The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 16, 1944 · Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 16, 1944
Page 6
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. E D I T O R I A L : Nazis Look Ahead to Their Next War ·TH E F R E N C H underground, 1 through the newspaper "Combat, recently contained the announcement that the German nazis were planning a new war in 25 years. There was more than a generality in the newspaper account. The underground publication said General Otto von Stuclpnagel has been drafting plans for the German general staff. It quotes the Germarf general to this effect: "We shall be wrong if we try to conquer Russia while leaving intact American industrial production." T HERE is nothing new in that observation. The German general staff had it in black and white for its guidance a few years after the close of World war No. 1 on no less an authority than the late General von Hindenburg. In his memoirs, von Hindenburg told his countrymen that Germany lost the war when American productive capacity tipped the scales in favor o£ the weary allies. Up until' then, the British, the French and the Italians were beaten and Russia was out of the war. Why Hitler and the German general staff ignored the lesson learned so painfully in that struggle 25 years ago is not clear. Hiti ler professed to be contemptuous o£ American efficiency, and if that 1 fairly represented his position, it was the greatest mistake he made. SAVED PAPER SAVES LIVES Did You Know? By Frederic J. Haskin EDITOB'S NOTE -- BexJrn * nil ID, thejnstlrei ·( tbJ» tcnricc for question* ·f fact--net counsel--aboil Id tif o their f u J I Dibut and address and tuelou 1 cents tor return postage. Addrei* Globe-Gi2«[le Information B u r e a u , I'redei-Ie J, Uaikin, PIrtcUr. WasbiBK- too. D. C. Are there a n y states without workmen's compensation laws? Mississippi is the only one. Was John Calvin an Englishman? John Calvin was a Frenchman. Are (here any mahogany forests? No, since mahogany trees grow scattered throughout the forest. Why does the date of I he be- of sprint vary from year OBSERVING Look Out Below W · ILL THERE be another war- in 25 years? If there is, what governments and what peoples will be the aggressors? T h o s e Questions come very close to American policy and thought at this time. It is a futile sacrifice, that the American people have made, together with even greater sacrifices by the British and the Russians in Europe and by China in Asia, if the end of war means only the lapse o£ sufficient breathing space to prepare for another. And the danger that this may happen rests largely on .the fact it seems so absurd, so ludicrous and so, insane. It is so fantastic that reasonable people refuse to recognize its existence. There has been neither reason nor sanity any step of the way in the deliberate course pursued by fascism. It was an insane adventure in. the beginning; its insanity becomes the more apparent the more desperate Germany's position be- I F WAR objectives can be restricted to any simple statement, American aims should go to the destruction of the Prussian junk- er. He symbolizes German aggression; He has been responsible wholly for German war-planning. It is his life work;- his business; his religion. Through more than a century of German history he has lived entirely with the thought of establishing the supremacy of his country through military might. It was the late Kaiser Wilhelm whom he used more than 25 years ago. Hitler is his puppet this time. His hopes rest upon rescuing Germany with as little damage and loss of manpower as a In the youth center movement, maybe provision should be made for an evening during which parents could become reacquainted with their children. * * * It may be mixing the metaphors a bit to say that it was Russia's ski troops that put Hitlers troops on the toboggan. * * % 1C Hitler doesnjt now see the handwriting on tile wall, it may be because the wall has been bombed out. * * := That scraping 'sound you hear may be the bottom of the nation's manpower barrel. * * * Remember when you used to look down on meat balls and hamburger? war that nearly succeeded finally backfired. but H IS MISGUIDED and innocent aides at this time are the advocates of a negotiated peace. That is what he wants. He has lost his war, which in its flush tide was ruthless and barbarous. Now he is gambling upon the decent and humane impulses of people to salvage enough in Germany to permit him to try it ,, again. ' A Parting of Ways? S EN. BOB REYNOLDS, N o r t h Carolina democrat, has been the darling of the Chicago Tribune. Every time he stands up and shouts "America's all wrong," the Tribune would write an editorial and say: "Bob Reynolds is all right." Right now, however, the Tribune is preserving a dignified silence even though its Sen. Bob has spoken. It's what he said that has made the Tribune speechless. The southern senator has become the principal proponent of a S35 billion dollar bonus proposal. And a bonus of any kind for our fighting men is anathema to the squire of Tribune tower. U really looks as it this might be the end of a beautiful fricnd- . ship. Your Health By Logan Clendening, M. D. PROPORTIONS CHANGE THE TRANSFORMATION of the human body from the proportions of the baby to that of the adult is a very remarkable study in archetonics. I mean the general contours, leaving aside the detailed growth of such structures as teeth, hair, eyes, genitals and viscera. If a human being grew to maturity maintaining the proportions of the baby,we \vould regard him as a monster--all head and belly, little chest, stubby arms and legs. It looks all right in a baby because it is natural. The baby's head is big because the brain cells are all laid down. They are not connected up yet, but they are all there never will be added to or replaced. They are so precious that Nature is going to build a thick, solid, bony box around them to protect them. It protects the brain, but it also keeps it from growing, so it all has to be there in the first place. The head in developing from baby to adult proportions increases twice its size, the trunk 3 times, the arms 4 times and the legs 6 times. Most of the growth of the head is in the face, not the brain case. The proportions of the baby's head are from the eyebrows up-3; from the eyebrows to chin--2. The adults are just reversed: from eyebrows to vertex--'2; from eyebrows to chin--3. The trunk grows mostly at the expense of the abdomen. The baby is pot-bellied' with a tiny chest, and this is another perfectly natural provision because the abdomen has all the digestive organs in it, and the baby must eat and digest enormous amount of building material for the rapid growth of the early years of life. The arms and legs remain short until muscular development begins and the requirements of walking and holding, picking up and putting down come to the fore. Nature can usually be depended upon to tlo a good job of this intricate process of development, but all too otten something goes v.'rong and there is a disproportionate adult. Some artificial aid is needed. I am particularly impressed with the need for directing good posture, both from the Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges "Peace Now"--War Later Saturday Evening Post: Aside from some bizarre small points in the Peace Now propaganda, the thing that interests us is why the Iiaders of the movement think the allies are in a favorable spot for negotiation. At the moment, Germany has a tight hold on all of western Europe from Norway to the Mediterranean and possesses an army which has suffered actual defeat only on the Russian front, which is still in Russia. Japan is in possession of a vast empire. Her mainland has not been touched except in one casual raid. Jn these circumstances, most people would conclude that negotiation \vould be of great advantage to ; the axis and none at all to the allies. Nationalism Has Increased . Waterloo Courier: It is now necessary to examine these possibilities in the light of actual developments. The most important fact to be faced is that the aesthetic points. hygienic stand- war has greatly increased, rather than decreased, the spirit of nationalism. Even more than in World war I, the people who fight this war believe they are fighting to preserve their own nation and the way of life to which they were accustomed. That is a real- istice truth which wishful thinking cannot brush aside. Fish or Cut Bait Burlington Hawk-Eye Gazette: Eire should either assert, its democratic and national right to rid itself of belligerent agents, irrespective of tlie nations they represent, or take the consequences, ft can't be half-neutral and half-sympathetic to the axib. War's Brutality Grows Marshailtown Times - Republican: Why should we be shocked to discover that war is brutal. It has always been brutal. We now have weapons to carry on brutality on a larger scale. We should find a way to get rid of war entirely. A New Minnesota Judge Austin Herald: District Judge Martin A. Nelson goes upon the bench at the age of 55 years. If he should remain there as long as the late Judge Norman E. Peterson, he will be 75 years of age' in the year 1955. Beware of Fromisers! Webster City Freeman-Journal: The candidate who promises too much should be looked upon'with suspicion, as the chances are he is thinking more of votes than of rendering good service if elected. Would End Civilian Defense Madison Capital-Times: The civilian defense set-up in this state is a luxury that should be dispensed with as a matter of war necessity. If.Minnesota can do it, why not Wisconsin? New Order Breeds Death Daily lowan: Germany's "new order" for Europe has put the stamp of death and disease on many occupied and satellite countries. The Hour Has Struck Fairmont Sentinel: A s t u t e David Lawrence also thinks the hour has struck for President Roosevelt to retire. to year? The first day of spring is the date on which the sun reaches the vernal equinox, and it may be the 20th, 21st or 22nd of March. What da the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse represent? Conquest, Slaughter, Famine and Death. They appear on white, red, black and pale horses respectively, and signify Ihe evils of war. ' Why is Ihe w o r d Free used with Masonry? The term Free Masonry is oE ancient origin and was applied to bodies of masons who travelled throughout Europe. The term free applied to their being in no particular guild or jurisdiction. What is the largest navy yard? The Philadelphia navy yard is the largest in area. How many qualified parachute chaplains are now in service? There are 25 chaplains in the airborne infantry. For whom -Avas Gallinger hospital in Washington, D. C., named? Dr. Jacob H. Gallinger, who served as United States senator from New Hampshire from 1891 to 1918. What artist once drew 2 pictures at once to show that this could be done? Sir Edwin Landseer. When did Alcatraz become federal penitentiary? In October, 1933. How lone does a patent last? The life of the patent is 17 years. It cannot be renewed. ·Which is the higher rank, 4 star general or field marshal? The rank of field marshal in the British army is one rank higher than that of full general in the United States army. What animal was supposed by the ancients to have the ability to see through the thickest of walls? The lynx, whence the epithet lynx-eyed. How many members has the Canadian parliament? The senate has 96 members, the house of commons, 245 members. Stumping the Experts have often wondered what kind of questions were asked and answered on the British broadcasting corporation's "Brain Trust" · program -- the equivalent of our "Information, Please" programs. My question has been at least answered in part by a recent article by Director Howard Thomas about the questions which have stumped his experts. One of these came from a 12 year old girl who had the corps of self-admitted intellectual giants of the radio floundering with her question: "Why is it you can tickle other people but you cannot tickle yourself?" Prof. Cyril Joad, the philosopher, tried ' to reply by arguing that tickling arouses nervous laughter, but nobody feels nervous and embarrassed at self - inflicted tickling. Julian Huxley, the scientist, disagreed and admitted, "There's something very puzzling about it." An RAF bomber pilot wrote to ask the Trust how a fly makes a landing on the ceiling. Does he loop-the-loop first? Does he land proved that a fly lands front feet 1 first and then draws itself up to the ceiling. A similar poser was put to the British intellectual nutcrackers: 'Why do cattle rise from recumbent positions hind legs first and horses forelegs first?" You can try that one on your own pet zoologist. Information, Please! _ 1. Dynamite was invented by Roger Bacon, Benjamin Franklin, Alfred B. Nobel, a Chinese whose name is not recorded. 2. The first Englishman to sail around the world was Vasca da Gama, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake, Captain Bligh. 3. The Almanuch de Gotha is a German weather almanac. Compendium of meteorological forecasts, European handbook of royalty, nobility and officialdom, handbook telling the best times for planting various vegetables. Answers--1. Alfred B. Nobel. 2. Sir Francis Drake. 3. A EUr ropean handbook of royalty, nobility and officialdom, V-No Enviable Distinction 4WS don't cherish for Iowa the 'j^gi distinction which has come to California and New reduction in highway fatalities ast year over the previous 2 years, as is brought out in this table from .he National 1 Safety council: The Day's Bouquet Wyoming Idaho Minnesota Kentucky Michigan . Wisconsin Missouri .. Indiana 1911-13 --71% --04 % --57-% --54% --54% --53% --53% --52% Iowa --50% Illinois ... 1942-43 --4S% --41 % --38% --22% --27% --27% --27% --30% --24% -- 17% Science Deportment urn in receipt of this brief but scholarly treaties^ on the s u n - from Albert" Coe, 505 2nd St. N. E., Mason City: "The sun is u revolving global star. Enormous friction must be generated by the torque effect of unequal speed of rotation of equator and poles, added to the dynamic effect of 'cutting lines ol force entering and leaving. "More linos of force are cut at the equator than by any decreasing circle toward the poles. "This would cause a flow of generated cosmic along the lines resistance to the poles To ROTARY, K I W A N I S , LIONS, B. P. W. AND TEACHERS ASSOCIATION--for bringing to Mason City another most informative series of lectures on international relations. That landlocked Iowa has a vital stake in foreign affairs is proved by our thousands of boys now fighting throughout the world. It behooves us to be enlightened. That end has been served by these lectures. Mason City Globe-Gazette Ar, \. \\. LEE NElVSPArEK lulled Every Week Day by the .UJSOM City Globe-Gazette I'ubliblijiir Co. 121-123 East State Street Telephone 3300 Thursday March 16, 1914 I.EE P . LOOMIS . . . . Publisher VI. EABL HAI.l. - - Maui(in[ Kdilor ENOCH A. - . - City Editor I . 1 O V U L. G E E K · AdvertUiiir 5Ijr. Entered as second-class matter April n. 1920, .it the postoffice at Mason City. Iowa, under tlie act of March a. 1879. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. Til* Associated Press is exclusively entitled to llie use for republicatiun of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION KATES Mason Cily and Clear Lake l)y year, $10 Mason City and Clear Lake by week. 20c O u M d c 1UI Mile Zone-- Per year. S10; G months S5.50: 3 months $3; 1 month St. Mason City and Clear Lake and Within lUf) Miles of Mason City and Outside of Ibe Carrier Uistrfcti of Mason City ami Clear Lake: Per year by carrier Per week by carrier Per year by mail ................ By mail 6 months By mail 3 months By mail 1 month , Eire's "Neutrality" IjUAR BEING what it is, it is ** well within the possibilities that in order to protect the lives of millions of American boys, it may be necessary for the allies to deal firmly with Eire it the De Valera government persists in giving haven to axis spies. Under the cloak o£ "neutrality," the Eire government is giving aid and comfort to the enemy in the east Atlantic much as Argentina is playing into the enemy's hand in the south Atlantic. The niceties of diplomatic practice are coming into headon collision with the grim necessities of ·war in both situations. And WE think we know which will prevail. Passive exercises such as the following in babyhood help normal development: Exercise 1. Leg muscles. With the i n f a n t on His back, the mother's hands arc placed about the soles of the feet: the legs arc pushed up u n t i l the bent knees press gently against the abdomen: then the legs are straightened and returned to the table. Exercise '1. Back muscles. W i t h the infant on his back, the legs are grasped above Ihc ankles and raised lo right angles at the hips: then the feet are brought lo the face and returned to the table. LENTEN REDUCING DIET ' Menu For Friday. Breakfast--V- grapefruit--no sweetening; 1 slice graham toast. No butter; or substitute; 1 cup coffee--no cream or sugar. Luncheon--Average h e l p i n g Spanish omelet: 1 slice toast--no butter or substitute; 1 cup tea-no cream or sugar. Dinner--Average helping any broilcd. baked or boiled fish. Xo sauce; 2 tablespoons braised celery: ii cup apple lapioca pudding. 1 small cup coffee--no cream or sugar. Editorjal of Day WAR COST TO POLAND Hurt May in Albert Lea Tribune: W h a t the "cultivated Germans" have done in Poland the Polish minister o[ interior. Ban- aczyk. recently* made public, in London, the following official data pertaining to the nnmber of Polish citizens who have perished from the beginning o£ the occupation u n t i l the 1st ot July, 1943: POLES: Murdered, tor- lured to death in concentration camps and died oC epidemics and REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO Mayor F. M. Norris is in receipt of a letter from the management of the Western Passenger association which gives the cheering news that all roads leading or connecting with roads leading into Mason City will give to all visitors who wish to come to the city during the Grand Army reunion week a half-fare rate. This is more than the committee expected in the way of a reduction and as a consequence they are highly elated over the handsome assistance of the company. THIRTY YEARS AGO Attorney E. G. Dunn expected to leave Friday for Chicago to deliver a lecture before the Commodore Perry chapter of the Knights of Columbus. From there he will go to Cincinnati to speak at the banquet of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick on March 17th. Dr.. A. L. Wheeler, sanitary inspector, saw the first robin Saturday morning. He declares he can prove it as ho had 3 witnesses at the time and called upon a 4th to verify the fact. TWENTY YEARS AGO Further improvements are being made on the disposal plant of Jacob E. Decker and sons packing company. A revolving screen of f i n e mesh is being installed. This w i l l extract a large percentage of the a n i m a l matter in the sewa so t h a t a smaller amount of will be subjected to oxidation and therefore the aerialion process will he more rapid. Four Mason City Ike Waltons, Dr. L. E. Newcomer, Archie Adams, M. Bergland and C. F. Weaver, were guests of honor at an Izaak Walton banquet given Tuesday evening in Lake Mills in observance of the Lake Mills chapters first birthday. TEN YEARS AGO Miss Elsie Lunsman. newly elected president of the Wa-Tan- Ye club, presided for the first time in her official capacity at the meeting of the club Tuesday at the Hanford. There was no program and the time was spent in discussing the Osage convention. Two pairs stockings--89c, direct from the Pure Silk Mills. Single pair S9c. Mullaney millinery gift shop. JEWS: Murdered, . .1.325,000 tortured to death, in concentration camps and died of epidemics and disease 1,800,000 There were about 3,500,000 Jews in Poland before the war. Approximately 500.000 Jews succeeded in crossing the Polish-soviet border and thus escaping nazi atrocities. Clover Couplets By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center PEEP, PEEP, PEEP \Vhrn robins come anil wrens appear: When muddied snow, hy gtutv rains tlnOied from dark. lrce-sha~derf lane*; And Father, thronrb jome instinct.' note? It's time we should be fanning oats. But jn roun spring's coming'' To help accent the Annual din As l u s t y March blows Aartl in A m i n o r note, but one most ritf TCIIh all the qaicfcmint puNr nt life. Or w h e r e By sort ol in f i e l d s o n'd first rxpl hornr fron svoort tt 1 sh h i l l in the mailman's r r o w r f r H rxr I h r a r d ' i l f i r s t , l i k e measnred 1icV. Thr boxerf-in ehrrp ot n e w - h a t c h e d his front or hind legs, or Hampshire. They which would act as the red ends 2 states in the union which didn't The question was debated by reduce their highway deaths last the sun, acting as the violet end year over the previous year. Cali- reachmg a decision. Airmen ar- ol the spectrum. If there are some forma's toll went up gued it in camps. A university be- New Hampshire's 28 per cent. gan to conduct research. Finally, Iowa, I'm glad to say is, among ask. please address a high-speed film was made and the 9 states showin to Mr. Coe--not to me FASCISTS POZCI/CANI/ MOKTEAL FASCISMOf WE'RE YOUR FI?I£NPS. H, CMCM. too-rue | ;WUEN AM AM GONNA GIT TIM ere'; M CLEW4 THE MOOSE 1 'SCHOOL HOME WORK flFTAUALL: REAL HOMEWORK* Ml Crr UP AT Six AM'OBESS MSrr FAPPVE 6REAKFUS-- TU6N MAKE TUE BEDS IsTPttCK U1E LUMCU UIM OFT TUE.N1OO PTVJE KITCUEW TUU QUN M HOW UP.1FN AW DCN'T SPRUCE UP NOYJ FOR THE TIME BEIhKS YOU'LL/ JUST BE UNDER THE SUPERVISION /LET HIM OP ONE OP OUR MOST _ RELIABLE MEN.' Jl BUDDY, STEP weae A. MINUTE . YOU'LL TAKE CHANGE OP MR. UPCHIN AMD EXPLAIN THE DUTIES Of v-/" THlS-THlS THIS DEPARTMENT. f--~ ) I., BOY? IN CHARGE I CAN'T IMPRESS UPON YOU TOO STRONSLY THE RESPONSIBILITY "WHICH GOES WTM THIS JOB ONE MlSiSTEP AND THERE'S , H O B TO PAY. YOU'VE PICKED THE RIGHT SHOW ME WHAT'S TO. BE DONE.' LINE UP/-Atuou COOKIES^'- I'M GONNA FRISK YA * IF I RND ANN OF E1TA I'M TAK1N ITS A PICrUI2E OF ETTAi COME ON "J GIMME ' Z/P'iOUKLJPJ HE/WHATSTHAT VOUIZE HI DINS NO80CNS GONNA HA\JE AW PICTUEE5 Or UL' DATE BAir WELCOME, AMIR 1KAN, I DON'T GET IT- 15TH1SATR1CK? I 61NCE VOU OUTNUMBER US 1 VjKTTOONE., 1 ACCEPT.' " MY LORD, MAY MY MEN A.C7 AS YOUR ESCORT !MTO THE CITY '. I WOULD THINK IT AN HONOR i Tf/fS ROAD WU GIVE A fOUf A ttON TO WHIP OOlVfJ THIS KOAP, CATCH UP WITH THE SOLDIERS, DELIVER THE PLASMA eo/.' mefj CHOW! ffiE CAR LEAPS AHEAD!IT IVAS TH£ GAS HE STEPPED ONI

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