The Evening Post from New York, New York on August 5, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1818
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J 23 . ft OS - - - 6 - - - " ' ' ' WEOMESUAY, AU(iU3T - a, miB. Kn M Wltl 1M f(t (on of the lint of packets,)' t The well known, fast tailing schooner mHWSKT, capt. Week, having two third jlut freight engaged, will meet with all coa - - uet.ipatcri. For the rsoiainlcr, or pat - hiring luperior accommodations, apply to tETERS & I1ERRICK, 4. 29 Cosuties - elip. Annlv to or &,!,. i fK Th brig HERO, Capt. Mtoo,15i 1 toc, 7 yerU,burlt in Dejtbury, fcirshe will he Sold very Uw on a liberal Vcrdit, of whaPted fjr Befchandia4S. . Ap - " .. N. ft D. TALtbTT, U7 64 South - street. r - far CHARTER'. A British BRIG, burthen 218 - torlt Brititli. or 2100 barrels i now at Phi - urielohiat will proceed to this, or a southern port, to load tor England, or the West Indies, ask can be despatched within three day $ notice. Apply to ROGERS ft F09.T, i 16 il South - gtreet, f PA SI ED i O CHA R t E ' A British BRIG, that will carry a - 5 .bout 700 bale Bengal Lolton, to wau jor Liverpuol ARCH'D GRAC1E 8. SONS. ' Bar LIVERPOOL, .(One ef the liue of packet - .) - UXTfu The coppered, New - York built ship PACIFIC, John Williams, master ; has eleyint accoulnwJatiijtu for paisengert, aud i intended to ail, according to a fixed arrangement, on the 10th of wt month. For freight or passage, apply to captain Williams, on board, at Fulton - st. ' wUrf, lo ISAAC WRIGHT Si SON : or, ' ' FRANCIS THOMPSON. p.S. Bed and bedding are found at the - ship'i expense. tar l4JilSi U.V, jMmauu. The fine coppered wchr. VLAllE.V - , Duy, Jobn G. Frith, naster, U now Wluig, aud will be dupatched without dclav. fur paMifeoaiy, apply on hoard, at pier IV o. 3, tast - Eivw, or to TUCKER & LAURIE3, m Tae ui anaur - - iu lot., ir b toj - j rtg to Ttruttft and back. Al'l'ly to f 1 ' uf. i xi i i in ' t, - The Seas. ALBA SHOW, (kJlins, (HtjUH, I Op toil burtnA - first rale 'toMi. Apply to ' ; CAMBCRtE.VD ft PEARSON, '' dyra 67 Sotrth - tt. . tt Mile, freight vr Miarler, The staonrh rood thip'MIKKOR, ,14 tna borthau, it in complete order to reiavcacarga, andioiy be M - nt to tea With Lt - .Tlieapeoc. . Apply ou burd, west tide1 Bur - shat tlip, or to ' ' . ' N. L. C. CRI;WOt.D, S Jyl if .ixrreu vx vhj h thjc hi A eoo. fut Milinr VEKL, o4 t5dM F; MtitrH(K barrsU buxthen. " Apl1y at.57 Viiutkiaiftoa - stre.'e - '. ' - A ..'t;i. Iyt3 G.GtkS.lXOWLhSU. , JiUM AKD OtXlitH. t SiiW k TOHtCLO. 74 bht. prime Kentucky Tobacco, landin tM flay bip Grand Seinor, from New Orleans, foi . ........ a r i i" VI . saieiy iis?. u. uu J 13 ABRAHAM OGDKN. ArtllTL LEAD, BLUE VI I I RIOL, Al Received tier Chauncey and Columbia, from Bristol. (Eng ) aod for sale by tt. subscriber, oo advaDtageout terms, vis. - 230 kegs genuine ground white lead io 281b. kee..'. SO casks bett dry White Lead is casks 5 to ( ca t. each . 30 do Red Lead iacaski from 1 to 3 cut. each It do ttpanvih Brown from 3 to 4cwt. each . 30 do Ivuty Black from 2 to 3 cwt each 12 do Roman Vitriol from 5 to 8 cwt each 26 do Venetian Red from 2 to Scwt each , ' ,12 tierces A Hum from 7 to 10 cwt each V had. 6 tierces and 8 bhls Rotton stone French Gretn,lmp Blv k, Purple Brown Colcolhar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Bricks Apply to . A. CHURCH, J IS . 1114 Bowerv. f.KUM AN GOODS. RECEIVED by the shio Tritou and the tliip Dbe, from Hamburg, and other late import - atumi, us assortment of German Linens, such as , rialillas, whit and browa ' - Bretagnes, Creat, Duwlao, Brown Checks and Shirtiug Lioens Hempen Otnaburgt and Tkklenhurgi, Heiuam, Burlapt, Brown Rolls, . Bags, Tapes, SupeiCiie Broad Cloths a" kin, Silk Galloont and Pound Ribbon ft Mill, bla'e Pencils Looking Glass Plate Pocket and Statia Glasses) Lead Pencils And at assortment of Cardwire. Also on hand, A few tons St Petersburg Hnap First aualitv Itollaml SulCloth. and Sixty boxes Pategratt Cheese, entitled to d - oeamre. For sale oo reasinahle terms, by GEO. Ai 'i nEO. MEVER, J IS Ira 129 Wanhinrtoo street Vl.M5 6 pipes choice L. P. Madeira t Win. hr.l.rf P. C. 2 ktlfqr. casks dodoMalmtey do.R Tearsold ,ior sale t t v. a.nAiv, J 24 J ' TO POCKET BOOK MAKERS. " piVO men who understand tlieir business. - - may have constant employ in the abov Bnmess,by apply foe at 13 Wall - lUcct." 1S 1 LARET - 40 doien very auperipuf plaret, V ' tor Mie at J 1H tike tfozen, by , , , . ; GfiOHGB JOHNdTON, je 30 tf ' , No. 1 Slot - lae JitAllCALSii COLORS, c . tpiom 8alti,io caiki qf Icwt. , LumuMarnciia. in cae Do , di aoiali iquota . Calcined Join pUali ', . ;(JcbeihlSalU, Acid.Tartar ' ' " tTiTria Aci Blue VeVditkrin firfeiAi Trace Chain p&rie and Shovels Bra KettU' do Candlcaticht . Jo Coci ' do Mails & Hinges Gilt Coat Kutton, ome of sup. (jtmlity, tuilaM for tarlors JaianneilCandIa'J(.ks FlKUiiiU Tacks i 3 U J T do, do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. - do. do. Richard Varick, Saws, OILS. He Clout Mailt 1 (ft I (I 'Patent yellow: KSoUfeTlaw JUgu!Mof'AqtimOBf " '' " - ouks, buttons, &c; ; ; T - FWfevj FWcti, rtcdi'we:illniiUj' ? Do J ia waiooat cnaea, Qicjj CnUhed witbppaiatu complete t Dnelline; FUtola, ia caeei ' ' - ' v 'ioldtpolpe ' : Natal and Militarf Sword Belu ' G1K Coat and Vt Butt.nn - CWrrp1atetforeftgraer ; Mntiiematicat lostranusuta ' Rolling Faralel Uutrn Mariner eompamu i, telescopes Opera jrliuses, microkcopes 8 tU ii)lemlkl i1tcstueii carved I in ivory Tortoise - and turtle nhelltea caddies Patent torktcrews, silver pencil For sale by J. LAMBERT, y Courtlandl - street PV. LKUtARD & CO. 104 rVnrl - itreel, . offer forsale, in addition to their fnrmerex - tenuv artment of Hardware, the following articles, ree'd by the Mar .ha, from Liverpool 6 aud B bart'd Curry Ciimht 6 ItfirrH M;ne do Iron Wirr,io. 4tolQ Stci'lyard ' find Guns Tfiitik Lor lit ' F'raivtn; Knives lliirelpjt Patent cur - rier'i kmvet warranted equal 13 Cox's grl - uioe. i ClOI TO. Si TOBACCO. I i bidt iTptuud J Cotton, landing isoia ship Rising fcn.ittt, frpiav Sarannan tl hhds Kentucky Tobacco wilt he limdal on Monday, frwtj the tchr. Mary Ann, Irom Mew - Orleant, lor sale by K.OBF.RTGH LESrjE, J 85 - , lit Front - .troet. bWi'Rit hinoud tobaVcn' some of it otthe firtt (irelKT. !ididi'l..t! luf (li Irrh market - rrsatabf".','':.i' and teimral kwoitmcnt of tardt ol tvery flctcnp oo,vii: v ... t.'otton Cards of 7", 6. 0, 11, Wool , do 5 and 6 ' ' Mscl inc du i Clnttiiert and Hatters' Raiting Cards All ft miierior nualitr, wln'cli he wilt tell on the low!tti;nM. . . . J84l:n HAU IKON, 4c 4 tons liar ifou & tmiiflirtt Iron 20 Aikh v)we Paos, . , Pstent Cilfni Urawini Knives ;Jroitdr1rShovwU ' " - - ' 'rniMijMcntteriiill,lt.fc htsd saws J ,V ' At St Web street fl Vx puScBwosv swoof ai. Vinctnf ffmT'4iaw jNUlMUktMAM K4S. Sllljrreis A9 - ? - 11,,ra.4tnaica do, Tor mis by july 34 - TUCKER 4j LAURtV".'' 29 booth - st - T UM. 40 puueueoos unt .Ulilv n. Kern, XI for isle by J AS. D'WOLF, Jua. - . M Snulh - Mreet. TEAS, WUEo and ItKCtCERILS. So. 7rsR: ( iadik acctioh room ) nllEsubscnbcr has ceostnutly oo band a gen - , X eral assortaieut of the lollowiu? article, which will lie disoed of at a moderate udy ance. Teas ol Brtt quality . . Sugars do. di , , ' Gcaaiaeotd Cognac Crabdy . '., Hollands Gin , . Jamaica and other Spirits , . Wines ol the various lliadl Pine Aptlei5lifub . , lmon, liwe aad Orange. Juice hullad Oil in bellies and bottlt U Brown Stout Mottled Ale and Cider Double Gloucettcr .'... Hollnnd and Atuerican Cheese . Cordials rJpioes, Essences ' . - Spsrm and lallqw Candles ' ' ' Du. Oil for Lampt . Coflce, Uice, Brlerand Muttard A few hoaei Strily I a mom . m fine order RaiiiiV.A!aiondt, Prunes, Figs r. 'jAMEa P. ASDOE. Wanted f purchase, quantity of second hsnd wine and porter Duties. from l GCaskt ueatlv aMrtd table Knives k Forks 1 i , - - , , ... miss, do. do. J wilh .mall cutlery. F.Um, - Filg Tool. Uritaniiia Tea - pot, A few catkt CaudleMicki. Bu't lliuges, vtooa S:rewt, Commode Knobs, snd r Button - , Porta!, very low, by irr.itviv, . . - nA a tS 1 1 . till ' o I" csiii - i - i - I VCE aud COi 'i'O. - xJ0 casas Carolina IX Rice, - 15C bales New Urieani motion 41 do Carolina do For tale by JONES & MF.GRANH, j 9 91 South trrect. 1 IIKl OOOUS, M. O Boies maslint A:r. 10 do. - 4 - 4 sf 7 - 8 lrih linens - 1 do. pinkgnighams 1 do. shawls 4 do. brown platillas 6 do Scotch osaaburn - 7 bale imitation sheeting 4 dj. brown liuen 2 de. lined b4 tick 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpeting. . ALSO, g;iil - clo!ls ' . Cotton bagsjing Twilled sacltuii: Seiue twins - For ale by GEORGE JOHNSTON, jiv oi No. 1 Sloat - lane. t vi ii iaiii.ik w s nn'it. oi me J brand and flivor to much approved of for brand ana nivor to raucn b'mu - i - thre for ta vear ratt, iut received from Madeira, and leby LMVIK BETHUNE Ic t.O. J 3l 6 ,"PHEbds. cboic L - r - Weir Wint 9 1.9 Or r.,lr Milmuf Ao do of Ucott, Loiishoan, 1'enfolJ It CoV brand, aad ottered forsale by .w.KSAaaw, augl I in 0. orruiiii 2000 Jy3l A' - I I.T A PLOA T. 9i Wiill - street. BUsHELS Liboo Salt rcaJy for itUr4iar.'in. for tale PV STEPHEN HATHAWAT.jr. lw 221 Front - Jt. uo stairs if( Gallont Refined ie Llepnantuu tjUUU 1500 do. Summer Etr'd sperm. Od lOt) Jo Nut Oil fur Portrait f ainlers NEW PATENT PIANO FOU1M. C EO. I NEWBKRY respectfully ana eorin - 1 denlly assures his friend and Oie public, thst at his office, 13 Pesrl street, msy oe pur - el asnd the sbove intlrumenf, lower thso any o - thr place in the eityi a here my also oe nao Mael - ets patent gieironomct. Voenr Ladiet' will ne msirucieu Caleb S. Risg, Ce"r;e Gnlha, J oh a tfaydam, and J 30 laa J 31 EDUCATION?. YOUNG LADIES' SELECT SCHOOL, No. 1.1 CXDAR - STAtaT. TR. MEAD re - ptcuully aires notice, that I his Sch'ol will b again open on Tuesday .1.. 1 ... CHainkrf. r a r . . a. at a mil iritv imi a course Ol r.avrwium; ,iui.. ."s - - . k.. irom Keadinir and renman l,,,.,.., ..... VT7 - r Pkilnunl.a ihm. to Khetonc ana nowm , . - 1 . Inilrnrutfl k . M nn. n i iiu mil bihhuiku " - - i. . : - ..i..r. .mvli.. retoectinx the character of thi Scnool, by cauin? uj - jb i iU folrowiog gevitltmen, most ot Vkhom are a - mong its patron Thomas S. Chxrkioa, Antbooy lVy . Amasa Jackson, . - JsmeiReatikk, Etan. J 31 tf Iruce thor LlNKXi. VELVETS. Sic. A 'R handtonao attortsaeut f eleaia a. . uaent, coataUBff af I'lahUu, Rorulet, BreUgneSj Estopillatf Dcwliu, Cress and Cbo - letts' .... - t r . ..,.! - i. . . 2 cases silk felTcls - " . ' 50p0mutketf ' . 2" boses 'fowling Pteces ".' "' caiks Stcuiark iLvthe. S.rul)l ril fc.l j0 lug't)uttberrnst ; . t win Bwncu cuware i neawive ar tides edtitWd totlebeirturs. 3 cereoos tudiro. 1 boa tors atul a few ces Dtt'xh cloth For sale by ; V. ZIMMERMAN, July 11 Ira - 77 Wajhioeton - tt. - 1 iSyUHrrt Patent from Ifit UntUH Makt. CCLLEN'8 LIQUID MAjGNESIA. Approved of, and recommended by several oftht most emioont pnyucisns of Fliiladelpbi. ; THE Traniparent8otutioa of Msgnesi it presented to the poblie with the sanetioa and particular recomraendatian of many of the mt respee aide pbtticiaoi of this eity, as the mottcli Sihle mode of eshibioog magnesia. This solution possesses the tirtuei of t st medicine hi sit creiacnt degree cto snore speed ly i with greatee ertaiolj sod it not liable to form eonsreuoat in the bowels, as Messrs! Brsnde and Monroe have diieoTercd are sometimes produced by solid msg - oesia. It eombines with ittanti - aeid snd sperient priuciples the very desirable property efsllsyini the most excessive rwniting, and carryitii; off bi t and offensive matter, lienee mtv ha infer. red its great efficsrv ia the summer eooip aintsof icniaicj, cm area, ste. etc. To persons of bdioushsbit - . it is recommended ssaa excellent corrector of liHe and aeidity com. iiunicnirs nine 10 me stomach cperstes as a geotle luxation, aud sal fishes a perma.ieot and regular state f the bowe!. A ditvreuonsrv use of tint sir resble beverarc enables personsof every ugv, sex and eonttitulion to S' - ep lUeir koweit moderate, without the ose uf salts or drsslio purges, (hitherto used) which, never fai. to confirm the eostive ha ill tbev were intended to remove, and to disorder lor life tue Orgaus of digestion. In weak stomachs urie snd other acids are evolved, sauting gout, gravel, uifTneta, und concretion ot the jviiitt the solution will enliven, palliate, and often cmove these sltlictinf com - plain's. Indi 'cttion anl many disorders of the tyit m, frequently firoceed from an scididut tint of the stomach I children are particu srty subject " suiioepraveq comiiuon 01 unit organ, in con - tcqocaee ol'rhrlr esistlnr slmostentirelv on milk and vegetable diet. A small eautily of the saltt urn iwincnJtfKKwesi rn k Mna asurtSfsnsi ss) geaeal la:ef to Trr other a verse) U m a a shMtimBticktlva th asistidK acid, aad, tf it; . - " I HOS. VVHI ri'KMIUIK ha uwrli.tlf 1 . - 'fciilrpesJent l haiid at bis fuanulasOiry, No. Hi Fury - "?,f4,e,M I niedicioe', iiitt , wa more extenrively diffused by the au - nf mwtical namDhleL entitled an " F.say unon the Nursing and Management of Children," ic. l ins auinor nat oesiowcu uiui - u um itaniiim in the investiiration of the virtues of the rairined masriiesia. and in most instances has I and knowledge of the suhiex t on which be treated, and thereby has brought this medicine into bicli repute, we cannm, therefore, mere properly explain its reputed virtue, than by quoting ihepasiage in which be re - ccmmnds its use. He tays that 44 the nrs and cenrral rause of mmt disease to which iufabts arelnble, is tne aciany wiucu uieir tionsin their stomachs. This acidity becomes verj obvious from the griping and purgiug occo - inn.l it, - r..iiv. It mtv not te imnroiter to men tion an eaiy aod gendly a certain remedy, or rotii..r urovonfiiw. ,1 lime v aaminisiereo, wui - u it the m .guesia alba, calcined. Thit medicine .(Twtiu'iv rnn - i all aciditiet. rrovet a mild and lenient purgative, and aeps tne nony - without leavine behind it that costive ttatc which lays the foundation for many dangeruui and troubletoniu diseases." The author ol the above mentioned eay fur titer observes, that " notwithstanding thepecu liar excellence of this preparation in removing ,n.n...tirn. pt atill it labors undtr a dita Ivan - t ge dimcult to be obviated, as nocheniitt hat at yel pursued method calculated to di vest it completely of itt cruditiet, and nive it that pre - eminence which it merits (when properly prepared) would justly demsnd tor it is a well ettablithed fort, ihat iiiitizottion it Uie primary cause ol ma ny ol the most alarming and dangerous diseaset iocb'enl to the human tvttem ; contcquently the mametia albs, when proiterly calcined, would T. . j: - ..H.JRkith.rt. knnvn ' De ine mori euicaeiuu iriucu, mum Sjrretn'ul experiments have fully deruontlrated. 2 Oil Prce, with screw, ronoint in copper h f ,h nj - .nj. here recommended ha arrived dyes, suitable for tobacco, on, or cio n e ... . ... l - i ui ri.i ill I li 1. De sold Dy c. - i i BT jo. OI iroauwnj ut 11 'j JV 31 lOt ... 1 0 : it., nrfcrtinn at which the above anther hint tol l (by apKintraent) by JOHN C MORRISON. Orucsitt, 1n8 Greenwich ttreet. and III I.Li BOWNE. DruK.'iits, 146 fearl .irot. ew - Vork. J 311m NEW - YORK SPERMACETI OIL ft CAN DLE FACTORY NO. a n n m m a - i - - " - r - i - a - iaaaaaaaaa aaa ifsaatwn of anj tcy t'thrfiMV'sdraUtstste Jobs Oter crude magnesia, or any oth f oiled to nroijute a timiiar eflecL she asBeiiDr purity of tit mrne4.toutued ia th sotutU. (the naienUa ttwiuc dieovred t tirocctt by wMrh li deprive the. luigeii h raaae uon, ottoenamerout uaptM - Hii s it is sir ways cootaminsted wi(b) must give It, a deemed preference ov,r every other preparation Ho avoid the appearance of empiricUm, the certifirates if the p.iyticiant. and other snnrobatort testimonv. see not'publiihed, but msy be seen at the store of the patentee. " ' ' I da.aDlutwe.ascy eitlur be drank tithe fooat, (at mineral warersj at 19 1 - 2 cen's iwrbalf wut. or msj habad In bottle of an oval shape, tuutk ed, In raiMd letters, " Cullri't Liquid Mssnctia asMrmtwMtdVastiM swmtiooor Maatia. fjntcrve. none is genuine except what answer the above delTTiption; and w signed trihe - sm - . JOHXCUlilP.V. P.rk"!.lr if&iWriiinsnoni'! - 'Jih will and Droit store, oU, east eorncr of Cbesnut and Seuonu tti eets. J'hU.idclphja, SMh Apri!, 1818. fry The Patentee, enconrared kv the success f l.. P.t.nt t jnniil Maenetia in Plidadelphia and els where, respectfully informs the inhabitants of New Vork and its vicinity, mat ne nat lormeu u etublitliment for itt sale st No. S3:. Bioadway, .ithin two doert of Park Place, where be also manufactures Soda Waur of a superior quality vi KARiSi;! t:iKI) MAGNESIA. i Remedy for a Sour Stomatli, H eart - Burn, and a Care for Initxeeitnon. r a I f '.INKII M AC ESIA has been some time t j in hoth in kurone and America; but latterly it has been more liequently used than for merlv. It was tirit brought into ue in Geruia - . . t .11 a t ir r nn on. and was nisniT exiouea di nuuiuau, u ou whose authority it wat introduced, but very confinedly, till the knowedge oi'it, and itsexcel - CAMCEL JUDD, ha far O ale, wholctale and retail. laint., tiriard and tl'iStmer i gJ'ttrained Spermaceti LVIiie UM, at tne aoove laciory, vi at the old ttaad, 133 Fly Market. Also, SPERMACETI. WAX, A TALLOW MOULD CANDLES. Together with a general 91 - nrtuient of LaniDS. Lamp Gl, sea. Lsjud Wicks : and for tfe aceommodation customer. Tin Cani'ters, Irom I to IS g. - dloos ; Kags, from 5 to li eallonti J ox, from 1 to3do; whh a variety of oUier articles, all of which are warranted of Ihe first qaality, and as cheap a caa be parchased i 0T, - ' - - - ri.. - niri, arnt in sin nart of the city free of exptscc, where tit fUKbastr " iaaobiec. J Q ' FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, ' Leb in the 5, 6, 0, and 10 Wards : man v oi rriKDarVf regulated and paved rtreet. No Bunrj nui vt reumireduaOei tea years, if told, wtotest excepted. ' . . ' , HOUSES.. . several I two ond three story boosts on which a 5Jik fart of the monty remain on nKirt - rate. LANDING AT RED HOOK." Aa riCelleDtttand for hln.n allh un oflMd, pleasantly tituated, with a wharf, store - nowTs and bar. . COrroW aad WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Wear ew - Uaveo, with 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills mav be mamrien uill. . . it. ' . c . - " m puun.ieuiy ni water lorcact) jaal3 tf a J 16 tf Wo. t GreeDwich - ttrert. PUft SALE. A FARM, toutaiuinz 30tV arret, em tltr bnwts of the fiiortb Rivur, a mile south from the vmage W Hyae l ark, and eighty - tix from New. Yot. J'he Und it ei4ii.l iu quality to the belt is) DiKU. - fuuty, aud is iu high oi df r aud ood (ear. On Um tirenutes is a irood nlam farm hotsse, a good, burn aud other aopeuitasrta neces - sexy.lo conducting a Urge farm. Alto, a build - og spot tomraabUuig an extensive and JtcauUlul view or the North River. Within ball a mile ifth farm Louse ii au femitieut Academy, and within two mflet an Episcopal and a Prcsbvte - riaa Churchy in each of which there is regular tervice physicians two landing?, one of which ,lhe &team - bof,t advertises as a laudinr Dlace. tores, 4c. &c Th whole will b told together or uiVKled t suit purchVera. Ihe torms of payment willfie mails ay, aod aaioui - 'puUble title given bj - pie lubscriW. . . WILLIAM BARD. Flyd Park - , July 54 - tf JKWELLEIIV. V. A1 CHEb. &:. ACAtiE of sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery. Kilt er Hunting and Pfain Watches. . lrt8intr Late and Ladiet V ork lloxei Z catea Laities Lorsett assorted. t or tale by J LAMBERT,.., 3 Cnurtland ttn - ef. I UST pstblished by W. DUbOIS, at bis Piane if torteand Sluttc Store, No. ISC Broadway, William Tell H Smiling Eyes Fanny Dcareit VThine am I my Faithful Fair 1 lie Soldier's Bride Eyeletn'a Bow'r, with variations by Loxier. Also, all the Sooxi, Uc. that are eew tinging at Uisom eil's ty Mrs. Buike, Holinat'f alesrt. InckOdri il Pbillipt. Ajc.. Mitb agreatvaiie - tj cf D Miic lor the I'iai. Forte unl lite f'iule Jy ' 1 1 RslVV EA . - For sale, u bargaiu, a brw M.M ry & Malt Hoiik cr.nticctec1, Ui the city of f Iu4vm. . Th buililiii are itone, and par ticularly well calculated fur the bumcra. I; n titoatft in the tnidat of a, barley country, and Iras mafiy other 'advantage!. It it rerttutilv mi objtct for thos wishing to cngae iu tbit bui - . nets. It is th only lrwry iHJh.j couctrv. - t - Phis property will be subl cbenp.'' Tcimt libe ral title good. Fur further Uirtii nlsrt applv to M. MULUEN, Maideu - laiie. New - Vork i or J, NIXON, Jr. near the premises. " , Jan 13 tf 1 ' . Til HI'ILDEKS. ' Or tbor who may with to erect tliree eltgut ' bwilifine or sactorie: ' ' I r llT9. - 7 net by 00, more or lets, with the I I , tv;iMuun therooa, in the centre of Y etcy - st PnWWPnif llatlllTi WANTED. . . . j - - i. - .... i, AvvillTB jfirl or woman to uo me tic. in a small family, consisting of four ... i .rk. grown persons, living in a piewaui. city, she will have the assijitance of a little itirl andaboy. None need apply without good recommenuaiioin. aoj - WET Js - VHSE H AXTE1). - ivp u.;ih o - iiod sunniv of mux. anu who J can produce aatisfaclory tettimonial of character, tVc. win meet witn rnooiiragcuienv, by applying at WKa. SAiui.r.rt3, J IU lj Pit. iiiiih.;. LOT&TO LEASE AT THE NORTH RIVER. riiTiiaTK between Barclav and Murray - & streets Chamber and Reed' - streeU, Jay and Harrison - streets, and North Bloore and ueacn - itrcct, at a price very conideraWy loss than interest on their value, and at the expiration ol th term the building to b fairly valud aud rul for. or a new lease erantcd. ai - t lt bv the vear at a low rate, te vcral lots or vards on the water, wU calculated for tnmVier. iria1er of iari. HC. . . .... .ivi - i .v - r,rii l Apply tO I'll. Kilt. Jrt.u.', , ncarlheThentre. ,vml nfthe above lots will be sold at a mo - nrin and nn a liberal cre'ht. A small portion ofthe money only will be required. JunellU OSE IlLW'DRP.Ii HOLLAlis Ut.n.iKU RUNAWAY the British brig rrancis, capl Tennant, lying at the quarantine ground, on the 3Utli mat. a negro ooy namru ISAAC, about 10 vears ot age, very uara, a scar on hi breast occaiioned bypiiipowdcr lie lauded at or near Ui - igen. V hocver will u'ul IsxiP to cam. Tennant. on board brig Francis, at quarantine ground, or at io ja sl.iiiI. j.trrt. shall receive the above re. ward. , w tar . - terra' I itfiit. ."tir - lorfc I.n?UsT TIMBER VVANTEU. AN I'EO, a quautity cf locust limber aud tree - naiU. Apply to Uie iavy iigeui, i l hiriTton - ttreet. : Tr'The nubuahers ofthe New - unintwica Timer, Newark Cen'.inel, lms - Mand Star, I.vau JnurnaL and New - Ioudoo Gaxette, will pleat publish this advertisement on mouth, and tend thie bill to the N.avy Agcnl't Office. JjlD lit 1. W. F O R B E S, HASIVFACTCRKa Cs7 SILVKR WAEE, No. WU Broadwav. INFORMS hit friends aud the public, that be 1 continues to manufacture of tterling invert x clutively, and ol sujienor woritoiannip, silver 1 ea and 1 aui Sett. Church Plate. Spoon, Forks, Ladles, Urns, Waiters, Syphoqs Fish Knives . Cake Basket, to Lc illlte latest and most elegant patterns, and at Oie lowest prices. All order executed a a masterly manner. N. B FAMILIES wishing to be supplied wiUi the first rate articles ol Silver, are invited to inspect hi work, as all articles ol his manufacture are sold only by hiaiseii. - J 30 1m - 2 Merchants, Start - In qxrh ftc 1 WANJS a situation as Clerk, a Young Man f y wbos eharactar cao uudereo th tinctert iDV(tigatin, and who - hat no objection to go to any part of th United Stat, Employmsnl being hcbif - object, wdl ogag for a short :fi nn.i.nia larm. to anv marcbaot 1. ..Ul - a - an.r A lin addressed lo J. B. and ui - - - " - - . . left at this office, J J 39 2t , islj aiV immsdiaft - altentiua. Lav regvlating dt Clinging and Inspecting of. , run um. lantd March 31, 1B18. ffy Be U tiuicted .y the ptoplt cf thetala of That th M'ton admimstcring to gorernmcDt of this state, by and with the advice and content oi in courial of appomtmeat, shall from time to ume appoint one person for the city of New - York, whose power haU extend to. and includ the viuage ef Brooklyn ; one person for the city of niwduy , unu on person tor toe city of Troy, whos powers shall exleud to, aaJ uichid Un - singborgh and 'aterlord, to be ua;crt audin - tpectortoftuhoil. . And be it further enacted. Thni It .kali k. ih. duty. of each person ar'otuted by virtue of this act; lo provide himself with proper instruments oi guagmg uu iiitpccling oil, and whenever called ou to gunge and iutpect any parcel of fish oil, wiihi.n u piac, for which ne wat appointt, t hall also be his duty to inquire diligently and eek out any paxU of fob. od witbin bit district, ami guag and inspect tbe tame.and brand legi - bly ou the head of rath cak he may so guage aud inipect, rit own name and tbe nam of die place for which he was appointed ; ako the who) number of gallon the tamo shall guage, and separately from each other the quantity of water,, the quantity of sediment, as well a the Quantity of pure oil ho shall find therein, and shall make, subscrile Bud deliver to the. owner or bolder of tuch parcel of oil to roared and in. pected, a certificate, txhrbitine - in teuarat en. Llumnt th quautity of each of th aforesaid enu merated ingredient th whole parcel thall con tain ; for all of which euarior. iiMoectin?. brand ing and certifying aforeaaid, he thall receive from the owner or bolder of the oil to guaged and inspected, twenty cents tor each ck, b the same small or large, the one half of which thall alwav thereafter , b chargeable upoa' lhe purthnier of lu Mime - And be itfwtlier snacled. That it shall be the duty of all persout owning or holding fiJi oil, to put the tame in a convcuient position for guaging mm impecurig wnenevr tncreto required by an authorised guager and inspector. A nd be tt further enacted, That any perron or perrons wr.o snau countericit, alter or change any of the brands or marks afbretaid, on any cask of oil o branded or marked, or who shall mix or in auy manner adulterate anr cask of oil to branded or marked, or whs shall liny, e!l or oaricr any on wiuiin the districts or Places aior - taid. except th tame slioll ha bern cuaeed. inpc(ed audbrauded according to law, orsvho snail imp, export, or otherwise convey or cant to be cooreytd any oil out of, or from the district or placet aforesaid, except the tame shall have been ffuaged, inspected and branded ac cording to law, tuch pertoa or personi so offend ing, shall forfait and pay the sum of twenty - fire dollar tor each t ack, the brand or marks oi which shall b to counterfeited, altered or chan ged, or which ihall he so bought, sold orbartsr - ed, or whirh thall be to ihipped, exported or othorwue conveyed contrary to the true intent aud meaning ol lha act : I'rtnided, HertrlheUii, that nothing herein contained shall be. construed lo pievcnt unv person or ncrsons from bnvin 6r selling oil by uieasurss letrally sealed. . Aud be it further matted. That it shall be the duty of any person or pcrsoo who shall u or otherwis (mpty Mm Content of any ca;k of fish oil, unmeaiaiciy to eitace the ruagsr's and ia - tli penalty of twenty - five dollars. - ,ina Vw'i' tnacltd, Tbat any forfcifurw HAS 444. U UTZllCr rjlllftra. I isms BnW lAf aaiTliaMl rh Oils in the Citv ol New - York an J Brooklyn, aod bat opened bit offic at No. 37, W'ater - tt. ' ... a r - v a ts a o where he will receive order irom a. . i o P. M.vcry day, Sundays excepted. ' JAMES MAURICE. N. ft. Daalamin Fish Oil are hereby notified, that any infringement of the above law will b prosecuted. July tm Q - tH HALt, ' ' A farm on the Hudson, about a mile rrom Newburgh, containing 133 acre, 33 ol wbich ate Woodland, the rtst is divided by good fence into a due proportion of meadow, arable and patture land. Tbe building partly new ; the house convenient for a small family s its iiU - ation is equalled in beauty iy lew onui nver - , ..i.niQv.. irnm ins vicinnv ui a uuuimii - ins ill9Kr f public worthir, society and ..t with the facility of communication a ... ... . V. . .. .1 . I, .... . ' r. Ii I (1 Mt.irP WHO new lura.reimei i mr . irpntieman. 4000 dollar ol the purchase ...V. ..main nn niort - 'Wffe ! the PSVUICUt of the rest will !e made easy to thepnrchater. Apply on the premises, to jetJ u .. . ..... .... Jtftt. LEE'S SELECT SCHOOL FOR BOYS, Nn. 8 PaK I'LiCE. FI1HE course of instruction pursued in xnis I ;.,.i, tni Inn embraces every department .ri ttar.mreanil Sctei.ce necessary to a libe - al education, (the dead languag.K exce nten. - Th. nnhlic iau.sured that this School shall consistof a number of pupils, never exceeding twenty - five. No pupil will be admitted who ..iiint read Connect edlv and write leeibly, and who is not acquainted aim ne nrti ,c nf arithmetical . School hours from 1 - 2 past 0 till a, ana irom 9 till 1 o'clock. Terms 12 dolUfper qr. J 25 2w MXl'li AVENUE, and CAR.VHNit. - Sl UEb'. S.ii'rit:i - :. T. - rrvTlf :F. is 1 Eiven to all persons inur INI ..1 iKi the couiHiiitionei of estimate . ' .1 u - IL. Ui.iM.m. I 'f.trt and aieuieni niipmnitu uj .m: - - i - '" - " of Judicature of t..e state nt ncw - sora, i'T' - forni certa n duties relative to tne eiieoonis ' the Sixth Avenue from Greenwich - lane to Car ..i,..iri anrf fnr en Inrrine and improving ci mine trret to Vmrick - ltreet, la the eighth ward otthe aaidcity, have completed tlieir c.bmate and asement a wchoi uie kjm iwi uaiu.. - taiued over and above the benefit and ail van - tic received by, the nwrier and parties Mter - . - ted ia the landt aud premise requiied tor thesaifl improvement, as al.o, of the henHt end .advantage received by the owners andpartie. interested of and fn certain lands aod n0 oiiired for tl - W improvem. - ! and ttat we the taid commissioners have ' - " "T " py of such estimate ml.mMn - cler iKasrorvn ol new. s 01a, wi . K A.I l.l ll.'P aad notice ol whomever il may comer; i Sireby further given tbat the report ofltewtd J:..: ..r...f male und aesnmeut will SpretTntedtirta of tne state of New - Vork. at the cap. M in the ritv of Albany, or rni rau"', U theor,.,nS of tn icoart X 1 that da f, or at soon thereatter as countel can be heard New York, 3tMh July. X318.' . HENRY MEIGS,. ' W.M. TuRREY.and 1 ' PCTCR STaCG, Jy 30 lOt . . .: Ccuuaisuoners triht'njf ftiruroncs CentroTit;.' " mllV Rotrd of Uiractor have declared a li 1 Mend oi fdnr aud ona tifih per rent, Oo the - - nninl at.M k of the cotniianv. tor tbe last tit montha. nat able nt tlieir t6ce. conser of Join and William - atfeett, em and aitur the first day of August. - - w . P.l - TLRHAllS,Sec'ry. J2J2W - - - - - - - - aaaaaaaa - - aa ,CCT, Tie n" ERRY BOATS irom tbe foot 1 cf Va!nut street, New York, to the Toot of Lit. tie street; Brooklyn, near th Navy Yard, wtlL commeoceruDBing on cuaday, the nUiiosL Fenoai cresting to Iirookfva from Uie upper part cf the citv. will find th ft,.in . ..Vri, shortened by wiidc tbit ferrv. n IA . r ' AOTICET (tT The Ritinr Eun Sail Boat. Neerariel. and luduttry, from the Elizabeth town FeilA, for New - York, sails frcm Markttceld - ilreet, (wberw - . the Steara - bqa Ataln;ta formerly came to,) at 10 o'clock, oi eacb day. Pattare 12 L2cnU Eoquire at the - Steam - bcat Hoell, of i - ' ' A - - ULKrUULS fHILLIrS. my 21 tf Cr JOHN PROCTOR, Jch. 106 Libem - st. offers liberal anticipations on property consign - ea to iu friends in the AieUiterranean. - for further jsarticulfts, apply as above, or to, ABRAHAM BELL; Je 6 tf corn er of Cliff ft Fyltonts. 1 LANDS. ftt - STEPHEN B. MUNN. No. 2S6 PearU stret, New - Vork, purcbaies Landt in the Blin - oit Territory, which Its been set apart for lb late Army. Letter from tin country giving a description of the patent and the price asked Tor - nrh Int. will I. nlfAtSll n irDi - T my li if ' , - - ."A CARD. ... .. . - : .. I - ft7" At the particular soliritatinn nf ll I - dy lubscribert, the New - York Ssjt Water Flowing Batli will be removed to bar oVd statioa at the loot or Murray - street, this day, where it will continue open every day, from sunrise in tbe morning, until 10 o'clock at night, during tbe bathing seasoa. It is hoped wbea the Ladies of this city know that this large building, which will accommodate two or tbtee huudred persona at a time, is exclusively devoted lo their enjoyment on Monday t and Wednesdays oi each week until 2 o'clock, that they will give that encour - ageniefit whjVu ucb - an appropriation deserve. On a'i other day Oiey have their own apartments only. The greatest possible attention will ta 'I he fjatuatthe a irom sunrise to 10 men only. Baiter; it open every day o'clock at aieht, for Gentle. cm ska mnrJ Una i ham street Je9 JiAOLE VI HE COMfAfX UP NEW - TORK. . ft7 Notice it berths riven, that a DiviA,i,A of four and half ner cent on the (,'anitiil hiork - of this company, has beea declared by the Board of Directors ; and will be paid tt the tluckhold - ers, on or after the 15th intt.1 ! J3 Iro Ci" The Pacific liituran. Cnn.n ni N - York, hare this day declared a dividend of six per t t ut. on Uie capital stock, for the latt six month, pnvable at their office. No. 49 Walt - mt. on th10lh ittt. - . - . By order ofthe Board of Directors. WALTER R. JONES, Sec'ry.' J6 1m . Ocean Insurance Odice, Julafl, 1818. S' riTf Th Ruard of Directors have this day declared a dividend of three and half percent on their capital stock fur the last sit: months, which will b payabU to the stcckaoklen fit their legal representatives on th tenth, iusL at' me oiace oi ui ixxapaj, 4i wall - street. 4 c.Jiui.i. si AIXbtlUltX,ec, Jaly7 tm . . r'l'HB Presidotit and Directors have this day jb. oeciarea a utviucna Of live ner cent ,n the capital stock of tho company, for, the latt u monaia, paawt,u th tack.holdor, or ... ' ' . 1 .al ' An Wantl.6T, wXTh; t y 4&&Ut ffffiXX hvi't - ' h.i4( o. un.ut chat. 'covred by action of dbtriti costs of suit, 7. nl" - 7l!,"c "" aiutrrtt, TtMtfiS ""V0'',000' TeV U.bela appointed bfthe honourable the Coon - this itt - 4W0O, all in thltj iiry. rfnacsr nn.l Imnwlnr of all mAj. lv. d7A Pearl ttrett t - frsT - doors - Their course - of education comprite fb Greek, Latin, French, and English lauguaces GeoerachV. tl - eoi the :tnh, a. Bnok - Keemnr. Arillimetjc, with the Oth er practical branches of the Mathematics. Young Ladies nave a room miip'toina.iu themstlvet, where they will be taught a regalar course ol lemaie eaucanou, vfjcun - i. - ... andornanvutU Needle - worn, oy amy mwut - plaiy conduct aud long expeiienceintiiiU depart - . . B a, ' 'li ' f Reference, to ttobert Aonuu, f . sts. ou - . . Columbia College. ... - .,, ,., PATENT O It A MM A 1 IV AC mmnviv. Jtfeis. Kelly ft Tuoiny beg leava alo to ia - fbrm th puhlic, that their Crammuticai Mirror is now completed and organised, and that Ihey are prepared to undertake Its application 16 th duties of instruction. Tba Prammatlcal Mirror is a machine constructed cn luclt principle, ana ; actuated by luchlawi, at to xhW4 amaou. rep'ruentation ofaU the parti ol human, speeca, - . V m ... - .a a! oil in all th variety 01 inaif ibucuhiui auu a. m. li.r. tv t.r their comnioaiion ; 11 u , - ...!. i than to impart information mor expeditiously in words, wiieiner cpoveyeu uy wi"t v. v, , ut - .. 1 1. vh Mm terance : letters anu ssiwji m - ' - 7 symbols, not the rctembjanie of Ideas 1 but li Grammatical Mirror present an - i ibmwubm. of th agent with its cases, of tbe object with its parrion, of their substitute with Its genderi and persons, and ofthe action with Us manners, and. ft, timet. The other part of tpsech will make their retpettiv appearance iu the revolution of this extrtwrdiowy matbin. It is no lets ks - ful to the uacher thsn to th r?pn " wn" it expedite Ihe progrcu oTUrV cie, ilwiU sdi - taU'the labor of theothcr. Ehould any person oPJecl to me pracia - aoiuvy if iU applicat'wo.tliey challenge the iiittfgtiou of opposiliou : Ihey cannot consem 10 an " " a aa aaa la . alat 1 1 tA minale mpcct;oo : out any per - - i - v nualified to ditcut it merits uey r wi. admit, and prcpareu iwu - - i " ji - - Though duty mruias xqem - a.iu - . - - 5 - Uieir p n inferiority - yet, they rely not on Iheir diligence and seal Other may have as much 1 they rely not p.. their rod,tjon am. tal nts, other may not have less but they re - Iv ou the co operation of the.r meant, whicu hS cimtend to be superior loan, that cnb. U attain the object it contemplates. Thouirli they entci tsio no d.mbt of lis lupe - rior general utility, the? conceive that for such a, cannot aiTord mucli time for study, or a hose d.fTerent emplo mnt, must confine them to interrupted and dculHy lecture., u must postcss peculiar airvantage. . Ae eral literary charactc rs, who have. inspfC. ted this machine, have been equally astonished and delighted, and doubt not that expert - will rrli.c the most aneuine rxpecU - tions that are enterUiaod f iu advaiilag and tuccts. . : ' . Under these imprejsiont the prcprieton ot the . lie notice, and - they are nor more - denrc - u ot acquiring, Utan thty are cwfrlent. of secuting " Uie patronage pftlir public - . ' ' N. U. tuey. nave tor genera tinnini.. - - mi'.r.e.l ta deliver evenine lecturea, from half past five, till half past eyen, on any ofthe abov era enlioftea orarrcne 01 ueTaur - .. d 10 Im ' 10 LET. Th fir - t and second ffoor fV?Jf ; 8 Fletch.r - .tit. Tb r - - ' U IVet widr, 70 fast l - .r. wbolssal crockery Ur9, To b - cts - !arryr S b ( . - f. . - ,i f, V ,f A r h I: 'I - ' 1 - '.. '.r4 ' v.' ; p - J' ,1, 'in ... ; . X . 1 ft li 1 I 1

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