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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, August 5, 1818
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fiKtr.rORK ZVUtUKi POST. WEDNESDAY, AUGUST xrrure patronage.. VYe pwllcnlariy in - yitt tht attention of our reader to an abla and iotetcsting nrliclt which will bo Ibaod io thi tytoing paper, ev;id from the Ji'alumal - ttUirauxt. It It upon a tubjoct of deep mer est tout all; nd one which ha for vral years attracted the attention, and excited the eriotts apprehensions of the real friend f the roverument, via : The alarming inert of ex tevirt foverandpnlrtmait, and Ike consequent increase of natiotiai tipendstur. ; The article in questiod the second of a strict of numbers, the first of which M publish - , d In January last. It is unquestionably from tbo pen of a Barter and the greatest wooder is. how Mr. CU dared to publtth it at all; sine it k wen known that a posverful attempt wat mad lat winter at Washington, to increase till farther the patronage of the eiecotive, and which would hare succeeded, had it not been J foe tbe decision and wwy of the New - York delegation, who for one consented to act to;s - tbtr. ilr. Galea, however, evince a delemu - j 'nation ool to U At fh(t by the caution with ' wtich U ha acted, tnt,. in delaying the pah. I licalioc of tin tnuabtr, for six months, aadonlil the cabinet hare left Wadiisgton eo trimmer iuwmoa ; and .tcondiy, by taking off the wire edge with the eofteaing aaprwwon "we do mt ntmmSlhtwritMcbuiimt.1 .The ' tru h we have understood it, that the lottUigea - C ter would gladly havt suppressed the publication of a corrcspondeoca neceiarily o unpala - ' table at Waihington, did it not come from eo high a source as to render a refusal to publish, daa - gerous. ' . Tht fact - That If & ptmmnenl expense ' th federal government, in th presidency f Iftukinetm, mmevnled to Its man jour mu lions, md that now they $tnount to twtnfy milUons , auwswaJfr,'1 though it hu been ttated time al - , twost without number Hi federal paper, win ue - tire additional weight, and Attract more atten - lion, from tho channel through which it now ; come before the public. And if this, together . with the remark generally of tho writer, a poo the management pf our finances, (hall tend to awaken a epirit of inquiry upon this point, an Important end will bo obtained. While we are pleated with the compliment whkh the following confession bestow upon the founder of our system of finance, we cannot at the same lime but admire it candor. After speaking of th management of tho treasury dt - i partment, the writer ayi : for my part, I believe that the man who should bring back the treasury to its original chastity, (I mean no personal reflections on any oe, would render the highest benefit to the na - office they could bestow, and lay a solid foundation forth happiooe of posterity." , sw. k. init.ljMl a few mure remark upon tne . w BubUcatiooander consiaoration, parkularly np - w.i mt rl it ahlrh rtJktei to tU UlVIStOQ Ol nwm aw wm ,m wwimm ' sTVom Ae Aessnal InttUigtnetr, Jvlg U. Tlmt power, Iwt pmmsid, eonmpts the fan tan mind, and skIocU from it doty to God ami its oMigaison in man, t a certain as any quality of mind, or any property of matter. No restriction which wisdom coo'.d devise, no lunttattoas which naltonal will could impose, were thought, by the framenof the American conetitutioo, na unnecessary security airaiast a propensity to unavoidable, and tha stratagems to which it might resort. uectun was superadded to a variety of prescribed rule for eontrol - Ing power but even that wa distrusted in tht instance af state governors, ami an entire relin - qeithmeot of power constdered as the only safe remedy for this perilous propensity. To Ibis doctrine the sag Washington and enlightened Jefferson subscribed, by a voluntary retirement from the highest office l thus concurring in supplying, by their examples, an amendment of a . visible dtfect in the federal constitution. These . turn woald not venture to encounter, except for a Itniuea time. Use corrnpuoe iufluence or pow or t their verdict correspond with the exneii uto of ages'! and a union of integrity and wisdom pronounces, that it is a malaJy which will creep into the body politic, if disregarded, and become fatal, if not cured, flow much more powerful is a party than a president f . No writ - tru rule prescribe its dutios - or limit its Dowers, No jurisdiction can reach its crimes, or subject it to punbhmeoL Though propelled by fiower from wrong to wrong, it soars above ira. cach - inent, and is inspired with confidence by the sympathy of feUowrhip, and the division of censure. If a man invested with great power is so oangcrous io liuerty, tnongts ueu to justice by records, and tnreatencd for offences by punishment, cm any party, ia tha exercise of ereater. uneubjecud to written restraints, nnawed by the tairors of prosecution, aud even feebly seusible ol public opinion, be an object of U.s apprehro - (ioo, thau this s cg'.e mao, too often its o wo creature, atid sa instrument of its deipotism ? If not, cah the doctrlue be sound, which dishonors pa - ' triolitm by the mhnomer of virlu loualtu. or re commeo Js to the people a blind coufiUence in party power, so a to destroy the public vizi. . lance, by wliicb alone its abuses and usurpations ran be restarted The rapacity of man for re - si - tinf (he seJuclioni of power seems not capable ci Doming out oeyooa (igni years, oy the opinions 1 bare cited ; aud a strikiug coiocidenco with the same term seems also to hunt the chastity ol partic. it Wii about (n tortmaahou of that pwiou, ww a party, caiun itseir ttaemL wa accused of nolatiogtti selfw:lwNddeDntuinatirin, by workio; twards rotsitlidaKon and morurc - hv and a similar cycle, after the acqqirrmrnt of powr, ai brun jiit tn - th a ' party ning a niore popular name, more rtiin a conrnrmnre in mwsurcs, v hkh it is the burints ol the following numbers to prove are deeply laden with the cime CMro. My will ht diirgv deduced from the two f il Wing plain na squestkonible facts : - 7Aa tlt tr,.H, petMmnntl trpencrt aflht federal gorernnnt, , ,he frtvj, of Wa.hxn&tn, amiutlrt i Ust rww mill,em, hi4 Ouil st'Hr l.,rjmvain. (o tvtnty m - Hioiu annuall,,. Within the rime rcrio.t, .he expem'Hore Uie t - tes 7'" B"" ucreu, Bart theuividnd. of uwiMiij irw - rva oy law enormous. At tach ijorh the interest of the pnbl deM ir.clad!, , aa - t l!e limniUon of that interest bv deferred r iu., i.iy ;r. .u - iuiii pm,i unnnt; the time of . J - ace, aua us reat surpiu or revesue sine tli rv, loft out of the connotation, a. .. gri debt h) bees inrnrred by the eiejht year, ret. - ?tio.nry war, a it had two coo 4 It ml,! v , iocreaFl by loAn msJe in Holland, to set the pr,n Wt - raJ - 'ivrnoiefit, or the barifc 1 1 he Vnilci State, io motisjf ae most U Ui - ell debt had tee) Cxbargoo! ftv'omt.l W ar; u that wae a bort : as w re - 1017, by Mr. Dallas's official report, aceedea forty - two millions ; and a at sum hare been raised, beyond the permanent expense of the general roveromtot the two epoche ur object of comparison, and exhibit c4id field for argument " ... If the obstacle to mTeetigation, deprecated in the first oT thoae numberj, should not al op intellect, and indurate aeneatiou, tho deducUons fram source eo obrioua. Will obtain attenUoo from mind m March of national happiness or insDired with ceooine patriotism. Excluding from only two words the notion of a cabalisUcal nd anv effect like the tooth of a mar tyr, or the taliemaa of an African, the process of reasoning will oe ctear, ana rasncuw If federalism means union, and rtpvblUanitm nwhl tn the Bronte to vretervt faxt and afttt gmtmment, I despair not of an audience from a nation woe are " au Kjerausi ana u ivuuu - Mm!" far thea the recondiU cbarmt of these expressions will constitute the truest friends and most potent auxiliaries u wnai sou muvw.. But if one of theee words tboold be construed in mean consolidate and mooarchr. and the o - Iher nalroaaee. nroiects. ODoressire taxation and aristocracy, I protest against the influence of either, and naounce allegiance to both. " Pappose that our form of government had o - Doned the doors of our lerisUtore to placemen and pensioner ; and that in the short space of thirty - Are years, tne euaumg army nau oeeo increased tea fold, the taxes fire fold, lucrative charter and exclutirt privilege invented and multiplied enormously ! Uta pretext or eucour - agingmaaufactures used to draw from the people an enormous ,am of money annually ; patronage cootinoally extended, and the public money in tne national treasury iom. sini tforpose, also, that our three or four thousand legislator could personally share in the wealth drawn from the people from a muliHode of con trivance j divide it among tneir relation; or employ it for the purpoae of purchasing parti - tan and securing powers what honest maa could have been blind to the progreasof corrap - Uoa, and msensibl to tho ejects of prodigality f What drgrea of iguoraac coald have been unequal to the detection af the pretext of knavery, or the subterfuge of avarice and ambition i What portion of patriotism could nave denied the aecetsitv of Ueachinr such lecwmtnraa by constitutional amendment, or the menstrua of election ? Will toe source from which effect flow alter their nature, or prevent their malignity, after they have operated f What would be the difference to a nation, between the same abuse proceeding from a legislature - of placemen and pensioners, and from on into which these scourge of human happiness an J pioneers of free forms of government are forbidden to enter Would such a nation in one case act wisely by embracing abuse with ardor, and as wisely in the other by rejecting tho earn abuses with tadignalioo ? Tha climax in both is abort and certain. Heavy taxation, aristocracy, mo narchy ! Tho nrst amasses weaitn, weaiw a - masses power, wealth and power amassed overturn our system for dividing them, and instil fear of losing them ; and these fear aaturally look toward monarchy for defence. Suppose this imaginary legislature had been divided into two parties, called federal and republican ; would not a course of measures, terminating in a wonderful, not to say atrocious increase of expense and patronage, have exactly defined the extent of the confiUence due to a government oi polit ical parties, m preference to wakeful vigilance and national tntellirence ! From amonr the causes which have produced a comparison betweon the former and preseut state or our coujtrv. so umavoranie ui some re - svects to tt,e latter, 1 proceed to tetect a few, a tliirtlt contiibutme to a result to oppressive up on the preerai generation, anu iiowbiuj uu noitriity beiuuing with the Tteasory of tha United Stairs. It is ncknoKTE'irediaLlhe - Piinn'' cieCtiicfi!i speohitc, are not lee storant, nvan an oocarc touseteiuai, ol tne interior move - meet of tho treasury. That body has lever effectively enquired into tht (xpenditam of public "w.'i sn oegicuuogot site government so lliia (tar. Tha trtasarr is. and tu alwuve hmem. msuagbd ia itrict accordance with it British model, la both countries, the aecretary of the treatary, not in tluory, bat ianet, fixe by estimate the amouat of Uxation, leaving to the res - perlive It gi Uteres only the ministerial office of finding waya and mean to get tht money ; and lU eapenditnre,nhen collected, devolve urtoe executive power. Whilst we art entertained by the newspaper with sundry just, witty, and severs cea.ureeoa the enormity of the British sys ica our mm. anner cover oi ibis vociieration ol " stop thief," is fleetly trending in it step, and rapidly advancing toward the tame goal. Tbe tecurit) lor economy is thus dpositd ia the transfer of practical power, to tbe executive and patronage corps, of dictating estimate and regulaliog eipeoditurr ; and the voluminous pages ol flit former, with the enormous growth of the latter, yearly dis. lose the love of power and mooey lurking in both. This system, ren dered so profound ,y intricate at to be unfathomable by the people, and esen bv their rente ten tative, retembW no impenetrable thicket, out of which iMues band of robber a Don the neigh boring country. Ought those who suffer their uepreuauoat, to conclude, that thi thicket con tains none, because they cannot discover the diidu path which lead to their haunts, nor un ravel the concert br which tbe bootv is divided or ought fhsy to believe, that those who are dai ly augmenting their burdens, art upright men and holv patriots, because thev rn nroftita in flattery, and generou In protesUlions Troth can never be found by sifting in the dust of pro - ,icvi aim pruicunns ; nor Dy niseniangiing tne perpleiitie of a financier. . Who unravels the web of a spider, be fore he concludes that it con tains the reptile, nrsupinely suffer it to multiply it progeny, though be cm it in actual iucuba - tionf Alexandrr could cut the Uordian knot wliirh hr could not untie, aud although a nation cannot dive into the secrets of a treasurv. the love of IrtK - rty ooi;ht to be a stronger motive, than a love of ronunest, to remove, by a mag - aanimr'os exertion of auud, an obstacle to li oerry - s preservation. 1'hei e are two kind of finances. One soec'ie it the scourge of Europe, the iuslrumtut ot despots, and the malady of free governments. It nourishes kings, aristocracies, stock - jobbing, patronage, and contracts, by getting the most it can from the people. ; The other njorhhw nations, and distribute the grtateit mas of human happiness, by making tht smallest possible deduc - lirus from ths mtan by which it is procurod - The direction of eulosr between these competi tors, h a faithful index, pointing to their distiuc - tire characters. Whenever it anolauds the dis covery of now mode of inrreasing revenue, and new anibce lor ueceirrir people, it demon strate the existence of a body of meo, who render prait, ixcamt thr art pmd for i(. Flattersr. too cofUy lo be wasted in uVnation, and too va - luabla to bo tokl at a low price, seeks for a gaod market, and require a high compensation for its bitter eornpinrtion. It swells with the title ol oppression, and the nntseof its wave foretels. an approacbios inundation. It may be compared, tso, to a soldier who onlisU only under the ban ner or srroe warn or mailed snh raid and hatter - iog with the aitillery of corruption. Those who are only enabled, by the other (pedes offio - sa - ce - , to keep their own, ilisdain a recom pence coniaioiog a humiliating proof of dependence, or aiacuacKoowieugment orrraoa, whilst knave or beygar pay for fraudulent patnoagr, or gra - I'uiou, oeneiacbons, with adulation and prayers. cirrt oy lienor - ing tbe trietvWup oi the Pple, 1 tf HutofaU those who wish to thrive upon thew impovcsvhiasar, and be has at title to flrittery, nectar h. dinins Io pav the prire at which oolv it can be uoicImmxI. r,m. it.. tcmputin, which create a peai financier, an i fau ryt "PIe the rewtrds which ought to uraw.jaone. - For my rort, 1 beUeve t&sttntmaa wlmahtaUl Vrnrg Uft the trmsury to its original haUiy, (t mean na oW ft - fleclioosoaanyone,) wonW ttnder tin higne benefit to tbe nation, omasa tnssr rem gr"i"", nvht the best oSice Xhoj could bestow, and lay solid featidatian for tht hauDtoessef penUrity. But. though the people can neither dive into the nf tha treasury, nor unravtl tha web af a spider, they can count and feel - Ignorance itself can discover the difference between a mountain and a hillock between four noiV linna nt IS Hil, EvsMI the Detieflt OX M ! tibleof a fivrlold burden. Thia faculty of eounUns and feelinr in the people, roast at way tecure their condition from becoming liopeles because the remedy; is in their hand. Who, when he sees a city, stops io mtawco whether it wat constructed of materials or oat, before he conclude that it xist. So when we tt and feel an enormous increase of expenditure and taxation, .it is equally absurd to doubt, whe - ihsie lhs nrernrsor of oDrresMOO and tyranny hart been renewed, during an interval afflicted with let war than usually tails to tbe lot ol nations, witliout their customary material, avarice and ambition. A detail of item by which the tremendou result hat been effected, would be as ridiculous a an analysis of each brscK, stone, and Umber, ol wntcu Use city wa constructed. Yet a few cae will serve the pur - mis of illustration. The protect of dividins the United States into military d stricts in lima of peace, ha given birth to a new specie of provincial rovernor. called neither satraps, man darins, proconsuls, nor bashaws, each endowed wilb a salarv tar exceeuinz inai oi a leriumaic state rovtrnor: rreatar than that ot tne cniei justice of tht U. butes, and amounung, ra us whole, to a larger suu man was given to au tn additional judge appointed at the ciost ot air. Adam administration an act which was treat ed (very properly, in my estimation) a an un necessary aifchfirtn to tne public Duruen, ana as a project for nxttndior power by patronage - - l oose Judges, However, aid somtuung lor usu al! salaries, but Inetc, aitnougn to mucn lar ger, approacb nearly to tbe coa racier oi sine cures, xsot tnat I mean to mnnoatt use siigmesi neglect on tht part of these governors, of any dure which, in virtu of tht (aid appointment; thev mav have to perform : neither am I dispo sed, in the smallest degree, to detract from their merited popularity as military men. Ut tuco an enormous partiality for tbe military over the civil nower : such a tranrrcssion UDOQ state mo deration, whose governor unite bout characters ; snch an attempt to overshadow then, by martial splendor, seems to disclose, not only party pa tronage, and a want or public money, but alto (to borrow tht word of a departed patriot) an awful squinting" toward that, in which party prtvu option, upon popular favor, too oiien terminate. . .. It is far from my intention to censure, or to euloriu either parties or individual, in contend ing for principle, or in espousing the interest of the public ; but, it in maintenance oi tne former, or the support ot the latter, should elicit remark that appear to have that aim, every such covert design is here, once for all, disclaimed. To give and to receive the public money, is too pleasant to be renounced, and too natural in itself to merit reproach. Those who dispense good offices and good diuners, will accept tha oblations they purchase, as paid to their own worth ; and those who receive them, will allow, to long as they lasty tbe best qualities to the tears! men. The ridicule and blame fall upon those who feed the vanity of patrons, and the bodies of parasites, by subtractions irom tneir own dinners and purses, without participating in the pleasure of ot - teulauon, or being made glad oy vnt intoxication of Cattery. The public i more than an ace sary to it own oppression, warn tuuicled Dy laws which it can repeal, and by servants wnom it can control. But subterfuges from truth, and reasons for self rum. art tcauerrd by artifice no on the fat soil of prejudice, or tha bnrrsn one of habit i and too often produce the frnit of nation Ilia nations art nside by politieal doctor atsgorge principle nod swallow the quackeries 01 avarice, anu amoiuon. , under the glory of the hut war, prodigality it smuggled in apon us, and the raMciotnnea of merit has become inaatlnbU. The brightest gem which adorn the honours of tne revolutionary war was the happiness they bestowed npon their country. hall we wither the laurel of confirming tbe independence to eal lantly won, by crawling blindfold at the heels of prodigality, and swallowing the suffocating dust of it insidious professions those oaths bl Jesuits to deceive the credulous, and traps of ambition to catch the unwary Less than four millions annually mtufied the whole mass of merit, civil. military and venal, produced by the eight years revolutionary war. Can the national gratitude oe new lau ly taxed at above tweuty millious f Traffic in human flesh. . Thisdi'grac'efui traf fic, il seems, is carried on in the southern states upon a most extensive scale, in defiance bf all law, decency and religion. A late New - Orleans paper now before me, contains the names of no less than eight vessels from the Atlantic states, which have entered that port withio a short time, with three hundred and seventera slaves. Now and then a seizure is made, and the slaves are sold for the benefit of th United States. But let me ask, how does this better tlicir condition They are slaves still ; and it Is an even chance that they fall into the bands of a more cruel task - master than the one who first tore tbem from their frieu Js and families, and landed them oa our shores. One hundred and thirty - nine of these poor ill - fated human being:, some sick and some well, are advertised for sale to the highest bidder, in one lot. Read the followin; description of them, and lhauk the Almighty that he did not make the colour of your skin black. .1 FRlCAJf JfEGROKS FOIi SALE. WILL be exposed foreale, for cah, at the UieriiP otlice, on Mooday the the 20! 11 ol July, at eleven o'clock in the mornios. 13? A jfroes lo wit, 27 men, 46 boys, 43 women and 2 infants, and II girls, fifteen of it htm are sick. delivered to me Dy a. sjhew, E. Lorrain and W tmerson, Esqs. sgreeaMy to the act - entitled M an act respecting; (lave imported into this state in violation 01 tut actor the t - ougrrM of the United States, approved on the 84 M arch. 1 367." and adjudged by the district court of the L uited States for tot Lotirasuia district, to have keen il legally imported in the brig Josefc ?.J. - Un. IV. Jiorjaji, SlfT J New - Orleans, Joly 10. From th f'eio - Or!raHi Qinnicle July 14. The lUte market appears to be very brik constant demand and high prices notwithstand ing tne arrival lately or 21 in the brig Mary - Ann, 39 it tht sloop Thorn, 67 in tht ship Virgin, 19 in the schooner Sea, I" in the schooner Fame, from Hie slate. 34 in the brig Venus, 3U in the brig Franklin, 37 in tha schooner Hum - mirjr - bird, 159 in the brir Jo - epha JJ, from' Africa. We are, however, much indebted to the enterprising and successful exertions of Mr. Charles Morgan, for the wpiocuoes of tbe present supply, which, with ihe&iJ of three or four hundred thai have been seised by geoeral Jarktea's officers at Mobile, will probably suffice lor the next croT,. Jersey negroes appear to be peculiarly adapt. ,4tot!A.f1t mark of Judge vanwscaie, that tby eoor 1 Ine nest opponumij 7 - fiefs. we pave in w porUiians to futnre, from the success which nas hithsrto attend! the trade. a . We art lr.for.ned that between the backs aoo (hi place, the ship Commodore Kodger rrom ' VTirf. . ii h Patriot Drsvateer. riewsoi, wu - t - . tbott the ia of a ship loog - boat - they demanded several things from the ship, which were re - them bw a barrel of noik, 00 condition of their ..ul a tl lusssrf ia IIUI r HTnisVlsV CUIIKIIiCU w two paying for it, which tney Old - 1 ney ssreu ,c - ry unwilling to depart, but eewg that the Com - nui..n s si U manned a thtra - selves, they reluctantly left tne suip sou u ;i Av. .1 them amba enelisb. and tcarcely rmiM ha understood they were vry poorly fit ted out, and wished Tory mucn tor tome pr iran the name 01 toe eeseu was uoi siwnur ed. She enquired very paruciuany tuier cpu The above is communicated by an oracer uu .... A. hoard the Commodore tiodger. Diteriminating Dului.Jht President, ba issued; hi proclamation, bearing date the 1st m stent, announcing that satisfactory proof has been received from the Burgomasters and Sena tor ot ui r re anu nauseam; 1.117 m inmum,, that from and after the 13th day af November, 1815, all discriminating and countervailing du tie of tbe said city, so far a they operated to the disadvantage of tht United State, have been aboliihed. In consequence of thi 10, formation, and pursuant to an act of Congrew of March, 1815, tbe president declares, that to much of the several act imposiog duties on the tonnage of ship aud vessels, and on goods, wares, and mr chaudiae, imported into the United State, as un posed a discriminating duty of tonnage between vessels of the Free and Hanmauc city of Ham burg and vessel of the United States, and be tween goods imported into tht United State in vessel ol Hamburg and vessels of tbe United States, are repealed, to far as tht same respect the produce or manufacture of the taid Free Hanaeatic city of Hamburg. Xr. Colt man I am in the habit of raking daily more or less money from bakers, grocers, &c, and three dollars out of four is in country bills, which our banks will not receive. Would it not be to the interest of th city banks generally to receive in deposit the bills of the several banks of this state in doing so, it would be tbe mean of circulating their own notes, and those of the country banks will soon return from whence they were issued f Now they have tha decided ad - vantace While their note are going tne rounds, thecity notes are kept back, and hardly one of them makes their appearance in tne country. , n F. Theinggestienof our correspondent is, in our opinion, entitled to the consideration of tbe city bank. It is a fact, a ht states, that tha only paper in circulation in the country, is that of vnmlry bardu i while scarcely a dollar in paper of the city ol New - York, is to be found. . The bank ia Albany, until within a few weeks, have pursued the same course with those of New York, as it respects country paper. They are, however, now receiving the notes of every bank in the state. r Letters from Jamaica of a lat date, received at Charleston, state that the Admiralty bad reeled that no British ships of war should iu fu From (he Corretfonirnl of the Chortcslon CarJ uatette. KINGSTON, Mam.) July 7. 1818, With th' - s you will receive my communication of the SJ iat. giving you a succinct sketch of wnat is passingon the bouth American continent of Venezuela sinct which, a vessel has arrived from Cuiracoa, and in addition to the information comprised in my antecedent, will give yon iu substance that communicated by rot in a letter from Curracoa, dated the 27th June. On the Sd of May, there was a bloody action fought in the vicinity of tbe town of Cogede, 1 1 league distant from t. Carios, the latter place being two drty's march from Valencia, between Lien. La Torre and lien, faez, which, accord ing to the dispatch of La Torre, (the royalist chief on that occasion) was very advantageous for the king's arms; but Morillo, (if alive, states in his official communication, dated at Va lencia, and for warded toCaraccas, that he has to lament the wounds of brigadier La Torre, as well as the death (killd 10 said action) of V ilia. the former governor of Marac.iyho, with 3 or 4 otner othcers or rank ; and the wounds received by 3 more of his officers and that Paez, the in dependent genera!, was wounded by a musket ball in his abdomen, which Ia Torre makes no mention of in hi bulletin of the very same com bat At any rate, Morillo hns not dureJ to make public the details of that action, (as con tained in the despatch of La Torre, which is widely different from that inserted in the Gazette of Carraccas) and consequently the Sp.uiiards must have suffered a severe loss many othcers and soldiers of the royalist army having fallen Victims to the patriots invincible phalanxes. In another despatch from Hen. Morale to Gen. Morillo, he informs the latter of havinc occupied Clahozoon the 11th of May. with out firing a single musket, the Patriots having evacuated it previously 1 notwithstanding', I haverece ved letters from St. Thomas, as late ss the 27th nf May, stating that a vessel had just arrived from Guayana, bringing very flattering newt to the cause of the Independents. On PtiniUy, the 21st inst a scbr. arrived here from Porto Cabello, belonging to a Spaniard of ill is place. Letters by Uie tame to the owner and others, announce Uiat Morales had retreated to Ortiz, because Bolivar, who had been at St Fernando tie Apiire, had marched upon him in union with Generals Paez, Cedent, Monagat and Zaraza, is well as the other Patriot Chiefs that the forces of the Patriots are far superior to the Royalists ; and that they (the Independents) had immediately taken possession of C .labezo ; that Morale had earnestly entreated General Morillo to aid him with troop 1 the latter proceeded insUntly from Suizo and Valencia to Porto Cabell's, where it is asserted Out his wound became worse and worse every day. Shortly afier thearr.ralof theafore mention - ed vessel, it was siiJ, ' that there had been a Moody action fbuirht, hut that it was not known Ly whom guined" which is Uie same 91 to say, that they were completely defeated by the Patriots. Ilr others it it confirmed, that Moral has retreated to Valencia, and that the Republi can armv nas entered Uie ill de t;u - a. and perhaps by this time is in possession of all the t allies of Arasnia. Would to God it were so ! for Morillo finds himself harjiy pressed as his career has drawn to a close in short, all is over ill him. and the v.le ciusj he bots to defend. The forriroin? is the most authentic new that has been communicated ns from the adja cent continent of Venezuela, and I presume to prognosticate that ere the present moment the itcpuoitcan banners Boat trwmp'iant in the resffnificent city of Ca - acts. Eatrsot of letter dated St. (Sidrsvine. Joty 19. - - One of the most destruttive ram that ever visited UiU eoeniry, fell ia the outbern part ts Belmont eoanty.nn Friday evening the "tow Tbe rain fell in torrents for about foe; a00" JJ. Hshaa's creek, Pine ereek, and Cawtene, were sworn beyond all former aeowledge. .mm an th trim srronnd were In tnaar k" - "" wholly destroyed, nod several home ad " went awty. Dili int most mwenouwj . r . . . . . . . . . 1. . - r. ana . l. ih.i.i. inn. m iiw. ww four ehUdreo Mr. HarteWy lived near the ereek kbout five miles from St. Claimille. Hnoue WM WIIUWHHUWI V - , . la eninr and suddenly unset. . Himseu, J n h.j.m .ui h. ik..utuuisirsn vi. - wife, end tour small enuaren, an pers - u. body of Mr. Hsrtesty was tboed buried in sand Knnttwa miles belnw hi a eon field Mrs Hart - - . JP - - . . A l'k. estv and two of the ehiidren were found about a mile dowa tne ereek tne sceona sno 7u"e - child hart not yet been foond. The four bodies were interred in one grave on Buauay usi, n .ll - tiH.i1 n lhaie hnniaofclsv by avast eonenuret of people shorn thi affeeting teeae of desolation bsd brought together. 1 lie nouse w iluhnl intantlv to Dieees and earned n f two sticks of the timber thst eemposedit, were fnMlnA tAa - etlier. JUr. and Mrs. Hartesty were young peoplejust setting out in life, and were mueh res.eoted for their rood ilisoosiiiorJs . and industrious htbitt ; and this awful esuslroybe took place within about forty rods ol tbe lather and mother resioence of Mr. Hartesty. Wh have not beard thst any other live were lost. From die Savannah Republican, July 35, The British schV Friendship, cant. Wiley, 14 days Irom Jamaira, bound to Charleston, touch' ed off our bar on Thursday last, and sent np Sixty - one Thousand specie dollars, for Messrs Scarborough H JYTKuine, merchants 01 tins city, 1'he Fricnd - bip was boarded on the 15tb tost. in the Crooked Island Passage, by the Veneiue - lean brijr of war San Martin, capt. Stafford, on a cruize, and treated politely. The San Martin had n prize brig in company. 1 be day Delore capt. W. sailed, accounts were received at Jamaica that Bolivar had had an engagement with the Royal forces aud that tne ratriots experienced a partial defeat. Mail lioct. We learn Irom good authority. that on Thursday last a mad do? made his ap pearance in the lower end of the town, and in hi route destroyed mue chickens, one rat, and one pie, besides bitin; six doss ! The dogs that were bit have been kuled, as well as the biter. The police, we are clad to hear, have issued or ders for the immediate destruction of all dogs found in tbe streets without collars. BOSTON. Aueust 3 Letter from Mobile, in the Alabama ferrito - tv. dated Joly 7, mention that teveral person were sick stBlakeley, of bilious fever. It was healthy at Mobile. ' We have been favoured by Mr. Hooper, with the Mauntus (isle ol t ranee J uaxetteol April ,s 1 It contains no news. A general mourning was ordvred to be worn for two months, on account ot the deuth of tne rnncest Uiariotte. PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 5. Eighty - seven persons were interred in the last week in this city and liberties. Of these 37 were under I year, and 14 under S year old. Twen ty - five children died of the cholera morbus. It rives us pleasure to state (sari the Sayan. na!i Chronicle.) that this city was never more healthy and that the cotton crop begin to wear a bae appearance, otvmg to the seasonable runs dunog the lait lortnigbt. FRU.V OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Daily Advertiser, ) Boston, Auirnst Further of the reported etssian ef the FtofiJo. The following confirmation nf the report of j the Florida cession, received at Salem, by tne brig1 Trader, and forwarded by our obliging con espondent, from the office of the Salem Gazette, is entitled to consideration. While tbe fct rested on the general statement, that liirlhrn,'rJitT.itc!L '"""" ':"n Uoa. UnfoUndcOiiTilTsflm merals, and smth. fa much attention. uchis m Kcocrais, aaa imm m Duikiun. .1 t . , Since it is tuted that CapWHoaneJl derived nis mtormation from a note from the American Consul, the probability of iu correctness is much increased, notwithstanding the fact that 11 nas reacnea us tnrotign no other hand than capt Oonnell, although we have had arrivals from several ports which the intelligence would be likely to have reached, were it true. Havaxa, July 17. Capt. Eonnell.of the sch Mary Ann, of Baltimore, just armed in 43 days Cadiz, says, that he received a note from the American Consul the day he left Cadiz, stating that the Kloridas were ceded to the American Government, by the Spanish Govern - mem. Arrived, brig Mercstor, Parsons, 42 days from St. Ubes. lft, 22d June, sch favourite, Msner, tor f niladeipiiia, 7 days, the only A - merican vessel in port Spoke 25th June, lat 40, long l., bng William At Charles, Shep herd, 40 days rrom Gallipoli for tit Petersburg, all well informed that barque Patriot, r rj c, muoii uvs prnuui ror ou r Ctcrtotirg. July 5th, lat 41,'Iong 31, brijr Amazon, of Phi laiietplua, i5 days from New.Urleana for Pal - mouth and a market 13th, lat 43, long 44J, brig Concord, of Philadelphia, 2 day from Charleston for Belfast, Ireland. S5Ui, lat 42, long 65, brig Brutus, Blunt, 52 days from Liverpool for Portsmouth supplied her with some small stores and medicine, the captain having been sick the whole passage, and (till remained to. Sch Simington, Bourne, 3 dav from New - York. - Salw, August 2 Arrived at Quarantine, the oHk Trader, Brooks, 15 dsvs from Havana Left at Havana, July 17th, ship Hero, Cole, of oosion, 10 sail neunsy nrjgt Hare, dicker - soft, do in 2 days ; Sarah Maria, Cole, do just arrived 1 Charles and Kit en, Upton, for Cystine, in 12 dayt Neptune, Norris. for New port, in 19 days ; ship Merrimack, Jackson, for r.urope, in ; Drip sauy Ann, Hill, Boston, for Hamburg ; Palafoz, Maxwell, for Bath, in 12 days, sell A Idcbircn, Clark, Boston, discharging; brig Caroline Augusta, Wells, Boston, fur Europe In 8 days. July 29ib. lat. 39. 35, long 68 50, spoke brig Planter, S davt from New - York far Oporto. . MARRIED, At Claverack, ontiuaday evening last, bf the Revd. Mr. Gebhard, Mr. SiuphMi Uonu, (of the house of Gunn ft campion, Hudson) to Miss Gertrude Van Nt - ss, daughter ot William Van Vess, F.sej. of the fort er place. At Tbea catch - lrr near fort MitchtlI,(Creck .Nation) on f!ie 14' n i .timo. Willium b. Mitch - ell. lq.a;ivtant iuuian agent, to Miss Jcnney, eldL - ti daugLter of IhecelcbratedCreek Warnor. Geoeral William M'latosh. l)iEl, Last night, Mr. Fianeis Raymond, in the32d year of his ac,e. The relations and triendsoftbe Ihniiiy art requested to attend his funeral this afternoon at 6 o'clock, from his late residence vJ Mott - strect. L:nt evening Mrs. Diademia Mains, aged 30 years. The rtlatiios and friends ate requested to attend the funeral tltii afternoon at 6 o'clock, Irom So. 77 liemy - ttreet, wilnont foriber iun tation. Yentenlay, Wm. Bleecker, esq. aged 46 year. The relations and friend of the family, are requested to attend his funeral, this afternoon, fiom his late residence 120 Liberty - street j At Banbury, (Conn ) on the lst inst in the 59th year of her age, Mrs. Amelia Uoytt, wi - dow i.f John Uoyd, jun. esq. deceased, late of Lloyd's Neck. Long - hland . At Philadelphia, on a visit for thehenefit or hi health, Patrick savage, esq. his Britannic Majesty's Consul for the lUte ot Virginia. KrZJflXQ POST JOARlffS LIST. CLCAKXU. Ship plobe, DevoU, - Pott sV M'iiaaLt. ; Havre BrittsL PoU&M'Kicaie. Trinidad E Malibran v. Savannah T C Butler, Jutu - Brig Factor, Corrsn, 1. James, uowdai, Brig Mechanic, Bay, . - Harmony, Forbes, Schr nrilliant. Block, Juchmoad Savannah Undaunted, Van Scfaaics, Scbr race, ooper, ' .... wtrtlndier H. It D. CoUvssl. Boston Lusec Baffalo, Lee, Susannah, Jones. Sloop Rapid, Howe, " Boston Boston Richmond Darien, Geo. Boston Petersburg; Victory, llawley, Lvdia & Jtfary, Dooghrj, Liberty, Horscfield, Sloop Native, Ripley, M'Donougn, Uladdtn, Flar - of - Truce. Smith, iisvana . , ttm. k. tiitcncocK at Co. Antelope, FitchetV .Korfolk' BELOW, 2 brigs. - stRHiyEi) LAST KVE.XlttQ : Britr Pacific, Greely, 3 days from PtiflatleK - phia, With flour, to W F Van Amrlnge, y GaUagner, uoorman s jonnston, ana rure, jun. Jailed in co, with ch PrisciUa, for Portland. , " ' Brir Only - Son, Bolmer, 9 days from New London, In ballast.' Sefli Hera; Travers, 9 day from Rchroond. with Sour ami tooacon, to Boorman ft Johnston, Walsh tc Gallagher, and C Beers. On Friday night, lat 58, Ion 75, (poke a (hip from Liverpool for Baltimore. Bert Usebuck, Hasten, si days trom Passs, maquodily, with blaster and grindstones, to T Jenkins tk. Co. of Hudson. Sch 'Sukey, Bryant, 8 days from Saco, with lumber, to the matter. Sloop Otho, Hill, 10 day from Saco, with lumber. Sloop Packet, from Newbern. Hoop Catharine, Hardim. Idav from Bris tol, R. L with rum, sugar and molasses, to the captain. 1 At Hell Gate, brig Mount Pleasant, Eddy, 3 days from Biistol, R - 1. with molasses, to J D'WoIf.jun. - .' A list of veerels in the, port of New Orleans, July 14, and where bound. Bri Barrilla, Tohb."fnr N. Tork 5 brig Mary, Lent, for Boston ; ship Cora. Rogers, Day, for Liverpool ; nn; uusiaviis, uoie, lor por - deaui ; ship Admittance, M'utathbn; bng Golden Age, St an, fur Havana thin, Missouri. Hart, for Hamburgh : brig Abaellinu, ofl'rovi - drnce, for N. Vork ; British brig John Keii, for Liverpool 1 hrrg Alliaoce, Colter, lor ina.a ; 1 O l t r - P.lli...M. I'rn.n ling enill, I isirr, iu, Ltaiiius'is , uii(,iwiiu - na, Hedg, for Gibraltar ; sloop Gs - n. Ctrroll, ror ja ltn;n and si. stepnens 1 scnr ranre, inr flihraltar : sLio Asia, ftr do ; brie Fe - licsanft,Franklto,foTrwiBdelphia ; brig Cetilin, Liberal, lor Havre s ong r raniiHD, suie sti r Faroe, J - hefrraao, for Ji. York i sloop Com. rst - terson, for N. Tork; schr Unltn, Swame. for N. York or Boton ; chr 8ea, Koawell ; ship Vir gin, Norman, for Amsteidara ; ship Rising 5ut. Cloutman ; ship Kdvrnrd Bardin, Deveretui ; British hng 'Tiends, Uawsoo. for uverpooi ; British ship Monarch. Campbell, - for Greenock; brie Nepos, Sporhiwk, for Cowe and a market; hip Caroline, Setnll, for fhilndeiptna ; Drig Gipsey, Adams ; hri; Amelia, Armstrong, for .i.i,. . .rhe Mara of Mobile, for sale : bri: Or leans, Thotnton, for ?iew York ; British brig Swallow, Phillips 1 brig Hero, Giraadel ; brig nope. Captain Lawrence, for GibraltM; tliip Seafo,rowlcri brig Traveller, Farmer, Cbarlea, Pre'rto, for N York 5 chrs. Brilliant, TuUnck, for Boston Diomede, Gray ; Washington, Sterc'on Mary. Conoyers, for HavmiJi Hritlsh bri Swahow. (Hiillipe. for ICOW I k.: it ... - i .1 1 " - f.M v vm I sea swot lytwiMn, sivin n m f "rqj Traveller, Farrier, from Hamburg (hip Globtv Pain, from N Yorit, for iCanti 1 brig Swift, Herbert, from St Thomas, for Liverpool ship Msrgaret, Benners, for Liverpool; brig Leocadia, Flea, from Carapeachyi ship William, Hunt, from N York ; sch Little tally, from PcnsacoU tch Eliza Ann, Harden, from Charleston sch Little Jack, Davis, front do . brie Dolphin, Lean, from Boston. In til 64 sail. Albxahpbia, July St Arrived, teh Etisa, Weeks, 7 dav s from New - York, Saw a schr a - ground in Nanjemoy Beach, hut nig1 1, snppest to be bonad on. Aug. 1 ah AdeKne, Romney, 39 days frost Gibraltar, and 44 to town. Lett, brigs Aaron, Thompson, lor N. York, 10 slays 1 Colombia, Dye, of Baltimore, in quarantine also V. S. ships Franklin and Peacock. Flour, to a 111. anl little in maiket Philadelphia, Aor. 4 Arrived t the Is - earetto, ship Amiable Matilda, Myers, St Jag 17 nay. Stoop Hope, Miekla. St Johns. P. R. II days. Caps. Miekle left at 8t Joha's, P. It 17lh - Jtly, loh Felieily, Smart, for New - York. I days soh Hope, Tarl ton, Portsmouth, 1 dtyt 1 est Carrier, Myriek, Bostoa, a dy 1 sloop Sums - nah, Moliere, Philadelphia I day Joly 5ts, hit t9. Ion TO, inoke ship ACeridisn. Bndd 1 4TI from Baltimore, for New - Orleans, all wsu. ' (JHAHXESTOS, July 37. Arrived, cbT Friendship, Willcy, 15 dayi from Kingston, Jaisj. Passengers, Miss Brown and servant, cresset. A. O. Simpson, R. Robertson and J. Guflkin. Left, bri Cora, for thi port, just arrived. Oa tha 1 5lh inrt off Heneagna, wa boarded by th Cueoos Ayrean ship General SC. Marti, com. Stafford, with tht Spanish armed brig St Joseph, her prise, in company. ,Tbt St Joseph wat from Havana bound to old paio. '' Sloop Hector, WhiUelsey, 31 day from Hartford, Con. bound lo Savannah, put into tb port for a supply of pro - visions. . - . Tht srhrs Milo. from NYoric, and Klin, free Baltimore, passed one bar on SaXsuJay, bouaa to iSavannah. - SAVANNAH. Joly t5.i - Atrivd, bri Ctof git, Babcock, N York, 3? day. , " British brig Jean, Murphy. N York,3 Bos to is, August 2 Arrived, brigCharle. Me acorn, from Penang and Isle of France, W8 days: Left at Prince of Wales Island, Feb. 38, ship Eliza, Osgood, of and from Salem, ISO iay, had touched oa the West Coast of Sumatra, would tail in a day or two, destination unknown. Ship Atlas, of and front rdd. rived Jan 10J L!0 day passage, and sailed 7tb for. the West Coisf. of Sumatra and Bombay, Left at Port Iionh, ( Mauri tusj April 16, br Jason, of Salem, .from Holland, UA P wrenched "in the March pde, but aid now vj thecpt.(Briggs)to be th best Teasel ing In consequence of the damage doo In the gaw to the shipping, all vessels were permttten w discharge their cargoes. The Jason wm to air - Mr rhe 22d An - iL for snrhe port in Irli - Alto, brig Swifuure, Liniee, ot Borton,tosii in a day or two. Spoke, May 89, 1 lat 36, S. ship Slon, of and fcom New York, ti day out, for Bauvia. The Solon WsJ poken after the gale experienced by the trlr" June S3, lat 3 4 i. S. - lon ?4, Koglisn 'P Georee, 44 dsys from Liverpool for Brtli July 53, lort .57, W. lat 86 S, V. Ch Loring, 8 daVs from N London, for Basatrrr July 23, lat 34 H, Ion 65 25, sch Mary, 9 days from N London, for West JwliesSa time, sch Union, Uarvev, 7 day from Si' for do. - July 29, lat 42,' Ion 66, brig Mercator, from it Cbes, for Boston , Returned The sdir Morning Star, Le which iled hence Uie JTCd ult for the West . . . . m un at l FJm Indies, uu Uie snjth ult lat - o v, sprung aleak, - which increased to 1500 troa" an hour bore away for tbe Erst port .' Liverpool ; scnr rtnuope ; uninunitr, for Baltimore ; brig Hunter, DunCkle, for Ja - Onatre Frerrt. t r -

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