit commercial tmisnc - tions, which are extensive and profitable at ! present, the will be enabled to appear with the gayet of her sex ; and, in every respect, h - r pleasure, and happiness ill be her guardian's' tt - .uly. Any young iady considering "'herself possested of the ab - ve acconplisliincir.j, wit! be punctually atttndod with the g. - e;,U t secrecy, by addressing to T. T." at the ititi!i'u.Ai Republican ofice. Cent into the pa er of quarter, said to the countryman, that t!inuld ther meet wi the owner upou their journey, they would have a pl:raut joke with hint. In a short ditautV they u.scovcrvd a iu..u, in U10 habit of a travilor, sitting by ttv rnad fcelirgia his pockets, shJ as th - y came up lo him they inquired if tie haj lost anr thing i The traveller replied, he Imd Lwt a qur.rler of a dollar, and o being tLowo the panr, exchimed, ah ! that's it : I'll bet Tun ten dollars there it a quarter iu tint paper. 1 he cou.itnman, who raw theceut put in tue paper, an! uot suspecting that any thing more than piece of j - leafautrv intended, was persuaded r.v his young c mpan'uin to loud him the money lor the bet. Somo bantering tok place con cerning the quarter, and the w?;er was raised to their tricks in tween them. tvreuty dollars, tne ol onn lemimg iej 001 inn more. The money being laid etown on both tide, I the paper was opened. To the utter astonishment, of the old rrnlleman and the aCecteJ Cuofustonof the cheat, the quarter was reilly found in it ! Ihe traveiUr Kitbrt;d up hit money and walked off very rorap - wedlj, leaving the mHttr to be settled be - twef n the okl man n - l hi jnnt. The villain, who had sltly replaced the quarter, pre - ttmled to be under some powerful inrantaln and said the f raveiir hr!d hwitt hed'' him. He tod Kun tinie snuSing, wipiiig hi eye, and Hii'd.uf bit ivf'Jy U'at lu jjth tne ipeil Kemed PHILADELPHIA, Aog.S. Jt Pirk Packet CaueU.O Saturday last, a - cntlemHO, who is one of the contractor lor com - ! . K - hnviUill Im - k navigation, presented and received paynieni iut . ment below the counting - room floor, original Iv designed for that purpose, but next morning was sunirised to find the nottJ missing. Had they been stolen the silver must have accom - nanied them. He therefore concluded they 1 . . it - . . .1.. M:n n. must have Deen carnea 011 oy rats, mc that time being infested with them, but where the notes htU been carried remauieu 10 mun consumed before the assistance of the firemen, in arresting it - ravages, could be rendered cflectual It commenced uer the forecastle, some distance from the machinery, where there had been no m ' ' - - .. - ,. at. Vc1ltr1 fill : - .i.i.A.A ifcewatrrm board the eonrette ynxona, r - y" the human character. Hav.ngpaia r:r,,lvouii nxe hiii a rtwyoeratinu tor bit Mona, aays - i am w P"1; " 71. twenty !o!lart, in unour. ite, i.ower, " large : ,:. kv iwemy . i.n..,' ita nuodleal u i.m Cnui di mintlnia. sttnerior to mine ty It duacalty ptrsusdrd tl creduloe o.u cuaa to one fng.te, but am detcrm.ncd in a few Uy set him todow itvi'wr iu Ku , when joined oY tome oi my vrascu, w i. i:....iH ...mib lh run. Dill I . J ' . . - . ..,.4 .lirG ney. uo, - r - - v. ,V.LLtl! them, uur woruvy incna noinr - "; - hhi not yet returned. As both the villainy iwere y rious u t0 Uie 2rvh ult. and 1 hope to fUrwarasseen rogeuier y rr - - m. - ltK lfi 0(J0 muskets. concert aau tare ub j - - - ; - !n,nl b Aurv fire or any combu.tiblc matter. It is strongly or 10 days J - uspecttd lo have been the work ol some man cious incendiarv. . I he Surprise arrived about eight o'ciock insi vcuui?. from Annapolis, and as usual evert thing ou board was properly secureu, aua re m lined safe when the caolain left her. VVe tin following; selections : Another sta - strjienl Capl. Arnold, 01 mo British hiie Cora, who arrived here on Saturday f. - om Jamaica, has favored ut with the following particulars : Ou Friday the 31st ol July, on tne Capes of Virginia, aud o miles to uie soumwaru of the False Cape, captain A. being below thav - iug himself, the mate caned oui 10 1:1m iroui a loit. tavmz there was a rot k ahead. Cat t. A answered that it was impossible ; un, iiuwcvcr, weut on de.k, and saw, about half a mile ahead, v point of rock projeclin; about 4 leet beyond the surface of the water, being of adaikbrown color Copt. A. wa entirely at a loss to account inr mis slrauge apparition, not hating Uie mott distaut idea oi n oca serpent ai me lime, ami ot,m6 iguu - raiit l' lhe aniifaraiice if those lunnsten 0:1 our const. It remained perfectly still lor about five minutes, aud then moved witn ureal rapidi'y to ward! the shore, to the great usionuiiuieni 01 host: who saw it" I ininic," said V"I"n to tot mate. vour rvAi must have a tteom en 'ine in it : ce bow twiltly it movet : 111 a lew uinutnaiter it darted under the water, and they saw no more of it. Caplain A itidget it b - ngth (10 r he hart a vice, - of the whole ol it, while the creature was niovir. : en tiie turlace ol the wan - r 1 to be eoual to that uf his vetsel. say about ItKi leet. On uKntiooin tne occurrence to the pilot whocHmc on b ard 1 - on after, he observed that it was do doubt a tea terpent, as one wa report - ! ed to hare ex - en seen near Uie auiu place by a Northern slef - p. from J,:nunca.Ky the Cora, from Kingston, (Jam.) we have received fn.m our esteemed correspondent, paper ol that pi ce to the 14th uit Flour was worth from $ 14 l - 2to 15 perbbl. At a public tale of Colf e, on the UUi July, that article was dispoed ot at o7 er c wl or IU rt er lb. Another sal was at 1 15s1 Triage, WW. A private tale w also made for a (mail quantity 01 prime at bl. 2. 6d. Com. Sir James Lucas Yeo, arrived at Port Royal from Santa Martha, iu the fceutiuuin fri - g tie, 01 the 4'h July. Also, Uie foilowbis veel from tl.e United - States: schrs. Juliana, Wedgborough. from Wilmington, N. C. and President, Richardson, Irom Charleston. An American schooner from Edenfos, N. C. l;ou ad to New Ori" - sa, wat cast away ou thc iilver Keyf, cn the lit of J'lne The piratical cruizeis coutinucd to be troublesome. Inlormntion had been obtained bv the Lt. Piaue Irnrate. while out 09 a ciuize, that the In - deienlent f)set bad separated into different di visions, owing, as tUtid, to a disunion between Brion, Aury.aud Jolly, as to Uie right ol the per sou eutilled to be chiel in cominaniT. The Span ih tqunrtron lately ntcertained to have arrived in the Wert Indiet, cttisting of two corvettes, two bngt and two schooners, are said fo nave com wikd the lndeienifriit croiiers to leae the tta lion tliev had taken to the northward, between t. Bartholomew nd SsntoCruz, but 00 action took place at the time of U.e meeting. From our (Jiimspondrnt. NORFOLK. Aoeust3. Anchored in Lyonhavea Bay, "a Wdmdaj ntgbt, the l - Ing de! us wprure, toiu modore HaLcan. and t.n Duclutsede 'terrt, cp tain Coursmi de la Ville Hell's each 01 44 guns latelv irnn at. Thomas, and last from Marti - ui iue. I'Jdav from the latter. La liuchette de Berry got under wy ye tterdfty morning, wnd iroceed up the Bay fir Annupolis 'or the pur - pome, we learn, of recti vine soy riVipatche ibat t ie French minister may have for hit goverment. These rates have leen out 14 montlis from Franco, part of whirh time Uier were on Uie Bar - bitry t;oast and thill shortly return to their own country. La Cleopatre is a fiae frigate, am her first rruiie - 1 heir crews are taut 10 De goon well ditciptine - t. Coiaiuudons Halgsn and a nuoilier ol hit officer enrne utt to lown yeterday a fieri 000, aod took lodgings At the Steam Boat tint I. tCxlract of a letter from Port - au - Prince, dated the 24th ult. "A letter from Admiral Brion, dated cn D. lvH u.m tutuv . j . - . - j squadron, and report states that the latter have taken possession oi me lsianii ui u. 4 A .tt liriir. inu IWU ciiwiicr, longing to this place, have been cruizing oft the Soutli side ot at. uonungo. nicy im.v been extremely euccessful ui taking several lars, at the uanx oi orw r,. 7 - wit thVlP prizes." WHO coniri'tti i y 11 7 - - . . Arnold, 15 days la.lJZ?S: Kington. Jam. Left 16. schr De inst leu 10 toe uclt5t.ll"U l "re - - - ...w... 0 - - , riJl - hi. nliimi. r. In: tln - l.t Trntt f..p lultimore in U dav. The canou utiiii, cot : i"i" - t . - ,. . .. . . . .. m nt. ...... ni niirnnn( v iiiiu l&'iivu. jb.iiiuui if iiif . 1 1 1 1 l l uiibu ww... and iuteoded leaving the City for Jtew Yoik, but ,ime from M An0g Uay. Spok. - , July .'3, oil not in aey of the regular lines oi convey anct.. t. - tiie(joii,rej0i) gd, Cordelia, Lorn Kingston ior coraingiy ou monuay uiormui, w Philadelphia. 1 keeper of a litery stao e, or acarnase ...... . . . - g d ft)m 5,iem him toisnttol. and iu looking over me .. - .,, " m - ' 1 Jtt.rence.from 1'eters - JTtJTTZZZ of Vccrtaining burg - uh,.,; lyiV .t anchor on MacUmUyrd wf.rnrrertv iheir denouiination - tl.ecarrisge I was run Piul of by thetcti Alexander, itoiu x r - rv - . ci.riln niir. I .. i ...u - . u.. 1 1 R tmwsnnt. unt pi(itf. jinn til - iiuricu. wiivi .t " ' - - t i 1 (irk. . wu c 1 coi . .nil w.. ... - - - 1 Urimr of the tobberv of Uie pocket book, be I i,,:.:.!, cutter Nest. Campbell, 19 days from .umeiied this to be the man - two oucers were!. - - . toft hrij William. Browne, and heat in purtuit, and auoui sun - uowo re.u.uiu Geortre and Hobert, Shea, both for this - .l il . sl l.n.nfinr sasitvtsJ tiliTi Hi IlTikLUI. I "... I wim inc unci, iiui a, - - - - - u q mijj July, near ureiuu. was uo - ltu - distance of W.n,U...ju,t a. Jie wa.ab there in me tieain oat. u j r - .. . ,,.., - iMlllt sfi iOdollurs, wat found upon tnni. ac . w4U. ,, ,, . " soldiers on board, in uniform, but the ofheer An ingenittu method of recovering loet pr - commanding would not inform where he was fierty Aometime in loll, Kooeri i - cicr, in - irom,, or tne name 01 ins c.ti u;i w, iger of Messrs. Renny ts. Co 's flax spinning however, ttiut a fleet of 4'J sail was oil it wry mill, Arbroath, Scotland, was deputed to pay from Cadiz, bound to the main and al ter noil, - ervnt their wares on Fridsy evening, yer - l Questions and treatintr the V.politely, and kfter doing so there still remained in the left her. Spoke on Friday last, in sight ol cash - box a quantity of tiiver and two II. notes, Ml brig Amity, from Belfast for Charleston, which for safety, he put into a small conceal - Sch Union, Merscreau, New York, 6 days Came in from sea in co. with a large light vh.r. nrnceeded ud James ItlVcr. aaW a sch on Hampton Bar. jhich from hi;r ap pearance judged she had been asiiore some where. . . Sch Sea - Scrpent, Cole, 6 days from Mork Sch Krueline, Meicereau, do. do. The French frigate La Cleopatra, commo covered. To ascertain which he took a very M0re Holgan, got m.der way ia x.ynuaen u..y ingenious moile. He wound on the pirn 01 a ol, Saturday morning, ana proceeaeu iu w, weaver's sliuttle a hank of line threil, Uraw ing bound to France the shuttle. I Vllv villi vm viii uai.ii j t 1 .1.. 1.1 nlfirp nf nnnM t!.e FflftU OI T R CO R R KSPO DEN same sire and colour of the notes , these bemg Offirf of he Charleston Lourier, . . 1 .iv :n lii.rlMV Mnrnni?. JuIVaV 1 put into U.e concealment, ere im ua , .Swe ha've had th morning, when it appeared, the paper uau ,. vil - .te. KM. A 'UMuUted Thrt gone to pay its respects to th . . I ... I. .. 1 1 ... . .. .I.urn uini Wl UUUUV noil I w . J - I nil. ., inir a nlank here and there and folloWitlET out rui .1 ill nVlr,rk in lh eeninr. lhe avers - the thread, he ut last arrived at a storeiiouse, jjht of tae Fhcrmouieter, for the month al Ju wher he found Lis loit iirooettv. Iv. is believed to be as treat, if not greater lhan has been before experienced for many years, FiOMOVl CORRESPOND EJT. from Uaca,tna. - V,. Weltmun.ol the orij j..v. ...i. 1 I r'Athhrinn. iniVirma 111 that the luttllisenre OMIl voice tn tuc uaiuiu"ii: I - - . , Q , . Ani'ii.t A nVltu - U I'. (VI. Cetsim ol the Hondas, to the United Stales, Unfortunate tvenl VVe regret lo ttale, that about twoo'clock Lhit morning, the tlegaut steam boat Surprise, commanded by captain ipeuccr, and owned ny Mess rs. ueorge ctiles ana son,wa discovered to be on fire, and was almost entirely Drig Gratitude, Drinkwater, 1A days dosa Porto Kico. ' ' "6EL0W, 2 brigs and schooner. AkMVUl iiST fftlflXG, , The last tallintr briff S00J1 America. Hewitt. - from New - Orleant, and 11 days from the ttalixe, (having performed ber voyage in 48 usyt) with tobacco and peltries, to Taliuan t To rey. Fas - sengers, Messrs. Kotter, Cordon, Foot and Huntington. Sailed in co. the Barilla, for N. Ycrk. Lelt at n trrieant, Juiy 13, oetioes inuse utiore reported, tliits Caroline, Scrrill, for l'tiilad. July tO; Margaret, Eennert, line, j Sea Fox, do ; brigt Feliaaoa, Franklin, Philad. aOth ; Hoiw, Lawrence, G - iurallar ditto ; vtiariet, viiuray, for Havre ; Guttavus, Uoane, Bordeaux, i&lb , Alliance, Culver, for London. Met in the river, Triton, from N Vork. seronnd on the bar: Co - lumliia. Allen, from Nfork; Mary, Shaw, $0 days from do ; Cincinnati, 36 days from do ; lea others, not known, and tix sail offtte bar ; in ell 125 sail at and bound up to Ncw - Orleam. Spolie Julv 23, off cape rable, Drigrtovao, rer - ry, 13 days Irom New Beillord lor ftew Orleans, tame dsy, hip Orris, 13 day from New - York, lor ao. . .... HaiTimobi. Aueust 4. Arrived ship Balr loon, Stiles, 52 days from Liverpool In lat. 43. Ion 60, spoke brig Sailor Boy, of Philadelphia, 46 days out. Lai 40, long 63, brig Mary Ann, from N York for Cadiz. Brig Chatsworth, Carnes, days from Lis bon. Left ketch Maria, for N iork 111 6 days ; ship Catharine, of Philadelphia ; ship I'Uto, of N York. Spoke British ship Kirkdall, from Calcalta for London, out 5 months and 'i days, in distress - supplied her with water. Ship William R Henry, liiacxweii a uayt . from Havrc - dc - Grare. In Ut. 39 10, long. 61 30. tpoae brig F.unice, ami sell Charlotte, of.1! York bouiKt to Lisoon. Km oape nenry. spoko ship Fair Trader, from Marteilles for Alexan - dria, out 74 days. Sch Esgle. Conway, 15 uaysti - orn isermuaa. BROADWAY CIRC US. oouOeoooO ' THIS EVKMLW, AUG. 8, Ti evrnine's enlertainmeots will consist of grand and brilliant featt of honeuianthip, rope ' and wireoancuijss s .. The prnormajice win couiuitote witn me Grand Lqucstrian Kntry. Matter 'i'homat will on one horse perform ma ny wonderful It at of hoMcmansbip. Mrs. Williams will display ber attonishiag eouiiihriums on the !tu k wire. I'tie ek - gant horse Othollo will perform the part of adoniestic, he will at command, brini a whip, ha(, haket, hsiiJkerihiif j alto walk, trot and canter at command. - Slack Rope, by Mr.ille. Master M'Carn, tiie wonder of the age, will, on one horse, perform many wonderful leat for ayoui;.,on!vuioeyeartold, leupover Smarter, aud conclede by riding ou hi head, tin horse in lull tpeed. Mons. Caussin will go through many siirpri - tingfenlt with a stick, but receully introduced into tlut country. . Mr,. Wi 1.1m will, amoniotneresiratimniii - wa very generally believed at Havana; and gave ry firsts, go through the six divisions 01 u.eo.u.u much satitfattioo to most of the . . Tr.mnnIin, Eereisee.fc Mr Mayhe,' were apprehensive mai a wurwuu tui : " ".. . " ,hB lonnf i.i i..... i...,rnwn cut of thlalooccu - who w bailer learmE over men on the lop 01 ration of Pentacola. " men, leap over 7 horses, and conclude by ItspiDg Armed, brig Catharine, weitmnn, . t...u6 , - - - - . n,m 0 - 1 tut . . - J Inr Ma If i.l ralr 11 II Men Will JU IfllC IIVI . - j aaays. inesuiii oemnuiui, u A .rt,.T. ith h. mre. and tenr. Aoeor.a, 01 aau ior e - .., . - - - - 1 - - ..,..., - i. i.:. ., tailed the day before ti c C. Lclt schr. Alary - 1 Hands and leei tien, ai.ucout.. - ufc , . Aun, Bannel!, of and for th.. port, to sail , .our rnmnM,vCown Mr. - uvano. natsed f.rlvrret to ,tate further, that the lossof the I ,minnsfd to be and schr. Linilv, uroiv, oianuiruui o . .uiv.i.t, , , . - ' : . . i i. if k.n this port due barging, and was to tan again in iu vamputu. ,h,rnmir scene f or 14 day. The ship United State., of PhiU - TWtocoK citlph.n, arrived at Havana irom ir.n.uau u.. T. U lit the tircut. from 10 iUv II.. f!. niLili - ri. . . .... ... I J",. .L. s - cl.rJane. 111! a. maianzat a oari. u uc 25th inst. within the Honda Heel, ff Key ui - . . . 1 Li. .J t . 1 ' tint owners it ettinmed to De kl least vweuiy - uve 1 ncr aiary, riauora, ireui ton iun, thousand dollars. VeU at Matanxat. Hi ih arrival thii mnrn'm? of the steam - boat M AliKll.l). Vln.lii frnn, V..rf,llr. w hare been lavoredbr (In Siinrlnv fveninsr. Jut tu. bv the llfVd our eorretiioiidenU wita aper of that ice tip Mr. M.llrdar, Mr. Jereimast Jagor, to Mat to vestwrtiev's dote, Irom wmcn we niaae me auu mmwu, an u. lo Lnglan 1, Cspel Hanbury, Esq. of the Roy - 1 .11 1 u 1 1 1 j , ... j 28th yeur of LU age, Mr, habitant ol this city. A more interesting tend technical account ;ilhe nreuaredand published by the gentle men of the faculty wuoareimmeaiaieiyc.ii - cemed. a mff IIAU WI I'V 1.1 M'EXlfU POST .V.lfUA'li LIiT. CLEARED. ck; - , Inlin Tickinon. Bausn. Belfast i.r i.nrir. Malcne. tavannal M.irt . Miner. taecnni .1 KM f till THIS FOREAVnt; British schBritr.r..iia, South Nassau, N. P. wills frtllt, 4 - C. o'cloi k, A. M. to 1 P. M. end from 3 o 6. A place it provided lor people lu.uur. It) tail of vessels lying at anchor, Doors will be on at 1 . oxuy , u Patriot Privateers. ?l he schoo - formauce commence precwJy at . i0 Sinoaninf; nnowtu. .i.. - - - - able. Gtnlleineo are requested not to enter the '( - SALT WATEIl B4TH3. Water Floalina Baths continue open .from, 6 o'c nek in the mofiilr.; umu iw et .. , ?. - gtiniftuituc a - ... Au,,. al Acots, tolJllen, onlv daughter ot tne late den't wharl, near me isawety, - - William Franklin, Lsq. turmerly goveraoroi . - x. Murray sireei. - torui Jersey, arid grand - daughter to Uie celebrated Dr. r ranklin. DIED. Last ereninr. after a thort but painful illness, which he bore with christian fortitude, Mr. John Sthuvler. His funeral will take place this al - .... r .J.1..1. rMm I.;, - .m. rM!il.inii ?lfl au oojcci naviL very u. - - , t evcuiR(r. 0f a lingering lllnew, in the tvin s 1 . s.. a mnd,oiue rieatore s'oop, i complete order, with new sail j a very safe boat, being lined wnn cora. . ALSO, a pair of large Patent Chain Pumpi, made by Mr. Daniel. .,.,,.,.' Alts one large taior uwm. 711 ;j "" Baths, or to J At;o o 11 a bi t - c. RUMOfAL. try - I.F.WIS. F.neraver in general, ha re - Henry Back, an in - I moved his office from No. 39 Fulton - street to No. 15? Broadway, over the je - weueiy sioro At New - Orleans, MathiasD. Insley, a native '0r Mesns. .Vvdlenwertk 4: Brotheis, near Li - of New - York, aged 3 1. berty - street; and solicits acoutmuaiiceoi puo At Onondaga, on incvsm uit. 111 lueojin pa ronage. of Lis aae. Mr. Samuel Ciane, formerly of Con - j ., , orders left in Uie Store will be immcUi ' 1 v' neclii ut . In Great Barrington, cn the 19th ult. Zina II en. a son of Mr. Timothy I iiintr, 01 sai.i town, in the 8th vear of hi age. We think it proper to gtihj.iin the following fcuy - t, connected ith this death for the infor - miiinn and benefit of the public. On Friday morning, of the 29th ofMay last, this child re - Apiily at No. 157 Broadway. ce.vcel the stopper ot a small cn; snut wuisuc into his lungs. He was immediately affected wiih a violent convulsive coujrh : but it soon sub - ided and his sjniptoms became much less iliuminc - tl.onp - li be was mucli distressed, b turn - i, with cough, and increased difHculty of bn athi - ig. The dilncuty 01 Dreaming, 10 ahldeirree. and fever, continued to threaten ilUsolutimi. On June 2ttli, a conn ately attended to. tt aided, A Journeyman ui tne aoove mu. Door Plates of every dtscription, from 3 ta iO dollars. ' S TO LKT, Ulil The office No. 39 Fultoo - L 5J daw bove Pearl, with tne entire garret. Rent tow aoi o e - 'o S.1 VaJS'AA II. .Cat IV i J V TheuperiorcnooiieroLJuii - i - s"i Jfc Woglom, master ; will positively sail oa iaturda, ,Cth iust A little more light freigni ran be taken, by applying lo the capt. a board, or to .; POTT rJUJi! bt a 8 06 South street. . . . l r it t t fi J U c,l of un. met to decide : on the expedi - . .j - HZ' t;MaBi0n, wdl ency ot periorming is... uu., , . v . fe" .... yor pats,s, only, dec del acaint perlorminr operation imnicdiutely, on the principal of the uncertainty ot ocing amc m mm aue wvv.. lh tf.tPA - ienll tuhsunce. On Sabbath mom - ing tne 19th ult having been more distressed f..r 1 lew dav s previous, the patient expired. After death, a number 01 pn Biennis ui - m nu - j tilled, met and performed the operation, ann f.i,i the ntnnner of the whistle lodgeel in the left large branch of the windpipe and adhering so fast as not to be removed but by considera - ble fores ; am! so low down as to preclude ai hope, if an operation had been attempted a - liile livin?. .,,.,10 ltn - il at Mnrr - jv's Wharf, or to ' ' ' v 11 it . n 'nrT. u8 64 South - street. fur CH.4HLtSilUX, The elegant fast sailing schooner ilCH A RLES 1 ON - P ACKKT, Vail, smi - ter. will be ready to receive freight to - morrow, ... 1 sf e :. 1. 1 A - and will sail in a tew days, r or ireui. ut y - sage, apply ou board, or to au6 SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - rtrW - For LIVERPOOL, ti, known.' regular trading eomiered shin IMPORTER, Dinglev, ma,ter, will be dispatched .on, having the greater part of her cargo engaged. For remain; der of freight or passage, having superior se . dations, apply to capt. u. on ooaru, - pier .o. 13. E. R. (Gouven.eur s - wn.rr ; w vii.1 ifct. - 1 Beaver - street. r - ..1 - ... Knt lhe above U, 4 chaluron r "i mil w wvt - - CANAL COAL. For LlVEkrOOl augo .all, 13 days from lift The substantial ship BCJCMCHA. . to John Aytnar. T. F. Williams, master, u now oading and having considerable cargo engaged, , is m ...... .. 6 V. F(1. t,e re rasscTiger...... . Sch Undaunted, ion, irom w:iens. anui tended to sail on uie - . . 4 "4 davs irom me uaue, ki s?iuitii "w" - ;, mamucr ui irtiu. 1 , inn'v 0 owners, with cotton and tobacco, to Ripley ,nie and spacious accommodation, spi J mus. - & Co N 4: O l alcolt. v iturgess, I a mm Ai Torrev. Pllemsen, and Laidlaw, Gi rault & Co. Havana bearing S. W. dis - ance 10 leagues, spoke sch Salem, of Salem, 56 day from Bordeaux, bound to N Orle.ins. Fnim the Baliz to tlieLIand of Cuba passage, about 10 sail of voxels, apparently bound to N Or leans. Slonn Nancv.' Marshall. 2 davs Plula dilnbis. wi'h rum. tobacco, coffee, teas, &c. to Phillip Grim, owner, Ii W Field, Aikin !t Wil - on. M'fJreaSi JrliJdl, Wiltoni ai uenintr - well. Smith & Pailcv. J U tacei', and oUiers. AT OUAKAN'TINE. Brig Savannah Packet, Fetwler. IS dayfromj wlljch will ye soid oa fair term. - Ncw - Orlean, with cotton, c, . i t - uueivr. au o iw a .... riv.maiket. or to 1 HUM A3 V.. bu tu6 74 South - street 1. r j e t ..A w ta A etr - 1 e )tl.r.""i"" - - - - .u u Tl . - Ui IOtTlH I lit IVItJV - . will tail 00 Saturday morouig. UfjdI . r mn DO accom BOdaie - i A mw iiiui. ; - s . i p c.nuirtably, board, or lo iu cabin or teerage. n,yj annaiiaM CELL, a u 1."'. - . corner of Fulton k Cliff - .. BELL bM received by the at mvidt J large as. rtmant r.f wide and earro and7 fi Linen, brown and black Uneo, sbeelM A'

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