The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 28, 1943 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1943
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

REPORT NAZIS IN TRAP MUTINY Refuse Hopeless Fight in Stalingrad Area By HENRY SHAPIRO MOSCOW, U.R--German troops, refusing to continue a hopeless light, are mutinying and surrendering in groups to the Russian assault units storming their crumbling strongholds at Stalingrad, dispatches from the front said Thursday. Thursday's noon communique reported the surrender of a general, three colonels, four lieutenant colonels and other high officers among crowds of oilier German and satellite troops who had had enough. They came from the dwindling few thousands left out ot 22 divisions totaling 220,000 men in and around Stalinm-ad \yhen the Hussian siege began 10 weeks ago. Red Star, army newspaper, said that one crack German regiment which three days ago numbered 1,200 men and stili equipped with machine guns and mine throwers, surrendered Wednesday, the survivors numbering a few hundreds with two machine guns and 100 rifles for which thev had nd ammunition., Individual G e r m a n officers, willing to die for the glory o£ Adolf. Hitler and the Prussian tradition, SQUght still to organize resistance in fortified buildings, dispatches said, and there was fierce fighting when they succeeded. But demoralization was s w e e p i n g through the survivors, dispatches said, and refusals to obey orders were increasing. (The Russian official" news agency Tass reported from Switzerland that mutinies had shot at Bayoiine. An infantry platoon at Dijon was disarmed and sent under guard to Germany Tass said.) STILL DIGGING Ore testing work under the supervision of Paul E. Pesonen, mining engineer, is being continued at the iron mine near Waukon. Test pits are being sunk, but work has been retarded due to lack oE working material. With this, the same as in iffcmy otlW businesses! tcday, local invention must take the place of purchased working-material. A local blacksmith is--making buckets, for use with windlasses, out of 14-inch iron pipe found in a junk' yard. STILL 'JUNIOR' TO FATHER , LOS ANGELES, Cal. (U,R)_ Henry J. Kaiser, 26, son of the miracle builder of the Pacific coast pSrt- B TMr;ra£; £££' MSS^ 1 .-MoS^'S MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Tojo: Japan Has What It Wanted THURSDAY, JANUARY 28. 194s niisisls of putting into execution and i supervising the construction o f i B-R-R-R IT'S CQLD A HOT CEREAL WOULD REALLY HIT THE SPOT, BUT I CAN'T WAIT 'TILL YOU COOK IT. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT! INSTANT RALSTON NEEDS NO COOKIN. JUST STIR INTO BOILING- WATER. IT'S WHOLE WHEAT, RICH IN ENERGY... EXTRA RICH IN VITAMIN B-i AND IT TASTES LIKE A MILLION Instant Ralston If y o u ' p r e f e r to cook your own . ask for RALSTON BIJOLE WHEAT CEREAL. 40-year-ol.J favorite. Cooks in 5 ninutes. FLYERS' CHOICE--Joy Hodges (above), an actress, was chosen by U. S. flyers in Aleutians as girl they'd like best to meet on returning from bombiug mission. Paratrooper Feels Fine--After Landing- EVANSVILLE, Ind., U.R--Sgt. Bill Davenport^ writes home that he never had a thrill in the world like parachute jumping. In fact, he gets a jerk out of his job. "The most nerve-trying part comes just as the plane takes off the ground," the sergeant wrote to friends here. "Lou begin to chew your fingernails and after they're Hone you chew on the man's next to yon--if he has any left. "Then follows a set routine of jumping, and after there is no one in front yon and the door you casually step out as you would your own back door. "Then you immediately cross your arms over your emergencv 'chute ready to release it if ydur main 'chute fails to open. The next thing you realize is a sudden jerk' at the seat of your breeches, and at the some time the report ot the opening of the 'chute is heard. 'And-iet me tell you when you look overhead your eyes fall upon the most beautiful piece, of silk you have ever seen. Take it from me--it's 'beautiful. "After landing," Davenport added, "you wonder why you were so nervous, and you're ready to go up and do it all over again." SAVE at RAIZES " " · " · · · · ^ , · · . - · ^^^^^^ 2f 0r 25c Morreil's POTTED MEAT Can - f t IOC RINSO Large --F"«rf IMSHK CIOTITH WHfrff -Giant SUGAR N °- 10 Stamps MWWfMft Good Through Jan. 3 1 . Med. Lge. 10. FRESH MEATS BUTTER Hand Packed TOMATOES No. 2 Cans. . WOODBinAP 4AJ LtMHtMfM By GLENN' BABB War News Interpreter General Tojo made his annual report to his people on the state of he nation Thursday. His problem, as he addressed parliament, was to present a hopeful picture of the war in which Japan has not won a major victory since the conquest ot Burma was completed n e a r l y nine months ago. fo keep morale h i t h lie shifted emphasis t' r o m the purely military aspects to u c o n t r a s t -between Japan BABB as the possessor of a vast new wealth and the United States and Britain as the new "have not" nations, "Today after one year o£ our war of justice," he told the diet, "the southern areas, the world's foremost treasure house, has been completely secured by us. x x x In contrast to our position the United States and Britain, which boasted of their wealth and resources before . the war, now are exposing a great shortage in vital war resources." * * * There is far too much truth in the Japanese premier's picture to suit Americans, who, because ot Japan's conquest in those south- em regions, have had to forego some of the more luxurious features o£ a standard of living' far above the dreams of the average subject of the mikado.' But that is just one side of the picture. Perhaps the Japanese people can get some spiritual comfort out of their premier's description of their new wealth; it is certain that they are long way from getting any physical comfort out oi it. * W * Not for them is the oil ot the East Indies or the rubber of Malaya. The urmy gets it all ! ali, that is, that Japan has the means of gathering and the shin- ping to haul. Tojo promised his people victory in genera] terms, but aside from the general assurance that Japan's position for offense as well as-defense had been established by seizure of the necessary bases there was no specific promise of new conquests. The general picture that he seemed to be giving his people was of a Japan that has won what sh'c wants and has the resources to stand off the great powers bent on depriving her of the fruits of her a"trre-i- sions. lb PURE LARP ' Bulk Tib*. 35c J M | NECK «« -«. 4 C | B Q N E S . . . . 2 IBs. ISC KRAUT, Pound . QUALITY MINCE MEAT BACONENDS S L.c EP 2 £ 46c SIRLOIN STEAK js c -- SWIFTS PREMIUM CHICKENS -- Buffer CRACKERS 99c FRUITS I VEC. SUNKIST ORANGES TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT Jsri Extra Large, 150 Size, Dox.. 49 FAKCY WINESAP APPLES J lbs 25c U. S. NO. 1 IDAHO 10-Pound Mesh Bag CRISP 43c LETTUCEte 2f .,25c Quick or Regular OATMEAL 2 3-lb. Tubes 35c TOILET Q SOAP O bars 19 Fresh Stock DRIED PRUNES 25 ;r $2.15 Burch's Saltine CRACKERS 2 Pound Box H. J. Heinx BABY FOODS 3 lOe Cans CORN FLAKES 6c WHEATIES.. 9'/2c No. Z Can . R. S. P. CHERRIES 17c Grapefruit JUICE No. 2 Can .......... ·; Official Fat Collection Station SAM RAIZES DEPT. STORE PHONE 434 GRAPE-NUTS Wheat Meal 15-cer* t^-, 25C We Pay Above Market Price For £99$ SOME "NISEI" TO BE IN ARMY Will Admit Citizens , With Jap Ancestry j WASHINGTON. (U.B--P1 a n s i have been completed for admis- ( siorr ot ;i "substantial number" of i additional American citizens of I Japanese ancestry into the United btales army on a volunteer basis Secretary of War Henry L. Stim- [ son announced Thursday. The arrangements were made at I file request of many Americans of ! Japanese ancestry, lie said · * f * | Facilities for their induction will ' be opened throughout the country, including the war relocation centers, and in Hawaii. No individual will be inducted i£ any doubt exists as to his loyalty. Upon induction the "nisei" American-born citizens of Japanese descent--will begin training as a combat team that will' in| elude infantry, artillery, engineers ! and medical personnel. An efficient, well-rounded, hard-hitting unit will be developed, Stimson said. The new unit will train separately from the battalion of Amer- ' icans of Japanese extraction now i in the U. S. army. The battalion ' formerly was a Hawaiian national guard organization. * * ¥ The step is part of a larger program, Stimson indicated. \Vhich will enable loyal American ciii- zcns of Japanese ancestry to con; tribute to victory through employment in war production as \vcll as m i l i t a r y service. Stimson said: "It is the inhercnl right of every faithful citizen, regardless of ancestry, to bear arms in the nations battle. When obstacles to free expression of that right are imposed by emergency considerations, those barriers should be removed as soon as humanly possible. Loyalty to country is a voice that must be heard, and I am glad that I am now able to give active proof that this basic American belief is not a casualty of war." TOWEL RATIONING TOO MUCH SAN JOSE, CaL. (U.P.)--Henry August Schroeder lias asked for divorce on the grounds of too much rationing. Besides the rationing imposed on him by the government, he states his wife rations him so closely on everything that she even keeps the bath towels under lock and key. and he is obliged, to make application to her for one every time he lake* a bath. The hyclrogrouliic office s;iys there is ,1 barely perceptible tide on the Great Lakes. It is called a seiche and is partly due to atmospheric conditions. CANNED MAX 3 ** Carnation Xorlhfield 1'unities* Ta " cans HEINZ KETCHUP 22' That True Tomato Flavor! Large Bottle B U T T E R Corn Country. .Ib. 48C OLEOMARGARINE I'ure Veg ..... Ib. 80-lb., bug Choc. Cream COFFS 33c Regular or Drip Grind. Useatle Jar. Upton's SOUP MIX 25c - FRUITS^VECETABLES LADY FINGER CARROTS Large Bunch 8c Large Navel Oranges Dozen 39c Texas Seedless Grapefruit 96 Siic .. 5 for 19C WASHINGTON STATE WINESAP APPLES, } lt 25c U. S. NO. I IDAHO POTATOES 15 Mesh Bag. . 6 JC QUALITY EARLY omos 15 Jr. 45c STORE HOURS Beginning February 1st Open 9 A. M. Close 6 f. M. Sat. 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. QUAKER Products 22c lOc 27c 19c 19 Rejf. or Quick OATS.... 3 Crystal \Veddiag OATS Aunt Jemima Sliced Pan- rake FLOUR Ib. bag Sparkle!! PUFFED WHEAT 2 YeJJon- CORN MEAL TWO DELIVERIES DAILY 10:30 A. M. and 3 P. M. No C. O. D. Orders Taken for Sugar or Coffee! DEI MONTE FRUITS 28c 28c 34c 33c 25c Blue Ribbon OMAR FLOUR We advise you to buy now permitted ceilings are much higher. i $198 ""* 1 $105 241 Ib. Morton's SMOKE SALT For Curing Meat 79 C SAUSAGE SEASONING , 21 C FARM NEEDS White BLOCK SALT finlphnr BLOCK SALT Iodized BLOCK SALT CLOROX.. qt . 30 .Ihs. 5Sc PEACHES Halves No. PEACHES Bartlett HALVES PEARS Blenheim HALVES APRICOTS* 0 Ready to serve PRUNES No. 2i/j jai-1 'lit, Ko.t Santa Clara DRIED PRUNES 40-50 ib. 10 A SIZE "« IOC 15c 70-80 SIZE 90-100 SIZE Ib. bag Ib. bag 14c Sun-Maid SEEDLESS RAISINS The Pick 15-oz. of the Crop. . pkg. Sweetheart SOAP 4 Bar 22' PALMOLIVE TOILET SOAP 3 Regular Bars BATH SIZE BAR . . . . 1 0 c 'Bab'o CLEANSER 19 Saves 3 Ways SPARK. ^ Pr gl9 c Blue Barrel SOAPt3 for 25 c Whole Kernel Golden FAULTLESS Vegetables 14c 12c 13c 18c CORN Cream Styln r- CORN.. Country Gent. Whole rABil Kernel Vwflll Fancy Midget JUNE PEAS Fancy Whole TOMATOES . can ' No. Tin. can No. No., FRESH FISH -cciJ: To sell you only the finest meal on Ihc market. «i!fgly quality meat must satisfy or your money will be cheerfully refunded. Fresh Beef nn SWEET-BREADS, Ib. J^C Fresh, Meaty «r SPARE RIBS, lb. . . . . . / D C Fresh Select AM BEEF TONGUES, lb. . . 3C Sliced O r BACON ENDS, lb. . . . . faiC Fresh Fresh Bulk Neck Bones Sauerkraut Fresh Salmon STEAKS, Ib. , Boneless Perch FILLETS, Ib Boneless Fillets WALLEYE PIKE, Ib, Boneless COD FILLETS, Ib. . . Boneless Fillets MACKEREL, ib 39c 38c 45c 35c 39c 10c ql FRESH SLICED PORKLIVER FRESH MADE RING BOLOGNA, lb. 29c Ass. BAKED MEAT LOAVES. . .Ib. 39e 17e FRESH DRESSED CHICKENS Ring Liver SAUSAGE..

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