The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 28, 1943 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1943
Page 14
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-,(---^ 14 IHURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 1943 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE GLOBE - GAZETTE SPORTS Boxing Added To Program of County Basketball Tourney HAMPTON--The new emphasis on physical fitness among high school students brought an added attraction on the floor for those attending the Franklin county basketball tournament which got under way Wednesday night. In addition to the boys and girls' basketball games, a boxing tournament is operating. between halves and between games each night through Saturday. Hansell swamped Chapin 44-19 in the only boys' game Wednesday evening. Van Wert dropping 17 points through the hoop for Hansel!. Crabb and Scott each made 6 for Chapin. Straw played a nice floor game for Hansell. Chapin made only 4 points in the last half, the score at the halt being 22-15 for Hansell. In the girls . tournament, Hansell again topped Chapin, the score being 27-11. Hicks sparked the Latimer girls, accounting for enough points herself to beat Al. ejtander. She ringer 19 of the 24 points for JLatimer against a total of 12 for Alexander. In the boxing tourney, Froning, Hampton, took a two round decision from Armstrong, Hansell,'in the 145 pound class. Sherer, Hampton, decisioned Detherage, Alexander, at 120 pounds, also in two rounds. Hampton Cagers Beat Sheffield Five, 26-25 " H A M P T O N -- T h e Hampton cagers took a tough Franklin county conference g a m e from Sheffield here Tuesday night by a one point margin, 2C-25, after trailing much of the game. The largest margin at any time was 4 points. Jack McNeil! led the scoring, garnering 9 points for Hampton while Bob Lutjen picked up 7 for Sheffield. Bender put Hampton into the lead with 3 minutes to play and those 3 minutes developed into a wild ibut scoreless fracas. John Kratz, playing his first game as regular guard for Hampton, went the full route and played an outstanding game. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. Mohawks« Lindblom (Chicago) Friday, Jan. 29th -- Time 7:30 · See the MOHAWKS win their 12th straight GAME · Get your tickets NOW for the GAME on sale at Decker Bros EXTRA! STARTING TOMORROW AT 9:00 A.M. · SUITS TOPCOATS O'COATS FOR SELECT ANY TWO GARMENTS BRING A FRIEND DOUBLE UP SAVE $10 Be Here Early O N F E D E R A L . . . J U S T O F F S T A T E TO COACH P A N T H E R S -Clark D. Shioghnessy (above), exponent of the "T" formation, announced at Baltimore (hat he would become head coach of football at the University of Pittsburgh. SPORTS ROUNDUP By HUGH FULLER-TON NEW YORK, (ff)--The business of covering the New York baseball "beat" starts about 2 p. m. in Eddie Brannick's office and usually winds up several hours later four blocks down 42nd street in the hotel where the writers are rehearsing the show for their din- ner'next month . . . The scribes drift into the Giants' headquarters, make themselves comfortable, toss out routine queries whether there's any news and then discuss anything from baseball to Bizerte . . . In ordinary years there'd be a daily announcement that Joe Sorearm had signed his contract and promised to win 20 games, but this season the Giants is the only club that has mailed out contracts, because of uncertainties about salary regulations . . . They haven't reported any replies, but Brannick doesn't think it's funny when someone asks i£ the Giants is the only club with a holdout problem. * * * Occasionally someone has an idea and · splines a question about the ball dab. and if the discussions aren't too noisy be can hear the answer . . . The two phones on Branntck's desk 6u»i aC intervals and between calls someone uses one to call Brooklyn to see if the Dodgers have any news. They usually don't, reserving their nest tidbits for Branch Rickey's weekly press conferences . . A railroad man who has dropped In for a social call explains that ball clubs should be able to gtt berths for all hands if they buy their tickets far enough in advance. * * * Eventually someone asks "Going across the street?" and the proup departs for the Yankee offices . . . The chairs aren't padded in the square office where drum-beater Jack Slocum holds forth and two big leather settees are beginning to show their age . . j Slocum gives out routine an- 1 nouncements, such as Wednes! day's .news that the batterymcn ' will begin training before the rest i of the squad, but if there's any important information. President Ed Barrow does the thinking for [the club . . . Eventually the crowd winds up in Barrow's sanctum anyway while Ed makes pungent replies to questions . . . * * ¥ Andy Coakley, the veteran Columbia c o a c h , is visiting around and slops (o air some views on training In the north . . . He's been doing it long enough that he ought to know something on the subject . . . ; Andy is opposed to heavy gym j work but be favors running; "or anything, for the legs" and suggests that swinging light Indian*' clubs Is a help to pitchers . . . j "I don't know just how sood that is," ne admits, "but t did it one winter and the nest spring I had a fast ball I never 1 had before." * * * j Eventually this confab breaks up, loo. as the scribes head for their offices to write what news they've collected It takes a lot of time for what yon get . . . But, after all, what's time when there's no news anway? Women's League M. C. T. A. CO. 0 1703 316 !93 Hutchin5on's 3 . £033 2238 Hljh SinKlc--V. To\vlc. 17C: B. Jones 176 High Series--B. Jones 460. D. K. Lundbcrg 3 1731 60 IWi Decker's Icwana 0 1679 lt73 High Sinttlc-rM. Buchlcr HO. High Scries--O. Lull! r,72. Decker's Sp. Gds. 1 2:149 Sweetheart Br. 2 22*5 114 High Single--C. Schmidt, 133. High Strlcs--C. Schmidt. OX. Betsy Ross 3 2175 Standard Oil Co. 0 1720 297 HlghSinRtc--R, Ikenbtry, 158. HlRh Scrtc.^-F. Sinbcrit. 487. HlEh sinslc lor evening--c. Schmidt. High scries for- cvcnlng-G. Schmidt. i 5C5. INDUSTRIAL BOWMNTi I.CAGIJE StAndin^s Jan. '.!« Won Ixisl :ckcr Ilros 34 17 uOtsy Ross 33 Sweetheart Bread 32 Hutchlnpon's Ice Cream .. no I.undbcrg? 21 Decker's lowana is Standard Oil . . la M. C. Tent* Awning .... 17 Sal Bartolo in Lightweight Picture Now By JACK. CUDDY NEW YORK, (U.PJ~Sal Bartolo of Boston came steaming into New York Thursday with a mammoth chip on his shoulder, squired by Manager Lou Schiro, who has developed a Wood pressure of 154. Despite the chip and the pressure, no one in Manhattan would have given either a tumble wore it not for the fact that featherweights now seem to be the big-money boys in boxing. · Perhaps Bartolo and Pilot Schiro are striking while the iron is hot--while 126-pounders have taken command of: the ring--after being forgotten men of pugilism for six long years. Anyway Bartolo, a dark-haired Boston Italian, claims that he can lick any featherweight in the world--and probably any lightweight. * * * Bartolo blew into New York for the' sole purpose of lookine down his somewhat battered nose at Friday night's 10-round battle at ^ladlson Square Garden between WllUe Pep of Hartford, Conn., who is recoe- nlzed in New York as feather. weUht champion, and AHle^ Stolz of Newark, N. J., who craves recognition as the No. 1 lightweight contender. Naturally this brawl is a non-title affair, since Stolz will scale about 133 pounds and Pep about 129. * * * Bartolo and Pilot Schiro are not interested in those weight figures, but they drool when Mike Jacobs' drum beaters mention Friday night's probable gate-$60,000, which is big money in any war time ring. A 3-A guy who is trying to support a wife, seven brothers, two sisters and a recently widowed mother, Bartolo is out after; the big dough and he can't understand the apparent campaign to ostracize him.,He has 14 straight victories. Bartolo claims that Chalky Wright, f o r m e r featherweight king, "ran out" on la£ Friday's scheduled meeting in Boston. Wright's withdrawal, 48 hours before ring time, caused the substitution of a good Brooklyn lightweight, Carmine -Fatta. Bartolo was so incensed at Wright that he knocked out the heavier Fatta in the second round. * * * Bartolo, stormy petrel ol the featherweight d i v i s i o n , is thrusting his nose into an interesting mess. Willie Pep is recocnized as champion in New York state by virtue of his victory over Wri«bt. But the Na- lional Boxing- association recognizes as champ. Jackie Cal- Inra of Montreal, because of his recent victory over Pittsburgh Jackie Wilson at Providence, R t, * * * As Bartolo tries to wangle either Pep or Callura into the ring for a title scrap, he discovers that (1) Callura is contracted to give Pittsburgh Wilson a return bout, but Callura's manager, Leo Bradley, is doing his best to evade such a meeting, and (2) Pep is angling for a bout with Callura to decide the disputed title. Meanwhile, Bartolo, Boston's biggest boxing drawing card, is marking time while waiting for a |»reak in New York's Madison Square Garden. And he is n\vait- ing 'bids from. Boston's wan-in" promoters, Rip Valenti of the Boston arena and Jack O'Brien o£ Mechanics' building, both of whom are trying to arrange a match between Bartolo and Cleo Shans Los Angeles featherweight. ' "Bartolo will fight Shans for the Boston promoter who offers the best terms, but that isn't what we want," Shjro said. "Sal wants to get Chalky Wright in the ring and belt his brains out for taking that runout powder. Then lie wants Pep or Callura. He can lick both on (ho same night. We'll put up a $25.000 side bet against either so-called champ if he'll climb into the ring with little Sal." BOWLING SCORES Victory Duckpin NATIONAL JIEIV'S LEAGUE Won If c BolsyKoss 2 674 730 IS.t 87 Vlq. Uflncs 1 fO3 6SB 7jj 69 Mullan 50C; Kcphart 201. Mar.Su-lft 2 612 39. KB 235 Hoxlc Fruit 1 103 531 534 i« WllV.ins 163; 453. TipTopTav. 2 700 717 S12 33 StUbbs Trans. 1 624 C73 693 233 Factor 2ir(; S17. Tot. 21IU 2:62 2333 2349 2339 IH5 2017 VICTORY LANES ... T ........ MEN'S LEAGUE Won H C Tot V. F. W. 2 7« '677 673 73 3176 Ncibcrgall Gro. I 3T6 643 G«Q 163 2*53 F. Holub 176; 467. Plaster's Local ,t 660 677 724 103 2168 Wngncr's o 5M 617 301 90 188(1 B. Waller 189: -KG. WOMIN-S LEAGUE Won H.C. Tot. Mac's Groc. 1 42K 4:j 544 141 1.160 Sam Raizes 2 474 470 480 153 1J63 £. Carpenter 164; 416. Basketball Scores TRESS Princeton H7; Army A\. Dartmouth 79; Holy Crosa 37. Knox 42: A\i£iistann -10. Chicaso Teachers S7; Navy Pier ?,\, C,irl)onda!e .»S; Macomb 40. Carnegie Tech -!G: Westminster 3* Youngstown i9; Kent Slate 57. Boy War Savings Bonds and Stamps-from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. Winnebago Tournament Starts With 3 Games WINNEBAGO--The Winnebago county basketball tournament got underway here Wednesday night with three games being played. Forest City downed Butfalo Center, 34-15, Rake beat Lake Mills. 30-14. and Scarville defeated Thompson 50-13. STATE LINE CONFERENCE NO«TH IOWA W. Joice .................. 4 Tertilc ..... . .......... 3 Kenselt .............. . 3 Hanlontown '. ......... z Graf ton .............. o Fft. MO .730 .MO .409 .000 Industrial! League DtDVSniAl LEAGUE BOWLING Results J»u. 2U Won H.C. Tot. Holland Turn. 3 122 826 7m 420 2704 Cer.GordoB. 0 CS4 307 70j 281 2477 Kiefeij 1M : Ranisay 480. Arm. Ctry. Cr. 3 SIS 690 717 240 232% Arm. Stars 3 135 743 152 33« 1566 Abel 212. 513. Phalcn Cl'rs. 1 731 100 712 363 25CB Lone Std. Scrv. 2 753 841 769 24» 2S12 Umm 199, 556. Sid. Oil 3 330 7S7 S25 213 2381 Soda Grill 0 M5 7« 6»S ML 2504 Gallbrealh 203, 530. Second tame tie--Std. OH Act. 7»T. H.C. .3. total 870; Soda Grill Act. 743. H. C. 127 total 870. Std. Oil won playoIJ, S8 to S3 INDUSTRIAL BOWLING LEAGUE SUnllnn Jan. M Standard Oil .... aa' 10* Fhalen Cleaners 24 '· Long Standard Serv. 24 Armours Ctry. Driv . 19 .Soda Grtll is v Armours Stars 14 Holland Furnace H Cerro Gordo Barbers 10 .,, . nigh single individual--Russ Abel High scries individual--Gene tamm 35c! High single team--Elolland Furnace 968 Ii«w high jinjle score lor this season. Hftn serin team--Holland Furnace, 2701 ..721 .667 .667 .523 .434 .389 .306 23 .278 12 17 20 22 I Alden Parsons WritesMother From Africa ALLISON-PEC. Alden Parsons writes his mother. Mrs. E. I. Parsons of Allison from somewhere in North Africa that he is well and well fed and is glad really to be getting to work. · He described the Arabs lined up on the streets selling mammoth tangerines and oranges and told that the French are very friendly although extremely hard up as the Germans had been there and taken practically everything. A hair cut. shave, shampoo and tonic may be had there for 40 francs, or about 55 cents in American money. Arnold Jones Takes Teaching Position at Cornell College CLARKSVILLE -- A r n o l d P. Jones, son ol Mr. and Mrs. M. A." Jones ol Clarksville, has resigned his p o s i t i o n as mathematics teacher in the Pierre, S. Dok., high school and has accepted a position in Cornell college, Mount Vernon. Arnold received both his B. A. and M. A. degrees from the University of Iowa and taught mathematics for six years in the Belle Plaine high school, one year at the .Tarpon Springs high school Tarpon Springs, Fla., and for the past year and a half, had taught at Pierre. His new position is in connection with the navy cadets, who are now receiving some o£ their mathematics instructions at Cornel] college. He stopped briefly on Monday afternoon at the home or his parents here. MOVIE PARADE Spy Stuff in "Stand by All Networks" at Both Palace and Cecil Theaters By MAGLOm GUY t, RAOER DIES WEDNESDAY Rites to Be Held at Nora Springs Friday NORA SPRINGS -- F u n e r a l services'for Guy L. Rader, 59, who died at 12:30 a. m. Wednesday from a heart attack,,will-be held Friday afternoon at the Methodist church, with the Rev. Robert Davies officiating. Burial will be made in. Park cemetery. Mr. Rader had complained of not feeling well when he retired at 10 o'clock. He had suffered a similar attack about two years ago and was ill most of |the summer. Born Aug. 25, 1883, at Humboldt, the son of Fred and Clara Rader. he came to Nora Springs with his parents in 1888 and had lived here ever since. He attended the Nora Springs public schools and the Nora Springs seminary On Nov. l. 1906, he entered the employ of the Milwaukee railroad company as a section laborer and a year later was made foreman, a position which he held ever since. He was at his work as usual on Tuesday, returning home late that afternoon. , He ~had been a member of the Odd Fellow and Rebekah lodges for many years, being one of the pioneer members of the former group in Nora Springs; Mr. Hader attended the Baptist church while that denomination was represented here. He was married to Mrs. Ina Kolda on May 8, 1928. He is survived by his wife, a daughter, Mrs. Lavera Girard of Detroit; a stepson, Pvt. Roger Kolda of Port Arthur, Texas; two sisters, Mrs Henry Steidl and Mrs. E E Henely. both of Nora Springs, and a brother, Paul Rader of Clear Lake. A brother, Ollie Rader, preceded him in death in 1939. i A message sent to his step-son through the American Red Cross brought the reply that Private Kolda was "in the hospital and unable to travel." Kolda has been at Port Arthur just a week, sent there from Camp Kohlcr at Sacramento, CaL, to attend a vocational school at Port Arthur college. Start Opening of Ration Bank Accounts WASHINGTON, (U.R) Sugar, coffee and gasoline distributors started opening ration bank accounts in commercial banks Thursday, x Ration banking has been adopted to simplify the bookkeeping connected with the handling of thousands of coupons in normal retail trade. Consumers will not be affected. When ration coupons leave the consumers hands and are collected by the merchant, he will deposit them in banks where they will be credited to his account. *By All Networks" at the Cecil and Palace theaters Friday. John Beal if castV* a radio n «**»*tw who spots the spies and playing opposite him is Florence «lce..Alan Baxter 'a the bad boy and .others in the can are Funeral Services Held for Christian Lere, 61 DECORAH -L. Funeral services were held Tuesday for Christian Lere, 61, who died Friday at his home on Hiver street. The services were held in the Dccorah Lutheran church, with the Rev. O. G. Fjeldstac! officiating. Burial was made in the Lutheran cemetery. Mr. Lere was born in Nonvay and came to America with his parents when a child. The family first located in Wisconsin. Jater coming to Winneshiek county to a farm in Glenwood township He was married to Miss Margaret Kieven in 1926. who survives. The couple had been residents of Decorah for the past 20 years. 'APPOINTED REGISTRAR NORTHWOOD-C. H. Dwclle local justice o£ the peace, has ncen appointed registrar of vital- statistics for the district which in- cldes the towns of Northwood and Kensett and the townships of ve - D ?^ Creek. Hartland, rton and Kensett. He succeeds Mrs. Lloyd V. Hagen, former deputy clerk of the courts, who resigned recently and moved to Nora Springs to live. Fan Jfites Every Wed. and Fri. ENDS THURSDAY T1SH" "SPIRIT OF STANFORD" FRIDAY . SATl-EDAV VAN HEFLIN MOVIE MENU CECIL--"Mttaburth" end. Thnm- day. "Stand by All Network!." Friday only. PALACE-"BanW and "Bu«« Roar* end Thursday. "SUnd by . All Networks" Friday. STKAND--"Penny Serenade" and "Pacific Bendexvous." STATE--"Parachute Nurse" a n d Scatterrood Meets Broadway." LAKE--(Clew take)--"TUh" and "Spirit of Stanford" end Thursday. "Mexican Spitfire's Elephant" and "Grand Central Murder," start Friday. Margaret Hayes, Mary Treen Pierre Watkin, Tim Ryan. Boyd Davis, Kenneth MacDonald and Pat McVey. Lots of things happen in "Stand By .All Networks'v-Things like murder and torpedoings, kid- naping, time bombs, so you won't have a calm moment. Strand theater offers "Pacific Rendezvous" which also provides few calm moments and the co- feature is "Penny Serenade" in winch Irene Dunne and Cary Grant are starred. Lake theater's new Friday attractions are "Grand Central Murder" with some thrilling moments and another of the Lupe Velez- Leon Errol "Mexican Spitfire'' series. PARACHUTE NURSE Marguerite CHATlfAN WEIGHT FRIDAY.IS FPN KITE PALACE FRIDAY ONLY BABCAIN MATINEE 'In. E V. if. SHE'S TNT! MMT MMtttr wita FLOR1NCI mei IOHN STA»IS SAT. "SECRETfToV A COED" COACH LEADS DUVE COLUMBUS, O., (U.R -- The head of the J843 war fund campaign of the American Red Cross in Franklin county is Paul Brown, coach of the Ohio State University football team. CECIL HOME Or BETTER MOVIKS LAST - TIMES - TODAY (IBVUDAT) -- PLUS A WHALE OF A SNEAK P R E V U E TONIGHT 9:3« COME - EARLY - SEE 2 BIG SHOWS YOU'LL BE PLEASED! ---and-- EXTHA ADDED FEATURE BE RESC THA.V SOBKY! STARTS SAT. LOOK! THESE BIG SHOWS SOON! "GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE" · "Random Harvest" ' · - · "White Cargo" 'Moon Six Pence' · Tor Me and My Gal' · 'I Married a Witch' DINE «td DANCE . . . AT MASON CITY'S ONLY DINNER AND SUPPER CLUB LEON EBKOL "Mexican Spitfires Elephant" SERIAL--"PERILS OF NTOKA" MATINEE BATOOAV 5:0».f. M. WHERE TOGO WHAT TO DO DANCE DANCE DANCE FEZZ FR1TSCHE--FRI. CHUCK COFFEE SAT, and SUN. Late BBS Wed., Fri.,\ Sat^ S«n. Scandinavian Accordion Band Fri.--Chuck Hall Sat.--Lynn Kerns Sun. (INFORMAL) IN THE WEDGEWOOD ROOM HOTEL HANFORD '

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