The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 8, 1931 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1931
Page 2
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S' ^ ^y^i?;^^ s * !I ^* as ^^'^^ ·u-.i-^ii R st CD fax bn qu sir mi "u as Ju sa is. lo P PI tr Until Saturday Night Only*PAY *Ju#t the JPrice of the KENMORE ELECTRIC WASHER and Get These Things Extra! ...ELECTRIC I R O N ...IRONING B O A R D ...CLOTHES BASKET AU for Ok« nt JPritm of -1 Cash $5.00 DOWN 55.00 A MONTH SMALL CARRYING CHARGE It will be the moat glorious day of your life when this new, easy, safe "laundry" moves into YOUR home! The .wonderful Kenmore washer with its porcelain enamel tub, Triple Vane Gyrator; its new · type wringer of soft, springy rubber that simply won't harm hooks, buttons or embroidery You would pay $126.00 for this washer in an ordinary store! Then--the six-pound Heatmaster iron, worth $3.19! Also a strong, rigid, adjustable ironing board worth $2.75 and a 90c clothes basket. Think of the times you have "talked over" getting a washer like the Kenmore--and then ask yourself if this is not the week to DO IT--and get this iron, board and clothes basket without extra charge'. , . Store Hours--Daily 8:00-5:30--Saturday 9:00-9:30 SEARS, ROEBUCK A N D 12 FIRST ST. N. W. I 0» TOV« MOMir 1ACK MASON CITY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE BLAME ICE FOR ROCKNE'S DEATH Final Decision on Crash of Plane Lays Cause to Weather. WASHINGTON, April 8. UK-The tricky factor weather has official blame for the' airplane crash' that killed Coach Knute Rockne and seven others at Bazaar, Kansas TWai"nK -I ·' ' · . * · . - " March 1. · After saying unofficially that ice broke the plane propeller, the .commerce department-asserted yesterday that a- coating of sleet on the wings of the plane apparently was responsible for the accident. , In formal findings, the department said, its aeronautics inspector found evidence which indicated weather was the "primary cause of the accident." ment told the bidders what quotations were submitted, · Fisk Buys CoaL Kelleher sought to show that J. M. Fisk,,' buildings superintendent, still handles the purchase, of coal even tho the purchasing department is nominally in charge. Hume a ton said Fisk's ' assistants virtually order the" coal needed'send- ing requisitions to him designating the company from which it is purchased. A telegram was read to the committee from the Empire Coal company of Centenrille asking the committee to investigate the purchase of coal March 20. The firm could not obtain information of Flak about the lowest bid. It said. IN THE RADIO WORLD By C. E. BUTTERFIELD Ass ociated Prcs s Radio Editor (Time is central standard thruouti NEW YORK, April 8. UP)--The broadcast of the drop of a pin was made last night via an NBC network during the talk of O. H. Caldwell, fprtner radio commissioner, in' whicbhe discussed radio broadcasting. , A supersensitive microphone was used. A .sheet of paper was place over the mouthpiece, .held uprigh and the -pin dropped on the pape from-.tvyo Inches above with a ter rifle thud something like the crash of a steel girder. : Alan Gould, sports editor Associated Press, is to speak ove a WJZ network Friday evening a 6:45 when he will give a;summary of the fifth annual consensus of tht. predictions of sporting editors on the coming big league season. Mr Gould has just returned from a visit to the training camps in the soutc WEDNESDAY Golf chta by Bobby Jones and O. B. Keller,' WEAF and network at 7. ' : Kan Halperin, guest artist in the personalities program, WABC and stations at 9. Concerts program with Jeanette Vreeland, soprano, WABC and hookup at 9:45. 'SPIKED BEER" USED AS BRIBE (Continued From rate 1). suited, however; that the practice 6£ favoring- Iowa companies did not discourage out-of-state firms' Asked if the Williams Iowa Supply company of -Iowa City was favored in purchases, Humeston said he could not give the percentage of goods bought there. He denied the Davidson company of Des Moines held a monopoly on furniture purchases. Humeston reiterated his statement that bids sent in special envelopes remained sealed until the date of letting-, but said all companies did not use these envelopes. He claimed that no-one in the depart- 70% '0 of Sill ACUTE INDIGESTION Night! strikes late at (when drug stores are closed). Why not be safe with Bell-ans on handV. , Now! BELLANS «)R INDIGESTION Humeston submitted percentages allowed for overhead in handling supplies, but said many articles particularly for the hosplta!, were being sent direct, saving storage and overhead. He'declared that a. comparison with equipment coats in other hospitals submitted by Dr. 'A. W. Brakine of Cedar 'Rapids could not be checked because he did not know if ErskinV included shipping charges in his. compilations. Warner Called. J. C. Warner, .Fisk's · assistant, was-called regarding the Empire company's complaint. He said the Midwest Coal company of Albia wag given the contract on a Jow bid, the Empire company bidding on crushed lump coal rather than screenings. He introduced two letters-replying to the Empire's request -referring the company to the board of .education's ,. finance committee, which awarded the contract. Reprc/entatives Byron Allen and George Miller criticized Warner for not giving the requested figures on the low bid, but the witness maintained that a policy of not giving out this information had been followed, because ,X should come from the finance committee. Asked Single Term. Fisk, recalled for a moment, made the same declaration. Warner admitted Fisk sometimes had him call or write a single company for' a quotation and. then give it an order. On occasions, he said, he has done this with the O'Hagen Coal company of Waterloo, subsidiary of Lieut. Gov. Arch McParlane's firm. The witness said HcFarlane or W. A. Chapman, his assistant, occasionally came to the office. He testified he did not know the O'Hagan firm has'ftn exclusive agency for the Midwest company's products. "How do you know such an order :s made at the lowest possible price?" aslced Kelleher, referring to nstances where no bids were sought. Keep Track of Price "We keep tra_ck of the market prices .and check with salesmen who visit us.i; Warner said. . "Aren't you just assuming you my at the lowest price?" asked Miller. ^ "Yes, we would assume that," Warner assented. ' ' ' The committee hoped to return to Des Motnea tonight Representative, Allen subpoenaed 'Stair SVC., Knight for this afternobn. -Kelleher: planned to call D: W.'Bray, assistant auditor, and'Bmmet TInley, attorney for the/ board of education, said he would have Charles Brown, foreman under Fisk; on the stand. George Foster Injured on Pavement Near Emery George Foster, 48, Clear Lake, was taken to Mercy hospital for treatment of injuries received when struck by a car about a half mile west of Emery Tuesday afternoon. Foster, who was picking something from the pavement, was Scratched and cut but riot seriously injured, hospital authorities said. · Thompson Defeat on Front Page in London LONDON, April 8. C/T)--The defeat of William Hale Thompson, mayor of Chicago, received front page space in almost all London newspapers today. · Some papers used page-wide banner headlines,'with pictures and editorial comment. No.' paper expressed any sorrow at the passing of "Big'Bill." Portugal, Orders Kockade of All Rebel Isle Ports LISBON, Portugal, April 8. UP~ lAaciiation' of foreign residents of Madeira was provided for and closing of all ports of the Island group was ordered In ah emergency cabinet decree published today. ' The decree Intimates that all residents of the Island who have accepted posts under the rebel 1 Junta set up there will be dismissed and tried in special courts. The- decree affirmed intention of the goyernment. to surpreas the revolt which, apparently instigated by political deportees, has overthrown the Lisbon authority in Funchal. An offer made the garrison at Funchal and, the military ' Junta there to allow them to return to the government fold, whereafter, in the event of its refusal, military measures, -made possible by a large expeditionary force sent to Madeira, will be undertaken. In closing; the'island ports the order forbids inhabitants communicating with the outside world in any manner. . . ' The first contingent of the expeditionary force, numbering 600 sailed yesterday aboard the transport Pedro. Gomez. The transport was escorted by a gunboat. SHOUSE LAUNCHES DEMOCRATIC DRIVE (Conlinntj Fnm Page l). they brot when he undertook to place agriculture on a parity with radustry, and the wh.le business of farming is accordingly prostrated." Advised to Cut. 'The sum total of 20 months of effort by Mr. Hoover's farm board " Shouse decdared, "is that you are advised to cut down your 'acreage advice that could have been given without the appropriation of a single dime from the federal treasury." The equalization fee principle- of the McNary-Haugen bill was embodied ,in the democratic platform of 1928, Shouse declared, adding that this was "at least a specific program" for taking care of exportable crop surpluses. Unemployment, Shouse continued, has increased 149 per cent-during the past year and the only concrete legislation passed was two or three unemployment measures created by Senator Wagner, a democrat of New York. APRIL 8 1931 FOR FOURTH TERM \| Blnyor.William Hate "Big Bill' Thompson of Chicago casts his vote for re-elecOdn to a fourth, term. He was defeated by Anton J. Ccrmak. Points to. Gains. Pointing to the democratic gains in the 1930 election, not only in congress but in state offices as well, Shouse declared it was a forerunner of : the, jeturn of the. ; . democrat? to ,*power; i: H ; ··* '.v 'K ~f- .'·^^r^'^''^jjt r .j-"i^i-v^',jV'i :- ~ mifirtyfTio 1 ' 'TArwo -Trt^MnwUhlfcr ^i^Aiy WALLPAPER N EVER before have the designers given us such a rich variety of Wall Papers from which to select. Vi e urge you to come in and inspect them. No obligation and you will be thrilled. Our Prices Are Low and We Guarantee You Immediate Service t You'Cari Buy Enough of Sidewall, celling- and border to completely decorate a room m i ni 10 by 12 by 8 feet high for as low as S) 1.01 tffljchoy 5 South Federal Avc--Mason City ~ 'the ' duty of' "convertbi'g^~'tiieif'. : republican neighbors, Shouse said "I know of no more fertile field for the cultivation of the crop of democratic sentiment than this state of Iowa. It is regarded as republican territory. It is only by fighting in the enemy country that the war for the manumission of the country from control by the special interests whose head and front have always been a republican administration can be won." · Steck Introduced.. Former Senator Daniel F. Steck, Ottumwa, was introduced at the meeting by Richard F. Mitchell, Fort Dodge, state chairman, aa "the next United States senator from Iowa." Steck "paid tribute to XT. S. Judge Martin : J. Wade, Iowa City, who is seriously ill in California with paralysis, as "a great lowan, a great man-and a great democrat." Representative M. Jacobsen, Clin- 'ton, elected last fall from the second district, was also introduced at the meeting. . · Shouse lauded' Thomas Jefferson as the founder of the democratic party. He advocated a return by the country to Jeffersoniau principles, stating that Jefferson stood for states' rights as against federal bureaucracy and for personall iberty. He decried the "snooping" by government agents into homes. COUNTY REFUND '-. BILL DEFEATED fCcntlnQed From Tago 1). ways--Placing the maintenance of county bridges on state lands under boards of control. By Senator Stoddard--Appropriating 550,000 for control or eradication of the European corn borer. By senate sifting committee- Giving the board of approval jurisdiction over local county road programs. By senate judiciary committee- Permitting physicians to give depositions in workmen's compensation cases.v By Representative Wamstad-- Setting standards for motor vehicle fuels sold la the state. FRANCE HOPES TO GET PRESIDENCY Ex-Senator Seeks, G. 0. P. Nomination in 1932 Over Hoover. BALTIMORE, April 8 Off 1 )-- Offering a platform opposing government interference with private business,' asking repeal of the eighteenth amendment and a concert of nations, former Senator Joseph I. France of Maryland has announced himself a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the United States. Today he made ready to file formal notice with the secretary of state at Annapolis and said he would enter primaries in other states altho he has as yet "no promises of support/ 1 . He said he was an anti-prohibition candidate in opposition to President Hoover. ' Dr. France was ' in the United States senate from 1917 to 1923. He was one of the "irreconcilables" who opposed the entry of the country into the league of nations, proposing as a substitute a concert of nations. He was not in favor of the soldiers' bonus or of the four power pact developing from the disarmament conference in .Washington. ; Son Born to Van Everys. A five and three quarter pound son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Van Every, 409 First street northwest, at an Albert Lea hospital Tuesday night. ' Run Over by Freight Train. FORT DODGE, April 8. /P)-Thomas T. Fenneasy, 68, was killed Tuesday when he was run over by a freight train. He was an employe of the Illinois Central railroad. Ho Walks at Night .And Alone 1 BY CERMAK VOTE (t'ontfaued From rasa I. the din, but they were fired harmlessly into the heavens. There were no disorders last night or during the day's balloting. · "I will," Thompson said, "redouble my efforts for completion of the waterways to bring to Chicago a greater prosperity and to this end I have chartered the Mississippi river steamship, 'Cape.Girardeau' and will leave on a tour of the-Illinois, Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee rivers .April 9. I love Chicago and believe in the destiny of our city." The democratic broom apparently swept into . the council chamber enough democratic councilmen to give Cermak a working majority. The returns indicated the ratio would be 26 or more democrats to 24 or less\republicans. There Was a little solace in the returns for the republicans, however. They succeeded in electing two out of .three candidates for offices below mayor, naming James A. Kearns, city treasurer, and Edward Casey, associate judge of the municipal court. Peter J. Brady, a democrat, was elected city clerk over his republican opponent, Patrick Sheridan Smith, a Thompson lieutenant. MARKETING ACT CALLED FAILURE (Continued From Pa« 1). the only sound and safe means of disposing of stable crops." Murray said the board of trade strongly recommends the following: "First, that the government should, at the earliest possible date, divest Itself entirely of the business of merchandising grain, to the end that the marketing of the surplus already stored ujj shall be handled by the regular dealers in the domestic and export trade with the least possible disturbance to the marketing of the coming crops." Keep Interest Dp. "Second, that in assisting the development of co-operative market- Ing as required under the terms of the act, government funds should not be used at lower rates of interest in the merchandising of commodities in competition with the established trade. "Third, that the maintenance of a free and open market for grain with a wide public interest is essential to the best Interests of the producer and consumer. "Fourth, that the market should be relieved of unnecessary detailed governmental supervision and bureaucratic control." Webster County Plans Graveling. PORT DODGE, April 8. UB-- Contracts will be let by the Webster county board of supervisors April 21 for graveling 120 miles of the county's secondary rood system. SUMMER GOMES TO NORTH IOWA Estherville Sets Record in State With 86; Mason City 81. Degrees. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS r Summer temperatures came to northern and western Iowa Tuesda; and coats were discarded thruou the state as the warm wave movec southward and- eastward. Esther ville basked !n 86 degrees to reeis ter the high mark. Ii-edietions -were that the state average would be considerably higher Wednesday followed by showers and colder weather that night anc Thursday. High temperatures recorded Tuesday included Inwood 85, Alta, 84 Atlantic S3, Council Bluffs 82 Boone, Carroll, Mason City and Fort Dodge 81, Creston 79, Des Moines and Marshalltown 78,.Cedar Rapids 76 and Keokuk 73. Sioux City reported cooler weather Wednesday after a high of 84 at 5 p. m. Tuesday. A drop of 40 de grees was predicted tonight. Muscatine reported unofficial temperatures of 73 at 3 p. m. Tuesday and warmer Wednesday. DI.I- buque reported a high of 69 Tuesday. Goldfield Officials' , . Salaries Are Reduced GOLDFIELD, April 8.--The City council held its regular monthly meeting at the hall Monday evening. The wages of the town marshal and pump man were cut from ?85 to ?60 a month; the council members wages were charged from $1 to 50 cents a meeting. The salary of the mayor waa reduced from ?125 to J100 a year.-AH the reduction of wages takes effect at once. It was also voted to do away with a street commissioner this year and to hire one when needed. Two appointments were also made, that of health commissioner, Dr. B. L. Bas- enger and xveed commissioner, S. W. Pinkham. UCENSUREDAND PRAISED IN HOUSE (Continued From P«sa i. said it would "sell the birthright of Iowa children for a mess of pottage." . Representative P. H. Donlan, Palo Alto, said the university had prepared a program of planned speeches to throw the economy efforts off the track, while Representative Ed Brown, Polk, said that the university had become a super- government beynod the control 'of the legislature. Both advocated the committee reduction, asserting thatS wise expenditure would not Impair efficiency^ That the so5ictron recommended by the committee would impair the work of the university waa the 'eon- tentiori of Representative John T. Hanson, Scoth He said the proposed cut would be a matter of only one mill reduction to the taxpayers. Representative W.E. S. Hutcheon, Greene, called the committee report "a stab in the dark." Van Buren jumped up .with a denial and called upon Representative E. ,.©. Ellsworth, Hardln, who declared the university would spend as much as it was, given. Elsie Bartlett Wins Manly Essay Contest MANLY, April 8.--Elsie Bartlett won an essay contest for students in the Manly high school which was conducted by the local American Legion auxiliary. Any topic in American history could be used as a- subject for an:essay not to exceed 250 words. Three essays were submitted and judged by Mrs. J. E. McDonald, fourth district president of Americanism of Mason City. Elsie's subject was "McKinley, Our Mar- yred President." Spaniard Who Piloted Dewey to Be Citizen WASHINGTON, April s. upi~ ·Yancisco Aguado Y Reyes, a Span- ard who piloted Dewey's flagship nto Manila Bay, has applied for Inal naturalization papers. He was a pilot in the war and later harbor master of Manila. ANOTHER EXAMPLE O F F O R D V A L . U E Bright, enduring RUSTLESS STEEL is used for many exposed bright metal parts of the Ford WHEN YOU BUY a Ford you Bay enduring Beauty. The body finish is made to last for the life of the Car and practically, all expo Bed bright metal parts except the bumpers are made of enduring Rustless Sieel. ^ This Rustless Steel has great tensile strength. It is the same bright metal all the way through. A salt test equivalent to forty years' service under the severest weather conditions failed to have any effect on its brilliance. It never requires polishing. All you do is wipe it with a damp cloth, as you do your ·windshield. This is just one of many features that show the substantial worth of the Ford. In speed, comfort, safety, economy and long life -- in the rich, ness of its finish and npholstery -- it brings you everything you want or need in a motor car. at an unusually low price. Call or phone for demonstration. THE FOHD COMVEHTlBtK CABRIOLET F O R D P R I C E S *43O to *63O T. o. b. Detroit, plus freigfa and delivery. Bumpert and tpare lire extra at lou coil. You «on parcftate a Ford on economical term* through tfu Authartsed^ford Fljuatfo Plant of tfio llnicmal Credit Company,)

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