The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 6, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 6, 1818
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CEOKGE JmlSsTQS. je 80 tf No 1 sloat - lane CtHtMlCJAJ.b, g(UK.S, - ' Kpfn Salt,iacafi:ntitL LumpManetiv ivcarca I Jo (la ixutU narei Calciueit tfo in 4.iala Kochl! 3 Ota, AcM Tartar Citri Ack, Dlb Vrrditurio Crkiea ' FatMut jelCw, kin; Yiloi Kitului of Autui.ii r Fowliog I . - :t'fj araricd, wt.!iri -' ; ... to !' in iaiui", - U n - ci.lwly Cn!.I X.tviil a.d Mtittarr Uw..t i1J' - .' Gill Cost and Vet fattJi (''p;4 rplatct roreil(ntert ' Matfj,tira(l(iMruiii';nU . ; Rolm. Far l Kulr STreMC.iOipa , telescopes Ojirra, micictacories 3 wU plH)did cli asttn carved in ivory Tortocn. and Uirtlr tea caMies Pitfot vj, - kcrew, silver pencil caiei, IWilaleby J. L.IMUERT, je t 3 Courtluidt.trret. jj ' UHHItU K F.6. 104 FnirWreet, I . otfL - r y.a, iq ;ililiti..p to their (iratvrtx - ttpiiv 6n iloent Mf li.irdware, tde (ollowiti articlt - , bj ih Mfir;h, (r.mi Livernu ij T - .. I . t n...i r i rem I li r. Clniit Xziln vpaV Uad Sliovsli Hrai K. lt! i d'i C',iriiiftn k ijn t'"K - ;t I i'.i & flii.jr.i OiH Cout IJutl os 8 ah.I B hurr'd Curry 6 barr'd Maw do . Iri.n Wiri!,.'o. 4tol0 MfflynnU I'inv limit Trunk Iwwki I'rawinf; Knives l'(tl ot carrier's knives wxrrant - ed equal to Cox's guu - tine. 'oil' of miii. ilialrtv, uiiaMe fur nn:fchint tAyiuri jAiianiiedCandlrtick F'rniitli l acks J J 11 BAH (HON, vi - tons Hsrlr.:n 5 t i:S rli. i t iron . tl d - ixii r rvinc PM Pnttnt ('Lat Drnwins; Knives ' Ires imd rt' - ei thevi I tf. - riwi - n i - ii'l i st s'i - it rni'if ;'i. - ,t; hyf - . - , . Cooch ifprfj; " 'ulehy ' . , - .r.i ,'i:i Ai'ER, !2 ' A f;l tV ".et. I t.'ailrs tiratly a - sorted table Knives Sz Fork, f 1 do. do. do. Small ( iitlcry, 4 do. do. do. iTa'.UKmve. i Forks, i with small cutlery. do. do. do do. do. do. do. do. do do. do. do. Kile., Fcde Tool, Bcitannia Tea - pot. A fi.wcu - ki CanjIleftickK. Bu'l Hit ses Wood S.rewf. CtMiimoil Knotif, and I cje hu'tons lursaKvuTlow, by JNQ. MVKACKAX, july i!K fl2 1 2 1'e'nrl - st. rs Boxes uulnr 10 do. 4 - 4 Si 7 - 1! Iridh linens 1 t. piuk pi'ijhams 1 do. hawls 4 do. brown platillas 6 do Scotch ouihurj 7 bales itniiutiou;uectiDgs 4 do. browu linen ' S do. linen bed tick , . t do. 5 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpeting. r ALSO, . . : Sna - rtofh,. ' - - . .. Cotton bagine; T willed sjckiof Seine twine For sale ly GEORGE JOHNSTON, Jolv 2 No. 1 Plnat - lane. PIPES 2 1 - 2 Qr CVks Malmsey do do of Scot', Lcuhnan, FenfolJ ACo's. brand, aud offered for sale by W. & S. CRAIG, an; 1 Ira No. 84 K roul - st. ( 1 ANCHESTEH VELVETS, Assorted to - 11 lours aad verr (iinerinr onalitv. for ssle low, by GEO. I. N EV BERY, J 31 rearl street. OILS, ice. XnnA Gallons Refined St Elephant Oil JUUU I500do. fcoromerStrM sperm. Oil 100 do N it Od for Portrait Paiuters 2 Oil Tresses, with screws, ruimin in corrwr dyes, suitable fur tobacco.' oil, or clothiers. To Lesolrtuy ' sAVtllKL JUDO, ui .o. as uroauway or IM 1 1 market. Jy3l Hit J. W. FORBES, MAHOVACTeaia jr silver ware, No. V0 Broadway. INFORMS his fi tends and the public, tbat be continues toui.iaufiiclure ol sterling silvern - clusivpiy.and ni superior workmanship, ?iUerTea and Tatle I Ladle, Urns, Nils, Church Flate, Spoons, Forks, Waiters, Syphons r iri Knives Cake Baskets, kc. iit. l Hie htest and most eie the lowest price. ant patterns, and at All older executed in a masterly manner. N. B. FA.MiLHIS wisliinir to be supplied with the fust rate articles of Silver, are insiled to inspect hi work, as all articles of hit minu - facture are sold only by himsell. J 301 m BREWERY. For sale, a bargain, a Brewery ii AlaR House connected, in the city of Hudbon. Tha buildings are stone, ami particularly waB calculated fir the buines. It is situated iu tha midst of a barley country, and ha many other advantages. It is certainty an object for tbosa wishing to engage in th;t business. It is the only brewery in the eooi'try. Tliia property will be sold cheap. Terms liberal - T t.lle iiod. For further particulars apply to M. .tJULDEX, No. 78 Maiden - lane, New - York ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June 13 tf TO BUILDERS, Or tlioie wl.omRj wish to erect three elrgnot buildings or iactories. LOTS, 77 fett hj 80, more or less, with the buib lints Ihereon, in tlie centre ot VeH - y - sl. caa be purchased separate or leather. ALSO. An elegit LOT, with the Buildings thereon, 1 1 Bowery, by 125, more or les, near Chatham - street the siliolenQ accvmin datioff tern.s Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Beekman - st I he advertiser ha three small mortgage to dispose of, one of $3 000, one of 1000, one ol flfcsj, all io tlds city. Je 9 EDUCATION. YOUNG LADIES SELECT SCHOOL, NO. 1 I Cf DAB - STUFIT. X,TR. MEADrepctfiilly rues notice, that his SchKl will be asin open oo Toesdsy the 1st ot September. Vouru; Ladies' will he instructed as usual, in a course of Education; euibrarint; all t'i im pnrtant branches, from Keailine; and Femiiiui - ship, to Rhetoric and Nalurdl rhilosopny. rrea h by ooe of the u t esiroeu insirucior Enouirf rs mar satufr tt.emsclves respectiiit: the c.l.arneter of this School, by callirg opon any of tha following rrentleaen, ntoit of w&oo are a - Rfchard Varick, Tborias 5. Clarkscn, Antliony D - y, Amasa Jackwn, James Renwick, E - qrs. Calebs. Rirt, Geirse Gridln, John ttiydam, and J 30 Im LIXEXS. VRLYT.TS. Jfer. A VERY banihoiue asjortiotut - at Salrasia Lioeiu, Flatilias, Key alar, brctagnes, Estopillas, Dcwlus, Crta and Cho - Uttt ............ S cares silk TtlvtU ji 5000 mtitkeU S boxes fowling pieces S culis Stcuerark scythes, doable swor J IMl t UutCh liernngs ; 4 boies assorted fUsware Tha ibave ar ticlca entitled to debenlure. . 3 cc - roont iodia, I bos toys and a few pie. cet Dutch cloth - For tale by , . C. ZIMMERMAN, Jolyll Its 77 Washington - it Jif.f'f - rt Pntml from the Unttr.4 Stata. Ot'Ll.KN'S LIQUID MAGNESIA. Afpvcd of, and reioiiiniendeil by several of tit towsi esaipant physicians of Philadelphia. 1HE Tunsttareiit Solution of Mtguesiaitpre - L sented tu the public with the sanction and particular n - eororoeftdulirm of many of the most reapee able ph .aiuanhof tliitity, as the mint eligible mode of exhibiting magnesia. This s initio - ) possesH - s the sirtnes of t Jit medicine in an eminent degiee act - rare speed ly; with greater eertaiiitj and is not liable to form coocreiions ia the bowels, as Messrs. Brandt and Monroe base dise - vered are sometime produced 'y (olid mag - aesia. It eotubines with iu anli - aa d aperknt prinaiplea the very desiralde property tif allayin( thevreat excessive vamitiog, and carry H )t 08 6i e and offensive mailer. Hence mar he infer red t t reat effieacy L. the summer comp aiutitif lemaiet, cm Hi ss., ece. ttc. To person of b lion habit, it is recommended as an t - ceellent corrector of bile ,md acidity com - o.unicaie ioue to tne uomai'b - - perates as a gentle .axation, and . tta lishel a Derma ent aud ivgufar state f the bowels. A discrcihiHary use of this ac cesUe beversre enaldes persons ol ev r ug. , us and eonititutiou tu k. rii Uieir bowels moderate, without the use of salts or (liasiio purges, (iiiilmrto used) which never f:ii to confirm the costive ha: it they were iute. - dcd to remove, aud' for life t ,e organ of digestion. In we k ttcmach nrte tnd other arid are evolved, causing gout, gravel, stillness, ;md cm crctron o tht j 'ints 1 lie solution will enliven. Ipailtatc, aud oltcn ienioe these afllietin. coin, ii - lui kfK bnli.rMioB ait'f ruauy Jiio daia of tti ja; m, fj'iently oroerol frem aa aoidioi - s te cr w.e Homarii 1. iris en r;iTiie it Jtyeci 10 diii):rrveil e. - i'itvi of tlmt orxn, in con - stipience of their existing almostenlirely on milk and vegrtktle diet. As.i.all q iantilrol (he solution (lii.b ehihlrrn drink ailh aviilit" , and ia gene al peeler to every other beverage will in a a short lime neutralise the existing acid, aad, if continued, will p: event the form, .lion of any sew acid Independent o the other advantages the solu tion pcseses ever crude magnetm, or any otb r medicine, imennen to pro Uue a similar eneor., the sNperinr purity of the miuraesia contained ia the solution ithe iiaieuiee baviar discovered a process by v hich he deprives the magnesia he makes use of, of (he numerous impurili t it is al - ass cnntRmiitateu will) must give It a decided pief. - rence ovtr even other pre aaiation :to avoid the appearance of cm;iiricisifi, tlie certificates of the p ysicians, : nd other approbatory testimony, are not'published, but mat be seen at the store of the pt'iniee I he solution may either, be drank at the fount, fas mineral waters) at IV I - ? cen s l er half pint. or may be IimI in hotlles ol an ovsl shape, mark ed, iu raised letters, " Cullen's Liquid Magnesia" asad labelled Cullin (olniioaof Maeneaia. Olwerse. none w tenuina excent what answer the above deseriptiut', aud it siued by She pa tentee, - JOHN CUL' EV. . Price $2 0 per - sfoaen. Ti cents of which will TO rc wrnrfl un re iialtle emntV W.ltVS. " Sold in Fhitide'phia only, Unlieli 'lnmieal ana Vrng stoic, ut, e st corn, r oi Uuesoat aad Second atreeta rtiHudrtpttia, Zotfl .ipiil, l:8. Cj" The Patentee, encouraged by the 1 of the Patent Liquid Magnesia 111 Pluladelp! success hia and els where, resiiectfnllv inform . s the inhabitants f New York and its sieiniiy, that be lias formed an establishment for its sale at No. 83 Broadway, within two doers f Park Place, where he also manufacture Soda Water of a luperior quality. J 31 U SPEAR'S CALCINED MAGNKSIA, i Iiewud) far a Sour Slvmaeh, H tart liurn, and m Cure for Indiettlwn. CALCINED MAGNESIA ha been tome time iu use both in Europe and America: but latterly it hat been more Irequeotly used than formerly. It was first brought into use in Genoa - op. and was highly extolled by Hoffman, 00 00 whose authority it was introduced, but very confinedly, till the know ledge 01 it, and its excel lence, was more extensively dtllused by the author of a medical pamphlet, entitled an " Essay upon the Nursing and Management ofCbildren," ic. 'J his author hat bestowed much time and attention in the investigation ol the virtues of the calcined tnaguesia, eud ic most instances has great judgement and knowledge of the subject on which he treated, ami thereby has brought 1 : - . c:..u ' vijiv HKUIV.111C iuiu llinO repine. vc unuiioi, therefore, properly etp'ain its reputed vir tue, than by quoting the passnge in which he rc - commendlits use. He says that "the first and general cause of most disea'es to which infants are liable, is the acidity which their (O' - d occasions in their stoma lis. This acidity becomes very obvious from tbe griping and purging occasioned therei y. It Way not lie improper to mention un easy and generally a certain ren.edy, or rather preventive, if timely administered, which is the uiagueria alba, calcined. This medicine effectually cuies all acidities, proves a mild and lenient purgative, ana ceit the notly gently - pt it, without leaving behind it that costive state whii h lavs the louiidation for mauv dangerous and troublesome diseases." 1 be author of the above mentioned essay fur ther observes, that notwithstanding tbe pecu - imr excellence ol this preparation in removicg indigestion, yet still it Inbor urwh r a ditadvau - t. - .ge dithcult to he obviated, at nncheuiitt hat as yet pursued a method calculated to di vest it completely of its ruJilies, and give it that pre - eminence which its met Ms (when properly prepared) wonld jii'tly demand ior it is a well estnblishtd fact, tiiat itnlig. stion isll.e primary cause otn.a - ny ol the most nlarunng and daugerosis diseases inciHeiit to the huuiau system ; consequently the alba, when properly calcined, would he the mn'l erticuioiuri iiiedt luthi rto known." Sin'cewul ex, eriinebls hve fully demonstrated. tht the magnesia here ie a nmended has arrived to tbe penecticn al hi. h the above author hints. Mild only (h M pointtiieiil) bv JOHN t . MORRISON. Drufeist, U4 tin tnwich street. a.,d HULL A noWNK, Druggist, 14S Peul - street, New York. J 31 Im ' NEW - 10P.K SPERMACETI OIL & CAN - OLE FACTORY No. 52 BROAD - WAY 1 H 1 QA1UEL JUDD, b f.'J O ale, wholesale and JsVlYrfV"' - '. winter pressed and t jf - 'e'ruiiwrd Spermaceti V has f ir retail, A jf - 'rtruiiitd Spermaceti 4 - Oite Cil, at the alwive lartory, 01 Sniumer at trie old stand, llttJ t ly Market. Also, SPERMACETI, WAX, I TALLOW MOULD CANDLES. TocreUier with a general assortment of, Lamp Clauet, Lamp Wsck ; and 1. iivA m.., ...mA.i. ;.... .1 I t:, - .J p 1 rnsti - mert. Tin Canister, CCZtJJJ m I to 15 gallon. ; Ke,ci, Mt - t - y lriD)5tn IS gallons; Jug, front 1 to J do ; witb a variety ol other articles, all of which are warranted of the first qunlity, and at chrup at ran he purckao - d in New - York. 1 he above article" sent to any part of The my free of eipence, where tbe purchaser makes it an object. J 31 b .l Zi aT jaa t turn v V - fTK i POR,' SsALk Oil TV lMH!3K'W37 . THVKS(AV, AUGUST 6, 1MB: NO. 19S"WILLIAM.STRE ..'"' fur lilek:!t and Mobile, itTV (one " - Pckcls,) y ' The wail known, Cistsailinj cbuoar TvutSKY.capL Week, having two third jLr freight engaRedt WU Best - with all cow - .aatdisp"' ForUie remaiudcr, or pat - r!rfcaTie suiierior accommodations, apply to rETfcRS IIKRRICK, .Jgj - gtf Curat ies - tlip. .rrr nr CHARTER, tf - A British BRIG, burthen 218 tons rtfc'ius'i. ' 2 KW barrel; now at Tbi - ILt, to load fi - r EbjjUnd, or U18 W.t lrvcies, ll cm bf tleifaiv'' whfhn tAve? Apply to noc';.m , V lite, Apr' J 5! SJtb..f.eV. rv - if. v f. v Uu'ij.irtifi;. lL&T A B uish 8RKi," tli.a.U tarry a (V fj' V "00 bale Uiipa CoUoa, toli'siJ T".. - ,..J Ir.. 1. rn . I 3 a ri u v v w . - Btr lAt - t.itl'OVL, nj The copied. .New - York built ship 'iKlFtC,' Joha William master; ! - si - g - wt fbcconiai.vlaiiom for pns.eoiert.. ad i in - iulio, loniLJMwriline to a fiJ srwgojnent, on IU lCUi of next mouth. For f'eijht or pasfge, ip - l . . . iu:n:An.d t.M ftt fnlt.ia.t.t. ply to csuytwu tu4twj v - - - - wharf, io - !? 4 AG WB1G ftT k SOX ; v, rRA.Ct9 THOMPSON". - P S. Bed aad IwdJiug r louuJ th - ?hip' .. ' J2 in f iv.tx.rnt clir. iJLAlifX - UV, JuboU. Frith, aiit - r, is u mid will be di'paVhol w ilhmt iU lay. (ar n - iie soly, apply oh Uurvi, at pier No. tf, !Uverf or to TUCIwEU At LAl'iliK., il 23 Soulh - et. (, - H atiltd to L'mrter, vif A f tftel of aljnut 1 10 iun, tot a voy - - ffare to lntr$t ard Lark. Apply (o CAMtJKLLENG A. i'FAK.0, julr 43 C? .ulh rt. . ' . J v "T ' - f ' ' J Will MTI. Api'lf tO CAMBERLr.NO k PHAR N. jnlf M 7 iiili t. ro ii.'e, trriL,lil or Uiarler, ri The staunch good chip MIKKUll, iil :JI4 ton burthen, u in complete onlrr to rna carpi, aoil Bjr be lent to ea i'h 1:1' tteraptuce. Apply ou boar J, west tiJo Uur - lug slip, or t.i N. L. k O. CRIiWDLD, CS Jyll A rood UH sailiujr VKStKL, ( ISOO rto 2CXM) b.irreli Apply t 5 tVaihiiiftoa Krcct, to Jr ;. o. i s. mnVMWD. . . yt' .W .1A'U UI.ViJKH. 1 f Fun heous bisli wool' $1. Vincent Ruji, LJ 6 do' fiuo lUveurtd Jaiowja do. I Barrels Jamaica Giucr, ja:t rernvitd and rorsatebr TUCKKU k LAUillF.S, jirtjr 24 ' ti outb - t. H UAf. 4tpuuUi04n first quality N. t. Rum, furaaieby J As. D'WoLr. Juo. 9 Si 8outhtret. ' TV.Aa. Wlt3 aud Olt.OCKKItS. i. 7raJc(T (.Ajukf aadTipN room.) J Tit. asncn:nrha cHitamiy "U hand a gen - 1 X eral assort men! or the lollowius; articles, wliH'ti will be disposed of at a moderate advance. Tea of first quality r Unbars do do Genuine old Cognac Brandy ' Hollunds Gin Jamaica and other Spirits Wines of tiie various kinds Pine Apple Shrub Lemon, Lime and Orange Juice Sallad Oil in bettie and bottles . L. Brown Stout Dottled Ale and Cider . ' ' Double Gloucester Holland and American Cheese Cordials Spices, F.nencee Sperm and Tallow Candle Do. Oil for Lamps Coffee, Rice, Barley and Mustard A lew boles Sicily Leoions, in 6oe order Katiint, Almonds, F runes, t is Basket Salt, tic. Ftfrsile by JAMES F. APffDOE. "' rVurtcil to purchiss;, a quantify of second band viae ami porter rx'ttlfs. J I KEMUCKY TOBACCO. i!74 bhds. prime Keiiturky Tobacco, landing this day frnstiip Grand Seinor, from .trw Orleans, for fey CH Ad. b. OGliEM, aud J 13 ABRAHAM OC.OK.V. nrinFK lead, blul mtriol, al .11 LUM, ic Koceivml per Chauocev and Coljiiibia, from Bristol. (Eus; ) and ior tale by luliacrilwr, on advantageous tersus, rir. 281) kegs genuine ground white Lead io 231b. kegs 20 casks best dry White Lead b casks 5 to 6 cwt. each 90 da Red Lead in casks from 1 to 3 cwt. each It do SpanidiBrownfroro3to4cwt.each 30 do Ivory Utai k from t to 3 cwt each It do Roman Vitri ! from 5 to B cwt each 15 do Veoitian Red from J tu 3 cwt each 12 tierces Allum from ? In 10 cwt each 10 hints. S tierces and 8 t his Rotton Stone Frencls Gwo, Lamp Blsck, Pnrpli - Brown Colcotlwu Vitriol, Bath Scourine Bricks PPly to A.CIH'KCH, J '5 IRt Bowery. tiKRMAN GOODS. TJ ECElfED by the ship Friton and the ship 11 Elbe, frcm Hamburg, and other late import - ""ns, an astoriiutnt of German Liniu, such as " riatilla, wtiile aad brown prctutt,Creas, Diiivlas Brown Chrrks and Shirting Linens Hessians Burl.p, Crown Rul's, Bgi. Tais, Snpnrfine Broad Cloth . Napkins, fnlk Galloon and Pound Ribbor.i CrBee Mjiit, Slaie Pencils l - onkinR Glass Flalos " fockrt and Statia Glassea ldFeiKils ad an assortment of Cardwirr. , ' Alsooa hand, A frwtrmsSt Petersliurs; Hemp ' Jirst quality Holland SailChth, am! 3iy hoses Pategrass Cheese, entitled to k - heutare. itt sate on reasonable terms, by GEO. ii THEO. MEYER, m 1 - 29 WihinlB .Irft. r c WHTTEMORE has constantly on aL. " manurartort - , No. 50 Ferry - J2" "eat to the corner of Pearl street, lare l11(l,'ral aortiient of cards of crtry desenp - jU Cards of 7, 8, 9, 10 on 5 and 6 Machine do U'lti.K rs' and Hatters' Raising Cards dJM quo'ilyi which he will tell on - m,et terms. J 24 Ins 4 P L r. "''VTsVW, A l?. Bk Maker, who understands cnMU.I hu'inn will hne Rood wnfes and t'4, 1 ""1! by applying at No. 1)J Wall - - . ane 3 r 'J' - Fnsi ir., landing and for alebv. ItIFL".Y & WELD, 192 Frot.t - atrect. CLARKT40 Uun erj' uperiour Claret, foriale at ldtbe dozen, by ... Hlli Lotsinthe5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards : man of winch are on regulated and paved street. No money win De required under lea ysars.ifsold, miwi m exctpieo. ,' HOUSES. Sevsral two and thraa storv honsct. on which a ureal prt of the mooey rnuaio on niorteaicet LANDING AT RED HOOK. I Aa eicellent stand for busiars. with ten merri jai pieasauuy sitaatcd, with a wharf, store - iioHb.ana oau. CO TON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, r - far New - Haveo, with 40 acre of land, and a ne - 4rtailing stream, upon which 20 mills may be 'tV1'1' W11 aafficienry of wnterforeach. nj - plyat . lo. t Greeuwich - strttt. j..ul3tf t'Ul SALE, l of the North River, a mile south from the vViaVVof Hyde Park, and eirhty - six from New. Yf rit 1 he laud it rqnid io quality to Use best in ttncf!S county, and is in high order and good ftn. e. On the premises ja a good plaiu farm hot,'., a good barn and other appendages neces - f ar. 1 conducting a large farm. Alc, a build - ui - iut coihunandcnj an extensive aud beautiful irierw nf the North Kivcr. Wchib half a biile of 4 faim hou?n is an eminent Academy, and wiVM two mile au F.pift nnvj. and a ricsbvte riaa Cburi;h, iu each of which there is regular r'ire pby - K mi.t to Irtpdinj, cue of which thf r'taiii liortt adiertiisw a a landing place, lue, ic. AVc. 'I ho aluJe "ill be 'old together or civided to suit purchasers. The terms of payment will he mayle esy, and au luditpulablc litis fiveb ly the suCiil;r, "J WILLIAM BARD. Vvde Park,.Jo!r24 tf JKtVfcLLKIli . WATCHES, kc 4 'CasEoI sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, JL iler uuituigdii'ii mm waicnts, ,' Droiiif: Ciisits and Ladies Work Boxes. ; 2 enscs Ludks Cornets' assorted. or'Hby J LAMBERT. ifi - i - i Conrfhnd stseet, T' Mtyje. .1 .'ST'publil.ed by W. his Piano Forte and Mumc, No. 120 Brua iaay, viiium 1 ell Vflr sreilinn Lyes . snny lea c,t , ' 7 am I iy Failhlul Fair 3ol'i' t"j Bride reliiV fiolv'r, with variii1ion. by I.otier. .I.i, all tli Sonr.s, t c. 1'iat are now ringing at H t (Viweil'i - tiv Mr. CtuKe, Hchnan, Metrt. Incnti' - 'i fid I'l.illips: Are with a treat vario - ;r ne Muic for the 1'ianti'urte and the Flute J. 9 NEW I'ATRSY PIANO FORI ES. sEO. I. NKWHTiYretpeetfullr and eonfi - ' ilenll v assure hi friends and the public. that at disunite, I.1X Pearl street, may be pur - o; atiil tlie above instrument', sower than any o iber place in the cily; where may alto be had Slay. ls tcnt Metronomes. 3 31 O..E llUJ - l)lli:i) DUI.I.AHS REWARD w UNA WAY f.omthe Uritish brij; Fran, is, capt I ennunt, mtnr at the quarantine .ninml, on the oUlli uist. a negro bov tumsl IS A At J, about IS ear of age, very tUrk, has 1 near on hia breast occasioned by gunpowder ; ie Ifnled at or near Iteigeii. V hoever wilt (lei)ver haid Isaac to capt. Tervnant, on board 'rr Fraucia, at quarantine ground, or at No. 44 .South U eet, ehall receive the bove re - wit. J tW 1 aVoiv .lt1lt,tJ(jut, JNitP - Wk, LOCUa'i VIViUKR WASTED.. ANTLI, quantity of locust timber aad L't - w trovaail. Atiply to tha Navy Azant, i;l Wa - hinrtoa - itrei t. Qj The publishers of the Nese - Br am Wick Oinoc, Newark l.entiuel, J.onglland Mar, New Harcu Journal, and New.lndou Gaxclle, ivill pleae publish this adverli.waicnt ooe month, .tud send their bills to the Navy Agent's Office Jy 1.1 tin 0 A'. 1 1 AC, 'f 'Zii An nndivuled miaeiv in te following lots of land in " Kvana" Patent" Oelaware County, state of New - York, viz 'Lot No. SO, contain ine 176 aeres : lot No. SR. containing 134. Also, an undivided moiety in theetMi half tf lot No. 40, containing IU4 acrea, and in lot via. ot, in tbe same patent containing 1051 acres. The above lots are well timbered w ith pine, he. he. and their contiguity to ibetrfJf branch of the Delaware river render them worthy ol the atten tion of lumber merchants. They will be sold reasonable for cash or approved notes. For further particulars apply to THOMAS ADDIS EMMET. Esq. counsellor at law. No. '2S Pine slreet, New York, (who is authorised to make contracts lor the sale ot the above lots or to tne subscriber, by whom an unquestionable title will be given. aiak 1 ha bkaus 1 ur.r. 1 , llammona street, iireenwicn. New Y ork. July 4th. 1818. (C - Tbe Proprietois of ihe Philadelphia Freeman's Journal are requested to publish the above lor two months in their pacr anj Mud their hill to the subscriber. J 85 dfrn eCm aUVERTI&EM lm. PROPOSALS will be received at the Navy Agent's ofiice, New York, for one week from this date, to supply a quantity ol Jeney Oak Plank average length 4iictt, 10 to 16 broad, 9 to 4 1 - 2 thick pith hi hart must ho out, and clear of sap. Al? - ", a number ol Jersey Halt Lgs, (rem 03 to 55 leet i ns;, iti 10 xu mcnes square, and a number of White Oak Knees, to side from 8 1 - 2 to 12 iii bet, arm 4 1 - 2 to 5 feet long, hod - let 5 (0 ti 12 long. The whole to tie fartt quality, and tthjei t to tlie inspection at Ihe Nuty I aril, aud delivered there. The proposals are required not to exceed 5000 feet of Plank ; not more than 10 Logs, nor more than 50 Knees a no contract will he given to a - ny individual to exceed one of the above named quantities ; the shortest time, not exceeding b weeks, must tie mentioned, money to ue pain in delivery. Any explanation that may be re quired, wiil he obtained at the Navy Yard, whert a bill will he given each individual alhrhe has intruder!, and by which he is to be governed. J 8t U.Vl. 11 yr - I be Due new steam vessel FRON1ENAC, 01 "00 ton burthen, James Mac Kintie, uia - ter, mil coiuiutiice fuiiiiiug on the brat day ol May next, ...'ill 1.': . ann win reive iviiigxon, ior 1 nrat and .viagara, on the 1st, 1 1th and Hit day of each month, in't Niagara, ior 1 nrn and Muerton. the blh. Ititl and S5tii day ol each mouth, during the teas "n, abeia every attention will be paid to tf.eease m6 cpu:. - rt'oi Ihe pasterigert. Appiicairontturpassage to be made to the cap lain 00 board. Kingston, dh April, ISIS. J 7,lfc t0 1 Ol. JOHN'S IUIX OaUlNAitV 1 Ihe contiguity of this building to the seat of bu - siuets, induce the subscriber to open, for the accommodation, of gentlemen connected with public business at the City Hall aud others, a public Ordinary. Dinner will be served np precisely at half iast two o'clock, and turtle soups, reh - hei, with tbe mot suitable rcfreduiienl of the season, at all hours of lb day. An elegant Ball - Room, decorated 10 a per fectly national Myle, it also al tha sen ice cf parties for dancing, society meetings, or for purpo ses of our justly deserving aud admirable milita ry volunteer corps, lor loeir various exercise. I he tubsu uVr has spared no paiAt te reader too budding a pleasant as it tUualiost would per - , mil, and, by assiduity ami the strictest alteutioa, will endeavoar to deserve that patronagw which an enlighten! and discerning public are at all timet ready t testow. auti :tn i A " t. - 1. iii'.Mr.anUkS,,. - Law Ttgytfaixng the Gvcgrng and Jniprcluig iA uU. - r Passed .Vi arch 3 1 , 1 b 1 8. VLf ht it tnacltd l the vcotile of the itale of Jitui - lork, rtprttenltd m lenale antt oittmbty, Tbat the person adniinileritg the government of this stale, by and with the advice and consent of the council of appointment, shall from time to time apKui ooe person lor the city if New - York, whose powers shall extend to, and include the village of Brooklyn one person for the city of Albany; and one person for the city ot 1 toy, wbo - e powers shall extend to. and include Lau - sitigburgfb and Walerford, to be guagcrs and inspectors of fih oil. ' A nd be it further enacted. That it shall ho the duty of each person appoiuud by virtue cf thu act, to provide himself with proper instruments fof 5Uiff'D' BnJ iuspeclirfg oil, aud wbedevi r cal lrd on to guage and inspect any parcel of fijh oil, wtihin the place for which be was appointed, it shall alto bi his duty to inquire diligeutly and scea - out any parcels ol fish oil within his district, and guaze aud inspect the sanie.atid hraud lert - b!y on the hend of each ask he u.ay so cuacr and mspect, tis own nftme aud the name i f ihi place for which lie was appoiuted : alsp the w hols - number of gallous the same tMU guge, and separately irou eacn other the quauliiy of water, the quantity of sediment, as well as tbe quautity of pure oil ho shall fmd therein, :uul shall make, subscribe aud deliver to the owner or holder of such parcel ol oil so guaged and inspected, a cejrtifii ate, sxhibiting iu separate columns the quautity of each Of the aforesaid enumerated ingredients the whole piircel shall ton lain ; for all of whii b guairing, inspecting, brand ing and certifying albresai J, he ihall receive from (he owner or holder of the oil 10 guaed and inspected, tweuty cents for each cask, be the snuie smiill or large, the one half of which (hall always llicrtafler he chargeable Uku the pun hater of the tauic. And lt iintriher tnacted. That it shall be tht duly of all persons owning or holding full oil, to put the tuweiu a convenient posiliuu fur guagibg and iiupectiog whenever thereto required I y au authorised guager and inspector. .1 rA be it further ttiucld, 1 hat any person or persousnho shall counterfeit, alter or change any f the brands or marks aicretaid, ou ant chide of oil so branded or marked, or who ihMl mix or 10 any manner adulterate any task of od so branded or marked, or who shall bay , sell or barter any o.l within the liirtricts or places afcre - aid, except tbe tame shall have been gunjed. inspected auJbraudcd according to law, or who shall ship, export, or otherwise convey or caitt U be conveyed any cil out of, or from tlie districts or places aforesaid, except tko same shall hnve been gu8,rrd, inspected and brauded ac cording to law, such pei son or persons 10 oflend - ing, tbatl fc rff it and pay tbe sura of twenty - five J. .liars for each cak, the hraads or mailci 01 which sJiill be so couutcrfeited, altered or hau - ged, or which shall be to bought, sold or barler - e.l, or uhuh thall be to shipped, tzported ci otherwise conveyed contrary Io the true intent aftd meaning of this act : Provtttd, nettrlhtiri. that uothius herein coulaiud thall he constiued to prevent any person or persons frcm buying or selling on by measures legally sealed. . And be tt fiulKtr tiwctid, That it shall be the duty of any person or per out who shall use or otherwise empty the cuatcnt of any cask of Btb oil, immediately to iMrire the guagcrs hijJ in - spec tor's marks or brand Iroin the same, under the penalty of twenty five dollar. And be tt further tnacltd. That any forfeitures arising by virtue pf this act, may be sued for and recovered by action pf debt, with costs of suit, in any court hating cognizance of the tame, to Jj.avtt t gsUaiid betxJ aay person, who shall sue tneretor. KOTfrrt: I, hcrebjr given, (bat the subscriber nas ceen appoiuiea ny ine nonouraoir tne conu - 14I ol Appointment, tiu.iger and lupcctor of all t ish Oils in the City 01 i ew - 1 ork and Brooklyn, aad has opened his oilice at io. JV, Ualcr - jt. where he will receive orders from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. every day, Sundays excepted. JAMES MAURICE. N. B. Dealers in Fish Oil are hereby notified, that any infringement ol the above law Will be prosecuted. July 20 im Hti OAt.t., oitj a larm on ine iiucson, anoui a rout from Newhurgh, craitnining 1:13 acres, 3d ol which are Woodland, the rest U divided bj good fence into a due proportion ol meadow, arable and pu - ilure land. Tl e buildings are partly new 1 the house - convenient for a small f:miiy : its situation is equalled in beauty by lew on the river ; tlie advantages, from (lie vicinity of a flnuriih - ing village, 01 public worship, society nml good market, with the facility ol conirofltn. alion with New 1 ork, render 11 a desirable residence lor a gentleman. 4i)0d dollars ol Hie purchase money may remain on mortgage ; the payment of Ihe test will be made easy to the pnrchaser. Apply on i be premises, to Je 23 tf " I. VERI'LANCK. MR. LEE'S SELECT SCHOOL FOR BOYJT, No. 8 PABK - Ptack. fflHK courxe of instruction pursued in this JL institution embrace every department of Literature and Scie. ce necessary to a liberal education, (the dead langiiatre excepted ) The public in assured thalthu school shall consist of a number of pupils, never exceeding' twenty - hve. No ptipil will be admitted who cannot read connectclly and write lctriblv, and who ia nut acquainted with the firt five rules ot ariihnietick School hours lie in 1 - 2 past 6 till 8, and from 9 tiH 1 o'clock. Terms 12 dolls; per qr. J 25 2w sl I'll AVENUE, and CARMLiL - Si KELT NOTICE. "VTOTICE is hereby given to all persons inter J. v ested, that the commissioner of estimate and asretsiiient apfioiiiled by the Sop'e;ne Court ol Judicature of the stale of New - York, to per ioral certain duties relative to the exteudii.g ol the Sixth Avenue from Greenwich - lane to Car ininc - strect, and forenlariciuz and improving Car' mine street to Varick - street, in the eiblh ward ot the taid city, hare completed tlie ir estimate and asi stuienl as wellol tbe loss and dnmae sus tau.ed over and above the benefit and ailvao tage received by the owners and parties interes ted in the lands and premise required lor (he taid improvement, at also, of the benefit and advantage received by tlie owners and parties interested of and in certain lands and premises not required for the said improvement ; and that we Uie raid comiuii'Sioners have deposited a true co - dv of such estimate and assessment in the cleiks clSce, ol Ihecily oi'New - Yoik, foe the inspection ol whomsoever it may concern ; and noii, e is hereby further given thai tlie report of the said commissioners of estimate nod aasessment will be on spnted to the Supreme Court of Judit ature, ol the state of New - York, al the capitol in the city of Albany, on Friday ihs tourtceiith day ol Auziiitoest. at the oceinruf of tl court on hut day, or as soon thertafK r as counsel caa be heard thereon, flew York, 301 h July. 1818. II EN BY MEIGS, ) WM. ToRRKY, and Conmissionera. TETER STAGG, S Jy 30 lOt WANTED, V WHITE fcirl or woman to do the cooking, &c. in small family, consisting cf fair grown persona, livmg? in pleasant part of tbe city , she will hare tbe assistance of a Utile girl and a boy. None need apply without fiod rrcommennatton. Apply at Uiieoitre. J 16 f t OCT Tlie new KERRY LOaIS fiom t.. foot ol VS aJnut street, New Yoik, te tbe loot t i little street, Brooklyn, near the Xavy Yard, will 1 eminence running en Sunday, tb 17th ii.tL i enunt rrrssmg to Brooklyn from tha viprt l atol the cityt will find the ditiacce sLuih ti orrrw.q t.y utmg tins terry. my 14 AOMCK. ftt" Tbe Rising Sub tail Boats. N oncariel. and industry, from tt.e Elm.Uih loan 1'omt, M Ne'vYotk, sai'slrcmalaiketbtld - ttrett, (vl.ttk Uie eream - noui Ataianta lorn.triy came to.) at 10 o'clock, di each day. Passage It 1 - 2 cents. Enquire at tlie Steam boat Udell, cf A.liLKl UUL Si I llJLLirS. my 21 tl i iTf JOHN FROCTOK, Jca. 10h labertyt. offers liberal anticipations on property ecntign - ctl to hisneiicyi 111 the Alrdiierranean. lor further parltcuia s, apply a above, of to 1 ' A UK A HAM IIE.LX4 Je 6 tf comer of Cl rl ti Fulton - at. fTr STEPHEN B. M AN. Ao. 226 Prar! - ttirct, New - York, purrhatet Landt in the Illin oi Territory,' vhkn ha been tel hpart for tbe laic Army. Letter Iroaa the couiiirv giving b description o the patent and the pnce'as'ked lor each lot, will be attended to, irruet rkid. .my 15 tl A CAHIl. ffc7 Al tbe particular solicitations of the La dy iiht - riher, the New - York Salt 4 ater Fiosr - intf Hi. Hi will be removed to her old station at tbe loot ol Murray - street, this nay, where it will coi'.t:auc ripen every - day, ircni sunrise ia the , uioriuii, until 10 o'clock al I'iubt, ilurii g tli , bathing season. It it hoped when the Ladies 1.1 ' Ibra city know Uiat this large buiidir.g, wfcid, will accommodate two cr three butidrtd p.ersoi.s at a time, it exclusively dt voted to their enjoyment on Mondays and Wednvsdaysol each wetk until 2 o'clock, that they will give (hat t - ucnur ajietntnt sibich such en appropriation deserves. On a'l other day stlury have then own apartntnts only. The ereattsl pouible attention will bo paid. The Catb at the Battery it open every day' from sunrise to ID o'clock at night, for t.tntlc - Uicn cnly. Je S9 Ocean lusurbuc Office, July 6, 181U. fX3 The Board of Director have tliis dy declared a dividend of Hire and a half per cent on their capital stock for the last six inoalhi, whii h will be payable to the stockholders or their legal representatives on the tenth Last, at the olfic of the company, 45 V all - street. S.4MILL bl ANSBLUlV, Sec. Julr7 Im CLASSICAL. Al A J ith.YlA T1CAL aftd MER - CAN I ILK ACADEMY. ESsRS. KELLY 61 TUUMY respectfully inform the l oblic, (hat ll.ey have lalniy . coHimcLCed this t - slablishnieiit in tbe large and atry ronnis, ao. 4i5 l euri siteii a lew dours . from the tcrner of Chatham street. Thur cnurMt cf education complies tl.e Greek, Latin, Fremh, and English languages 1 Composition, History, Geography, the use el tbe I . loin. , Hook - K ee pin, Ami.imi ic, wjt h the other practiculs - ranchrs of the Mbtbtmatk . young i.uies have a room appropriated tt theuselve," where they will betaubta regwlai'. course ol Ituuale educution, t guther witb plain , andornaii.cutai Needle - work, by a lady otexim - ' plurj conduct andjor.g KXpericiicciDlbal depart - . ' menu ' Reference to Robert Adiain. P. M. and N. P. Columbia College. ' IA JEN T OllAMMAJJCAL MIRROR. . Jtfcs. Kelly St. '1 uomy beg leave also to in' form the public, that their Grammatical Mirror Is now completed and organised, aud thaClhey are prepared to uaetertake its application la lhi alitlkb ol uulrcti4n. Tbe Granunatir nl Mirroi iamatbweiMitrcissicViiii aad actuated by such laws, as to eihibit a aoaatfet reor.Me.euwi the uart of human i necch, in all the Variety ol thtir iiifiectioo an J all the. divi nity of their combinations ; It ia calculated to impart itifurmatiou more eapediTionslr than words, whether conveyed by writing or by ul - teraoc : letter and sound are the arbitrary tymhols, not the resemblance of ideat ; but th.i Grammatical Mirror presents an exact imitation.' of the ngeut w ith itt cases, of tlie object with its passions, m their substitute with its genders and persons, and of I he action with it manners, and its time. 'I he other pails of tptech will make their respc - tive appearance ia the revolutions of this extraordinary machine. It i 00 let nsr ' ful to the leat her than to the pupil 1 nod whilo it expedites the progress of die oue, it wdl facili' tate the labor ot ibo other. Should anv rer'eo ohjee t to the practicability of its appliration,tbry challenge the invrtliiratioo of np))osiiion : they cannot consent to no indiscri minate insiiecticn : but any person whv shall be qualified to diicussits merits they are willing to admit, and prepared toanswer his objection. Though duty forbids them to acknowledge their own inlerkniiy yet, they rely not on their diligence and zeal others may have aa much 1 they rely not on Ihrir - erudition anil talents, other tn.y not have lets 1 but tl.ry rely on the ro operation of theirjneoar, which they contend to be superior to any that can be! employed to attain the object it con', em plates, J hough they entertain no doubt of it superior general utility, tliev conceive that for such as cannot afford much time for study, cr whose d.flercnt emplovnitnts, mutt confine them to interrupted and desultory lectures, R muHt possess peculiar advantage.. Several IHernry characters, who have in pec. ted this machine, have been equally astonish ed and delighted, and doubt nut that experi etice will r.ealiac the most sanguine eipectu - lion that are entertained of ils advantage and iticces. Under these impressions the proprietors of the (jpmmatiful Mirror recommend i. to pub lie notice, and they are not snore devirous of acquiring', than tiny are confident of securine; the patronaire of the public. N. B. Tliev have Sir general convenience determined to deliver eveniny; lecture, from half past five till half past seven, on any of the abovcmeiriioned branches of literature. J 10 Im ilQS The firit and second Doer' in store Jfc. 3 r leicher - ttroet. 1 he rooms are large, bcitg 25 feet wide, 70 feet deep, well calculated ler a wholesale crockery store, for ttorsge, or brother business requiring tuuch room. To be let toge ther or sep mto. EiKpure on tbe ptemites, or it 143 I iarl street, up stairs. Jy 24 LOI ft I o I.LASK ATI HE NORTH RIVER, t ITU A IF. iHtwtin Barclay and Mwrray - sT3 stceet, ChsaiUr and Rerd' - rtitet. Jay tod HarriMid - ftreets, ami North Vioore and beacb - trel, at a price very considerably let tbm In - ' - rest on their value,, and at the expiraUa of the term the buildings to be fairly valued and pani ior, or new lease grajMeel. Alfs to Ut By the year at a low nt. Several loll or yard on th water, well calculated for lumber, platter of pans, lie. Apply to III. UIHNELANDER. 31 Tart, near the Theatre. Several of the above lots will be fold at mo derate price and en a liberal erwdit. A small portion, ef tbe money oulr will t required. June II tf. ' irnT.VCh.lE it.i - VIElt. O XE with a good t'ff ly "f ':. ami wko can produce aati'Tacu - y irtln.,ii, 11 le.tirrvrjii cf chsrac eter &e. will mert wi'h encTOraftftm, by applv irg at J 10 tf MRS SA1IILERS, o. S& Brofcdwif.

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