The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 5, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1818
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IN CHANCERY. 1. - n IT .. . i r: M. ' : William Peek aad Elizabeth bit wiie, Maria - fiuot,. Catharine tlu.t . aad other. . istalevfjfew'l'uk, . I. pursuant of aa order of thi honorable . , court made ui th above "aue, will be told at , jxitiUc auctiua at tbe Toaliae Coffee Iloune, io . , the city of N'tw York, oa the tiah day of J oly . iii.t. at IS o'clock at aoon. Binder the direction . ol the u baCnber. &H Uioaa five loU ol r round. lit . unto, lying and being U the eiebth ward of the city of New York, being former! that part of .. ("uwcuj ci .icaoias Day - aro, t - equiie, umi known by th nam of Bayard's Farm, lying . we u ward w Broadav : laid lota betas aesig - lieled oa a map of laid farm, made by Catimer J u. croercx, then oo M tli City surteyors, vj ma number. I 147. 1 148. 1 149. 1 11 and 1 15X; to geUier - witrt Ue hereditament and appurttnan. - ce to the 4oae beliocng or in anywise apper laining. Dutad July 3d. 1BI8. , ' - THOUAS BOLTON, - J 3 laarf JvfOrihl . . . Matter io Chancery. - ' ' The above sale i postponed to tbe Ibth day of I A of nil next, at nm fame ime arm piace. . u - ly t3lh,18'8, - . J I A Kit fVlaMH ia Chancery.' ' . IN Cli - UCfcRV. r . v ' Affli - At0 Fort . r - - IX pursuance of ad order of this lionorablc court, bearing date trie suit any w une, tons ; tnil be tw(d at public auction, at he Toutioe CidfVe House, in the city of Aew York, under ' the direction ol the subscriber, ai one of the inas - ten of Ihif court, oa tlw 21st Jay at J u!y neil, at - 12'chxk at aoon, ail worn several block, pie ' cet or parcels of around, situate, lying ami betog io the tuwosbip of Brooklyn ia the county oi ' Ktugt, sod stale of .New - York, - aforesaid, and known tad distinguished on a map made by Jeremiah Lolt, the 19th day of March, 1802, by , tba foflowhig boundaries, to wit, aorlberly ia 'frootby Water - street, southerly in the rear by j Frout - ttreet, easterly oa the one aide by Jack - ' son - street, and westerly on tba other tide by ' Gold - street, coutainiug four square or blocks of "ground. Alto an thoae certain water tola, lying immediately in front of the before described 'blocks, bounded at follows to wit easterly by Jacktoo - street. southerly by Water - street, and westerly by void - street, conlaitrlitg in breadth l".l'l wwiir,MWI IrtllllllUUll III iihiwiii Cofltt - bouse one week before the day of sale tour and plaee. July Slit. 1010. JAMES A. HAMILTON, . Jgtdtd - Master ia Chancery ' are very reasouable, and if sold a long credit si - yen if WMiled. pply to N. l. TALCOTT, oi 9outn - treel. Je Iz - i O I1IK tUli LICK. H GENTLEMAN from France would wish .f to draw ike attention of the citizens of Ne w. York to his uewly ettabliahrM Lab. - ratorv of Co - The colours are of the brijhtest liuts, and pre pared so that uo djiappoiutintiit can take place St. John's Hall. FraiiWort - st. ' N. It. A rery superior quality of Recording it; x napokictured ny tiieiame person. ' JulvS tf . - TUd 1' publislied and lor sale at the nnw Law CORPORATION KOTICK - NOTICE is Hereby gifea to the rerpocttre owner of tba following tots of famt in the city of New - York, that they are hereby required j - - - i j - - required by the saiJ act, and all other costs and cLuraea tit Arrrim hiuImp ih tairl art. paviug intersection of Cross st. 41 SU. : i . i '. f . ai a. i Voiia k. Livuigstou, V lots, Lutla Water st. in " II I'0 - T - AiiTA lor SAlE vr to LET, annlUie 6th ward, resulaling, 4155 01. XX immediate foieMioo given, the iwautiful I Do. do. subjecUo, widening Cross it 475 04. , ii il I? . . .1 iu ma 6U ward, opening Canal City - Hall, on Oie Noith River adjoining Lord ,lrCet (w qj r. wurienuy - a. iir.oniajns zu acres oi tauo unaeri .v, i,i,i c y :m. vi .i imorovement, - with a large garden well stocked r, ?i 7" ,Hn - with vegetahles - a variety If fruit, with every Clh w' M,',eJ U r'ulalinS 'e W ater - convenience tor a family. or terms, wrmb"i Do. do. subiect to. fill in? lots. - 27 12 I S. - bar for walls, prepared lor immediate a - e, and!00 Orange it. Ctb accomitauitd with d.ret tioos Ltr lavinjll.em on. I Oi - a.ige si. f?6 70. leresiea that the Commissioner! of I r.' k .9..i ....k.....: n ..... mate and nessmeat. appointed by the fcu - n . " ' juaicaiure oi ine Densie oi ihe c.t . ;ii..f vu. vl i r i .auioiuon nuicitr, loiiDo. vju. vju. aui. .ww wi ticn - iufi. ui wrinrai rniin mil Mni.i . ... - lati;e to the opening, enlarging and improvine 00 - y3r rm m tbe 6th ward assessed for a .k V . i . " . " r . . I Anrninf .anal fpt R,I aiuiiunvairpfi. in ana min ruv naaa ninndAta.i i i v.... .r their etthnateand asaessnient, as well of the loss I Cuknown owner, iaij to belong to the estate of ana uamaere sustained by the owners and naMo - al iveaoy. 101 no. biz. on HavanPi farm. Uraiurs - iatrrested of and in ttie land anil premises reqiiir - f.'trect, in th? 6lh ward, astcued for paving O - a for uk ma improvemeni, a alio ol in lien - range - ilreet, r17 3, opening Canal - street, 4.16, snlfl ftI alnnntaaa mr i.v4 Us A I l I . . V umwvwuttiincxCTiuj uw uwnai uiui well liiu puaipi f 1 5U ?!? Hli of.?nd in - ,J,,e - Iand' nd l'r,mi: Hominick Lynch, for 38 feet, opposite Bayard true copy of our report ft,tittZ'' 4? . mmtiBlheclerkoQrofthecityof.ew - Vor)'.l. i - .yocii,ior ijjiw, oorvnw fiirthe inspection of hnm,ii ,u,.rrn. 'Hiu - ilrect. io the 6th ward, asssssad lor liaviu. and notice is hcr by further iriren.Uiat Uu rennn Orange - street, 5212 82. - . . . of the said couimissioiferiol es'imatoJ atsen I Domiuicli Lynch, for 92 feet, below Bayard ineoi, win oa presaoted to the Supreme Cwirt of street, in the 6th ward, assessed lor pavuig in JudicatnreorthepeopleofthetalofNew - Vork tccectiou of Onuee - Ueet, !! 5a LI ll.a iismln i ll....:i. .r in. w - . - . . tr i jii j t i ' Ama"r " noay Unkuowo owner, .aid to Pelong to the mate ol .ul: - i'T ' oiineojieniBgci Ready, lot no. 406. Bayard' farm, Uraage - st. the said court on that day, or a woo therealler as counsel can ue harU theieoa. Dat. dthb ziiu uay or juiy, mm. (.Copy.) WM ORBC3. I UHKLT, ' JSO. L.LAWRE5CE, S J 2a l! . ... Commissioner. bst lately been introduced into this country, for Tuai 01 a corfsiKndent, U. ft. feel, it ni':um - beuttoadd, that thr ton (by those win are acquainted with them) are allowed to be full and expressive, und halt hitherto given universal atisfactiofi - - .Ma?liels Patent Metronome, for sale. Also, London solected collections and eci - meniof Mineraln - 'V.atc. J 11 1IACKV. IUACMK&. 770R Select Parties, fron Elizabeth Town V Point, for Pbiladelpliia, and the Steam Bouts at I renton nod Bristol, and tbe mineral Spmigi at ScboUry'. Mountairs. Notice tent to No. 63 White - Hall street, New York, or HALEY ft STILES, Eliiahelh Town, by mail, or by the Steam - Boat Atalanta, will he immediately attended to. J 14 I R. DE ANGEUS. formerly praoiilioner of! J ;lRcine to tne MUiUry Hospitals of Na - plea, and admitted a member of the Medical So icty of New York, where he has resided sinee tbe year 1791. and his renutatloa and aoaoess in practice is aow esuUitbed ra the knovledee of 1. . ...: l. wj near twaniy year, experience, aoo - SJM1M LA h SMtwilt .1 kf. mJSIa V - mu 11'.. mi imiw Wf tee street, oopaate Crane wharf In KbaomaM and Venereal eases, Dr. De Ante"" baa been wonderfully successful ; and the sauat terrible effeeis of those disorder, have fre - ynu, eured by him m a short space of .Tu '0eo"ee to the patient iltwtrueoooa. aleer. in the th,L, k. Za., 1 T - . " wlTOerou - trio or o - Vlll inAliiaT frnna ne4a v - : , , 7 "i lu'iaaies, nave riven way Il,Mrf:,lrertm!!?1 ,n '"st.arnred.bie taaoaer. Hit extraora.nary tueceu ia. in a treat - eMor "ll''e to l,f. w.U kno AnU - tbey eraoWe every form of dittase, reslot. the mac ted iwUcot 10 viror and health. li.U. AU letter, fniui the cimi.iK wHI be attended to. tMdthe crccu.r. .;.! ..a aWieue till be givea azd tend nsy partof tlie in the 6th ward, assessed for paving Orange - it '23 13, opening Canal - street, J Io. Mrs. Dale. 130 feet, Male - street, in tha 1st wax J, asferscd for paving .Stale - street, f 203 l!0. John R. Livuignon, ui j lect on each tide ol Lowu - streel, assessed Jor regulating Leis - sl. bat ween Itivingtoo and SUnloo - st. .1470 31. G I. ft ct Mitt, l3fPear - strect, rospe.1 - , Anl, IW! 01 7, " . fuily ibfonn the public ami thVe K for a - welL d pumi to L" - t - W n - oon guntitnien who lattlv aonlid fnr nETT - l ie w. ivnii'nRTF. Anthony Lamb, 1 lot on Norfolk itreeL went tjixt he has just re. eived a new supply per Ha - side, 1 00 f.:et south of Grand - street, in the tenth aim, precistly Uie same as the last, and iiffer ward, aucsied for well and pump in Graud - st a J?r ',J, Oh very accommolatiog terms. 75. As Piano Fortes of this excellent makerlure Unknown owner. 1 lot. OO Rivin'lAn..f nitvt to the comer of Cannon - tt. wcit side, ia the 10!h ward, aistued for racubting Uivinpton - st. f42. Laac F. Cox, 1 lot, So. 59 Bayard's west fr on BroaJway, in the 8th ward, aoued for pavrdg Broadway, $70 55. Estate ol Solomon M. Cohen, 2 lets, no?. 12lf and 13)1 uayard s east larm, on Broadway, in the 0th ward, assessed for paving Broadway. 117 61. . 7 John Finn, 3 lot?, not. 1 1 79, 1 1 f!0, and 1 1 8 1 , DyckinanH farm, on Broad way, in the 8th ward, assessed ior paving oroaaway, ' 4j. By order of the Common Council. JOHN M'COMB, t - treet Commis Joner. N. B. A considerable portion of the above property is subject to bark tain for several year t, which will be fully explained on tlie day of wl', or by calliug at the collector's office. No. 2, City - Hall, where every information will be given. Street Commissioner' Office, ) , JalytS, 1818. July 28 law3m A KEYED HARP. FA. GUTTWALDT respectlutly inviies . the amateur, of music to inspect at his Piano - Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane, a musical instrument that perfectly fqnal the narp in souna ana tar surpasses it in point or ea y ireaimi m, as it is played like toe piano by meaus ol keys, and consequently has all the ad vantage of brilliant modulation ; the only one in me united states. Also, aa elegant fiano 1 ortr of line tooe, muiical variety and worknianthio. wiinne at sorimeni 01 ainereoi kinds, a nose good qoaaues nave neea united by the andersigucd emiaeat professors : yve tlie subscribers, professors of muir, db "'";ji " "enavecartiully exaitiioed Mr. J A. OultwaMl's pianofortes, wbkh. for iniem.i ty and excellence i.f wntl. - ....1 ........ brilliancy of tone, we deesrvedly recommend to Meeu,c. TUlaalt, Ctarlti Ci.':crt." I (VALUABLE RAIV ESTATE FOR EALE.ll'OaT COACH awd STi.AM - riOA'JP LI St, LiVE loU of ground aa the west side ofCreeo - J V wich - otreet, betweea VAtn and Detbrot i m m tooas to the traorr or kaberlaia ot U sea - sireeis, oy cu v - said city, without delay, the several turns of aio - rourdoialharaar Of the a bare, frooting oa aey aniiexea to Uta'toiwwrrif tretcniiuon u - wsi ww uiukiuhhicci mu; w.! h.;,.. ihmi buiunI uul now fe - l ' Kiftht do ia the block below, between Wash - mainioc anpaid opoa tbe saiaa, fcf opeoin:, re - wg tea and vvest - atrectf ,ti. . mA ni. uinilr rM. - .tit ior - ooa - 1 ' la MooliouierT Coantv. truetinr well and puai tliareto ; together with - 4000 acres of Laod ia Lawreoce1 purcbaie, the teres t tbe raon, at titrate olaevea per cent Mar East Canada - Crack, on the oorlk sideol petAanum, troot the tiraa roa coaoratauon 01 . iu .,w. - i. ..imit tn iha lima of dbW In Franklin County. aeat,with Uia charrtSof this ootke and ad - 1 ,15,165 acres of Land, iatiia towns of Mount TertiMaaeoL , .1.1 - A . J mt AmttM - ion luey arv iminvr bvuucui uia 1X1411 ne nane hi wen parnt - nt, iw ma pieces or parcel ol laoil, will be sold at public auc - fiut mt (Km rtf hAll nf th Mitt (t. Alt TlUI - h. 1Hrtnf N - .Hmhr nr.. t 12 o'clock. I Purchase. HBO acres of laod ia Catterland, diastasis A. M. h virtue of an act of tbe legislature ofl In Sart Saratoga Uk stiil. of Hew - York, caised the 12th day ol G00 acres ia April, 1816, etitilled " Aa act for the more eiict - ual collection ol' tales and assessmeuto io the city of New - York, for tbe lowest term of years at which any person suall offer to take the same, in consideration ol advancing the urn assessed thereon, with the lulerest thereon together with (lie cliarees of this notice and advertitement.and the certificate lease, and further advertisement In L sea Coast v. I83S acre of Land in the totvo of Barry more. ' In the County of Lewis. . County. Palmers ourctiase. fJoouire at theoice of the subscriber. S4 Ce dar steeL .mil 17 tr Do. do. do. aaestcd for oix - nui - r Caunl it mot. bouht or cut to anv form. - BEAr. ROBINSON. U.SJAtlAUEH'd PATENT RAZOR ai HOP. Vou that wish to shave with ease, Buy of Sabbdjcb.8 if you please ; Mis Rsior etroii's. peculiar audi. v 1 hat sharps the Rasor with a tout h. 357 34. I Ladies seals eugraved with tnoltos, device or John R. Lirifl?stcn. loti no. 40. ii k. Alt. on cnts. Orange st. Cth ward, aaseseed for paving Oi - an - e Iwoks of heraldry kept with upwards of 60,000 st. M17 03. John II. Livingston, M'Carty lc?e, lot no. 54, ward, assessed lor paving Do. do. usesed for opening Canal st. 20 16. I Jo. do. assessed lor wideum? Oraiiire - jlrtet, SJ tw. D. iir. sobject to asscsf ment lor well and pump, 3 ihj. Do. dc. for Riling up lot, J96 50. Do. do. for regulating Leonard - sL 149 uaaipi. T A large assortment of Hue gold seals, i.haim, and iilhtr jewellery. Jyil). 1m IliLt.ll . WMA llCAL bAU JIKinijioitam e of a correct know ledge ol tiraoimr, is too luuch ackaowletlud t need coinmeiit. , 1'be uuMsttled and iksultorv maimer, iu whii h it is taught Ml cojiiinon schwils, is lir - hly en tplioiialile. To have Hrtntrarv ruler jinrl flihnitiiui inrrnllik,niiinii(lil In n.iiiiArv. liibted irura, wuicn custom lias Hui snoctinoed as Uie most eligible : but, to obviate them, they ask atliorough and candid myestiga - tioa ol its principles. It is a dictum, that with out a knowledge of the reasons on which laws are made, no one cm know the law. A conviction ofils truth loruied the must powerful incentive! o the invention 01 the lirauimalical i;ar. wl.Khton - voys to tlie mind through the medium ol the eye the reasons, the whys, aud the whtrciores. To be short, it employs the perceptive families, Hit learner acquire a habit of attention, Ins judgement is exercised, and he advances with ease and delight. 1 he subscribe! have takea a cootcn - ieultoom iu Fulton - street. Mo. 12'J. where clnl dren, young ladies andgenllemen may acquire a correct knowledge of English grammar iu sixty hours. A correct knowledge of parsing ill bt given toncw beginners; if not, no pay will iiere - ipiucu. a new ciuis 10 nepw on vtant(oay. J BROWN, Jim. . D. CROSSFIU.D. IV. 1). Youne ernUemeo. who have been in structed iu Die sliort irrin of uxty hours, will Ik firesenico ior elimination enctiday at s o'clock, '. M. Scholars rtceived ami insirucled at anv hour from t oVlo k A. M. to 10 o'clock P. M Terms ol tuition made known at Uie above meu tioneilroom. J 0 lia Jy! ltn IOR 6ALE. A LOT of ground on Broadway, ln'ivrcii XI Walker street nd Canal - tlreet, SO ftel 10 inches wiJe and 175 feet long. Inquire of P.A.JAY, Jy 1 tf No. 37 Pine - ?lreel. Ill LEI, Apart of a house and a front office in Chei ry - ttrcet, within a lew rods of Franklin Bank. Inquire at No. 17 Cedar - slrt - et. Jv29 if The IIOUSK 44 LOP, No. 339, Broad - No. 25C. Teart - st. 1 v VI R - FRUMENTO has recited a box oi ievj. the ltt ptrlumcrd Naples boauiu .vohp. Hindi he w arrunl to tc of tbe first quality, and which Lc will teli any tenth man to snake the trial of it, at N . 1 Wall street. .. J 87 lm B!3J ! IS1IT1M tvpply f la dies Beaver Hats, Ire h from Uic ma - r.uiacliwy, suila - lile forttn - south era market, and packed - at the . toortett notice. .it J. W ILSON'S, 150 Broadway. UH PHILADELPHIA. BT KAJT Sr CLUAaBTHTOWir POIBT. (Through in One iay.) ANEW Lint of Post Conches witherery convenience for patsenerra and bnceatr, on brnnes. starts from the Coach office. No. Courtland - street, near Broadway, New - York, every moraine. (Sundays nxepted) at S o'clock, in me Bieam uoat Atalanta. via ciizabeiniown, Brunswick. Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the lame afleruoou, at 4 o'clock. A second Line ofnew Post Coaches will start from New - York ever momirtr. ( Sundavs el - ceottd.1 at 10 o'clock ia the Steam Uoat Atalan ta, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia, in a steam Beat, tie it morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollars. P. S. Passengers are requested to can and take their beats at tha oinca io. i Courtiahd - st. N. V. United States Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every " , - - t m ' i ci i - vi. ii un r BoiiLii iiioic i vuareiuenre ior Daiseiufcri ana hickukci $50 75, ami subject to as.cs.meut for a cistern i,'80" l!,at und." which render, the T1IOS, WHITFIELO, at th 1, in' ' bfst of them useless, and which is well known al - Coach, and Steam Boat other, i un ij .1 i i , v u . wy to lollow the application ofall those hitlicr - Isndl - iitieet, near the corwr Jobn llalstead,lotno. 103, on Folton - street, to invented. 1 lie above strops in general : much will start from on wJiat Urcrt i in fchuh vaii ; fur vital or - 1 to lurnitb themselves with his new invented Ha - the coach office. No. 1 Courtlandt - sf. New - York ituU; and the amount. tor Strop, and Metallic Composition. No gen I eisiry day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at PhiK To i Lawrsocii. nr Mrs. Rortrs. lots no. ikiaan who once makes trial of one of the Slrnos adeluhia next mnrmne at 6 o'clock. Only 6 laa - 634, 635, Detancey's farm, on Third sfreet, in 00" offered, will ever try any others; and sncti ii seiigers admitted. the 10th ward, ancssed for navine Third - street wer formation, that ever somucliuse will not I t or seau in the above named Liaes, apply to the 10th ward, aracssed for paving Third - street formation, that ever so much use will not tor seau in the above named " I l V. T r n.t . . I .... I. I. k. I - , - lflrw WUIt - k - IL'l II . h. .M n.T 1. 1 1 n ! IUV VIU - n.... - u K 1 I'mirl. of Broadway, New of rui i vn.i, .... a t nrniMiifn tr t ri ran. i?a York to A. T.GOODKIU i. . . - . - . 1 .111'!', nic IU K. 1. Ill L.I I I Ml I Ul u. n, m . uuuu..u.. w v . . - - are or intUeTJwara, asseswj for opening r air - street, use io New York, and are distinguished from all Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, and at No. now r uiiou - sireei, $jj4 uj. others, barbers who have used Uicta say more 53 Wbitehall - strtet, New - York Patrick Fagheo, two loU, on Manhattao - street, I in their praise than l ean myself. in Die 9th ward, for oixmin IS5th - trect. tl 00 Uo. lour lots, on Lawrence - it. VIU ward, for opening 1751b street, 4 00. en let rmith, a plot of erounrf between J Lorillard and W. VV. WooUy, 9th ward, re - rulutm70th it. SIX uarret Van Waggencn, a plot of ground on I dealers. - a . , . , . , ''too Watcf - atrtet the distaace between Gold - and Greenwich - lane, 90s ward, for opening 8lh av Jacksonttreet. 'aid runniosr into the Lat River ue, 120. e - stafarMincgraaiof th oorporatioa of the city Charles Debevoice, lot No. 57 Leooard - st wof New - York eiteods, with the appurtenance. 5th ward, wideuing Chapel st. t'iO. XJaled Jane 2,1813. I Do. do. opening Caual - tt. fl3 34 JAUES A. HAMIL1 Ofl, I Andrew Stockholm or Aarou Stockholm, two . : mair m whi "'j - ; lots, Cross - street, Ctli ward, paving Cross - rt &nd namtL ArrnrHinir In a rmrtiin mitn to he I made Uiereof, which wm be eibibibiUd in tne Do. do. subject to, w ideuins Cro - st. 473 Z1 Charles Dickenson or Richard Dickeuson, no. 33, 35, 37, Oraoce st. do. pavm; Orange st. The sale of tba above property it nnstporKd tolSIW 14 ; opeoiog Canal tt. 2J 04. the Seventeenth day of August next, at the same I - Do. do. do. do. wideuing Orange st. $317. G. SAUNDERS, 'ill I J."!' 18 Wall - street. Also lor sale. Razors. Soap, and every utcn ii lorciiuving, vi ii ic ursi quauiy, wnn a u( - - rior assoitmtut of Perfumery, llair - Powder,c. Irora SiLVth's. New Bond stii - et. London. iv. u.. i tie most liberal alluwauct made to my 1t InSi. A pleaant back room, at no. 56 Wall - street,suitable for a lawyer's office. Possession I immediately. Apply in the front office. J4 Ot - AII gooils an lowiier. Je 24 bacgaee JOSLPH Li ON. at the risk of the SOAiS CO, N. B Expresses sent to any part of the Con THOMAS WHITFIELD. linen! SWIFT SURE MAIL COACHES, run ruiiADKLritiA, u" v to dinner. ay io dinner. fry" lave ISew - York ererv inoruine I Sundav'sex rJCiitcrpttcl) at I. o'clock, and ar 'rive io Philadelphia next The putilick house are good, and reasonable in their charees. J hednvert, horses aud coach es are not inferior to any others now running be twprn thrie two Cities. Tbe heantiful enniilrv. Afann of between sixty and seventy I .nti tfie excellence of the roads on this rout. con. acies, situate on the wot bank of Lake Oticgo, nccjed with the safety, comfort, aud reasonable and one mile Iron the village of Cooperstown. exnrnces. are hvleivrd to ha ltrnner inriitrRnimL On it are anew stone bouse 64 fef tiuuare i a uew U0 travellers io givinir this line a decided prefer, farm house, barn, tic. It forms a deairalile es encv. The strictest attention will h nhmirrf tablishment for a gentleman wiihiog to retire p - the proprietor io giving general satisfaction. nuu me luumrj, bi in iiuuuoo, , i aii oagsnge and packages will go at the risk of AbiHh Arden, no. 49, Mulberry st. Clh w ard, convenience to market, ic. is oot surpassed hy j the oh ner utile's insured and receipted foa by the I .i, ;..ii,i, jni.H... .ri.. .i.i. 1, u. i 1 1 Ka mll I i i - - if , in the interior of state. It will be soldi any the low for c ah, on a credit, or exchanged for pro perty in this city, gooiis, kc. appiv io h. u ac n. sr.uuitin, env 7 tf Law Buildings. TT BROWN, sioneieal engraver a&d jewel - JL . ler. No. 1GC Broadway. Coals of aims, cmti, cjhtrs, engraved on stone. Diamonds, amethysts, topaxes, crystals, &c clerk of said office. Staee fate only 5. with a ecnerous allowance oi Dapgngo. rarties wishing to travel at their Irifure, may etigase Die Coach oa reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one nny previous io starting. For seat apply at Northern Hotel, No. ' Courtlandt - ttreet, New - York. LVUi'i, BUi3, Ic CO. P Proprietors. U.MOM LLNE FOR PHIL AD LL1' 11 1 A. Tweutv - Dve miles land carriage, via New. Brunsnick and 1 renton. In new pott coaches 25 Do cood starts 4 0 Da lorocastlt or deck rasseneer. 3 50 Connected by the strain boats oLlVB brasib nmi rm.AUKLrniA. The steam boat Olive Blanch will leave New York every day. Sun day's excepted, from the north side of the Bat - learned and conned by rote without coumt - at oi I 'e,y,? a' ' 0,1 '"'5''', at J'rcnton. and .M. l aueiicers w ill kxue 10. liiristafifti! a fnnisjl f n tStw n,.l olaiili take the steam boat I'hiladel - l. - t.te of Rob'i B. Norton, lot no. 13, Orange ty; for so loii us the principles of rotes aiot phio,soustoarnve in I'hiladelpliia at lOo'clock 7 . smn ,VT .t. 6th ward, aaseed for paying Orange - street, undtptood; they enn never be applied to actual uti niorniiig, in liine lo lake trie L'nton Liwi ,Utey,BMtUPllueoftkC,urtv(.hanfe. 48 3I. u.e. UndeVsacl, impressions and fii.fl - enccdbya Baltiriioie t - TZ, - ' , ry (oewwork.) fhe tru.1 of John M. Trum - p., fln .. l f . l , r..., , .rnrr rJtr.ire Iopt6lIIt so useful a branch .rtedircaUiMi, This line has a conneitir - n Willi the bt boati luill y .iiiit Th I..... r - ii. , a.. . nun, qui, al? 00. """" I the subscribers propose a remedial syitcm fai oa the Delanare md lliesapeake to Norfolk; a&o,The Browme of BoJjberk, and other Tales. Pctcr Schermerhorn or Doeinick Lynch 2 the undertaking, they are conscious of no other as aUo tho oMI.e North River and Sound : and byamMlogg.authorolQueen'sWake.&c.&c. iot. Orau'ert. 6th ward. aiS I fcr mvinl! moUve, than thi promotion oi a branch of knol - ir several airivuls are calculated to cau.e ht - July!i5 S - v Oranirest 07 71 tl'irt which is an indipensible pre - reqiiiitt in liel, "J O"4! - . T ANrHOfl KLE P NOTICE. S VeL, foU no. 497, 490, 499. JSX "WXXZ ATOT1CE i luirebr ten fa all mnnm in soi. P. r. - n - .. .,.J ohiections to so con pieie a oeviutMu i irom tne ., b0,i , pi. .i. V . ..... I " v - iwu ini viaiirc - iimuui HI6 ..In O. V lelnliia before Ihe hours of business, without la - tijue 111 lraiellii.i; or want of slrtp, the land car riage being much lest tuao oy any ower route te - twecu the Iwoctlies. For seats in Uie above line apply Io WILLIAM d. JAUUE5, At tlie Union Lme Steam Boat OuW, in Mar - kelfi. Id street, north side of the buttery, be tween Greenwich and Wa'hin - trio streets, or tn The CAPTAIN on board. (7 - All goods and baggage at the risk of the mviier. ap 4 iSOIlt K. MMk roriiieiuruieraccommo - I uatioo of Uie pol - lic, Uie de - n - niMiTii 1 rr - T'ir Mhr Firefly from pf , ' ' 1 - j '1 ''"T - v v nfk and Mewburgb mill iu lulure un the followine tlavs: Leave New York "n Monday. Wednesday and baturday, at 9 A.M. Leave Newburgh on Tuesday, Fuday and Sunday at 6 A. M. ine above arrangemei.t wiiicommeuce oy ine Firefly leaving Newburgb on buuday, the 24th May. 'I he Western Staee leaves Newhurch imme iliately after the arrival ol the Firefly. my Tl XAilOa A9D BETHLEI1HM SEW LIE, VIA atw - aRaaiwicK. aorth aide 01 Hie battery. (rr Pastenzers will leave f 1 ifim. ew - lork every Monday md rnuuy, at 11 o'cloc k, 'A. M. in the steam boat Olive Branch i lodge at Now Brunswick ; lenve there early next morning, and arrive at Easton al 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Returning:, leave cunuii Beiy oionaay ana r naay, aro o'clock, A. M . lode at New Brunswick : arrive at Sew York at 10 o'clock next moraine, in the atenm - hent Olive Braoi'b. The staee connected with this lineisag)d four - horse stage. Passage fT! N. Brunswick to Easton, 3 .eetdeep. Th. hoU! i. 65 feet deep. hui.he,! K'K&li&Wafi !. a 1. . V.. I ... r. ...... r (. . 1 ....I ..I . ... , 1 1. . . ... . . . n I IU IHC Ul.. IU.WJ"(l , 1,1, I.UU , VII IVU ces lor a lar;e family. Oa ihe art & bri'k Jlal.i, two rain - watsr ciitcrns, (one ol which is brick) and a well of excellent water. The situation is considered equal to auy in this city. Per particular?, apply to L'trijimm G. Minium, oa the premi;e, or to ROUl.RT KOWNF, iujh tn 1 ll I SU, rroprictor. Jel3tf tVH tUlLAUKLPHIA, l ia ELIZA BETU - TOlVJf POIXT. . THJt tOUMll STEAM 1SQATLIA E. rT The proprietors. wih fTf ' " iew of accommodating the t fpulilic, by extending tbe line n from Eaulon Io Bi - .thlehem, 75 cents. For seats XVM.B. JAOUEB. al liine Steam - Boat Office PUal - COACH LINE. 77imit,''i in. a day and by duy - lieht, LEAVES New - York io the steam - bont Ata - Uuta, from the foot of Whitehiil - strtct, oenr the Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. 1 Courtlandt - ttreel and No. 53 W hilr - h:tll - trt et, at which ptices teal! may be taken. JeiW tf AMUOi O.s fcUNUAY. J2C The feteam Boat OLIVE iisivt.ii win sii ior aiu - " - 'T on Suinlay next, and .crv succeediiii; II o'clock prtctsiiy. bhe will leaveil at 4 P. 1. loarnve t 7 o'clock. Pavsoera may euhor on hoard or at any nfll.e Pau.ieeSilonisgoing.the siiiuc price for returning ; dinner on hoard 7.S rcnU. P. 6. In making the trip she will sail round Statcu liiund. J 24 tf BOARDING l - CHOOL. allF. MISS BENNETTS have opened a J. bganlin; tchwl lor young Indies, on lh outh side ot' Powies Hock, 10 a situation vert healthy, and although convenient to the city, quile retired. The tisoai En - isb b. - achi ami Needlework, Frrncf.. Muuc.D.uicing and Ur.ivv - m?, are, by thriuselres r by approved m. - 'ers. For terms tic apply t - Mr. II. 1 G KELNE, 24 Wali - ttrett, or Vt Uie 'sdwa JMtf ' In i Norwich, intend rnakins uic capenuieni wnn uie t uiton, uapt. law, and Oii rpote (if found practicable) will he continued during the season. The Jioe will in future be from New - York to Norwich, a follows : The Connecticut. Cart Bunker, will leave New - lork every Monday, W4nadag and lYidsu, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, lor New - Haveo. Tbe Fulton. Capt Law, will leava JTonnch at 6 o'clock iu the morning of tbetacsr - dayt, touch at JfttfUnUon arra oepan irom tneoce tor ffne - Htxtn at o'clock. The boats will meet at M, u - Hitrm and depart from thence every Mondav. Widuit. aVruand fridav. at 7 o'clock in the evninr the Connecticut for Vet - Fork, and the Fulton for jiew - isimaon and JYmvtcn. .. nih!7 NKWaeuoti and cabavoaiovam AU. - tTAOE f H&KE TIM! A WKKK. I A V ES Newbureh eve IJ ry Sunday. Tuesday. aud 1 bursday moraines, at uiree o'ciocm. runs uirouern MonteooKry. Bloominerburirh. Monticello. h White Lake, Cothectoo, Mount Pleuant, Grvat oenu, lyiienanco roint. Uwea. ltLica. and tie. neva, toCanamiahruai" ' Returnine leave Canandaiffua every Mon day, Wednesday and Pi '. lay morning at three SlliV tA mImm .v.. .1 1. l . . I 1 v, hiiu miith iic,uurii, uie uiiru day In lime to tike the Steamboat which irrive in New - York the following moniinB - tC awosy be trpaAti tkat at aU limn when tlu tttam - boah mlltr their Aavi of runnuur. tftnl this line mu uuer so as io mm tnttn. - ' The whole route will be nertnmed in 1hre Jay, from the first of May, until the first of Novemoer and - tiom the first of November until tne tineeuth of December, and from the fiftcenXb. of March until the first of May, in four days and from Uie I5th December, un. til the. fifteenth of March the same line will be contHiMedto the city of,New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four daya. - Paaaencer travellinir frnm New.Vrlr tn uanaiiiiaigua, .Magaraor lluHalo, cn leave N. York in the evening steam - hoats. and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a disUnCe of three hundred mile. The line is well furnished with good., new carriaees i cood horses, and careful and experienced drivers Every attention will he paid to render the passage of the ucucr saic, easy ana expedition and it is belitved that Uie accommodation on this line are equal to any line in the ttate. CD" P'AHE from Newburgh to Canwidaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. II. A branch of the aam line rum tlir time a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a ine run from Oweiro Ticca Point, thence through Newtown and Painted Pott, to Bath, V BAGGAGE, a usual, at tlie rUk of tfie owners. ' faimVttW MavjaaaanJ I afA I David Godfrey, Blooniingburgh, - ) E. C. St. John, Mount Pleasant, L. Si R. Manning, Chenango, Luther Cere, Ithica, , eaojutl oreenhff, Cencva, Oliver Phelps, Laming, rah 14 d6m FOR EUZABETHTOWN POINT, LEAVES N;York each day, Aubdays except - jed, from the foot of White - til u ttt near the Battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 clock A. m. and 3 o'clock P. M. i leaves Eliia - bethtown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and half i ast IS o'clock and half past 4 o'clock P. M, i J(U tl MJHTH KiytH HTMM - BOATSi r IT. ... lyZT us the 1 itii gl nlay, commenced running foul times a wtk. A Bof leaves New - York on Tuts - ay, al l o'clock, a. ftl ; wedoesday, at 6 v. nl; riduy. al a A. SI. and Saturday, Hot. M. ol la ll vVUCa I nis .., . llnu fin Mn. vvock i auu im i i eacu Wednesday. 1 hursdav. . . - - 11 and baturday, 4 The Fire - Fly leaves New - York oa Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at A. M. for New - burkh, and returns ou Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at K A.M. Je 26 UlJOOt'lM.CtMJGH. DOCTOR fcCOI'l'S Pectoral Mixture, whiclua a safe and effectual remedy forU.e v hooping cough. It is only ten yeart since it wasolieid to Uie public, aud tome thousands ol children, both in England and Scotland, have beeo cured by it, aftrr tvery other oiedit me lied ftu used without effect. It is held in Ihe high - eft estimation for in excellent and tUubnout viiturs. It promotes pcotle perspiration, remove viscid phh gm by an easy and safe ex pec - (oration, and is Irigiily salutary to tbe lungs ; it strengthens and deiemls the stomach, givesgreat - er liberty of breathiur, and produce the most safe, salutary and happy cllects, by preventing tbose distreiiing arid coavulnre coughs, to which thousands of individual, in consequence of neelect, iireroaturcly fall a .acrilice. It is not by exciting a temporary atimulu of reiiet in those violent paroxysm that it rjuli - ties are mauifesteil, but by effectually removing those distressing symptom, by giving vegnur to the weakened frame, and renovated health to the afflicted individual Sold wholesale and retail, by R. Robertion, Apothecary, No. 82 Broadway, and J. C. Mori - son, Drupgest, No. 188 Greenwich - street, N. York. Druggest. tlirongliout the - United states, may be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of Uie above placet, at the lowest wliolesale price. Jy 7 2m A Siil - sear MUTUAL LN&LRANCEct)IPANY OF THB CITT OK STZW - TO&K. (Th told tit Institution for Ins usance againttjirt in thit rt'.y,) FISURE eeainst Lc?s or Damage by Fire, Dwelling Flout - , Ware Houses, Buildines in general, Mercimndize, Sbip in port and their Cargoes, Household Furnitnre, and every de - Kription ol personal property, on termt a, favo - raoie u (iinuar imuunioni in irutciiy. This C'ompaiiy is incorporated solely for the purpose of in?urinz against Ioskcs by fire, and has cin umrcribed it. operations cliicfly wiUiin this city and immediate proximity. fn addition to the Capital Stork, $500,000, which is secured by bond aud D101 brace on real estate and public slocks, thit Company possesses ananuiome turptut iuni, invetled iu like manner ; purtieiaitureduiay therefore reose the lul - leilcootidence io the solidity of its capital, und that Any lofts or damage will be (etlled Willi priiinpiilude ami libtrahly. 'I he liiu'errut nvtes ol premium and condition of Inturnnirare uniform with those of the oUier Fire Insurance Oiln es in tins city. Tin; public are referred for particnlart to the printed proposed in circulation, and which may be had on applirntioc at No. 62 Wall ttreet. t A BRILL HIRMAN, President - JOHN FINTARD, Secretary. mavCIt UtlN ULWl l I'milreiidenatNo. 24 - .'U'a - t r street, whete lie has a vtrvhAndcnmeiind i'abionuble BMorimeot ol C?.tiiM:t lurniture on iiand, whwh he vv Ll Warrant to 1 of the first q iaucy. ileaoluii.hisNew Y'ork nod southern fneirdstnpve fiim a call, :,s he tiattert himself tbty willaol be disapprmtcd. executed at Lie jiJJiteitnaUcc. JcSItf ... Jr - j s t Dr. H't. charatter for skill grily beiiu; univertilly kz T .f ,uhb"rn "" practice forvear tit. ....k'T..".'0.111' disease, of tie bkaj VLnrZSi ia eta - old fatVie koew MyM. i twe thin - , ij.., suit u. OCTOR HOftNP fc. - Kuiow oi ue faculty C( ti ' and aursery there. Hi ,eA r'J tJtorepeitwm?,".. rash, uidiacrunuale. h fied ose taereol. Tk BVii - tree of iofciteThS Pr?. nus are annually mereurialired oui rft0 ace. The dueaaa w h... Jroul f eii.t. tal resulu chiefly to thjlwrcV ""vVhT? that a Tonntr mon K. k 1 "ntt a n. the daAmg paTOdD way from all the prospect mitJ b dea.e nctin it. P which only proves to from tr,tJZr? I!, aa treatment." A gentleman, flat. iL"0.0 tint) now. perfect 1 under physician of niJ beet .no repeareaiytattvat.d, wfa " Wara v.. u. i oy grfiiieman af this citvT - were canoua. and hi. r!..k jJ.rlJ w bor. his ftitnd. declared he coal two month, longer.. TboaaaViP.x,,,''. know with what caseiLvi AOeatau. catet Uic laeverest cisoj. and corSrmk .r er tution. The Doctor'. plaT KSSm Jh"S - cetsary t6 guard the punlic n. - aercury, and otbet fetal deluloos, Leld ' Persons, therefore. Iim. ,".'Jle,d forth. - . vate. disorder, or abspecbnjr lahi!? Pfi - admonished not to tiTJ?, at. tioe.or conceal tha dnorder. ti)ltHJn,llita' rt ; othershayiug th aemain! Zr .Pwt roy,. or other impunUe of ttt.Uood. asi - u er complainU of a delicate nature ;.M ,( - sex. should remember posterity. 7 J mt to their consciences,' inakiS . i'u,i to Dr. - H. at his old "i.tif? Pf''cUoa lishmenL No. 64 Water4treeC E!r" tttaU ofOld - ?ip,1o MebfJMmMw.T lonecakuTated to prey tl?a&M?itoJ? let ore craini your teriouj ahentioBR?r v" a superficial cure is no rire at all . i mtabt sineui. radically dcw JJ Ihe disorder break ut u - uia with wnainy h trie disorder break ut agaia with u(wviaic un ivairrs , Don't 1 (he itrecti OtiRtfreblfc. uaiif.; 1 - i - - a:ii "oiteomeetia t oeines. witi,.. ClCll B IH OI UUEfiafl f PkAB te, r. X rt, , - - ! IU I M,W4 WI iilieiVamia. instruujej.1 1 d all deb.UUei, Jiiewi , aU ulceration, fctula'a Arc. . , uew" all A plurality of nbcea are tirn - M.j ...1 aUd that .atients)u hot kpod tZZxhtZ,' observation. Opu till hklfiTtwiS ' no ir -,(troeu are - irrrited to be fr. callHiR, and sj eakmr with Dr. If. whkb kJl ol cel. . And heri f,e Doctor eMnJ$r? xpreiVon of gwtitude for ioatnrable recti! lendutioiu'Rhd for the oVrirlrnL?"!' 'Dr,Bttcb4aaa. ' i""u. Aug 27 Iv Vif lUEH HCALhAHk ADA L5777T. wl - ti. n - a rt MmethodofcuriogUi. "P Diseaae. isuo - ,,;.. . aW acknowledged iota Ww'modeoiijeMaiii l ftrfect r B11W ..r. .. " Pedtfeua. and "Si, c&, "boable. In every t. 'tatt he warrant atari, S"dl rrtlirn ll,. :ii y l l.e auk lest secrecy o,.emd. - i5r? V J'MJPer"ni ntlut city aorf its yj. ciniki, laboring bflder - yahoB. cbtoiic dilates, incbij cancefs. old inreterate ulcere, erWa - Or Lntra evil, nstulaa. disraauf ariirs, bhtddrr aad kidnies, old complrcatetf ccnnra' Of a cyttiB 'aatnre, tiilioo nod other hsttrto lions, rliVdmatism, ic. whjch they conair inc. rable, theycao certainly be cared f ingeneral) hy applyin At Dr. EVANS'S Medical Sfore, Na, 9. Ptck - stit havlnr vracriced in AitX.;.. nospituls ia Lrepe II years, under tome of th first Surgeons nad Physician! in tha warM. made those obitVate ditease hiscooxtit stis't A YOUNG black - woman. For terms, aj.ply io , ka. H. ANDERSON J 2iJ 2w No. 10 Sute - arret ) NEW - YORK j mil. . PRINTED AJfli PUBLISHl - - av ft - MICHAEL BVRtfUAM k CC No. i'i VViLLiAt - riiy orroajrl T" Hasi Corrr - e - HoitB. f AfAUMENTQ,,tad." 1 Wall .treet, gentle - . men' dressingrtom, hn fortale a vtw Ra - tor. bf Damask btl made by the cctabraltd Marguju, cf Pari.,'; He hat also receive an as ' soitiuuit of Uie best Esglhh Raton, which m warrant good. LtT0l ed to Uie couttary, mo - ntyreluoded. " ;. ! Alo, tuts and dreMthah fnthe - latest ttyk and in a manner .0 at wudapt It to the phjiicg - nomy. - , - Mr. JTRUMENTO reura. hissiocere thaoki to hi customers, and tbepublic ia general, for their very liberal pauooaft, and solid ta a coo - tiauance of their lavour. - ' .. , tie bat likewise proenreia eery fine bone, and engage, to restore razor, rj a very' keen edae, and should they uot cut wdltie will receive be recompense. . , - . ' Centlenien wka subtcribe by the nuartar, mil have their apparatus kept exclusively for thru - selves. : 1 . ,Je30 l?OH. the aoova troubiktetrrraud "dk tiM r complaint, flmilton' Eluir isofleM, with a confidence inspired by twenty year uocessful experimeot.' A loigle trial willy rent thai 011 - Icdsc and evacuates tba ou;h viscid phlegnt uucustrcrdj;lheu the weakened veawkonhe lung, sheatlie the acrimonious humour cb irniate ihcnu and fiaaHy discbarge, it 1 but stiikiiijfat teroot of Uay ditorder, tna P totui are of eoutse effectually amt perayueu7 Conquered I the reverse of common "'c3,5! which weaken the Constitution, and give tJe??D tuOhe ditorder, for tha lake rl mndrajlAgn' tb i.roriit some of it paiafol ecect. .. . TO PARENTS, - whohava children Adf withUiM clread ul malady, thi i tliKOvery w the awl magnitude, a it atlordt imiiiediale ie - lief, tlieckt Uie progress, and in a short Unit tirely removes Ui motlcrael lD,ar childrea are liable. . Tha elixir it so pf r tccUf .J" grreub e, and ihedoae 10 amaH, that M ddhcuirf ariH - s in taking it. - . - . - Be particular to ask for Hamilton' iUiti IBT itations 01 wtiich are offered to Uie Pb,,cr, icua are ger.aine without the wgnaoire w ' For sale at LEE'S medical warehea. Maiden Lane, and by eery respectable Vj' 31st hi New York. ' ' , FOR SALE. lie. ? 1 t 7 r n Uni' nii JlJ VV

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