The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 5, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1818
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(ffKicju - s - : - - TrtlS EVEKIt AUG. 5, - , "rmaace comineuoe with the S!:It uncelebrated American hero, &ti himself with many brilliant feats SjdJ ti horse., by Mr. TatncU and MSrLikrned Horse. ; in which all ' ?S2 will ihow their wonderful sagacity horse Othello will stand on pedes - 'W2tue.andailth oilier horses will ait t Vn comiaand of the riden. Cauia will go tbrou - h many ayrpri - wh rfiok, bat recently introduced t!SSnSL'om woaderofthe age, will, uinci - perfo" wonderful .eat. for "ih nnlT nine year, ow, leapover Ban, JJTudit by tiding on hi. lieau, uia nors ' - f Cl?r Vemce. oi bm piled, upon "S'rt. William will display her astonishing ii iirinim on me tint, a, i. ''"'"lEf, Lw.n - Uea ! b the whole troop. wrrr rr.i .... i perform mt L' aTnl leap over Tour bo.rda.of Vr"" 7; and torether. and conclude ry SSriiS Uapthrough. balloon I feeth.f '?.'.ir.u ma he WW aims - row 10 !ock,A;M.toJP . i nrovided "iV i M. aud from 3 to 5 clock, A. in. w " - 7,n - . IfilTXTat 7'K d the per nMnce CS"?XwS & not transfer - Ko.aaking allowed. LhecH si n v Moors will r oku ible. Gentlemen are, rcuuw. - - rrj - .,..';.. naner. that HO. a wize of SCO dol - 5W; n,n.u'c7. .,C, i: ti.r. of Baltimore, l0 we - - rrffSY. ' k - offics. A few day since No. M, wnicn ufv' " - I9.WW dollars, raaaintdumoM i.. - (Drmfclo W idioto"?. T05B, J (,.e pott J Drinkto aoe wholortt. Hare dualt in rrkeahigh, Th men of whom tie tiroes . Such lucky uursberstouy. Oh ! Fortune's horn w made - For ALLEN s banls to hold I ' Mo other of the trad) Can i"r.'ih half tht gold. Then Aer' to thott th long, Kc. AtFoftuaeigfttrin fea.t, When Toil and M - i once .tood, Tnev eaU'd her kAsc Aioight taste ?" ' She answered " be rbo eona." Poor Labor toiJM or lought, BmI fmmd tt Woeld lot do i ' , While Wit a UCKLT bought, AndifrenoMthfortwo. ' That kert'ttoOfmrto long, mt. :. . Tbeoiaawlioaeell.ihomt ! - Where wealth aed grandear ahn, . , To ALLENa' let kin, roam, Vho keep the pJen cria. The goddea whom we lot (iu boast higher iphre ; " UernatiTC home' aboTe, Thoogh ALLKN3 kerp hr bere, , Tlv hereh tt tin w long, He. WAll '. - Haf tht C.mUl Priae, 3MW0 Snani otd at WAt DCS la.t week. .. the i pro - rt ot a lady.wlion aame h ot to be made &c he terdflr pitttnted tK,. priie at 'SirrOoe, anaimm lately receded fi,ca.h. " ITAXTKU. : k I 7 n,,. u. loul fr !iertXoJ. Appl? 4 au 5 I - " fcr ' J& The fa' wding packet . afefkmdid. can take a few ton. 't kL wmi aide ot Burlinealio - u 3 srect, offer fafvale, - . V B DoliS Ksstn uuca, ww - do Eiiglish Patent Ueck ' HOol Piece.'LVmg Company Y"""? B1m i ftankeene, entitled tu "tnre a - . - . ..., uiib,. im&iatine ol , Crapes, Florentiuee, . ! m Ti Ij KrM lldlua. CraM:ShawlIJalt r Cross ba - r'e and twW.'d HamsBtfl. v tens English Bolt t, 5 - 8 to 118 , 6roarcRusaold bie, 1 l - 8lo3inch; SMnchflatawedub 90 ton. best Yorkmi ax Il.alaad iymlOIl i ttt ooU .ffc. - 30 ounce, cil of 3 caTkejOpi. eat. to debeatare ' 5 bale. goat. Wool camel's Hay 40 pipes Trncb Brapy : f , Urrlsao.3Caileef . . t ale. Turkey Ruj 10 do Refute Hone ' 1 Dutch Slate., Oocolate and Herrii - p A Utall Invoice of .en, gm tragacMth, AJ - at - eeeral ataortmeotof apothecane U4at fcriiare, and wwduw ilaaa, froai the Boston nasi manufactory. .. waitr.BAB, Ceattaotly on Und pa toe New York Lead Works of a wperior pajitT - ENGLISH & CA'TOH GOOU8. Btoet Shirting - Tabby Tdveta Jaceaet aad Camhrfc Mutlloe vVbita Quilting., roiterea Cambric Print.. Tro Green do Black and whit oV. Bombatets, Unibretlal ' Catered Camnrica Low priced Caasimexee 9aperoe CMhvottoo Hosiery Black knd Cbauable Sinchew Black aad Changeable BanoeU Black, Colored and Cross - barred Hdkfa. Bio and Grera Siachew CaaageaWe Levantine reared Sarsnetav Coicred Crape. ItwiagSslka. Ita'ian Sewing Sillra Taffeta Ribbon, Elegant Figured do Bu - kki RntA Mftt Covara araasta, fiouff Bates, Choppa fcoeaala for (ale aug 5 ' ' ' S Sonih - tTet ft It ADRA3 UDEFi - Uark and lisht cround ' X Madras HrJkfs just received, aod for sale f , LE ROY, BAYARO tt CO. ug5 pOTTON - 80 bales prime L'plaod Cotton, w or sale in mts to suit purchasers, by I ' SAUL ALLEY, 93 Piim streeL it5 nOTTu.X. 4 bales tptaod Cotton, for sale W py R. A C. W. DAVENPORT At CO. - US FREall PINE AtTU.3. C DOZEN very tuptrlor Havana tugar - J lcf Pms ADDln. lust recri red. and rorisleby - ANTHON NY TRAPPAN, 1 r5 St 139 Fly - market. DOMESTIC UOOD TOSsPH TITCOM3 A CO. Iff Pearl ttrett, ' 4 - 4,. 74, aaj 3 - 4 bieac'd Sheeting and Dnirun. Erom Sniiticg. ; Ginghams tT Ctieck ; Lbambrays Btd.TKkinr and Catnaercs. - a on hatil, aa txteosive aortmertt of "wafstic Woollen aad Cotton G.ds 7k Yara j Boot, and Sl.ocs a. r"c4 Bra.1, aborted Blnvoir - .na. - ... - - - - - - - wmm.MU. Jv! fha - h will tt suid allow prices for cash r wt cro4u "ol, Cottca or Bale Goods received for sale nwnee. ait; 5 1 E. tUiiM. su tiw. .. fc. Kem,lalinget t - rane - whatf. I rem slornCalhani. aad for sal by J A - 5. un. - unuu, 54bouth - irteL rnCRPEKTUTC ft TAR. - 5T0 tOJaaolt Tur X. peotioe, and 60 do Tar, afloat, aadfor.ale cy iv. at v. . UAWtirutti k wxi. I A F. 1 - ELL & CO. will tell to - morrow, ia V V . front of their store 25 .mall barrcU of very flue frei Currenta. juit lnjiwtd and worthy the attention of grocer, and fruiters. aug5 . SAKKKO.V, l'lG - LtAD, WiUllAG AND WftAPl'ING PAPER. ' . 50 lb.. frMb ijaffron 10 ton. Pig Lead of an excellent quality 8 caaei Sheet Bras., for grate niakera SO case various quality writing paper SO bale, medium printing do . 500 reams di&rtnt quality wrapping paper Just received and for tale by G. G. U 8. HOWLANU, aug 5 67 Waliington street. 7VJEVV RICHMOND FLOUR. 6 barrels JJN superfine Flonr from new wheat 100 do do do from new and old do, landing and for sale by W.& 8 C'llAlU, augfilw ' M Frunt - s'reftt. A CCr UOLLARb to be loaned, on real estate ia this citv. in lam i not lrs than $3000. Apply to ROBINSON, TO W.V, fe UENSON. Stock and Exchange brokers, 44, Wall - it. aug 5 1 w VAUXilALL FOR SALK. rpHE proprietor of Vauxhall Gardens. JVtw - X fork, wishing to retire from public buii ne.s " in oo," "Hers ti e.tablihueut For Sale. There are vet 6 vaan of the tease uiieiDi red; everv utensil and necessary object for a con tinuation of the bonnet, and lor the pleasure of visitors, are on the spot, and wilt make a part of we san. roe ceieonty oi ine piace, uie Known encouraemnent and receipt, la consequence, are too well known to require particular!. Term. moderate. If the lease is not sold before January next, the propnetor will transfer hi. title to any capable person, who will give sufficient wcunty tot the relit agreed on. aug a aiawjiujp HORSE It GIG. f70R SALE, a bright bay horse, (sound apd L' gentle) and a faaiuonahie, newly built gig Apply at PETER BURR'6 Club Stable., in fcloat Lane aug 5 St T OST, yesterday a CHECK on the Mechan - MU ic's Bank, tor $913 82 - 100 drawn by Ste pben Price, Esq. payment of which i stoppod at trie nkiiK 1 be tinder by bringing u to v m VAN HOOK Ejq. 26 WalUtrect, will be re warded. " au 5 2t I & I. COX, No. 4, Courtiandt - street, utsr fj . Eroadway, importer of the Liverpool PA TEXT LAMP, have the pleasure to in form the public and their friends, that thy have just received an extensive aMortmcot ol We a - bove Lamp., of the inf ix recent improvement.. Ltktwxitk reneral aswrtnicut of Stand Lamp, for chimney pitors, aide - bowb, tables, ftC'&C of new r.od elegit patterns, Which, foromainent and utility, are unrnDlled with a great variety of other Laatip such a bare never been introduced before : all of which are warrauted perfee t, aud if otherwise, may be re turned. Have also received a sre it assortment of Lamp Classes and Lamp Wicks, suitable lor all kinds of lamps. 5. B. All order in their line executed with faithfulness and punctuality. A liberal deduction t wholesale dealers. an? 5 tf A NURSE WANTED. A MIDDLE aged woman, who is qualified to take care of ehldren, and is disposed to travel. Respeet.ble reference will be required, ne other need apply. Apply to SPENSER ALSTED, Esq. Elisabethtown, New - Jersey, aug 5 pHISdavispuMisbedand lor sale by R. tt W. A. BARTOW, the Bachelor and Mar ried Man, or the Equilibrium to ttie Balance of Comfort, in t volumes, price 1 75. Berpo, Temtla feirj. try Lord" Byroif , ve - eond Aaericaa from third LewdnnerllUoe. - ' (London) YOUTH'S MAGAZINE. The sc - eoaa voirnne of tni. loterrsting. wok 1 rAnnl.iui . k iu wuicn una ben re - CMvedby the public bai ind'iced the publisher toetiarge tha work to an octavo use, at the .ame price, which will be an addition of sixteen page, for religious intelligence and original - ter, under the direction of a competent person. The London copy of this miscellany i conducted by a society of gentlemen that have no other object but the good of .ociety. They are unremitting in their endeavour, to m.kett useful. Also for sale, a selection of Hymns, for the use of Social Kclirious Meetings, and fur Pri vate Devotions, selected by the Kcverend Mr. Ifenshaw. fr A competent person is wanted to collect subscriber for the Youth's Maaiine. Apply to ft. Si Y. A. BARTOW, a 5 31" S51 Tearl - strect. rflHE Baclielor aad the Marned Man, or tlw X Eooilibrium of the u Balance of Comfort," t vols, price 1 1 75 jast rereived and for sale by A. T GOODRICH CO. 1S4 Broadway, opposite City Hotel. "g 5 BKPPO - SECOND EIJI1 ION. BCPPO, a Venetian Story, by lrd Byron, the aecond American frum the third Loudon edition This day published and for sale by A. I . K t.ti. No. 124 Broadway, opposite City Hotel, aug 5 IN CHANCERY. Sarah Mason, i M. Elbert Roosevelt and other. 8tate of New York, s. I tt narwance of an order of this honorable I eosirt. made In the above cause. Notice is h re by given to all the ertdilort of CorneKut C. Roote - oeU. afeeetucrf. to exhioit and prove the " debt. due to them respectively," before the subscri ber, as one of the masters of this court, at bis or - tirr. No. 3 Law Raildinn. Nassau street. New York, on the 3d, 4th.5lh.7lh, 8th, Oth and 10th day of September oeit, at tne bouroi iuo'ciocb in ine loreoooa oi inose day. I'sira nicnn 1818. JAMES A. HAMIL.TU., Master ia Chancery, tag S lawtw k dISlO JuTOtr TiRAWLXG. rTnifF. most Splendid Lottery ever granted JL in this state - MEDICAL SCTEXCE L01TERY, 100,000 Dollais) 50,000 do. S0.000 do. 10.000 do. Highest Prixes. The first drawn number every day draw - nr. for 15 dtTs. will be entitled to 1000 dots There arc also floating iii the wheel, and may be drawn on any day, 1 or 20,000 Dollars 1 of 10.000 Dollars 1 of 5.000 Dollai - s. And not tiro blanks to a prise. Payment of prises guaranteed by the state of New - iork Tickets aad Share at WAITF - S' Truly fortunate lottery k exchange office. No. 54 Maiden - Une. Where the highest prire ever sold in shares or ticxets m tbi C4ty, was uteiy ootainea, i. No. 38706 35,000 dollars also last week. No L3894 80.000 dollars in a half and two quar terat ttie half has since been paid at Waits' au5 OBERT WAITES List of Prise, in the Medical Science Lottery. l.t day. drawing. Bo. 5373. 1000 Dollars (rC43, 11)0 Dollars Will draw ngnin next Tnesday. CAPITAL PRIZES. 1 priteof 100,0011 DOLLARS - 1 do of 50,000 ito 1 do of tO.OOt) do - 1 do of 10.000 . d" Tk - kctsand Share, in this splendid Lottery for sale by R. WA1TE, Jimr. 136 broad way. ' For JVE?r - 0RLKJX3. t1.aV.:m irinv a v nvx C?iL - s. Y .n excellent vessel about - 3 jean oidJ sails very fast, and ha good accommodations fur passengers. She will be dispatched without delay, and take what freight and passenger, may ofler by the Jlh August. Apply to the capuin on board at pier M 9, Ej R. or to J. H. LAURENCE ft CO. . au 3 lw ' 55 Pine - street. ... ; for JJtElltUOL,' , "( The well khowri. repilar.. trading urpuered ship lMl'ORlSR, pingley, maater, will be dibpatched soon, bas ing Uie quarter part of a cargo engaged. For 'remain der ot ireigut or passage. Having superior ao - commodatiorm, apply to capt. D. on board, at pier Tio. 13, E. U. (Gouvenieur's - wharf,) or to CUAULES HALL, 1 Braver - street. OTj Cossioncs of goods by the above ship from Liverpool, are informed that all articles not permitted by Thursday morning', 6th inst. will then be sent to the Public store. au 4 t'retgkl or ChvrMtoiu 300 ton. heavy freight for Charleston, ianply to ANiON G. Pli ELI'S, aug 4 103 Front - street. ' FOR TENERlFKE, The good fast sailing brig NYMPH, S. Hurd. master, will receive immedi ate dupaich. For passage only, having good accommodations, apply to N.L.&G. GRISWOLP, aug 4 86 South - street. TAKTHENWAUE 30 hosliatl i.u iU XLi crates, forming a well assorted Invoice if Bowls. Cups, Saucers Milk Jugs, Tea Pots, Sugars and Cream. Mo bo and fancy Jugs and Bowls, Chambers, Dishes, Tureen Flat and Soup Plato. Trt iffl'rs and Muffins, of Shepherd and other . natterni Received per bri Alfred from Liverpool. For sale by JOHN B. MURRAY & SON, 113 I'earl - st. . Also For tale, freklit or charter, The above brig, burthen 2I0 tous, cojv - pered to light water mark. au 3 3t For CIIAHLh Si OX, Cl4v The schooner VENUS, 131 - tons, luiiitr at Murmv's - wharf. a first rate vessel, wivh good accommoUtions for passengers, will sail on Sunday next For freight or passage, apply to ISAAC T. ROB, u 3 tf 98 Miirray's.wharf. P 4.Alit: fa, - DUBLLW IXs. The aiinerior coppered ship DUrl - JJA iV PICKET. Pults master, isrow nearly loaded, and will sail tbr Dubli.i in fotir or five days A few csbin or steerage1 passefl - Ifers, cwi be bandsdrfiely acconunotlated, anil on moderate terms, apply on board, orto jA.iir.j ni umua, , . 82 Liberty - street.,' Who hat fur tale bv tie Package. A irrneral assortment of Irish linens, hwns, sheetings, diapers, and droghedas. ALo, common glass - ware, consisting of decants, wies, tumblers, salts, cruetts, pocket butties, fcc. Sic. and a few hhds of basket salt. au 1 lw tor tllLHJHi or (.HAlitt.H, The goodschr FAVORITE, D0 this burthen, will be ready to recoivc a car - goia3day. Apply to E., Jy 3Q 1W ai comn si. For F HE Hi HI or CHARTER, , ' The fine fart sailing subatastial .hip ASIA. Alexr. S. Sutherland, mailer, will alow about 2B00 bbls. aud now ready to lake in a cjrzo. For terms apply to "LAfDL.VW, GlRAULTKrCO; - Jy 31 5t No. 0CflV llonte slip FOR SALE. If. . . . ....... . ,a. a years old, in rood order, can be sent to sea with little cxpence. IN STORE. 1G puncheons fine - flavored Jamaica Rum 2 pipes Cognac brandy C hhds mufcovadr sugar 3 do molasses. Apply to Jv30 lw E. FISHER, 51 South - st AMERICAN CLO J HS. JOSEPH Til COM Blc CO No. 161 Pearl .treet, have iu.t received 10 piece. Ameri - rno Superfine Blue Cloth., which will be sold cheap, for cash only. Alio on nana, au extensive assortment oi domestic, Woollen, and Cotton Goodsjof every dit - cription, at low prices. 29 .A MANCHESTER VELVETS, Assorted to - 1 L liters sad very superior onslity, for uie low, by GEO.l. NEWBEHY, J 31 133 Pearl street. rilOBACCO. 15 hhds. prime quality, land - JL ed from chr Express, from Charleston, and for sale by II. VOS. 73 vvaslimgion - sireei. About 150 dernyohns of 5 gallons each, au 3 ot 11INDOVV GLAS. PAIN I S, sic Win - Y T dow Glass of brt quality, C by 8 & 7 by 9, English Hats, assorted in casts, A few cases of Enzlish Cords and Velveteens, One case Children's black aud drab Fancy Bon nets, brimmed, Nr;ro pipes t small bowl dn. Irish Glars - ware, Hatter's Wool Bow - string', m,l ilrv Main Wine. English White Lead, dry and in oil ot pest quau - Do. 'fted LeaJ, Earthen Ware, in lots to suit purchasers, London larticular Madeira Wine of .uperiour Quality. A few cases of Irish Linens and Diapers, For sale by WM. NEILSON U SU.. an 3 lw ' 1AMAICA RUM 340 punclteous win ne - a this dnv at the foot of Rectnr - strect, North River, from on board the ship raciuc rorsalei - y , t,vov 1 EN DAL COTTONSAiWEl.Sti t'l.Ala. IV. 40 bales of Kendal Cottons I Of superior nil do Welsh Plains. 1 fabric. Inst received per Importer, and for .ale at 71 Pine - street, hy su4lw wiinr.w lLOTHa At CASHMERES. A lew cases J extra line London t, loins and iassimeres, iu,t received, and lor sale iy HURD 1 SF.WALU ai4 C5 South - s'reet. Nf - .ty l1 f ROOK SI ORE. IlLAKE' CHANCERY FRACTICE. - I Conioinine ail tlie proceedings of a suit, as well ia tliec - Mirt of chancery as in the court lor the trial t,t impeachments, and correction oi er - r .r,. fnr ll. atatr of New - York. - This book contains about 7W pagrs octavo, andissnidby prolrssinnal gentlmen to he all important to the pracu'iooer in ini court, nring u uuij ru - an prorlur.tu n nn tids .uHject : and to Uie student it is invalitahh, aa it exhibits in a very clear and lucid manner, step riy step, the progress ol a sett, in all its miituia, from tbe com - uicnrrmeiit to the final tt 'rtii;i itiw of it Ac companied with aa appcodtx, rentainiig prece - denU of the most apprsd fornv, siitsble to esery case that can ii iy orca in the course of a .ait. Just published aud for s - le hv D. BA.SK3, . Opposite Cuv Had. Corner of Nassau aad Sprues streets, eng 4 1m .TCS1TC. 10 ton Fustic. landing and for , s M: sale by aug 1 RIPLFY k WELD. 172 FronUtreet, rXTILLIAM BRUCE, 139 Broadway, near Y City Hotel, has icr,lr. Shrub and Lime Juice, Old Hock and Cham - Krowa otoat mf Abj Oid Cogoao Brandy . . Hollaou. Gisv aud Jamaica ; .. ..' . fcurgotdy ' ArrHi'k . ' OU Madeira,' Sherry Cordials Old Melheelia - Old Whortleberry Gin Pickled and Smoaked ' Herrings Constantia and Convent Wine White Wioe Vioegir Carry Powder Irish Whihkey : Peach Brandy Lamp Oil Lemon Syrup, from Fresh Juice Olives,. Capers " Uerkuis Onions, Tickles, fcc. . Mushroom and Walnut Ketchoo Htrrey at Q'jia Sauce India boy j Old Java CoGet Fresh Lemons Sall - Petre Peas, . Loaf aod Lamp Sugar 5 pices, c; . - Spermaceti Candle Claret and Port aug 1 d5tclt RUM, MOLAsSEs & SUGAR. fca puncheons Antigua Rum b'8 do Molasses, and i bbls. Suenr. received by the .British brig Amelia, from Antigua, and fur sale by ROBT. GILLESPIE, aog4 112 r tonl - lreet. TEAo, vvlNEarx; GROCERItS. , So. 7 Park (late Ladies Auction Room.) TUE subscriber keeps constantly for sale a general assortment of first rate Groceries for family a; emongst whidi are Guiiowder rsvperial Hytaa, Young Hyson HysonUkin SSurhong & TEAS of first Quality and latest importation. 1 ouchong j Loaf, Lump, I oijgaR Havana white and brown t sUUAns. Double Gloucester, ( rtrrr;p Holland H American atJC - 9t" Lvmoo Juice Sicily Lemons in good order 4th proof Cognac firandy (genuine) . Holland - Gin aod Jamaica Spirits Msdiira, Port, Clnrct, L. P. Teneriffe, Sherry nnd nther Wines E wett OA in Betties ar.d Bottles hpices, AV. I. Pepper HibbtrO Brown Stout . Xrwrm Oil nud Candle : with many other articles too numerous to pit,ify, .which will be so d at a uioderala advance, oy 8ii8 - 3 t JAMES P. AN DOE. RUBER P tilUEc HE, TVTO. 112 r rout - street, offers for sale the cur li' uooi We liriti - li bri2 Amelia, - linni Anti gua, consistiog of . ' V.) piinciwclis iuui . M (IO'Molat! VI barret sugar. - IN STORE, . nO"hh(l. Ktttticky Tobacco It do Ofd Kichnionddo CO groce Wine and Porter Ccttlo. 1 bales prime Upland Cotton A chain Cable fit for a ship of 4(30 tons White Port Wine in hhds. Rerii Red Port Wine incases of 3 dor.. One Imlf l'iie Madeira imported from Jamai ca, price B per gallon. bus t LttfHORN SI'RAWc t cnes Leghorn Oats ami Crowns, principally fine, just re ceived and for ufe hy . ,. 11UKL tz sr.VAII, nuj 4 C.r South .treet. 'WANT EH, A Docket Book Maker, one who understands this buiiness will have eocd wage, and constant employ, by applying at No. la Wnll - reet: " au; 3 SI'. GEORGE'S CHURCH. PEW eliuibly tituatcd in St. George's A. Church, for tale. Enquire at 04 William - street, aul 4t TO LET. alFir Anrl nrtfseasioa eiven immediately, a uuht tma itorv tiousi lnllw Drat waro, weucai JIUL' . . .... . n I euialed for a hoarding house or large family. '!'.. knuK rr.ntaina nine rooms wiin n cooa LiioiM on tne tint floor I a laree ceuar, wiui ine nnri - iMrn wabic.. 1 q.n food tenant trie rent rMt ne modesate. loqiure at 114 ureenwicn - treet. aur 4 lw rlORJsALE, a bright bay HOUSE, o year. IT . out l Jssni, mmi ! I l Uot tinder the saddle. lis is sold lor no Jauit, but bfccaue the owner ha no ne for him. Price, one hundred and ixty dollars stands at ih'iw's stable iu Eibeny - st. near iroauway. . nu4 lw STOLEN from the house of a lady at New. Haven, on Wednesday last, a ladies gold WATCH, highly ornamented and set with pearl, with chain and trinkets to match ; the initials P. C. on the seal a garnet ring was also attached. As it is possible it may have round it. way to this city, watch - makers, ana others, are requested to stop said watch if of fered, and leave notice at 76 Pearl st. where a suitable reward will be given for its recove - INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. . JOSEPH D. 'OGRADY respectfully inform, tbe public, tliat he ha opened an Intelligence office tat hi house, 131 Fly - Market, be - i wren reari ana aier - rcei. be accommodated with servants, house - keepers, fee. vc. Servants, &c. with satisfactory recom - uiemlations, enpphed with good si uations. ur - der. from tlie country promptly atteoded to. aug 4 1 ni UEU BUGS. To tht Laiiet and Gentlemen, ofthteily of New - York. riF.NJAMIN TIFFIN, hue destroyer, (from IJ London.) bees leaye to offer hi service to all those wno are trouniea wun iuoe iiutiumoi invaders of their rest. Hi pnee will be low. ami mothnrl (Tectual. havins been 40 years in constant practice ; ha had the commands of most or the gentry and society oi r nenns, in uoawa, nun rrciile, at No. 380 UOWerV. Order left at Mr. Wilson's, Tailor, ixo. xo Joha - atreet. will be thankfully received and punctually attended to. i. V. neierence a tocnaraciritaa u aug 4 61 ADKLPHI SCHOOL i vacated till the last Monday in August instant. (7 The public is respectfully informed, that Mr. John R. Smith i engaged a drawing master, and Mr. Sehiflely as teacher of the French, Spanish and German language., aug 3 tlMAug anvraiiBEMENT. s - innpnSAi.s will he received at the Navy 1 Agent's office, New York.forone week from hi .tti. inurnlii unantitv of Jersey Oak PUnk average length 45 feet, 10 to 16 broad, 9 to 4 1 - t thick pith of hart must be out, and clear of sap. Also, a number of Jersey Oak Logs, irom 35 to 55 feet long, 10 to 20 inches square. and a number of While Oak Knees, to sido iron 8 1 - 2 to 12 inches, arm 4 l - Z too sect mng, ooa Th avhole to be first ouali ty, and sebject to the inspection at the Navy, and delivered there. The proposal are required not to exceed 5001 feet ol Plank : not more than 10 Logs, nor more than 50 Knees as no contract will lie given to a ny individual to exceed on of tlie above named quantities : the shortest time, not exceeding 6 weeks, must be mentioned. Money to be pitid .. .tii. ..n - Anv vinlanation tbat raay bo re quired, will be obtained the Navy Yard, wher; a bill will be given each individual alter he ba contracted, and by which he is to be governed. J21DA;Ctr ftT - The fine new steam VMri FRONTENAC. of "00 tons burtlien, James t2BMai Kir.2ie. master, win ' 1 1 . t - ,.i... ArM,fl,if. coniuiriH.e running on wieuri 'tj " and will leave Kiiii - ton, for York and Niagara, on the Is, 1 1 h and 21st day of each month, and Niagara, for York and Kingston, the bth, Ibtt aod iilti day of each month, dunng tl season, where every attention will be paid to tbe a and comfort of the passenger. ApplrcahooslorpetSHge Ube mad to the cap - taia on board. - , ic...n,t ingtou,Wi April, 1318. . J7dfcctOcl a FOR. SALE, Aa nadisMled moleiy iuCefollostiuelots of land in " Enni Pateut". Dclavaie County, state of New - York, vis; - Lot No. 50, eooUin ing I7fl seres , lot No. S3, containing 134. Also, sa undivided moiety ut the com half if lot No. 40, containing 104., acres, and in lot No. 47, .hi the same patent containing tOSt aerea. The above ioU are skctt timbered with pine, he. lee. aad their eontiguity to the vetl branch of uV Delaware river render them worthy ot Uie attention of lumber merchants. They will be sold reasonable for cash or approved notes. For further particulars apply to THOMAS. ADDIS EMMET, Esq. counsellor at law, No. 24 Pine street. New York, (who is authorised to make eotilraeta for the sale of the above lots) or to the subscriber, by whom an unquestionable title will be given. . MARTHA BRADSTREET, Hammond street, Greenwich. New York, July 4tli, IS1H. 0O The Pr - )ritois ol tlie Philadelphia Freeman's Journal are requested to fuMi'li tlif above fr two months in their H - r and svnd their hill to the subscribrr. J 85 d2m e?m OJVE LENT REHAHU. RANAVVAY from the subscriber, n BLACK GIRL, aoswering to the name of Lannb Jackson, i. about 12 years of ige; ha. on only woollen horuepun frock, having .old the remainder of l;cr clothes since she absconded Whoever will .return her, or give information where she may be found, shall receive tha above reward ; and any person harbouring said girl, hall be punisbed as the law directs. T1IOS. DENN1SON, - au; 3 3t . 331 Uowery Roed. ST. J0U.V4 HALL ORDIN ARY S Th contiguity of this building to the sent of bu siness, induces lb subscriber to open, tor tne accommodation of gentlemen connected with public buines. at the City Hall and others, a public Ordinary, Dinner will be served up pre cisely at half past two o'clock, and turtle soups. reli;he, with the most suitable refreahmeuts tf the season, at all hours of Uie day. An elezant Ball - Room, decorated in a per fectly national style, is aUo at tha service of par ties lor dancing, society meetings, or for purpo se of our justly deserving aud admirable milita rv volunteer corps, lor their various exercises. The subscriber bas spared no pains to render tne building as pleasant as its situation would permit, and, by assiduity and the strictest attention, will rnJcavour to deserve that patronage which an euli;!itencd and duicruinj public are at all limes rortdy to lestow. a.i3 1m JAMES L. IfKDENBEKG t I R. L A. COLLAa. i'ortmit and Miiintui it I Painter has the honor to infomi tlie public of New - York, that being returned to this city he - will continue to exercise in hi. art or large I or trait and Minalure Paintinz, his residence is at Messrs. Berard Mondon's, Booksellers, No. SO Maiden - lane. ansj 3 ewj ji - FOR HALE, A couittry House and Farm, on the east bank of Hudson's River, in the Highlands, about 54 miles from New - iork, lying between the country teats of William Leaning, Esquire, and capt. Phillips, and nearly opposite W eit l ottit. The farm contains m acres, j ne nonse iwtncu was built in 1805) has 12 rooms, exclusive of the kitchen, and posse'sr. every convenience necessary lor a family. There is also a farm house, barn, stable and other out - houses, in good order, a garden and a great variety of fruit tree, of the best kind. A further description is not givi - n, because persons inclined to purchase will no doubt view the premises ; for which purpose ap plication may he made to Air. james I tiompson, on the farm. For the term of sale, enquire of WM. HE.IDEKSO, 55 Wall street, New York. J R W&3 tdpalm AEW AADOKlGIMAL. Ul.El rmoM DiirKRXBT fttraaTXRs aBDanim TO THE $100,000 Tuesday next, it isth text - - - The Lottery begins a, drawing." t - " - - Cnawx. - u - idav Rnd" aopn the hour. ' r See the golden prues tower." , r Gracik. " And aow for the prises, the prizes, the prises In hundreds and thousands and all other sues' " The next .tin's ray beheld mo display A heavy bag of gold which from A Urn1 tame, Now blest with wealth and love, I will thsuk the power, above." ALLK.T. GOOD - VERY GOOD ; But .till better ifyoa follow fortune to 27 Wall straet : where voa have a riehtto expect .on.e - thing more sohd for your money, and where tick ets are to ne nau at zo pans in propomou with n handsome allowance to those who purchase to sell again, by tll Aitii.v nuikbu, 27 Wall street. Who will redeem the Milford and Owego pri ses at n small discount and receive unenrrent bank note of the state in large sums, at 3 - 4 per cent discount. aug 1 tf MEDICAL zCtEJVCE LUTTERT, Sth CLASS. B1 EXJAM1N nUTLER'S list of drawing 1st Day. No. 5373 ilOOOi no. SG45 tlOO. It is understood that 1 - 2 belongs to n Bro ker in Wall - street. Remained on hand at the office iu 4 No. 27 W ALL - STREET. "i RACIE'S, 140 Broadway, correct prite list J 0f the Medical science buttery no. a. l.t days drawing. No. '5373, l)00 Dollar 0645. 100 Dollar First drawn number remained unsold at GRACIE'S, who offer a few Tickets end Snares for aala on the best terms. 2d draw ine will be on Tuesday next, at half past 6 o'clock in tbe morning. Preseut price of Ticket 28, will advance to 130 on Tuesday next. "n s an f ILLESPIE's pnsc bst, 1st day', drawing, VJT Grand Medical Science Lotury : No. 5373, 1000, fint drawn 045. 100 Draw, aeain next Tnesday. Those who wish lor chances in this splcwdid lottery, cootsining prirea of ,100,000, 20,000, 10,000, 6,000, and a great number of 1,000, and smaller ones, can be supplied at GILLESPIE' lottery and ex rhsage ol&ce, No. 114 Broadway, opposite City HoteL a i . i . t.iM 'a us PIC ti A UO U sT 4t b OFFICIAL I.13T OF PRLZES, 1st dsy's drawing Medkal Stieuce Lottery (5tL CIUK - Vis. 5 - 871 tlOOO 1 9645. 100; Tli l.nttpr will draw next Tuesday, and once a week during this month, 50 numbers each tlrawirg. ' 'I ieket aud Share, (warranted undrawn) for sale at Truly Lucky Office. No. 122 Broadway hers was sold and immediately paid, No. 3 - J;0, wbich drew last New - Ysar's day the great p.ire of UHl - 000 dollars, the highest prise ever sold by any office in America, where was sold every grand capital in tbe former classes of this lot - te5io.TlW23, f.O0S 19308. 30.000. 12129, 25JXH): 1945, 2.000 ; and several of 20 000, 15,0tK), laO'JO. 5Jb0, tc. . aug 4 3t TOR SALE, at 84 Maiden - lane, opposite h Cold - street, a span or stt carnite linn RS!. well uab tied as gentle in liarness. wiu be sold low, the owner having no use for them. . aug 3 LODGINGS wanted in the country, for a gen - tletntvn, with his wife, nurss and child, in a pleasant, healthy situati n on thil iiland. Ap ply at boutb .treet, nug4 Q. of lot let ses 7 es at a 4 PUBLIC SALES - " BY MILLS, MINTON tl CO. Ihuridsy, ' At halfpaatOoVlink. a kecwid btsortusenl fresh importer! r rri h "wv!s. - '. 1Z o'lxk, at Uie T. C. House, the house and No, 81 Orchard street, noe occupied by Jss. jvuoi. tueiot is Ret iront arm rear, a ivu t deep. A f - irthcr iletcription of the property i. deemed U'lueceisary, as it is preMiund io one will purchaw oilhont fir," vieviajthe prerui Twenty five percent, of the purchase money muit be paid on iltliv - ry oflheLcetl, the re - malndermay icmainon bond and mortgage on the premises. Also, z Cbses aMoitrri levaniibes, 1 do prrm - raery, I do I est wel b tnrli'le Oingl.Bnn, 1 tij - 4 and 8 - 4 f ringed raseimure shawls, 1 dj inch's thread hose assorted. ritlay, At 11 o'clock in front ui their auction tre. II3 Pearl f:ett.L60 dtrtii Atrternnh Porter. and 21 rlorfn London Brown Stout ; alto 30 box superior cider. BY J. PAXTON It CO. Thursday, At 12 o'clock, in the T. til 1 lot of ground containing 17 acres, situated at Fort Washing, ton, bounded on the norm oy me property ot Dr. Watkins, easterly by" King's Bridge Road, southerly by Dr. Watkins, and westerly by the Hudson river. A map or tne suove, win oc exhibited at the C H. and terms made know t the time of sale. Fridsy, At half past 9 o'clock, at their auction njom. large and general assortment of ready made clothing, some of which are of the first quality , the contents of a clothing store, sold Dy order of tfi sheriff. ; " : Saturday. ' . v 10 o'clock, at the auction room, 73 Wall et. trunks coats, with other articles, which were leR on board the Moses Brown, on her arrival from' Liverpool in Nov. last, unless called lor. (ireviously and the expenses paid thereon. They , will be struck on to the highest bidder. l.iHUL.t. tUli JiUILHIMi, 4r. THE proprietors c f the touthcin marble qua ries, near King's - Bridge, give no lice, that they have on haud, and ar receiving, at the h'mg'i - Lridge Marble end Ltmr - iurd, foot of . Beach - street, on the Hudson river, au extensive - lock of marble lor building,.ol the tallowing d iciiptions, vis : Ahlar Coping Watertablc Ftc ps Platforms hills, LiiiteU Art hos Foundation Stona Chimney - Pieces Facings . Coliuuu Alio I.ime of the bcf quality. ! A con - taut supply of the above material. may be calculated upon; and thnre dcriroo ff purchasing, or making cngai mrnls, will srriy,. to UKA LULIIAMV, Feb 11 At tha Yard. .vo.Ei uo Loan. ff ""DOLLARStoloan, in sums to O I.UUU suit applicants, on bond wi'.li mortgage uioa approved propel ty. ALbO, 40,000 dollars on approved paper, guaranteed by bank stock. I n jairr of v.... . . . . ...... m.m ..... . . , Wfll. WIL.l.lAili, lai w ntcr - sueei. Where application mar le Generally made through the year, and mottgages disposed ol. Je wt ti . TO EUAN. A l nnn DOLLARS lo loan on J, J J X.' bond and mortgage wpoo property in the city ol New - York. Apply to i. v. iiUur.Ai, Jy 28 138 Watea - st. COUNLLlUb llOUEKT, A1TORNF.Y, COUNSELLOR AT LA IF, AND NOTAhX COMMISSIONER, authorised to take Affidavit and Srsrial Bail in any Court of HeitH d of thM k tats, tha proof and acknow ledge - Oient of DceiU, and disrhaigos of Mortgages - isjmih, BjaUl Bail and the'drHwition of witnesses deenefr, in the District artu cir - coit Courts of Ihs United flates, continue hi. offico at No. 1 Cedar - street. jy 22 1m JXJ jIIjAUAMA MKHCHANTS. PETERS it BTEBBINS, CoMissiofr Mkrchavts, BLAKr.iAY, Mobile - Bny. HAVE extensive store hemes and receive and forward goods, cotton, ere. tree of cartage ami wharlege. Vesiel. and barge. lay along side of thtir .tore.. Shippers will please apply to CALVIN g PEA R.Boston. PE TERSA; HEKRILK, yorir. EMLEN k HOWELL, Pliiladelphia. Jy J5 tf IN COMMON COUNCIL, July 27,. 1818 . i Resolved. That the present weielioiasters who have reported Ihemselve. agreeable la the re so - lution ol the Doaru oi uie i. - nn ui ni , i"o - tinue to act under tlu ir several commissions, until the first day oi September next By order ol the common council. ' - J. MORTON, Clerk. The printers employed by tbe board will please insert the above one week. J 30 lw 0J - JAMEJ 1). 8 IOUT, Engraver and teal Cutter, removed to 90 Liberty - strew, near Grcrnwich - street. Jy 8 3m For England, isVi Uelijux, N. S. (KT LETTEKS (or His Britannic Msjesly's Pscket Queensberry, will be received at the Post Office till Wednesday afternoon, tbe 5th day of August. . . j XI i. v. nuTV - .! - , (TT WanU - d, a 2d othcer for a ship to in. dia. Apply lo J - ' BOt.ERT, Esq. lj z.1 No. 138 Water - street. MECHANICS' BAiNK. rrT" The Stockholders arc informed that a dividend of four per cent, oat of the profits for the last six moo ins, win oe paiu on uie in i auuh next. . . . By order of tbe President aod Directors.. J 27 Im W. FISH, Cashier. BOARDlMi. EIGHT or tn gentltnirn, who are dcirou. of obtaining board in a pleasant and retired past of tbe city, can i ao - ommodated in a private family, at No 49 Cliff street. The improvements which hsvelsUly been made io this street and ilsretired situation, it ispressmcd .vil, render it a desinble retreat from tbe boik; ami bns - tle of business. Bl": 10t A BaHUAHX FOR LUMBER tPEt'ULATORS. WANTED lo exchange. Mr a farm, on the borders of Uie Hudson or Et Revets, within 20 miles ranse of the City ol New .York, 44M acres prune out lands, U4jl f wLirttare contlgnoos and siluale l ia tlie town of Ct.atfw.rn, in the state ol Aew - ll.impbire. Chaihenslie ; in iati line sdioioins Fryehere, in the dis trict of Maine, where tliere js m academy ol the first standtop. '1'bese MS I acre are neatly ail the good 'and remaining anettled in tbe town, and pr inurally covered witn the 'at of timber : tht y are laid in kits of I0U and 200 a - cres: taco overruns tnrouga nutnww, sun afford, a direct apd cheap opportunity of cowvey. iug the timber la a very profitable market. Tbe miie nre remarks My good. , . l h remaindi r acres are. situs. leo ic tr town of E'sworlh and Orange, (also in tbe state of New Hampihire) and ate susceptible of mail a v.... r - tku t .. n : b m ,.1 tha, iiij; ia !( taiiuv. turn tumviK . v v. . leail II 'averill to Concord rsna war nod throne. . re of tlie raM in Dswortn. Forit ' jrxrti ifhn enni ta , No. 285vtU .trcct, New - York. iw !m Cawlra ,, aus . . .. ... . ... td - . V - 3 7 SUBSCRIBERS t Tansr, VaUsasr, tcearw ney SO. aew ArZ d ed thai tbe first .JfiSjffiJ&Si i. now ready fordeiiverwgat Trfor - N 111 Watcr - straet, . . - i?J"'

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