Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on February 11, 1943 · Page 3
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 3

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1943
Page 3
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Thursday, February 11 LEFT TO WRITE Opinions impressed herein are ihtae or the writer and may or may not conform to the editorial Yliiri or the Proffreas-RevUir By IX)D CABDNEB Streamlining Help* The new s*reamlmed method of handling claims filed against the state of Iowa before the legislature is having a tryoJt at this jeEsion for the first time The Forty-ninth Ceneral Assembly provided for appontment of a special investigator to gather in. formation on all such claims filed Kenneth Neu of Mason City, was appointed as an assistant to Attorney Genera] John Rankin and LA PQBEE cmrr. IOWA To Shorten th« Ballot Page Three 1939 1941 1943 234 House _·_ 213 209 Introduced in Senate igrj 243 officers and »« n l l l ^ t pomtue by the governor to that effect passed the and IB now in the Homo Important Work tomey enera on ankin and T h _ w , f .. ,, placed in charge of this work He f * utlct h General AssemWy turned over to the State Appeal '/ all PP ln * "to the opening ph-,,^ ' turned over to the State Appeal t rf '"* ""·" me opening phiscb Board, which was given authority | °', J-L"! 0 ? lm P° rt «nt work Tins to pass on the claims, a hst of ln ^' cate d " Ihe bills now reach 159 totaling $63,30852 Of these IE?., " Iend "« as well am of n,I *"»iues ior reter M the income tax law with a *'"wn HI collections of 50 or the taxes due on th? 1943 schedules If we w"" Se " al " ~~ 16 ° 24S 184 ^» e Kt i^\l: TM- "ing approval ,,, both houses Sv trHous «--- 403 457 418 leatt in iu major proposaU '( House has pissed S5 bills To U De then Term. oT'th^Sth^df" '* " "" ^ The lengthening of the terms Bllls Introduced of Governor and other state of I T . ... ficers got a start towards bubmis- I , , ; f foll ° w 'nK are among the sion to the people , n a proposed 1 , "Produced m both houses w h i e h , ^ TM * th ? P* st ««* To require - bill , d c n cf remtcntnn, or absist ants to erect sciffold for hangings Authorizing warden to admit constitutional" a'mendment Passed the Senate Another D ,n providing for four jear terms for county officials was also passed by the Senate 159 totaling $63,3G8 52 Of these 110 had been filed against the Stntc Highway Department and amounted to 516,227 30 The Appeal board recommended payment of onlj $2,170.62 of the amounts claimed The 49 general claims filed amounted to $47,341 22 The Appeal Board recommended pay, " as w e a- ,,, those matters engaging the t i n " of the main commutes Tax rc Action local option. ,h,rt,n g Sf state funds, appropriates. ] cns th TMng of terms of atate Brd a nd county officres, and the general run which usually ha, c foren o" Place , n the limel.ght are now crowding for position in witnesses to hangings Chang mg open season on quuil to No" \cmber . . To legalize official of notaries performed before u 1 h ' nTM foreground merit of only $4,737.77 of that amount Thus the work of thel investigator and board has resulted Income Tax Reduction in recommendations for payment' of $6,90839, and rejection of ?5G,.| A . c °ramittee income tax re SG013 The claims, together with. n bl11 was written this week all data and information gamed in reported out in rapid order the pre-legislative investigations, , w a s set for a special order of together with the recommendations busmcs s and is being considered of the appeal board, haie gone toi 1 ? the Senat e today. If it passes the committees on claims They re ll W1 " probably get the form a solid founoation for speedy,! ngljt of way for consideration in mf.»iii[rntit oTiri aff r * n ^,..~ i 1 the House early in the week of February 8th Various bills re_ Transfer of Funds Transfer of a surplus m ,,,,-. sinking fund ii proposed in a. *-"' which has passed the Senate K. would add $2,000,000 to the gen I era] f u n d The transfer would be I - Part of the 30 millions which I man i f ~ " j * HH^'^T^ 1 ^TM ^ Sn - u j " 193 ° line with maintaining a safe I nnce m the general fund w n n c ^**TL im , C l o » e n »K '"come DCC ' ar ° aba '» l «"n 1 ent TM Pn ° r to ther ° na ' , L * BllIC bcf ° re Tama " deeds of trust Id age rocipi income falls below income tax brackets To ev empt tax levjing cml bodies from sales and use ta^es . . To an portion hqnor store profits t o 1 'cities and towns . To subject rural electrification lines to tax ation as public utilities provide for election of mayur ar a councilman as trostee of mum cipal public utilities To pro V!de pament of burial expense o an old a ee recipient admitted t anj tax supported institution To Regulate Theaters - j , PJainutt g income taxes and guarding against return of millage levies on real and per o- --*,_ 0 m, i t £| L anc sonal property The sinking was created to pay public POSILS in closed banks It is To provide consenator to look after propem of tnose not ncccs. snrily of unsound mind To o make n o t a r j commissions run for three ears de dc , and effective Icgisla.' consideration Nice work Notice lo Japs and Hitler ,, . UJ . w u a u j i i j re_ ,, to income tax reduction have been fried These embody The frequent use of the word iT"^ 't^"' 1 reductlon ' n »"= Wor(1 l'°*er brackets, and a proposal to . To provide 15 per cent salarj increases for count} ,, ,,,,.,,,, 1L JS ac ( officers, deputies and clerks foi lived from beer taxes and mte- , d u r ation To require tst^ on public deposits If the c l e a n m P and disinfecting; of trucks ·ind common cimcrs . To pro vide that state printing be done w i t h i n the st ite and that pro \ uling wages be paid To raise sa'nnes of county attorneys from $1200 to $1,500 m counties the the ist on public deposits If transfer ]B sanctioned bv House there will remain a S L f f , cient balance to meet all probable demands for its or^nal purposes The "Box Score" At the close of the 25th dav of T E °'° 00 P°P ula t'°n the sess.on a total of 418 bill I , rCqU ' rC ^"^ "^mission ^d been ,ntrori,,ced " both B n d / O U n t u u ' to dcstr °y nox '»^ m both I weeds along highways To rc_ To limit action for rcco\er\ of an interest ,n real estate on . '' alm ""sing prior to Janu-in 1 1930 . To provide that pcti tions and decrees be filed w i t h recorder where non.resident re.,1 estate owner takes b.mknipte\ To regulate construction of the atcrs where films are shown To increase penalty for non p u mcnt of 193-1.36 old H gc .issiM once tax from one to f n c per cent per month . To rccopn,7e lown Department of Disabled veterans and appropriate $-1,000 a year for rehabilitation To exempt from taxation the f u t t ?3,000, plus subsistence allow,d to dependents of pcr«onb in n n l i l n r \, for the d u r a t i o n of 'he »ar To p e r m i t countv aiuh I tors to cnnccl certificates of re demption from tax s.^c w h e n CM donees of p a y m e n t nrc not hon ored Flour 1.75 'S ill M t i !ov Dwarfies 21c Don't Forget! Sliimp No. 11 Good for 3 Pounds b 1 to Mar. 15, Inc. M) 10 c X \ 10 CAN D \ K T L E T T Having decided to quit farming we will northwest of Brandon, 3 miles^oS, rf armng we wll spll at m,r f Q ^, K ! northwest of Brandon, 3 miles^oS, rf jSli school ** ^^ ° f La TUESDAY, FEB ° f La P ° rte Cit * 6 PROMPTLY AT 11 A. M. -^^--^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 4 Horses 4 1 wan gelding, 7 years old, wt. 1700, sound; 1 grey geiding, 6 years old, weight 1800, sound, 1 sorrel mare n yea rs old, weight 1600; 1 roan horee, smooth mouth, wt 1800. 53 Shorthorn CattHS 12 milch cows-some will be fresh by sale dav four 3-year-old heifere to freshen in spnnir id 1 !f d1 o 6 i fer ] CalV6S; 2 bul1 calves c ' omi ng one year old; 18 head 2-year-old steers, weight 1000, on full feed since Dec 1st; two roan shorthorn bulls weighing 550 Ibs. each. Transfer of Funds Permitting transfer of m u n . u p a ' emergency funds by two thirds vote of appeal bo-ird . lo pro hibit dancing and sale of mcrclnn disc aside from tobacco products, where beer is sold, and prohibiting beer sales m pool hall=, b o w l i n alleys, hotel and dining roonib an other places . . . T o proven ' Wing" among manufacturers merchandisers or amusement man. agcrs To co operate w i t h the federal government m aid to de pendent children and appropn.iU 1375,000 for first six months of 1944 and $750,000 for f o l l o w i n g fiscal year To permit tupcr visors to pay rent for ration boards To permit p a m c n t of juvenile court salaries and oilier expense from general funds. Seasonal Employment To define seasonal employment' and limit benefit payments . To allow Commerce Commission to reduce railway pnssengc r serv.ce . lo allow supervisors to grant salary increases, up to 15 per e e n t l ' T 0 allow b nrd of control to 1 build housing facilities for em ployccs and pay for them f r o m ) rentals . To aban don p n n t . r g l of yearly silary book To re djce payment of state meomc t.i\ on 19.12.43 returns to 50 pe r cent . To provide for expiration o registered trademark^, labels an Advertisements after 20 years To allow non.hfc insurance com panics to write fidelity bonds Permuting city and lown officer to use railway pnssca Defm ing industries having seasonable employment . Increasing max imum weekly workman's compcii^ sulion fo r injury to $16 a week · Increasing unemployment compensation benefits to ?IG DO a Crosby Corn 49 C| 5?H_J* · MIS Davis d,,, APRICOTS Lisa "$ SC 2 '\'r "j'l/" "" M Sjrilp ^"7 e 0 ('.ins £OC -2 CJn! '~~ 45c ·« 10 C \ N I-,, IK) Prunes 37ejCrackers £ 23c 27c ·) i is riu, Oatmeal 13c Baby Food 29c I ' O L N D lt\(. r \ u ( \ N S D n Milk ^O Z ' t C V N S SEEDLESS Grapes 25e '""" n\. I-LBE White Salt 85c Rye Flour 19o I 11-TON S N , , , , , , , , | l , « J L C SoupMix2p kr ,13 c |PureCider 45c ' " Mil i u n u i i u m i i Molasses 2Sc i, u ,,,,, Cookies u, 18c .. - · · - - . - . . - « - N I I.AEDFS reaches 35c «o\ n Gloss Starch 19c l! I I 1.11. I ) I \ M I I M ) s Flour $1.' -' 101 Ml Il(l\ Loaf Sugar 25c ·i i n I'lu. Raisins ' 'I I'M. SI I in | ss Seasoning 25c I I 01 \;i f , N Smoked Salt 75c I ' ' ) / itor-iit uudHAX Floor Wax 39c )9c (.1! V M | n i l , ( IIOK I DJ1II II 37 Hogs 37 Hay and Grain brood sowa to farrow mid - . 22 brood sowa to farrow middle of Apnl; 15 feed- J"g hogs, wt. 150. All hogs vaccinated. 800 bushel corn; 400 bushel oat; 175 bushel seed beans; Borne hay. Ma 15-inch, 2-bottom plow; 8-ft. International tandem aisc; McCormick-Deering planter, 80 rd. wire; 1 side rake; McCormick-Deering steel hayloader; McLormick-Deering 10-in. feed mill with elevator; John Deere 1-row cultivator; 1-row cultivator, walking corn plow; 20-ft. Galloway drag; drag cart; John Deere broadcast seeder; G-ft. Deering rnower; 12-ft. dump rake; 38-ft. Sandwich eleva- "" vvith hoist; 14-inch John Deere walking plow; "i. Emerson sulky; John Deere corn binder; 8-ft. binder; 2-horse John Deere gas engine; International engine; Massey Harris r , Etc. spreader; 8-ft. tower pulverizer. Most of this machinery is hke new. Wood wheel wagon with triple box; 2 steel wheel wagons, 1 box; two 14-ft hay racks; bobsled; cutter; buggy; 2 iron kettles, grind stone; 10 bushel-steel hog feeder; wooden 8-bushel hog feeder; chick feeder; 2 barrels with hog wa- terera; tank heater, 800-pound McCormick-Deering cream separator, hay rope, pulleys and fork; some wagon tongues; 3 set harness; 8x12 brooder house; trailer box; 3 slat cribs; woven wire stretcher-all small tools; some household goods, including good heating stove. 200 TRIPLE A LEGHORN PULLETS USUAL TERMS Gav " LUNCH ON GROUNDS 1 BOB TRIPP, auctioneer fee to county attorneys pro scenting escape cases To il low f,] lriB of tax deed affidavits two instead of five years after issuance of deeds I i CHRISTMAS DINNER Minnie and Clifford Haase brother and siuter, of Algona met unexpectedly ln A f r i c a and w , rc able to enjoy their Christmas! dinner together Minnie is serving as a lieutenant in the n u r s i n g I forces and Clifford 13 a licuten , ant in the army. | LEGAL NOTICES^ NOTICE of the Appointment of Executor. StaK of Iowa, Black Hawk county, ss Probate No. 13303 NOTICE IS HEJIEBY GIVEN, that the undersigned hag been duly appointed and qualified as) Executor of the estate of Charles! Ballhelm, deceased, late of Blaekl Hawk county. All persons indebted I to said estate are requested to make immediate payment, andl those having claims against thel aame will present them, duly au | thcnticated, to the undersigned for| allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Coun C V. BARNHAHT, Executor, La Porte City, Iowa Dated February 4, 19J3 '/ n o 7 h \ L. J. ROBERTSON, Feb - ^-11 Attorney. ORIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of Iowa for Black Hawk County, March Term, 1943 No 5613.D Claiborne W Terry, D ±"L 338 '^ 2-33e Head lettuce 25c Prunes 2us25c ' M i l O I l M t . ,, . . . 2 KOMS h , | l o B s Carrots 2 BJ.S 15c Gro-Pup 19c M U I Cabbage ,.,, Oyc's^k'Sauce" 23c 1. I I \l T l I l l I.I f \( III O CELI:RY, 2 stains z~. Fanc\ Larjfc Walnuts A I 1 I ( I \ I ) S O K M I \ H » N L T S Pound--29c APPLES J O N A T I 1 1 S S , 3 Ibs, 2ic 1 1)1 I II I O L S 3 Ibn 27c VHM-^MS, 3 Ibi ridl 1101 JONATIIAS, Ilii liusli. I--S2 JO J J I 11 II V (.()! 1 Ml IML Flour $2.35 3 Lll Northern POTATOES b S N O I STeK K TRJUiMPIIS or COUBLERS, ph. 12c 100 I I I IIAO--S" 73 IIMIIO Russets n - 45c inn r n HAO--J29S Spry 1 1JU.S Lux Soap 1 IIU1S lifebuoy vn Bcssi? Terry, To Bessie Terry, You «r* h«rehy Defendant that the petition in ejmiy of the pinto j CWfcorn. W, TWry, h of Oranges Oranges fO/\ TI.OB Oranges 252 Size 216 Size 69c 19c 19e Lux Flakes 23c '71 BOV--I0c M I T H OIAM BOX Rinso 69c t FIARS Fairy Soap 21c 1 4 BARS n.ORII)A 25 C Swan Soap 25c I 1'/i I.B DAfi BEFUTATIOX IB TEXAS WABSR SEGDLT ir ' | t

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